The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 1, 1951 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 1, 1951
Page 7
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SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, 1951 BLYTHEVILLB, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAOB KYW Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams I MAO THM TRiP Fl CORED FOR -~gl>T YtHJ BeeM A RICH z EXPERIENCE.' ReSCUl^ SET ACROSS THIS AND COUSIM OtNER GAVe ME THIS EXOTIC TELL AS CIGAR ey-rne CURB ITS OB UNITED KlATlDKl6 cook£Ry7/l BUTCHER^ THE REBGLUON WARNINfi OKDKK In (he Ch»ncery Court, Chicka- Rawba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. ' Uton Ainsworth, Ptf, VS. No. 11.194 Rcha Atnsworth. Dft. The deJenrtnnt Reba Ainsworth Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint ot the plaintiff Uton Ainsworth. Dated this 24 day of August. 1951. Harvey Morris, Clerk By' Ruth Magee. D.c. ,^ C F. Cooper, ally, for ptf. mf Gene E. Bradley, stty. ad Jitem. 8;25 911-8-15 Read Courier News Classified Ads. REPAIR SERVICE \ 11 appliances: refrigerators, freezers, ranges, and washers. Radios and small appliances. Alt i>ur woTk Is guaranteed. Adams Appliance Co. Sho* Repair Helps You Look Your. Best Tk EMERALD CRESTED ry ) Gtt/rfon MocCreoj* HOOPOE. corrncMT mi NZA SCIVICC, INC H-flLT€RS UflUTY SHO£ SH01 IZi w. M a i KI s T. S 0 * Quality READY MIX CONCRETE PHONE 2380 Blocks—Culverts JOHNSON BLOCK CO. Hlw.j BlTthCTlllC What Don't You Need? I old rickety furniture, worn clothes, fishing equipment. I Anything on earth that yon I don't want It worth money in trades and swaps at II A M Sales Co. Bring it down— I rou'll Find something you DO H&M Sales Co. I1 IT E. Main Phone 6S59 TIIK 9TUHli M.t. ik» • -r.r^k . for « ••ppowrdlr .xlincl felrd Ud r.rnrgrft n^BAli 10 «*k lh» jtnlmal . Irdpii^v A)MH HnrinB. to KO iHto ikf Jnniclr* af Inda-fhlna. Tk. i-ODnirr I* Kirn 1*7 Caniniunlar (n- mrnirri fttrlfr nnd Blrpndy Ikt-rr hmm br.» am nlirmpt «|» Alnn'» Illei At PnciM 1'rnh. ncnnLi ntnri. to trll ike real reason tor ike irlv ker*. • . • VI QEORGES BENOIT explained: "This hoopoe of the emerald :rest. whether it is extinct or no, ^oes not interest me. who. as you lave long perceived, am no bird collector, but • man ot business. It is a symboL It was a minor Jeity ol Cambodia. Within the temples are sculptures showing now it was venerated. An idol, you understand. During the lime ot the Frencn conquest, .the idol disappeared. This much of information has been known for many years. Researchers have tried to discover Ihe secret ol the location. Many have died." • • Tfeah." said Alan. "The old Ouricd idol story. The golden loot studded with emeralds in its crest.* The hands fluttered negation. 'No. no! Do not misunderstand. :ny friend. Whether it may be of Sold or of glut, encased solid in jmeralds, does not Interest me It is a symbol! Its legend is the universal one—it will reappear in the nands of a Messiah, a Jeanne d'Arc. a Boh Gyi, to lead on to liberty!" •And you," said Alan, hi* grin ym'c»l, "want the emerald hat" Benoit pushed himself from his tair and stood with a dignity that • Imost shed a mantle over his iabby physique, "I excuse your insinuation. I wish thir symbol oecause ; am a Frenchman; I still hope that my country may restore >rder and re-establish here a leaceful and a prosperous colony." Alan, curiously impressed, could io! shake off his practical outlook. 'As a smart businessman you I gamble your money to come and look for it. even if it may b« \vorthless?"- Benoit caught Alan by the arras, trying to shake Ilira. "Even it It were a thing of painted clay I must have it. Because. Monsieur, there are a quarter ot a million people, malcontent agents, who are waiting for it. All the way from Ho-Chi-Mln down to this gross half-caste Peter Vroom. they are searching for it to hoist it as their holy grnil and to scream the rabbles to their riot for the so smooth propaganda of 'the liberation of the people's democracy.' They infiltrate the whole country, mouthing all the so smooth red slogans to rouse the mob only to the redness of blood." • • • AN BAHTON stared at him. As he had tingled hotly her ore wau».ig for the secret, now that he had it, his blood chilled away in little prickles. "So that's what they were all afterl The deadly bird! The Commies!" "And for that, Monsieur, they have no compunction whom they kill or under what torture. You perceive, then, that I must and this thing first and destroy it before its evil potence may destroy the befooled people." . "Golly!" said Alan. -And I've been holding back on you for this couple of cays. Why didn't you tell me before?" "Because.