The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 10, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 10, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER 1NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST'ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. .\\Vll-.\0. 177 lilytheville Courier, UlythevIHe Dally News, mythevillc Herald. Mississippi Valley Under. ,„„,. n , MI , ., ,,,,,. v »r. A L. . 1 II KVILI.K, AltKANSAS, !<'IU!)AY, OCTOHKK 10, li):JO HOME EDITION SINGLE COPIES FIVE GENTS IND MURDER SUSPECT'S CAR HERE Hold Memphis Doctor in Barger Death At Slarm Center of the Brazilian Revolt Dr. Sidney. Frost had At-! lacked Slain Man (or In-! limacy wild Wife. MEMPHIS, Oct. 10 (UP)— Dr.: fiidni'y C. Pros;, well known Mem-' iihis physician whora wife sheriffs: aides said received the attmllons' o! W. S. Barger, 48-year-o!d car-; |].;mer nnd one time government j .employe, tc:lay held in county i Jail liere in eonncclion with :ho ' .-laving o! Barger. ! The physician was nrre.-ted on a j UiUTiinl charging him with carry- j ini! a concealed wciijwn after twn i friends o» the slain man had told ! o.'fic.eis thc physicians had become- j enraged because Bareer had kept . company with his wie and had at- '.emp'.ul to kill him. ] Twice, the sheriff said. Barker was assaulted by the physician. Baiger's body was found Wednesday by two negrn children. It. bore no mniks of violence other than a I small cut or bruise on the head, fvin which considerable bleed hnd Mowed, b;:l nearby officers found a small bottle o! poison, which they believe caused the death. In Burger's pocket was found a n'"ssnje, signed "Honey", which rend: "Somebody is after you. Look cut." The body was discovered in a rnviiie north of here, near the spot where on "Aueust 9 a woman's body i rr I I/ 11 T I : .was found so badly deccniHOMd r VCCl Nellev, Jonesboro j that identification was impossible, j Superintendent, Address- Seek Canadian Flyer, j es Meeting at Leach'ville. MlRSing; at Hot Springs ! Appealing to the women of today i to accept their high position in the HOT SPRINGS. Ark.. Ocl. 10 i world with broadened minds. Fred (UP) —Thc strange disappearance (Keller, superintendent of the of'J.ess Boulding. disabled Canacii- : . Jonesboro city schools, addressee 1 an veteran of the French flying' 100 leaders in Parent-Teacher work service, from his hotel here Mon- I at Lcachville Thursday. The Mis- dny. remained unsolved by police sissippi county council held the today who inciea:,ed their efforts • fir5t meeting of the new year there to locate thc former flyer. | wit " "" bl:l ttt '0 of the 20 organizations in tlic county represented. Columbia Lands On Tiny Isle ST. MARY'S. Scllly Islands, Oct. 10. (UP)—The airplane Columbia ended Its second eastward crossing of (he north Atlantic ocean lodny on a rocky bench at. tlic islet of Trcsro, sonic 25 miles short of the Cornish Tlic plane was reported undamaged In Hie forced landing on thc beach. The Columbia wns driven 7SO miles oil her course from Harbor Grace. N. P.. to Croyden Alr- droine, Loudtm. before Inndlng. Trcsco islet Is one or the roughest, parts of the southwest count of England bill it wns snld the llycrs hoped to continue their flight tc Croyden. perhaps tomorrow. Croyden Airdrome authorities were notified by telegram of the landing of the Coliiinblu. POLICE EXPECT I lilytheville police were on lookout lodny for George W. E. Perry, suspected wife slayer nnd blgnmlst. following Ihe discovery of Ills automobile in n private garage. Perry Is wanted for the murder al Lac du Ftiunucnii, Wis., of Mrs. Com llelle ntoged to nave married blgniiiously. Fnccd by r. billcr civil war that was broiigli'. lo a head by wide-.'