The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 22, 1946
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 22, 1940 '_" •- BLVrrfeviLLE (ARK.X COUTUER Urn* CLASSIFIED , ADVERTISING | INFORMATION Ml* pat iUa tar aaatMoUi. la- lOa »r ttu r^~a;~~~~~ ii! pu U4 p« *»7 la pal ItM par t*j 7, I* 1U. r. fa, I, K» UM : lOa »>a atani* «orta aa tk* Itoa. /•'k*.*** Ur '•T* " •** "••» " 4 i Mfora aipiratlon will ba aktrgad i auUr of limaa th« ad tpyaarad i *«I]UUUB< t>t bill mada. Jl C!*aaifle4 AdT«rtlib( tofj lab<«* by ptriOBa reilditig outllda •( taa ' aiuat b« accompanied by eaji. Rataa r ba Mally computed from tbi abora UrartUlnj- ordw (or trramUr Uaar- >• Ukai Ihi OL» tlma rau. _ a r«a(MB>lb!lltr trill ti« taa«rj for mora fo^la. tuecrrtcl Inierllgn o( any cUi- FOtSAU Piiralture, Ctili'nian ga( raiijfe* auj KdTinalor refrlvtralor. 1023 \V. Main. 2 acre* laud located 1 mil* north nil Highway HI. Hi! rari|;e lii>ildiii| 30i 10 on from. 2 kinMll liou««s on rt>a*. aUo cit)- wntor, cay be buug-tH jit a Lartfjiiii. Tom UUlii Really. I'lion.' Sill, Z»-«k-2 r > Tlie It. S. Kirrls mule Ijarn |jrn)iorly, III' \V. \Vulnul St. 120 It. till W:, I in, I St. 'JOO It. Ji-ei*- M>* four r^jni huiise mill batli. Uu (irtt m. uu 1u'. .'.'.I ft. will.'. NVuiiJtiln! I.H.,1101, lot IjuBint-ss iiroiKTly. Tcruu ciiu No ;ir- inni:>.'l. 1'iii, Is rllthl. full us. Tu>n i.iui^ Ki-iittv Ci>. rtioue tiiii. -jo i-v-::i for Salt 6-room residence. Close in. Price $3250. H. C. Camp- lu-ll. ['hone -11 (i »r 2<>:!0. 5-20-ck-5-:M Assttit'rKii Ur:AVii;s i'osirj\ - i:i,y NO l.KIIIIUI<NS--STII(INIi IIKAI.TIIV CIHCKSI Nl> CHII'IM.KSI Ml CI'I.I.SI UNI.V -*l.7fi--HIIJ I'OS'rt'A M> SKXI1 CIIKl'K lilt MllSKV ol!l)i:i( r'lllt I'llllMl'T .SIIM'MKNT l.lVf. i>KI.IV- KHV CiUAKAXTKKI) All.AS CHICK COMI'ANV, 1>K1''1'. .S.\K. -s 1 !' l.ol:(-; u. MO. ;-.>.<-k-;:i -Ill I.'.-] ini.l. I..-,I. Ar IV. tun liil.'k. C.. l.onr.l. nn.l oliivr: I'lir -1.V11. riioni* IrtJ ^Btd. i.f(M'[.. Quick po frnin post iiiiui^ ]li':tu1.v-k,-si s l.-r:Lii Oil Ijol \v':U J-'«4 uf[i-r Ij p.m. iii ).nr<-li. niM cV.ln, . .'.U2, . Main. 1 lilnck >..- finhfU^.I- n<-li RnlUllriir. 30 ck.^.1 • H.-a.Jv |» inM.l) (-no >ir -.-.n lll S :lll lt,:\f<- Kill lit. L, Mailil:! • tall :l!IS Hljllievillc. Sl-iil- •I I S W. Mum St. ''S room, m.l li.idi ifilli i-!o^i-il in liiirk j,',ir]i. >|II>I<H in »; I uiiil U in il,.- l>i'>l 'if lii|..ili.,iis. -IVrini,. Tom l.itlk- Hi-«!t|-. riitiiu- list. 20 <-k 3J Don't worry about hard .water in your farm home. Lei Planters Hardware install and guarantee a water softener. 2-21-ck-tf buy. w, limit., nn • ".ill. Ii: Xtr«.i'l. fo . li.t . '.( til." liusiiif=-! rlistrict. TKHKV .lH.-i'['KA(,''l' .V KKAt.TV CII.MI'AXV AL*1rart>; l.ainU — l.o.lrn One Allen Motor Tune-up machine fac- I lory rerondilloncr. Molor Sales. | Ensl Main. 1'tiona 509. apo-ck-l! .Wood, 855. N. 10th. 25-r,k-5[25 50 Bu. Whippoorwill Pea<=. 