The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 3, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 3, 1949
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 3, 1949 BLYTHEVILLE URK.) COURIER NEW! 8E7EH GOP to Select New Chairman Three-Woy Split Seen As Leaders Meet To Name New Leader Bell LUXORA NEWS Book Club an Outing: Thn Luxor R Book Club had It's annual houseparty at the C. B. Woods' cabin on Horseshoe Lake last week. The following members enjoyed Ibc relvpai: Misses Eva Cooke and *enal farm Manager Following )eath of Prisoner LITTLE HOCIC, AU|)g. 3--f.-P>—W. .'. Morgan hud rescued, as supei*- uteiident of the Pulaski County 'enal Farm, which lias been under uveM [gallon following the death uly 27 of a prisoner, Kidiard A, ;iifl. 30, of Man-cm. Cllft, serving out a drunkness ne, was flogged by Morgan lie• WASHINGTON'. Aug. 3. (AP) — Eva George, Mesclames Aulcn Chit- A tlirec-way split in Die Republican wood Clara Mifflin, Lester Stevens. National cast ctoubl to- , •'•• Rczclle. John Ford, Hilton , day on its choice of a new chair- jstppliciison, Tom Calli.s, T. D. Wilman. The election is sef. for toinor- kins, John Thweatt, Charlie Tbom- row. a.s, Wlrt Steed, T. L. Stanford, Buc'xr'.s oi Guy George Gaoriel- t Charles Howard, and G. C. Driver, son, New Jersey iiu-mber. were | Jr. There were three guest.s pretent claiming a majority of the 103 votes ; also, Mrs. Grant Colar of Joiner, mi",tu he (T'vere arc Iwo'. Mrs. Cms Frazier, of West Memphis, ' and Mrs. C. B. Wood. Boating, fishing, and swininniiK were enjoyed by the entire eoup. Mrs. A. B. Rozelle had charge of I he program Tuesday night, and save a panlorntne of Blue Beard, with the the 105-ni o in b e r vacancies group.) Critics r>f the oM suarrt contingent .supporting Gubiiel-son disputed this claim. They acMed that any chairman \vl\o is eh* .--en by fewer than 80 : following assistfng: Mrs. T. L. vo'.e.s \v:ll (arc the .same kind ol j Stanford, Mrs. John Fold. Mrs. committee dis.sen.slon that eventual- Charlie Thomas, Mrs. T D. Witkms, ly force*! out Chairman Hugh S-'ott : Mrs. Wirl SLecd. and Mrs. G. C after lie won a confidence, i Drive. Jr. Mrs. Hilton Stc-phenson January by a 54 to 50 margin. Bc-ott r r .'ave a reading, and Mrs Charles has said he will turn in his resigns- Howard and MUs Eva George gave lion toinori o'.v. Compromise Offered - As a compromise candidate, snme western delegates wore booming AT. "Bert 1 * Howard, Nebraska state chairman, who has the support of Senators Wherry and Butler and other Nrbrrsska Republican. 1 ; in Con- \ sre=.s. Howard also had the hacking of some members who have been critical ol Scott's administration. The Nebraska, state chairman was Jin early .supporter of Gov. Thomas E. Dewey of New York in the 1948 campaign but friends depicted him now as unpledged to any possible 1952 presidential candidate. However, the majority o! Western committee members hadn't settled on any candidate. Their chief concern seemed to be to prevent Ga- a .short skil. Knlertahis Bridge Club j Mrs nay Olive was hostess Thurst day rnornnip to five-table bridge party The house was decoratcc wji-h summer flowers. Mrs. Join \ Ford won high score and Mrs. Ray Whit more won second hteh. After the games, the hostess served a dc- Hehtful cold, plate lunch with iccc drinks, Personals Jaines Lloyd Edwards is home visiting his parent's, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Edwards, on an 18-uay leave from the Navy. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Olive have left •ause he refused to work the iolds, the superintendent reported. He died later of whrt Dr. Houarrt A, Dishongh, Pulaski coroner, said vas heat exhasution, unconnected wit)) the bcnting. However, an autopsy vvas planned ori ay at the request of Cliffs 'ather. The body was sent to Hot Spring;! for the examination. Morgan said use ol the lash was necessary to maintain discipline, Ifc offered to co-operate in any way iti the investigation. Blytheville Youth Makes Good Recruiter Earnest F. Brown, .son of Mr. and Mrs. John Brown, was commended by Capt. C. O. Taff, commanding officer of (he Niual Air Reserve Tnuuuig unit at Memphis, ~ week, for liis procurement of six new members for thr resents. Captain Taff said tli ' Mr. Brown lias been an hmctive reserve since March, 1947, and has not missed a month'y training period si tier November, 1947. when he been mo a member nf Fighting 8c|tinclron 91 at Memphis. Top Klansman Back in Jail For Contempt BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Aug. 3—(/P) —Alabama's lop klatismaa is back I in jail, but new legal muueuvn'b j arc ueinj; planned for nls release. 