The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 9, 1938
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VOUJMR A'XXV—NO. <M. BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST AlilCANSAR ANI-I tnnritn-At.-T. »ttc,™r,.,. Blythcvlllc Courier Blythevlllo Herald Mississippi Vnllcy Leader ITS TWflllES TO Chairman of House Mem- Ijf-rs of Commit I <>a Ro- (ju'.-.s! Aclion Hy 1'iillf.l iv,.ss vent war ran fjilo a bUtr-r battle today in the Ij-agur; ut Nations' VhM-o wiii- dcvastnled nation:;— KUilftjiiii, china uiiil Spain, anwc Mom stiidkinvi battlefields to eaiiy their sinusBles be lore tlie league iiJiiaeli ai«| to Invoke lc-<rnl nmcliln- •'i 1 !' M-I, nji after the World Wiu- ••>:• '•<• nci iiuuient gunnl against In i',s.seiu',: ilieir deinniKls pre- M-uled u bristling obstacle lo Great 'lirlluln'x lieu- ell'orts to liiailtlute Kiiropc'.s war tlireal.s by "realistic" dealing wilii Ihe diclitlorial iialion,-; rather than by dependence upon tlie league theory or collective security, 'Ihe sllelu., dusky emperor Halle Selassie, driven from his Ethiopian liro,ic by 1-a.sclst Italy's B , ms and tombs, created the greatest threat b, promising lo light lo the end sa list London's proposal that (he llulian of his country from not to recojnm; Hie . Selassie Wins Firsl Round I He emperor won the first round l>.v loremg uriialn to abandon plans «r 11111111111,0118 consonl. agreement o release council members Iheir ociigaiift conquest. . '!«« great powers also were Harassed by renewed protests of loyalist, Spain iigaijisl Italian and ijerinan a,J to Spanish insurgenls <V China's new appeal for '0 protection against Japanese anci. 31 Hurt In Collision Of Street Cars l.CS A'ir,K!.lw, May (I. uil'i- Jlilrty-oiii. |)ei>ons wen! injiued ii. it sti-i-tl i-iir collision today. TV,,, ' car:, ci-uslu-d losrilu-r :U » boulevard ! inicr.srrtloii ai,d 1,111: tinned over ' Aiiibuluuirs touk -i-j („ hospitids M-n. wiiiiii-n mid chililjvi, ccawlf-d ;Mru,r 4 ii l,,^kin wiiulows. bl.'edini! .'i-iiin cut-, ,, n lii.:uls »,iil lace.-:. NOIII- AKKAOTA8 AN.) BOUniBAOT MISSOURI -------- " ----- v ------------ — ..... --------- ..... I«'YTHKVIU,K, ARKANSAS, MONDAY MAY 0 1 1MB Burglary Follows $37 i Haul Al Joiner On IV ceding Week Kml I'.lllill.' Miff uiiil imi'oeii ! i Mr liiiul lUlllliy sali- nl O. M „ , Mrs. N. !'. Knight's Broker's Gift [s Memorial Only Son o Hugh CuJien of Houston, Texas who is 11 brother of "Mrs. N. v t, has'given $200.000 to the new University of Houston to Wtild and equip n liberal arts mid cultural ccnlci- as a memorial to Ills only son. Roy C.nsUiv Cullen who was killed in an oil Held acci- -rai r.ei-:v l,>j (| (l . .,,., •:eeiUli<,. made u »" ill .'.Olllh Missis-;!' v.'l.C'ii Iliry f utWll ,,,„,„' , Hill's .-.Ion- a! Mm!, 'iih 01 wihon, in L >J E it .:nd <••.•*•;,,>,..,( y,jt h „,„„., W1 »-'.'"iv won in s n w Ullll ,,',;,,, am> Hou, 1:l |,>s valued , a wo Urns" 'rmvrf ^l";''' '• ""' li "'' ljim entered, u Sll (,. hi jjoinove In rail's Eye A SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS dent nvo years ago. Mr. and Mrs. Ciillen presented :helr gift, check at n dinner given lor the advisory committee and accessories of the $1,000,000 fund campaign for creeling uiul CQiiip- >lng four permanent buildings for .he municipal university. Mr. Cullen Is general clinlrmnn of (he campaign. Mrs. Knight, who spends much of her time with her brother and . and J,, s Cimn-, dep c-ontident mm, the- iv, r bin er, „, , wk of ,, ii'ii'i""' 1 " ln ™ s " ("ken from Ihc Hdl ^store last night. mec W K* Balne-d through an window and ihe bui-elam Ilieir exit through a '• 'I'he burglars npijiii <<•• door bolt but the jammed and it in Unit Iliey l),ul been forced I to pry bars lo rip oir f " s rc <-' ai '*d ns tho The n!n . ! °"" ls " otnccrs Si>1(1 'ho. Hill .store was biii-ula ess iivnn „ >,<,,„. ago ^ *-•-•«.!