1 Iflytheville Curb Market. 130 E. Main 5-7-ck-tf lliit)-->iltiiii,'. ,»ny | |Ji'r lunir. Cjill : room resiidcnee. Good con-i dition. Price S;i500. H. C. stove neeils cle I :('.I94. All MI Campbell, 9U-JO ^JOU phone ^Mti 0-room residence. 100 K. corner lot. Mostly furnished. Price S()300." '/, cash. H. C. Campbell. 1'hone 4I(> or 29.'i(). 5-20-])k-5-2li ami Itudin. Sri! K,l lllioili-s .it l.oy - ," MAX LOGAN REAL ES±fl TATE, located in Lynch Building. Phone 2034 or 502. I buy and sell farm and city property. See me for FHA, city, and farm loans. List your property with me for quick sale. 5-14-ck-5-28 [few Phonographs, automatic record changers, * amplifiers, microphones. All makes to select from. Parkhursl Co. 5-17-ck-6-17 arrived large shipment. Traveling bags and acccs- s^jries. Parkhurst Co. 5-17-ek-G-17 llO .'Plymouth in r o<]<l cnililllili l.lill. niiir Hisb \vinitn»- fun. ro-.l PARKHURST new modern gift items. Arriving daily for Graduation. Birthday, Father's Day, Wedding Anniversaries, or any day. 5-i7-ck-6-17 I'll sell or 1,.1u\. (,, or truck my uijnlily i ml IID Hi. l-'or infor . Alleniv.irlli. H .M |Ark. _ Spaniel |ii 'lru<. Ark. in Vanl, K. 6. IG-lit- 1 .!.! . H. I). Ju[»]ier. 700, }!lj tlievillc tood used radios with 30 ] day guarantee. Reasonable prices. Perry's Radio Service Co. Phone 34»4. 1211 W. Main. 5 : 10-ck-tl ley .milch cmv*. J'hone 860. &jl C-pk-Gj Iti flnni] coiitlFtion. $T."i. tol'i W. I'imrrctc Wn Uyin». Vat-j,r.|i| > Vint. _. .ei. see Frfnlt' C'riicVult j.llli . - 11-pk-tjll I 'asljini; ami ironing, fhil.dlioti or rouifh «lry. »ti>o qnillj aint blanket* Willie Hell (lr<-r,,. Hel,i n ,| City Jc,: M»,,t. -N. Hl|il)»-iiy 61.- . 9-pk-C!0 House-moving, leveling, re pair of foundations. 12 yrs experience. Necessary equipment. Virgil Foley, phone 3917 or 3292. 5-7-pk-6-7 r^wn mowers •b»rp«npd mud repius. All typed *uj kliAla. We spceialhe In power raotvur iharpeuinr »nrj motor overljaulirip. T ei . w « pick up » nt i deliver. BlylhvvilU Machine Shor). Tractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Delta Implement Co, Phone J!£L™~^ ,_5i^s Wanted To Buy rntiirky. .Mu nil soliil t.nii DoiLK.-in. Dnvu n hav« tiarihvnnj floor iim. Wril» r> M ]• (lid Lorlnki O'Slccn'j fur jiarli •l|7 ck -if l house. lMion« 2239. Postal Cards and one 8x10 I enlargement $2.85. O'Steen's Studio 5-7-ck-tf IHOTOSTATS of your service discharge. O'Steen's ! Sludio. 5-4-ck-tt licture frames made to order O'Stecn Studio. 