Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 6, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 6, 1896
Page 6
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Brazilian Balm GREAT SOOTH AMERICA BiLSSM! — la 2 m' inviiUmblo la remi •wots l9Clc->w Jroni ftADICALLY CATARRH! Jt clears the head of foul mucous; healathe bores and ulcers of tlie head and throat; sweetens the breath, and perfectly restores the sensus of the taste, smell and hearing. Stops headache and dropping into the tlroat. Also destroys the germ which causes HAY FEVER, making a perfect cure in a few days. N076I fails! No fatal case of J<A GRIPPE ever kuowfc where Brazilian Bald .is faithfully used. W destroys the grippe germ and quickly removes [all the a^ter bad effect INFALLIBLE in ASTHMA,CROUP,BRON« CHITIS, PLEURISY, PNEUMONIA, DYSPEPSIA, RHEUMATISM, TYPHOID and 'SCAHI.K* FBV.ER, MEASLES, and any disease where there is Inflammation, Vever or Congest ion, Greatest relief in Consumption eve.t discovered. Cures a Fresh Cold m one day. stop* nines. Stops rluidhit lu tha hcud and relieves .deafness. Asun Injection inle troubles, 'far outward use hKils Cuts, Sorei and Burns like magic. Pra. ,ni wounas. QUICK CURB FOR CONSTIPAtlO," ION AND PILES. Ill Heallfifl Power is Almost Miraculous, The Best Family Medicine In Existence* £0 Cent Bottle contains 100 Doses, or Two Weeks Treatment for Catarrh. »?.OO BOTTLE EQUALS THREE SOp. BOTTLES, HOME TESTIMONIALS: "JJva/ilifn Balm cnred me of inveterate catarrh which I tad for over ay/eari tfis the mo.it wonderful triumph of medical science." — Cen.Jf. Parke Postlss. ' ; K iroup, col3 and the worst form of gripp-we have fouz>i 3 Brazilian Bulm invaluable." —Jiio. W, S. Boothe, D, D., Pastor Dei. Ave. Bap. Ch, . "Mrs, Lore has used ti« Brazilian Balm and thinks it did her much good."— ffo.l. CAas. P. Lore, Chief Jiii of. Del. "O.~»e bottle of Brazilian Baiia cured a frieud of mine of hay fever."-— Thos. M. Culbf.fi. "I was verj- deaf for 10 years from catarrh. Brazilian Balm applied •wanu in.wv oars every day soon restored fny hearing." — Mrs. John Scaden, Chester, fa. "Jt is'the best thing for dyspepsia I ever saw tned,"— -Judge Edward Wootten. M I'-was worn almost to the grave -with a racking cough that all the remedies and the doctors failed to relieve. It was cured with one bottle of Brazilian Balm. It shal) ew-ary doctor through life."— Mrs. _/. Gallmvay, Pbttstovm, Pa. "J-was fearfull; -srippled t'.p with rheumatism, tould not gel my hand to my head. I took ten 5* cent bottles of Brazilian Balm in six months. Am now entirely cured and as ninj' We as I was it forty,"— Anson Bitrrell } aged 84. A lady rn Cincinnati vas 80 ifflicted with asthma that during the winter for seventeen years she was unable tj tieep lying down, was entirely and permacdntly rnred with Brazilian Balm. *° LO Aw^x«.1/vsf /srs B. F. JACKSON & CO., Cleveland, 0. i?or-*aJc by the following drusfilsta: B. F. Kcesllng, general agent; Bei ?)sher, Jolmson Bros., W. H. Brlugliiir st, G. W. Hoffman, D. E. Pryor, Q. A Means, H. D. Hattery .and A. R. Kistler. VANCAMPS IfiBSrONB ir, Better Th&n Yon Cz.ii Es:± • 'Alwsya'res:'.-' '•'' A! all GI-OC:-.