The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 30, 1934
Page 6
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"»GS 813 BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWa Throe-Match Curd Is Offered Ulyllicvillc Mat Fans Tonight Willi Roy Welch, head mtm of I will meet Gus Vonllnc, Ihe bill- Tlnrnn " w *' cn> ' Kua " mn m \*' m lncct ous voniinc, tne am- I Ml yr Die KTO.sf.ers as they parade here, I ting German. Both hnve appeared I Ih I nn 11 "' 1 J " h " Klllott ' l " t ' nl NO]* 1 '"', here nnd seem (o be rilled work- i lUUIIU clashing In nn added mulch local men. CLUB TEW, 43:33 Sanders Only Chick First Place Winner Walker Tt.rns Back Slv gers; Yankees \V i Rulh and Coring Mil lollowirs of Ihe I/runt nnd groan The Wclch-Klllou ninleli l.s s»|. 'ineki-l will at least s«- more per- posed to be one of "(jriidse" | y- JOIIIK-I.S on the caul tonight than nffiilrs. Elliott, opened as n-feree l-jarl of Parill'Olllrl PlnJi itl'ey Imp .since mat chows were of the Jlrsl mulch hcie last week -- "»»b" ullj v,iuu "'.I'-vivod here. ^nit w us removed dining the match man h Halph ^ Promoter Chaitcs rjtnkt-y ulm in. Tenn.. school • c ' fl '" l(>1 ' *'resllPrs nnd Inns nllkr vcru kicking on Kllioll's manner of officiating, Elliott let It lie known [hat he didn't, key's iX'rforuKT.s wen : In ihe mum j Smith, the Jack* The lust Memphis ChlcnRO Cubs,' Kachc-r. and David IKxilry, the. National pace fellers, iroi '.no Bciilon Harbor. Mkh, wn.stlcr. Iheir fi:>t taste of Miithpi.w pitch-. vun *> v "l' tJiil's- Smith has np- the hand.', of Hill Wnl'ur, l-'-irrd here several limes nml Is n Medalist \V i I ti "Pie" Scores 70 Hlyllieville high registered only V>nc_ first place in UK> niinual Fourth District track meet won ,by I'K'Botl al Jono.sboro Saturday ., ....for the fourth coiisecnlh'e year , 0 IThe Ulythevilli! iciui, won in ism DA and finished second to Hie Clay wt-nt iUan iy|x- nf malnian. His best for pivMli;e here was n win Is the Blythevillc gollcis ran Into a think Sin-- 11 '"" 1 "f sharp shootinR Parayoiilil so hoi nnd I'l'iyers nt Paragould yesterday but thill lie believed hi; cmild lake managed to chalk li|) a win m any of Vm at any lime. Weleli. lt: « lr llrs l Inter-club tourney of th who hud been dtimiicd around 5 Tfl1 '- The score was VI to XI n somewhat by Kllloll during the r ! ivor of the Blyihevllle nmich asked for a match with the local wrestler and : Rlllo'.t ac- Ijfl.SV: ^ __ the Cards. Tin- St. Louis dub i/ot :i c "l'< > ''Inudean, Mo., boy who to Pat Malonc for extra IMSM blows' w " s all'-nipUm! hK llrsl profes- thal fiyured in the s-.-oriiia. Mills t flolinl '"• IIU| " l (; '"|ie Girardcnu anil Collins hii for the cirenii.! lllst Ul|l|; Gabby Harmon ol Ihr Cubs not i )n the f circuit blows. • | (] iL . j,]-;i]ip) 't'he Brooklyn Dodders played a vailing RBIIIC .it die bat and \veje rewarded ivilh 12 ba.**-s on balls which aided matfTinlly In an 8 tn 7 victory over the Phils. I'aue . (he winning rind t'earce the losing pitcher. The Phils sot off to _£ well U'liinrt (he careful hurling of |>i.^[il.-i . J. m 1 JJlir- l^U <J11 IU il .il.S ,,. .,, a "• run lead unlv lo we il fade :nvay ll ' x .. *>"&>"• »'>>° l>eld the Darons -- J [.'> fllllf M ft Qllf\.l<- II',,.. |K.. In. l..