-•. not opened on Hint occasion uppei «*** (ll his lamlly, Is n member of the com-1!""' ""leers mlrl there scc-mcd !/, nittee of 34 women which was|i e . !™ "'"U'clloif belw ...I*.,.*, u, ,n uumui wmcn wiisir ^^MIK-^UUII neiween named to Ihe advisory committee! "' 8larles - Mr - K'H. who of (he building fund. The women'''" '""" ' " appointed have long been the tivo was for prom- Meanwhile Ihc military'mid dip-I lnc ' nt '" women's nctlvlUes'of'tTiat MIIUUJC siriigsk-s went 0.1 unaualed cav on all sit iking to.-. 11 inieriiKdonal fronts cmitnist to the sluido;v Mr. Cullen. who lias been In the oil business ninee 1915, has amass- fensi 3 wilji legal teelinicaliticK nl cd W' 1 ? a fortune. In presenting • i*. Uerelciuiiienus Included- tllc gifts he said Ihe only stipula Oprn Offensive i tj on mis ihat the university must -Japan opened a great of-1 always be a college lor (lie working - in a drive to oinilunk mid : "inn and woman. UK; iltienders of the Lunghai. : Tllls stipulation was made i-iiialn line of Chinese de- utj u,e cenlral front and the >••/ to of Ihc Chinese capl- —lai sit hmikw. lighting W ns at cause Mr. Cullen, who has recelv- v..,ne me Chinese have scored im- 1'unuiit victories recently-and Uie ]-i m.-i|)al goal was Snenoiv Oiilcame <•'• l lie lighting was still iinccvtnln <•'«• Japunese forces appeared tem- ed a degree of doctor of science frcini one of l.lie nation's leading universities, never ••went to school Ihe railroad I S>"t three years. Bom on a Texas ranch In 1881. his parents moved to San Anlonlo when he was live months old «ncl he grew Up there He went to work when very young and wbcn only 12 years of age was '•"'•'"".V. •" least to Have ended a snipping clerk in 'a' candv fuel IjJU-aUi nl pnr.nllii tv...,.-. ; , t - '"'• loix-o.s inside <-aus c,i eiic-rillii Uieir lines. i-;;n:ii-in.-.-i!rg,-nt troops gained slowly in lighting n lony Ihe Medl- !<>nanean cuast. advancing toward Casiailon de la Plana and report '• : several hunched Cnn- - im.un voiunleere of i) ic lojalist in- l>-rnat|oiial brigades. Italy—Nazi' Fuehrer Adnlf Hitler *> years nmnagcr ol and i company store at, M „,.,,,, "I his mvn store lust year President, Back From Vacation, Reports • <V N'diiii-JillfV'"' -! V i • today rrow, Prcsltleiu Roosei-el "eel America's neii '* eouiressloHal ' lleute, a, te Secrehiry of state Cordell !iu A'am- ,' with and ifdell Hull, with house Mrs. Knight, who returned scv- /com an extended and Mrs. Cullen and • Dining! their four daughU^'Viir'remZ X'"^"!-^-^ """""'V I'onoindlug bis state visit to Italy =,,!r w r^f-;^ s^ - - «,, Builo Miissoliril without gaming! their four da •»/ neu ndviintage over the Anglo-1 here for the present Malian combination in Europe Tlie 1 1'iesent. Nur.a and Fascists were believed to luive agreed on Oernian exjMnslon m central Europe and on a new etlort to end the Spanish war and lo coordinate Spain with the Rome- Berlin axis In addition lo declaring I MEI.ENA, Ark.. May lormally the Alps the permanent' mcnts "mounting to S7.700 were boniwiai-y between Italy and Ger- i avvaritel by n circuit court jury ' Here Friday to six persons parents, lold that the baby's vldlni section of land In the s'tat"e"for educational purposes. covert' 1 ' 0 " 1 '' taX " ftSncl 's™"a! S i°- f t-uvtiy jjro-*mnj5 i-rnii c^i i > ? a 12:30 p.m. conferenec \n? n ™ 1 ' Paral lo submit a detailed re^rt Missourians