The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 31, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 31, 1931
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTIIEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, JANUARY Soddy Calendar Monday Tile womfn's bissiomry society cf the First Mcthaciirt cl'.urch will have a : business me 31 ing at the I church for the ccllection of the calendar fund. .Tile Woman's iniisiciimy society of trie Firl Chnstirvji ciiurch "is n'.eeting wilri Mrs. M. T. Moon. The Executive bo.ird of '.he Wo' man's Auxiliary in tlie First Picsbyte: inn ehurcli is meeting at tlie | ch'-Tch at 2:30-o'clock. I The Beta Clii Sunday schoo! i class cf lh? .Firs! Prtsbylcr:im i church is. b£ing entertained bv the officers and teachers at the hosnc j of Mrs. C.' M. Gray. The St. Stephen Episcopal Guild j is meeting with Mrs. A. Cc-nway. I Tho circles of tlie Woman's mis- j Elonary. union of the First Baptist church will meet at the rhurcSi except circle 3 which is mev'tir.£ ( with. Mrs. Chester R. Nabr-rs and | circle b v.hicil i:if c'.s with Mrs. W.; G. Maxv.cll. I Xiiesitay ! Mrs. Frud Warren and Mrs. J. K. ' Crii: are having the T'uuduy Hook i cl'Jb at t!u> Warren home. Mis. J. F. Lentl is cnleriMiimi: tile Tuesday Luncheon club wiiii a night pariy. Tlie Tuesday club is meclin? with Mrs. Hunter C. Sims. Wl-dnesrtr'.y Mrs. Jo? Von Alnien i~ having the new Wednesday Contract club. The Delphian is meeting at the Hotc-1 Nobls ut 3 o'clock. Thursday Mrs. Chester n. Ksit-stt is liavl:i|;j die Av.vcn Brirtw ciub Mr;.. W. C. Higr.iiison is husltis | to the Youns Matrons Bridge club., The Mill-Week Bridge club is hclr.g entertained by Mrs. M. O. Usny. Mrs. J-j KWnn in c::'s.-ui<- .!•; | the Jeftish Ijiriies Aid S'.-cic^y. I'rlilay Miss Irene Crov drr the Night Bridge club. Stripes and Plaids In Fashion Parade I FIHST I'KKSKYTERIAN CHUKCH I .Marsh M. Callaway, l'as,lor Sunday school, 9:45 A. M I'.zy Worthlngton, superlniendein. Christian Endeavor society, 0:30 P. M. There will be no church services Vvcausc of the pastor's absence from the city. ' I'll.GRIM LUTHERAN CHURCH II. J. KlicmlLsl, Pastor Sunday school and Bible class, j 0:15 a. m. Church, 10 a. m. Sermon topic: "Jesus Satisfies The Heart Hunger of Men". All arc welcome at these services held at the St. Stephen Episcopal church. =WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON =*=•= Jgsus the Great Physician The International Uniform Suu- day School l.e.sson for Feb. i Jesus, the Oreat Physician. I,uke 4:M-44; 5:12-16. • • r BY W.W. K. GILKOV, D. D. Editor of The Conjregatlonalist Our lesson presents Jesus as a great physician in the healing of physical ills. Leaving the synagogue, he entered into the house of Simon whose mother-in-law was seriously ill with a fever. The record Is that Jesus manifested his healing power by rebuking the fever, which left her so quickly lliat she was able immediately to arise and minister to her guests. In the evening of the same day, many who were sick with various diseases were brought to Jesus, and tile record Is timt lie laid his hand: SICCOSU BAPTIST CHUItCII K. if. Ntviiom, Pastor Sunday scjiool, 9:45 A. M., W. M. on them and healed them. The sec- Blaylock. superintendent. ond portion of-the lesson tells also Last Sunday we had by far the largest Sunday school that we have liad since the present pastor has been en the Held. We are expecting lo break the record again tomorrow, come and help us do it. Preaching 11 A. M. and 7:15 P. M. by the pastor. B. Y. P. U's, 0:15 P. M. Our Union won tlie Banner last night at Dell in our County B. Y. P. U. Association. The Intermediates cliarge of the opening exercises in