~ , Lucas Brats Hx-Mates , , , , „ ' "' 1 "" r "<*• bll ° !lf Wlls , •. The Pittsburgh Pirates trimmed 1 ".''" ?r1 - "'"° WC01K| B"»' e Moor c Reds 0 w 5 before tlie nr.M " c! " thc l>l ' b " kls 10 l " m "»« '» an the Heds 0 [o 5 ., , Sunday c:t>wd nt I'lllslmrgh. Com mlssioner Lanc'Ls was on hand as . the liucs came through with (heir "" s "™;""»<l. r. win. The Pirates smlhercd 12 lilts tl ' me of lnc wc " ml 'o nine for the Hcds. Shiver, Snhr. S. Johnsnn and Paul Waner hll homers. Sliante was Ihe losing and " lul Hod Lucas thc winning hurk-r. The P-o:,toii Braves Iriinmed the Nr.w York Giants 0 tn -I nl Hiis- lon. The Braves scored four of lion . Jnme.s Han. nee of the Para- ccptiid.. Weleh Is probably Die t° llld cl«b, w«s low scorer of UK- U'.sl of the Sinkey circull |>erfoim- "•""icy, liirnlny In a card of (ill er.s so 'Kllloll Is certain to get- u olie over l' ! ' r for iwo rounds of ihe hard al Hie .start, U Is no lline l">'e con in-. Even with hi:, , promntei.s claim, ihitt the low-stroke card however Hurt, foil- Slnkey cheiill actors, resenting "' lo ""ike u clean sweep of points the remarks of the loeal wrestler, '" ' llji mateti. .seorliig two while - I would like (o have him thrown u '° Lintuenlch, lllythevlllv club up Hay Myers, IdecLs'ively and Weleli tliey lliink fll; impiuii, who .shot a 71, man- .sn-ii|i]ied bkuvs is Die man to do the Job In short " ee(1 lo P lck ll l> one polnl. Eaeh apparently thinks • sl '° l o1 "-' round of the course in par. Jimmy Ko-sslck. niythevllle , . .._._. . pro, turned in a 70 and Ctaremv runs in the first, and added an- \ m 'ncd C ° lbm '' " Ls lis - sls " l " t i "! ; otlier In the third. I.eimnio came strokes throiiRh with two tallies lu the T WI ,', fourth inning. O.«ceo!a added, an- .:,,„.„„ other In the fifth and Us . nnal "in In (he seventh liming. Pup- , last year Sanders of Ulylhevlllc scored his .team's lone Hi si place when he | (owed ihe Javelin i« fcct ,„„., : inches. I-iiiKle of !>l SB oti was high point .»>:i" of the mcel with a total of |H 1-2 |:olnl.s. l.apides of O.seeola iMiile century cliamjilon won the 111.0 yard (lash lor UlB K ,, a)n(J I'ear. No dl.slrlet records .were broken or equalled. I'lKsotl finished m front with .11- IMJIIILS. Jonesbiii-o .second with 1.17. Parasonld. third, 26, Btylhe- Ilie fourth, 25 and 0[ | lcre 1, n.c followiim- order: Welner 14. Qsce- Uo-iiie.s Sanders first lllar-r nilim- .MONDAY, APRIL 30, 193 Blyilicvllle points were: liioedon, fourth, 100 ynrd dMh- Fisher, second, 440 yard run; Fish- .r. second. 120 yard high hurdles' 880 ynrd relay, fourth (Brogdon, Locks, Sanders, Rogers; mile mod- ley relay, fourth (Fisher, English, Harris. Johnson); Hurtle, second shot jiui; lirojilon.. triple Up for third iind foiirlh lu |x>k> vault; Mrogdoji, m-umi, bro:ul Jump; Locke, lliird. discus throw; Pintle' louiili. javelin; Hlyllieville, ttc- und. toll; liljtlievllli', secund. teiiu: 1 . doubles. I TREASURY DEPARTMENT. ] Prccureinenl Division, Putlic Works •Blanch, Washington. D. c.—Seated iblds In duplicate, subject to the conditions of Executive Order No. iC04C, dated March 14. 1934, will be lopcmd In this otllce, al 2:00 p. in., May 15. 1934, for Insect screens in ;lhe [x>.--1 ollice al Blytlievlll.', Ark. S|:ecilicatio!:s may be' OLtalaed .Irom the custodian of ihe ImlUHii^. or al this <ill in; In Ihe discretion | of the us.H::i:int diieelor of pio-: !cm-em in, Puijlic Winks ' j W. E. HEYNOUW, A::»istaHl Uiiee-. tor ot Piocuirmeiit, Public Wor Don't Forget Caudill's Agency General lnmranct I'honr 7H7 and grl])s on even u-inis with Hoy i order. Elliott UVch for sin hour hen> last week,' oiherwLsc. Little Hock U to 2. A re- Tniveiei Infield fielded abbreviated seven inning affair Hiille the Barons got but four hits off Sweetland, Peb hurler. Tlie was Bar- oas ft, Travelers 1. The Memphis Chic',;;, took fi .scc- Biimc from the Knoxvllle Smokies •! to 2 after losing the 0[>enlna till. 9 lo fl In II Innings. Andy \vas the biij man of Ihc day. his homer In tin; first. their rims In the fourlh inning. ^"" 1<? l - vll| 8 Ibe score In Ihe ninth Oil got a homer and uvo doubles '"""IB and forclnu the Smokies to lead - -to lead the Cllanls hitters. Bells \vas the