The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 30, 1934
Page 2
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(AML)1 OTU1BE MONDAY, APRIL 30, 193 Mrs. Price M. Carpenter, formerly oUxirved In all of the grcul groups of vertebrates as the changes have b*«n followed through the ages. Sonic of the bones Riadually become very small and disappear. Headquarters for Graduation Frocks Social Calendar TTOSDAY'S EVBNTS Mrs. M»y L. Aldrldge hiving Tuesday Contract club. Younz Matrons iirldjc club meeting with Mrs. Doyle Hendor- BOH. City Council P. T. A. meeting high school, 9:30 a. m. Mrs. Samuel F. Morris having bridge party for Miss Margaret Cross, bride elect, 1:30 \i. in. WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. Francis Carpenter and Miss Haiel Hardtn having supper parly ' for Mtss Margaret, Cross, bride elect. 7 n. in., at home of Miss Hardln. Sudbury P. T. A. meeting at school. 3:15 p. m. Mrs. W. H. Minyard linving Wednesday Bridge club. Mrs. Malt Moiughan having bridge breakfut for Miss Margaret Cross! _ Bible study of Church of Christ • meeting with Mis. Walter Clark, 2:30 P. M. THURSDAY'S EVENTS Mrs. P»l O'Bryant and Clllford Joyner hiving bridge party for Miss Margaret Cross, bride elect. Mrs. Byron Morse entertaining Thursday Luncheon club. Thursday Contract club meeting with Mrs. G. O. caudlll. Thursday Night Bridge club meeting with Mrs. Renkert Wetenkamp. SUNDAY'S EVENTS Cross-Stgraves wedding, 5 P. M., at home of Mrs. A. M. Bull. of here and now Nov., to Mr. Henry Kcnu^t/. ol Ihe ^ame city. The wedding was solemnized April second. The bride Is the grand dnugh- tr of llw laic Mr. and Mrs. A. C. ^ne<? ^*ho were ouusUndlnK citizens of Blyllicvlllc. Her family went, to ixis Angeles, Cat., a number of years iifio nnd •ecently moved to Las Vi'uas. Rom A dnujjluer wn-i born yesterday jflcrnofui lo Mr. and Mis. Clmrles Bright. Tile baby, who welyhs nine iwunits. has not lieen named. leave tomorrow for a three s tluy In Meridian. Miss., nnd Birmingham, Aln. En route home Ihcy will slop nl Tntcalcosn. Ala.. for llielr son dents at the Shaw, Hits.. Is visiting Ills daURhlcr, Mrs. T J. Burke. Mrs. T. L. Hciton nnd Mrs. \v. II. Glover have returned from a and daughter, Mu- week's stay In Union City, Tenn. University of Alii- Bits oj Neits Mostly Personal Mist Cr«s Announces Plan For Hrr WeMlnj. Miss Margaret Ciws, whose mai'- riags to Mr. Shnrod Edward Sc- graves, of Luxorri, will br an event oJ much Interest, has announced plans for her wedding. The ceremony will be performed Sunday, May sixth, at five o'clock in the afternoon, at the home ol Mrs. A. M. Butt, grandmother of iliss Cross. Her uncle, ihe Rev. George W. Pylcs, pastor of Ihe First Methodist church at Paragould» will read I he ring service before a gathering limited to members of Ihe families and mosl intimate friends. No formal invlta- • Uons *lll be issued. Mlis Cross, who will be given in marriage by her father. Arthur Merman Cross, will have her con- sin. Miss Marjorie Bell, ol Union Miss Martha Bnker, who spent Ihe prtsl six \vc?ks In Joiner and Osccoln as a CWA nurse In the public schools, hns returned here and is now making her home with Mrs. P. D. Banders on West Main street. Mrs. Eddie B. David, her fiither, D. F. Potter, and Miss Marie seti spent yesterday U> Memphis. Miss Annie Laurie & p ans, who attends Miss Wylie's Business college at Memphis, spent the weekend at. home. Mr. and Mrs. Karl Kroger, of Oklahoma City, Okla , arrived Saturday nlelit for suverul days slay with