-J,' ri.,1';-i.' '-,.ii '•- • VAKC,^ 1 " -:"<"'^C K'^s INSTANTLY ROACHES + BEDBUGS - MOTHS*ANTS+ETC» I POISONOUS* 25CTS I BEWARE OF IMITATIONSt •"EXPLOSIVE* ALL DEALERS;. TAKE NO SUBSTITUTE* ICELAND. fSTbat » Horseback Klilo fur Any Consld- oritblo Dlntonco Rcvcultf. T6 tho botanist nncl g-eoloj»ist Iceland .prCEents'a peculiarly rich field. The iflortir. is plcntilul and varied. The mountains have nuuiy curious shapes and forms; the- outburst of volcanic cnevg-y having occurred in closest con- 'toct «'ith the realm of ice boars evidence 'at frost and fire having grappled in ' -sternest confiict. la some cases the aucleus, irt the basaltic mass alone i-c- iznains' and looks like monuments or Bairns, and it is difficult to believe they ;we-natiiral. Zeolites, embedded in red- •iislucltiy, V>'ts of agate imd frag-inenta of-chalcedony, are n ft"' of the treasures ;^0und strewn in the paths leading to the '-.fjords, Nothing- can be more delightful than a- horseback trip of SDO or J,000 miles ihrong-h .Iceland. The traveler sees 'thousands of mountains covered with sternal KHO\V outrivaling- the Alps in grandeur;.great geysers and innumerable hot wella; waterfaJJs, one of which —the Gullfoss—is second only to Xiagr- ira in .size ami beauty; crystal ntroams and dashing- rivers; lava beds it ftmtastic ilg-iires; covered with moss •S&ai g-tjstcns in the sun like hoarfrost; .aid as a crowning glory the atmosphere i; so brilliant that objects 60 miles dis- •:n'nt appear close at hand. The etfects .if light and shadow r.re the purest I iinvi; ever seen, nnd the contrast of col- • orris, truly astonishing'. One. squtire fdofof'a mountain juts out inablax.uof gold against the flanfc of another, dyed of the. darkest purple, while up against •Hie azarc sky beyond rise peaks of glistening snow and ice. If within the domain of nature such another region is to be. found it must be •Jit the heart of those solitudes which science i.s unveiling, to us amid the un- •troddec fastnesses of the lunar rooun- •»ins—ttuth Shaffner, inChautauquan. : 'separate Walnti. Fancy -w-nisU are again 'to be fashionable for spring and summer wear, and •Ithouffh. they are no ]onger,tlie very latest fad, their usefulness and comfort Jifcvc been so thoroughly well estab- Ifehed that every complete spring outfit includes three or four of them. The sHks that are fashionable this season we peculiarly veil adapted for fancy waists, and there are numberless pat- ,-icm» to choose from. -There «re the saiis-iri light color, so suifabJc for thea- .tCE-iind'.evening wear, while in the dark- *r-erery conceivable shade -is .shown. ' '"••ttn waist of some faacy sillc or brocade ivifciPTvliich to maUc a change if so de- 3ire<T. The gTeat_diffei-enee to tins sea- son's rancy -\vaists is In the ruffle or .basque effect instead of tlic round simply 'finished with a belt, and the difference is much more becoming to tho jn:tjonit.v -of figures. The ruffle or frill does not extend nil around the waist, •but starts from the second dart Or side seam; it is generally cut on the bias, and is not more than four or five inches wide, but there are some put on the straight wa.y ol the goods and box- plaited in tho bnclc. Still tmother, and this the newest, ho.s bias'sido piecesput on plain but hang-ing: down fully a quarter of s, yai'd over the hips, and jjrnil-uated to a small ruffle at the bnclc. This is an evident desire to return to jianicrs, but that ptwiicrs will not be allowed this spring may positively be stated.