the morning at tlie Sunday school Special music In the morning and evening hours. . Choir practice: Wednesday evening, 6:15. Bible study, 0:30 P. M. Come and worship witli us. FJKST METHODIST CIIUKCH P. Q. Itorie, Pastor of the miraculous healing power of Josus in the curing of the dreadful dlseat'3 of leprosy. How are we to Interpret these It-ssons which are confined almost wholly to the curing of physical disease? To discuss the miracles; is of Illtke value, because If we could explain the records they would cease to be miraculous. The power that Jesus manifested might be likened to the cures that frequently have) oc<:ur through the power o( mind over matter or through the spirit- Worship and sermon. 11 A. M., and 7:30 P. M "The Four Wise Things" will be the subject at the morning 1 hour. Every farmer In Mississippi county Stripes or plaids, take your pick, but you must have one or the clhcr to be In the van ol spsing fashions. Gne of Ihe newest ways to use plaids is to have tlie blouse, mill scarf ot it, worn with n monolone iiut. Quo ol the new gray suits tlc(t), that new color that promises such popularity, has a luscious scarf and Jims been a steady ' tendance for pasi leprosy cannot be regarded In that complacement way. The stories are of miraculous healing. Miracles Only Minor Parl On the other hasid, there is little evidence in the ministry of Jesus of the healing of Ixxlily diseases as a contluous or chief function of his ministry. Had this been the. case, tlie records of Ihe New Testament would b? confined almost exclusively, to miracles of healing, for the extent of bodily illness in any community Is always very great. should hear this sermon. Tune in, As „ ma tc r 0 ( f ac t, the miracles 1 of healing form a relatively smal Sunday school, 9:45 A. M. There} part ot the New Testament, am having I bloi'isc of pastel greens, blues, gray and a line of ollblnck in a tone thut makes It almost purple. Very ' smart and new Is tlie white linen frock iccntor) that has the loveliest bit of color in the way of stripes «*£*• -ans^over- Text: Luke 4:38-44; 5:13-16 And lie arose out of the synagogu?, and entered into Simon's house. And Simon's wife's mother was taken with a great fever; and they besought him for her. And he stood over her. and rebuked the fever; and it left her: and immediately she arose and adminisiered unto them. ticanl Hns I.unihccn ; of nay Sone for the iiirncd-bncli revere, for the front of the belt and banding around the bottom-ot the ,6:30 I s . M: A corcHfU wclconie awaits you. ministry of Jesus in specific mln- Jim i or ;jy nnd Senior Leagues, istry to the soul. He is above all The executive" board cf the wo- ; circular skirt. This sports frock features tiny cap sleeves and » beret of Hid linen. to match the frocfe.j Board of Stewards, Monday, 7 P. ' man's missionary society in Fir.vt Christian church e For beach, the white flannel trousers and the striped Jersey shirt, In nautical blue and while, is| M Prayer meeting. Wednesday. 7.3U, subject: "Kingdom Extension". Ad-! very important to , First ^Chmtia:i^church '"-^{^ ! chlr nlu | vns i)y becoming to the majority of women. The bag and clogs may be blue tu match the stripes :'cr a lunch.'o .After the served the nine officers and com- j miltfe cimlrsiv!- nrcFr.i. t':"k up the buslKSS wift Mrs. J.'l'.n C. Me- • Haney 'jr., president, i:: charge. | or they may be red to make ft trl-color scheme of things. rWay Haney 'jr., president, i:: cliautc. | /-VA? 1 f~^ 11 Plan? 'were, made for curving the ! J[ .111*011211 0011626 World Day of Prayer Feb. 25 and j ° O icr the prc-Eastc-r waek of prayer-; the first week in April. j Have a. Party ••••-•. • ..There were. 3o members cf ( ^e Intermediate .dsj2ttrv..r. *'., •(-.'