Awarded Damages For Injuries with special v| e «- /„ Spanish and Sino-JapaiiK til: situa- Negro Shooting Affray Victim In Hospital Here S. L Tinker, negro employed bv O \\. carter on hi s fnrm . damage suit.s against Iho »,' I s " serlolls condition at Blylhevlllc f rom bullet, wounds said lo have been Inflictt-l by another negro. The shooting Is •illeged to have occurred yesterdny near Sleele. aiv.l ihe Keeshan-Lambcrl company, growing out of n collision Dec. 25 here between nn automobile | ambulance, operated for fcndant company. ,\frs. Id;i La'xson. ^rrs. Edna Hays and her husband, S. A. Hays botli of Caruthersvillc. ,Mo Mr' and Mrs. Ed Blair and clainle Leslie of West Helena were plaintiffs. The jury verdict awarded Mrs. Laxson $2,500. Mrs. Blair s''- 500. Mr. Blair, $2,000. Mr and Mrs. ffay.s $150 each and I^slle S400. ill T€LL YOU BY - BOB ~\ BURNS _ Stock prices NEW YORK, May 9 <up>_ Stocks resumed their advance lo- day after early Irregularities induced by profit taking. Trading picked up slightly. A T. & T ' 131 3,4 Anaconda Cop 291-2 Assoc. D. G 5 7.: Both, steel '.' 49 Boeing Air 27 Chrysler 46 ]. 4 Cilles Scrv 101-2 I would be the last one -In the j Gen. Elec 36 3-4 world to say there ain't no sncli thing as gettin' a break in business t>nt i do think the main thing Is to liick out the line of woik you're nil out (or. • '•»' 1 have an uncle down home who's a pretty successful blacksmith and he HMS lelltn' me the other c!ay what a lucky thing It was tor him Unit he chose blacksmlthln' ns a profession. He sold, "At (Irst I klnda wanted lo be n dentist, but If I had followed that. I would probably have starved to death." f saj-s. "What makes you think so?" And he says, "Well, I've been runnln' this blacksmith shop for ten years and In all that time, no one ever com« in and .isked me to pull a loot))," Gen. Mot. 32 3-4 Int. Harvest 607-8 Montgomery Ward 33 1-t N. V. Central ..' 14 Packard 37-6 Phillips Pet. . ..".. 34 7. 8 Radio ; c 3 . 8 Schenly Dist n 1.3 Simmons " 13 j.3 Socony Vae. . 13 5-8 Sid. Oil N. J. . 49 3.4 Texas Corp. ..'.'..".' 40 U. S. Smelt '"' sa U. S. Steel .. 40 1-4 open Corn low c!ose May 58 1-8 58 1-8 57 5-8 57 3-4 July 59 1-4 59 3-8 58 3 , 4 M 3 .j lions. House Majority Leader SamRfty- nT f 1 ,"" 1 " 151 ** 1 th »l lie «s B v?,U only his personal view, om-osctl nlv reo^nins of tha neutrality [ x ,u e «• I his session of congress New torn Cotton NEW YORKTway 9. (UP,Cotton closed steady. Hot Springs Child, 11, Is Electrocuted HO I' .SI'ltlNflB, Ark., May i) illl'i--l(i,yiiuiiHl Cooper, II, wai. rUctioi-uicd toilay whoa tho thin i'U|,ji,.i u-liv, with whli'h he was /•i • to' 'I'l l P'a.viitK, l ell on u power Hue ami v ninn and opam Ihrt'iil-; an.cuu v «iiii imhswi uiioupii ms " I > "m i hudv I i:act' Plans . i Coinplainls WASHINGTON', May II illi'i — Ii«'|). Jiuno.s Jfeiul lUciu,, N. V.I w«ld Unlay lit luiil uskcil (Jliulrnuin Vie Donuliey uf Hie Tcnnessei' Viil- l<y invtsilpiitlDu eonniiiiiei' in' summon the roimnlllvo lo meet 1 lliis week, pi-f panitory lo un 1m- ' "I Only House Approval 0! Mrasiirc Designed' To Spml l^ocovory Needed WASHINGTON, .May i). (UP)- ,'l'l't M-uiile. wllli hardly u ripple lold him," Mend KiiW. "howl «f debule, loilay apiiroved Hie ?on- shut of the hu.nliy, 'ii, iliichnliui D| (| le IIOIISD Biuii]) on Hie body, sulil )». nih'lscil Doimliey Hint lioiiso incinbers (ell Unit the liii.uliy sliould get underway without fui-Hicr delay, 'nui eoininltler iiJinjirlsps live represeji- . lallvc.s and live senators. the house nieiubers felt nnd advised i him that we would be ready for n inwtlng any ilmo lids week except fiuliirdny. He