—"Harper's Bazar. / SCHOONER STRIKES A WHALE. Etnn and Fl§h Both Injured by the C61- llslon'at Son. The schooner Etna, bound from Jacksonville, Fin., to New York with a cargo of lumber, collided with a whale Tuesday when oft Cape Hntteras and sprung a leuk which compelled her to put into Delaware breakwater nt Philadelphia, Pa, Tho shock sent all hands staggering about the ship nod the captain and crew were at a loys to know what had struck the boat until a big sperm whale was seen spouting blood and water, the collision apparently having been as disastrous to the whale .as to 'the schooner. The vessel began to flH rapidly and but for'her buoyant cargo the men could not have kept her afloat. Several skippers report having recently s«cn hundreds of whales moving- in a. nortbwesterlyflirectipn oil Montank. CAN SEE THE )T~RAYS. Peculiar Ability ot. a Girl, tho ton* of Whose Eye B»i Been Removed. A girl who con see the Eoentgen rays has been, found ,by Dr.. Brandes, oi Halle, who discovered her. Starting- from the f act-that the rays do not penetrate lenses;, ho hunted for some one the lens of whose eyes had been removed, an operation performed not rarely "for extreme shortsightedness or for cataract., The girl, -who had had tbo lens of her left eye removed, was able to see the light with it, though her right eye, which retained its lens, could see nothing. Dr. Brandes asserts that the rays affects the retina pf the eye, and if anyone's .hand is rinclosed in-an opaque vessel near the source of the rays the light can be seen even with 1 closed eyes. • . '.''.'•'.' jveepJfbnr Month Closed, ; People who keep their mouths closed except when"they are talking, eating OP drinking- rarely .contract colds or KEID TALKS, Is Much Pleased;with His Visit to McKinley'a Home, Says He Is a Sound-Money Man and " Will Be Nominated for President— An Absurd Story Denied. Buffalo, Xi.Y., June 5.—Hon. Whitelaw Keid passed through Buffalo at one o'clock Friday morning: on liis way home from the west. He was mot here by Mr. Keid und -Mr. D! 0. Hills, who cuine to LMffalo Thursday morning, having- separated I'l'oin Sir, Eeid a^ Cincinnati, 1 -the lutter {roiuj? to Cautoc to visit -Maj, MclCiiiley. Mr. Keid had only ten minutes' time here.before proceeding to New York, but during that time talked to a reporter oiL.thu subject of his call on the Ohio '.-unclidato.. He said' he hud n very pleasant visit witii Maj. McKiilley, who he said is u soucd money man, und \vlio, he believus, will be nominated lit St. Louis. Asked ubout the vice presidency, Mr. 3teid snid he thought the icloiil en in; ulutc for that office was his iinnu'sake of Miihie. Mr. lieid declined to. uilU on state politics. BLrU ULICAITS GATHKK1XG. Story Thur PJlutt Is J'repnrln ;• to Knife • AlcKlntoy llrttiidoil at Al. urd. SU Louis, .lune.j.—The p;i.:.)ini'nt republican politicians u-ho:..; arriving here in udvajicc of Tht» no; o..:il convention were busy I'riduy C.: Bussing the story .that Tliomus -C. I'lutt, of JS'ew York, hud (ii-rniigcd with n number of anti-lluKinleyites in thu enstern states to meet, in St. Louis m-.\t .Monday, und tnkc measures toward preventing thu nomination of McKinluy. Col. S\\-ords, sergeant-at-orms of thu national committee, c'hunicfcrizcs the..story :is ub- surd. The national committee will meet next Wednesday. Chairman -Manley .telegraphs that-lie will arrive on Ttiesdiiy niffht, .and ,1. S. Clarkson advises that it' possible he will be here 'early Wednesday . morning. Defoi-e their arrival little can be dom> it: the way of promoting or -defcnting the chances of uny presidentialcarulidut« COSVKM'ION CAI-1.K1>. Full St»to -lioket 'Will »<: IMwioU lu tlie rliilil in Missouri St. Louis,-.'June 5.