•'. First Meih-ciiFl chu:cli. . ri- ..i:uy. fchocl af the pariy la?t f-.n'ni;.; r.t the c'msreii. Mc:nb;'rr, of Mrs ; O. C. • Ganske's, Miss Lurils Arm- j strong's nni George Henry's c!nb=- j es er.tertairjEd those in the dr.v-cs j Taught by truest Jones, Joe j TritKhrnan and Mrs. J. D. n-.iits- , claia bcc3»j;i2 of having lost in n ; rr-cent cjnlcsl. U. S. Brani 1 ):), iiipenn'.civ.ieiU of t*:is department, acted as luastcr. of '_ cer,?n i .on:?5 for- the nrr.Ui:r:g panics' and content:- in which c;»vtr prizes • ver? wa-drd. i Ei'^imo pies were fervetl. ! 114 Hj-i Cloil I Miss ?.Iinnie >!aith?ws n-ss hcst- ; c-ss to trie Nijht ch:b last evening ^hen ahE j.'.so entertained Miss, Mar.- Ardcn Galloway of Covins- t-n. Tta-ii.. and Mrs. H. A. Doyic. i Miss /i- 3 T.€5 Barton, a r.2w mcrn- ter, ni5 Clio present. Hi;!i Kure went to Mir" Seal : Luckett and Miss GaUo'« 37 WOP. ' • the juost prtK. A dainty dt.".^rrt was served to th? eight players. Th= mrirri?.3e cf M - >? Jrar. bilh Tumor and Mr- H. H. Marsh. t-olb of Meraphis, tooV jilacc yc.s- ternay at the home of the Rev. P. Q. Roric. pastor cf tlie First >'.?'.h- the Savior from sin and the bearer of (lie griefs, and sorrows of his fel!r,w men. Now when the sun was setting, all they that had any sick with divers diseases brought them unto him; and he laid his hands on every one of them, and healed them. Ann devils a!s9 came out of many, crying out, and saying. Thou are Christ the Son of Ood. And he rebuking them suffered them not to speak: for they knew thai he MS Christ. And when it was day. he departed and went into a desert placo: and tlie people sought him, and came unto him, and stayed him, that, he should not depart from them. And he said unto them, I must preach the kingdom of God to other cities also: for therefore am I sent. Thjs fact, it seems to me, it is | And he preached in the synagogues of Galilee. BRIDGE: TV WM. F.. aicKKNSKV . Sf c-irlnry. American llridgc I.ragu* liniul provides*-!! lie part of tin declarer b'.it what Is more important, gives the defense an opportunity to niiike a masterful defensive piny. EAST S-K.Q- 8-54 H-IQ-8 D-8-4-2 C—i-a-3 SOUTH-DEALER S— l-IO-fl-2 H— A-O-I I D— V5 •' dllional seats will be placed.- several were unable to get seats last week The largest number were present during past year, Every member of the church should take this course. Choir rehearsal, Wednesday, 8:15 P. M. oft.He may just as well win 1 the first trick -with the ace unrt thai his ninii"s'pot lias thrt'suit sluppcrt There is no Question but wlnt tl'O declarer should start his lienrt suit while he still has the ace of spades for an entry. The I question is how shall he play it? If he were lo lead the jack of Ivjsuls. West might win it witli the kin?. Ho would then run olf his three diamonds and East would certainty flgnal for the spade lead. U is true the declarer coulil discard-Ills nee and queen of l:xuls cn'lhe last two diamonds, bu'. E'.ist would still 'rnve the hearts stopped wiiii the ten spot. Therefore the di.'claror's correct play is the aec of hearts. He should then lead the jack of hearts. If West were to refuse to win this trick, the declarer would then lead the queen and all West could do would bo to vun olf his three diamonds, but tlie smart West player would jump in witli the king r,t b:\-irls aiut wiicn east's ten dropped, lie would realize what the declarer was attempting to do After West got in witli the kins, if hi- were lo lead a diamond, llw declarer would rii?card the miccn of hearts en the second diamond lead and game could not be stop- Wcf.'s prcpcr play is to lead a spade, hoping to kill flic only entry partner to keep thn bidding open, in dummy. Dummy might play small, but East would win v.iih the FITiST IUPTIST.CHURCH , irneriW.