1 Portiy, 41-year-old wUilain Hugh ; Morris, who had previously spent . lij days in jail on a contunpi 01 I court citation, yesterday was jaiieo i • again on the sutne charge. I I The charge arose wncn Morris ', I reiusccl to produce secret KKtv : membership rob lor a grand jurj \ invcbUgHiuit! u^l\^kcd floggings and i leLJori-sm. He \vas i-elea&ed in a iL>UO bund atui a pioiin&e to niing I'tcurcis to court. Circuit Judge Ueorye Lewis BiiiU 1 .--, ' ilCgj yesterday, however, tliat Morris is aiiH in contempt and auist go back to jail until he produces the Klan rosier. The sentence runb j iiidcimitciy. ; Morris --»ys it is physically Jm- po.ssible (or him to briny in the records. He says they were itolcn from his home July 21. The grand jury has Indicted 18 men on flogging a n d related vine, ML t, is the mother. Mrs. R, J. GiUc.spie, ibis week. Mr. and Mrs. John Thwerut and children, and Mrs- O. How ton left Friday Tor a vacation in Colorado. Attorney Hugh Locke -said he ! ttOiiJtl .tppcnl to Hie Alabama .sup- : rcme court on Morris 1 betiali a:-, soon as possible. The atulc u-ibuiuu however, refuse^ Lo review [lie east when Morris was in jail before. With the Courts Circuit: Cato Park5 e t nl vs. Great Souih- ',t'ii\ Coaches, and D. R. Heard, -suit [ lileci and judgment of $200 granUxi co plaintiff. Suit resulting from accident when bus scat (ell with a brielson, an Easterner, from rounding out the party leadership positions that are nearly all in Eastern The Eastern delegates were split among those supporting Gabrielson and tliR New York and Pennsyl- L. Holt, Mrs. Olive and family, vania members, representing the Devvey viewpoint, who oppose Cm-l.r 2'!!! .: brlelson but haven't filially settled on a candidate of their own. Stalemate Loom*; Thu.s the three factions—one Western and two Eastern—seemed ' to have readied a temporary stalemate. Gabrielson haa the approval of Senator Robert A. Taft of Ohio, and is repcrtcri acceptable to most Eastern members. He also has scattered support vn the West, inchtrt- :nc Harrison E. SpangJer of IOV;H, former national chairman, a-s one of his backers. la the South, Carroll Reece of j Trnne.^scc ^upiwrt.s him. j However, GabrieLson lacks the , bark in H of PoiiiisylVRiiia's National Commitlccman Ma.son Owlett and N'e-.v York's J. Rnsscl S])racriie. For- j mer supporters of Scott, they come j from airas which contribute heavi- ! 1\ (o the Republican war chest and ! thu.s have influence out of proper- | lion (o their sincle votes. j Tiie party's btidget committee, | meeting today is expected to call attention to the low estate of GOP finance,!. According to unofficial report. 1 ;. OIP Republicans have only alrout S20D.OOO left in a reserve fund which j remains from last year's presidential ejection. for a two weeks vacation In Hughes Miss Frances Rozelle left Sunday and Louisville. Ark. for Laurel, Mississippi, to be an at- Mr and Mrs. Tyc Adams have | tendant in the wedding of her reiurned from a two weeks visit M. S. C W roommate, MI-ss Dolores \vitii Ills mother. Mrs. Nannie Hefltn. From there she Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wagaman anci children, Bobbie and Brctida, of Haycrstown, Aid., arrived Sunday for a two weeks' visit, with Mrs. Wagamr.n's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Elmer Hall and son, G. W.. hist week from a ihrce year toui of duty In Japan. He is .spending a ihirty day leave with his parents, Mr and Mrs. Huitt Hortgi-rs. Cnpt, and Mrs, MaxLne Mcllaney and son,; Kodgers at the present is on n two Tommie, have gone to Florida for i week motor trip to New York and a two week vacation. Mrs Ray Olive's mother, Mrs. C. uunor. Nina Caldwell et al vs. A. F. Blolnt und W. R. Rutherford, -suit for S5CO damages rc.suHuit; from ac- I cifient with trurk. Judgment granl- K0 Lo eci New Orleans, for a week, as the i of another M. S. C. W. classmate, Miss Mary Kills stetaiL j Serves With Marines Capt. Louie N. Rogers arrived Marine Pfa. Alex H. Brown son of Mr. and Mrs. Von Brosvn Ls serving in the maintenance section of the Fleet Marine Force in the Pacitic. At present he is .sewing near Pearl Harbor. , a recent housegupst of Mrs. H. C. Davidson of Green- High School, Carthage, Missouri. other eastern