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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · Page 61

Los Angeles, California
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Sunday, November 7, 1976
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16 Port III- Sun., Nov. 7, 1976 log SllBtltS Zimti 2 RACE CHARTS Copyright, 976. Triangle Publications Inc. (Dally Racing Form) Oak Tree Racing Association Santa Anita Park. Arcadia, California. Saturday. November 6, 1976 22nd day of 23-day autumn meeting. All finishes confirmed by official Photochart camera. 1 3-year-olds & up. Claiming. Purse SflSOO. Top claiming price S12.S0O. Horse and lockey Fin.. Toil Under Deck, Lambert GIdge, Toro Refundable, Vergara Good Witness, Cstnd Drive Wheel, Mena Jeffrey Lewis, Shoe Fair And Square, Couto Iambic lltDncI 4.00 Jrid 31 Vt ink 5hd 2.90 7.SQ 20.40 5.50 13.40 31.90 No scratches. UNDER DECK 10.00 4.20 Z&Q GIDGE 3.40 2J0 REFUNDABLE 2.40 Time :22, .AS, :S7 15, 1:10. Clear, track fast. Temperature 90 degrees. Mutuel pool V,,62,. QQQ1 SECOND RACE SU fur-OOsl longs. 3 year-olds & up. Claiming. Purse $10,000. Top claiming price $20,000. Horse and lockey Fin. To SI O.K.SoFar.Vrgr Balanced Relgh.Olvrs - Windy Whisper, Dncl Black Edward, McHrg Banker John, cstnd Shine It.Plncay Capt. Audle.Mena 31 4'a tjr.1 Scratcned Brats Boy. O.K. SO FAR 5.00 2.Q0 Z40 BALANCED REIGH X80 3.10 WINDY WHISPER 4.60 Time :21 45, :44 45, :57, 1:09 25. Clear, track fast. Mutuel pool $341,-020. Dally Double pool $350,610. DAILY DOUBLE (2-3) PAID $27.00. Horse and lockey Fin, To $1 Century Chief. McHrg Good Team.Veneila Total Reason, Toro Code Three, Pncy White Sprite, P'rce AuxIMa.Olvrs Ack Of Destiny, Cstnd PIkehalt, Shoemaker Gallant Charmer, Mena Longtime Friend, Vrg'a istt 1.60 12.20 3.70 3.30 27.10 36 JO 47 JO 4.80 59.20 49.40 No scratches. CENTURY CHIEF 5.20 3,40 2.60 GOOD TEAM 7.60 4.60 TOTAL REASON 3.40 Time :22 45, :46 15, 1:10 45, 1:36 25. Clear, track fast. Mutuel pool $381,676. QQQQ-FOURTH RACE Six and 0030 one-halt furlongs. 2-vear olds. Allowances. Purse 411,000. Horse and lockey Fin. To SI Pesty Paul,Plncay YourDancer.McHrg Text, Vergara Go Don B., Toro E) Saltarln, Mena niikfWAvne.Shmk'r 14.20 5.70 7.70 8.70 12.00 14.40 54'! AAldnlghtRchearsal.Olvrs 7 No Scratches. PESTY PAUL 13,20 2.80 2.40 YOUR DANCER 6.00 3.M TEXT 3.80 Time :21 35, :44 25, 1:09 25, 1:16 15. Clear, track fast, utuel pool $437,607. o 004-FIFTH RACE About six 007x an(j one-halt furlongs on turf. 3-year-olds A up. Classified allowances. Purse $16,000. Horse and ockey Fin. To SI Mark's Place, Plncay Chi ndo, Ramirez Wood Green, McHrg Capt, Stevens, Toro Stepladder.DncI im -50 21 41.60 3m 8.70 4Vi 2.80 SM 22.30 OAK TREE BY WON Final Day ol 23-Day Meeting Firs! Post 12:30 pjiu saw FIRST RACE. One and one-eighth miles on turf. 3-vear-olds A up. Allowances. Purse t12,000. Horse Jockey Wt. Odds Serafino, Pierce. 116 7-2 Calcador. Toro. 114 4-1 Mouret, Plncay, 116 5-1 Alphy Bov Mens. US 6-1 Envelope, DINIcola, xllo ... 6-1 Foxy Hill, McHargue, 117 .. 10-1 Prince Harold, Sellers. X109 10-1 Sir Alexander, Casta, 117 ... 15-1 Gumercindo ll,Vergara, 114 15-1 Calbolly, Ollvares, 116 20-1 Devoted Eftort.Lambert, 114 30-1 Newburg II, Maese, 114 .... 30-1 Amalgamate SCRATCHED SERAFINO was a close third as a favorite and gets a good chance to make amends. CAL-CADOR edged top one In tight finish but post position may hurt here. MOURET might be hard to overhaul with switch to Plncay. 8900-SECOND RACE. Six tur-longs. 2-year-old fillies. Allowances. Purse S1 1.000. Mean Colleen, Plncay, IIS ... 2-1 Palrpolnt, Pierce, 118 7-2 Jenaka, Mena, 115 5-1 Grande Brlsa SCRATCHED Don's Music. Toro 8-1 Became A Lark SCRATCHED French Rose, Cordero, 118 .. 12-1 Penny Pueblo, Howard, 115 . 12-1 Incelebratlon.Semkln, 115 ....12-1 Fly Americano, Sellers, xl!3 .15-1 Cute Sister, McHargue, 115 ..20-1 Cindy Bronze SCRATCHED Policy Queen, Ollvares, 115 . 