Mrs. Kroner's parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Black. Mr, and Mrs. Herschel Smart. Jr.. and Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Dickinson spunl yesterday In Mem- pins at the bedside of Mrs. Oliver W. Coppedgc who is critically 111 at the Baptist hospital. Her con- Dillon Is unimproved today. Mr. und Mrs. L. \). Chiiinblln ami sons, Don and Jack, accorn- bama, who will accompany Ihrin home. MISS Miirtiiirritc llnsson who Is a junior, und James, who Is a fre.ihnmn, will maku Ihclr home here Joining their jinrcnls wlro came to tilyllipvlllc tt-vernl monllw at'o from Texarknnn. Dr. M. O. Usrcy ahd Ur. W. M. Owen have gone lo San Angclo, Texas, to attend (o business for several days, Ray Jackson, ol Cincinnati, 6., will arrive this afternoon lor a visit with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. J. &miuei Lamlium and Mrs. Landrum's sister, Miss Ruby aiRman, motored to Ilollcy Springs. Miss., yesterday, lo visit Mi's. Landrum's parents. They will return thh evening. Mrs. c. J. Crane 111 Is critically Science Finds Bones Reduced During Ages NEW YORK <UH>-Altllou 6 li lh=; codfish IB considered not too ; bright, lie Is not nearly aa much j of a torwhcad as his predecessors i ol Devonian times. The present ' day cod has 138 bones o! various. condition needs kinds In his head, whereaa some extra powerful, Code Head Embarrassed By Inconsistency PHILADELPHIA (UP)— George 8. Wnlbcrt, head of the Philadelphia n?!all Code Authority, was addressing a banquet here outlin-' ing code requirements lie exhorted Ills hearers to comply, under threnl of federal nrosecutloii. : "Why." he continued in Ihe fame breath. "Three cirls In our olTlce work from dnwn to dark | complaints." RABER DEFT. STORES S Smart New Hats Sheddan's Salve Breaks Chest (Jolds That deep, rattling chest cold the swift acting,; deep penetration of the fish that swam the seas 'of Sheddan's Salve— the salve that! 300.000.000 years ago had more {contains a medicine not found inj than ISO. ordinary exlcrnal rubs. Sheddan's The dat« Is pertinent to an ex- Salve has the mysterious: hlblt of the history of skulls— hu- |ienetra(ing power you have ever man. fish and otherwise— under '.seen. Right, through skin and Us-' the direction of Dr. WillUm K.|s«c it goi-s to warm up the flesh ' persons live in the 1^3,700 Bquare Biliousness Sour Stomach CM and Headachi du*to Constipation . . Gregory at the American Museum break congestive colds arid , .City, Tenn., as maid of honor. Mr. Segraves will be attended by Bob GUtespie, Jr., of Luxora THIS LAXATIVE Creawtt tatylitdy ... M bowel abase Cleanse bowels of wjislc nullrr mnro thoroughly, mure ctiiLiplrtt'lyu it hi3o][fiii;i3 Fctii-a-tuint, Ihe < i hi i wing gimi In si live, and you'll get <ti]i('ki'r t surer rclivT fro* iHzjiiK-.vj, TtMcIauhu AiuL ulljt-r txniali|ia- tion ills. FcTii-ft-iuiiiLaclsiiLOriilhorouKb- n-uL " • Iv iicciin.'ic you rlicw it. Just m che^ms Ribbons, marking th- Uridal | p^,,^, ,,i,| f or ywlr Mo: ,,,,..,, so \", , _ ....... , path, will be held by Mary Ann Cart* right of O«eo)a, coiisin of the bridegroom, Betty Black of Memphis, cousin of the bride, Ann ,Wollmer, Barbara Monaghan, Donna Wunderlich and Frances Shousc. Mrs. Edwin Crabtrco of Avon Park, Fla., sister o[ Mr. Segraves. will light the tapers. A program of nuptial music will be given by Miss Selrrm Lcntv,. pianist, and Mrs. Paul L. Tipton. soloist. • * » KetanMt- Carpenter Announcement has been made of the marriage of Miss Helen Carpenter, daughter ol Mr. snd TOO LATE TO CLASSIFY Mtetly Furnisiicd RED ROOM Mrs. Nolen. 