-ilnut and Kightu JStAclsj, Alfrril S. Hlinrrll. Pasta A graded Sunday school at gnrd Jesus chiefly ss a great physician in a worldly sense, fulfilling the functions of the doctor of medicine, is to miss his supreme significance as the physician of tliu soul. But is there in Christianity a legitimate and effective ministry of healing in the physical sense? Should healing be a normal function of the church today? Opinions Diffei A. M, U. W. Mullins, general supt. Morning worship at 11 o'clock. The Uimhiu: ' At auctlen. South, the dealer. would buy the contract for one no nt contract, even. ils great array ol hlch cards, the hand is not .strong enough far South lo make a two bid of a suit which would be u deinr.i:<l bid and irqnivs partner tu keep the blddiivj open until dime was arrivert tit. However, tile haiul Is too strcn;; to open with cno club, therefore It is a beti^r two no trump bid. ! While the two no trump is not a forcing bit! and dccse not icquire it docs not Ukc much on the part Evening worship at 1:30 o'clock. , and there will long be, wide divergence And it came to pass, when he was in man full of leprosy: who seeing Jesus fell certain city, behold -a on his face, and be- Pastor's subject at eleven. "The Bible As A Book". Subject at night. "Dying In Hnran". B. Y. P. U.s meet at G:15 P. Nf. A Union for every age. Mississippi County Baptist Workers' Conference mcels with (he First Baptist Church ot Luxora -Monday .at 10 A. M. Sunday schuol officers and teachers meet Wednesday at 7 P. SI. BibK- study. Wednesday. ;it 7:45 P. M. Study 4th and 5tli chapters of Acts Choir' will meet Thursday evening nt seven thirty o'clock. Our Sunday school is growing each Sunday. Hart 356 last Sun- dny. Let's make it -100 tomorrow. Collections last Sunday $279. We goal of of opinion. Among those who advocate healing as a function oi the Christian church and ministry, there are varied conceptions as toj sought him, saying, Lord, if tliou wilt, thou canst make me clean. And he put forth his hand, and touched him. saying. I will:' be thou clean. And immediately, the leprosy departed from him. And he charged him to tell no man: but go, and shew thvseli to the. priest, and oiler for they cleansing, according as MOECS commanded, for a testimony unto them. (,.)^f- But so much the more went there a fame abroad of him: ana great multitudes came together % to hear, and healed, by him of their infirmities. And he withdrew himself into the wilderness, and prayed. suggest that in relation tn nil physical states and conditions we how and to what extent that fimc- : jhould exercise, common sens= and tion should be performed. ! avail ourselves ol all the means at Many believe that all diseases: ollr disposal lor treating disease. cdi~! church. M:ID performed cc-rernor,y. They were ticec.rr.1 ie-d by several friends. Memphis llm'cau plrl ivho Eels lots ot supiior. | feliw co-eds is of partner to KO lo three no trump. . kin;: and would return a spade. To li.ivc. Spcei-il Program M:M L-i,:^ B. Williclir. will vi<'re?3 ill-. T'i-i'.i dcprr'.n-.ent of life First Eap'.ist Eiir.oay school to- momiv :::'.rr,:r.^ ir. ? fralnrc program. The VTf rinu-iifleiit, T. It. Ha^Tus. is striving fov a record at- fOP.dnriCs in Tir^in? all members to attend. i'le joi.rF. ^rotiriclnr of her own ion F0:i;il p:irlor nil llie campus of liu Ti-i;i:c.-.'Ci> Tir.rlieis' College, a' I.!-.s:iii!ii^. -raulino, ^linlviu:; art j j-.'>^ all Iicr cM'Cii'-u- liy .uiviiH; lin ^tr wave.