The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1949 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1949
Page 17
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THURSDAY, MAY 5, 1949 BLYT1IRV1U.E (AKK.1 COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVENTEEN Mother's Day Pie A Gift Suggestion For Prized Results «\ Economist Advises Chilled Ingredients Each year about this time tile question pops into mind. "What fan the. family do lo make Mother's Day really special?" One answer, offered by Reba Staag.-;, home economist, is to prepare something extra good for liei in the way of loud. A pie may be just the tiling to please mother— especially if it's a tempting banana cream pie with banntias on top a well a.s in the filling. In preparing this special Moth er's Day pie. a suggestion made b> this home economist is to place i round of meringue in the cento: and then alter It li baked, plat banana slices on the tilling In circle around the meringue. For pri?.e results in making pi crust, Miss Staggs niake.s three sug fiestions. First, be sure that all th ingredients are chilled. Second, ci lard into the flour until particle are about the size of peas. Tlih add cold water sparingly. ,Ju enough water is needed so the lai and flonr mixture (olds in a sma ball. She also .s:iys it is wise Lo make dough ahead ol time so it can b<' s^ioled in the refripenitor. as chilled ^Kugh is much easier to roll. In making the cream filling, the home economist calls attention to the fact " 1al il sll °"ld te ceoko-.i long enough in the lop of a double i boiler, before adding tlie egg yolkr,. so the flour will be thoroughly cooked This usually takes about 15 minutes. The beaten egg yolks are then added and cooked in the double 'boiler about 2 minutes longer, or until the yolks are cooked. The filling must co0 ' before the sliced bananas are added. For perfect meringue. M'.ss Stasjj^ suggests beating the sugar into the egg whites during the latter half of the beating time. Beads ol moisture tend to collect on meringue when the sugar is folded into the egg whites at the last, rather than beaten in before the whites are too stiff. Two tablespoons of sugar for each egg white as a good proportion for meringue. And last, but not ubitantial frankfurter alad, A Pickle Special With Pickle Week coming up this lonth a host ol templing dlshe* ome to mind, and Heua Stage*, idely known home economist, lakes a special "pickle" sugsostion —R cool, substantial frankfurter alad bowl. This home economist goes o explain that this meat salad ombtnes thinly sliced frankfurters, old cooked kidney beans, sliced 11(011 and chopped dill pii'Ue. Tlw alad Is blended with French dress- US and tossed on crisp lettuce eaves. An ideal springtime meal can planned easily around this ,alad. She .suggests accompani T nents or potato chips, hot rolls or cornmeal muffins and a seasons' [mil pie. Frankfurter salad can go to pic uics or Into lunch boxes, too. say. Miss Stages. Sandwich planner, fond ol "hearty" ones built arouiu meat will find the salad a satisfying spread lo generously cover thin slices of whole wheat or rye bread. NOTICE | Nollce Is hereby given thn| HIP I indcr.s!tned has Illed with the Commissioner of Revenues of l\\: Slate ol ArkunsHS for permit lo sell dispense beer at retail on III.' iremlses described as Circle Inn. :towah, Mississippi County. The imderslsned stales that he Is - cJilK-it ot Arkansas, of sood that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime Uwolviui; moral turpitude; I hut no license to sell beer by the under- sipned has been revoked within five .'ears lost pasl; mid Iliat the im- deri>ijncd has never been convicted ol I'lulKlm?. the laws of this state, or am other slate, relative to the sale ol plcoholic liquors. Application Is for permit to be Is- sueti foi operation bi'slnnhiR on Hie 1st (lay of July. 1949. and to explie on the 30 day of June. 1950. Noah \V. Girdlrv Applicant. Rnbsi riUrd and .sworn lo before me tin-. 