20-1 Compensator.Castaneda, 115 .30-1 Blba, DINIcola, xllO 30-1 Where Art Thou ....SCRATCHED MEAN COLLEEN breezed to a wire to wire win In seasonal bow and seems capable of a repeat. PAIRPOINT lust won at 7 furlongs with a strong finish. JENAKA came to life In last one for a wire to wire win. 8901 THIRD RACE. Six and one- half furlongs. 2-vear-old maid- en colts & geldings bred in Calif. Purse $10,000. Windy Dancer, Lambert, 118 2-1 Lord Valentine, Plncay, 118 . 3-1 Paging The Class, Pierce, 118 .7-2 Spilt Opinion, Vergara, 118 .. 5-1 Alota Drive, DINIcola, x!13 . 8-1 Crafty Al, Mena, 118 8-1 Centennial Prlce,Olvrs,18 ... 12-1 WINDY DANCER has been showing sharp speed In preps for comeback. LORD VALENTINE was a good third In debut and should Inwove. PAGING THE CLASS Is capable of dangerous early speed. 8902 FOURTH RACE. Six and one-half furlongs. 3-year-old a up maidens. Purse 510,000. Sir Commander,Castaneda,118 4-1 Bold Rapport, Plncay, 118 ... 9-2 Romantic Reveler,Shomkr,118 5-1 Flvlngdusty, McHargue, 118 ...5-1 Sentry II, Ramirez, 118 8-1 Dusk To Dusk, Dlnlcola, xl 13 ..8-1 Damascus Sword, Toro, 118 . 10-1 Search, Mena, 118 12-1 Fleet Gene Larue,Campas,118 15-1 Saucy Sans Sox,Cespedes,115 20-1 Brown Fox, Semkln, 118 30-1 Tlmbrook, Ollvares, 118 30-1 CONSENSUS OAK TREE 1 Calcador 15, Serafino 13, Al-' phy Boy 7 s2 Mean Colleen 22, Don's Music 11, French Rose 6 3 Windy Dancer 15, Split Opinion 12, Paging The Class 8 4 Damascus Sword 13, Bold - Rapport 8, Sentry II 7 5 Yew Haw Junction 15, Osip 8, Neat Claim 8 6 Leontevo 17, Presidency 9, Foxy Grampa 7 7 Misty Stone 24, Shazshu 11, Radiant Boy 4 8 Habitony 27, Tale Of Power 9, HcyHeyJ.P.3 9 Gallant Lamb 12, Most Bagdad 10. Lord Myth 8 Best Bet- HABITONY. (8th) Chios, Castaneda 6SVi 24.70 Early Cotton.Mena 7 12.10 Scratched Guards Up, TUton Mil ton. Ascetic, False Prophet. MARK'S PLACE 100 2.60 2.40 CHINDO 13.60 5.80 WOOD GREEN 3.40 Time :21 35, :44. 1;07 15, 1:13 2 5. Clear, turf firm. Mutuel pool' 1213,103. Exacta pool 1445,330. 15 EXACTA (61) PAID 1153.00, half furlongs. 3 vear-olds A up. Allowances. Purse f 12, 000, Horse and lockey Fin. To$t GorgeouiGreek, Sellers Int 9.20 Qualification, Pierce 2) 1.50 Splendid Courage, Toro 31 4.20 Sonolta Eagle, Couto 4nk 22.80 Terester, Cstnd 5lVi 2.30 Prince Noot.Mena 66Vi 13.40 Great Wall, Clpdes 7 9.30 No icratches. GORGEOUS GREEK.. 20.40 6.40 3.60 QUALIFICATION 3.40 2.40 SPLENDID COURAGE 140 Time :7 45. -.44 35, V.C9 45, 25. Clef r, track fast. Mutuel pool 1483.81,0. QfiOA-SEVENTH RACE Mile ant OOaO ont-elghth on turf. 3-vaar-olds A uo. Handicap. Pursi S30.O00. Horse and lockey Fin. To $' ink iJl 2J 2, 3Va l.2t 41 W 2.B( SVi 8.9C 6V1 IMC 7 5.81 BVi 33.6C 9 46K Silver Saber.P-cy Announcer, Toro Rex Ranger, Vergara TopCrowd.Olvrs Branford Court, Cmps White Ffr. Shoemaker Monlespan, McHrg Ezequlel If, Pierce Chief Pronto, Lmbrt Scratched Trortd Sang. SILVER SABER 8.60 4.00 3.60 ANNOUNCER 3.40 3.20 REX RANGER 9.0C Time :23 35, M 25, 1:10 45, 1:31 15, 1:47 25. Clear, turl firm. Mufuel poot $242,973. Exacta pool $462,- 565. $5 EXACTA -3) PAID $82.00. -Mil and one fourth. 3 varolds A up. invitational nana imp. Purse $350,000. The Cham olons. Horse and lockey Fin. To $1 a-KIng Pellinore, Shm'r L'Heureux, Pierce Festive Mood, Hlnol's a-RIot In Paris, Pnc'y Appassionato, Hrndx Life's Hope, McHrg .90 6.40 74.60 2m 34 4 .vu 5nk 16.00 6Vi 42.40 7i 1B.30 Btt 2.30 Qllfe MOO ueorocnavunuu, Honest Pleasure, Perret Fainemogan, vim Norclille, Gomez 10 16.80 No scratches. J.KING PELLINORE.... 3M 2.60 2.40 L'HEUREUX 4.40 3.40 FESTIVE MOOD 7.20 Tlme-:22 45, :4S 45. 1:09 45, 1:35, 2:00. Clear, track fast Mutuel pool -$643,993. QOQO NINTH HACE-MUe and OOJO one-sixteenth. 