The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 9, 1938
Page 3
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I MONDAY, MAY 9, 1938 1ESGRIBID1Y BLYTHEVIM,B (ARK,) COURIER NEWS Federal Government's "Bi Rock" Incorrigihlcs From Oilier Prisons Become Simply Numbers On 'The Rock' This Is the first of a serins of .stories Di) "Guarding Aic.ilni/," written by Capl. A. H. Archer, former guard on -The Rock " BV (JAl'T. A. It. AIU.'HKK | It'Ormrr C.iuril at Aii'utrax I'rison) I 'Copyright, I<J38, NKA Service-, Jnc.i I k*j?A-N WiANUISCO. May 7. —I *If uny of 'i>m slarl lo a", shoot i twice [iIK! ilii-n holler lull!" j H Is a lieutenant, of the guard i talking over Hie lelephojio line from I Ills ofllce lo Ihe lower overlooking I the recreation yard at Alcatra?, I prison, known lo every criminal as "The Rock." Those lew clipped v,'»ids shii'.v I why convicts hate and fear "'1'lie I Hock," No. 1 penitentiary of Die Unlled Slate's. They suggest the methods thai have made this island prison, jutting out of .San Francisco bay, as nearly escnpe- proof us any prison in the world. Toughest of All Twelve acres of wind-swept, rock •above the chilly waters t,how the .-.-.wins; ferry passenger little but a lighthouse at the eastern end, tlic (all stack of the powerhouse, and the •jombcr-luieil prison thai clings lo the topmost pinnacle. Below all this, barred behind concrete and tool-proof steel, always under the muiules of pistols, rilles and ma- fhicie-guns, more than 350 men pass Mie days. Every one of Diem has Hffii-Bi sent from another prison f^tliem experience has shown tlicm • 3 be either personally incorrigi- •ble, or disturbing elements. It is n drab, grim life, yet men live it, and keep their reason. Tales of prisoners goinc insane are exaggerated. It is Irue that some have. Some feign insanity tp get' n.msfen'ecl to another prison. A few have actually "gone oil Ihelr topper." One such was Joe Bowers, No, 210, who climbed a fence l>y Hie incinerator nnd was Immedialely shot. His body plunged 75 feet lo Hie water below. Another "con" took off his clolhes in (he recreation yard and did » "fan dance" until carried inside the cell- house. Capone Just a "Con" The grim routine is the same for all. Alcatraz is one prison lhal is "con-proof." that i.s. Ihe guard force can not be bribed or otherwise wheedled 'inlo graining favors. There is ..i) gibing al all to stories that Al Capone, AlcatraV most famous prisoner, wears silk underwear, smokes 50-cent cigars, or has j'jiecial meals served in his cell. I jCapone wears prison underwear, Wmofccs a corncob pipe, eals the siine beans .as the rest of the prisoners. He wears a No. 85 sewed on his clothes, and gets no special privileges. '.He takes setting-up exercises in Ills cell every morning, and was in excellent physical condition Hie last, time I saw him. lie plays the guitar-mandolin in Ihe prison band, and ivrites music in his celt in Ihe evenings. Giim ItouUnc One day is much like another on "The Rock." At 0:45 every morning the lieutenant of Ihe guard taking over Ihe day walch .sits at his desk, back lo the wall, facing all doors and windows, a practice found wisest in prison administration. He checks over the count of prisoners. I The prisoners, having 'breakfast:d. are in their cells wailing the 4eual to go to their eight lioiu-s of Ji-iily work. Guards stand al Hie etui of each gallery O f cc n tiers, facing tlie lieutenant, or "Dull of the Woods'' as lie Is known. At his signal, a huge gong rings, and as the last sound dies away, the guards on the cell galleries step off down the row.