The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 9, 1938
Page 4
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u»k.); tfOtJfciM ttM THfc BtYTHEVlLLE COufafcR NEWS THE OOURJER NEWS CO. v H. W, IfAlNES, Publklier J. GRAHAM SUDBURY, Editor SAMUEL F. N'ORRIS, AdvertWne filanigei Sole JJaWonsI Advertising Representatives: Arlurtsu Dilllte, In?., New Yorl!, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class nutter Rt. the post jiffico at BlytliCville, Arkansas, imdcr ncl ot October 9, 1911. Served by the United Press SUBSCRlPriON HATES By carrier 1 In the City pi Blythevllle, 15c per ,»'eek, pr 65c per. month. By mall, within u radius of bO miles. $3.00 per year, $1.50 lor six inoiiths, 15c for three months; by in all in iwstal zones two to six, inclusive, $6.50 per year; ij> zones seven and eight, $10.00 per yew, payablo'lii advance. Vioknl Pressures, Violent Solutions II is not so vui'y long since Americans wore busy worrying about tlic s'prcJrtl of N:iyj propiigamUi in Soulli America. Brazil' Iw'cl what looked very unicli like a Hitler-model government. Oilier largo South American nations were •slipping further and fiti'lliw away from democracy. German short-wave radio broadcasts were drenching the continent with propaganda. Minority European • tfroiijjs were oi'giirtfeing Jifld preparing to demand their "rights," ;IIK) altogether if looked as if the Monroe Doctrine was being destroyed Ijy a process of infiltration. • But there seems to have been a se- .nous' hilcli somewhere. B'ruxiVs government turns out to lio pretty stoutly auli-HiUMv The radio propaganda is Jailing' to have-its expected ofl'ecl. Dif- J'erenl governments arc (.'racking down on the minority- groups. German-language schools have been closed and foreign political'agitation has been curbed, even though large German and Italian language groups do remain devoted to the cause of (ho "leaders" buck home. Soufli America, in other words, is Hot proving a very fertile field for the planting' of Naxi seeds. When tiie (hist, filially settlcx thing's will probvibly be jiM idwvrt- as they were before the fuss started. The continent's; dcm.oi:ra- :e,v will still ,bc imported, .of euHr.sp, Suit it will libl.-be perverled by I ho importation of some European' ideology. ••"Which suggests (hat |)crliaps this whole business of.Nazism, or Fascism, is after all a Europwui growth, which needs /the peculiar conditions oT Ku- ropc in order to thrive. Heaven knows that the world as a whole has a great number of problems to solve. Bill nowhere arc these problems as pressing as they are m Kiirope. 'Nowhere else do (hey excel such un- oiuluriiblc pressures on Lin- common people. For in Kuropu they are all licd by the density of tlic population, by Jive intensity of nationalistic sentiments, by the wreckage left by (he World War, by the intricate web of suspicion, jealousy, fear and hatred that has been built \ip over many generations. They drive people to seek bizarre and violent solutions. They OUR BOARDING HOUSE I've SEEM CLOTHES WHILE WAS TAWJG A BATH.' I cSOTTA PATE: AND SOMEBOPY'S CbOKJE SOUTH WITH MY PANTS/ WHAT KIKJP OF STUFF'S GOING OM AROUMD HERE? Create an atmosphere in which reason and the spirit of friendly co-operation arc crippled. And this whole Na/.i-Fascist business, apparently, can grow only under such conditions. It is not what its leaders boast, mid its enemies fear—a new world-movement that must inevitably grow and .spread. Transplant it and it withers, it cannot la!