The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 23, 1946 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1946
Page 2
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BLYTHEVILEE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MAY 23, 1946 temocrats Agre 6 Bury Hatchet Young Mother Flees Hospital Thinking<Her First Born is Ugly SWM . Wfc«f%YWrhM" to •« commit . * 6ouih*fn UM p«rty*'i»aUo«ial w en&ed «t Wt * rue* today, following a meeltog I their group with national chairman Robert E. HamieKin. Party bigwigs and an 11-raetttter teroocratlc congriwsioMl «pmmlt- te met late yisterdfcy iri; clo»*u esskm for more Irian an s speaker 8am Rayburn told report- is altecwardiUt.was "» V*ry li- iionious and Stiasarit meeting.' The n-me*»r .committee was ^pointed alMitfiSeirKjcratle leaders n counties hiying democraUe rep- •«e*rttatinn ifi connress received •e*t letters from llorlixi.jui.rte* King him to iirging UieroX-io *4«*t properly me, honey . .... , ___ . -*J li „ 1 j... rUaiiTi A0UI1 A^Hf BOMJNOTON, Is,, Muy 22. <UP> —Jaines Ashe. 27. and Ills ' »'1T«. Margie, 20, planned today to Jvurry back to the "homely" baby she elt in the hospital bec^us* she •couldn't beur. to think of taking ilm home and -'showing htm to everyone." '' Th« couple win reunited In a Burlington police station almost eight hours alter ;she disappeared from * Chicago Hospital yesterday afternoon. ' Ashe, arriving nt the hospital to take home his wife- and 10-day- old son, Ivad found a note on tn« h^iiit-stancl In fti-r room, asking pSntlvely why the baby "couldu t h«ve been cule. We yoM," He expressed amazement at Ills wife's action, adding that the buoy was "perfect" In every \vay. The young mother Kot ns for ns Burlington nnd changed her mind. From Die Union Station she tele- -i ,4 )„.,. frnnllc husband, beg"please come and B«t spend the return i° darliiig, Margie." Aahe said they would day In Burlington and Chicago tomorrow. "We're going lo hurry bnck to th»t baby," ho said. "And we both tlrtnk he's the most beautiful baby in th« world." Fish may have the dropsy, but Ih* disease, unaccountably, single's out Individual fish ii"d never us- ... . Kumes upldemlc-llkc proportions. It | ihc investigators Is. "usually fatnl In one t» lhr« incident, weeks and then: Is no trustworthy | cure. War Crimes Tribunal Finds Two Jap Officials Too Sick to Face Trial TOKYO, May' 23 .(UP)—The 111 Icrnatlonal tribunal rul*d todii, Hhat Foreign Minister Yosuk e Mnt- I suoksi <\iul Shuniel Okiiwa nre '.«b III to stand trial us war crlmlrw suspects nt this time. Tliey weix on the list of 28 Japanese leaders recently indicted. Matsuoka was foreign minister I" Prince Konoye's cabinet and hand led the chief negotiation* for the tripartite pact. Okawu was an officer of the south Manchuria Rail wiiy Company and allegedly one o of Uie Mukdei WASH TUBBS ITWER AT L3 TUF £AS£ Swan .Song for Ton! BY LESLIE TURNEK Uead Courier News Want Ads TO LEAVE TOWN i ~J THIS Wv* BEEN qualified stated thai the letters were, intended only for counties having Republican congressional representation and that mailing had been mishandled. . .' . , Tltls incident w«s i Joftowed by an article Irt'Hrie' Women's democratic .difiestVw)ilcri v ,!? ss * rtc < 1 lllot a vote fo rthe.