The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 26, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 26, 1944
Page 3
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TUESDAY, DKCK.MBKH SO, 1<J<M m.YTUKVll.LK COUlUiCK NK\VS All Traffic Routed \ Around Main Street 1 In California To\vn Main Street, u. S. A., seems due to have Us curb lined. Linda Vista, Calif., has ]:ointcd the way, replacing the. honking niitomcbilc with shrubs an ( i Insvns on its Main slrcet Whitney n. Smith j n the January issue of Hotter Homes & Gardens describes how Linda Vista, u defense housing iirojcct for -1.800 families, was Ijnilt with its .shopphv district turned inside out. The center was lmi!t on the outskirts or fran Diego. This Ciillfomin Shan»il L-I boasis no curs on Main street. Co-<lesis>n- crs Smitli and Earl y. Ciiberson, correcting |he usual evils of Main street, have routed traffic around trie district instead of through it. Stores face iiWiir<| on a court in which chiUlcn can romp safely lor there lire no cross streets. 1" the conn, covered wnll-s encourage window shopping, even in ram, and keep the sun off show windows lillcd with perishable merchandise. There arc In-ndics to sit on, flowers, shrubbery and trees- all whore .Mum street would nor- mallv be. Parking space behind ihc stores, calculated on Linda Vista's nopu- lalton is ainpic. Facing all stores on the court gives all merchaiils an final chance !o attrucl customers. All locations arc equally valuable, mid corners are no longer best. •' The center has been in use 1C months and merchants and shoppers arc both phased. Linda vista includes a market, drugstore, variety store, delicatessen, bakery, can- FOR SALE. Closets, Sinks. Lavatories, Tanks. Automatic Water Heaters Pjpes, Fittings. Lead, Oakum. Al! Plumbing Repair Paris dy store, shoe store, burlier shop, beauty [liirlor. laundry and cleaner] and a large department store. Old towns can adopt Hie Linda Vista plan, Smith writes, with existing shopping districts redeveloped tor convenience and efficiency. A congested street may be transformed into a paik-lik'c promenade, he explains, simply by closing off a -section of street, tearing up paving and planting grass. Parking space'can be acquired on the lower-priced land behind Main street, an rt traffic diverted around (he area. The changes innv bo made Smith says, without disturbing the existing merchandise pattern. Keep Plug-Ins Plugging With Thoughtful Care Lucky yoii-if your old appliances are still faithful. Keep pet tins them. Mere repair bills stem from lack of cure than from H-CII •-one up on these directions which Heller Homes & Gardens IJKIM- mne gives to keep your plug-ins plugging happily. Keep all appliances clean. Ne\ei pull a cord to remove a plug from V-ull"" S0l ' ket ' Rcl)!llr Or replace and clean. When .storin^Toop the cord in a loose figure 8 to prevent KIIlKs. WAFFLE BAKER-Turn current o.f just before the last waffle Ins finished baking. Leave the co\ci raised until the iron cools; this pie- vcuts burned grids. Before it cools (lie grids lightly with papci lowelinif or a pastry brush-but (ton ( , ml, off the thin fi] m „, fat or the next waffles will stick. If waf- • Je particles slick, remove with a soft wire brush. Never wash the grids. IRON—A fall is your iron's great••-« hazard, so never set it near the edge of the board or let the cord [Jangle. Someone may trip on it. A wobbly iron or ironing board may "use a painful burn or dangerous lire. To remove a light starch film and smooth your path, glide your warm iron over waxed paper. If starch sticks to Hie iron disconnect and let cool. Soften starch on the sole plate with paraffin, then wipe off with a damp cloth and silver polish. Don't leave your iron for even a few minutes unless it's disconnected at the wall nine. COPFEE-MAKER-Air it between brews for more delicious coffee Leave it completely apart the whole time if you've space. Wash inside with fresh suds, not used dish suds Never immerse the element in water. If yours has a cloth filter wash it after every use in clear cool water, then store in a fresh cup of cool water. Occasionally boil cleai water in your coffee-maker to clean it, or follow manufacturer's directions. If yours is aluminum, boil two iflblcspcons of vinegar to a quart of water. Hinse and dry thoroughly -Never use soda, lye, or any alkaline snbslaiice in an aluminum pot. Closet txtenders _2<virop3 in each nostril JB open clogficil Jiosc, you Blircatbo freer. Cmition: ^ Uao only ae directed. PENETRO NOSE DROPS Making .ine closet do for two people is finite a (rick, but this young Right Planning Helps simplify Household Work Work shnpliricalion is the incnna by which busy Mississippi County homemakcrs can pevlonn iheir usual lioussholci task.s and .still find timt> to do their part in the war effort says Cora Lee Cole-man, mun!v home demonstration nijcnl. Slinpl'. jobs tiiat were once allowed a lull dny must now its done in less lime by using time wisely, improvm'- the iKiy the job is done, and making every motion count, she noint''ri out. ,, By taking a little lime to mu Uieir method of doing housework' homemakers muy work out a systeni that will save much time and energy. Practically everyone can learn (o be more efficient, by performing eacli task the shortest and easiest way and eliminating all v motions and steps. The home demonstration iK'ent suggested the following point-fin simplifying a job: check the meth- oil;-. mi'.v used, step by step; leiivc ,out uny pun ,,f a task (hut is IK)t •ribsiiUiU-'.y nccc^ary; use the best ; tod for the tusk: sit, lo work \vlien- . CUT you can; :,torc equipment, at I Ihe pl:it-i> whiri' it Is used, and keep jail iirticlos used in deling a. task (Within easy reach; and train both . hiuuis tu v,'ork. ; D.iily care and needed repair of noa'x-nuld equipment will also re- ;snlt in a «ivini;'or Unit! iis ivell us . rt '.avin;; ui siipplii-s ttuit are llmlt- cil on thu imu-kel or Impossible lo buy becuasft they are not being inanufiicturcd, she explained By checking tilth equipment be-' | fore it if, to i,,_. „,,,,] Mississippi County homcinukfi-s will know whe- thc-r.or not it is in «opd working order. If repair parts are needed. , TI'.'-T c;i;i he ordered immrdinloly I since several \veeks are often ve- cjuired lo iret them. Stretch Sag Out Of Seats H.V KPSUi niN,\iu> NKA Sliif/ H'rllw H u chair bollom MIKS lieenusi' wt'MiiiiK liu.s- xlretehea out of shupc or w In ncixl of reiilncrment here's a sliii|)l r operation ivlilcti will ,,inki- « «s uood as ne\v: Hi'iiwvr tacks from one end of ho strip, and see if the webbins; mils there litui cnoiiKh iT.sLstaiu-e ll ''l In It to use. If It has. it din be pulled (mil by winding It "rout it narrow, flat sllck-or hotter sun. by n.slni; a iveldjlnii «livtchcr. in tliat ease, draw the wohbhit! at Us lightest over Die tramv. IIIK! *j"|) it about an Inch or .so beyond ll| e length nmied. Noiv. lack' Ihc weMmiB firmly lo the Iriinie. Then turn In the excess , m ,| i, u ,|._ Jt It's no jjowllh the wcWilng Norm: or SAI.I-: N'oltee Is hereby «iven that ]iur- siiiint to a decree In piivdllnii ren- ilrml by (lie Clinneery Court ml ciMiilx-r 21. 