3-year-olds A up. Claiming. Purse $13,-000. Top claiming price $20,000. Horse and lockey Fin. To $1 Mount Happy. Pierce 160 5.60 3.10 6.10 1U0 230 11.30 3930 Rulison, uamoerr Old Start, Plncay 3 Sunlot, Dlnlcola 4J a-The Peoe, Cstnd St NIgretasPleasure,McHrg , a-Plsanello,Olvrs 7" HI Zacla.Cespds 8 Scratched Tim my's Tip. a Plsanello & The Peoe raced coupled. MOUNT HAPPY 7J0 4.40 3M RULISON e-00 5J0 BOLD START W Time :22 45, :46 15. 1:10 45, 1:36 35, 1:43. Clear, track fast. Mutuel pool 8200,113. Exact OOOl $401,-460. Total mutuel handle $4,836,950. Attendance 41.073. S5 EXACTA (2-6) PAID $10100. HANDICAP ABBOTT SIR COMMANDER lust beat many of these while finishing second as a 27-1 shot. BOLD RAPPORT held on well for third In Improved effort. ROMANTIC REVELER closed well in debut but started running too late. 8903 FIFTH RACE. Six furlongs. 3-vear-otds & up. Top claiming price 130,000. Purse 512.000. Neat Claim. Plncay. 120 5-2 Yew Haw Junction SCRATCHED Jerry John, Ollvares, 120 5-1 With Aplomb, Sellers, X109 .. 8-1 Crodan, Cordero, 116 10-1 Realman, Toro, 114 10-1 Oslp, McHargue, 116 12-1 Louis L., Castaneda, 116 15-1 Brats Boy, Pierce, 118 15-1 It's A Holdup SCRATCHED Has To Run, Lambert, 114 .. 20-1 Paddy Walk, Dlnlcola, X107 . 30-1 C. Cruiser SCRATCHED NEAT CLAIM switches to Plncay and may make amends lor finishing third as a favorite. YEW HAW JUNCTION Is Still going strong after winning three straight. JERRY JOHN won last pair and has been working fast. 8904-SIXTH RACE. One and one-eighth miles on turf. 3-year-olds & up. Allowance. Purse 512,000. Leontevo, Shoemaker, 114 ... 7-2 Foxy Grampa, Castaneda, 120 4-1 Presidency, Dlnlcola, xl06 .. 5-1 First Speech, Pineda, 114 .... 6-1 Sweet Lad, Toro. 115 ........ 6-1 Happy Strings, Ramirez. 114 10-1 Royal Retla, Campas, 116 ... 10-1 Sky Charger, Pierce, 117 .... 12-1 Perslball, McHargue. 114 ... 15-1 Chief Duffy, Lambert, 111 I ... ISO Spangies8iBeads,Cmps,114 ..20-1 Bronze Tobln, Mena, 117 .... 20-1 Baker Street, Martini, Xl06 . 30-1 LEONTEVO was stopped turning Into stretch In season debut. FOXY GRAMPA closed strong for second and Is still on upgrade. PRESIDENCY was lalrly close In all recent. 8905 SEVENTH RACE. One and one-sixteenth miles on turf. 3- year-olds & up. Allowances. Purse S16.000. Misty Stone, Plncay, 1 15 2-1 Shazshu, Cordero, 120 5-2 Coffee Grounds, Pierce, 118 . 4-1 Verdln II, Castaneda, 118 .... 6-1 Tonys Double,McHargue, 116 .8-1 Radiant Boy, Toro, 116 10-1 Line Officer, Dlnlcola, xlll 12-1 Edlngton, Campas, 116 20-1 MISTY STONE only misled by a head In stakes and figures best If he repeats that effort. SHAZSHU comes off a rapid route win and may be sharp enough to repeat. COFFEE GROUNDS was a rapid runner-up In comeback. 8906 EIGHTH RACE. One A one. sixteenth miles. 2-year-olds. Norfolk stakes. Purse 5100,-OOP-added. (Gross 5132,090). Habitony, Shoemaker, 118 ... 6-5 Tale Ol Power, Castaneda, 118 5-1 a-Replant, Toro, 118 6-1 Incredibly Lucky, Plncay, 118 .6-1 Hey Hey P.J., Cordero, 118 .. f-1 Pacclod, Pierce, lie 10-1 Palopodlum, Mena, 118 15-1 Au Vol, McHargue, 118 ...... 20-1 a-Transcrlptlon, Vergara,! 18 . .6-1 Red Sensation, Campas, 118 . 20-1 Cathy's Relect, Ollvares, 118 .30-1 a-Elinendorf stable entry. HABITONY seems like a standout as he goes after third win In row. TALE OF POWER closed strong lor second In stakes In a race he probably needed. REPLANT was a fast third and may improve some more. 8907 NINTH RACE. One and one-eighth miles. 3-vear-olds ev up. Starters allowances. Purse $12,000. Squire Henry. Castaneda, 114 .7-2 Most Bagdad, Ollvares, 114 . 4-1 Gallant Lamb, Cespedes, 117 4-1 Hunechln Chief, Dlnlcola, xllS 9-3 Slivers Of Glass.McHrge, 14 ..6-1 Rebel Raider, Toro, 114 8-1 Lord Myth, Shoemaker, 114 . 10-1 TH TH SCRATCHED Royal Calling, Pierce, 114 ... 