wlnnlm; and Schumaclier Ihe losing hurler. The Indians wnllnped >he TiBers 7 to 1 at Dctroil. The Indians gathered 11 hits, inrluding six doubles, and bunched their blows for three rims in Ihe fifth and i;n into e.xlia Innings to win. His first inning homer In (he .second yame gave Baync a woiklny mnr- l!in from the stall. Ilulvey of Ihe Smokies and liayne were ihe win- nlng pilclieis. Sway/e of tlw Chicks and Moon of the Smokies were the losing moiindsmen. Dur in the eiyhlh iniiiii'i. llilcle-i The Atlanta Crackers and (he brand was (he w'lnlng nnd Mar- New Orleans Pelicans divided two at New Orleans. Tin 1 v.on the second Ihe shutout pltchinj Pels twice in 70 penhclnnjr of Osceola got, tin longest Jilt of tlie day, a three bag- ger. The Osceolans will play (he Memphis Steam Laundry team al Oxceola nexi Sunday nt three o'clock. The Individual Nnme '•••••II u || \J |^ | | \J j BEFUT RIDBERS Alvis Hancock Jimmie Fossick Joe Bertlg E. B. Gee W. T. Smith II. A. Lynch K. 11. Browning Cecil Shane James Hart Leo Lhitamlch E. Stewart Bill Pollard A. Pre.scott J- r. Lentl <-!. Holston i James Ouard 'H Cimningham sc-ores follow: Out In Tl. B. I 1 pi .1 •!> «•;• in o H Cimninghan tslythevilie wins IU lo j,Byron M 0rst . Behind Six Hit D: '- L: -•-' J °" n c "' (lmi11 of Bickham , John Hmllh's Blythevillc ..„,.., „„ nu ,, CK walked away with Sandy nidge in Mock West Guy Adams Jeff Roland ChiLS. Cole Tlgere Bill Affllck berry Ihe losing hurler. Mohh Sn\ la l-'iiur Hits The SI. Louis Urowns beat Chicago White Sox C to 2 at St. the Crackers took (he first 9 to 2. Louis. Big Jim \Vcaver hurled four Taylor of the Crax hit for ihe cir- hll ball for the Browns while Tlcl- cuit in the first game. Hayes wns it was nn lite loslnj! end of the the winning and Messenger the kaltle. The Browns ogl 10 lilts, losins; hnrler of tlie first gamj Simmons hit for Ihc circuit. Parker was the losing pitcher In Babe Kuth ami Lou Gehrlt; put the second gniue. , ^- ...-, .«. „. Ihc Yankees beat Tlie Vols won as Piathcr hit two _'*" 1<;vl " c utu ' U^'^er nnd Haney Uob lo 0 behind Uicj" Bn " lc IU Rlln(l >' Rill «<-' Park,|G. o. Camlill of Mlluer. while !soutl1 i of Dlythcville. Sunday a(-'i(. M. .Bracev ternoon. The score wa.s 10 to 3. JG G Hutibi'ni Bickham hurled for Blythevllle, ' Joc Wood holding die Uldyers lo six hits. E B David Tigers combed the offerings V G HnrriiiLMn,, ,' ,. M.tli,. linrlin-: fr>, li I,,?, „. ..' Har "liytOll Ju .18 :)9 M :« •M -II 40 :n 34 35 37 •ill 41) 4J 3!l 45 3(J 41 -IL' 37 39 45 40 4li 45 41 40 4S 39 41 16. of Rldse hurlers for 14 MB. pj Slnm , Stlcklcy was the losing hurler. E V Wills Jackson turned In three hits for w T Bnrno 'Noble Florida and Weiland tlie losing hurler. " , lfi«-r. Prather drove In a \ 0 \ a \ ol Thc Washington Senators de- six runs with his two big wallops Ic-ulcd Ihe Macks 1 to G at, Wash- | ington. Joe Cronln's double in the j ninth drove in the winning run. l Thomas was thc winning and Diet- i rich Ihe losig hurler. Foxx lilt follow bases in (lie third inning with two aboard to give the Macks an early lead. IOUIIL SPLIT IN Vance, 2b Hancy, Jb Galnes, rf-lb Bunch, rf ll.edbetter. ss Barker. e.f Puckett. lb Stlekley. p Thompso Davis Hurls Government Fleet learn to 5 to Victory To tills lilytheville 1 Vitvelic . 