sidd he would confer with the oilier si'inilora oil the. coinmlltee and let me know." House members wish lo start by ailing the ^TVA board, Dr. Hur'- comt Moriinn, David LIllenDinl anil Or. Arthur E. Morgan, former TVA clmlrmiin, to ulr their ciu\rne.i mid counler diurBes In a licni'litR. Would S|>etil Wane-Hour Dill Clialrinnu John J. O'Connor mem., N, v.) of the house rules committee, loilay Introduced « resolution In speed up house consideration of (liu now VVIIKG hour bill. If Adopted tlie resolution would permit consider nt Ion of tho legislation immediately. Under the petition maneuver which last week forced the measure out of HID rules committee it can be called up for consideration on May 23 at Ihe curliest, unless O'Connor'u resolution Is ndoplcii. ie|ioil on $0,3;iO,OOU 000 lax bill. Only house approval in>,i- remains before Ihc nonernl lax revision inciisme. designed 1 0 uld business recovery, will be speeded to tlisi While House for President Rouosevull's signature. After It's (|idck nclloii, the senate turned lo consideration of the «R- rlcuHwo supply bill, with action on (he recovery mcasuro to nld rall- ronds Ibrougli Ijbornllstcd Rl-'C loans Deaths Over Week End Bring Infectious Disease's Toll To Four Two more dealhs over the weekend brought lo four the number of children who have died In this section since Friday from baccll- 'ary dysentery. Alton noy Southard, 21-months-old son of Mr. and Mrs, R. A. Southard of Dell, died early yesterday morning ' nt his r ! 11 l i n omc ' flml Dell y S "0 Hcnson, ngc leme LoilVt Holds Par-1wen monllia, uicd\nt..tlie honio Ilenson, looo ' \vtast -Cherry' street! yesterday a" There are numerous cubes of co- ty-ConiiT)iUee So-Named Legally Appointed U'lTLiB ROCK, May 0.-itjp) — 'Hie state supreme court today held that the stono count)- Democratic committee, elected shortly after the 193G election by muss meeting was ie legal parly governing Kroup in the county. j The supremo court dismissed a petition by commltlecme.ii elccled by Ihe "wrlle-in" method who sought lo oust those named nt Die physicians. 1 "Jury." M die Left, below. Is J;i Is Hie baby as she Is examined by closciip of (he baby. M , Is Mrs. lo a Chicago "Jury." May . July . Oct. Cec. . Jan. . Mar. .. changed at 667. open high | OK . closc 857 802 863 607 859 872 871 819 steady 863 86 li 803 87-1 857 EC I 862 8(16 814 and 81)2 807 BOB 671 871 877 Delicate Operation Follows Verdict Of "Life Or Death" Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. May 9 (UP) — Cotton futures rose with stocks today and closed unchanged to three points higher after opening wltli losses of four and five nolnu May July Oct Dec. Jan. Mar. and five points, open high i ow -<;iose— 870 875 378 . 881 . 883 .887 870 831 883 885 887 898 870 875 877 879 883 887 873b-875a 880 883 S85 887 802 Spots closed steady at 881. up 2. Livestock EAST ST. LOUTS, in M«V 9 (Up)-Hogs: 11.500 ' Toj). 7.90, 170-230 Ibs., 7.80-7 8S 140-160 Ibs., 7,50-7.65.' Bulk SOTO, 6.EO-650 Cattle, 3,200, Steers, 7:50-9.00. Slaughter steers, 0.50-9.50 7.W-8^5 year " nBS ami hclfcrs > Slaughter heifers, 6.00-875 Beef cows, 5.20-0.25. low cutters, 4.00-5,00, Chicago Wheat open high low elnq» May 807-8 801-8 801-4 8038 July 73 1-4 79 3-8 73 II n l-l CHfCAOO, May !) CUP) — Tile left eye of six weeks old Helaiue Judith Colan was removed from Its socket at Garfleld Park Community hospital today, less than an hour after a "life O r death- jury of 10 medical specialists voted (o operate. The operation was performed by Dr. Robert H. Good, eye specialist and one of the 10 who made the fateful verdict In an attempt