*;, counting -the prisoners \\lio stand just inside the cloore. As each guard finishes his count he calls it to the lieutenant below, who checks it off on ,1 "count •sheet" before him. If it checks. "Count's O. K.l" he announces, and blows a whistle. Guards relnx. prisoners lie down. By telephone the "Bull" checks with guards outside in the recreation yard. "I» it too foggy to sec Ihe fence?" he may ask. "O.K. | Squirrel Season Will Open On Next Sunday Tlio open sonsiin for squirrel/, 1 b«>- lllns Sunday nnd llH' open season i fur iirllflchil halt of nil kinds and for black liiiss u|u>ns Monday, h J was anmumu'i! t.iilay by t»it,i:u,ii- • minus. Kami' waiilrn. ; S(|iiLiwl:i may U' hi'iilcd (hl1 .j ll(1 1 tllf lie\t. «() day., ,,||,.,- ulllYh ,|, v I WIIMIII will iiHiiin Ho.y until (lie fall M-IIMHI which opi'it* In October, •I'lif linn uuiilnsl kcrpini; black PAGE THREE Garden Club To Meet At Gty Hall Tonight hlfjli school niulltoi'luin at II o'clock Sunday morning, May 16. Rev. William HiilViuiiii of Uio lornl Unptlsl church will deliver the nddrpss, The rtmummccmpiil rxerolses will be held un the njKht of May 20 ' ' l ' llc n '.V"icvlllc Garden ciub will lit fi o'clock ID the lil'jh t^hodi audl- [ llilvl ' » I'* 1 ' business session at the Inrllim. I'nif. True T.iyltir of (ho '• ''"V ll " 11 nt 7:^0-'o'clock tonlfjlil,'|t KwilhiMsL Mksnurl filiite Tcnchers. lu ' H ' lcc 'i «miouiice?l<l>y Ihe ci.ili'^ will I,., the )>rm"lpal smarter. ,' [l(:llt ' "• '''• Klrslmcr'*'- Illlilomiis will be prcsoniwl lo Ihe «rTi e ^ l ^^T« l r:^ U S^ Wlm Un " "'" """ '" ""^"^""-^ -"' — •«.. "-«.. or „,„,- Iliaht of steps and Into the recreation yard, where they line up again i< joi'dlng to work detail. Shoe and carpenter shops, tailors and woodworkers, cleaners and piwsers, blacksmith and machinists, and the largest of them all, Ihe laundry detail, Hue up In sejul- mililary style. Armed guards control every, inch' of the work area, pacing back and forth on the roofs aikl towers, with pistols, gas guns, Springfield rifles, , and Drowning nulomatlcs always' I at hand. ' '. The "cons" march off to the shops, each group with its' own guards. The ivliid whoops and whistles around } their" gray-clad shoulders. The guards on the catwalks outside the 'g'uaid' towers lean forward into Hie wind like those stage comedians who have llieir shoes nailed-to the floor. i'he hoo't of 'whistles and the shuttling of ferryboats endless are all that marks the passage of time on a : Rock'-where time has different meaning. Capt. A. R. Archer . . . writes liis own story of a ir.inBerons job: guarding Aicalrai! prison. your toes. I'm sending 'em out now." The whistle blows again and (lie ccllhousc echoes to 'the clang' of the safety locking lievicc opening the steel cell doors. The "cons" line up outside their cells. A guard al the rear of the cell- house-adjnsls Ihe "Snilch Box" 01 "Mechanical Sloolie." and