2 Six Teams Break Even in Divce Doublehcaclers; Vols Defeat Lookouts p Jackson, cf Gee. If i Jenkins, rf Smotheniinn. Oscrola Engineers defeated I Smothen the Lcpanlo independent club in "?V?' c lb a well plnytd gAnin nl Osceoln Sunday. The score wns S to 3.' A eroivd of MO watched (he U. S. government tlee( nggrcgntlon turn in its fecond vletory In three Bickham, p Totals Diuibleheaders were in order' over the Southern ' U-agm- yesier-' day but not a team succeeded in grabbing a pair of tames. The Chicks divided two with Ihe Smok- ies, thc Travelers anrt Unrons s-jlit and Use Pelicans ami Crackers broke even. The Lookouts and Vols played only one game with tlie Vols winning. Tlie Travelers grabbed thc first ' Davis wa.s (he winning busier, soing Ihe mine for Ihe Engineers with Yo'.ni" receiving his oliYr- Ings. liison slaited for I,epanlo but was rrniuved In • favor ot Dacus in tin- M'venlh stanza. The Lepanto batters eonM find Ihe olferiiiR.s of Davis .for but .six liils while Osceola .was limited to eight by Ihc U'panlq (wlrlers Osreola oix-ned by scoring two 4 4 4 •2 4 4 2 0 3 34 Ab 4 4 5 5 G e 5 ft 4 44 10 3 Henry Sellmeycr 2 Farmer England 1--A. W. Jackson 0 ,C M. Buck 0 G. Cunning],,,,,, 1 ,-U. S. Branson 0 ('Alfred HarKell O'.Bob Barnes 0 L G. Slaub —IR. BannLster 7|Alvis Samuels E C. L. Berlin l"iTom Bridges 0<C. Colbert J, N. Harrinyion Acton Rend Courier News Wnnt Ar|s. 10 70 12 74 77 til 75 75 159 71 87 78 3 91 73 3 84 80 2 72 82 9G 80 392 87 2 79 77 2 87 81 2 82 92 fl 76 1 80 81 70 81 iU 87 ill m 83 87 7G 75 «H 81 90 77 77 98 83 43 100 35 10 38 84 0 Hve relielor/i foundations in Austria were established lo pro- e suitable homes, for impoverished ladies of such noble families ns luive rendered rt<siiiiRuj»n- service to (he Imperial Family the slntc. To The Mefnhers of the L G. MOSS BURIAL SOCIETY rU-itPc rnmp nl onco. to niv office iind brine your old rnntraols, 0 '- send snmc ,=n we can (rive yon a ni-w one. \Vo liave rooiyanizcd. with a few minor cli:in K i.s. Any money yon liavo paitl in advaiu-e on did contntcls will be evntliled on tbc new one. If voti l^ve no con tract with us come to my office and let nu> explain my to yon. ette on the air— We wiU buru the whole family for 50c a month Tltis is too cheap to nass up. Every familv should be protected. This is not an insurance company . . . il is strictly a burial club Do not wait for an ajrcnt, to call on you for we have none. Yon will liave to come io my office. L. G. MOSS UNDERTAKER with BCW network program I * GENE ami GLEN iift romantic *tnk<> nnt i L wall surely win yon Take our word for ll —you will hear thur f haracten nightly with Increasing Inlereat nnd affrrtlon. Gillette 0 SAFETY RAZOR CO. ••MM. MM. WMC l-'vory rVlghl SnMirday l Sunday l(k45p.M. '('. S. T.) WRESTLING DAVID' 1)OOI,EY KAI.I'H '.SMITH Myt'is vs. Vontine Welch vs. Klliod AR.MOKY, MONDAY N1TE U i Last Time Today i Mill. 2:30, 10-2GC '! Nitp 6:45. lS-35c ')! NS^^V Brr.g lingi ond j : /f-N^fl i^* Carole growl I ' ; 'V^-'^px neighborly : 1 %^^^: ; ' /\ A fi^vr^ ' : CAROLE LOMBARD O tO I G I C S A C I E BURNS & ALLEN ETHEL MERMAN LEON ERROL I'ant mo tint News Chitrloy Chase Comedv Tuesday - Weds. Mat. 2;30, 10-25c Ni<rtit fivlf—l(lr . 35c ..- >*"''" (S* 0 I'aramntinl News JItisical "Pcltini; Preferred" with l!iriK C'rosliv I Announcing Our New OPEN TUESDAY.MAY 1 FOR YOVR CONVENIENCE featuring MINOR. MECHANICAL REPAIRS Motor Tune-Ups, Brakes Adjusted and Relincd, Wheels Adjusted and Aligned Fenders Straightened and Refinished And Other Minor Mechanical Repair?. Specialized Washing and Lubrication Standard das and Oil Products Firestone Gum f)ippcd Tires Ford (iiiaranleed Batteries A new convenience for Blythevillc motorists that is easily accessible where you will find EXPPERIENCED and DEPENDABLE MECHANICS on duty from G a. m. until'9 p. m. every day. Drive in for your usual Gas, Oil, etc., and we .will check your car for minor adjustments free of cost. Located at Walnnl and Fifth Streets BERNARD GOOCH, Manager Hacked l!y Our Ten Veins Automotive .Experience PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorised Dealer

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