.prcad t'«/noiiiic depression, Ihe governmenl oi Is considering (oi..s(riplion of al! men betwce:i 21 r.r.;l SO in crcler to ccmbal the •.iprv'r.jj. At the left is Pr3;idc:V, Wnshington Luis, who is directly the federal forces irom the Brazilian "White House" at Rio de .Inneiio (center); t'i the light is Dr. Julio 1'restes. president-elect It Is reported thai thc revolutionists are centering their upyi;-.!! ion on him, insisting tha'. he must be kept frcm taking oltlce. Find Home Brewery of Laziest Bootlegger .NEWARK, N. J., Oct. 10. (UP —A raid led by Lt. James White on a small shack here revealed what l:e believes to be thc world's laziest bootlegger. Thc equipment was so arranged that every 'operation from brewing to bottling could be done while Ihe operator reclined on a bed. REBEL5 STATE Chix Behind 7-0 at Half A louchdown early In the game placed the Jonesuoro Hurricane nhea<1 - Q[ the Blytheville Chicks 7 „ at the end of the first half of No\V Are Threatening their • ltnllual football game here to • Rpvnlnhnnarv Ke\01UtlOiiary \V Are Thr M • ' r- • i Nation s Capital. RIO DE JANEIRO. Oct. 10. (UP! day. Attendance was heavy with several hundred Jonesboro fans swell- Ing the crowd. Croyden Airdrome, England, Oct. Oct. 10 (DPI—The iilrplane Columbia, flying eastward from Monlrenl and Harbor Grnce. was expected lo urrlvc here about 7 p.m., or' 1 p.m. central standard time, on the basis ol reports from the British steumer Virgllla. As early as 5 p. in., however (lures en thc air Held were lighted. The crowd wtis not Inrge. Charles A. Levinc who flew from New York to Germany in the Columbia, was at thc field. Thc sunnier VirgHia reported nu airplane marked HO, the. letters of the Columbia, flying eastward, toulh of Ireland and some DM miles from Croyden airdrome. The oxnct lime on the sighting was not given in thc radio mcs sage but It was received at the Valencia station shortly after 2 p m. or 9 a. m. central standard lime. check just, prior to his aiuo. fjccnl minorities are seeking ' a negro Uonlding had engaged as a chauffeur. The former ace can easily be identified by a brass plate replacing some bones of his right liana" which caused his hand io be held . speakers used from five lo 20 inin- '. utes each in their lalks and :lem- • onstralions of parts of thc P. T. A. ! program. These were heard: "Our 'Permanent Platform". Mrs. W. C. pitlm upward. Massacre of Eight in Mexican Church \ Tate of Armorel, president, thc . year's .plans were laken up. The forming of local units was stressed as the major project lo be carried out. In the school of instruction Ihe ,'RE-TRIAI, FOR PANTAGES UPHELD LOS ANGELES, Ocl. ID. (UP) —The state's pelition for a re- , hearing of the apptlafe courl's Tavola, a rebel leader, dfrision graining Alexander Vantages a new trial on the charge be assaulted Eunice PrinRle, 11- year-uld dancer, was tleuicd today. 1 —The stale of Ceara on thc north- ' i prn col >st was reported invaded by , Former Congressman fink ! rcM nrmics ^y as the gora "- i c M Congressman ucts lment rusliecl its preparations to. b months on Kum Charge I meet a revolutionary advance fro:ii '• Ihe south . BALTIMORE, Md.. Oct. 10. (UP) ! Mattes Piexoto, president of Ce- -Manuel Herrick, former Oklaho- I ara. was said to have ned south- ,„„ congressimin, arrested by nroal- l ward on the S. S. Alfonso Pennu. bition agents August 9 In a liquor He was succeeded by Pernandes. rnld on a st Mary . s counly . stul 1 today was sentenced lo six months ! In the Baltimore city Jail by, fcd- Wdl Attack Hw Paulo | crai J(]dg( , RIO GRANDE DO SUL. Brazil. | Two DESERTER SLAIN IN ROBBERY CINCINNATI, O., Ocl. 10. (DP) —Earl Martin, 21. Kenluckian who dcserlcd from the army at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indian- Oct. 10. (UP)—Reports of rebel successes in northern and southern . Brazil and penetration of revolu: tionary forces into the slales of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro were ! issued by revolulionary hcadqunrl- > ers here today. I Rebels said they were preparing received months. companions, onc negro. oi six nml three JLenchville; "Executive Board Mcet- MEXICO CITY. Oct. 10 (UP)- - j,, BS ", Mrs. Ed Bell of Shawneo: The newspaper La Prensa reported I "standards of Excellence", Mrs. J. today that private messages re- j R. steadman o! Armorel; "public- vealed the cremation oi eighty : itv - Mrs . Ira Gray of Blytheville: "Recreation". Miss Willie A. Liw: son of Blytheville; "Parliamentary . nrill". Mrs. B. A. Lynch of 3ly- olherwise theville; "Special Projects and Activities of Local Units". Mrs H. A. Smith of Blytheville-. "The Qu?s! lion Box". Mrs. B. A. Lynch of • j Blytheville; "Our Emblem". Mrs : M. L. Si'.mners of Osccola. I Plans for the slate meeting at j ' .loncsboro next week and Mr. Kei- I men. woir.en. and children when bandits set fire lo n church in San Carlo;, stale of Tabasco. Thc report.