4-24-ck-tf |ocerj «lore with livmK >saartera. lo- t*t>i«r wttb 4 rental housen. Approz- ramtely 2 acres of ]nnj. Fronts n wy. 61. rjordfra on Cotton belt t.K., 1d«at K>catidn for Iniluslry. Se« "iclianin'i Oorcer/, ST. llwjr. «1. CHAMBLIN Appliance Co. "The Appliance Center of BIytheville" ionographs — Records and Accessories. Battery tird Electric Radius W Main Phone 3«3 Vt? cnsh for used furniture, on pie-re or * housa full, Ciitl 2J02. Al vtn Hardy FiirnUura Co. Help Wanted |f|fHE WHEELS? Bring it to us; we'll line up your wheels for — to restore its POWER AND PEP • « i then, you'll be all set for spring and summer driving CALL US TODAY and summer' DRIVING Don't !ct excessive tire \vi-ni niiii your vacfiliuii. li' 3 ofte.-i amsul by bad wheel nlifinmciu. Sci, talic no chances, nriny your cur in, today, to have ttic wheels checked. I.ct our fx])eil3 Let them slrniftht. DRIVE JN TODAY PHI L L IP S MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—BIytheville, Ark. Tel. 453—451 Political Announcements The Oourlw M*v« UN b minonwM t 0 tnnouno* th* following cuiditUtn, mbjMt to UM Wniocrutlo yrlnULTj- BIIF.K1FF AND COtXKOTOM JACK riNurr ROBINBON WILLIAM BEtlltYMAN COU.V1-V JUDOE OKNE K: DRADI^T nor^ND ORTKN FOK TAX AHriFSHOal W. W. "WINK" WATSON CIKCIUT CLKBK J1AIIVKY MORRIS COUNTY COURT CI.KBK RUK/vitiirr]! uLY-niK COUNT* TRKASURF* DF.IitiA VUn'llJK STATK Ui:i'ltESi;NTATIVB A1.KNE WORD K. O. fl.KKMAN / 1.KSMK "DUKIK" 8PEOK - Ii. H. AUTRY W. J. WUNDliHWCIl (I'ur ir-flurtlon) ril'AlE SKNAXOK .1 LEE BEARDEN JEl'TERSON W. SI'BCK Forffent «'•<• A., f. 111.- only. l:t1.'. \V. .\l(i with liili Lake ;oir, \v. vin t8,.k-; 11,' WARNING ORIIKR III the Chanrery Court, Chicku- sawba district, i\lissisKip])i County, Arkansas. Thoivms C. Moore PlaiiitilT, vs. No. 9G03 Iris Attlesey Mooi-c Defendant. The tlcfendnnt. Iris Attlesey Moore, is hereby warned to nppenr wiUiin thirty clnys in tile court named in the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Thoims C. Moore. Bated this 21 day of Mny, 1346 HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk By Mary Lee Jnrratt, D. C. H. G. Pnrtlow. AUy. for Pltf. Gene E. Bradley. Atty. ad Litem. 5;22-29-G ; 5-12 Approved DDT Residual Spraying BIytheville Insecticide Co. Harold Wright, Mgr. Phone 558 907 E. Cherry REPLACED We have Just lns(nii«| llu , latest machine to make Kf-ya. And we carry a complete stock of blanks. When you n( -,,d „„ cxli-ii Key, se« us. BLAN HEATH Auto & Home Supply Phone 828 419 \V. Main PRESCRIPTS FrMhesi Stixk Gttaranteed Beat Price* Kirby Drug Stores J!»ll> major leiww iMM-biill cltttw isc i In- Minn' bull parks In I'hlln- i'l|>hi;i and Bl. Lotils, FASTER, BETTER SERVICE For Complete Insurance Service Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency (iloncoe Hole! Jildg. * We have added more mechanics to oul- al- ready largo staff and can now handle your mechanical problems more efficiently than ever. liny Your Poultry W. T. DAVIS Poultry House (Iji lll|;liM-uy (11 Nnrlli ale Hlltl Ittlltil Sprinjja — Cox 42c 29e Ik'it.s 35c ;'.