points, upon terminal ion of his leave, he will be assigned as Professor • of Military Science and Tactics at Carthage i cording to the Encyclopedia Bri- The tree known as tlv box elder aeumlly Ss a species of maple, ac- NO MORE CLINGING DIRT 03 GRIME Swimming Pool Closes KIKESTOM. Mo. f AUB 3—'/Pi—The public swimming pool here has been closed, but not- by health authorities. When the polio scave developed, people quit using the pool of their j OTtn accord. The sudden drop of j customers made the pool a Jinan- | cial libality. A snap of Happy EH Dexter fixing to top off B hard day. It's got a grander taste than yon have any idea of! And why wouldn't it be something pretty extra special? It's the personal recipe of us Wilkens — and our family started up distilling way back in the ISSO's. BLENDED WHISKEY EG rftUF. ?ox GUIS Miiwi sf.Riis. rut WIL^t^ FAMILY CO,, U»!EHCtlUR6, 1ND. Du Pont House Paint Ctetflsffsetf! ,psintcd wilh Du Pont No. 40 Outside \\Tiile are dazzling whit« at the slart, hut more important, they stay while. Du Pont "40," owing to ils unique combination of pigments and oils, actually cleans itself .. . sheds dirt and dust with every heavy rain. Normally, this "Self-cleaning" utarU in a few months on most surfaces. However, excessive soot or heavy shade, or stains from metal surfaces such as copper screening, may interfere with or delay the procc.w. "Self-cleaning" Du Pont House Paint is also available in light finis. It assures you long-lasling protection against rust, rot and decay. Rconomy is yours, loo. Smooth, easy application, excellent, spread, high hiding ... all add up m your favor when you specify Du I'ont, If the surface is bare wood or badly weathered paint, make cer- irttn a prime coat of new Du Pont House Paint Primer is applied. It assures maximum adhesion and performance of the finish coat. In S gal. lots $5.09 Gal. DULUX Trim and Trellis Finishes Resist Fading Oulild. him orxf thultOTI b.»p id.k tparltU yior ofl«r ¥*of...w[>h ««hT*- <f U rabU DUIUX Trim ,r.4 Tr.llii. II ,,. >U1i pnilrfiw and fadlfif - . . bfuthw . In CO!»M. in John Miles Miller Co. D, C. FREEMAN, Manager & Contractor 32 Veorj of Decorating Experience 121 West Ath Save the surface and you save all! 2 Q07 PAINTS Prices Cut Saturday Last Day! HOME OWNERS SALE! BIG 50-GAL. ELECTRIC WATER HEATER Coniptelely ouloir.oiic . .. covered by 11 M rr\ 10-Yeor Prolo-iion Plan! Now onodo J|Zl JV ' fod aSiLTcs ruit-free wolcr, long lonL t le! Ci 6 an, qii i sl , ccono.nicoll Wr t™°~'y°.°T.'/ 0H / REGULAR 1.35 ROCK WOOL INSULATION Sovft dof.'ari mere now . . . save up to 30% on (uol cosls offer installation! Gives year 'round comiorll fireproof verfiiinproof and odorlesj. Bog covers 2? square Feet, 3 in. deep. 40-lb,ba 9 114,95 HARDWOOD 54" CABINET SINK Huge saving now! Slorage space golorg saves limo, s'sps. Wf';ife-enam- eled inside and oul! Porcolain-enam- On Tirmi, J0% Down, eled b«lin! Formica lop! less fillings! •„ font. Won <U> Sale! Reg. 6.85 Thick-Tab Shingles Re-roof now (or less! Exlra-lhick in exposed port. ; . gives double prelection, wearl C;i oruic-osptiall . . . allraclivo, fire-rssislanll Choica ol colon. *Coverj 100 sq. fl. 5 95 sq* REG. 5.50 WHITE CLOSET SEAT Oiram* Kiting, 188 4-conl enomel finish , . . resisfi peeling, crocking! Sturdy hard- v/ood...doweled fronlondrsarl 3.64 ROOF COATING AND BRUSH 197 3.2} Cooling, 37t ItuA I Ronev/ v/om leoty foofi ot BIG SAVINGSl Heavy osphalt v/ilh asbestos fiber. 5 gal. can. REG. 33c COLORFUL TILEBOARD for btau : so c REG. 25c MODERN DOOR PULL Cfiiom* 19' f/oaern design . . . fils draweri or door* up 1o l'/s" thick. Reg. 4Sc Hinges 37e Low-cos*, atffoclivel Easy to clean! largo panels - . . easy to Injlall. Choica of Colorsl REG. 2.79 SEMI- CEJLING LIGHT G<5t sole-savings novA Crysta!- bollomsd shads with MK gold Irim. Ivory porcoloin holder. REG. 2.19 MARINE PORCH LANTERN faia tapffr Big savingil Choic« of bracket or ceiiing fixturs to add a ipa;!c- liny "welcoms" to your homal REG. 5.02 TOP-QUALITY HOUSE PAINT Wardi "Sup«r" givsi your horns h«ll»r pro- JSCIion . . . foiling b«ofy ...,', i«|f. c |, a( , in8 .od«.f«iisronr. Bru»he« on tmoofhly .osily While & Color,. . SinK , e Gal . ..4.35 25 Rtg. 16.25 Five-Light Drop Fixture! Hurry, big lavingsl Beautifully executed Colonial dis'gn in io!id brass. Frosted whil» shades '.vith graceful fiand-cur grap« d«tign. Savo now ol this special pricel 14"

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