20-1 Slathy, Campas, 111 30-1 SQUIRE HENRY may find this spot perfect for closing rush It he repeats race before last. MOST BAGDAD finished In money In three straight. GALLANT LAMB only missed bv a nose after taking lead In stretch. Best Bet HABITONY (8th). LONGSHOTS 1. Foxy Hill; 2. French Rose; 3. Crafty Al; 4. Search; 5. Louis L.; 6. Sky Charger; 7. Radiant Boy; 8. Palopodlum; 9. Lord Myth. ' THE CHAMPIONS FORM Bill Shoemaker guides King Pellinore by L'Heureux, guided by Don Pierce, to win $350,000 race at Santa Anita AP Wlrephoto SOUTHLAND ROUNDUP Long Beach State Fresno Stale, aided by a 100-yard pass interception return by Gary Hayes and three Vince Petrocci field goals, defeated visiting Long Beach State, 23-0, Saturday night in a Pacific Coast Athletic Assn. game. Petrocci's field goals, which gave Fresno State a 9-0 halftime lead, measured 27, 36 and 43 yards. Jeff Jones scored on a 2-yard run in the fourth quarter to increase the Bulldogs lead to 16-0 before Hayes' touchdown run with the interception. Long Beach State was last shut out in 1973. Cal Poly Pomona stored touchdowns on Ron Jones' 2-yard run and when Rich Kluck recovered a fumble in the end zone and Armando Herrera kicked field goals of 32 and 35 yards to give the Broncos a 20-7 win over host Cal State Northridge. Occidental quarterback Tom Hamilton, the third leading passer in the NCAA Division m, completed 21 of 37 for 305 yards and two touchdowns to lead the visiting Tigers to a 21-0 win over Whittier. Cal Poly San Luis Obispo's, led by four freshmen, including former St. Paul AI1-CIF star Craig Johnston, routed visiting USIU, 42-6. Johnston completed 4 of 7 passes for 60 yards, including an 18-yard touchdown pass to Jimmy Childs. Freshman tailback Lewis Jackson scored two touchdowns on runs of 2 and 1 yards and freshmen Robert Bennett and Dwight Crump added touchdowns for Cal Poly (4-1-1). Cal State Los Angeles freshman Ignacio Sanabria kicked a 27-yard field goal with 11 seconds left to give the Dia-blos a 17-15 victory over visiting Azusa Pacific. RACING ROUNDUP LAUREL Youth, carrying the colors of France although ho is American owned and bred, spurted away at the top of the stretch to win the 25th running of the $150,000 Laurel International by 10 lengths and then had to withstand a claim of foul to cam the SICO.000 first prize. Jockey Alfred Gilbert, aboard runncrup On My Way II, claimed that Youth and Sandy Hawlcy bumped his mount in the stretch but stewards, after looking at the films for about 15 minutes, let the results stand. Ivanjica finished third in the field of eight to give France its second straight 1-2-3 sweep and fourth victory in a row. The winner, owned by Texas millionaire Nelson Bunker Hunt, ran the IV4 miles in a 2:46 15 on the soft turf course, more than 22 seconds off the stakes record set by Kelso in 1964. Youth, who has won seven of nine races this year and 5669,286. paid S5.60, S4 and S3. On My Way II returned S7.40 and S4.40 and Ivanjica S3 to show. The United States was left without a representative hi the race when trainer John Russell scratched Effervescing about two hours before the race, saying the colt had a foot problem. HARNESS RACE RESULTS Copyright 1976 Bv Triangle Publications, Inc. Daily Racing Form Western harness racing, Hollywood Park, Inglewood, Calif,, Saturday, November 7, 1976 53rd night of a 80-nlght meeting. All finishes confirmed by official Photochart camera. FIRST RACE. One mile. Pac. CI. All ages. Purse $4,300. Brave Spring 6.80 4.20 3.60 My Dough 6.00 4.40 Ed's Laurie 4.20 Time 2:02 35. Also ran Big Bender, Quick Lynn, King Away, Mister Du Beau, Sepoy Prince, Good and True. $2 Exacta (4-5) paid $46.00. SECOND RACE. 1 mile. Pace. Conditioned. Cal bred. All ages. Purse $5,000. Belle Cherl 10.80 4.40 3.20 El Vee Jay 4.20 3.80 Lumber Charmer 4.60 Time 2:0045. Also ran Miss Red Beauty, Counsels Demon, Pixies War Chief, Chief Llghtfoot. THIRD RACE. 1 mile. TroL Conditioned. Purse $7.200. Raders Surprise . 