The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 30, 1934
Page 3
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MONDAY, APRIL 80, 1984 HLTTHEVILLi OBXJ CCUEIZB NEWS IS THE GRETA EIBO OF Her Private Life Is Mystery Bvit She Knows He Business BY MARY MARGARET MeBRIDE NEA Service Slaff Correspondent WASHINGTON. April 30.—The "Greta Gaibo of the NRA" Is a small black-eyed yountj woman known as Robbie to practically e\erylwdy here, from the President to the sood-!ookin<? college-bred office lx>ys in the Commerce Building who tell you ivgrcUull) thai she l«i!'i in when you call by aptxiintmcnt. Robbie's name, as fully as anybody seems to have heard it, is Frances M. Robinson, the mystery "M" being one of the minor Hems ol ( She is secretary and main aide to General j Himh Johnson, head man of tlie ] NRA. and while one of her duties Is lo maintain a constant and necessary business contact with members 01 the press, she manages l_ invariably to play hide and seek. with Ihein a la Garbo. or Hepburn while in the waitini if yon prefer, when they :-y?ek penetrate the reserves she built about her private life. The ladies and gentlemen of the'to date up the elusive Robbie! Right-Band WomanjToJJohneon FAGS THRU Fourtli Estate, being short-tempered when notoriously high-hatted, would undoubtedly long ago have left Miss Robinson severely formed and in that time has had me or fact the lot. Be ihai as it may, she certainly is ready with whatever is wanted in the way of stalislics or information at any given conference of the hundreds she attends. Sitting silently near the General,' notebook and pencil poised, bril- liimt eves downcast, she sees all, he: V>U! She is 'credited, loo. with po- "I ant-confident," a. r certain legislator said "recently, "that iherc I would have- been no code in the ! 'mentioning a key industry) if Prances Robinson-had noi, followed up every detail, called meel- h:ps. pushed hearings, forced decisions." • • • A First-hand View- To appreciate what her day is really like, yon need to spend a dress shrug impatleiilly at,-the re- the use. she murmurs, when they are never written as you give turns and you never learn first- lumdett whether the Oarbo of the NRA really does come from Troy, N. Y.. and Is keeping H quiet so t>s nol to be ever-run by hordes |of Job-seekers from Ihosc parts; whether slie itclunUy was educaled and the faculty comprised the forty guMls at a beautifully appointed dliiner served In the home economics loom of NIC high school. Dell turned the E«m« trick, lute* got 8 hits &nd Dtll 8. R. Luln und O'Neal of Lutes got three hits ench. U. Morgan nnd Walls led tlic Bell butters wilh two apiece. Lutes hus an open dnlo for next Mrs. \V. A. miller and her older, j daughter. Miss Butter, cn'.crlalneil Sunday nnd is anxious for n game. corn-cm or worked her way I the class with n scavenger hunt (•','.": 'es Lutes, nmmigcr of the college wilh her lypo-' followed by a rouM at tin It's Smarl To Fte Thrifty! as conflicti rumors re- Anyway, she earned her repulii- '"'•i as n whirlwind for work dm- I>B Jobs with Hie It. K. O. and the Ih-iimernilc National Committee. She draws a salaiy ih:u In Us un- nit lintler home, roinnlltnciuliii; Mury Stewim liniler. Tlmmlny i-venlnj. A wild sciirch ovi-r town lor old tires, llsh scales und u JIM nl mis- QRABER' Cl'llaiU'OltS lUtlcl-.S on their inrlvii! Paci- mid Hlltle l tin 1 n cmled whh Sni'l.son VU-K stale approaches $7.000 and a* 'hi 1 scavengers icuiineil [o I '"'° Koyal Cnfi> Tigers dropped believes that a lot ol olhi'i-Iclulm Iheir reward und m enjoy'" •* to 1 enme lo l.or.c OaU m 'fcreiarles ought to be better pnlil tlie wleni-r roast which followed In; 1 - 01 "' Oilk yi-slciday. since ihey carry a ><oml .pan of Hie Hutter yard. | Herbert Chiles hurled fo.- ":<';- chief's burden 1 :. Society — Personal Nora Puce nnd James l.owe en-JTiurrs lint! Jones worked K'l-tulned ihi'lr eliisMiuUrs wilh a ' mound for Hie f.oii. 1 o.ik tunco paily in Nina's home- |-'n- linn. day evrnlnt;. A delicious li-e oiiitfe ' , , _ was servnl alter iln- num.' und prl/.'.-s were awarded Ililhv snelMin and Hi'bm-a Nlckol. --,. -- L.I uiihi.i. [iitwm$l-j VI Llll; i^ ^H ^^pA^A ••^&^A% ^^^^ j; club, limy lx> reached through Xj ^L.X —rr— r-\r. 1^» I Ihiblmrd Hardware company h-.'ie. | 'tsT^i-i-i-s.'