The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California on November 12, 1975 · Page 95
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The Los Angeles Times from Los Angeles, California · Page 95

Los Angeles, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 12, 1975
Page 95
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WME CALL SHEET It angite mcs Wed, Nov. 12, 1975-Part W U j Angelica's Visage Wins Role BY MAKY MURPHY TUnesSUH Writer' Anjelica Huston : The part is described In the script as "... a mysterious sensuous Woman of Dark Visage. She is seated alongside j the tub. her bountiful bosom delightfully revealed by the plunging of her gown. The Woman of Dark Visage's neck : would make a Modigliani model pale by comparison, and ; her smile if that s what it is makes Mona Lisa look ' like a grinning harlot." i - Although the part carries with it no speaking lines, Universal took great pains to cast the marginal role in its upcoming film "The j Blarney Cock." Among those reportedly screen tested were Italian horror wueen Barbara Steele and '(English actress Martine Bes- , wick. Now Anjelica Huston J has been named as the ' Woman of Dark Visage. Ms. I Huston, a third generation actress whose father is John ; Huston and 'grandfather is I the late Walter Huston, made her film debut in 196S' I when she costarred with Asaf Dayan. son of former Is- raeli Minister of Defense Moshe Dayan. in "A Walk With j Love and Death." At the time her father, who directed i the film, told The Times, "We've known she was going to be an actress from the time she was a child but I didn't i want her to be a child actress." She was 17. Ms. Huston ' also may have a role coming up in "The Last Tycoon." i Names out of the past such as Oaudette Colbert. Joan 1 Crawford. Olivia de Havilland. Gloria Swanson and possibly Greer Garson and Loretta Young will appear in a J contemporary Hollywood epic Bill Frye and Jennings ! Lang are preparing at Universal "I want to get an all-star ! cast of Academy Award winners, including Janet Gaynor, j who won the first Oscar." says producer Frye. Eleanor-i Perry has finished a story treatment for the project. ' Herb Jaffe, who has been involved in independent pro- duction for the last few years, most recently in collaboration with writer-director John Milius on such films as "The Wind and the Lion." has been named president of j Rastar Group of Companies, the umbrella company for producer Kay Stark's many independent film and televi- sion projects. ' Jaffe was with United Artists for 10 years as production vice president. He joins Stark at a time when his company i has "The Sunshine Boys," "The Black Bird,' "Robin and I Marian" and "Murder by Death" in various stages of pro-I duction. Among Jaffe's first new projects will be "Houdi- ni" and "Colette" for Columbia. Tom Laughlin as Mr. Smith? The announcement came this week. Tom Laughlin and Delores Taylor will star in the original James Stewart and Jean Arthur roles in an updated version of "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," now called "Billy Jack Goes to Washington." Billy Jack enterprises acquired the rights to Frank Capra's film from Columbia Pictures. Tina Aumont, daughter of Maria Montez .and Jean. Pierre Aumont, will cbstar with Donald Sutherland in Fellini's "Cassanova." Known as Tina Marquand when she was married to French actor director Christian Marquand, Ms. Aumont's first American film was "Texas Across the River" with Alain Delon. Off again, on again: As of this week Nicholas Roeg will direct Irving Wallace's "The Fan Club." He begins prepro-duction after he completes the David Bowie starrer "The Man Who Fell to Earth." Two literary figures will become the subject of romantic action adventure films in the next year. "Hammett" for Francis Ford Coppola's Cinema Seven features Dashiell Hammett as a San Francisco gumshoe hero of the 1920s. Film is from the novel by Joe Gores that mixes fiction with factual aspects of life of Hammett, who created such literary and film characters as Sam Spade and the Thin Man Upcoming for Robert Radnitz is "The Voyage of the Beagle," which depicts an exploration made by Charles Darwin in 1831. Radnitz wants Michael York to play Darwin. Taking the battle for King Kong a step further. Universal starts production'on its "The Legend of King Kong" Jan. 5. Bo Goldman is writing the new script based on the novel by Delos W. Lovelace. The studio will use Sensur-round, its sound system developed for "Earthquake," for the beast's