-lioiue^npliroved Case Bill was a vote afialnst the American 'people. Mafny southern Democrats supported . the Case Bill. . After yesterday's meeting, members of the Congressional "tee said they, had made a man's agreement" to let v , and Hantiegan do the talWntj.'One southern democrat described;-.the conference as a '.'tote feait:..and a most hsrinorilous jr.eetinK that lift everybody satisfied. "V. Another said he agreed not to say anything abouH, what h»pi>ened at the meeting. He noted, however, that he did not think Southern Demicrats were completely satisfied. He indicated that more trouble may be lijrthcorfiing if Hannegan and his associates are not careful. . "W« talked about several' things that were ol -mutual Inteiest to us Ashe called Burlington , police, aske'd tnem to how Ws wife fov safe-keeping, then chartered a jlaiie. A fe\v hours later he burst Into the. police station. Mrs. Ashe was there, waiting. ••Oh. darling," she sobbed. "I'm so mixed up. I don't know whj dk! It. T»ku me home." she snlrt, she had planned to her sister, Mary Ann Dyke, a : lit Mare Island, Calif.. "Hut I couldn't run away from you." Ashe. n Na?y veteran, 'first learned of his wife's disappearance when he drove • up to the Illinois Central Hospital to lake his wife and their new baby back homo. Hospital attendants met him at the door, and fear struck his heart when h* saw their faces. His wife had disappeared, they told him. She left behind a six-page note addressed 'to "The most adorable and precious husband in the world and to the sweetest and klndes and most understanding mother h the. world." "My heart Is Just aching anc throbbing wHh pain and tears am unhappiuess," the note rea^. " could have been so terrifically nap py and I would have been If Go h»d blessed me with a sweet and a wr all," nayburri said. "We're:simply ro VEGETABLES CRISPY ICEBERG LETTUCE . Head tOc SUN KIST trying to get Democrats elected Congress." -.'• Hannega'n £ald the .^omen's mnB- azin e artlcl* ., w*s ^-mentioned. He said the Question was not pressed ] after he explained thnt-he senc wires to djsiruntled Democrats, which were ftn effert an »po!o« v ' Hannegan kl«O was atktd If there had been tone cfttlcSsui of' too close an aidcladort, between the national -coihmlttee and 5 trie GIO political aitton commrlt**. •Some people say there has not been enGUBri.of it," Harine^an saw. Tlft CIO -was mentioned J"'"* general ««i» «t y f *f a $&*g**i~ > Ing Hannegltaud, k«MWfe. TT !9M> i egret they S5h* jClO5 t api^t support all Dewenrtic pretty little boy. "r couldn't bear to think of taking him home and showing him to everyone. I think It would have eaten my heart completely away. "Oh if God. had Just made him cute, 'how nappy we would have been, darling-:" The note was signed. "I love you, LEMONS, for juice . Doz.19c Lb. 2k FIRM HEADS CABBAGE WHITE or YELLOW SQUASH . , Lb.13c U. S. Graded Beef t . RIBROASTIb.38c U. S. Graded Beef PORTERHOUSE STEAK Ib. -54t Fresh Pork HAMS, Whole - - - lb.35c Clear On Pajter Rqufes p, ,t«d.