^ls-^B^Ili MAY DAY Royal Cafe Team Drops Game to Lone Oak, 2-1 on the thi' ! \i\ew Face Powder 1 Staus On room of Gento era! Johnson's office suite—as you has will certainly have plenty of op- iportnnity to do if you are trying First there rade of clerks and messenger boys bearing alone | covered I one of those personalities that :M >SS Robinson's O. K.," "to be rte- somehow compel public attention, Hvcred only to Miss Robinson." ... Then there are the streams o! She Knows Her Job job-seekers. cot!e-inakers. con- Furllierinore-and here is the grcssmcn with pleas from their real reason that even the most constituents, all demanding Miss thwaried scribes sheepishly return: Robinson. Finally there is the wiry, to the NHA offices for their fourth | dynamic General Johnson, working and fifth rebuff—she is truly a often from sunrise to sunrise in an «l"i at her job. effort to accomplish the job of She has been with General te " ">™. al "> dependent for coum- Johnsrm since Ihe NRA wns first leFS details and minute memoranda upon his efficient aide. She goes with him by irain, fast motor, I by airplane. Frequently everywhere, oflenest a journey j ne a hand in drafting 4QO . codes al- Icrtine the lives of millions of her fellow citizens. Some say thai she holds at her tongue's lip any flg-P tlle onl - v opportunity he finds giving you may ask for "about tr write the speech he must de- . ..... j jiver at his next stop and as Ihey ' the keys of Robbie's portable: With the election i'rlihiy of Flln Margate! Doyle to pri'sldf as Quiii-n of (lie May Day l-Vsilval on Muy II. roininenmiH-ni plans for Hi-; Osceola lilsh schnol iH'eiin to Hike shape. A serli-s of social af- fails, which for HIP next, thrre ftveks will center aroumi the gratl- inti-s. wns Inniigiiniinl wilh the | imuial junior-senior banquet fol-1 owed by two other .senior parlies over the week-end. ' Apuroximnlclv ^50 snidents will p.ii(lcipal? In the "FVsiival of the Flowers," which will be pre.'.i'iucd on the lilRh school nuuiiu.s. Ix'jjln- nlii" at 7:30 |im. 0:1 the cveniin; cf May II. Frank Chiles litis been chosen Un» to i>resl<le wilh Miss Ivovlc, and other uu-mlwrs of the fenlor clasi will make uji the roy- ! nl court. Other seniors this year 1 are Mary Stewart Duller. Rebcccn! Nickol. Mclvin L;ipldes. Mary Ull-i Sard. Norn Puce, Malrolm Taylor, Billic Snelson. Murimi Marraret • Rhrtiidcs, Rosa Lee Tucker. Terrv' Turner. Clint Caldwel] and Jnines | Lowe. A feature of the festival program, second In Importance only to the queen's coronation, is the wliMlliig of the May pole, in which Miick-nis of the .seventh and eighth grades will lake part. Richard Cromer was lonslmas- ler al the junior-senior banquel «ln-n luembc-rs of the Iwo classes Lutes Repeats 4 to 2 Victory Over Dell Nine clog called ' -nil's defeated 13ell Suniliiy 4 2. The score was thr smne us : [suited when Ihe ti-aui.s cl;f.ln-ii week before. W. I.uics hurled for l.tnes ie and struck out U men. Moivan ' H you have large pores use lute jrowder Unit will not thirn. i\ new l-Vench process c; Miil.LO-rsi.O makes tlie skin look I yoimi;. stays on JonytT. fuinlslu'sl u yoinhfiil bliMini, I|IH-S not Ininiii! ! the skin or make it look pasty or (Inky. Spu'iuls Mitr.olhly. Try Ihls new wonderful 1'ace 1' o w d e r !MKU,O-OI.O. wit ?. m \ s\. "' ' —Adv. 'I Pciiturinj; typical values thai ;ic(-iinn( for t Ii v friiwd.s s tliat keej).s this sloro always husv. them. Then she changes her mind. , to i one. a trifle vaguely, : stl e will give an Interview—but-not ipromises to .=ee. And then, close : today, tomorrow morning at ten. behind the advance guard, a dark- give twenty-four "hours to the job," h «>d appears-Robbie this time, -and has done it" more than once ! a my " 8 V re , ln Very hlgh hee ' s thereby losing twenty pounds she , a " cl a blac1!c dress fastened at the "oOy « *>'V but Miss R. has had could ill afford too" 'throat with-a- jeweled blue eagle, to go over on-the Hill for a con- n 'Her lips are bright with lipstick, ference. Back this afternoon. In ur I the rest of her face is pale by the afternoon, she has accompan- A Nurse Advises -nt eves downcasl, she sees all.!