to check a dread cancerous groR-tli thnt would mean certain, death when it struck the Infant's brain Dr. Good's fellow "Jurors" witnessed Ihe delicate surgery. A spokesman for the baby's family said the operation was completed in "10 or 15 minutes." Narcotic Law Charges Filed Against Four BATBSVILLE, Ark., May 9. (UP) — U. S. Commissioner Dean mass meeting. A circuit court had Issued an order thai Democratic records be turned over lo Ihe committee members elccled by the ballot "wrltc- n method. The supreme court ic d .however, Ihat the circuit court held, however, that ihe circuit court In another decision the supreme conrt upheld n Comray cminly circuit court conviction on murder c i(ir E cs of j. w, Jones nnd ordcrcj llmt lie serve a seven year sentence for the slaying of Charles Plck- thonvne In July, 1937 To Compare Customs Of China and United States "A Comparison of customs Undscy today bound over four I ciicrr y arc other members. IF. is mm Full Nine Months Free High School Next Year Reported Doubtful •All members of tlie BlyUievltle mibltc school faculty have been reelected for next year. It was announced today by o. M. Buck, president of llje school board, Officers of the board have been elected and a budget of S80.5H.7ft adopted by the board which announced tho nlih school will- probably have lo be operated by tuition during the lalter part of next year. W. D. McCliirfdn, superintendent, was rcelected for a three-year torn. The 46 leaclier-. were elected for one year, as is the custom. Ten of these teachers are In the ne»ro school. Mr. McClurkln declined lo confirm a report that one of the teachers in an elementary school had resigned. C. M Duck was reelected president of Ihe board, Dr. Hunter c. Sims. vl;e president; c. W. Afflick! secretary; ,j. A. Leech, acting sec-! !n S between them. A total of 2 rotary, c. B. Babcock and J. Louis 323 differences in customs have ms Of China and the Customs of the United states" will be the subject of the lecture to be made by Dr. Milton Beckwlth. of Little Rock tomorrow nlsht nt 8:00 o'clock nt t«c city hall auditorium for n program sponsored by the local Lions club. Ur. Bcekwllh'.s parents went to China 60 years aso as missionaries and never returned here. Ho nnd his brothers and sister, who grew uji in the foreign country adjusted - their lives to the Orl- cntn IpaUcrn. One of his slstcss - litis nitioiig children in this section, according lo local physicians and Dr. R. E. Schlrmcr, director of file Mississippi county health unit, who said ho hnd To'Reveal Post He Will ' Seek In Piggott Speech ' , ,, ,, no reports of Ihe disease lii oilier parl.i ol the county. •Records show that deaths from various foniw. of dysentery, 01 what Is commonly called colllh have decreased In Ulythevlllo' clur- ui« (lie past five years but that there Is an unusual number ol cases Hits year. .Whether iho epidemic of Ihls deadly disease, wliloh is very Infectious, Is to become more alarm- Ing, physicians aro unable to determine.. It was pointed out today Hint the disease has appeared earlier this year than in Ihe past ami Ihat there Is no way of determining 1U scope. Dr. Schlrm^r Is planning to make tests lodas to determine how many of (he, --•--..- r , ™..