The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 26, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 26, 1944
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTIJEVJLUC COUH1EH NKWS Welch Brothers Win Tag Match Defeat 3-Man Team Composed Of Belkas, Canny and Roberts The Welch brothers, Roy, Joe and Jack, climaxed a fourth wartime Christmas by knocking off Ihe meanle pair, Bill Canny and rtc<l Roberts, aided and abetted by Staff Ecrgl. Chris Belkas, last night in the first six-man lag match ever attempted here. Coordinating a rapid-tire attack that proved entirely too much for their rough, tough opponents, the Welches copped Ihe second and third falls after succumbing In (lie first which established a new .local ring record at 40 minutes, For the 1500 fans who jammed every available space in the limited Legion arena, the newest Innovation of Promoter Mike Meroney was just what the doctor ordered to complete a perfect day of entertainment. It was the fastest, most exciting program of the year; n veritable three-ring circus which packed everything into nearly two hours of exciting, hilarious action which reached tremendous height* before tlie inimitable Roberts went under in the finale to bring the show lo n thrilling finish. Troves A Hit Fast, exciting, and clicking with perfect precision, the six-man tag matches should supcrcedc even the four-man affairs which have caught on like wildfire over Hie entire country. In Ihe expression of Uic vernacular, Promoter Meroney "has something there." Addition of the extra pair of performers brought thai much more action and excitement which kept the fans roaring last night. , Encouraged by the huge .turnout, even In the face of inclement weather and Christmas, the toy's didn't spare anything as they blffert and banged each other around with more Vigor and power than ever. And tlie coaiedy was not lacking, either, led, as expected, by Roberts. "Red 1 chose Referee Meroney as his prin cipal wrget, though kept pretty busy by his foes. Jack Makes Impression Jack Welch, making his first ap- liearance here, drew favorable comment from the customers. Tall rugged and aggressive, just like his illustrious brothers, : Jack showed plenty of power In •dial-.big right hand of his, pins nn unmistakable wide knowledge of the mot game More lhan once he brought the fist inio play, with devastating results- devastating to the one on the receiving end. .The first fall, which went 40 minutes before a winner was declared not only established a new recorc - Big Ten , \ WinfilMck Hob Huff, i 17-year-old, |f)3-pmiml I fre?Imum, is 0:10 <>t ToxJir 'I Christian Iron Men ;J Coach Dutch Meyer is 1 depending upon in New I Year's Day jjnine with Oklahoma A. and M. in Dallas Coiton Bowl. Former Luxora Marine Returns From Overseas LUXOHA, Ark., Dec. 2fl.-Uroy Jurbcr, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Harber, now of Milan, Tcnn., for- ncrly of Luxora, has been visiting jtixorn friends, having returned re- cenlly from 31 months overseas duty. Leroy joined the Marines in 19-10, ifter Kriulimllng from IAIXOIU High School, and .soon rose to the rating )' sergeant major. He wears Ihe Presidential Unit Cilalion, has been in three, major bailies, Cape Gloucester, Guadalcanal, and New Guinea. He relurned lo the United Slates n November, and again reported for duty Clirlslmas day at Quantico, Va, U-roy succumbed lo Ihe wiles of cupld while overseas, and now is iv/alllng his return lo his wife and icvcn months old child, in Mel- journe, Australia. DOPE BUCKET i. e. FRIEND RKAI, UFE DICAAIA Drama behind the drama enacted Saturday afternoon during graduation exercises at IJrooks Field, Texas. 'Principals in this thrilling, nnie- licnrsed play were Col. Howurd C. Stelljng, commanding officer of the Blyliieville Army Air Field, and Lieut; Jack Newnom of New York City. , ci|ml sjicaker, he told a few things was about their record, lie revealed that five had paid the supreme sacrifice. A like number had' received Ihe Distinguished Hying Cross, the Ah Medal and more than two-score bronze clusters, and oilier outstanding awards, including several Purple II«irl.