—ChairiRiiu J.'oseJJu, of the state eoiiir.iittc.-e of rhi. 1 people's party, has issued a'oiill J'oi-the. si ate convention to be.held at hedulia July 30. Seven hundred dolegiitcs will bo iii-'.-sent. Chairniiin Itoselle (k-clai-es .that «U talk of u possible cornbinniion ot populists :md democrats in this state is unfounded. "We. will put up a oomplcl-c ticket from A to Ixxard, with not. one candidate on it who is not lic.voncl question u thoroughbred populist." One feature.Of the conventfon will bt> the nrgiiniy.iitioii of'wagon tours from interior counties. Contests Liht-ly tu OrofiWn'., ' .Portland, Ore., June C,.—Ellis (rep.) has gained'n lead of 102 over Quinn (pop.) hi .the Second difl.rict congressional ilght. Since Thursday night t*ie fight in- both the First and Second districts is so close that nothing short ol a contest will decide who is elected. The latest fig-ores obtained g'i/c Cl republican members of the legislature out o£ 00. Thoinus H. Tongue (rep.), in the.lMi-st district, is' 07 ..behind, There is one precinut supposed to be populistic; in Klamath county, which has not been heard from, which gives 35 to 45 for the populist candidate. At the republican state' central . committee headquarters the claim was made Friday morning 1 that Eilis was elected by 200' plurality. With nix precincts no! counted in this county the vote in the Second-district stands: Quinn (pop.), 11,057;. Kills .(rep.), 1.1,087. ." Figures in the First district: Vanderburg (pop.), 10,072; Tongue (rep.), 18,874. ' • :t _ IVIiidnttli HaiiKod »t ChlcaEO. Chicago, June 5.-—After having once been respited within sight of the gnl- ows, in prcler that the question of his mental condition might lie passed upon ay a special jury, with the result that he wus found sane, Joseph Windrath, one of the slayers of Carey B. Birch, receiver of the West Chicago Street.. Cur company, was hanged nt the county jail Fri : day afternoon.. The drop fell at 12:01. Several time's during the morning the condemned man gave way to wild paroxysms of rnge. ' The Treea In London. Vfithin the. memory of many persona London v/aa once like many American dties, absolutely treeless—nothing but, >rick, stone and mortar being seen aj}y- ere. Of late years Intelligent horticulture hns been drawn into service, and trees and shrubs are being planted What Phom won't do for WOMANKIND no medicine will. ; ; USES' OF HOSPITALS. Need ol Lcgnl Enactment for th« Benefit Every year enormous sums of mone'y are put into hospitals, ond almostevery day something new is devised nnd furnished, iu order to add to the comfort of victims of misfortune or disease. And yet, with every thing at hand to insure the most approved treatment a.url the best care, it is often impossible to induce injured persons''to take advantage .of the conveniences provided Tor. them. It is possible for a board of physicians to decide when patients shall be sent ta asylums, or when it, is best, to remove them ou .