- rbhe '?. not afraid °' w «^ "or,^ ^ ^ ars all and when a queslion is °J "nj' 11 ""!.' else—except reporters.' contrast it, quietly offers the right answer. y ° u , « Ildw in y°" r name. After a The t hin ie is -credited, too. with power. I co '^erable wait, if you are lucky, lne """ Stomach Gas One dose of ADLERIKA quick- 9 ly relieves gas bloating, clean! out BOTH upper and lows: bowels, allows you to ertt anc • sleep good. Quick, thorough ac- lion yet gentle and entirely 5.1 IR A D L E R |ied the General to a meeting. And Itoll-l'usl AKC Sewing THREAD "lO-yaril Sjiimls- - All coliirs. High mercerized In all s. For Hits week only, we milk? llils special oiler, ret spool Limit of '2 Spools to a Customer. I.lmll - 2 .Spools lo Customer ie To My Friends nnd . Former Customers ic'i- :i mni'li nrcdud rest, T nin wilh i he l-'uwlt-r Dnitf Co., cif .Miiin und First Six,, wliuru I will lie ifliid t«, . st . L . ; ,|] my old rrieiuls whom I hiive served I'oi- tnort; limn lifleen ycin-s. I'li) (ji v c your dniy and lirL'scnplion busino-s l!ic sanu- lirompt mid Mi'fl'nl iitlL-iition lh:il I alwiiy.s luivt. C'onic in and visit willi inc.-; if you nin'l conn', ]ihtjn.'' R. N HILL i'ii;irni;icist Ladies' Wash Dresses Sixes H lo 52. Guaranteed fast color, vnl dyed, in new sprin!; patterns, wilh dainty organdy trims, and dresses which should sell for 15c. Featured specially at Tennis Shoes Why worry about how we do It. All you need be Interested in Is tlie fact that Grabcr's can fit R||y foot willl good l[llllllty lenni.s shoes that should sell for TE)c. for only 35c 59c Organdies and Voiles many to give thii tonic a tiial." shoulders in the back i so" on and on until the worm i-it'ui"' City Drug Drug Co. Store and WANT FLAWLESS SHEER? Buy "MIR-0-KLEER" Ho,el Kayscr's newest hosiery pxcitcmenti Flawlessly clear, sheer hose that's' free from rings find shadows! A new knitting process does flic trick, giving you hos-s that's sheerer, clearer and no dearcrl .25 $1.65 JACK APPLEBAUM In solid colors In all soft puslcl r;lindrs, ideal for tummer dressus. 33 Inches wide. In a '25c value. The price Is very special. Ynnl | r 13C Summer Dress Material Dainty (lowered print Batistes lane; Voiles in checks, plaids i.lrlpes: solid color Crenci Ir roft shades; Dotted Swiss ii white nnd colored backgrounds- fine quiillly mild color nnd prlnl broadclollis; fancy Meshes It floral designs, all colors. Tiles' 1 materials me all Writh" fron 3!)c lo Mi per yard. yeVCimber'. feature laryu miantitles niu wide selections at Viird Vjreat books have been written about tobacco and cigarettes... But afterrall it can be said in just a few •" • •• .-••'.;.•• " . ,. Yank Junior Play Suits Nallonnlly advertised, of bes quality hickory striped cloth exceptionally well made, will tour front potikeis nnd drop seal, reinforced ni, iwlnts o wear. This cloth stands wash In^ lime and' time again will no fading or signs of wear. In flzcs 2 lo 8, and the same gar incut lluil one large SI. Loui store Ittst week advertised /JO as a SI value. At .. 03C .36-Inch Prints These ars (TIKI color In mo-i tractive iiiilterns for srrlii;,' sewing. YtttO 10 RufHtd Curtains Fringed Panels T'-.ty come in marquisettes ttir.prd rluls. cushion ilot gren adines, Kiuston ui(\sh panels, fin lavon mesh wilh silk fringe bclloirs in sixes 'M by 93 inche Rcnl We values r* "Glad Rag" Wash Suit For liltlc boys. 2 to 8. in fas coior broadcloths, in popular 2 nli'Ci* Jtvl s. Attractive co!o combiiKillons and cute Irtm mlng. OSc values in two pric ranges. and 59c 50c Men's Gaiters Tan kid leathrr with elasti mserLs at side, with compo." lion solus and rubber heels. S)»cial value $1.19 Rayon Anklets In solids and fancies, in mes nnd ribbed styles. All sizes fo >i.. i..tJi:s. I5c values |A Bl iU Tv.'o Tov/e 1 Spech's 1. in ? co< 10 ISxSS Tn::,-weigh!, "orih Special M 20x40 fancy Turkish Towi alscvbeiil. in ISc grad-< at 15 e I'M. IWMTT * Mrni Toiicco Co, Children's Slippers In si7cs. Infnnts 2 lo large slz 2. Comes in while, black, paten and smoked, in oxfords, strap and sandnls. An unequalled vnl ne. in a long-wearing shoe fo i rowing girls and boys. T SI.19 value, special at I

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