-; were not confirmed. The religious conflict which until last year .existed throughout Mexico wns said to still exist in apolis, last Monday, was shot to } to attack the city of Sao Paulo. Revolutionary leaders called the day one of "sweeping success" for their movement and congratulatory messages were exchanged between rebel centers in widely separated parts of tlic country. The rebels claimed to control the j enlire Brazilian coast with Ihe ex- i death in an attempted filling station holdup here today, and Ills comrade, Charles Stanlon, 24, Union City, Ind.. was daplured. Martin was killed by motorcycle Officer Harry Holtman, who arrived at thc station as Ihe robbery was in progress. SliK FOR STRIKERS' HEATHS MARION, N. C., Oct. 10. (UP) — Nolices of summons have been fiftlMl in superior courl preparatory' lo inslllulinf suits which Finds Horned Toad in Franklin Street Alley A horned toad, rare in Mississippi county but common in drier regions of the mid-west, was found hero tins morning. Tlie toad was discovered and captured by W. M. Lavender, n ivegro. nnd wns exhibited at tile Courier News office this atieruoon. It Is supposed the toad escaped from some tourist who was taking the capture of the city of Lorena on the railway between Sao Pan- i lo and Rio de Janeiro had disrupt- ! cd the plans of the federal gov-' I ture was found In an alley near thc ROD block on South Franklin street. Stock Market Continues , . ,, , . r> if T J crs nc ' (ire!; s consumed the a-fler- Downwai'd Course loday noon program after the luncheon served at 12L-15 o'clock by Leaclivillc members. may tol,al $300,000 against Shcr- iH Oscar F. Adkins, twelve of his deputies, and the Jlarion Manufacturing company, for lhc dralh of si* strikers on October 2, 1320 in a ,clash between officers ami " I striking mill workers. eminent for the defense and pro- : Ford's Offer to Buy Old Blast Furnace P.efused Public Works Will Provide Employment (or Many During Months to Come. NEW YORK, Oct 10. (UP)—Work Is starting lor the worklcss In ninny American communities loday. Governors, mayors, business men. public spirited citizens, nnd charitable organizations In many cities have given thought to the problem of relieving distress nnd providing wages instead ol soup Miches nnd . bread lines. The federal government long since has advocated that iis many public works as possible be undertaken and this council was hcnded by many states and municipalities. The census reporl for August 23 showed 2,508,151 "out of work, able to work and looking for n Job." Thc U. S. government has let contracts for public buildings in the present calendar yc;ir to cost $43.000.000 nnri will let iu:o:hcr $30.000,000 before Ihe clow of lhc year. lEFIWICBi vVill Answer Accusations at Proper Time Cannon Says in Statement. WASHINGTON. Ocl. 10. (UP) — Bishop James Cannon Jr., expects to remain silenl on charges filed agalnsl. him by four members of his denomination, but lo deny Ihe complaints whenever n properly constituted committee meets lo In- vesllgalc them. In a stntcmenl issued lust night, marriage his first since his return to Washington lost week from a honeymoon irlp, Bishop Cannon sa,ld he hud been afxiu»tnlsd%Uh the n»- -., ture of the charges since his nr^ rival. He nsked "suspension of Judgment until these complaints have been properly adjudicated In accordance with thc procedure prescribed by thc church." The charges agninst Cnnnon, while not yet made public, are un- derstocM to concern his political and stock market activities. Bishop W. N. Alnsworth, also of the Methodist Episcopal Church Soulh, has conferred with Cannon here and Is expected lo appoint Ihe Invesligallng committee. OF BILPEIIf Man Wanted for Killing of Bigamous Wife in Wisconsin Is Known Here. Arrest here tonight of George W, E. Ferry, sought over the entire mid-west ns a murderer und blp.