-it-count of contagious dis- •ciitus, but there seems to be no-authority to tnlic t.liem to hospitals when they n.re sulTering from accidents, even of th« most painful and dangerous char- avtor. A case in point, which i-s only one of ninny, proving- tlie m-ed of sonic log-al ennctinent 011 this subject, was that of a working-man who was picked up not loaf; ago very seriously hurt in a I-CIKI tv-iiy accident. He .had intelligence enough left to protest ugainst being tuken to tlni hospital, und those who assisted him were foolish enough to give him his way. He »vas taken home, and persistently refused to be removed, oven on the assurance of tbc physician thnt. it was almost absolutely necessary to his recovery to be. Inkoii out of his uncomfortable surroundings. •• With the stopping of Ills work bin in- eumc censed, and he and bis family were dependent upon the tender mercies of outsiders for maintenance, Instead of going to the hospital where he would have proper care, lie determinedly fought against the idea, until iu.despair it, was abandoned. . With it wentrnoet of the interest of the doctor and those who had kindly cared for him. If it had beeji tbe man nlonewhosuf- ft-rt-d, very little thought would have been given to his case, but lie had an iiivalid wife, a most worthy and admirable little woman whom everybody liked, and a family of little children all huddled together in the tiniest of rooms. If the man had beeu stricken with a contagious disease that might I'.iivo aft'sutod the neighbors, he could have bucn removed, but because he injured only himself and worn his faith- i'u* wiic to death's door, taxing her sTiength until it is a matter of doubt •.vhfther she ever recovers front it, nothing could be done. There is. a penalty .attached for at- tciaplirig suicide, und this should "be construed so aw to cover the eases of seriously injured persons who refuse to ta!;r> "advantage of what intelligent phvsittians consider us essential to their restoration rind health. A man h:is no right'to jc-opardixo tlie life of his wife oy unnecessarily t;ix tlie strength and forbearance ol disinterested neighbor*. When cases ,of this sort corac up, the jilica? man iinil the bonnl o£ health should Jiiiyo sinthcrity to remove the siitTcrcr Hinder t.he smae couilitions as nre in force" when ho is ;i diluted with n contagions iTisca.sc.—N. V. Ledger. Col. E. !•'. Hooker Dcai). Omaha,. .\>L>., June 5', — Col. K. T. -, formerly live stock agent of t lie Chicago. .l.'ocU Island & Pacific road, died here i'Yiday morning. He hud been superintendent of stage lines in Ohio, Iowa aiid California. MJJJioiinlri! Brewer !'»*»«» An-iiy, Cincinnati, .Tune 5.—John Haucl;,mil- lionaire brewer a.iul ex-bank president o£ this city, dit-d at a private sanitarium in the Highlands of Kentucky early Friday morning, of apoplexy. He was 07 years old. SulclUu of'u VonnR Wuiuau. St. Louis, June 3.—Mary Connelly, a youiijT woman whose home, was destroyed by the tornado, became de spoudent and threw hcrself.'in front of a Cass avenue car Wednesday night. She died at the city hospital Thursday. THE MARKETS. (irtiln, FrovlHlonn, Etc. Chicago, June 5. WHEAT—Moderately 'active and higher. Juno, 5i'/,'5l!8?ic; July, li$',6@35'/i>o: September, S8%@COc. CORN-Easy. No. 2, .27'/;©27>4c: No. 2 Yellow, 2S@25%c; July. 2Sc and SSXSBSki:; September, !9J4c and 29Vic. OATS—Steadier, with 1 moderate trading. June, 17V£c; July, 17%@l.S'/iic,- September, IS'AifluSVcT-Samples, steady. No. .3, 17VfrU> IS'/io- No. 3 White, 18Vi<6»10%c;. No. 2,17%!i} ISc" No, 2 White, 13?i@20c. MESS PORK—Offerings ratliei- liberal and demand fair, Prices hlffher. .Quotations ranged at J7.1«ffl7.3> lor cash; Ji.100 .7.15 for June; $7.12%(g)7.27K for July: $7.30® J.KVt for September. LARD—Demand moderate and offerings free Prices higher. Quotations'ransred at J4.20@4.25 for cash; JJ.aW.ffi for June; J4.25 01-1.31) tor July, and $4.a7V4@4.45 Cor. September. BUTTER — Quiet and steady, rather tame. Creameries; ll@15o; Dairies, S013c. LIVE POULTRY—Only moderate demand. Turkeys; G@8c: Chickens, . 