-,^...five kinds of dysentery have nl- ^ s nre: clilu<1l > Jones. Elvis Mcrendy appeared here. ' """" " " '"—*- - -Physicians Issued ' warnings to- pay special attention lo the did of children, especially those whc are cutting teeth as they arc most easily aficctccl. All food should be! well cooked and children shou'ct L.I1TI..E TOOK, May 0. Clov. Carl K. Ualley will makn public his political plans tomorrow when ho spcuku at a celebration to l)o held hi lib honor at Mggolt, Clay counly, reliable sources satd. loday. The governor will be honor Bitest lonlijlit at n banqticl lo be held' at a local hotel, arranged tiy bust- iit'ss men as a gesture of appreciation lo tho members of Ihe general assembly for Iheir work In freeing (he sliilo'.s toll bridges. Observers were divided In their opinion on whether tho governor would announce for reelection while ol. I'lsgott or throw, Ills hat Into tho ring for tho. senatorial post which Bcnalo'r llalllo Caraway of Jonciboro Is seeking. l-'oi 'A Seeks Scat In Congress Uuve L. Ford, member .ot'tho Arkansas corporation comh'Usslon, today reMgncd, cllectlve May 15, and announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination ol con- grcttmau from the fourth district. Ford, who served rui slate revenue tioinnilsMloncr for the first ten mcinths of Gov. Curl E. Bailey's iKlmlnlsllullon, Is n former nrose- sulor in the 12th district and mayor if Fort Smith. Leaving tlio oorrioratton commls- ilou on May is Ford annotmced lip .vculil open campaign headquarters in Fort smith early In June .and "slump" [be entire district Iwtwecin June l and August 0, the date of •.hu Democratic primary. A Sebastian count/ delegation- culled on Bailey during the day, urging Umt he name Cleveland - trollnnd of Fort Smith to mi the wicnncy left by Fowl's •resljnation Tho [joveni'or's offico Indicated 'hat Ihc naming of Ford's successor •ould be expected later this. week. 'olm Wesley Russell, 76, Dies At Cooler. Home COOTI5R, Mo.. May fl.-Johu VVesley nussell, died suddenly last at his home here of a heart . A retired fanner, Mr. Russell was 70 years of nge. Mr, Russell moved to Cooler In 1300 from Tennessee ami had es- 'cnsive farming Interests In : thi.-i "ccllon. He Is survived by his wlfo, Mrs, ' Ibbio Heiison Russell, four dauah- 'ers, Mrs. t^innle Duke. Mrs. Ruel »sher anrl Mrs. Lois Reid of Coot- -r and Mrs. R. o. Colemau .of Dexter, and one spn, Joe Russell ••f Cooler, one brother and i oho "Isterl Funeral services,will be held this ^flernooii nt Ihe famllv home with *'>e Rev. Tlmjiias O. Whltfleld. of ironllnn Colleae student. intcrm°nt will h-? niade t Mount Zlon cemetei-v. The Ger- inn Undertaking company Is in haroe of funeral arrnii.-emehts. Acllvo Dallbeirers are: Elmer '.'rli'ht, Hovd .Booth, Lon Jordan. ). B, Hollv, T. H. Cooper and ack RushlnR. Hononiry not cat new potatoes or other ntin, Q. C. Wsmstcr, VV- G. Ma- nnn, J. XT. McClnro, D. B. Barer, C. C. Llmbough and T. M. 'rlggance. uich food which Is not' to cosy to digest. The four recent deaths, two oi which were in one family, arc believed to be the largest number which have occurred In three days since n number or years ago Physicians recalled today a. case of o family 20 years ago who had three 01 its members lo die one day from the disease. Funeral services were held Saturday afternoon for the little Eon and daughter of Mr. and Mrs J>as taught l,i the public I schools I Henry c. Kennedy,'who died late here for 25 years and two of his Friday at Walk \™,f f ,Tv»:! brcthers have married Into Chinese families. He- come to this country about eight years ago for his first visit nnd decided lo remain here to lecture on comparisons o( the cus- tcms of the tivo countries lit an cfr °rt lo create better undersUvnd- persons and ordered them held lor action of the federal gituul juiy oil charges of violating federal narcotic laws. They were: Robert Cobb, Rol»rt W Newton, Barry D. Manuel and Lily Hants, all of Newport. Charles O'Neal, also of Nowihirt, was arraigned before