^Monsieur," Ben oil said fiercely, "you Americans do not understand the deadlines* You would talk carelessly of it— as you talked to that girl. Had I but known that your information Is distributed over a whols jungle—" ; Alan pushed him down Into hi; chair. He drew his own close, H< was now the conspirator. "Okay We'll deal it clean now. I'm on your side of course. So look. I've been studying and thinking about that scribbled diary. Would it mean anything II that word (or the Jungles, u-a-t, ioutd have been v-a-t?" Benoit blinked at Alan, his llp» forming letter sounds. "Vat — • temple." Bcnoit sprang up and embraced Alan and kissed him on bolh cheeks. "But then it is here! The Val Pi-nh Keo! The Silver Pagoda of the Emerald Buddha! The thing is hidden somewhere within! It 14 lot In the miles ot Jungle!" Alan's practical sense took over. 'Suppose we go and cose the joint—I mean, take a quiet look- see." The pagoda was easy enough to inspect: for «very appurtenance was geared as though the old builders had forecast It as a tourist attraction. It stood n a wallea court guarded by beloos, fierce golden dragons, and by cheydeys. shrines of sacred bones and by <heki - uniformed guards whose fui.clion was to search outgoing tourists. Entry immediately showed the need of this precaution. The whole floor was laid with plates ot silver that pin-point reflected the lights ot thousands of candles. Blink away the dazzle, one could see the fabulous Altar-of-thc-Five-Tiers. HE fifth tier, evidencing a not too fond respect for modern tourists, was a tall case of shatterproof plate glass.. Within it i statue of the Buddha in the attitude of The Giving. A tourist folder handed out bj tn attendant said it was ot pure gold and ii weighed 75 kilos and the stones In its oyes and forehead and palms were diamonds. Monks in yellow robes stood in carven shadows In attitudes of reverence. Mendicant in rags kneeled with foreheads upon the floor In attitudes of despair. Attendants in unwashed uniforms watched Alan and Benoit in attitudes ot suspicion. Alan appraised the scene. "Exactly the ,-lace, I'd say. for hiding a sacred symbol with an emerald crest Everybody watching everybody. But how to and it?" Benoit drew him by the sleeve to a teak bench in the court. "It is permitted to sit here. We must plan." (To Be Continued) f,xmt Into Il« Own Broadcasting, «.s distinguished from wireless communication, may be said to have come Into being about 1920, according to the Encyclopedia BritannicR. © —^TT-— Get The Best Car Service! AU Make> »mi Modeli! No mallei what Una ol cli TOU drive you'll sate money t>j getting the personal service at r 1 Seay Motor Co We'll care tor vour car as you would yourself T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. •IZI F, Ph«n« JI2? Check Your Speedometer! It Will Bart *•» Mwnry Are you sure yoUi spccdomet«i •eads correctly? 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Gee Cotton Co. Ph. 2026 or 6645 FRKKLM AND HU FRIEND* By UKMILL BLOWS* Quick E.It MOLVCOW..'! JDS: OH 6RFAT *OON SPK»rr, GUIDE MY OH, GRCAt LIGHTNING SPIRIT-GUIDE MY peer.' BPffi GANGWAY/ MV MOTHER RAise Me T& 66 A PORK CHOP/ How-- "Before I meet your old friends, are they the type who will talk with me. or just recall what a brat I was as « baby?" PRISCIU.A'S POP BY AL VERMEER s-* HERE. DEAR! /^ THAT «.., NOT EMPTY THE GARBAG DON'T TAKE ORDERS ><sf FROM Llfi-E QIRLS! Consulting an Expert BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE IF WE COULD >=1ND BODY , we COULD PINO Tue OC TweSE GLASSES— A BANDT AND A DOUBLE wi THE OCEAN'S A > IWGMTV w» PLACE. BUT WB'LL SO SEE CAP'M SBEN. HE'* THE FELLER POUND BODY/ LET* 5ES WHAT THE CHART SAVA \V6 POUND HIM RtSHT WERE, ABOUT SIX AA\. HE'D BS6NI IN THS .WATTE* MBBBB -36 HOURS. MBBftS X MITB ,VORB/ &OT COMPANY FOR V6/ CAPTAIN EASY HOLy SMOKE! -m'LErrett SO WO PLANNED A .. WAV TO POSMcKEE'S 1 WDSAy WJCEV USTA BE A WITHOUT BECOMING A \STOCK COHPM1Y ACTOBJ HUNTED RJdlTIVE: VOO CM ATEO A " BROTH EH" WHOSE SHOES VOU'D STEP IUTO UMTIL — -Ml ESTRAKiaED'eaoTHGR'tiO IT WQUiWJ'l YBS_.H6 6VEN WORSATWHT SMUT UP , ANP KEEP SEEM OW THAT yOU WERE NEVER TOctETHeRI A RECLUSE 361.K>M SEEM EVEM BX NB1(JH80BS._WHEN HDtfD SLIP OVER AT NkthT, ON ftWS Off. OK UVATIOHS! KNEE SUPPORT SO H£T> NEVEB THEN VANCSY FAKED HW LIMP! HIS BROTHER rxowr— BUGS BUNNY The Brush-Off ALLEY OOP Pardon the Interruption BY V. T. HAMLIN Piano Pupils ENROLL NOW Lee Jones Studio 807 Chiekaiawbo Phone 2994 AREN'T VOU "^VEH. THAT'S TH 1 LIEUTENANT \ RIGHT... <mOSE GLADIATOR)WUW'SON JPSET TH 1 CHAMP/YOUR MIND IN TH'ARENA TODAY? I'M HERE TO TAKE 'IM'OHF YOUR HANDS NAME YOUR PRICEi YOUR PARDON, SIR. BUTT WAS ADDRESSING TH' LIEUTENANT. NOTTH COLONEL! EVE COMES TROUBLE, I CAN SMELL IT P. MILE...BUT I BEEN 'SPECTIN 1 IT FOR QUITE A. WHILE! QUESTION.. HE'S NOT FORSALEJ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WhoT BY EDGAR MARTIN.

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