The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 11, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 11, 1936
Page 3
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^SATURDAY, JULY 11, BLYTJIEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS A Pictorial Story of Tragedy Under the Searing Sun PAGE THREE Gecr<;ia aiu r -liin Only Slates Where Opposition Aclivc liV I-:. S. MOOIMCIt. Jr. l-'ililul I'nv; Staff ('orrcspomlfnl ATLANTA. July II (Ul'l— And- g Ne\v Dealers who, .six mouths ayo, ' leckci! Icnglntdy for n ferious di^'.iiuciion fov the Roosevelt ad- iiimi.ui'alion in the cICL-p south totiaj- ca.-,t hopeful glances only at Clcoreia ami South Carolina. i !n (he cn.':cs of both stall's hii|:c j of effective New Deal opposition ; lif;, entirely within Democratic Oov. KuKcne Talmndiso of Georgia, vitiiolic foe of the ROOM veil policies, has announiri! i hi:; candidacy for t!ic United Slates senate in opposition to] U. s. Senator Richard B. Ru.siell jr., a demccralle stalwart and! close personal friend of the president. Georgia's red-galhiMcd governor has made It plain, however that his right will lie carried on within the Democratic paiiv. Tin- fact Ihat it will be an in- trr.-paity fiuht. has not tended to diminish Ihe rancor of Til inadue's In.tied of (ho New n fi [( His announcement speech true to the pattern of his polilical ul- if-rances for the past year, consisted laruely of broad.idc after broadside against what he terms the "Gimme boys" of the present administration. 1* also contained a promise (o carry this active opposition to the New Deal to the senate, if | elected. In Soulh Carolina two senale hopefuls are vying with each! other In opposition to the New .They are Thomas P. Stonev liiery former mayor of Charles- Ion, and Col. William C. Ilarllee 01 Dillon, a former Marine corns officer. Opposing them is the incumbent U. S. Senator .lames P. Byrnes a for-Rnosevoli-before-cliieat'o Deiu- "<-inl. and a stalwart supporter of tlie president. Stoncy and llarliee have blank- fled Ihe Palmetto stale in stump campaigns. traded compliments nnd joined in broadside.-; against kyi'iies and (he New Deal. In both states Ihe anil-New Dealers have not neglected the possibilities of the race question Talmadge charged Ihe demii- craiic national convention with' ••catering to negroes more than I tiny Republican convention in the ' history of (he country." •! Stoney attacked Byrnes for not I walking out of the convention ns ' did U. s. Senator Ellison D i Smith of south Carolina when! Nomads of oilier years, .only this r.ureiied, crimed, 'bed reinnlns. dolled IKI-C and . Brim evidence of Ihe loll lukeiv•; by the bikini; heat ami dn.'i'.l'u lies about Ihe Constitution have lo do with tin! cffur of oiKanlv.ed business lo prevent Ihe slates or Coii|!ies.s from Interfcihij; with U. These fluids are miuli; chiefly under (he so-called "due process" clauses of the llfth and fonr- leeiilh amendment.'!. ' Tlie first ll|;ht on this subject ! came In IBS In the famous Ctrun- Bor cases. Slates Blurted regulating railroad rates. The roads held dint fixing rules wns e(|Ulvalent the sei'eral states and with ] to l "liln|} properly from the roadi foreign mitluns and through its nml >"•'"«> wus depriving them of past pmver over postofllces mails. Cuumrirc (Ma IKK Is Moot One of the great weapons utertjna, u. s TnL .. be( . lu by ConiU'ewt to extend ILs power | ,;,,;„.,«,,. fu| . „„ „,„. f{ negroes appeared t .„..