each pri.soner passes bet-ween the two l:ox-like filructures \vliic]i register empirically when any metal objeci passes bteween than, it is not infallible, but it certainly is a big l:i Ip lo the jjiiimls In ilelcctins possible concealed weaix>ns. Tlie prisoners fear and hate it as they do everything; else on "The Rock." OIV to Work Now they march down a short NEXT: Spanish dunjeons beneath the rocks of Alcatraz re- fall prisun priclices of 300 years njn, a sharp coiilrasl willi today. Miss Turner, Dr. Harwell Talk To Negro Group •Miss Winnie Virfll Turner nnd Or. c. M. Harwell of Osceola were (he principal speakers at Ihe meet- ins of Ihe-Coiinty council of Negro Parent..and Teacher Assoclatiojis which met ul Osceola yesterday wlien all officers of Ihe past year were reelectal and • installed, 'and toils for this year were listed. Miss Turner, supervisor of ihe city elementary schools, addressed the group on "Cooperation of Home and School Relalionshlps". At the close of her address, a sprriliml was sung, and then ihe negro Icac-hors or Ihe county presented her ivilh a desk set In npprccnllon of her services. ' ' ' A lecture on social disease illustrated by pictures wns made by Dr. Harwell. The pictures were shown by George Shaniblln of the county health unit. The Hev. E. Westmoreland conducted Ihe installation services, following which the goals- for -each . JMrenl Teacher associalion for 1938 j anil 1039 were .listed:.: to send a delegate to the state congress next .fall; lo observe Parent schimls; lo have a imrcnl iiiii"n/.lnr ami u Hoscnwuld library in every scluml. Annie Cuaic, (lie ' Jcaui's supi-r- vlsor imide a jiailtal ivporl Jlsiln^ Hie Clinics coimnilU'd by llic negro yotidi of Mississippi county uml Ihr Stalled Alilo "Sailed" lluini- AMAKH.LO, Tex. (Ul'l - Mark Parker Jr., son of u Potter enmity commissioner, was stalled In bis automobile a mite from home during n M-niile-iin-hour wind. YIIIUII; Parker decided lo push the car faec-uboul. 'nils done, lie opened Hie doors and let (In: v.inil push the car liinnc. Hayti High School Will Graduate 33 HAYl'l, Mi»,..-l|.,iyll h[.;h :,,l m; ,| will s'l-aduiilf :m studi-nls llilri leriu. Mi'iiilH'f.v »J tl»' clui.s nrr ftli'huiil Ali'xundi.r, (iciii< Hull, I), j.- n,,,,.. di'ii. .IIUIICM Cirfik. Knmclli l):'»vi"« llarnld Ccltin^s. |l,.|mlv .lu-k 11 [II Jimu's llollls. T,, )V .M<.'l)i>ii(il<l,,iiini ( .,; Muiul, .lack Norlhi'iiM. i:ii;ir|,.s I'llWdl, Henry I'ulluin, (j. O. IdiliH'. .Mrlvln.s l(o;,,', Klrluiid « liy ,s ;m . •li'is, vicloi- .siulcr, Hniii'll" 'ihoi- m-ll. .hilin Milclii'll 'IViilnur, War«'n Wilkeiiain, Ij-riiy Winy, ji-ilri 1 llarkovllx, nociiii Faust. A HIT llule Kllwibelh Iliiyiilo, LorHIa IH'inlcr- M>II. Ivn Moon, Wlllcno Miller iMiiiYtnri'l. Bliiulll. llctly Tunvnlli,,.' Pylvla Whilelwk. ..Tlie l)tu-ciiliuii'('ii(i> I'xerdws will <V!»m bi> held Ilils yi ,, u . ,i|, Ul ,, .senior chw Ijy iho |»resl(lcrj|, W. R lilniliauijh. I'lcsi'iiiiiiinn of Ihp l.lohi, Clllll l,V:l|.[ ttl|| 1,,. |||;||[(. |,y U,,. nrc.'.ldcM', All end 0. E. S. Meeting '< A( Huffman Wednesday N() U'O (jliiD >n lilcnllcal, s of (lie i'.i'mf- TIIMTMrti in A :lii-u number (,[ Osrcolu iui;l llly- iitli.'ii.l.'d llu.' litittcd »"( lim- ul ih>> O. K. H. ohii|)tor ul. 1 1 u I! man W.'ni'.vrJny nl K |it w/ii-n Mi'., (liiii-sii i''nwlcr, district deputy un:l I'l'iuiii lectiuf-r.' uiailc her i.lllclnl vl.