7@7#c; Ducks, 9@10o per pound; Geese, per dozen, .$3.000-1.00, WHISKY—Steady on the basis ol 51.82 tor -high -wines. , New York, June C. FLOUR State and western quiet, easy; unchanged. 'WHEAT—No. 2 red, advanced lVS®l%c on higher cables, bad crop reports from -winter sections, better west and foreign buying; fairly .active; firm. July, 64%@65 U'lGc; September, 64%@65%c; December, .WSitf 675-100. .'••'• CORN—No. 2 dull, firm, July, 349sp; Sep.-' tember. 35 • S-lC&SS^c; October, 3C'/4c; No. t, . . . . OATS—No. 2 dull, • steady. . July, 2S%c; Western, 23@2S^ic. BEEP— Extra Mess, $0.0007.00; Family, J8.50@9.00. . ' ' , .BUTTER— Family Fancy active^ and steady. Western Dairy, S@31c; do. Creamery, 1 HWlSHc; Elgins, lO'/ic; Imitation Creamery, ,10@12c. • CHEESE — Moderate demand, fancy about steady. Part Skims, New, SSMtec: Full Skims, lVi@2c., . EGGS — Market steady; . moderately active. Western, . . . : , •'. Llvo Stock. . Chicago,, June B. CATTLE— Market, slow, about steady ; all but best neglected: Fair to, Best Beeves, t::35<HGO; Stockers and Feeders, f2.OOgi3.7S; Mixed Cows. and Bulls, J1.36(3)3,H); Texas, -'(2.50@3.80, . '.' ' -.. ' ' ".'.-' HOGS— Market' B®10c hlsher. Llght,*3.2(J @3.45; Rough Packing, K.S5@3;<X>; Allxed.and Butchers,' J3.00@3.40.; Heavy Packing . ', $3,05(813.32140;. Pies, HoosiEK HAPPENINGS;. News by Telegraph from Various Towns In Indiana. Operu Srmon Cloned. Muncie, Ind., June,S. — For severa: weeks the residents in the vicinity oi West-'.Muiicie' have been greatly b6th- ered by the nightly bellowing- ol a bull- .frog- inLalceDelawa.re,at the edge of the town. T, C. Hefel, n civil engineer, who has his summer residence upon, tlie banks of the lake, -for a week past has, armed with a shotg-un, been patrolling the banks of tlie lake, and finally killed the frog. The creature was found to weigh JlVi pounds. It hud legs Dearly as long as a man's arm, and a voice that could be'heard a distance of four miles The frog- is the largest-ever caught in Indinnn waters. Savort tlio Life of Harrlnoi). . Brookville, Ind., June 5. —Anthony Mbllaun, the oldest pioneer in Ogdensburg, is dead. He came to America in lS3i. am) entered the employ of Gen. \\. H. Harrison. Xot long afterwards the famous canal tunnel between Cleves and North Bend was begun. Gen. Harrison went to view 'the work, taking with him Hiv Mollaun. The general was riding along the tunnel when suddenly Mie earth beneath him began to crumble and presently the whole crust gave way, carrying- him down, with his horse. Mollaun, at the risk of his life, succeeded in dragging the general out. But Half » Wheat Crop. Indianapolis, Ind., June 5.—Keports received and compiled by the stata statistician on the condition of the wheat crop in Indiana show an alarming falling oft from last month, anrt compared with former years the worst noted in two decades. The returns are from 784 out of 1,010 townships, and ar« as follows: Northern sectjon, 57.0; middle section,"52.3; southern section, 51.4. The average for the state is 53.8, or 20 per cent, less than a month ago. Oats show 87.7, timothy 67.3. and clover 50,7. At the best there cannot be muchovcra half crop in wheat. Ran Away to Wed. U'abash, Ind., June 5.