22.00 8.80 4.80 Darmlss 6.60 4.40 Moshannon Express 3.20 Time 2:01 15. Also ran Sky Way Lad, Endplay, Cuba King, No Bet, Coal Smoke, Speedy Yankee. FOURTH RACE. 1 mile. Pace. All ages. Purse s;.0O0. Bella's Prince ... .14.40 5.80 3.80 Saratoga Ean 3.60 2.80 Arrlva Bvrd 5.40 Time 2:00. Also ran Junior James, Curious Note, Dougie Wonder, Indefatigable, Amtar Hanover, Thomas Butler. $5 Exacta (3-81 paid $249.50 FIFTH RACE. One mile. Pace. Conditioned. 3 vr. olds. Fillies. Purse $6,500. Sweet Attraction ..5.20 3.40 2.40 MS 4.00 2.60 Amnesia 2.80 Time 2:01 25. Also ran Racing Image, Truhappv Rainbow, American Rice. SIXTH RACE. 1 Mile. Pace. Invitational. All ages. Purse $11,- 000. ' Tricky Dick N. .. 4.80 3.40 3.00 Peter Lobell 7.20 4.80 Skedaddle N 3-20 Time 1:57 25. Also ran Taroort Hap, Table Hopper, B C Count, N L Skipper. SEVENTH RACE. One mile. Pace. Conditioned. All ages, purse S7,ZO0. Farmstead Jim ..12.60 4.80 4.00 Kay Wave 4.00 3.20 Royal Grenadier 4.00 Time 1:5935. Also ran Elegant Star A., Proud Baron, Saint Clair Event, The Champ. $5 Exacta (54) paid $134.50 Friday's Races EIGHTH RACE. One mile. TroL Free for all. Ail ages. Purse $12,500. p I ma Lula 15.20 8.80 6.20 Eleinar 21.80 J.20 Songllorl 5.00 Time 1:59 lS. Also ran Equlleo, Kash Mlnbar, Savolr, Noble Rogue. NINTH RACE. One mile. Pace. CI. All ages. Purse $6.100. Quaker Byrd .... 17.60 9.40 6.40 My Direct Knight 14.20 8.80 Sulky Station 4.20 Time 2.00 15. Also ran Game Time, Edoewood Sampson, Moving Tryax, Farm All, Nallm, Knlght.Chance. $5 Exacta (4-1) paid $363.00 Tennis Results GRAND PRIX TOURNAMENT At Cologne SINGLES (quarter-flnalsl-Brl-an Gottfried d. Frantlsek Pela (Ciechoslovakla), 6-3, 7-5. (Semifinals) Jimmy Connors d. Gottfried, 7-6, 6-3; Frew McMillan (South Africa) d. Victor Peccl (Paraguay), 6-7, 7-6, 6-4. JAPAN OPEN At Tokyo SINGLES (semifinals) Roscoe Tanner d. Dick Stockton, 2-6, 6-4, 7-6; Corrado Barazzuttl (Italy) d. Ken Rosewall (Australia), 6-0, 6-3. DOUBLES (semlllnals) Ismail El Shafel (Egyptt-Brlan Falrlle (New Zealand) d. Paul Kronk-CIHI Letcher (Australia), 6-3, 7-6; Bob Carmlchael (Francel-Rosewall d. Hank Pflster-Butch Walts, 6-1, (-3. GRAND MASTERS TOURNAMENT At Seabrook Island. S.C SINGLES (semifinals) Torben Ulrlch (Denmark) d. Rex Harlwlg (Australia), 6-0, 6-4; Pancho Gonzales d. Sven Davidson (Sweden), 6-3,64. $20,000 TOURNAMENT At Bakersfleld SINGLES (semifinals) Andrew Pattlson (Rhodesia) d. Fred Slolle (Australia), 3-6, 6-2, M; Jeff Boro-wlok d. Peter Fleming, 6-1, 6-3. Davis Cup Results NORTH AMERICAN ZONE 1977 Second Round Al Ottawa: Mexico leads Canada, 2-1 (Joa- Mex., d. Relean Genois-Jim Boyce, o-o, vi, o-, o-, Baseball Notes Toronto (AL.) Purchased pitcher Chuck Hartensteln from Hawaii (PCD. Champions 'Cap Continued from First Page up on him, and that probably saved the -win. The longest shot, Festive Mood at 74-1, came on again in the stretch to be third, M lengths behind the pair up front. Then it was Whittingham again, fourth with Riot In Paris whom he owns in partnership with Mrs. Mary Bradley. Whittingham horses earned $260,000 in the race, with $240,000 for King Pellinore and $20,000 for Riot In Paris. For the first 22 days of the 23-day season Whittingham horses have amassed $494,003. There was a gap of a length behind Riot In Paris to fifth-place Appassionato, and he was closely followed across the finish line by Life's Hope, George Navonod, Honest Pleasure, Father Hogan, and finally, Norcliffe. With the exception of the surprising finish, The Champions performed pretty much as expected all the way to the stretch. 