1911 in in,- crtUH . Hvlii W. II. I'aync Is pluinllll and liuel Johnson is defendanl Ihe WMli'i-sli-ncd will Mill within lawful loiiLs on the 1511) day of Janimrv. l!H.i. "I Hie front door of the court house. »t Dlythisvlllu. Arknnsiis, upon ii credit of three months to in- hlshesl bidder, the followliii! ,| e . seilbnl property: A tract of land 211) feet wide iiom east lo west by 210 feet loni! from north to Kc'mth located in the extreme norlhwest corner of 11,0 south lailiicres olthe Msl half of section 27. township 15 north, ranue 10 east, containing one acre, more or less The pnrelmscr will be required'to milD bond with iipprovcd security to secure payment i>F his old and a ben \vi!l be retained on || l( . , mn> . ei-ty therefor. Meil this acili day of iJcccinber, dial's their, use new, and follow the sunn* picK-edii'i'. In cllhei- i-venl. u wi)i(t n[ wjirnlnt:: rcsW. the lin- imlse lo cul the webbiiif, in mi'- iMlmiilea snip.-,. MliK-iilciilatliins will you more lime unil n»mi-y. 191-I. IIAIJVKY MOKIilS. (Jnm- iiilsslDiici In t.'lianu-iy Court Held ,1- Kvrnnl, Altiirncys tiii- I'liilullll, Hcrlfn Slsns lli'.uly CllllIACiO illl't - AiiH'liran Mil- ifltrs when they cvciiduillv i-oiu-h Hcrlln will hnvc no tumble '[liKillni; Iliiir way iiidtiiui streets (if Ihc (lei Hum rapltal lii!c:uiM: (;pl. Clconw K.-ulli'c of c;lilca',M nii'mlicr uf inlliliny piillei' baltullon. linn al ready pulnlrd w.Wtt sl|(ns lo Rdldi Ihem. Mi; stinted palnllni; lln- ^|j;n us i:ii|di';i |hj-i)ii|!h I'Yniit-f ivlien l(i( Normandy Invasion slarleil :uul I foiillnnlng to paint ilicm H« troj|i iidvinirc. Me alw.iy:, bus ihcm ri'iul. iielorc the Iniops IMOVD inlo thi.l next ohjei:tivi\ TEST p ^"° ltu ^WTHiTwA^ 9 —'•'-- J'"!", 1 ,,;!!;;"!!; 1 ;; 1 '-"- 1 "'''" 1 "" 11 I -. ll.r.-« ,,r liiK.ll /nirilily.' I NOTItT. OK SAI,K CXIXHITION Notice Is hereby i;|ve» that (lie umlerslcued. as Hln-rllf of Mlssls- .-•iplil fminiy, /irkan.sus, by virtue of a levy of a certain wrU of execution iMiU'il in, Ihr lilh day of December 1911. out of the Circuit Court of the. Ohlekiisawba Dislrlrl of Mhslsslpj)! (.'ounly. Arkansas, upon n Jiuljjmcnt. (herein lecordeil, whcicin Jon liay was liliilntllt and Will. Mile,) 1 . John Nvoley mill Norn Noeli'y wore <le- femtunlH. In fnvor of tbu said Joe Hay, whleli Juditmenl was, on lhc> Mh day of November. IfllJ, iiMicned lo Jaine.s II. Uolciidn, will on (ho ft Uay of Jaiuiiiry, iflir,, ,ind bi'twcen the hours of !> o'clork In tho fon;- uoon ami :i oVKn-k In tho afternoon of said day, at (lie Mjulh door of tin- Comity Court Hoime. In (lie City of Illylhevlllo, Arkmtsas, oiler for sale at public unction to the highest bidder nihin a eiriilfonim-e inonili.s the [iilluyvlni: descrlbsd iiroiierly, to- All of 1,0(11 i;, 7. « mid (i, | n Hloit. I, of ||,i! N, II. AMmlmm- ner Addition to (he Town of Manila, ArkmiMi. 1 ;. I'meliiiser at said sale will be re- inilrcil 1» execute bond with approved security. Hale Jackson, Sheriff K. A. Mice, D. S. This the M dny of December, 1944. 