( (pP>'— ft newspaper route corporation formed t»o years ago &y th e five sons of Mr and Mrs Edwurd i$^«i>(aW hai issued its first- fmanrtai «tat«nient profits »t^, ;v <' They are Sf4)Ust "ft|P*>'" ( piof its either SFfe*y exist irt-i*«nlc accounts and fctfings' braids o^ned b\ Roland 14 *S° liaC*?!? Tomim 12, $797 'Baa, l* *"*7;'> **by. 9 $364, and C«ms, 1, *2M. The boys wi* carry three J morning, one aftftnoon and on* Sunday paper roate spht the pronts clean to tl»e last penny v so that each is fairl^ rewarded for his contribution ,, The bank actounls *re nice says Dflckly-'H«n*aM.. "VSpt thoec paper routes ijijjtr jiven then; some thing moneji,,pannot buy—a sense of responslbHtty « \ Theyve nft^ooiy tearjaed to take care of tlielr^olm ^plSiejft but the> , have pert«nn««i^»'j ll (l»lljF responsi- bility In delivering papers to cns- omers every day fii every kind of veather The three oW« boys handle the morning routes, but all five cooperate on the 180-paper evening and l.OOO'-paper Svinrtay routes Carts built on bicycle wheels haul the big Sunday loads. Evidently 'the. ci)srt>mets are sat- isfied."bnsh 'gifts:, alone from customers last, Christmas totaled $180. JUST RECEIVED— One Jfedium Sized DELCO Heotinq Plant to n ! 0-roora MARSH SEEDLESS, 64 Sire GRAPEFRUIT . . 3for25c WESSOH OIL Quart Bottle - - - 59c Pint Bottle - - - - 3tic Ground Beef HAMBURGER lb.29c Tentlertcaf Brand LARGE CRISPY STALKS CELERY ... Each12c RED TRIUMPH Will hcnt house First Cww«- i -First Served We will huvc a few more ot these planls later and will h« glad to nook your order for (hem • Blcm Heath Auto <ft Home Supply 119 West M;iin St. POTATOES 10lbs.49c RED RIPE — Slicing Qualify TOMATOES . . . . Lb.15c iJEA-Hb.24c; Ub.--47c ,;. j . _ ± . 'MCK SPRAT CREAM STYLE \ i CORN .... No.2Can15c Home Killed JACK SPRAT Tomato ioie „. 46 01. Can 27c DRESSED HENS - Ib. 59c Seasoning BACON SKIKS - - - lUOc Dry Salt FAT BACKS - < - - Ib. 15c M. P. BRAND Fresh Pork StRINGLESS VALENTINE GREEN BEANS . . Lb.12k •V '• "' ' .. *k J* A A • """ r°fK LIMA IEAHS.. No. 2 Can 18c I SIDE MEAT - - - - lb.38c NO. 2 CAN WELL FILLED EARS CORN 6tor25c Blackeyed Peas. No. 2 Can 18c Country Pork SAUSAGE Ib. 35e CALIFORNIA NAVELS ORANGES, 126 size . Doz. 65c JACK SPRAT KRAUT. No.2Kan15c |BALLARD BISCUITS l\fa<?*!Mfe£W3?®' i 3 JrU *4'44 ?4'1^^':3%^! -iiH43^5( $ *4i-3-* -t-vy^^y lilPla5iiWBiP v\T>Tt\»^!-i £ ** :ivA.». .i.-i ^i^sj*—*-£<"* lNTHROP ACTION i ' Vto mtrtHr hew Viard'lh* going *w'lt find »»w youth and ifo* in Vlmlliiup Attion-Frefe i Extluwvw Aclien- Frc* •xtr*m« flexibility and TENDER BUNCHES CARROTS ... Each9c AVACADO PEARS .. Each 15c CALIFORNIA WONDER BELL PEPPERS . . BOX WINESAP APPLES . . . . GARDEN FRESH SPIHACH . . . . Ib. IQc ONIONS KING TASTE MAYONNAISE.. Pint Jar 35c KITCHEN KRAFT PIMENTO — 5 Oz. Jar SWEET RED PEPPER.... 23c JACK SPRAT WHOLE KERNEL ( CORN ... No.2Can17c . HEINZ or GERBER'S Ib14k j BABY FOOD, Strained, Doz. 79c BLUE ROSE — In CeHophone RICE Lb.Bag10c Cheese Spread GLASSES • Each19c ' '^^l Lb. 25c 1 Lb. Pkg. -67c 1 Lb. Pkg. Blackberries - 54c DRIED - - - - Lb. 6c GREEN - - - Bunch 5c LARGE SiZE — 1 to a Customer IVORY SOAP .... 1 Lb. Pkg. Apple Sauce - - 33c BEARS ('.real Northern 1 Lb. Bag - - 5 Lb. Bag - c - 50c 10 Lb. Bag - 98< PAI.MOMVK SOAP K«gul;>r .'! for 2<V 15ath Si/.c 'i for ii»c Ca.shmcrc 3 for 27c LIBERTY-GASH GROCERY Blytheville's Food Headquarters 501 West Main Strcvt VJCTORY FLOUR 25 Lb. Bag-1.25 50 Lb. Bag - 2.45 Barrel 9.60 WELCH'S GRAPE JUICE Pint Bottte - 30e Quart Bottle 59c One to a Customer

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