„-„'Ion rcslrum. i Asiiie from these two states •—.there was little to cheer Anti- New Dealers in the deep south I • The North Carolina and Flo;Ida ' flcmccratic primaries were !o\e-' feast;; of New Deal devotion. • Issues in both states were oniv I Mate wide. The normal heavy i e - piiWican vole in western North Carolina was expected to be re- iluced because of TVA and other wen- Itail aclivity i,, this region -ne normal republican vote in I-lcridn is insignirficant. In Mississippi a potent friend ol President Roosevelt, u. s gen- ntor Pat Harrison, faces the opposition of former Governor Mike Eenale Connor. Connor professes admiration for tl»' New Deal and is only mildly j erilioiil of the "extravagance" of Ihe administration. I A third figure in the Mississippi race is Theodore niic Maul Bilbo, who is a candidate for no of- nce but whose rural slrem-th va-, \ counted -in (he bai;" for Connor With Filbo's shadow athwiUI the Miv.sissippi picture, volers 1 looked to as bitter a campaign a';' anv in Ihc slate's recent liiston i In Tennessee. anti-New Dealeis I found even leas encouragement U. S. Senator Nathan L. Bachmau ol Chattanooga is opposed by E W. earmark. Mnrfreesboro publisher nnd John It. Neal of Knov- i Mile, but bolh Neal anil Carmack are sympathetic lo tlie New Deal Ing regulatory laws because they tend to deprive men of property without tlue process of law. The other is to give the government oiil|-l(jlil Jurisdiction of Industry corporations, power In nil mailers I'.ffccllns the national economic welfare of the notion. Around these measures, sooner or later, n great national struggle Is certain to lake place. Prance Studies Toledo Industrial Peace Plan TOLEDO,. (UP)— An analysis of lie Toledo plan lor Industrial 'fact- 1ms been forwarded to the Tench Ambassador lo the Unit- 'tl Stales, at his remjesl, ns a Ksslble solution to French Imlus- rlnl labor problems. The request from Ambassador Andre Uelnboylaye was forwarded o Stuart A. Maxtor", French con- siiliir uijeiit in Toletlo, through the French Consrl at Philnilel- lihln. A lull report on Ihc Toledo plan, and Us record In sellllng labor disputes since its. adoption, Immediately was prepared by 1*1- minul UiilVIn, dlrec.tor of 11 (t plan's boanl. property without due process of law. The Supreme Court upheld Ihe right of the Stales In this famous case — Mnnti v. Illinois, ; then Ihc renulii- iM'i'ii what Is known us Ihc | to ,y commissions' commerce clause. under which' field. has power (o deal with | (e commereo. lhl> <lrol!lh il sun-parched v.alerhnlcs like this ,nel( ~ .--..;,.,. -,... uu -..i.u .inLvi-iiiiLQ in. iiLuu£iimi.n Ul ami-j.ilH. J1LCI V, III I'] IinH'.S them, huddle amonj their few pitiful belongings at Bakers- at Peiinlngton. S. U. 'symbolize the doom (hat hovers •' Okln. in a council over their locdless, jobless misery. ' / while Uachman supported the ad», ministration's polivies in the last. congress. Another factor in Tennessee which precluded. Ihe possibility of serious opposition lo (he New Deal j is the TVA. The location of the vast jxnver and flood control project luis centered attention on Ihe New Deal in the heart of tradil tonally republican West Tennessee. Louisiana, Iho bailiwick of the New Deal's Kite arch foe. U S Senator Huey P. Lonp. was arain safely within the party fold. i Governor Richard VA? Leche | heir-apparent to Ihe Long throne" I had made his peace with the administration. •Hie Mate's block of voters were cast solidly for President Koosc- vrlt at the national democratic convention. A few weeks before a sheaf of Brand jury indictments on Income tax charges against Long's friends had been nol pressed for luck of evidence. \nst phm cotnlr\ <;o Irm dialed 'ootl In i nu- i un over the Leads Unions' Steel Drive (,, hutl I v 5 Hut later the court began narrowing ttils vlnw. It held Hint, a New York slatiite prohibiting bakeries from employing men tor more than 10 hours a day was a ' forciiiii Uiit. Ill the lasL forty years •KS bullies Imve been fought over two .points. What Is commerce? What Is Inlcrslnlc com- 1 mnice? It. wus on Ihls |X)lnt Iho tichcchlcr chicken NRA ease was decided. The Court held lluil (he poultry men In the case, while (hey handled chickens which were shipped In from other stales, were not engaged in Inlcrslalc commerce. When (he iicuilry arrived nt Ihelr plant. It was held there, handled lliere ami the workers who did Ihe work there were engaged In n business which was wholly within Ihc slate, Goods nre in interstate commerce only when they are In "current" or "How" not merely Into the stale, but Into the stale and on, wilh Ihc manufacturer merely pcrform- fiig some function which is con- neeled with this How of Ihe commodity in o,ue.slion. Under this decision, a tremendous limitation was put upon the power of Congress to reach out ---!.