The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 7, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1939
Page 7
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, SEPTEMBER 1, 1939 • United States Has Better Military Force Now Than In 1914 —f four Cation stories on America's pasltlon In the current crisis, » « * By BRUCE CATTON Courier News Waslilnglon Correspondent WASHINGTON, Sept. 6. _ if America was psychologic ally unprepared tor war in J9H. she was even less prepared In a military sense. ' Her army was first rate, as far as it wont-but it Just didn't so very far. It had 90,000 officers and men; expanding it to a force of •4,000.000 was a job that had to be started from scratch. More than a ycav elapsed before the army could really begin to make its presence felt on the western No contrast between 1914-1917 ami 1939 is more striking than the contrast in America's then-aiid- uow Oeeree.s of military preparedness. To be sure, the army ol 1939 can't assemble a second AEP on a fortnight's notice. Gen. George Marshall, chief of staff, says he will need "great rapidity of action," and points out that the army is still using a rifle nearly 35 years old. But the task of expanding: it into a large, ready-to- figlit unit will be much more simple than it was in 1917 TODAY'S MACHINE HAS 193,000 MEN The United States army of today totals approximately 13,000 officers and 180,000 enlisted men. In (lie Natknal Guard, there are some 200,000 men, who may not be ready for front-line fighting but who are infinitely better prepared than was the Guard ot 1917, A force of nearly 400,000 men, thus, can be called together on shcrt notice. More important, however, is the officer situation. In inn the army had BOOO trained officer's— and needed 180,000. Tiie National Guard had only enough for 1U own troops. The rest had to be dug up somewhere, sent to officers' training camps for a hurried course of sprouts, and then assigned to raw troops -whose training they had to share. Today the situation is entirely different. There are 100,000 reserve officers, who need only a little "polishing" before they are ready to step into posts of command,. .". The ROTC in American universities U "training 162,000' students; most of whom can be Immediately' turned into ncn-coms and some of whom can be commissioned at once. The Citizens' Military Training Camps can furnish 35,000 men, of whom about 10,000 are believed ready for commissions. War Department officials say that a volunteer army can be put together very rapidly. For one thing, they remark, the country has 10,000,000 unemployed men; would iiot a vast number ef enlistments come from thai group? For another thing, it is believed that the 2,500,009 men who have passed through the CCC camus would respond in large number. And 1 -while these men have net received military training, they arc used to discipline and to routine camp life, and could be turned into excellent soldiers very quickly. Assuming that Congress votes a BLYTOEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS nBeto^hape Now Than In First Outbreak Church Goers Use $100 Fund and Earn $291 ,- . rgil jimm, Methodist pastor who 100 silver iiollnrs to members of His coiwrc-gntlun, | 0! ,i them B;> forth mid magnify ihcso (n Mils. , m ,i , W eive<| $391 In rctnri will try ilio snmi! method of "Him Hie sormon-uiul mdh the church (Inancra-iiL'st year. "Th wxiXTlmi'iil was it (jrait sm '•». ' llw; l«.,toi- M ,l,|, ..|, 0 i), f ,. 0| e .stinuliHitnt o[ drinanstrutlu and or Interesting a,,, m>>m , K , uon. iiu< uitemlimro Inci cased jnoi than M |)ir cent!" Last April, tl>.e Rev. Jump dclh cred u scnuon on the Biblical sloi of Hie inlcnts. When !>n hml fli Ishcd. lie nskcd those who wore Ir jcreslcil In iry|,, s (nc L , X1K ,,| II1C1 to sliuid. Ushers issued coins t:> 9 persons. Mrs. lliiv.el Schlimpl, the moth of throe chllilivn mid Ihe wife 11 curitemiT. taught flour, bake urcjid. liouijht moir Hour, buki more bivud ami rclunivi) $II.IW, 'I'lucc yoiiun men pooled (he dollars rented n trailer, collcctc old pnpm unit sold thorn (or $9. Mis. Arthur clmlUeiv, iinothe parlsliioni'i', boiiglu Hour exn mcnled will) H ,md wou three pri/es from newspupers for In recipes. "Only one poison of Ihe uti tnit «] JUT Inlent," Rev. Jump Snc WHS culled from (he city suii tleuly because ol Illncss-nnil s.) velunied (he original dollar" f PAGE SEVBH' , Wheat farming employs moi persons throughout (lie world tha does nny other paying occupulloi Tins war finds (he U. S. Army with more men