<e root in Ilie Americas. Not—and here is IJic warning to keep in mind—not unless the people of the Americas, by their own folly, erect on their coniincuts the same set of pressures that ar« driving lOurope to ruin and war. MONDAY, MAY 9, 1915: I l 'iglilL > i'\'i Death A Lough man is dead who had a lough lime of it all his life, lie had (ho misfortune to be an individualist. JJe was Car! von Ossielxky, a German, u-iiim.'r of the N'obel peace pri/.e in I'Mli. Me was '19 when he died, and In; had been lighting for the cause of peace since 11)12. lie had been doing most of his tight- ing in Germany. But be bad been lighting as Carl von Not as a German, nol as a Communist, not as a Socialist, but simply as one of - the world's citizens. That in itself never helped him either with the Communists or the Socialists, or with Miller, who lumped him with the others and jailed him with them. When lit: received the Nobel award be received it in a concentration cam)). ]|c went from that, camp (o a hospital, and he died there. He had never been able to use any of the pw.e money awarded to him. His was a tough lil'cj with a tragic, end. It was tougher than it might liavu been because he stuck to being simply Carl von CXssicl/.ky. And it, kept on trolling tougher on (hat aee</uui. And other Ossietxkys are finding lluit in this increasingly regimented world' being wholly themselves, and themselves only, keeps right on getting tougher. I'm ii iiiollKT before I ;HD a nut'cn.—Cjurcn £llznkclli of Kiigliiiid. » * * The criinc.s of Ihe world came from » contented Ignorance.—Rev. Dr. Allan Idilghl Chalmers or New York. • * > I think conductors, like iirwsiiiipcrmcn. oflen work hardest, when they scon to 1m loafing. John Barhlrolll, conductor ol the New York I'hilkirmouii;, « » » Wo IKIVC rftjiMdT.d 21! ndor cliusinciillons reported liy lliu public, Inclmlini; such descriptions as llshy, yrnxsy. musty, cnvlliy, like over- n'lic cucumbers or raudicd violets, metallic. ;tnd many olhrvs.—Prof. M. M. Bruulech. Cnsc School of Applied Scic-ncc, on (triiikinjj-wiiler e,oni- iiliiints, herorc the Amcricun \Vn!er Work;; As- Keep your gnillonow if you mini (o mitkc (he I mosl of modern feminine freedom.—I.illinn CiiMi, I lo women. will i Majoi- ilooplc E<3AP, BUSTER, WHY MOT C3O AS YOU AB,E *? THOSE KK1EES OP YOURS— BY JOVE, INDIVIDUALITY STICKS: OUT ALL OVER THEM/ r WOULD YOU LIKE TO' BORROW A PAIR, OP MY KILTS? THEY'RE A MEMEWTO T=ROM MY OLD ^ — / AM-AA— . DOIJ'T HAVE TO BE A CAT TO LOCATE THE CANARIES WHO FLEW THE COOP WITH YOUR JEANS' SCOTTISH REQIMEMT.' E'S ALREAPY HALF HOUR LW£ = SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "I don't care how long it's been in the attic—I read where Victorian sofus arc very smart." THIS CURIOUS WORLD */.™ Ferguson CAPE ACAVA WASHINGTON! A SA/JNIE-LlkE ANJMAL. THAT LIVED GM EARTVI MILLIONS OF VEARS AGO, 1 ' IAD A SKULL (VORE THAN ONCV TWO NORTH METBORITES HAVE BEH^I K'.lslOWM TO THE Elolticrcs were nul I rue jiigs, nor even related lo Ilicin. nl- iuuyli l-hc rcnciiibluiicc to wild hogs. living hi Europe loduy, is strik- g. Litllc is known of Ilirir Jiiibil.s. They had very powerful c<iUin<; teeth nnd two licavy-clnwcil Iocs on cncli" foot. They linvc no'dirocl tlcseeiulnut.s livins at the present- lime. NKXT: \Vlial is- (lie. fall's! lisli? The Family Doctor . O. a pat. 0*. Trn KuJcs For Teachers . This is tlu- Ihirrt wuU lust of u irric.s of ;u - lldrs by Uv. Fish- l>elu on the IicaUh of loacherfi.) * • * I!Y 1)1!. MOKKIS KISIIIIKIS Kdilor, .Touriwl of (he Amrrie:\» i)TCflical ilssoc^iliott. and of HypcKi. tlir ilciillh *tM;ig;ixinc After o survey of health conditions ainony; teneiicrs in order lo determine the. manner in which most or them siunrt) agatiut \vcll- esUiblislicd rnh\s in hertllli and hy- Rlon! 1 . the ten lii!i(!:iinrnl:il:, which le;ielicrs slioultl follow in ovttcv to have ijood hr;illl! were li.sln). llore tlu-'y ure. 1. A:hnil lo yourself (in- limiUi- tioiis 111:011 your lie;il(ti. it s;iet> h;i\r l;ecn inipo.vctl iiptu) you by ;nitTMr;il inniiciiee. inul your o\vn lifr; hill- do not \X'r;ui:.e of ( h:? diiA'Ourimrd. or e.scu^n join.srir for l:oiiis •' linillli .vl.