1 Honest Pleasure, the anticipated pacesetter, was off and winning at the start, with King Pellinore in close pursuit and Festive Mood surprisingly close up with the leaders. Jockey Don Pierce allowed L'Heureux to drop all the way back to last, nearly 15 lengths off the lead after a half-mile. King Pellinore was second, two lengths away, as Honest Pleasure maintained command with fractions of :22 45 for the quarter, :4545 for the half-mile and 1:0945 for six furlongs. But King Pellinore started cutting into the lead as they headed for the far turn, and he was virtually on even terms with Honest Pleasure as they completed the first mile in 1:35 flat. King Pellinore made it home just in the nick of time with his :25 flat final quarter. Shut Out Cal Lutheran quarterback John Kindred, who leads the NCAA Division III in total offense and is second in passing, scored a touchdown and passed for one in a 47-0 win over visiting university ot PCAA Fresno St. 23, Long Beach Sl.O Long Beach St 0 0 0 OO Fresno St 6 3 0 1423 FS FG PelruccI 27 FS FG Petrucel 36 FS FG PelruccI 43 FS Jones 2 run (PelruccI kick) FS Hayes 100 pass Interception (Petrucel kick) Attendance 11,100 CCAA CP Pomona 20, CS Northridge 7 CP Pomona 10 0 0 1020 CS Northridge 0 7 0 0 7 CPP Jones 2 run (Herrera kick) CPP FG Herrera 32 CSN Magllone 6 run (Dohle kick) CPP Kluck recovered fumble In end zone (Herrera kick) CPP-FG Herrera 35 Attendance 3,500 SCIAC OccidenUlZt, WW.tierO Occidental 14 7 0 021 Whittier 0 0 0 00 a" If Prep Football CIF ANGELUS LEAGUE Servile 17, Plus X 13 ARROWHEAD LEAGUE Big Bear 34, Lutheran (Orange) 12 Lutheran (La Verne) 31, Webb 14 CENTURY LEAGUE Villa Park 28, Estancla 0 DEL REY LEAGUE SI. Francis 22, Loyola 15 DESERT INYO LEAGUE India 41, Calexlco 16 EMPIRE LEAGUE Saddleback 7, Kennedy 3 FOOTHILL LEAGUE Hoover 21, Blair 14 FREEWAY LEAGUE Western 28, Buena Park 8 FRONTIER LEAGUE Channel Islands 18, Nordhofl 0 Santa Clara 14, Rio Mesa B IVY LEAGUE Arlington 15, Palm Springs 14 MONTVIEW LEAGUE Workman 20, Charter Oak 14 OLYMPIC LEAGUE Valley Christian 21, LA Baptist 14 ORANGE LEAGUE Canyon 25, Valencia 6 Fullerton 6, Brea 0 PIONEER LEAGUE Lawndale 8, Harvard 7 SANTA FE LEAGUE Cathedral 13, Pater Noster 0 SIERRA LEAGUE Covlna 22, LP Wilson 6 SOUTH COAST LEAGUE San Clemente 20, University 7 WHITMONT LEAGUE Pioneer 19, Whittier 17 NONLEAGUE Mary Star 19, St. Joseph 0 Rancho Alamllos 14, South Bakersfleld 12 EIGHT MAN Big Pine 36, Death Valley 12 Lee Vlnlng 46, Owens Valley 6 Liberty Christian 36, American Christian 12 Maranatha 54, Huntington Valley Christian 8 L L - - few Products & Mees Expo NEW 77 AUTOS - BOATS - SOLAR BUI Stan's Sport Court 3$ seen on T.V, Champion Skateboard Exhibitions, Bicycle moto cross ( much much more SHOW HOURS 2-10 P.M. WED. THUR. FRI. ', 12-10 P.M. SAT. ' ADMISSION $2.50 12-9 P.M. SUN. ! SAVE WITH COUPON SHOW INFO SAVE 50c 213-849-16D7 SAVE SOc CIGARETTE SUPPLY DISTRIBUTORSHIP Port or Full Tlmt lirnntdiale need in nun towns in So. Calif, for distributors. All retail outlets are secured by company, person selected may start part time. Become distributor for such nationally advertised cigarettes as Winslon-Salem. Camels, Marlboro, Pall Mall, Kool. Kent, etc. You may keep your present position. No experience necessary. To duality you must have a car, 2-8 lirs. per nek (days or eves, required to start). Secured. $3,200 CASH REQUIRED Write to: VENDING DIVISION 1-A P.O. Box 14, RoMtnaad, Ca. 91770 Include Phona No. by Fresno san Diego. Oxv Frv 10 oass from Hamil ton (DeSantls pass from Mlllman) Oxv Frv 4 pass from Hamilton (kick failed) Oxv Murphy 5 run (Mlllman kick) Attendance 2,500 Redlands 29, Claremont-Mudd 7 Redlands 0 26 0 329 Claremont-Mudd ..0 7 0 0 7 Red Chlen 2 pass from Vento (Myers kick) Red Chlen 29 pass from Vento (Myers kick) Red Safety ball centered out of end zone Red DeRoo 35 pass from Ven- 'owyersKicxi CM Maddox 49 run (Cunnlng- ham kick) Red-FG Myers 20 Red FG Myers 27 NONCONFERENCE , . ".,", Cal Lutheran 47, U. San Diego 0 y Sm Dle00 0 0 u n," p'.ss Kindred (Hollman kick) CL Kindred 3 run (Hoffman kick) CL Yancey 2 run (kick failed) CL FG Hoflman 38 " ru" m"mn CL Richardson 12 from Mc-Fadden (Hoffman kick) CL McLaughlin 42 run (Hoflman kick) Attendance MOO Cal Poly SLO 42, USIU 6 US' USIU Johnson 1 pass from Wllkerson (pass failed) CP Jackson 2 run (Fellg kick) CP Childs 18 pass from Johnston (Fellg kick) CP Crump 38 pass from Ansa-rl (Fellg kick) CP Speer 72 punt return (Fellg kick) gp uennerr z run it-eng kick; CP Jackson 1 run (Fellg kick) Attendance 4,950 San Diego St. 30, San Jose St. 17 San Jose St 14 0 3 017 San Diego St 7 10 0 1330 SJS Kane 40 run (Rodriguez kick) SDS Benton 4 run (LaPlante kick) SJS Rachashanl 4 pass from DeBerg (Rodriguez kick) SDS FG LaPlante 40 SDS Smith 6 pass from Kraft (LaPlante kick) SJS FG Rodriguez 32 SDS Kraft 4 run (pass failed) SDS Benton 31 run (LaPlante kick) Attendance 40,710 Cal St. LA 17, Azusa Pacific 14 Azusa Pacific .... 7 0 7 015 Cal St. LA 14 0 0 317 CSLA Rodriguez 3 pass from Lovern (Sanabria kick) AP Boyce 66 pass from Gano (Gondour kick) CSLA Hopper SI pass from Lovern (Sanabria kick) AP Boyce 74 pass from Gano (Gondour kick) CSLA FG Sanabria 27 Attendance 3,000 COMMRE AUTO LOANS 9.89 APR. Simple interest To 36 mos. ; New cars 20 DP iflMERICflN ASIAN BANK 1 9090 Wilsnire at Doheny, i Beverly Hills 273-7211 "A beautiful, new nose (hunks to cosmetic surgery" See Martha's before and after photos on Pe. 29 of I nnSI EV Grnim I - - - - - . - - - - .il L.A. CONVENTION CENTER NOV. 10-14 to King The victory increased Shoemaker's world records to 7,150 career wins, 686 stakes wins and 118 wins in hundred granders. "I knew I won it," Shoemaker said. "He was trying to ease himself a little at the wire, but as soon as L'Heureux came alongside my horse put his head down and started pulling away. "It was a beautiful trip, laying right behind Honest Pleasure. I knew that horse was really making some fractions up front, and I was able to come up to him around the final turn with a handful of horse." Craig Perret, who rode Honest Pleasure, excused his colt, a 2-1 second choice, because, "He's had a long campaign and just didn't have the kick he had a few races back. "He ran all the way and stayed with the winner for an eighth of a mile after he got hooked. He just got tired. At least Honest Pleasure makes them beat him if they're gonna. You don't win $800,000 by not trying." Pierce said L'Heureux got right up to King Pellinore but never got past him. "I guess we just can't beat that horse," Pierce said. "He really tries and made a long run to get up there." King Pellnoire, a 4-year-old son of Round Table bred in Kentucky and raced last year in England and Ireland, was a $1 million-plus purchase at the end of July by the Car-diff stock farm of Fred Sahadi, a real estate, construction and oil millionaire from Campbell. The Cardiff stock farm has now won $341,250 at the :meeting, an Oak Tree record. King Pellinore became the iseason's first three-time winner and he has now won back $333,300 of his purchase price. Hoofbeafs Oak Tree's 23-day season at Santa Anita will conclude with today's 2-year-old championship race, the SlOO.OOO-addcd Norfolk Stakes at 1 116 miles and the second jewel in California's triple crown for juveniles . . . There will be no triple crown winner to sucecd Telly's Pop this year, however, Del Mar Futurity winner Visible having been sidelined for the rest of the year with a hairline fracture . . . Habitony, runncrup to Visible in two straight stakes at Del Mar, has been unbeatable in two Oak Tree races and figures to be a heavy favorite today ... The Elmendorf Farm of Max Gluck, owner of Visible, will still offer an argument today with an entry composed of Replant and Transcription . . . Trainer John Campo, who in the past has been somewhat contemptuous of opposition in the west, has brought out Hey Hey J. P. for the race, Johncock Gets Jump at Phoenix From Times Wire Services Gordon Johncock, who is battling Johnny Rutherford for the U.S. Auto Club Indy-car championship, will have the advantage at the start of today's final race of the year, the Bobby Ball 150 at Phoenix International