The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 31, 1931
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JANUARY SI, 1031 CLASSIFIED ADS (ARK.) COUUlliR NKffS "~ " PACE SEVEN Two cents a word /or first insertion and one cent a word for each eubsequcnt insertion. No advertisement taken for less than 50c. Count the words and send the cash. Phone 306 t _i A ^ FOR SALE jhuu aALE—Baby Chicks. All varieties. Custom hatching solicited Marilyn Hatchery, Blytlievlllc.j 20-CK-TF ! FREE FREE FREE 1931 LICENSE Prices have been cut and 1931 License thrown in to Ijctler the bargain. Every car completely gone over and reconditioned. We I guarantee that our prices are the lowest in the city, con-] sideling, of course, the con-1 dition of our cars. Now is the time to pick up that bargain you have been waiting for. Now Was $295 $335 j S175 $225 $175 $245 '30 Ford Roadster '28 Chevrolet Coach '29 Estex Coach .. '28 Ford Tiicior Sedan .. S225 S265 '28 Chrysler Coach .... $135 $185 '28 Whippet Coach .... $175 5225 •28 Ford Coupe 5195 $225 '28 Star 4-Dcor Sedan .. $115 $105 Remember, all arc reconditioned and guaranteed — Terms, Too! LICENSE FREE IIKGIX HKRE TO1>AV UCf iva» never dull with G1X- C.nil lit.LA TOM.IVK1I nruunil. Wlu-nevvr there trai a tbrfiit ot »,hf'i,u";Kr«t'-J i" Junior Country Club lo anve Hi* youn«cr «c( ol Ucd 'i'hruiti, Io«a, from u(trr Luredoin. It wa» tu be exclusive —]-.o imrctitK, nn Iirtlilrx. AccorJ- l«Slj* fJlBKcr, (vTioxt- fnlhfr ivan a ii-liiliilor Tiul uliofc ntcinnultirr, thc / f»rtiirr 1'HIL VAX DtlOUN. v, :i« Luili «c^Jthy tn«d Ingultfi'nl, litireh:iKt>d Ihi' -1MH Uu»Ii fnrui, n ]i,'-nere trnet with nn uld JIHUMC tin tt, which *1" yropccilfj, ulili ihe TixxUtnncc of hrr fr!ciid», to over- l.nni )in:l Ucd 'I'lirtiali nrlzcd l\:C Mrn it Kb n mild jjiilnf lown nltibi* a dfop rot? rcil. One d»y, «Iil1f the rt;- l:nlit]il.illun of tlir eluU hnuie iv:n pnltip on, :m nttlKt cnllrJ n( (he Tulllvrr kltrhcn nti*J offered in do :i imrlrnlt (if (Jliisrr In CX'-lianjre fur -i meal. ,\flrr hi- hnJ chuvcd otl lit* hoard, nint^r foiimi (<i ti*r niuii = c-incnl thnt lie " u» liulli juui:" nnil tood loo'.ilnK. And he IT::<! (n!r:it. He chnJ ataillcd In I'nrls, rinri li!» nnme MUI 1IAIW IIOI.I.nWAY. Cfni'rr. never nl » II»KM f«ir lilrnx. ll.nM'lil ll v. on W hi- n t;n«)i1 mil' 1C Hard rc«injncd n Wiillr in itr-l Tlirtish. s:ic irniita »irc llnu lie irrflJi! ivhteii vvnulil tiu Ijcrirr ihrm litiljulnu iliro'JKU the country, nnil l;y ninld (In tlif mural det-nr.illum :M (in- i:rw cluti Ji«u.\v. Si>. »rrj clfi crly. sht- rfuf hrr »<tr;||jrr tu [in-vill nil Dnnl <<> :ii'iTL>t :i:i Inrltnthin n. ^niy nt (hr TollUvrA- llnrJ thuUffbt "Jolc de Vliru" \vonlJ lJ2 a tfon:J iiumi.' fur the club. II IVSIK ndoiitcJ. Ami be Ilinm-ht It would I'f MilrndU tT ll:ry i-onlil luipnr* MCOI.O T.U.- l,i;\O trnin Clilfai;n. I-'nr Mrnln »v:« bantlNamv ntiJ lio vimld conk nnd --<iou nnd xtruui n ^nll:ir. He wnuld mnh<? » iilchir*-*in:t' ailiU- tion in the club. He would Ijt- n knock nut nn Hie opening nlphl, frr i%htcli n dinner J:mcf nni plnnned. Sn he r.tnt for \lcdlu. I!ur fin thp iimr::lns «>' *Sc il;nuo III ere firrli'cil nl (V.e TnlHvrri nut nnc I.rillu vuiiMi. liul ^ ii'-.