The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1947 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 24, 1947
Page 9
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rilURSDAY, APRIL Z'i, 1947 BLYTIIHVILLK (AUK.) COURIER N1CWS PAGE NINE' House to Hasten Communist Fight UnAmerican Activities Group to Carry War On Rods to President By flKA.VT 1M1.1.MAX I'll 1'lrss St:lff CuiTCSpmnlrl 1'ON. April 24 lUl'l — Unnmfiican Activities Ceanniti"e decided yes:crday to curry its fiaht ; Coinniinitsl roiv-.pinctors directly to President Truman. CliLiirnuin J- I'arnell Thoma.s, R N. J.. said ho w:is draflins n letter to the I're.sidi-nt urging him to prcd AUorney (icncral 'i'uni C. Clark into lakhn 1 prompt lec/ul action a- piinst all tunmumists \vho violate the law. V He told reporters he had appealed 1o Clark three times to pro- .sf'fiite Cninmnnists under the voor- liis arid MeCorinnck Acts re<|uU registration of foreign agents ant subversive ur<>np.s. so far. he -said itu-iv has been liitle action. "The lime has come," he said "for the President to step in am prnd the attorney general into ac lion. Congress has been practically insulte<i by the 1 small penalties obtained ii' Coin in cm is t-s floutim? its authority." Thomas said lie will insist on stiff penalties for Ei]»enc Dennis. KCll- cral secret-] ry of the Aincriciill Com- nnini';! Par:>\ and Leon Joseptisor.. who nl!cj,'cdly worked with an un- (lereo\'er rin;; which slip])lied frad- iili'iH ),nss[iorts to Russian nfjents. The House yesterday overwhelin- iiiRly approved contempt citations against llie t\vo. IJennis failed to answer a committee subpena April 0. Jo. ; -:e]>hso!i failed to answer' a siibpena reb. •! and then refused fe'.o testify before a subcommittee fwnciher alleBPd link in the passport rin;;—Gerhnrt Eislcr—pleaded innnmu here in district court to indictments charging him with Conercssional contempt an<i 1 porl falsification, it v:as the com- mittre's eai'li(?r investigations of Eisler which put it, on tlie trail oi the phony passport rint?. It is now up to the Justice Department to prosecute Dennis anri Jo.scphson. Thomas said lie would Explosion and Fire Levels Chemical Plant Health -Mystery Deepens Aqencv Gives As ldent ' ficafrion y . 7 . _ Of Corpse Misses All that is left slimdiiii! after Iho explH-sio'i ami subsequent fire at the Monswnto Chemical Compaii Texas City, is this steel scat folding. tACMfl Telcplio'.o.) riiKlvlIOI.l). N. J., A]irll 21. (IIP) -— 'I'lio inystoi'y around Use Mn;t- f (lie Mississippi Conn- • nwjiilh County trunk miirclci 1 tlcT.i- :y Public 1 llc'iillli Nnrslm: Assocln- OIIP ( | yc'Mcrduy »s luilhcirlllps .snitl lion pri-M-ntt'il n Klioii rurtlo skit (our rinpluyc.s ill. u I'Viil l)!x |>.>-;l rnllllul "Wlinl Your L'Kiil Hosillli restaurant. liiul Identified [tie vlu- C:i» Do I-\ir You," over niello dm us tin 1 wrong woinnn. llilrt.lrs wlio W!LS found nuilc, I sLrjiniili'cl with a doy-lcash uml' tiffed into u strainer trunk, and t;;dd •;!>!• wns Mrs. Fluronce. (Jr.i- clo oj Wrlt!liUilo\\n, N. J. Mrs. Untie Imd l/t'i'ii rmj.'loml at. the restaurant and left recently to visit rclnllvcs in Olilo. A few hours after county authorities amVMmm! the klenlitica- li<m, Mi's. Oracle telephoned Ironi Cambriclc, O., and denied It, "I don't know wh^t, It's all about, >:ul I'm alive,"- she told Rarltan Township Police. •'• . •Mr. 1 :. Grade's relatives al Ayer, Mass., s.iW early .today th&t sha was nllvc nnd well at Cambridge. O. Her hunbaml, MfSgt. Charles Gi:icle is stationed with the Army of Oc'cupauon in Japan. ilitlion Kl.CN this nflcrnoon in dbsorviiiK'e of Nullnniil Public .Irallli NnrsliiK Week, Mrs. Annabell 11. 1'iH, local county health announcccl totlay. The four locked Ml tin 1 foody <>[ the attractive woman In hrr nilil- entire state. I IA brief reunrt of work done bv the two couutv of (Ires for last year lectured on the skit ^ere | i, lclllll( , s . 