—John'C. Ap- plebue, ng-ed. 50 years, and Miss Marthu •Langston, aged 30, arrived in Marion Both were from Chicago, and seemed to be well to do and cultured. They inquired for the county clerk's office, asked for and obtained a license and were united in marriage by Justice Timothy, to whom they said that they had left Chicago to g-et married because of the strenuous opposition of relatives. They went to St. Louis on a bridal toUf Win tt Snrprlgc, Muncie. Ind., June 6.—Mary C., only daughter .of Mrs, M. U. Ecemer, a wealthy widow, was married to Kev. Thomas F'. Kayon. pastor of the Cocgre- g-atiomil church at Atwatcr, 0. Kev. Dr. Bull, of Anderson, performed the ceremony in the presence of only the family. The bride is a tnlcnted younpr lady, and the groom a recent graduate of Yale. The wedding was a'complete (surprise. . . Say Bribery Wns Attempted.' Indianapolis, Ind., June 5.—.Members of -the Good Citizens' league nia-Ue tht sensational announcement, that several attempts have been made _ to bribe Sheriff Woniack to permit Sunday baft games and it is hinted that pel-sons financially interested in the club made the attempts. The shcrilT does not deny that he was approached on the subject, but declines to enter into details. Verdict for Ulackllntcd Man. . Vmcemies, Ind., June 5.—The jury in the case of Wilitonj-Drummond ngainsi the Kvansville & .Terre Haute Railway company gave .1 verdict of $3.5SO '>n favor of the plaintiff. He was a conductor on the road, but "lost bis place at the time of the Debs strike. Since then 'he alleges 'that lie has been unable to get em- plovvnent because of the fact that he has becu blacklisted. Elopers Marry... Grcencastle, lud.. June 5.—Charles B. Teel and Miss Viola Childress, a handsome young couple from Ashmore, Ill- arrived here and were married at the residence of Klcler A. H. Morris They eloped from Ashmore, giving the young lady's wealthy father the slip. They returned to Ashmore to seek parental forgiveness. Cram pucker Wlnic Michigan Cit.i, Intl.. June S.^Judg* E. D. Crumpncker, of Vulparaiso, was nominated for congress by the republican convention of the Tenth congressional district . over Congressman J. Frank Henley by n majority of fifty- two one hundrcdths. of i vote, out of a total of 245 votes.. ' . Fixe* tho Championship. Terre Haute, Ind., June 5.—The Terre Haute Young Men's Christian association basket bail team, defeated Craw- fords'ville by a score of 4 to 3, mn Icing ten games the home team has won without a defeat and fixes the state championship, for. the year. Ousted tbc Tretuurer, • Rushville, Ind., June 5. — Democrats and republicans in the city council united and ousted Treasurer Campbell, of the school board, because of his free silver tendencies. T. H. Beed, a republican satisfactory to the democrats, was elected. . ' Died According to Pronolic. ' : Sh'elbyville, Ind., June 5.—William Willces, aged SO, on retiring informed his family that he would not be, alive the 'allowing morning, and in the morning. he. was found dead in bed. The coroner expects'sensational evidence. Killed by tho Car*. • Coat'esvUle, Ind., June 5. —Mrs. Ella Greenlee, of this place, while walking _.. the Big Four tracks, was killed by a, 'ast train, •_ Old Settlor"' Boun.'on. Albion, Ind., June 5.—Old settlers of he county held their annual reunion •e, 1 - being addressed by .Bev. Aaron Vorth'.;,. ,'. • .. • ' -"'•.'..''•',-. • .! "THE TRIUMPH OF LOVE 18 ITAPPY, FRUITFUL SIAttRIA«E." Every ,Man Wlio Would' Know cho Gram! Truth*, the • Plain-Faem." mo New DIxcovrrlcB of AlodJrnl .Science nn Applied to Married Lilc, \Vlio \Voiild Alovc for Paht Error* nn<l ATalU Tuliirc ritfalln, ^bould Sc.