-jut-.l i;n lirnij "f llit-ui. IJltlc ANtiT.LO niiild ro.ik. And' IlKXITO vuiild KinU- Ani IinwJ Xlonld, ft K-rnu-.!. could not crime, nnd they hud ciitnr In hli yhice. They would \\nrk lor tticir Ijonrd. So (htr %\e.rt In- Kinllcd nt lilt club, nnrt tin* np?ji- Inp nrriv^d. And \vhen Unrd ^iw ClnRC^r nil iJrrsst-d ti\i for ll, :n»J (iin^-tr saw Ilnril in bl» dlnrirr rtntlicii,. they both \\trc a liUlf tirr:ilb!r». , ETHEL HUEST9N ®/l950THE50pB5-Mt]3RiU.CO _ , s - •Yes. I—I ran down stairs." jtlioifht ouc In good order," Inter- •L'm. I heard you." rupiiu Otnger, "I will glvo you n Uarrt Ilolloway. left alone. looheiUfree bus ride lo the Jam tlo Vrci'cr 10 more Into the Hr.tU-rliiK full-!for tlicin. And vi-iy few thoughls cuglli mirror but nt tbo up'cii doi>r aro worlh as nuicb as Isvo Mis." Ihrough which alio liad come. Ills] "You ran liavo them for nolh- faee Wii3 very sober Indeed. The jiiiR." he sold, moving closer to her, lltilo smirk of fatlsfaetion bail ] uml llftliiK her silken capo so that faded from his lips an:! cyc-.i. bin arm niuld lie nualnst hei'3 "I.Ike—that," he said liiouclu-1 iiKil'i ll. "1 wr.s Ju»t tliliiklns lhat fully. I tomorrow and every day I urn a i OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern J And followed her slowly down Ihe \Yhoii ho entered the room where the three were \voltin;; for him, lils eyes traveled swiftly for one pleased breathless lool; at (.linger. poor Httlc tramp nrltst, working for my dally bread and no lam with It. liiu! I am a iirhici) In mas qiicr::i!o nnd if the; beautiful in In cess will let n:e ride lo the sates of heaven wllh her—" "Y-ycs?" "Oil, how I will lovo to KO." Ulcer's breath lluUorail. 1ml lauHbiiiK in her throat. "Aurl ym won't bnvo to take tho lous I'lcli back with the princess If you K* itred of her." nho BalO. luupulnc but cho!;ily. "liccuuse Iry Ford wil lu-iiiii you for icdneed rated." O NLY for an instant their eyes clung, but I'hll, who saw everything, saw that. | "You look so simply elegant, Ibej pulr ot you," flic said, smiling. I lhat 1 >'ist don't Fee how He:lj Thrush ii Kfiln^ lo slatnl It. \Vc, avcn'l used lo bucli gay carryings- on." '1 don't feel Bay a bit," s:iU Ctn- plXCER'S smile was misty swoo> ger softly. "I wish I had never j t'ovtottcu were Hie cares, tb slarlcil the silly ohl Joic i!c Vitro. ' sorrow*. Hie surprises and the liar l' feel more just lil:e walking jv.'nrk ivliich bad Infesteil Ihe day's uietly in the ynrden-aud no( eveu j preparation!], llememliereil only i was the pleased surprise that had talking." "A V —the Joie t'.c Tit-re," sail! I'lill dryly. "Is anybody driving out with Yes, your old car will more • than likely-make the down l payment. Phone 811 TODAY PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Authorized Ford Dealers CORN FOR SALE—Shuck on or off, made 35 bushel acre, e<»!i enough for seed. W. T. Riley, New Madrid, Mo. 23P-K3 ' FOB SALE--A nice lot and house out on East Davis off of pavement, will make a nice home. See J M Williams, owner, 425 East Davis. 