24 (1 ||,|,llu'i In. i-nn-s treat- nine meningitis casi\s tixstt- ed, six ]x)Ho rase.s treated; vi:\ tond liaiuller.s exatulncd; acid 5'jV infections veneral diseases c.ises Luxora News 'Paying Guest' Mrs. Sue Drown left Simtiay for Stewart, Pla., for a visit with her on Bowcn D. Jirown, and Mrs. Irown. Mrs. Lillian Frecar rcUirncc'. Saturday from a visit in EvansvUlc. :nd. Miss Gretchen Barnes, fourth grade teacher in the Luxora School, will leave Friday for Mississippi Southern College, iialtisburtj, where she will enroll for the spring ami | Summer terms. Mrs. Ancil Mont-j joinery uili substitute for Miss' Barnes for the rest of the present I term. Mrs. E. R. BoKnn. Mis. W. E. Head and Mrs. H. T. Ballcw attended the "Friendship Night" I meeting of tlie Order or the Kast-l ern Star in Hayti. Mo.. Tuesday night as the guest of Mrs. Fred Glasscock, Worthy Matron of the llayt! chapter, nnd a former Ui>:- oiai;, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hires and grandson. Charlie Joe lli]llni;s]cy, \i.sited their drmghter, Mrs. Robert Eberdl, and Mr. Eberdt in Memphis. Sutulny. Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Smith have returned from a visit in Nashville and Madison College, Tennessee. Miss Lunle Matthews of AtkShs was the weekend visitor of her sister. Miss Bernicfi Matthews. T.iey silent Saturday and Sunday in Kennett. Mo., as the guest of Mrs. ff. V. Sewcll. Mrs. Allie Spann had as her finest fni- a week her daughter. Mis. Yancy, and grandd;uighler. Mrs. Jerry Hickcy, of Marlanua. Mr. and Mrs. Hnitt Hodsers and daughter. Donna Katlrlecn, of Mon- trnse, Calif., have arrived lierc (or a tlnee ^'eek's visit with Mr, Itod- ^er's ]iaretits, Mr. and Mis. M. H. Hoders, and sister, Miss Ann Hoders. Hi\ L'ays MADISON. WIs. <U1')- ..... H Ernest. MnsshiK's record means anything, fox-tra]ipinj; has becoine UTI iin- porlalil sideline for Wisconsin farmers. The Ktate Conservation Hc'- partmenl ri'iinrts Mcs-sliny trapped 700 foxes In the last year. In ad- diilon to money from sale of skins, lie received S2.M per fox in slate bounties. Read Courier News Want Ads. memljr-rs ot Ilio Mississippi County | j Unit iiu-lndlni! Mrs. VIM. Mrs. I.uc:y II. Miller, field muse of the Os- I'fola dltice; and .Mrs. C. Ci. Redman, nf Ihe Mississippi County Til- iJ. C iVtrd. 'ix'iiliisis Association. ' The National Ori;aiu/..illon for Public Health Nurslnn Is an organization ot citizens, public, health nur.-ic'.s nnd agencies emi)loylHK pUO- llc health nurses. H Is a source ol Inforaiallou and jjnlilancc to |X>r- sons interested In public nursing. H wrks In affiliation with the State Health Department . The UVH) oftlce ol the Mississippi County Health Unit Is located In the rear of the court linnst: I In 1 luilldlni' that was formerly occupied by Radio Station 1CIX:N.1 The office Is open six days " ween and ofler services to any person without cosl. The weekly schedule for llie health null is as follows: Monday — food handler.; and general im- munmtlons; Tuesday -- expectant mothers; Wednesday—veneral diseases; Tlmtsday-Kcncral; Friday— venei'al diseases and . (ionerul. Mrs. Till, who came to Hlythe vlllc in iW3 iis County Health Nnrse. was borrowed by the Stale Welfare Department several years UKO for the punwse of scttlni; up Irnclionin clinics throughout the DOLLARS -TO DOLL UP YOUR HOME—^ New (ixturos, new paint job, repairs — make your old IIOUEO a new homo. Got Iho cash with a F.H.A. Loan |rom G.C.P.C. Up to 3 years to repay. BlfTIIEVlUE GENERAL . ;-*»/><•- '3 COMTRACT PURCHASE <\>'< ' It * , jr.y COBPOBATldK ' communicate immediately with President Truman on the mailer. Cleopatra was in love \vilh Marc Anthrmy, but she married her own brother. OPEN NOW: The Wonder City Grill Try Us For Delicious Foods • iMerclmnt's Dinners • ('hups • 409 West Main • Steaks Chicken • PICK Phone 3900 Are These Fair Wages For Telephone People? comedian Charles Chaplin is in serious mood as lie vehemently answers questions of newsmen concerning his alleged leftist leanings and failure la b&- roniL" ;m American citizen. At New York interview he declarer! fc a "paying guest" of U. S. Ivphold. 