Raceway. Johncock, who trails Rutherford by 220 points, will start on the outside of the front row in the 22-car lineup while Rutherford will start sixth. Bobby Unser won the 16.1 starting position with a run of 141.287 m.p.h. on the mile track. The lineup: 1. BobDy Unser (Albuquerque), 141.2B7; 2. Gordon Johncock (Phoenix), 139J89; 3. Mario Andrew (Nazareth, Pa.), I3M81; i Tom Blgelow (Whitewater. Wis.), 137.720; 5. Llovd Ruby (Wichita Falls, Tex.), 137.562; (. Johnny Rutherford (Ft. Worth), 137.457; 7. Wallv Dallenbach (Basalt, Colo.), 13dJ2; 8. Billy Vukovlch (Fresno), 136.778; 9. Georse Snider (Bakersfleld), 136.674; 10. Al Unser (Albuquerque), 136.003; 11. Roger McCluskey (Tucson), 135.962; 12. Solke Gehlhausen (Jasper, Ind.), 135.389; ' 13. Dick Simon (Sandy, Utah), 135.237; 14. Johnny Parsons (Speedway, Ind.), 134.429; 15. Steve Krlslloff (Parilppany, N.J.), 134.429; 16. Al Loquasto (Easton, Pa.), 134.179; 17. Bobby Ollvero (Lakewood), 133.531; 18. Rick USC Wins Women's Volleyball USC defeated UCLA, 15-3, 15-10, Saturday night to win the UCLA women's volleyball tournament at Pauley Pavilion. The Bruins, who had won the tournament the last two years, are 14-2. USC is 17-0. In a playoff for third place, Pepperdine defeated Bngnam Young, io-o. SEMIFINALS: USC d. Brloham Barbara, 15-6. 15-11, IS; Young, 15-1, 15-9; UCLA d. Pep. perdlne, 15-10, 15-12. QUARTER-FINALS: UCLA d. Houston, 15-9, 15-11; Pepperdine d. Cal State Northridge, 15-7, 15-9; USC d. Long Beach State, 15-6, 15-10; Brlgham Young d. UC Santa ANAHQM, 715 S. auadmfir M. lUtnyUt- 3131 ClNitai l,v imnOWtt, 171 15 MiMf H. I(V. tau5, 1St Otrawfc It. COMPfON, 1411 M. IntlduU COSTA MSA, IHO m1 H. US-HOI u s-rw A3I-H50 ats.ssis Nf 2-7777 tU-lttl V0 4-M44 AX 3S077 H1-0M4 U1-H19 N3-0U7 tW 1-1545 CHt-1144 A7I-0H5 04-im P0 1-U44 OHl-HW 3.4177 CAllSll 7-M44 -! COvaiA, IIM W. Sm UiU. U CHNSaAW, 5710 CrMiWw it cuvHt crnr, 11501 kHm n. iaCJLlOH,10O3W.fJWi. a Morm. list . ri (. iwi.) OK cay. Illl Carta Ot. U OUWAlf. 3135 See hnCM. MVmiOm. 53 bana H. noUrwOOO, N. rurwfe, 55 unhtrwln 1L WtKOOO. Ill W. Unn An. IOM IO. ""!" A own M. tONO ICR, 7035 L Cim IOS AHGtUS, 1S63 S. Flnm L 101 AKCUS, 1HI S.VH.S1. I M, M IF METALWORK 'S':'19ESSc- "a"! ON YOUR MR T: J7" p! AMOUNTS TO $10.00 IlL YJ B ESS -YOB W .tjy ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! TH C7T FREE SI II II I BODY & FENDER 1 I II U REPAIR WITH I I LJ I- J EVERY PAINT JOB! Pellinore Mears (Bakerslleld). 133.235; 19. Larry Dickson (Marietta, Ohio), 132.890; 20. Todd Gibson (Richland, Ohio), 132.256; 21. Bill Puter-baugh (Speedway, Ind.), 131.772; 22. Lee Kunzman (Gullenberg, Iowa), 130.S62. SPRINT CARS At Ascot Parte: MAIN EVENT (100 laps)!. Jimmy Oskle (Downey); 2. Clark Templeman (Reseda); 3. Tom Hunt (Downey); 4. Tom Roa (Long Beach); 5. Tony Simon (Upland); 6. Rick Goudy (Norwalk); 7. Jlmmv Sills (Sacramento); 8. Bob Mell (Temple City). Note: Oskle clinches CRA season championship. Attendance 4,721 15-12. ALL.TOURNAMENT TEAM: Terry Condon (UCLA). Annette Cottle (Brlgham Young), Debbie Green (USC), Lesley Knudson (UCLA), Terry Place (USC), Sandy Verga (Pepperdine). MOST VALUABLE PLAYER Knudson. Mtrntuo. Tits Mmvii u KAITONAl an, 111 IMwiii An. ONTAII0, IW37 CMtral An. OXNARD, 111 L WtUT 14. PASAHM,370 5.AiTtrriv. RrVatSH, 3700 CUnt An. S ItUW. 411 W. WeM4 An. SO. SMIHM.SU W. SI. SAMCO,3MVftilaiMSI. LSHMW, lSI7tlCill. II SA MM, rat Item An. W. SAN tHECO, 1115 Srh. Ar. II SAN FIDL, 1345 See Ttm. 14. SAN CAIRKL 701 L Vdby 1L SANTA ANA. 1101 1 17 SI. SANTA M0MCA, Ummi I C. TIIA.SSMImW.H TOmKI. 137U S. Wini An. VAHHJTS.V. HltASk.t WISTCWITa Sill W. anrM WHTTKX, 11741 1 WrdtofW 11 714-3U7 474'Ult tll-5S 411-7341 0 1-5577 UI-7331 to i-4171 mom CT 1-4431 2U-441I 51S-11II AC 1-0531 I 5-tlM 214-4100 II7-3UI X 3-U41 W5-04M VA 0-3005 SI 4-1110 771-1113 H5-1303

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