31P-K4 NOW Go ON WITH THE; STQIIY CHAPTEK XVI B UT when Ginger swayed forward, smiling tremulously, to cass him—the perfume of her hair touched his nostrils—a bright ton- drll swept his arm. Bard cauglit her band suddenly and pressed it, palm upward, against his lips, crushed it against hia face. When he released her, he took her by tlie arms, slowly, ^vith both hanrls— drew her toward him—his eyes grave and unsmiling. "Ginger?" fbll again. "Yes—um-hnm." She pressed hcv fingers warmly upon his baud ant! ran down. "Oh, you are so flushed ami out of breath," Bald Ptiil. "N'o. Tint we are having n table vllh Tat anil Eildy Jackson. Eddy's aittng her out In his car." As they starter! out, by a deft mpcrccptible gesture, Phil man- accd to let Mr. Tolliver h ; ad the ray to tho car wllh his :irm nnmml Ills baby daughter, while she followed with Card. With a restraining band she lielJ him bacli-a little. "Now don't flirt, you terribly good-lookliiB tramp, you," she wills- pereO, smiling. "I won't flirt with Ginger, Mrs. Tolliver. If lhat is what you mean." She smiled again. "I daro Fay Ginger cau hold tier own all right." she said good-naturedly. "Just ilon't crowu her." When he was In the cr.r he thought it over, sitting 'lit Americanism. All day long tho K.'liimcl tt Doorndoo and Mill i k :i bad rung will' bolnleil ito- lai.ils for reservations but Oliver ml her assisting allies stooil 111:011 i>' hw» of iho club with a stead. i^ncs3 that would liavo put incro Ir-.Vj and Perclans lo Blianic. "i'lie club says thus nncl so." The ''•In; mi tbo tclciibono was con- [•< wllh nothing but (he en- cr.-eriK'iit. Tlmt Ginger herself «/.; I'c club and all Its rules bud i:oth- I'S to ilo wllh Ihe case, in fad, cviu to (iliiKcr, tlie club hail iilrcnrly ciylveil from Its ilawn ot shadowy abstraction nnd assumed iho solid lions of personality. •B Ilic mile and a halt of wooil linns lint led from Ihe stale lilr.h- v..iy (o Ihe Mg gates of Hie Junior Country Club, ears were parked solidly, lieaillleht to bumper, on cltlior slilo of tho road. Tlici'o were cnrs loaded to the sjnin:; leaves with tho mr.vaniiul ami the inr.ilirils=i!jlo. liilly llamls n:il!{ truck was there, wllh a unify cinwd from Iho \vater\vurks :;ce- liu:i: (!uy Slonn'r. Ice wa;;o:i. taxed o ila last ImmlrohveiRhl; ami Milt \vei-y'B V.'ijtjtl ami Vottl. liut there were other cars, too. ihe smart roadsters, the trim so- lans, tlie liaivisome limousines ol iiose rendered Ineligible for admission by the divine act ol p;:icntni;o ilone. Curiosity had chaiiffeuioil them out the river road that sofl ring nlgliL And more Iban once during tbo evening—Hits would have Infurlarod (Unger had she but known—I'bll anil Mr. Tolliver ilrovo slowly down tlint way In I'lill's ME car. The gales lo the clubhouse grounds were rigidly kepi by Gar Haven, the- postman, and SVnlter Main, (he Eclioollioiise Janitor. They , . , , , ihnd volunteered their services nl imiutieiilly awaiicil their coming., „,„ s ,, gi;cst i on cr ,i,elr frieml Iry tier eyes, her smiles, her very voice | Fl)rll _ wllo ussmeA ,,, cll , tlle CVl! . entertainment, even from witbout, would uc well worlb Iho abor. Iry Ford, \villi his unquestioned Hslit of admission, was iiiucli In cry good Idea, Just the snmolcome l!i[o Caul's gray eyes at slslit of her, the pressure of Ills It'is upon her hand. What did she ccue \r!i2llicr 1'icli'O really iitidei-stood the liilvicaciea ot It tlucct WhiU mailer If Angelo tipped over Ibc danclug guesls and spattered Ibcir evening attire with bouillon? If Ilio booming voice ot the slou'.