1!) & 20 WARNING In Ihe rjuinciry (,'ourl, C'lilcka- sawlia District, Mississippi County, AiUatiKiB. Fannie I.lntM-nlch. Plaintiff, ' vs. No. G390 C. I,. Untf.eiikli, c t al, .Defendant. The ilefcndant FrcrlO. Grimwooa Is hereby warned to appear within thirty days in jhc courj, nhnicd in the caption hereof nnd answer the complidnl. of the plaintiff, -Pannle wnzciilith. Dated this 4th day of "December, TIAHVKY MODKIS, Clerk. ('•• M. mtck. Ally. Sot plf. O. W. llarham, Alt, iul lltem. Planters Hdw. Co., home of SHERWIN-WILLtAMS PAINT DE LAVAL MILKERS and SEPARATORS GOULD'S ELECTRIC WATER PUMPS U. S. BELTING and PACKING CANDLEWICK CRYSTALWARE COMPLETE LINES OF HARDWARE Phone 515, lilylltcvlllc, Arl<, Are erve Fighting tanks need fighting lubricants -lubricants that will fight hcat- fcccp motor and gears working smoothly despite tough battle conditions. So the U. S. Army uses Sinclair lubricants for many of its tanks, jeeps and other mechanized equipment. To give your car the same, sure protection, get Sinclair lubricants from your Sinclair Dealer. To protect your engine, for example, offers Sinclair Opaline Motor Oil. This famous oil stands up longer and lubricates better because it is both dc-waxed and de-jellied. Use Sinclair Opaline to keep your car rolling. *•-• ALL ill., Ark. When you telephone or call to advise us concerning details incident to the service we render you, or to ask for explanation of office or accounting matters in which you are interested, we feel that you are doing us a favor. We c!o not regard such cads as trouble. More than likely, your advice that help is needed is our first intimation that we can be of particular assistance to you. inquiries pertaining to our bills or relations With our offices are welcomed by us as opportunities to acquaint you with details with which you may be unfamiliar; There is no phase of the relationship between you—our customer—and our organization in which we are not intensely interested. The sort of service and treatment you receive from this company is our most important consideration. We invite your suggestions and constructive criticisms. Thus we can best serve you. efficiently, promptly, courteusly and economically. BERNARD ALLEN, Manajcr "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity!" !• ONlCOlrCOVI«Imoilv«oll- 4. MIXIS Vllllt W41U ^^fis^:.:^;;: *•**-"»« 2. M>futs l!K( V,AOIC *• WASHIJ [»1IIY 3. DKltJ IN ONI llaua 7. loVllim C010DI -OKI GALLOH DOES AVERAGE ROOM i rCom-Tono nil ROUtD-KOATER fl,jC Kern-Tone TRIMS As lov; us |,(?uri>ll PIASIIC PATCH rtfK Rejiuirs tracks "U ">• VARNISH.for FLOORS • FURNITURE • WOQDVVORK ,„,..., SHfKWIN-WtLUAMS' ^^ MAR-NOT {j^Xl'Iffi chippicit;,Kurrin|j»ii(tscralcll- JS ^ " •*«*' ins. Will not uirn white. j> . .. , PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., Inc JUC \V STAJW * *'"»' TIIT/IX'V rim VHONE 51! "Sometfring: New in Paint" It's Clean) It's Qolckl It's [ a *yl • YM, Plttiburjh ll-chldo [• lomsthlnj brand u«w In w«II paint—becaim It «iv« eicallant reiulU over old wallpaper, piaster, brick and many other ourfac«...beca<un oni coat of 7bchid« It uiually iufflcient . . . becnuse !t h quick and «asy to upply tnd drlet In one hour ... bocauao it glvei you tan- lt«ry, washablt walli. Don't ml« this opportunity to rtdecoc«t« your roorru »t amtll co«t Alt u* nbout 'IVdiid«, ,.-.r..^.- •CONOMICM --i On* gallon of T«MJi mol(« JH gallon* of saTnl—> •n»Uflrt r« tf* tv* MADE IH I COLOR1 AND WHITI PITTSBURGH PAINTS T»ehld« torn** (n pnif« form. Con b« mtx»d !• |U,I 0 jiffy) .,.,

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