„.„, of ! Process clause. So Ihe. i,,,i 'n i. f'« Powerless ns Kt'nlly AKE'nfs Increase SAN FliANGlRCO (Ul') — Heal estate still holds Its lures for dealer mul inventor. During the lirst half of 193!) real cslato ag- enl.-; hi California Incrcascil at Die rale of 1(7 a tiny. A slnlc law re-, itulre.s the Issuance of a license 'or each reallor. Rheumatism Driven From Hips, Knees y-Cas Wiisfed Nn Time in Coninit'riiijr Airs. King'n Sliilil)»rn disc; C ;i (i Now Kill SVitluuit Disli-oss; Sleeps (fooil, Freed of Awful I' a i n due ' that commis- mill deal ivllh violation of the II has held slons In fixing rates must allow nlHllles a fair return on Investment or they ; will be depriving them of properly without due process of law. It has held that In us fixing minimum wages for women mid children am violations of the due process clause. Tlie Court hail been holding thai the federal government, was encroaching on the rights of the stales. These problems' of 'regu- lallou belonged to them — Ihey were able lo deal wllti them. One state — New York—tried to deal wilh one such problem—sweatshops and starvation wages for women In Industry. H adopted a minimum wage law for women. Only n few weeks ago the Supreme Court hold this law unconstitutional. II violated Ihc due- state, too. 'I do nol hesitate lo tell everyone of the remarkable action of this new Oly-Cas." salil Mrs. Lena Klnj. 1002 W. 20th Ave., Pine mull, Aik. "Constipation, billions iiltacks and headaches had balh- Laid wasle by man's erectly farming methods and Nature's niggardliness with rain, dust anil drouth li-m whole counties of once-prosperous farm land into a bleak desert. As on this Oklahoma f->i even deep-probing trees shrivel in hot winds that smother machinery and buildings in dim drills CHURCH EXCUSES By O. TV. liirham Heaven and Er.rlh shall pass away, mil my words shall not pass away. Hut of that day or (hat hour kuowclh no one; not even (he angels ol heaven, neither the -Son. but the Father. ATT.ENI) CM IJ.RC;11 SUN 1) AY"^ -Mark. Cats to Chase Electrical Mouse On Trapped Course flctk Apfircntir.eship Urged HOLLYWOOD (UP) — Mayor Shaw has recommended the creation of a permanent apprentice f-ystein for rlly employes. Apprenticeship examinations would be ... open to all citizens between is'cd elfort is lo be made next and 2.5. Emplove.s would thus -be' month. '""•""' before Ihey actually enter I ,\l the mile villa 3 c of Porlcs- IONDON (UP) -While cal rae,- h - 3 niav never displace the "sport of kincs" in Enylnnil. a dciermln- public - linin, In Dorset, ,1 cal is bniiiR Imilt. The course, which will have four "trails," will be -HO yards long, and Ihe encourar.e- menl for (he chase will be an electric mouse. fifty out. of (he 150 pels in Hie village already nre In sliict Iniin- Inff. There are no lislcil nge limits nor eln.^e.^. Hut careful obseiva- 'ion lins "proved (hat. the besl rac'crs age between two and three yrars. One experimental nicclm? has born held in which there were six i aces. At tills meel, a dummy mouse which was run on an endless rope worked by a winch proved too slow for Ihc "puss in seven league bools." Identification Is made by red. white, blue anil yellow ribbons lied about Ihe racer's necks. Nothinj has yet been done about, seeking scientifically bred runners, but one man. on leaving Ihe new race-course, expressed "himself ns interested in training a breed of mice to chase an'elec- tric cheese. Hcadinj; John I,. Lewis' Rrcat drive to unionise (lie steel industry is Philip Murray, above, United Mine Workers' vico president. Murray is direclini; the sd-el workers' oriianuine; commillec. which has inl-.en complete charge of l!:e cam- pai£n, with Headquarters in every larnc steel-producing center. business on (lie ground that It. Is Inlerslate. Taxiilitn vs. Coercion Another weapon of Congress