5,101; sinsillpiix, I.R1M; dlnli JLJccatise wages arc at issue in the telephone strike, let's take a look at what operators and plant craftsmen are now getting. Four out of five telephone people are in these groups. The hasic work period is a 5-day, "40- hour week. Scheduled employees are paid overtime for time worked over 8 hours a day, premium time for Sunday and holiday •work, and added money for evening and night work. Operators Here a girl jusf out of high school, with no previous experience, starts at the beginner's rate of $26 a week. But if she works after 9 p.m., she gets $27.50 3 week, and if that week includes Sunday work, she gets $30.10. The beginning operator gets a raise in pay at tho end of the first six months and at Ihe end of the first year. An operator wilh 18 months' experience, for example, gets §28 for a normal 40-hour week. If it includes evenings and Sunday, she earns $32.30. Periodic increases bring the operator to the top rate of $34 a week. If she works evenings and Sundays, her weekly earnings arc $38.90. But thcMjriipn_wants to increase tho beginner's rate of pay from $26 to $41—up $15 a week. Also, they vould increase the top wages from $34 to $51, an increase of $17 a week. ' Plant Craftsmen Here linemen and installers, starling in right out of school with no experience, begin at $28 for a basic 5-day week. In two years they are earning $35.50 a week. Periodic increases raise this basic rate to a top of $56 a week. Exchange repairmen—the men who tako care of repairing the equipment in your office or home —reach a top rate of $58. Overtime and other extra SOUTHWESTERN BELL What a Telephone Worker Gets: Steady work at good wage*. Regular raises in pay. Good working conditions. Seven holidays with pay. Vacations with pay up to three weeks, depending on length of service. Sickness and death benefits. A pension — with the full costs paid by the company. pay during the past year have increased the wages of most linemen, installers, and exchange repairmen substantially. The union asks that the beginning wage rates of these Plant workers be raised front $28 to $43, up $15 a week. The union would also increase Ihe $56 top wage to $78 and thcl»58 top to"$80. those would be increases of $22 a week. We believe most people will agree that present wages are good. The company believes tbat no increases are justified at < this time. The way to resolve these "differences of opinion nnd settle the strike is to arbitrate the wage issue. That would be fair to our employees, to telephone users, and to the company. ' : The company is trying to settle tlie strike. It has offered to arbitrate wages. It has renewed that offer and enlarged it. But the union leaders still refuse! TELEPHONE COMPANY SPECIAL COMBINATIONS! ANTISEPTIC & TOOTH BRUSH COMBINATION Pinl bollle of Ro«oli Ml 31, lh« onllicptic lhat killi gormi on tonlatt, when uicJ full ilronglh, plut u now Klonro Nyfon Toolh D/u»h. 94t valuo , , DENTAL PLATE BRUSH & DENTURE CLEANSER uUIYlDirinllUN «t«Dll Osnluio Cleamor. 9ic volu» ELKAY'S MOTH PROTECTION COMBINATION HVay'i MolK fumo Cr/»tnU p/t/l Ellay'i Moth Killer ond Conlrol Ltqgi,! to piolott procloui woofcni. Kitlt clolhoi molhi ond larva*. 1.74 value Radio Feature! REXALL MILK OF MAGNESIA Ihfl economical laxative and alVoli for bolh adullf and children. Mild a genlfo. Pinl Good Fun from Rcxafll Jimmy DURANTE Garry MOORE In a Hilariaui Hclf Hour Ev«ry FiiJay Night Columbia flroadcanlng Syilcm JERIS ?c SALE: 75c Jcris Hair Tonic, Jaris Hair Oil Both for VETO 7c SALE: 2 Jars of 25c Veto Deodorant Both for 75* PERMANENT WAVE KIT . . . Mother & Daughter DC- $ .49 luxe. With u complete set of professional Plastic Curlers ASSORTED CHOCOLATES , .. Joan Manning. 1 Pound Box 75c NOXZEMA Skin Cream . . . 3Sc NOXZf MA Skin Cream . . .

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