-, ;i;nl you ^.111 lell fron the ntove picture tlsal she kiiowi her stuff. If Sc'.ilh were to open MHH two killing the dummy's entry. Uc- r.o Irmnp. Xorlh wou!d be justi- , clarrr would return a small heart ficd in pa.xsint; it and leaving the | from It-? dummy and win with the contract a two no trump. Tin- Play i f|::ren. but regnrdless of how he ' plays the hand MOW. lie is bound to ore getting nearer S3DO each week. Let every one bring their offering week by week and we shall come (o tile end of tlio year in fine shape. are subject to healing by spiritual | means. While to others faith healing m;an3 little more than an effott to discover and apply the spiritual laws dealing with tlie influences of nind and soul that affect bodily conditions. The extremes of opinion are represented by various broups who preach and practice the gospel of faith cure 031 the one hand, and men like tlie late Hr. George A Gordon, on the other hand, who have criticized certain efforts to administer physical healing through the minister rather than the doctor as "tlie practice of nnxiicine by the imfu." Without entering into the deeper and mystic aspects of the matter concerning which we may nuke 'many spiritual discoveries in tho future, it would seem reasonable to V.'t.-t's strongest suit Is diamonds ii s ..' the last, four tricks, (licrefore ' and as it is hcndeii with four hen- : \Vost, by pumping in with llin king cr.s in sequence, lb? top honor is ,01 l-.mits and immediately knocker _ni'-d. dnmiiiy playx thi 1 three, '; ins: the only re-entry in dutn- EJ.FI the deuce, nnd there is r.n • my. !'.:><; bel-.l the declarer to twn artvunlasc in the t'celarcr holding I ro tiuaip. I.AKK STREET METHODIST CHURCH W. J. I.cKoy, Pastw Sunday school, 9:-i5 a. in. Church. 10:50 a in. Sermon subject: "Who Is The I.ord of Your Life?" Epworth L«gue. G:45 p. in. Church. 7::IO p. in. Sermon subject: 'The Two Great Questions Of Life." All arc welcome. To negiee.t proper means of physical cure and to exert God to work miracles of healing would seem to l>e quite as unreasonable as to refuse, to eat food nnd expect God to maintain our physical lives. The whole field of healing is one regarding which there can be little value in a dogmatic, altitude. Hcalinir Soul Ts Chief Aim The wonder-working power of Jesus does not seem amazing wli?n one thinks of the wonder of the man himteU. One tiling many people will believe.—namely, that any miracle of healing that Jesu: performed was in harmony will same higher law of his being, and of spiritual power oiierating in a physical world. Wlion one considers that such discoveries as the radio have come into tlie world only after many centuries oi its existence, it is unreasonable to believe that future centuries mny reveal quite as great wonders in the spiritual organization and forces of life? Moreover, just as the laws and principles ol the radio were present in the wcrld centuries before they were discovered, so the spiritual laws and forces that saints and prcphcis may discover in a fa:' distant day are operating m our present life if we had power to understand them. ; One thing Is sure, iho .vjprenia ministry of Jesus is the ministry of healing for the sr.ui. If the power of the Gospel does not reach cur lives and transform them, there can Ire little hope of effectual improvement thrcugli splri{- ual causes in our physical condition. The Gospel in the richness and fullness of its meaning is 'n gospel of spiritual health. SISTER MARY'S KITCHEN meat on side away from bone. Slit almost to the bone—and the en- recipe. It will take nbm:t an hour for them to ccok but thoy should ! tire length of the bone. Rub in- be tender nnd moist, much I:!;? well i side of pocket thus formed with | cooked chicken. , salt and pepper. Melt bacon fat and add onicn. Cover cook BY SISTER MARY During the winter months \vlici l * fire for five minutes. Add bread crumbs which have been squeezed out ol COM waier. Re- I j move from fire and season with ] salt and pepper*. Add ejg well j beaten anrt mix lightly. Fill each • chop with dressing and place: in a .: .