&- niist, was predicted by local.police, following the discovery 'of Perry's automobile In a private garage here. While refusing to divulge the source of their Information, the police snld this afternoon that they had been advised Perry would b3 here Inte today, and were prepared to take him Into custody upon his arrival. . Wanted 111 connection with the murder of Mrs. Cora Belle Hackclt, 42, of Chicago, wlioin he Is alleged, to have married without the formality of divorcing his first, wife, fi resident of Cleveland, O., Perry Is also suspected, of bigamous unions vlth n number of other women. Identification of a photograph or Perry by C. C. Sweeney, manager of the Warwick hotel, St. Louis, Justice of the Pence Carl Gnss of Belleville, ill., and Mrs. Dorothy Utterly, St. Louis, put police on the (rail that today pointed to Bly- thevllle. Detectives sought the man for questioning at the Warwick hotel, but he did not return to his room. He left a small grip containing clothing and personal articles, ,FropoMd Marriage Mrs. Hagerty told ofllcers that Perry, whom she met through a newspaper advertisement, told tales of an $800,000 estate and proposed Mrs. Hagerty said the man told her an "aunt," Mrs! Cora Bells Hacketl of Chjcago, had given him NEW YORK. Oct. 10 I UP)—The stock market plunged further ] • dcwnwaid today, led by U. S. Steel. ' ni n m which went through its low level jrlan reony Plantation sice 1928 after reiwrts showed a ' drr.p of 155.000 tons in unfilled or- ] deis. The drop in the chi:f blue chip of I the list ;ent the entire market fur- | Divorce Again Looms i for Pola and Prince visionlng of its two most Important ; strongholds. NEW YORK, Oct. 10 CUP) — Young Americans seeking adventure arc applying al lhc Brazilian government offices here at the j rate of fifty a day for opportunity I to tnke part In Ihe fighting in 1 Brazil. Some of them when told tta Brazilian government is not hlr- ; ing foreigners as soldiers al present c ii r m ,1 -11 ! --- : ing foreigners as soldiers at present South ot ulytheville ; PARIS, oct. 10 IUPI— poia Negn. j asl .,, (1 | 10 ., v , llcy COU |(i gc( („ toucn - ! film actress, and her husband. ] \ v ith rebel forces. Knapp. noted peony Prince Si-rge N'divani, were involved one applicant was an c.x-sergeanl ,..i- ,.;n -i-.u -.«.- tin..,: .......^ .... 8™» - er of Indiana, was in thc city jin another divorce suit today when , O f mar lnes who has seen service in thcr downward after a morning of Wednesday in the interest of the | the president of the Soin? court , Hayti. He modestly offered to ' Dr. J. BLAIRSVILLE. Pn , (UP)—Indl- nna county residents have been ns- sured that tlie historic Buena Vista blast furnace, onc of the oldest In the country, will not be removed to Boy Crushed Under Pipe While Beating Train Ride CAMDEN, Ark, Oct. 10 (UP) — Shifting pipe in a gondola cur on the Cotton Bolt railroad crushed Tom White, 13-year-old I'ine Bluff, Ark., high school boy, and he wns dead before workmen could exlrl- cale him. White, with Iwo companions, was "benllng" his way to a football game nt Marshall, Tex., when the accident happened yesterday. Onc of (he boys got off Ihe train at Bearden, 18 miles north of here nnd telephoned officers telling them White was in the car and in danger ol being killed. lie was dead before the trail reached here, officers said. Woman Flyer Seeks New West-to-East Record GLENDALB, Cal. Oct. 10. (UP) —Laura Ingnlls, St. Louis flyer, who hold.? the trans-continental flight the Henry Ford museum at Dear- I record for women, took off from steady declines following yesterday's cne to ten point break. Charge Poplar Bluff Police Head Took Bribe born. Mich. When it was reported Ford was seeking to obtain thc furnace a movement was started to keep it here. The Vinton Coliery Company, owner of the furnace, after a ccn- fcrcnce with Indiana county rep. .. . , their explanations ot why , ]0 , n the Brazilian army as general ^ l ^ t ^^^\^. Home of Flowers at their recently ! after one divorce suit had been ; or colonel and train it to a proper {• land to tli com v for V nnrk acquired land on t!