-itkcr. Do (he b^sl yon ciin with ulml you have. ^, Kn:e ytjuri.elf ftorn !ie;i!th do- frc(.\ tlixt ;ire wholly or pariially reincdiii'olc, whirl) nwiy lower your lUness. A Uu>roU|;h hrjiUh e-xam- in:ilioi\ and mlvite nl Iraj-l once » yrur will detect fl;>^.s. improvo )'')\ver. prevent dlseiiM-. .sue doctors' bills. leir<lhni lite, ami 1D- irciisi; liiippine;.:-.. '.1. K;il re'<ul:irlv. K;il, .\iuv,Iv Kat- soinr hnnl ti«.'l l'ir (in- ;ihc "I llir treth; f;it. Iresh. I^IT riv ureeu ] tnr llir rliei))tc;il iireiT:, fir the body; '"it Tii'V'' '"' <"''•'•'< onlv oncn iluy. Avoir! \wirrra I in:; ;in;| im- dcrv.Tiglil. AviVl ovrrcalin; and overweight. CAKT 01' 4.'ll.tllA(.'TI-;nS •TACKIti Kl.VN— licroliici sli,- i.ll(,,| („ (,-, ' HOCUII iini-:rK\j-:u_k,.ro! >••-. anfrd lu Iral llir «<rnli»iilii>rp. units i, .MHi.iiosi^-.vmiihy ilitoiri ike »7i«(ril Kojicr. MVHI.VX I.A KAHCK—Jnrklr'K athcri «lc ivnnfcd :i nOn-fu-Imv. « * i Yc»(,.rdafl Knurr loll* .Jm'kie • ur tbf ftritt Hnic vt Mrn, Uvrj'l •Mtlroifr, Iml <hn nunif did nut »e:m uiijthliiK in J;jchfc (hen, CHAPTER VII QEVJiRAL days ;,flcr Ihc evening when Roger had lold Jackie about his important news and about llio Mvs, Santa Clans lie listl found, Jackie received what she might have called the shock ot her young life. Evelyn and Jackie liad gone info (own for a clay's shopping, in spile of Jackie'.s- continued protest that she diet not want lo shop for a trousseau. They were lunching at the-smart Colony restaurant, -tamous not only for its food, but for Iho on-lain fables always iden- lified with well-known personalities. "Don't look so cross, darling," Evelyn said, after the hud spent a 15-mimile conference will) tlic waiter as lo what lo order lhal would he appetizing, bill nol (he least hit fattening. "Anyone would Ihink I had been putting you through some terrific ordeal, instead ot buying you all those pretty new elolhos." "If trying on clothes isn't an ordeal f don't know what is," Jackie murmured darkly. "I'd vainer go through most anything uisc. And I tell you it's loo ridiculous, Mother. Your buying me a trousseau. When goodness knows when I'll gel married—ic I ever do—will) Roger planning this new trial flight and everything." ': £' $ 1?VE[A'N siglictt. "t'can't understand you, darling," she sairl. "The way 3'ou talk. One would Ihink you were in hopes something would happen to lire, dear hoy, so you could nol marry . . ." "Of course nothing will happen lo him! I never hoped for any .such dreadful thing. Mother!" ".lust (lie same you act most un- naUiral for a girl who has just become engaged." Evelyn was tired, loo, from the ordeal of shopping. She could not. he quite as patient as she tried lo he in her role oC unselfish mother. She looked around, with her bright Haze, lo sec who else of importance was lunching al tlic Colony. Sire nocideci to one or two groups at various tables, givctip cadi (lie benefit of her sweet smile. Then her expression changed. "WJi.v, darling!" slic exclaimed. 'Isn't that Roger—over there, that iinall table, against the wall, Of course it's Roger! Bui who on earth is he vvilh?" Jackie's glance traveled in the direction her mother had indi- ealed. She had not known Roger was coming inlo the city today, fie had nol mentioned it when she liad (old him yesterday that she would not he able to come out to Ihc lield (or her lesson. But it was Roger, Looking exceedingly well- groomed and tailored, quite in keeping with flic Colony's .smart clientele. Silling opposite him, her head bent, deeply absorbed in conversation—or in Roger—was a girl. An exceptionally attractive girl, even in this gathering of famous, well-dressed, beautiful women. Jackie experienced (he first twinge of Ihc shock she was to receive. At least she supposed (lie tenseness lluit suddenly look hold of her was surprise, "i don't know who ho is with," she answered her mother's question. "You don't!" Evelyn looked al her daughter sharply. This was a fine stale of affairs, (or Jackie's fiance (o be lunching with another girl—and such a decidedly pretty one!