The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 31, 1931
Page 4
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i*AGE FOUR BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.V COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VTHS COURIER NEWS CO., PUBLISHERS 'V 0. R, BABCOCE, Editor . H. W. HAINES, Aavertlslng Manas" _^_ * Sole National Advertising Representative*: The Thomas P. Clark Co. Inc., New York, Philadelphia. Atlanta, Dallas, San Antonio, Sail ?tanclico. Chicago. St. Louli. Published Every Al'.ernooa Except Sunday. Entered as second class matter at the post oSlce at Blyihevllle, Arkansas, under act ol Conyress October 9, 1917. Berved by the United Prcjs SUBSCltllTION BATES By carrier In the city ol Bly'.hcvllle, l!>c per week or $6.50 per year In advance. By inail within a radius ol 60 mUes, 43.00 per year, fl.50 lot six months, 85c lor three months; By mall 111 pcstal tones IKO to six, inclusive, ;(j.60 per year, In loues seven »rd eight, $10,00 per year, payable la tdv»nc«. AD rama From Life It Pays to /Ccep Au)ake Charles Barber, a truck driver, is :is scared of slumber parties now us limn- lot, about whom Shakespeare wrote a play, ever was. Hamlet, you'll recall, was iifraid thai he might dream. Barber is afraid thai lie might snore. And the serks of nasal utterances that he gave at a New York movie the other afternoon cost him ?3. He wouldn't leave Die show, so he was arre.stwl and fined. Perhaps it is one of tho most harmless arrests in history. Hut it disturbed the peace. Patrons of the theater couldn't hear the stage voices. If you can't sleep quietly, stay at home. This seems to be I he moral of this bedtime slorv. Dramatists could get ;v few ideas for effective curtains from Mahalma Gandhi, the Nationalist leader, in India. The .other night, just focfor.; midnight, while a few lonesome stars .shone in the ragged velvet of the sky, ihe gates opened at Poona Prison. Guard? cum: ottl, and with them was a litilc, brown- skinned old man, dressed in a thin piece of homespun. He glanced buck at the gaunt walls of the stronghold where IK had ijcen a captive. He didn't want to leave, Other political prisoners who had been arrested in connection with his civil disobedience campaign were not free. But out.-ide in the world there was work to <lo. He had to go. Millions of his fellowmeu were wailing for him to lead them' in the pilgrimage which he has started. There is nothing of the theatrical about the man who is recognized as the outstanding crusader of the age. But there is everything of the dramatic. 'Hectic Paris Stows DoWn Tourists won't have much reason for going to Paris to make whoopee now. The town's slowing down. There's a cnvi'ew on noiso after 10 o'clock at night. And the Seine is going to be as quiet as thu historical Potomac was the night that it got on a poet's nerves and made him write verses. Hereafter, in gay Parcc, people will don pajamas about the lime that they used to struggle into tuxedos. Promptly at 10 o'clock each night, according to the orders of Jean Chiappe, prefect of police, and his traffic commission, all automobile;: will cease to blow their lionis, whistles and bells on street cars and trains and tugboats will be stilled, orchestras, except at licensed places, will stop wailing, and motorcycles must leave the streets. New York and Philadelphia and other American c'.ties that have been appnjnt- ing noise abatement committees could save themselves a lot of trouble by giving the chief of police the right to put on i\\~ soft pedal. To th? perpetual like excess. inebriate, nothing succeeds All Impossible Slate Farm Relief With nil due regard for the motives [hut prompted lieprc'.nualivc Fleming