-.e Memphis ; withdrawn thc actress started an-1 degree of fighting efficiency. | B " lo " K u • ' p ' ' The furnace stands on Ihe banks of Blacr.Kck Creek, near Armgh. The Daughters of the American Revolution have indicated they will I the grand central air terminal today on a return flight to New York. Miss Ingols hoped to establish n west-cast record on tv.e flieht. She made, her present mark of 30 hours and 27 minutes on an nut-west flight, the first time u w,™:m flyer has spanned the nation. ; acreage belli; planted by Henton's listed ' ' to : highway south of the city. The va- other against the prince. . | rieties will be planted this fall. i The court attempted a rcconcllla- j CL «W n f our l esv " In The peony farm near Dyersb:irg. tion but U appeared the prince was \ O""Wn HU v,uurie&y in I Term., owned fcy Dr. Knapp. was j definitely decided not lo relurn to ! recentlv sold for S100.000 It Is re- conjugal !i?c. POPLAR BLUFF. Mo.—The ar-: ported. The purchaser, a Holland- : Miss Negvl explained her previ- rest here of Chief of Police Roscoe Pr . w m tfl ^ c possession at once, i ""£ suit was annulled before a Walker and Patrolman Charles Hose on charges of accepting bribes ST coTr? "SMS? -U t 30 days, nnd taking under consideration ptatis for impeachment of Walker. Nfayor B. K. Flancry called a special session of the council at w. verdict was given when the couple were reconciled and went on a sec- . . Hoyle wholesale Rrocerv which Sheriff Ray McCowan, who . company, located on the wen end arrested tiie two city officers, and ' of Mississippi street were " Walker were called to testify. Wai- : destroyed this morning bv kcr emphatically denied the char?', of undetermined origin while McCowan wont into dotsfl " rciwrdins; (he trap In \vhlch he says hi> rnuaht Walker nnd Rose, Wholesale \° n <* Grocery Destroyed said, on the refusal of the prince to " .return to (heir home. MARIASNA, Ark.. Oct. 10 (UP i — •Thc_ bunding and stock of ihc Kingsford-Smith Flying from Rome to Australia Jail Says Ralph Capone CHICAGO, Oct. 10 (UP)—After • spending a day In Jail "without being shown any courtesy." Ralph "Bottles" Capone. brother of Scarface Al Capsne, gang leader, wns at- llbeity again today undei on vagrancy charges. tak? care of Ihe site. Smedley Butler Will Quit Marines for Private Life , picturesque figure In Ihe U. S. marine corps and now commandant at the Quantico. Va.. base, is planning ;.--• - f • WTT. '. -Which., he,'. Slid, he: :... ind left in BlythevilferArk:, wiicro — * ic planned to go to reclaim It. According to local police, the au- ombilc. a Studebaker victoria sedan, was left here as security"-for a $150 loan. Perry is charged with murder in warrant Issued at Eagle River, Vis., near the Lac de Flambeau ndian reservation, where the body of a woman, found with a bullet n (he head, has been Identified as hat of Mrs. Hackett, whom ho iiarried June 16, in Chicago. Mrs. Ingerty's rietcriptton,' of her suitor's nclhod is similar to published accounts of the courtship ot Mrs. Hackett. Letter From I-ocal Girl Among Perry's belongings, abandoned at the Warwick hotel, was-a elter postmarked nl Blytheville and bearing the signature "Dot Davis." Miss Dorothy Davis, who lives on South Eleventh street, said this afternoon that- she was acquainted with Perry and that she had corresponded with him. but said she knew nothing of his personal or business affairs 'or of his present whereabouts. Miss Davis said she presumed Perry had business here, as he had been an occasional visitor in the city In recent monlhs. Olhtr Wives Reported According to dispatches, he has been Identified as n former Milwaukee