Is taxes. Taxes were used In the AAA case. One of the first nt- (eiupls to regulate Industry through taxation was in tlie famous child labor cases. The power lo lax Is the power lo destroy. The courts have held that Congress can tax even lo destruc- lion. Hut Ihe tax mast be a legitimate tax—that Is, for the purpose of raising revenue. Ohcnvise It would be invalid. In Ihe AAA cases, Congress nl- tcmpled lo tax processors, lo raise funils lo pay benefits to farmers. Tills case also Involved the txnver of Congress under (lie general welfare clause. Thus clause is frequently invoked to extend the power of Congress. In Ihc fa- | moir."; AAA case, Ihe Court held I (hat Congress hn no power lo j regulate agriculture, thai under I the general welfare clause it could aid agriculture—that is give it benefits, but that If it attached commons lo the benefits, that, that would be regulating agrlcnl- i lure Indirectly and Hint, lliere- ! tore, Ihe tax, imposed U) aid Ihls | plan, was invalid. It was not ix Ultimate exercise of Ihe laxing power. Ilnsiness ns Adversary The other great series of l>at- ,federal government to deal will, 'its economic problems. Reforms of Court Urged It Ls around these polnts-Uhe commerce clause, the taxation power and the due process clause —that the New Deal measures have been argued. The court decided the "hot oil" case 8 lo I iiyalnst the New Deal; Ihe railroad pension case, 5 lo 4 against the New Deal; the NRA case, unanimously; the AAA case G to 3 agatnsl the New Deal; Ihe minimum wage law for women. 5 lo 4 against the New Deal. It decided the rice millers' case unanimously against the New Deal. The only MRS. I.KNA KINO cred me for six years. My stomach would bnn iuu| i would become so short of breath and nervous llml I could hardly slant! it. Everything I ale caused siilferlng until to eat mean!, distress and I soon lost my desire for foods. Lumbago attacked me also and ' crippled me until I could hardly stand nt times. Rheumatism settled In my hips, knees and feet, pained and ached continually. It was so discouraging for everything I Iried KIIVC me no results nt all uiilll I begun Oly-Cas— it went wciit right lo the very source of my health (roubles." "I nm feeling like an entirely different person today," she con- tlnncd. "My stomach mid bowels are regulaled. am never -bothered cases won by (he New Deal were with Ihosc. billions allacks nnv" llie gold clause case and the TVA., more and can cat almost tmytniiw Two sets of reforms arc being | willicnl, any distress afterwards intcd. One deals wilh the Court i My nerves have been quieted that nnd Is a plan to prevent the dreadful rheumatism has left and Court from declaring acts of Congress unconstUulional save by u I wo-thirds decision. Tlie other plan suggests two I feel fine in every way. Oly- Cas Is the first medicine that did not disappoint, me.' Oly-Cas is sold by Kirby Bros. amendments to the constitution. Dn:j Company, this city, and by Tlie first would change the 5111 all leading druj stores in sur- and nth amendments which pre-1 rounding (owns. SYDNEY. N. S. W. (UP)-Vtclor Pope, who has been a postman at Hyde for 14 years, estimates that he has delivered 2.860,000 Idlers .incl has walked 260,000 miles in doing It. Pope has Just retired after making this Australian record al one poslofflce. NOTICE December 31, 1936. Your prompt atlcnlion ANNOUNCING NEW EQUIPMENT which \ve have jusl installed in our Dry- Cleaning Department, making it one of tlie most modern plants in Arkansas. A new distilling system just installed enables us to thoroughly restore our cleaning solvent to its original condition. The ordinary .plant reclaims its solvent with a caustic solution which removes vegetable and animal fats. Our new distilling system, however, removes ALL oils, including mineral and petroleum greases, which will nol clarify in a caustic solution. This system enables us to always clean your garments with a pure, oil-free solvent. BLYTHEVILLE LAUNDRY Phone 327

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