roar. Castings Sandy Dennis, who has recently been on Broadway in "Absurd Person Singular," has a starring role in Larry Cohen's "God Told Me To" which is shooting in New York Rosalind Miles has been added to the cast of "Friday Foster" Ida Lupino joins Pamela Franklin and Ralph Meeker in AIPs "The Food of the Gods" . . . Lynn Lowry and Peter Fonda are in Texas on location for "Fighting Mad." Tuning Up: Charles Fox will compose the music for Fox's film The Duchess and Dirt-water Fox," starring Goldie Hawn and George Segal. Hawn will sing in the film. -CERTA.LY THE MOST EVC1TIVG A.YD MEAJVflVCFfX FILM OF RECENT YEARS." -iKIUUMlBtf WVIE...A1 TIMELY AWESOME ACHIEVE-1 MENT . . . OFFERS BOTH AN mspiuTm am a warning! TO AMERICAN AOUtNCcS. kiviii mam, ul mm jj ALSO YVES MONTAND M COSTA-GAVRAS "STATE Of SBGE" Coming Nov. 19 WUHppe De BrocaV KINGof HEARTS" A Liemnle TMitre 1822 No. Vermont S64-21S9 Fred Astaire - R. Kayratli "YOU WERE NEVER LOVELIER" Carole . Jota ,1934 Lonrtanf Barrymire Comedy "20TH CENTURY" k'J-icJ.i:..l.'. m.L-MBSIW maim . 2 FILMS BY CLAUDE LELOUCH BOTH ROMANTIC & DELIGHTFUL I "A TRUE SCREEN EPIC IT IS EVERY BIT AS ROMANTIC AS 'A MAN AND A WOMAN"." -KtVIN TMOMAJ LA. TIMES VI commit hAPPY HEW VLAH MOrWa 70D UiIO I 3attSwi.LOOUO30 1 AND NOW MY LOVE 1 Morula 8.55 I 477-5581 fi. Jan Kadar film about one family's joys and sorrows and a love all families will want to share. Children believe in miracles Grandfathers make them come true CdurrtoPktures presents aJanKadarRIm,"LIES MY FATHER TOLD METStamngYossi Yadin withLen Birman, Marilyn Lightstone,Jeffery Lynas-Written by Ted Allan. Music composed and conducted by Sol Kaplan. Produced by Anthony Bednch and Harry Gulkm. Directed by Jan Kaoar. A Pentimento and PentadeVTII Production. Executive Producers Michael Harrison, Arnold Issenman, and Arnold Shniffer. pg : For ThaMra Party, Group Salts and Special Senior Gtizans Groups. Phone Jamas Abbott (213) 876-0813 STARTS TODAY A LAEMMtE'THEATRE I1M761EMD0N' VIESTMrOOO VILLAGE I -WS On Half (tack WEO.tSAT.-SUN. 1:00. 2:45. 4:35. 6:30. 8:20. 10:15PM MON.wTUE.-THUR.-FRI. 430.8:20 nd 10:15 PM 'ANTUES Robert Rttitort 47U1 50cPmuntOP0OHttPlnafs. PACIFIC ltts do rr acainpC) Wvw0M.iv. I230O00.&30 HOLLYWOOD 70mm 6 TneA Stereo DflUF DnMNrotn ia30-230-urj UMOO'UUO, T0UNG nUUatZMSTIlMFCl TAKF MONTT ft MJWPfil 46441U From 1230 Noon -Open All Hunt -SrWORLD Always Lew Pncei UlwcMil ' fAlNaOneimerinO ffCffll230Noon-lrteSliowHIMrf ynr houw rAaoMj VMStOIVHie llLwuirm BXVDO.Y WIS - WOT LA. BEVERLY HIUS., r Cmti BROTHOL SPARC OlMcfPC) PICWOQD fko st wntwd. FfltEPMKlrlt; ZMOOZ(R LOS ANGUS AttIA CEftTMELA Lor Saoui. JOHIIMY WIX677 nKtcuattxi) CENTUVr 1 Mwsrw SfS52w,,! CRAZY MJUujpCj 673-1824 CENTURY D. RosvMArtOCAMYtPC) 2 BCYONO THE 0O0R(Ri FLORAL Show Starts it &30 MonternPHS PrtKio Gana Cam Lleno Rd w.BrMklyti CUMtCA CON MUSICA 2K-0766 LOS tglTftOTICOS QLMORE SAN PEDRO Channtf nUUBCcWTClWPC snsn duth mtsmrt) STUDIO SWM6JKC swLt ainiuiosoi) Mtfenon OH MNXfR) TORRANCE W.olHwttrn. 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La-cwoodat ROOSTER C0Cb1IRH(P6) Roucrant EREJ1T 634-.151 WILDO PEPPER(PC): SOUTH GATE Ffeitonew. otL B.Fwy. 564-1137 SWINCINC eutMArosnn; DR. MINX R) Music Hill Berem Mitt 274-fiaSl 272-2301 Mattel SentiMooIca 4I1J0W RMera Snte Quoin W2-011I Tneee Mevln TmMi SOS.10OO Brwol cmenug Certi Men SA0.744A "HARD TIMES IS A WINNER." -"HARD TIMES is a movie. "HARD TIMES is tough ar horiorMCh3ftes t3fonson's finest pcrtorrnsncs to d3teT -J r COCKS. T-w aekaWR "It offers excitement that makes you feel good "HARD TllffiSisthe best starring vehicle Bror -MANKUCH, Mow Yof rVtf IPli C-3-JfTr Pomt PifMnW-jn-PrCdutlW SrwCrt -6771 EXCITING WEEK! - BUR BANK Cometl S-J2-8193 CERRITOS UA Twin A 924-1212 CITY OF INDUSTRY Puente Hills 2. 965-5860 DOWNTOWN L.A. RoxiC 624-6271 El. TORO saddleback Malt - 7ias8i-5aao HOLLYWOOD EqyDtun 2, 467-6167 .. 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W aiSSg WCMtlBlCSSiS CSVI3 :" "I t.S-MAF : lVVV- H0LLYW000 CENTURY CITY Hollywood Pacific 466-521 1 Ptitt Century Plaza 553-4291 DAILY: 12:30. 3:00. S:X. OAILV: 6:15.0:104 10:15PM 8:00. 10:30 FM Set. ft Sun.: 2:15.4:15.0:15. MIDNIGHT SHOWS: Si&SJSiJJiJiw. -r FRI.ftSAT AlONIGHTSHOWSFRI.ftSAT. GARDENA ORANGE Vermont Drive-In 323-4055 Orango Drive-ln 1.7)4558-7022 SHOWS START AT OUSK SHOWS START AT DUSK NORTH HOLLYWOOD Victory Orive-ln 763-551 1 SHOWS START AT DUSK COSTA MESA Edward's Cinema Center 1, 7149794141 CALL THEATRE FM SHOWTIMCS

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