<;. MUST HAVE SOMETHING Plot for Ihis pulse quickening, heart wanning, sou! searing drama was laken Tram life' llself, another brilliant chapter In the love of a former football coach and one of "his boys". To appreciate Ihe full picture, lei's turn back the pages of lime look in on Bayside High School, Jor a single fall here, but was one New York City. of the fastest, with the six men It is before the war. Howard working at top speed the lead and l Stclling is the football coach at complex of: the battle change^ so rapidly the customers 'didn't realize thai much time had been poii- lumed. It also lorced the promoter lo eliminale Ihe lime limit so' a's to declare a winner, if it took all night. Al thai, Iho entire show look 90 minutes of actual mat activity, besides the two rest periods. Canny Downs Two Jack Welch was the first to fall in that initial fall, Canny downing .him with n body rid; minutes. pin after 30 tor- ._ Canny jalso 'got'Uii nod oycr Joe, tisihg a! painful, to* ty bf pressure. I •'* pltn- ' : TUKSDAY, DKCKMIJKU S>G, this grent prep school, serving as mentor despite Ihc fuel (hat he also Is pilot of one of-the great airliners 'from New York City and Atlanta. ' For Howard Sidling the football season closed on Dec. 7, 1941. Holding a reserve commission In the cavnlry since his great athletic clnys at the University of Georgia, Conch Stcllhif; resigned as grid instructor ami pilot lo enter tlie Air corps. HOYS FOLLOW HIM He took with him al that time I wish [ knew this young fellow. Lieut. Newnom. He must liavc something on the ball, or I doubt seriously if Col. Slelliug would have imirt him such u compliment. It would bi> Interesting to follow his flying career. Col. stelling said he was a "great boy", otic wlio was worthy of every consideration. Oil tlie fooUml field lie wfls (lie perfect type, i\ cic- licndiiblc. steady, clear thinking and noting under pressure. Above nil, lie could take orders, then go execute them to the best of Ills nblllt}'. He never questioned them. He was for the tram. He pJnycd to win." Col, Stelliiig ' also predicted lie would make n (jrpnt flier and soldier and make it mighty unpleasant for the enemy. No one can rightfully call Col. Stclling "Mr. Army". 'He doesn't have the tough military crust so typlral of some army men. Frieml- '.ink Trainer Instructor Rates 'Upper Ten Club' Scrgl. Theodore 13. Hulcliinson, .ink trainer instructor al the BAAK, earned membership in the "Upper Ten Club" wlien lie was graduated recently from tlie Instrument I'r.ilners Instructors' Course at Dryaii Army Air Field, Texas. This club is composed of the 10 lien from eacli class making -the Highest grades in the eitslit weeks of advanced training that compose :ach of these 'refresher courses for link or instinjiieiil flying training nslructors of Hie AAF. Sergciint Hntclilnsoii, a native of Wlilte Plains, N. Y., received his education at the high school there 'end at Columbia University, i Last-Minute Score Wins For Tennessee NEW YORK, Dec. 26 (U.P.)— A lefl-htmded pivot short just before tlie final whistle by Tennessee University's I'aut Wither |<, tl,e maneuver that outflanked New York University by a slender margin ol 0 to 48. Tlie -Tennessee Vols cage team played last night in the featured [ game of a Madison Square Garden basketball dmibleheader before oi'o than ISftOO fans. ' Wallher's name-winning basket came from the edge of the free throw circle as he emerged from scramble under tlie basket to uke.Choice, But Only Two Alabama Teams Topped Scoring Record Of 1944 Edition Carbon .monoxide gas from automobile exhausts is responsible for three deaths daily in the United Stales. break the lie of (he game. VValthcr scored 21 points lo take high-scoring honors for the game. One bushel of potato : "cycs", used as sceil. will produce behvcen-,40 and 15 bushels of potatoes. ';,' runner, which was brought from Greece in 192-1 by (he lute presi- cnt of city College, John Pinlcy."' . • . ,,.,. Thcn : Roy was ptil, ilirougli the mill by the meanles and Belkns, who was drafted Into service when Von Luctwig failed to make the riffle. Roberts had the honor with a body pin, aided by a couple of haymakers. Coming from the intermission the Welches opened with a new kind of attack and it paid off in big dividends as the fall lengthened out. They started headlocking everyone of the trio and for a period appeared quick winners. But Uicy eventually had to turn on the heat in other directions before winning .to even tlie match. Jack Welch kayoed Canny as u starter in 15 min- iitcs. Already woozy from the previous terrific head squeezing, Roberts was buried under three successive Irish whips by Joe, followed by two body slanis by Roy. Joe then put the squeedix on small Belkas on an exchange of body slanis. turning the last attempt into a double Jackknife. Welches Continue Attack The Welches continued to carry the attack to their foes to take the last in 20 minutes. Roy proved superior to Canny in a slugging bee, hammering him into slumberlancl with some vicious V.neeings, followed by a double jackknite. Belkas made a determined fight but was no match for all three who were in high gear. Vie surrendered to Roy when caught In the throes ol a powerful anatomical twist. Roberts made a lasl desperate stand, urging Referee Meroney to "let me alone and I'll throw all three of 'em." But