-..,, ' cmnpap.ird r.;.- thr> Ri-v. ;>i-.,; v, r ^. A.: ,~ M. R.'M, spr... V 1 'rv-in-ir" 1 r " :v '" n> ' : ' Ol i!vs ' A j ^liller and Frances t'.irkrr are : l,i;r,ily. formerly of ' ' ' ' Cl " ; spending t«d.iy in -Memphis. , lia\v been living here recently, ar, Miws M:ivy Onil.iv:. Fi.inci-s! ictiirnini; to t!i:tt cily. Commerce. Mo., for tlir. IrrairneiU at Campbell's clinic end. | Mr. nnd Mrs. W. L. i^all nnd r and Frances t'.irkrr are : l,i;r,ily. formerly of Wilson who C:iff Mru-V.ham P:us-; :-• Bits of News -,' H, , no, niuci, improved after .,,«£*£' SS^ i^Sfi . . ... , . ., , . ' thr wi--kciul with hrr patents. Mr. Walter Ro:-cnlhal 'ninrsrtay cve- ,T. A. Wftterman ar.rt M. c. i.i-nt-; r .. d Mrs . c . M. Buck '.CY attended to bu5in-.-ss in Mem-: u[,,i;ie WeUir-.krur.n went to : Memphis today for t!:c wirkcr.rl. Mrs .lo: Ci:Ilon Wat- • 'Us 1 Mr. ;m. who 3r« moving tj C.irutlic: • ville toJr.y, spent yesterday B?.rr.e:t s> iast nlglit Menphis. ?-Iiss Dclma GravclU' \u!| leai Mrs. M.ix R;irow;ky. ot Manila WA; (|-,c «ucst of Mr. nnd Mrs nine. Mr. and Mrs. r. G. Hires family aiv r.irvnif from Uieir ' • , . . at- Mrs. Hugh Sullivsn. of Memphis.' nn niii.ion «treet to Die Gray res eis-. win arrhc today for n brief May: ,rl-nr,- on Wen Walnut str«t "'ttith her sister, Mrs. J. ls, : ' ; with her sister, Mrs. J. H. Kobsrls.. • anil family. Cllt!KCTl OK f I1R1HT .1. A. Taylor, I'.istor I quire long ' cooking, chops are very Services are lieUl in the court, likcly to ^ reduceil in price. :ouse. " \ Sunday school. 10 a. in. Church. 11 'Stewardship." Church. "::iO p . in. Subject: "Stewardship." continued. A cordial welcome to all. It we can vary winter Oin- Iners occasionally with tender, nicy m. Subject : !c [, 0 p s al uo g rK> t e r cost than to:- tre subslnnlial but plain roasts of their tricrt out fat_. I Put into a hot oven nnd bake 45 I minutes or nnlil tender. Serve on ft hot platter nnd sprinkle with minced watercress. Pork chops are Vcat chops seem to t? scl:b:n used but are niso most l. i :imt il '^ when filled tti'.h the savory stu^K- ing and baked until lender. ' Anotlier unusual way to prepare and serve chops is to broil them lightly on one side. Cover ih: nn- ccoked side with a thick layer ol well seas-oner! white sauce ID which chopped nicked musiircmis o.' minced cocked ham and grc;:i pepper or all three, if convenient, have been adder!. Sprinkle with bread cnimb:. dot with butler nnd bake 40 to 50 minutes in a hot delicious cut | oven. Tr.e time depends en the i Ja:r.?s rtovnar. rily ;'ue ' truck i driver, wrs caiMcd to Memphis Mr. and Mrs. Viclcr Odom. of jjst nscin where he will IK? operat- 1 • - • ' ' ' ' me i:i F.,ragoulci. -Mr. and Mrs S. J. Cohc-n arc tomorrrv. iov Little Uock ,ind Memphis, are motoring u;i this; .,1 iipo-.i lor npr.?udtcil:s at expected *,3 rel'jrn todP^ .":..«}'Jus, Texas. Inr a sl-.ur; visit wilu nfteniMM to \isit relatives durnis: Biplisl 'io<pital • ' NashvVr!o. Trr.n.. T.;-,O'I: -hey liav? yclalivcs. ; ;hc- wcrker.d. lKf.1 virftir.j? fq;- s:-..,..i H-.V5. Mi.-s L-iciile Armvtiv:;i nnd Dicki Mrs. W. C. Eas-'.rv is returnir.c :. ' Mr. nnd Xn. ',;. Y. Gay we-:-?' MJT. nr,:i ?,fis. .j. W. D.inu>. and <!r.:irii;-?r. of Ui'.iv.'-r. To: r... tw.i las', nij^i in the city f.'-. v-i«ts <f Mr.'and Mrs. J. P. FIUST CHKISTIAX CHIJKCH I'. K. Uiliiiu-r. r^stnr Church school. 9:4o a. m. Communion ii:iri frrrnon. 