—when ii he lunched \vilh any member of the opposite sex it surely ought (o bo Jackie. "Well, we mtJsl Jind out then! Nod to him, Jacqueline. He's looking this way now." i * * 3 C T-TE isn't looking al me," Jackie said. l''ov a moment he had, almost; then he had looked nway again. Or could it bo that Roger had seen her and looked away purposely? "We could (ell Henri lo invite them to ouv table." Henri was Evelyn's waller. She. slartcd to beckon to him now. Jackie said sharply, "Mother, if you do ... I'll get up and leave —honestly, I will!" "I would merely ask them to join us for coffee, or something like Ihat," her mother said. But (he storm galhcring in Jackie's young face musl have stopped her for once from carrying out any such idea. It did not dcfcv her from her main objective, however. She managed to signal Henri will) her bright glance. '"You sec that young lady in the far corner, Henri," she said. "The young one, nil in black—with thn two silver (ox scarfs. I wonder i( you would sec if you could learn her name for liic, ploase." "Bui certainly, Madame," Henri replied promptly, lie held a brie! conference with tlic head waitei returned lo their table. "Th .; lady's name is well knowr \ Madame," he bowed claboralel: "Especially in our capital city- Wnsbingfon. She is the widow c the Into Charles Mclrose." 'Charles Mclrose!" E v e I y Kvcn then that name held n ;, significance fov Jackie. She WE \ only half listening anyway, jf "Yes, Madame." Henri bowc- [. again. "She was famous for hVjfj beauty when she was Miss Davidson. And' for other thlnS She was the young lady who w.,«, the long-distance trophy at' 11-'JL Cleveland air-show. I believe Mq 3 Melrose is exceedingly interest? t| in aviation, Madame." * *- * 'PHA'f was when the full (ore '; of the .shock hit Jackie. Natui ? ally she \vas called to attention Ii any mention ot flying. Then sh : put two and two together rapid); ( Why, dial altraclivc young gii ' was Roger's Mrs. Santa Claus! "Thank you very much, Henri... Evelyn dismissed him with graciously condescending smiK "Did you hear (hat, darling?" sh • addressed Jaekie. "Why, Chark ;| Mclrose was one of Ihc weallhies \ men in the world! 1 believe th',-1 was his second wife—though •:'| presume she received all of h'f money, as the first was a divorci-l and settlement. He must hnvj'l been much older than his widow. But how on earth do yoi 'j suppose Roger got to knov/ 1 "Mrs. Melrose is going I nance Roger's stratosphere f,ig$ That is if Roger is lucky '* lo get his diancc. Which I fuji I ITOSC lie will, if she is ns impoij I l«nl as Heni'i says slic is 1 - Jiickic's tone ahnosl sounded 'A though she hoped now that T)og( would not get his-big opporlunit "Henri always'knows how irr ! )X)rlanl the people arc who corr. lo the Colony," Evelyn repliei ''Thai's the reason I reserve th table, my dear." She lurnc around deliberately in order I look again at Roger's companion Tl)cn she leaned toward 1« daughter, lo\vcring her voic. "Well, I otily have one thing f Kay, darling. ]f Roger was n: young mai), and I was engaged I" him, I would not allow h|m t. make any such flight. Not if sue' an attractive young woman-W going to back him! Mark m word, Jacqueline, unless you a stop to it now, you.may regri, it all the rest of your life!" (To Be Conliiiued) mc'Jicinc.s for constipation, it possible. , t). Avoid persistent- iixtcry as yon would avoid the plague. worry injure:; the nervous system, and is mentally liaiaitiil. 