he didn't last very long, under combined IrisS whins and body slanis. He didn't have enough energy lefl to start his usual post match ruckus. But the customers didn't mind. They had seen plenty for one evening. Five Captains Not Enough At Pennsylvania By NBA Service PHILADELPHIA — Pennsylvania has two ex-college basketball captains. Howard Dellmar, six-foot- six center, led Stanford. Bart Bugler captained American University of Washington. Three other members of the Penn squad—Bob Carlson, Don casey and Jack Lane- led high school combinations. Yet ihe Quakers, 17-point favorites, bowed to Dartmouth, which wasn't supposed to have much, 50-35, at Convention Hail. 12 'members of his outstanding font- ball loam.,a grand bunch of youngsters : who fairly, worshipped their coach. Every one likely would have' followed but most all were too young. Since then others have cn- lered the various branches until (lie entire ILst has been exhausted. And this Is where Jack Nc«- enlcrs the picture. He is the last, ol that football squad to receive his of commission and wings as one Uncle Sam's nlrnien. Even though he had a cluss of his own graduating here at tlie ly, soft, spoken, he Is easy to meet and talk to. He admits lie isn't an nrmy man. lie says he Is a civilian doing his bit with and in the army. And they tell mcQut'nt the field that he is doing a .swell job. Ttic men under him like him, especially the GI's for the Colonel has made it plain that he is for - % I the enlisted men. The officers can take care of themselves, he says. More power lo you, Col. Slell- B and best wishes and Ood speed to your latest protege, Lieut. Jack Newnom! Blythcville Army Air Field Saturday, Colonel Sfelling received special permission to be on hand for the exercises at Brooks Field. What is more, he was given the honor and pleasure of pinning the silver on Lieul. Newnom. An t ] to add tre- mcndous emphasis to this Colonel Slelling pinned his own original wings on the tunic of Ihe youngster. Col. Stclling is proud of those boys. Before Marathon Stone Is Lucky For Lavender By NEA Service NEW YORK. — Although thcii football team was the most consistent loser in the country, scoring exflctly zero in seven games, cits College: track men expect to make n much better showing. The lattei traditionally touch spikes for luck to the- marathon stone in the center banquet, when he served as prin- ; O f i'hidippktcs, e marked the grave original maratlioi AETNA LIFE & ACCIDENT INSURANCE CO. E. H. FORD, Representative 206 Lynch Bldf. liy KKI) GKAN'Cli The Origin.')! .M;u>-)n-.MolJ»n (Written for NKA Service) NBW YOHK.—Diiko Is n heavy 'uvorilc over Alabama In the New )j'lcjni.s Sugar liowl on New Yew's Jay, but this doesn't mean that the Jrim.son Tide l.s incjipablo of cxplod- ng in the faces of the nine Devils, Ti),scalt>'s clfjhth Bow] Icnm i.s i 11-year-old civilian model, but in 15 years nt Ihc Unpstonc, Frank Thomas has had only two varsities lial oiitscorcd it—the 1D3) tcum that anuissed 3GO points in 10 games for nn average of 36,0 nnd tlie JOM Rose Howl creation which compiled Jlfi points in tlie same number of engagements for an average of 31,G. Winner of five Riimes against a single tmolnuchdown defeat aiut two ties, the current edition of the I'iclc tallied 24(5 points to post the tup offensive record in the Soiith- •astern Conference. STAKTKII I'HOM SCRATCH Alubutim abandoned football in 191:1, so Coach Thomas started from :;c.r;i(ch; both in the mutter of material and a staff. It Is to the old Notre Darner's credit that he developed such u competent combination (jut of two holdovers from the 19-12 snuad, ;i handful of mlUtnry dis- chargees and 17-ycnr-okls. The two holdovers from '42. neither a let- UTinan two seasons ;igo, are (|unr- teiback Hal Self and yuard Jack Green. IJcfeiislvcly, Alabama, which did not appear to have much in the. way of holding off opponents In the I 27-21 opening lie with Louisiana! State, wound up by allowing eight opponents no more than 51 points, which means the Tide hold seven to as many as it yielded to the Ti- ticrs. (ii!,Mi:it I>I:AO-I;VK PASSUK Tennessee, Mississippi State and Kentucky were blanked. The average coin rushing and passing by rivals was only 1S1.S yards. Alabama gave up 49 first downs, enemy Irall- totcrs being held to 2.4B yards a crnck. The other side gained an average ol no more than 92.3 yards n same through the line, 45.2 passing. Alabama averaged 231.