11 a.m. Christian Endeavor societies. 6:30 p. nv Song service anrt sermon, "!:30 p. m. All are wclcoxe. CHKISTIAX SCIiCMK CHURCH Services will to hr'd at the Hotel Nob'.e Rcom 104. "Love" is the sv.bjoct r f the Icss-c-ii-scrmon lo be read in liic Ftrvicn ;it 11 o'clock. The Go':.r:n Text i'. "The Lord hath appeared of oirl unto me. saying. yes, I lo\(-d t !••<••> with an everlnstin • lo\e: tl:crc(ore with loving kindness h;i\c I drawn thec 1 ' Jcr?inlah :U:L(. Wednesday c\enir,£ service, 7:3C nnd stews, it is surely worth the I ihick and stulTed as in the .ibovc I thtcknc.-s of tlie chops, time and effort. There are many interesting ways I of dressing up a winter of j chops. Mutton chops, lamb chop?.! •eal chops and i» rlc chops nil coir.: I n for therir r^iare of atlenticn.l 'lanked. broiled, sluffed. c:i cns- ;erole, breacicd or creamed. rh=ps niike an excellent piece de rc.Ms 1 .- -, nice for cold weather dinners. ; Stuffed lamb chops arc snvor K'.vran Bi'O ir >i.-ir-ilii.~ ir-...iy. • iirr C. T. Kramer .'..i-- aoat to Mem-. af(cr visiting Mr. and Mr.- lo mecl !.5:s. Ki.irfirr. of Lit-| V/ipjins. She formerly ln«1 iii"M.-iii)ihl.s Ic.mon-ow! Biv.iuse silk thro, ul hus greater. Sunday schno". (1:43 a. m. TSen! tenacity than stci-1 wi:i- of i^ dijiuelrr. n Germ.r.i fins in- i" HW::. w!ia will return with him; Mrs. John H. Lou.: atlei:ilvd to vm:ed a c-'.nncn mail.o: a brief \i>U. I 1 ; i:i Mrmplii> ycstcdav. , t;:bcs wrap-x>l aro' u Mr. and Mrs. E H. Df.iello •wdj Miss K?ba Hollis jp .f steel /_Mr. and Mrs. U. s., ac-1 ciaughlcr, Miss LaVe!le. have mo- in Memphis where peiv, yesterday i until ;'ne rc.iuiral n,\- has beer. she received l obtained. All are cordi.illy Invited. MATERNITY HOSPITAL—For nil fortunate girls; secluded, private rat<-s reasonable. For infornnlioi v.ritc F.iirmount Hospital, 4011 Eas 27th, Kansas City, Missouri. How One Woman Lost 20 Pounds of Fat ind should to prepared frcr.i yearling lamb. Have the chops cut about l'-j inches thick and allow one for each person. Lost Her Double Chin Lost Her Tromincnl Hi Lnsi Her Sluggishness Caincil rhyaiciil Vigor Gainrd in Vivacinusnrss Gained In Shapely Figure tiy and fatty meats—go lijlr. on potalct-s butter, cream and r-.mur -in 3 weeks get on the scales and note how many pounds o: fat have vanished. Notice also that you havo • -lined in energy—your skin is c!i :rcr- 50UV- eyes sparkle with u/.vicus Stuffed Iamb Chops Four lamb chops, 'j cup mince:! cnicn. 3 cups stale bread crumb..; is you're fat—remove the cause: noiii'ri—Vou feel younger in v.oclv 1 egg. : = teaspoon salt, 'i teaspoon, KRUSCHEN SALTS coni.iin the'_|.-™ r ln m j n d KRU£C!!HN pepper. 1 tablespoon bacon fat. ! - • -•- ----- h - Clllcr Trim fat fn Make n gasl tablespoon bacon fat. . g m j n( ral salts your bociy or-ans. w .|", erxc . all ,. f a t, person a jovous from chops and try cut. | glands and nerves should have to . su - or i sc ash half way Circujh j function properly. ,' Q C: . a j, g5r v^iie of KRUSCHKN' 666 LIQUID OR TABLETS Cure Colds. Headaches, Fcvct 666 SALVE Cures ifciby's Cold When your vital orgai"; tc'g\LTS at K1RBY DRUvi peiform their work corroctly--yo'.ir . ( |' as t s 4 weeks'. If this first ' ! bowel* and kidneys can't throw on"' d ora vt convince you this • | t'.int vv-nste material—before you (^..jest. safes!, and surest v : re.iliw it—you're growing' hideously : | OSC fat—if you don't fee: . ro.. ?• T.-iVe hnif n tens|»oufu] of KHU- i SCHEN- SAL'tS in a glass ot 1.. • 1 \\aler every morning—cut out pas- perb improvement in he.i.:.. -so gloriously energetic — v.. ..".i^ v . live—your money gladly :r..rn:d. —.'uiv G-l

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