Commissioner Llndsey Saturday on similar diaries and was ordered held tor action ol the grand Jury but was released on bis own recognizance. Cobb and O'Neal entered p!f,is of guilty while Newton, Manuel and Mrs. Hanks entered pleas of not guilty but waived prelmilnary hearings. Bond was set at }luOU each. All ot the teachers \vero offered contracts with no changes In salaries. Tlie budget adopted Is $512 more than this year's budget, which allows for Incidental expenses. September 5 was named the opening day of school for next term. Because there has been a decrease In Hie salos tax-, It Is believed that, the high school will be unable lo operate the full nine months next year unless tuition ts charged for the last part of the whool year. It Is planned to begin Ihc year's work in September and to continue as long as possible before the charge is made. Th» Pueblo Indians once raised turkeys only lor tlielr feathers. been counted by Dr. Beckivlth Since his arrival here, he has traveled from state lo state lec- Rites turing circuit,-;. various cliaiitauqua A portion ot the proceeds from this hour lecture recital will go to the local band to be used for instruments and badly needed un^ Iforms, It was announced by the Lions club. Sues For Divorce Mrs. Lfitlicr Odell Walker has filed suit In chancery court here against James M. Walker, asking for a divorce on the ground of indignities. E. E. Alexander Is attorney for the plaintiff, | ? Logan's Mother Dies At Elraore, Ohio Mrs. Mary Logan, motbcr of Thcoriora Losan, died .-at her home 'n Elmore, Ohio. Sunday morning •>fter having been 111 for two -nonths. She was 85 years of ago. Afr. nnd Mrs. Theodore Logan went up for a visit with her, wnen 'lor condition became serious, and returned home Wednesday, she 1s ilso survived by three other sons and one daughter. Funeral services will be held at Elmore Wednesday. Will Prolest Cotton Freight Rate Increase J. Moll Brooks, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, R. D. and C. 0. Langston, as representatives of the Blythevllle Board of Trade, and. B. G. West, as a representative of the Little Rock freight bureau and the BlytheviUe Hoard of Trade, nre appearing before the Southwestern conference of railroads today and tomorrow at Memphis, protesting against a proposed general Increase In cotton freight rates In Arkansas. ivere conducted Sunday afternoon for Alton Hoy Southard, who Ivan been HI for a week. Services were held at the residence and bural made at the Dell cemetery. Besides his parents he Is survived by one brother, Eugene. Hanna Funeral home was in charge of funeral arrangements. Services were held this afternoon for Betty Sue Hcnson, who was burled at Maple Grove ceme- lery. Besides her parents, she is survived by three brothers, Walter Moody. Henry Lee and James Allen. Hanna Funeral home was In charge of funeral arrangements. Reckless Driving ^^ , I~ M f , ft .• ,; Sirl to be born In ths Younj family in muny tOUrt Continued I f ° r »ve generations, WEATHER Arkansas—Pair, slljhtly .warmer In west and central portions tonight; Tuesday partly cloudy. ,\femphis and vicinity—Fair to- nljht and Tuesday, rising t«mp"ra- ture Tuesday; lowest temperature tonight, 51 to 53. ARBUCKLE, Cal. (UP) — An 8- pound girl baby born to Mr. and Mrs - Ray Young Jr., was the first men, arrested over the weekend on charges of public drunkenness, entered pleas of guilty, forfeited bonds or were convicted hi municipal' court today. The case of Noah Langley, who was charged with reckless driving was continued until Wednesday May 18.

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