available, mechanized units replacinc cavnlrv imurovcn weapons—and even better chow. <<»t"un.u draft law, there will be much less delay in putting it into effect than there was 22 years ago. The blueprints arc all drawn up. The moment the law i.5 passed, Ihe War Department will be ready to act- Even the forms from which the registration cards would be printed are at hand. As to equipment: the army is not ready to outfit 4.000,000 men overnight, but it is reasonably close to being ready. Pair stocks of clothing are on hand. The new Garand semi- aiitoirmtjc rifle is not yet being produced,- in quantity, but .until it d[ajset (nto .mass, production^there Is arT~mnple' supple cf World War Sprlngfictds available. The same goes for artillery; the army has 'a good number of wartime 15's, and although its newest field pieces are ruled considerably superior to those f.imcus guns, the 75 is still ranked ns a good, usable Held piece. In the air, the army is well equipped; roughly, it has somewhat better than 2000 first-line planes ready to go, ami is well fixed to provide replacements, to make further expansion. The one sizable fly in the ointment is the fact that the training of the army and the National Guard showed some rather substantial defeats in the recent maneuvers in Virginia and Neiv York SOME POLISH NEEDED Although the army is net scattered around in isolateci posts to JOHNSON'S PASTE WAX i Lb 35c 1 Lb. 65c 2 Lbs. , v $1.20 8Lbs. $3.25 FREE! With every 8 Ib. can Johnson's Paste Wax one weighted Folislilng Brush and 'Ap- plicalor Free (98c Value). SPECIAL Add2c To the price of 1 qt. Glo-Coat and get a 23c jar of Shi-Nup SILVER POLISH SHOUSE HENRY HARDWARE CO. "THE PROGRESSIVE STOKE" J. W. Shouse Phone 35 Wilson Henry anything like the extent that prevailed in 1916, It still remains true that opportunities for training and maneuvering by divisional units are rare. Assuming that the existing, army ami National Guard are formed into a striking force of 400.000 men, that force—as the recent maneuvers showed -will not be ready to take the field at cnce. it will not need as much polishing and Improving us did the first units sent overseas in 1017, perhaps, but it will need some. ; The army has kept pace with overseas armies in the development of scientific war gadgets. Jfost of these, to date, exist in small quantities only, and «-i!1 not be available for widespread use until factories have been retooled to go into mass production with then). Army men feel, however, that the industrial surveys which have been made and Ihu educalicnal- ortlcr system which has been instituted will make it possible for mass production to begin quite rapidly. As one officer expresses it: "By the time we hnd the men trained, we'd have the equipment ready." ' Thames Gives DII Secret LONDON (UP) _ The Thames gave up one of her secrets when the barge Rescue which sank In December, 1912, was found by Port of London officials. On board were the bones' of one man. HU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Service WHITE t-AQEL IDO PROOF 6:!d';il In BOND Hislrlljljtcil >))• UNITED lilljuoit, Wliojiu l.llltn Hock, Furl BuiHl, \v«l Invention/ Most Economical Farm Radio Ever Built .inil Old Set PHILCO 70B (above) Crcntcsl fnni) rndio value ever oflcrciH Enjoy ils .iinazing; vol- un!c,)vi[| c range of [Performance, "car life-like (otic mill scns.nional KCOA'OMYt Bcanllful Walnut Hal>y Cm ml caliincl. Complete With Uatteries I'hilco 70F Outstanding nesv features include instant, new \\Kle-Vision Dial and Fingcr-Ti[> Controls, new tlear lonetl Speaker and many others. Handsome full-size Console cabinet of selected w a l- SciwnitoBnl Piiilco invc.nin,, I'tuifs fnrm rnilio operiiiing C05I3 niiil prices ilown lu Icvul of All-Elcciric rniliosl JV<:vcr Delorcsucli cemininy. New 750 lo 1000 ho, ;r Dnitcrj-l'ncfc . ,, ' • juii OilU.rtU |hR lint }Cnr, New kind of rndlo —novel turneries „, rcclnircc, no expense nml trouble will, wind chargers. Ami X oi. eel liner lone, more powcrfi,! re- cciilioillhaiicverbcforet Look «' »,c,c 1930 I'tdlco Far,,, Itatlio features; New Type Tubes New Type Batteries New Type Speaker New Sound Chamber Beautiful Cabinets .95 $29 HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. WAR NEWS Septembers, 1939 Prices Advance lo mo ° per 8harc * n the e. Wheat admnccd the limit. Cotton nearly $2M) par hale. mi 'i.- What Does This Mean to Us? It means pncea have already, or will, advance like they have in all other wars. 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