resident by Mrs. Mary Perry, who says she is his legal wife, living in poverty wilh their three [ children. A Cleveland woman, Mrs. Knthcrine Oebhart Perry, has also asserted she was his legal wife and - lias toid authorities he visited her otter his marriage to Mrs. Hackclt. i The Milwaukee wife snld Perry 1 ^ gave up lo retire soon and devote his entire time to private business after ha lost an eye in an accident Persons who met the St. Louis Perry have said Ihey noticed "something wrong wilh his eyes." _ , Mrs. Hagerly, a divorcee and Butler said today he has teen ne- ' othcr of two children, described gotlating with a private business I ncr experiences to reporters yester- group which he does not designate I day at hcr „ assert i n g she had and expects to make a decision in ! ne ver thought thc near future. f of marry- I ing' the man and was merely "stringing him along." "It. was three weeks ago last Sun«« !.„.,..„,,;„„ i /•< ii /M n 11 tin "U. was three weeks ago last Sun- ce Improving; [Cop Has Close Call When [day when I saw an advertisement al Arkansas State Fair Would-Be Suicide Sneezes |ln the , mom i nsf v*& T for . a ^ ITVUIU uc ouiiiue t" lcc " : » < companion who had an automobile I and could travel," she related. "I LITTLE ROCK. Oc Tcdny was Arkansas 10 day (UP)— at NJTvV*ARK, N. J., Oct. 10. (UP) 1110 —Charles Curclo's attempt to corn- slute fair and every section of thc (mil suicide was nearly fatal to Pa- stats was represented in the crowd trolman Klnspiln Heavy Fur on Wolf Pack Forecasts Hard Winter ivas repn that thronged the grounds as the annual exposition nearcd Its close. Attendance during the past two days has exceeded expectations of G. totally a fire The loss is estimated at $-iO.OOO partially covered by insurance. The firm will continue in bond d the WEATHER and severe winter ahead, fur on!>ru esc ] BV the famous McClccry wolf pa<*.i weather' of Monday and the result of unfavorable of fierce Lobo and indicates Arctic wolves, ARKANSAS-Fair tonight; Sat- i Tlv! fllr »' present Is «n almost i Infalllable prognostication, accird- 1'ng to Dr. E. H. McCleery. This urday increasing cloudiness. ROME, Oct 10. (UP)-Charles E. i According to the ofticlRl weather! year the wolves' shaggy bodies are Kingsford-Smltn hopped off for | observer, Francis Carpenter, the covered with n fur of unusual Athens en route to Australia in maximum tcmperalurc here ye.stcr- weight and coarseness which Indi'•'-• " " Ills' airn'.aue "Southern Cross early today, • mum was 85 degrees and the mint-i cs 'es that doop snows arc due this " ' " I Winter. Automobile races headlined today's program wilh so:no of the country's leading dirt tr«ck drivers scheduled to compete this afternoon. Otter contests n'.tractlng Interest todny include the lira's for trolman Kinsella. Klnselia. was walkln his beat was disgusted and bored, with Ufa nnd I thought it might be. a to get away. I answered the advertisement without dreaming that it was not a woman. when Curclo, standing nearby, put j "The followir.j Wednesday Perry an automatic lo his temple. As He | telephoned me and made an appalled the trigger he sneezed. The i pointment 'or the next morning in bullet entered a wall two inches ; the lobby of the Warwick. I drove from the policeman's head. the state horse championship, lhc shot 1 bsi pitching fly contests and the liniiiio".i>M contest. Gold Star President Dies in San Francisco SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 10. (UP) j $879,000. | down in my car and he Introduced i himself, explaining that he wanted ! a companion for his aunt, who va.i at 'HO'. Springs. After a while he started talking about himself and lo'd me that if he got married M I would Inherit an eslate worth —Funeral arrangements were made today for Mrs. Leah H. Davis, national president of the Gold Star Mothers, who died yesterday after a short Itlnwj A three-wheeled taxi motorcycle that carrle; five passengers in 'addition to tla driver has been developed In. Germany,

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