of SI. Francis county to Introduce, and n large majority of his fellow iciiiiiicnlallves to approve, a bill HUlhorlzhuj a SIS.CCO.OOO bond Issue for slule farm relief i>urpn.jrs, the fact cnnnot be escaped, os the Ho'.:?c was tol(\ during the debati; . on the measure, lint such a proposal is not practical. ' It Is fortunate for Arkansas that she has in her legislature men of sound and sane views and course to express them under loins conditions. Mr. FlcmliiE mode a most moving plea for his bill. The easy tiling for Representative Myers of Lawrence county and Representative Johnsion of Johnson county would have been to yield to the general sentiment in the House. Instead, they undertook to make their fellow members realize the cold, plain truth that this Is not the time for Arkansas to attempt to market new bond issues. As Mr. Myers put It, Arkansas can not afford "to substitute sentiment for s;nsc." lie told the. House that Arkansas cannot disregard the likelihood that the Fleming measure would come into scriokis conflict with the federal arrangement Cor feed and seed loans, as well as overburden a bond market already slow to ubsorl) Arkansas issues Mr. Johnston also questioned the feasibility—which must be very doubtful to any man acquainted with Ihc facts—of marketing such a bond Issue. He further suggested that the crop planting season would bo over before the plan, assuming it would work at all, could be put Into operation. —Arkansas Onzetlc. SATURDAY, JANUARY 31, 1031 There was a lime w|icn the disease was extremely frequent hi practically every country in' tlie M'orld. Seventy-five years ago it was one of the most important diseases In New England, Maryland, Ohio, and southern -Illinois. Cases arc now so rare In these places as to be almost medical curiosities. The control o; t:i:s disease lihs been brought about by the discovery of the nathod ol transmission Imlnatlon of the mosquito from (lie Iminatlon of the fosqulio from Hie vicinity, and ato through the active treatment of patients by the of quinine. When scientific medicine establishes facts as certain as these, the road to elimination of disease is open BE. SURE YOU'RE RIGHT HIKTII On Jan 31, ITJT, I-YBIIZ Schubert a famous Austrian composer, was barn at Vienna the son of a poor schoolmaster. At H Franz become a sinjer in- die c-un choir and later leading, violinist In the school band. At 14 he began ivrUinu. soups and at 18 his supreme gift, of lyric melody: I was revealed in "The Erlking," or:? of the world's most dramatic songs. • written bv him in a single day. ' i His brief life, spent chiefly in ' the drudgery of teaching .was harassed by financial embarrassment and embittered by the slow recognition accorded his works. Schubert's fame rests upon his songs, seme COO in number. "Of th; modem song," writes a critic, "SchuL-ort is not only the j „..,, ., ... .,!_,! i. i • I G'.ieinntor, but, ti this very day, the \Vhy, Basil! I was saving that cherry center for llouml unsurpassed master. . . Had scnu- 00(1." . . I berl ivritte'j Hood. 1 i CHURCH EXCUSES American inane-ice in buiHiiiK bea'jtiiul ca;::ic.s. hot?!s rr'.d :<-,and Is taking on the iiiiluEt.