-lnused licilito shattered the unaccustomed ear- Irnms of Iho Middle West with Ills sky-rending melodic Italian"? Jolc dc Vftre was bera. Antl Bard's with her. When she led him lo Hie corner table where Pat nncl Kdily Jackson VoKtV AcHlEV/EP -trlA'f is r!MF, .e\/gR. CRAWltiM Di5-r(?ess, if 15 M&RE.L.V A 5LI&H-T TATiGUE TRow MUSEUM TAKE Vcti coiit-p A "FROM A BROW"To owe -frlAT BOOMS LIKE A 50 THEY CAM STUPV 1H' or A HSAPAcHe ; VlrlV, VOU CQULT> QUAUW AS 'EXPERT, OR PRoFESSIOfJAL » sang iu triumph. "It Is a success/' she announced joyously. "1 don't care v:hat hap- |i:rri trom (his on. I don't care it l]Cs!de|" ;c f uoil is hiirr.otl, It the dnnco 'Dor caves in iwnonlh us. If \vc nil ^llltttil 1113 LLUIiyiJL 11 UVUI, nituue , - • rigid and silent, his arms sternly [^ » P™c(«rc of tUo Inner oar (uj^jj from our Imyortcil music—it Is a , » • 1 success, ntnl 1 atn satisfied." "I I she is KNOW what she meant by, thai,' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES . A REAL GUY! By Mai-tiii :hal," he said to himself. "cuidljF Ginger's solt s risbl. But it is such a won- '•*• create a senar. . dcrful night— ami it will soou be I own fo:id [ancles could liavc eon- over— and we're both FO sort of juved up a svenlcr triumph. To fin- tlnglics all over. She is, loo. I port a French artist to; 1 her decova- know she IE. I can't spoil it— not Itions had been revolutionary. The tonight -it would spoil it for licr. ladilition of three "Eyc-tallans" in loo. Tonight I'll let myself BO— [n:ie sweepins cosmopolitan gesture evidence, and ivlien every reservation liart ueen tnlien up n!icl transportation standstill, he and Ben Brooks made their way under llio gay tcsioon Ot aim had been to | colored lanterns to holt! rtlcnsant lion, not even her just a little— and tomorrow I'll tiajwus cataclysmic.. ! Hed Thrush felt itself Ititterins get them all nicely 1 upon '-J foundations ofllsi HJO ucr careful." "When yon WARMING OKDliK KENT FOE RENT—0 room house. 1IC Cherry. Excellent garden SOD;. ; — Phone 614 30p-M • CHANCERY COURT. tnou!J>H. I s/.WBA DISTRICT, M i PI COUSTV. CHiCKA- FOI1 RENT—2 rooms furnished lor POULTRY WANTED—Market pri- MglH hoiiFfkccping. 625 Walnut | ccs. any quantity. Marilyn Hat- St Phone 521, Mrs. S. P. Cavcn-I cliorv, 2iO S. r\y,irth St. 9C-IF ri 20C-K2 " ,.,., m ^.^ — Fttmily Washings. APARTMENT—and otTice for rent. February 1st. Ingram Bunding, fee or phone. I. E. Parkhurst. 29C-K-TF FO11 RENT—5 room house with iMaltce TOITO and Li!l:e M. j PlainiifT. I No. -!893 vs. ' Catherine Johnson. <.i a ant. The ilpfcmhnt C'atii^iire WANTED Washed and ironed by compe-i.^on. Jahnnic lent white woman. Mrs. Brown, jehraon. Wilbur 704 S. Lake St. POULTRY WANTED— Market prices iiaid at C. L. Bennett Cn. Feed Store, 210 N. Railroad S'.. bath, garage, coal house, garden, i webt of courthouse. Not buying a: HO So Lake. Phone 15I2-F4. 30pk3 ! Fisher's place on First St. anymore. _____ ------- j. E. FISHER. 16c-kl' FOR. RENT-G room o"sc. in I wANTED-DreL'-making. Plain or Modern. 124. Rent Red liall Itarher Shop 318 W. Main Williams & Damon, Prop. Felix Kyle, Krcd Boyett. Guy Rogers. Virgil Williams, Earl Damon. B WANTED — Middle aged housekeeper. Mrs. Abner Driver, Osceola Inn, Osceola, Ark. 29P-K3 Johni'jn. ^ 17CK-TP I Johnson. Orfim Younj. nre A.;. . to appear v.