-urs ' I he'* \YondpiTiil Little I'.ooti Callcil • '"Complete Manhood, mill Ilo»v to At- lain Jl." " Her* fit last i$ Informal!™ from a tlzS . Eii-dical source tliat muse work woaOiTs wirb • tins avneratlon of men." Tlio book-fully describes a method by which toiutalu full vigor and manly po^-cr. A mc!u.cxl by which, to end a!l unnatural Drains on' i To ri;rc nervousness, Jack •! sclf-coctrol. 'Jot:p -.-.iiicncy, &c. VocwhaDRca Jailed and worn nature ;cr or.scf triplitDe?3, buoyancy nnd pov.'cr. , 'j'o cure lorever cllects o£ csccsscs.ovcr-.vcr.:. '.i'o'f'ivufHjlBtrcncth, Oc\-c1optncnt nr.d to::; to every portion aud orpan of T,hc bo'iy, /.;;o no birricr. Failure i-jipobsible. Tv.-o ;;-i::f--ind reference?. 'j'iie book is purely racilicol nnd scicntir.c, i:",;)oss to curiosity ecekerf, iuv'ulusbic ;.o oca tai.vv.-honecdit. A dastMiirlnn man, vrlio had a?j:icrl to us, i O'-T> iificr wrote: ••v.'ul!, I tell you that first day is oae I'll r.'-.-tr forgft. I jnit bubbled with Joy, I v. rd to' lint? everybody and tell tliemmy t \':,-M had died yesterday, nndir.rnew-sell- \ ,* b'irn to-day. Why didn't von tcl! Ko \rii-n 1 first wrote that 1 would Cadittli-.s A'nd another tlias: "11 vou dumped a cart load of go! i Mt^y f«t it'would not bring such claJne.«)it<J my " —. — .^...u^j ^iss done 11 ~ JfEDICAL COMPAST, . , I'l • .'look, in sealed envelope, without aay ^ !;9, »~»d entirely free, until it is well intro- The COAST LINE to MACKINAC • «•>• t-TAKE TO MACKINAC DETROIT PETOSKEY CHICAGO 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers ThcQrt.Urt Perfection y«t«tulned In Boat Con>truCUon--Lunirious Equipment, Artlttic FarnlMax, Decoration «nd EKiclcnt Service, insuring tiic highest .degree of , COrtFORT, SPEED AND SAFETY. Fom TRIPS PES WEEK BrrwCEH Toledo, Detroit^Mackinac PE.TOSKEY. "THE soo," MARQUETTE, AND DULUTH. LOW RATES to Plcturewue M«ckio»c and Return.- Includinn nt»l§ and Berth*. From Cleveland, $18: Irom Toledc, S'S ! >n»n Dttrolt. ' 3 ' 5 °' EVERV EVENIN3 Between Detroit and Cleveland Connecting at Cleveland with Earliest Trains, for all points East, South and Southwest and at Detroit for all points North and Northwest. Sunday Trips June, July, August and ScpUmbw Ofllr. EVERY DAY BETWEEN _ • Cleveland, Put-io-Bay /Toledo Send for Illintratcd Pamphlet. Address A. A. SCHANTZ, «. f. *., DITHOIT, MIOH* Tde Beiroft and GieMami Steam Kay. Co. ONE-HALF SIZE Of BOX. POZZONI'5 i COMPLEXION POWDER! I bus been tho ntsndTinJ for forty four* * U man popular to^inr than ever before. POZZOM'S |'l> vbo Ideal ebmplcitlou powder—DO«atuTrtnc,| rcfre«L!ng,,cl(;nnly.h^BlU)ful »nd hancieM, I A <J«llC8Uj, InvHlble protoetlon to the ac». With every Iwwof POZZOKTSi•: mmf UOOPnt KtotllT* GOLD fVrf BOX U K*ven lrc « ot ctMa f^- 1 AT DBCGQfSTS AND FANCY STOEES.'j Going For A Lake Trip? You'll fully en joy all of Its d you take one orttte If yo MICHIGAN AMD LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSMUTATION CD'S •LEGANT STEAMSHIPS. Silling, between Chicago and Macklnac Island lour tlraet every week. Tho new st«ol steamship "XW^na.^ 1i.ofcinncUland,etc. . ... ...-Writ* for our readable:.-,• •,- rpftdinir matter, free, or, / : %Sf ; 5fiL Ssk jour nearest ftgent.:-; /•^t-SSL ..Address, Jos, Bcrolzhelm, v: / , SUPERIOR TBAWS. CO. Ruthtnd M.W«terSt. , Bl» «» If a 30B-J»*JBMi» ,• ronKxly for Gonon-hrjii Glmt. d J Wb'^s,

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