- Our Phono — 528 ._ 4 TIUKS AND 1IIIIKS Drive In Today! No Delay! Loy Eich Chevrolet Company 301 West Wolnut T«xaco Gat and Oil- Phone 578 Local & l.onir Dlilinec Mortal Coinnetout Help ami «.|«l»nnut. Ada- qiiatelr Zu^iirerl. Coiitrmct Uaiilltif and Mlic. 5orvic.i. Home Herrlce ft fctorate C*, 2RQ1 Roaches Biddle Exterminators Member NmtT Pest Control A«'n. 115 8. Third St. Phone 2751 Refrigerator Service OF ALL KINDS—CAU, W. O. BLUE Phcne 2918 or 2642 . Census figures show thai and ollifr malignant tumors t-a\i 50UI!1 deaths i n the uniu tlurinj; the tiireo-yeai !!>«-194-). far excccdhlj; tin- of American deaths le.sHllinc; from enemy action cluing these wni 8A1X CONCRETE STORM SKWER ALL sizr.a OkMpcr Ttuao Bridie Lmmtn* OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. OMCOU. Ark. Dr. J. L. Guard Optometrist GUARD'S JEWELRY 209 W. Main llfilihy-j. H,- . <i II... rinlil l.frson. .V ,,(y simp ur I'luin.. :i- .CM! RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY Except Cancer . for ii»isianl ni>nmi.<r -rvrlr Millan, fc.,,.1 hn,, r , „ ..... ] - coi.dllinna l>prni:,in.|,l in', l^nth .\iilj an.l Jlouia Sii]>,ily. -SIS. 20-ch -". RADIO REPAIR 1 and 2 d*y Service on auiy make on rtirylel Reliixofe Workmanship. Reliixo . PHONE 2642 We Call for and Deliver Fred Callihan Electrical Appliance Co. i^totand Btrrte* 106 So. First St. The new Kentucky state capllol at Frankfort w»» complel*d !n 19W at' a cost of $1,820,000. EMERSON ATTIC FANS Are Available Again AT PLANTER'S HARDWARE CO., INC. |Wc Specialize in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables S«e us about yolir meefa*hi<«i trouble. Our expert ic» working with moaJern and equipment t*ri tint your ear fs lop eondltio*. We ctsrt have a paJni •»•] body shop repair serric*. vlll fix your car or bay your car FOR CASH. -.Seed and Plants Y/ho!esa!o or Retail "trfrrl repalriuf for todty'i «x- quhilte ruotwur auur«d when n- bulll in eur m»icn shop. Market I'M K. Alain I'hone 973 DON EDWARDS wrttw MuT AMD RKMrNOTOfl T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. KOTAi. .' N. 2U>1 B'niEET Ccmpkte Stock* «f Part* For C)irj«ltr 121 K. Main |OOTS AND I1HR BUDDIES SOOT3 !. OOW'T SVC OK> WE 6ROU)V» ', Oti.VOOCrtV MO OS FKKCKLRS AND BY MBRRTI.T, BLOSSEB HOPE _ DIOJJT APPEAR. ANXIOUS HELLO, LARD.—I'M SIMPLY DYING Tb SEE VOLJ.' 1 MEiU i REAILY AM .' i DOMT CARE IF YOU ARE FAT .' WHAT DIFF DOES TH W MAKE tp TWO PEOPLE ARE WAY ASOUT EACH WEu.,iwe IS H6RS BUT THE WORDS MUST K COMING Timc to Get Out _ . AS LON& AS IM MO IMMEDIATE '. AN A&ENT MUST 86 :U THE TIME-ERA TO KEEP THE VISVJACTtVATED: IT'S ONUV NATURAL W£ WISH TO see WHAT HAPPEMEP.' 'OLI ME AM -J'RS &OMMA :SCP THERE \ TMA.TMESS? DOPES TIME-MACHIWE WE OUT OF THISf POOR Oup .... \VHAT HAPI^Er-lEO ' TO HIM '.' : ,ii'l ..»(

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