-ir.! at- j tcr«. ai:cl attending them. Jus !;: niospherc of Los Angela. T h e ' a treat factor. = I)y W. "For whosoever shall save his lite shall iese it; and whosoever will lose h!s life for :uy sake shall Hud it. For what, Is n man profited if he shell gain tlie whole v.ovld and lo-,c his own soul? Or shall a man give in exchange for his soul?" Matthew l(i:2j-2G. ATTEND CHURCH ON SUNDAY. WASHINGTON LETTER What we need, says a critic, is a play about flagpole sitters. The sort o! n. pity everybody will look up to. "Well," said tho condemned man us his M n- .tencc was commuted, "no noose Is good noose." As for Ruth 51. Denis' prediction that rtancum will dominate the sports world, hoiv's for a round-clay for the boxers? No One Seems to Know Just U'ho until intermission, when the best Wants a Special Session, but part of the concert would be over. There'll T5c One If Senate Con-1A music critic who heatedly join- iinues Debating j cd him in protest was threaten- j I cd with ejection. Senator Phipps I DV HOI)M-:v HUTCIlUt | ict'.tsed to wait for intermission NBA Service Wlitcr land left. 1 WASHINGTON—The main ifa- \ ... - , sons why no one cun yet \K \ Congress fixed the legal a!co- surc whether or no; the:c is to b 1 .-j holie cement on non-lntoxicat- nn extra session of Congress .ire ing beverages at one-half ol I per thai it isn't clear yrt just vvht>!c:nt, but the. point has been rte- A Chlcnso tinngstcr wrote a sons in Jat! while nwaiting trial. AH he needs now is an acquittal to plug it. wanln such a session and that the Senate can move with a suryrbin? amount o[ speed v.l'.en -t desires. The thini! that threalein to fnrcr> | President Hoover to call a special | =e?.5lon is the poisibili'.y that the j appropriation bills won't be passe;!.; leaving government di';i:irlmi.'uu;! without money on which to opcr- [ at«. ! j 'Ihe Suiate Ins boon finding | plenty cf points for debate besides ! appropriation hills and News that a man's chemical value is 98 ccnin Is probably propaganda put out in a d-'sporatc effort to regain woman's dwindling interest. To folks in Boston, ol course, a "yes-man" a fellow with a broad aye. OUT OUR WAY By Williams time. XlO- VOO'Rc VVJDOt-JCi ABi>->T HIM . l-lE'S A SHOP MAPOLtOI 1. - LAYOFF T.MO the point of physical liumatioiis as' ( to whether a:c appropriation bills i or 4 per cent can be passed if such debate goes ! not mtosical on end the arsnmcntaiivo point !«" drinks lialt ;i gallon an hour v.hc'lirr the other mutters arc ol: fcr s:veral hours in succession, sulticient import to warrant delay Professor Henderson made these at the cxu-nse of n special scs-1 assertions in answer to query from clon .Ihe Vi\!c Daily News. Senator Bhv.;- r , . . . , . , t ! ban-, of Connecticut has placed Ills Some of the subjects which have | Concessional Record, been inking up time arc i:ie debates on drought suilerin-i mid unemployment, tl'.? confirmation'; of three federal power emnniipfiiners and of Kuseni: J!eyer to t!-L! I-vdcral nc- scrve Board. Indian aliairi atlinir,- newspaper about jslratioi:-™ conn:ct ; ..n witn, an - alteinoon tint his appvo-inlion mca.,.,^. tr.o \Vick- ! jn &n rrshr-m report, mau :::,;, ant i..-; a ., to .,, olji , [ , acckkllt alJRo: ,, l ,. It aly. fancy Icsislation. the ?,ye uivesnii.i- previcuslv. lien of scnatone.1 c;rnpai;-ii cxpcn-i ' dittircf. and Tom Hcihn's cliarB". cf fraud in his defc,-.t Icr rc-eiec- , ! tlon. The Indians l-.nvc been given an especially large .nnouii!, ol songs he would still be among the NICK. tUP—The ci'y is actually I rivalling the fantastic growth of the Classified for in any language !Cherry & Railroad Phone T23 bated ever since. Professor Yandell Henderson, professor of applied physiology ai Yale, says this: "N'o beverage which in common usa^e is chunk only in such amounts that not more than the equivalent of 80 cubic centimeters of absolute alcohol is absorbed into the blood iu un ho:ir can proiierly be denominated a:i intoxicating/' 1'ew persons care to drink half a gallon of beer in an hour. Dr. Henl that raises <ienon says, and hence according 1 In his definition brrr containing 3 cent alcohol by volume i.s ing, even if the con- Just to remind you how small the world is getting: Mr. Claude Wntklns. proprietor