-jtliin thirty ciays :r. ::v- court named in Ihe capUon lr:. . and answer tlie complaint ci ;::• plaintiff Mal'.oc Torre and Lilliu il. 'lorre. Dated Jan. 24, 1931. H. L. GAliv'ES. By Elizabeth Blyt'nc, Ciu:-:. Sam Ma'.uiat'... Atty. Ad Litem. 24-31-7-M 2CC-K2 RELIABLE MAN WANTED — To call en farmers in Mississippi county. Wonderful opportunity. Mate S3 to $20 daily. No experience I or capital needed. Write today. | ITirst ft Thomas, Dept. I, Frcepor llinois. QuichUj t FAY O.DAVIS Phones 231 or te\ Cash Paid For Late Model Used Cars \Y. T. RARNKTT J17-119 East Mnln St. Phone 688 or 887 Local and lon^ distance hauling. Special rales on carload lots. Team for local hauling. V. R. VTASHAM TRANSFER HOO Chickasawba rhonc 851 We can Save you money on Aulo Glass JACKSON AUTO PARTS 2020 Main Phone 66 LOST AND FOUND rAKEN Ul'—One black siw. wrljlU [ 125 i»unc!s. R. 3. Box Cl-r., Bly-, :hevillc, Ark. 39p-k3j WARSINO ORDEK S. M. HcBakey is hereby warned io appear in the Common Picas Court- for the Chickasnuba District of Mississippi County. Arkansas, within thirty days from this dale _<l r.r,.^v'?:' the complaint filed again.-.! him in said co:;rt by Ccn- (ral Sl:o? Company. V/ my I'and as clerk of said ccurl. and the seal tliereol. at Dlythevillc, Arkansas, on this 31st day of January. 1931. R. L. GAINES. Clerk. By Elizabeth Blythc, D. C. Reid, Evrard & Hcr.derson, Attorncvs for plaintiff. 31-7-H-21 FOR TRADE New or Used Automobiles City Property. L. FOWLER Phone 888 HAY One bale or a train load. EAR COKN. shuck on. 08c b:i Shuck o(T. 8Cc per bu.. in car lots. Cotton St/i|cs Sales Co., Inc. Blytheville, Avk. Phone 174 or LD 1C06. Gulf Service Station "That Good Gulf Gasoline" Phone No. 4 TOO ,NT Ht POT Mt OW ft Wctvt AV.\.OW' CfxN OR.- COHWW4CC- , fviciub, the Kcepcis of the Gates. whenever Ilic cvuptlona Italian opera rent Iho mild air ot t!io early spritib' evening, the np- lilauso from without was louder and prolonged lhau that from wilhiii, echoing and reecholiiR the full mile an-J a litlf of \vood iaiio. ' (Tit Bo C'onlfniictl) New York Cotton Vb\T WftWO OW TrVE OT(\ S 1 WP.& >. \ WtME cutcvi WERE 1 t,Wt VOU MV WORD 1 Wvo. V(p\.O VT TOR ' ONE CAW rx> K>R VOO ff ^OU TNV-, IttW ^!«-\E , TO CVVtC* GOOD, KiO OWES COOR^t TAI\W TO MWVtR cyitil TO . \OPK.J.1I1. 3! ton cl sc-d .:.'.«;-. Open Hic'n Lo'.v 1114 11SJ <!Uiet at 1013. oil 5. i Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Jar,. 31 s'er.dy. Open Hiql-, 1044 iota IOCS 1009 1GW 1094 1121 1121 ilS8 1138 closed steady :.: 1015. 1037 1C02 1CDS 111-4 1132 and Read Courier News Want KK!RNT)fT THE FIRST RIDE! .ALL R!£3HT...n-l- DO TUS SOYS a 1PATS VI HAT I CA'-L A SV-BD .'.' 7V£a£ ) co ., f& c, FEv; DAYG, STfc'PPEI) O\J A2£ \VA1T1UG Foa \-IHO PAS GOSJE To SET A CF SHAFTS FOR TrlS SLED DOUH1.1-: CROSSED u, v;.\SH PtcTOS VOW HIS -iM-iM^i FOR N MiLlTARV BLAZES. IN SlSO.OGO.OOO COLO CASH. IT'D BE SUICIDE. ^FT E£M WE CE6TE.E. fts THE vieRieA.NS' Monty is ptuvtREO, ABOUT THE 'E. ENOUGH, THE EMT\RE PRKV B SCCN ON Ttt£ ARCH, Trtt AFRICANS ARE VO^Zt-SO -«W IW' - V-aet);CAMEf<7.

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