-,|t in (|| (! l( rnn|i. .'. -. t Mr, mid Mi!,. Deri. Ki»,s ww-c liiUlaii-il Inlo II ...... - ( le r foliowiiiK wlhrli u di'.'..M'il iioursi' wus served, lilylJifvillc jiciiiit,. ivliu alteiidi'il v.'Ne: Mrs. .1, |.;. Puiti.r.vMi, Mrs. w. A .'illekiimu, Mi.s. ,j, n. Hjiiltn. WIN. Cliiiile;. Alliinl Mr s j| n I'm- Itn'ik (or 'Anyone Afl'lirk'il with Itecfiil Ills Hriui i;uuriHr Wunl Am * ACKITl.KNh AMBULANCE SERVICE DAY K NIC11T CALL 30 Holl Funeral Home SAVE AS MUCH AS ON 10 GAL. OF HI-TEST NO NOX GASOLINE 0% J'cnnsylvjinii! Oil, .Sealed Oonljiiiiei's 2. r .c SAVEON GAS CO. WELDING AT UE8T PRICKS PROMPT BEltVIOE Barksdale Mfg. Co, . without tiblr rcwilU) huvc bor.n In the trciitmciit (if 1'llfs Krimi-Hl imrsiheUc* and ionllni'mwil. KelOK ile- your needs the mnro (Irustle kind of trt'iilment.'seu.l for n liorik piibll.'ihpil |jy tlie Tlionuon .V Mlnur Clinic;, Kiiil« 1U111, <M McCIPC fit., KllllBUS City MU.-D!M> of tin! oldi'.st and liiri>pst rectal clinic.'! ol AiiU'iicii , , . The book '.vill tilv' 1 you valunbli! iiit'OnmUion will (ell you of dniiRnrs in neg- li-cl, Ihi: possibility of miiHi/iKinl lii'owiii -will ac(|iialnL yon wllli |KI/UH(:I in rrrlnln Ijpe.i of trenl- nirni, u will It'll you how' Ihfl i.-llnli 1 liuii round llii> inlldei', safer kind "! Iretitmi'nl sulVlelent for Hie I'n.'l iniijorlty of nil llA.llioii- sunils ill imllclilx . . . A copy of Mils cnllxhlpntne book will be mailed you for llu- fiskliig. In plain wrapper mill wltliouL obligation. SEND US YOUR LINENS AND PALM BEACHES THIS SUMMER Your summer dollies will look beltor when cleaned (he 1'iTi' way. Our ret'iilar prlCL- will be charged for linens nnd 1'nlm Ilenches. < 65c Siiil.s and Orcsscs Mr. W. T. Morrison, former nmiinKcr nf the Band 13ox Clcniu.'i.',, Is now connected with this plant as route man- user, lie will be Bind Io .verve Ills friends and customer:!, Peerless Cleaners CHERRY AND FRANKLIN PHONE IE2 "Jfei. Uo Ctecwt U RJLqhi 11 Closing Out Our New TIRES Mansfield Goodyear Firestone 251 OFF All Tires Guaranteed Arian Auto Parts 128 E. Main Phone 176 1935 Plymouth Sedan $195 Good Shape No Trade 1931 Chevrolet Coupe $89 Runs Good ...Good Tires 1936 Chevrolet V 2 Ton Pick-Up $275 Clean I-ow Milrage 1935 Chevrolet % Ton Truck $165 A Bargain 1936 G. M. C. \% Ton Truck $375 Long W. K., Stake Body. Real Buy. LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. OI.DSMOIilLKS 1'hone 329 G. M. C. TRUCKS 307 B. Main Sales & Service IMilf.s No. <if Slale ],i nc HOLLAND, MO. Chesterfield and Andre Kostelanetz... they bring more pleasure to millions . . . real pleasure . . . carefree pleasure! You enjoy it in Chesterfield's refreshing mildness and better taste .., that "extra something" that makes you stick to Chesterfields. Chesterfields arc made of tbe world's best cigarette ingredients,.. wild ripe tobaccos,,, home-grown and aromatic Turkish,,, aiid/wre cigarette paper. When you light a Chesterfield you're smoking the cigarette that Satisfies. will give you MORE PLEASURE than any cigarette you ever smoked Tir Mr(MTOBACCO Co,

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