of !he New Central Hotel at Waysviile, He put In a teleplione call for the American consulate at Rome- and at 3 o'clock wns talking with Vice t Consul Donald \Vilcox. Mr. Wilcox send he knew all Senator Lnwcnce C. I'iiipps of I Co'.orr.rto. who is e-nid to be worth so:i:c!hiii'; like S30,OI«' of ot j about tnc ticc:ncr.i, that the Vmte j ' man's da;:3lite:' was net serially | 'NOW WE ARE'THREE" Katherine and Bill—what fun it is to know them! They seem to get so much out oi' living'. You met them just alittle over a year ago — the week before they were married. Ten days later it gave you a pleasant glow of anticipation to receive the trim card telling you when'they'd'be"at home." And today you got another card, headed "Now we are three!" Bill's signature comes first, then Katherine's, and then—the guided, chubby scrawl of the newcomer, Jeremy. You Happen to know that although he is in line for an important promotion, Bill's present salary isn't large. Most other young couples would consider themselves "up against it" if they had to manage on" so little. Yet Katherine and Bill maintain a standard of living that is the admiration of all their friends. cue : injured nr.d that l-.c wu;i!d see she had every attention. He promised I tho'e li.^rrc,'! troir. '. ;c concert ; to cable later news and Watkinsi tlie !'ht!ae!i'lph:a Sy:.v,:l-.oKy Or- j hart the cablegram before 6 P. M. ehcslra the oth^r nig!;-, when H: ' Walkinr, wrote the Sl.ite Depart- artivcri with so:v.j l.;rlies unrl I mcnt a lettc-r cf npprcc!attou_ fought to niter t!;c h;i!i after the . Weil, said the department pro- j overture hart bc;un. 'In- senator i pic. proud o! tlie foreign service. wai tc'.d that h2 couldn't enter ! things often I'.apjKn like that. Quinine Heralded as Savior Through Control of Malaria o 15V DC. MttltillS FtSIIUKIN' tit;i'r. :.[ tlip ,\m;riiai ?le:'iic:il .\vsoc,:Uion. ,ind rf !Iy- ^ri:i, the Health >I.i?uinc J.;: : !Mn o:' ilir v j:\cry ol unny o;ho,- jtcal mcdiciH 1 :. is ,oricL--.:d in thr his-i • sorir-s of e,!i rntir:-.^. one nation is'. a- :"-ilcr:a 1 :••: bi-n re- credited with ti-.e <!i : c-ive:y. ;ui-| :'!•• 'fur"ciwiiciiv' the history: °'- hrl ' v •'"' *''•" i>ublienlio:i of thi- inrifod tl-.r full cf tl-e secret, ancther wi'.h Hi- popular.-: ci\i'..i.-,aon cf Gre-,c: ;uid Rome i> 7;l!i:;1 yi lhe ''"••"• -ind another attr-!-;':-d to thib CTIICI to als-i ^.iln it.-- ileve-ojiincnl. It crows i-.-s quinino IKEII sr-ponslblc In ' only on ccrtaui s-ils anel in certain' ooi:r.ccii(.n, fine.: it scrVi:5 to You know how they do it, for Katherine has told you. They budget all expenditure.-;. And when they decide a purchase is to be made, whether it is a new shade for the reading lamp, or a suit for Bill, or shoos for Katherine, they study the advertisements until they find just what they want for the price they can pay. Careful, budgeted buying of consistently advertised merchandise enables them to get the most out of their dollars. It's a wise baby that picks parents like these. in dar:a. y,r,r 1WO w. reisctl ''•'•'•' ;.u:vc;c::-y if ::v^ ^iM:r I: 1 . ;o.::';^i'. i'.r'.vl ':. r/.! he !::.:k i.f tho c'.v.r.- rc-:n w!-.u-:; ihe- qiiin- s nv'.eo. were cxliibite. 1 .. inc'.ud- oi-.s lrc\;.;lr. to in 1777. climates. Tho yr'.ljw Takcwlvanlafjc of the ((dvc.ri!:~<-n!cnif; ; >i i. ! , :> : w>w bilk o! r^ritpjf.s ("ore q v !!u:t:': Jh:ir. \\\\\ cf r,ji/ c':;;;• rjiiisr ;;o;'.a. Qm'.iiat i^ i;U u-"l:vc sub: i^:icf! cf cliiu- fhcii.i ar.;i Ss probftt!y prir.iarily rc.-pcnsiblc for its cffcc's- Malarin ;^ cA\;r:ci rv a plaw>;c- .i.'.iiii '.vliic'.; 30'.: i'.v.o tiic b'.oo.l. They arc your guide to nyvniabl;'. buuin;

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