11 depresses Uic Ijoclily function:;, disturbs Ihc sccTclions, and ciitliinwK the vita! organs. It- dccrnases resistance against M.IIIIC forms of ccmmmiicaMc diseases ami infectious, lie cheerful; be im.solib'h; preserve it sense of humor; culli- ;ate tlic Imagination. DC determined to keep fit. but, ahovc all. don't vorry about your lirallb. 10. c:ct some form ot mental as veil as muscular reaction regularly. Jiillivale and preserve Ihe play ipiril. for I hi:; is pail ot Hie lic;,|. .-Hsir ot youth for teacher:;. "Mechanical Lung" Made From Assorted Junk •!. Spend clglil lo nine hours it bed every nighl. Very few ran maintain health and general fitness vvllh lew than ciglit hour:, in Ucc daily. Ti. Kprnii a hull to unc litniv flay in recir;ttkm and rxr?'i v isr, CHI door.s. it jxvxHiblf; ant] it. is possible, with few exceptions, rvrn ii stormy weather, if you iilsm iulelli KClilly pimiigh. 't'nlir rxerrh-c ih.i i.s rnjhvrtblr. nnd vigorous 011011,1;] to refinirr; (irc|i breathing itiul U op«-n lha .shin I«>ITS. <•- A«|iiirc HIKI ituiinliii'i :< po IMisture. lor iHwIinc rrllivls a..., lirlns to dctevinine inciUal iiltilndc Miul cflipirncy as well as botlily Mf- MP.-;-,. Amid «c:ik or fallen foot, arrlic:;. Wear hrnllhliil .sliovs ;iL least, during school hours. 7, T;iXr a root lur). sln/>vet. or K|)'j|ia: Iwlli ruch uiorniiiK bt-lorn lii'Ciik-fa.vt it yon tfitcl In (his with a £lt>u.; a c.oarsc lourl, and flr.sli btitshcj. Thr: Ionic bnth. however, ijiciild not lake the plant! o! the warm, clcnii.slng liatlt. '^. Attend lo the evacuation of thn inle.Mine- dully ami \vllh tute icRiilaril.y, for constipation Is Die mwt caminrin of all |iliy.sic:il ailnirnts, Avokl ctiasl illation by dtinkiiu; siillicicnl water, e „ bulky IwKl mid fruit, nnd: l«kins: i-''(!iilur vigorous exercise. Avoid SEA'ITLE iut'1 — Martin Colin, jaiiigriiiiin, lia.s inudc » "jnechau- '.cal IUIIR" fi-Din an old M:\vinj; mn.- OUT OUK WAY chinc, some .sheet metal, automobile purls and pieces of rubber liib- ln t '. Tlic conl-riviiiiiT functions llir same way as do Ihc "iron lungs" llml arc used in keeping alive persons whose lungs are affected by infantile paralysis. If has n plate tliitl fit.s over a patient's breast. A motor creates a vacuum under the breastplate, causing the patient's lungs lo expand and Inhale. Air then Is pumped back into the .space L-cUvccn Uic plate and the breast, forcing the patient (o exhale. S~ Oroivs >n(o £5,200 TOKONTO (UP) 1 —For S'J Mrs. Mallei M. Bowes bought , two u- Claimed Canadian national express packages. In one package slit: found it pair uf hiking boots-in Ihc (oc of one bool was $5,000. And in the other parcel was un envelope containing $200. Announcement Hohc lal. lish, liu-ci, Uillovv ;ui'l whale oils are (ho iuosl. commonly usc;| oils in soap making, in the animal fat category. the Courier News i:ns Been 3. thorized to make formal rjnnouri; ment of the following candlda'; for public office, subject to t Democratic primary August 9.; For G'oimly Treasnrer R. L. (BEjLY) GAINE3 . For Shertff atid collector i HALE JACKSON I (For Rc-eleollon) Cbnnljr Courf Clerk • T. W. POTTER [' For County Tax Assessor i W. W. (BUDDY) WATSON i BBYANT STKWAET 1 For County and Proofiate Juilt DOYLE HENDERSON i S. L. GLADISil ' (For Re-election) For C'lrcalt Court Clerk HARVEY MOBKIS I'or County Bepresen1»llrr« W. W. FOWLER >J| I.. It. AUTBY .R WOODKOVV HUTTOM ! 9 , 1 Head Courier News Want Ads. i' By J. R. WiUian gCvstcd food wf anxious. Drink ot water a day there Ii mM Finally, before the mouth, ot r.tnty di- tiird. excilfi, or to t'X :• liliiCS lever drink when ui the nioiilli. Hilling io 0 ;i into ;V\-ash your hands. •/EAH-BUT NOT GREAT ENOUGH TO TELL ME WMV A BUMP TW/XT WILL -PUT YOU TO SLEEP WMEW VOU'EE- AWAKE"WILL WAKE vou UP WHEN VOU'RE ASLEEP.' VOU'LL LEARM NOT TO FAl L OUT Ol- BED---1 EX.PEKIENCE

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