-1 yards rush- i«S; and 88.5 passing. Alabama's backs are on the snweti- oIT side, but Thomas culls freshman tailback Harry Oilmer one of the finest passers he has handled, and he turned out Dixie llowell and others. In addition to pacing the passers with 32 completions in GO shots for a net Bain of 418 yards. Dumb Siyht 'Gilmer was the leading ground-gainer rushing with 405. The 160-pound Oilmer is the tallest man in the. backfield at five feet 11. Sciuatty, ISO-pound right, halfback Lowell Tew is the second best grouml-gnlucr with 253 yards. Despite his size—or lack of it— HarryJjilmcr paces passers and is Alabama's Ic.iiling ground-Rainer. freshman first-string riuartevback Hugh Morrow was runner-up to Tennessee's Billy ilevis in the race for the league's Jacobs blocking trophy. He is the slickest puss receiver with 10 good for 1[J7 yards nnd one touchdown. As a place-kicker, he has converted 30 out of 38 times. No fewer than 14 athletes have might passes for Alabama. And in the air Alabama's de- cnsc wos superior to its olfensc, vitli 11 enemy aerials falling into he hands of Tuscaloosa backs run rack for a lota) of 234 yards and wo touchdowns. Center Vaughn Manchn and iiiards Jack Oreen and Johnny Wozniiik (ire Ihe only atiiietes in .he starting lineup who are mow URGENTLY NEEDED NOW HAVE than 20 years old. The line is built around the 22- year-old freshman, Pancho Mancha, all six feet and 230 pounds of him. Alabama is capable of slirrins, ill) plenty of trouble in the Sugar Bowl. Read Courier News Wimt Ad». BRONCHIAL IRRITATIONS —of colds quickly ivlicjved by Pcnctro — Grandma's old-time mutton sucfc ide;i <fevcloi>e<l J>y modern science into :i counterirritant, vaporizing salvo. Only 25c. double Biiiiplv 35c. Gut UASE R\LH ItJ MUTT OH SUET GUARANTEED TIRE RECAPPING! 24 Hour Service Also—Vulcanizing and Tire Htpnlr WADE COAL CO. • - '. • « •..•- A I . , N. Hwy. 61 ' -' CEILING PRICES Phono 2291 NiPM. Ka4 Ml Spoil fast Ciy—Cit itltr II HOW Oon't put off getting- C-2223 to re- ieve (Hiln of muscular rheumatism •uid other rhsumatle, pains. C.intlon: Use cnly 113 directed. l : 'irst bottle pure)!nseprice hack if not satisfied. «C<J ar.i'l Sl.OO. Today, buy C-2223. Open 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 Tuesday PAL NITE 'Rosie the Riveter' IMlll Jane Krazcc & Frank Albertson Selected Short Wednesday & Thursday Trocadero' wilh Rosemary Lauc & Johnny Kowus Ncivs or tlie Day Shorl R1TZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY N1OHTB Bo* Office Opens 7:15—Show Starts at 7:30. SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS Box Office Opens 1 Bliow BtarU 1:15 AT CAMDEN, ARKANSAS BY Winston, Hoglin, Missouri Valley and Solfift (Prime Contractors) If It's HARDWARE We Have It or Can Get It If It's At All Obtainable! HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. "25 Years' Continuous Service" ,< . The Hawaiian Islands were built "jp i>y volcanic action from a point .,nbo«t 16,000 leet below the level of the sea. Read • Courier News Wont Ads, Buy Your Winter Supply of WOOD and KINDLING While U Is Available. PLANTATION OWNERS' SPECIAL PRICE ON 100 RANK LOTS? BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Blytheville, Ark. Phone 2911 PAY FREE TRANSPORTATION TO THE JOB Time and half for overtime. Food and lodging available on the job for workers at $1.20 per day. Excellent working conditions.. Help build this plant so vitally needed by our fighting forces. Hiring On The Spot and Free Transportation Furnished At Every UNITED STATES EMPLOYMENT SERVICE OFFICE IN ARKANSAS If you are now eiiRagcd in an essential activity at your lii;hesl skill, (to not amil.v. All hiring ilonc in accordance with War Manpower Commission Itreula- 110115. Mm under 21 and women umlrr 18 must have minor's release form signed by parrnls which can be obtained at Kniiiloymctit Oftice. THANKS FOR HELPING All of us in the telephone business appreciate your help and patience during the Christmas rush on Long Distance: We hope you'll try to keep the lines clear on New Year's, too. Many important oils will be going over I-ong Distance that day; SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE Tuesday & Wednesday Tuesday Night Is Opportunity Night "ALDRICH FOR PRESIDENT" Slurring Jimmy Lydon KKO NEWS anil COMEDY CHICKASAW U'cst Main Near Ztst St. Sal. starts 12:J5; Sun. starts 1:45 Night shows 5:45 Except Monday, opens 6:45 Continuous shows Sat. and Sun. Tuesday BUDDY NITE 2 Tickets For (he Price of 1 "GOOD MORNING JUDGE" with Dennis O'Kccfc ,t Louise Attrition Selected Shorts Wednesday & Thursday Double Feature THE DARING YOUNG MAN" wilh .Toe E. lirown THAT OTHER WOMAN' with Virgin!* Gilmorc & .lames Kllison New Theater Manila's Finest What have, you done today lhai some molhcr's son should die foi you tomorrow? —BUY BONDS— in our lobby. No waih'rta We are issuing agents.- Tuesday "MOONLITE AND CACTUS" Andrews Sisters Serial i- Short Wednesday & Thursday "MARK TWAIN" With Frctlric March and Alexis* Smith Fox News i Shorl

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