41 hday i)f May. 13-19. Helen Sinllli <Sciil> Notary Public, My ciimmisslun expires January '.th.' 1950 5-5-4(1 llic Salvation Army. In 1S48, maintained 21.181 establishments in 84 countries und. colonies. least, she recommends baking m«r- ingiie topped pies in a slow (300P.) oven for about 15 minutes. Re.u! Ccurier News Witnt Ads. WHEN MINUTES COUNT Che prompt and ellicient service oi Owens Pharmacist.* solve; the prohiem "•]verv prescript lor tilled with meticulous core free delivery service Phone 2024 OWENS DRUG STORE art* make AM Wtsfays ft£STA A star •howman for 20 yean. Kay •UHtd wllh & 6-m&n bin Univ. o( North Carolina, («v« up law for hli Colleg* Knowledge. During th« war Kay traveled 1,000,000 mklea tocnUrttfn our arm«<1 forc*». Tun* In ABC, w««kdaym. Pillsbury's Best Plain or Self-Rising Saves l /3 on Soap Washes Whiter, Brighter! MAIL 4 box (r«nt«, • to PEK-1EL COHP. AMERICA'S F1NCSJ JELLY MAKER [ SHEET METAL WORK 1 wink, lilovvpilii's. cutfi-r . . all l.vprs Kor «viii-rl ivnrU Tailor l.ayluu, 8itt. ll'i Nnrlli Ktrsl. Blytheville Tin Shop 1 « Here* another "first" for Kelly'i Pride Flour . . . first for years with discriminating housewives. NOW your favorite all-purpose flour brings you something entirely new . . . an apron lull ol f/ourf IACH APKOH IS: READY MADE - NO SEWING - SIMPL Y RIP SACK SEAMS - ON 25 IB. SACKS ONL Y lust rip the seam . . . and presto! You have a gaily colored hosfess apron, altraclively decorated with many colorful designs. And remember that two bags make a dandy pair ot curtains! With Kell/» Pride Flour, you can bake anything Irom tasty dumplings lo the lightesl. fluifiest biscuits you ever saw. Our years of producing lineal enriched Hour are your guarantee ot quality. ?nv J^st PLUS WM\ Q ti-^BRIP^ XgB^^SIHB EQUflLS ONE HOSTESS BPROK KELLY'S PRIDE FLOUR IS PACKED IN ALL SIZES, PHOSPHATED OR SELF-RISING * Apron Sacks Availably In 25-lb. Size Onfy ALWAYS THE FINEST jfcfeW' \ ASK YOUK DEALER TODAY © WIUIAM KlllT MllllK« CO. Distributed by MOORE BROS. Highway 18 West Tomato Juice 5 46-oz. Cons 1.00 Pineapple Juice 3 46-oz. Cans 1.00 PRESERVES 3 2-lb. Jars 1.00 HI-LIFE DOG FOOD 15 c± 1.00 $ $ $ DOLLAR DAY VALUES $$$ 4 ;,;," S 1 BEETS 8 Avondalv ('nl 18 :: 1 PRIDE CORN 6 Cream Style While 7 ;i *1 CORN 10 lli'cam Slylc While, (iood Qunlily 8 No. 21/1 II cans I BLENDED JUICE Kni^t'i' Orange and (irapcfriiit TOMATO SAUCE limit's SARDINES Culil'urniii ASPARAGUS lliuifs All JJvcen DCIIC 1A PORK & BEANS 12 " h $1 PEAS 10 lioyal (itin HOMINY Kroner PEAS No. 2 1 /, uuis No. 3«» cuns -No. J can* 3 NO . M KRAUT 0 l '"" s ' Kroner No a cant O'l.cnn Slaiulurd lilarkc.vcs POTATOES Whole Iiisli CHERRIES KroBor Red Sour I'illcd ' APPLE SAUCE Kroger CAMPBELL'S Toronto Soup POTATO STICKS (iorden's KELLOGG'S (jini I'lakcs MARGARINE Kroner lOHlmorc 10 -MallMeal 4ibs.1.00 10 »1 2 1 10 Alirns Sliced s ' SMOKED HAMS rsr Aliros. Slitink I'orlion—II). 41lc ,, 59 C » NI •> Kroger Bread 2 Twisted White Dough. 4 i 2 1 SIRLOIN STEAK U. S. (iraded (Jond or Choice RIB ROAST II. S. (ir»ded (food or Choice .. 10 ,s 1 FRANKS Armour Star Skinless 10 cn n» 1 SLICED BACON Wii-klnw Brand 8 ,S $ 1 CATFISH Clmiuicl—1 lo l'/j I'onnda Kii 5 ii 1 RIVER CARP c HI HO CRACKERS RITZ CRACKERS i\;il)iscn b. 79° jr ,H. 45' ,, 79' ,„ ir - ^ . . _ GOLD MEDAL FLOUR S 2" Layer Cake E ° 49 c li-lh. can KROGER Golden-Sno. "Cake of the Week." GENUINE AGED New York State CHEESE - - - Ib. 69c IVORY SOAP 2lge.bars31c P & G Laundry Soap 3 Ige. bars 23c Save 40% on Priscilla Pattern Dinnerware By Using the Card Plan National Bab/ Week ,, , I— ^>— n p rhp American hftby of today Is lieRlthler and happier . . . th«nka to the progress of medirin* and the development of the science of nutrition. Scientifically balanxxl baby foods, found In all Kroger fttores, mdfce an important contribution lo the development of strong, healthy bablc-i. Yroev SPRY Wilh Ciikc Improver Strawberries • - qt.39c Top Quality Home-grown. Watermelons Ib. 6c U.S. No. 1 Round Typ«. Apples- 4 Ib. cello, bag 49c Wash. State Criip extra fancy Wine»ap» Bananas Ib. 15c Top Quality Kroger Ripened. Tomatoes tube19c Red Ripe Slicing Quality. Fresh Corn -- -3 ears 25c Trimmed Cleaned - Pan-Ready. Cabbage *W lb.3c Fresh welI trimmed, U.S. No. 1

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