310 West Walnut. 30c kS-30 chi-ninj; of- I'^n-n-miul Uxdlivi- ingrtilivnt iinif«m!y 1lirnng)i. otil tin: inUstinch (o ti?e n "full," mnr» n«lur.i! movciiH-nt. iTro.". Fcen-a-iufnl never shock* t.^c systcju tHH"Abust'S th* bowels. Doctors themselves pne*crib« lh« laxiliv^ ingmlient nscrf in Fecn-a- nunt. Compltlcly, thorotigltly,, Fecn-a- niiiit empties and clc,in^5 the Iwwfls of iil waste. As hcatUrhe Ainl di«j- go, you feel more active, cncrcctie, Ercah. Fccn-a-minL cunUina no richnrsi toiipsrtitoonchorttjgrt stale. "J)pU.y" aiicerous— chew rcea-.vniint for liiMlioTi. 15c <n<\ 25c at dnijtguti ORADB A Raw Milk rboM 71 Craig's Dairy Your Housecleaning SIMPLIFIED! You will find your sjirinK houseclcaning problem much more simple if you let u* clean your curtains, drapes, portieres, small rugs, slip covers, etc. Our scientific process clenn* without harming the most delicate color or nap. Now is the time lo store your winter things . . they're tturncs' BARNES* NU-WA GLEANERS Phone ISO ftt her home on West Walnul ductlon In skull bones has 'been Natural History. / 1 muscular pain. Two kinds: 1 MILD According to Dr. Gregory, re- ' for children; STRONG for : adulls. —Adv. 4 L. G. MOSS Hlylhcville's Cut-Rate UNDERTAKIER Why l?ay A Big l>rice? -Now Simmons Bedding Compa/iy makes - *3 .'.'[-*•'• «-'. •. '. • »» it possible for etfen/orie to own a SIMMONS BEAUTMil Kxc«|>tionnlly IMced Extraordinary values in Hup hrim and small shapes in summery lials in white and sofl colors, in a host of fabrics and favored straws. Crepes, straw braids and pedalines included. PAYS FOR A BEAUTYREST UNDER THE NEW SIMMONS PLAN :Through the cor^Reration of the/Simmons Bedding Company we are enabled to offer you this liberal plan of-a small down payment, 5c eadi day, until your Beautyrest is paid for. In order to take advantage of this offer it is necessary that (lie 5c be paid each, day and should a day's payment be; '^niissed then the balance becomes payable at the rate of $1.25 per week. Linen Swagger Suits $r.98 Get them at the start of the season and enjoy their cool freshness the entire summer. These come in a fine grade of imported Belgian linen, and are made in popular swagger styles. In two price ranges. 5 Sale of Spring Dresses This Offer Good For a Limited Time Only GET YOUR BEAUTYREST TODAY TIRED LINES Dull eyes, aging little lines, a drooping mouth, a listless expression . . .without showing it, the wrong mattress can give you these . . . resulting from an improperly reeled .body. RADIANT HEALTH A glowing skin, smiling mouth, and sparkling eyes proclaim the. fresh vitality that, comes from thoroughly relaxed and rested nerves und muscles on a Simmons Beautyrest Liberal Trade-in Allowance on Your Old Mattress HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. In Delightful Models for All Ages! A; most comprehensive showing of spring dresses, in beautiful prints, soft pastel shades, and highly colored patterns. One-piece as well as jacket models in polkas, stripes, plaids and plain as well as many sheer, materials. Values to $5 Sport Dresses RRGARDLESS of the kind of DRESSES You want or the price you want to p;ty, you will liml Selections at Grabcr's Values to $7.95 Party Frocks Sensational values in snappy spcrl mtxbls, featuring white and spring hues, many sn.ippy two-piece jacket models- You'U Uirill at Hie values of- Icretl for $2.98 $3.98 $5.98 In the most nllurinj mode!.; with dainty touches that s;t them apart from ordinary dresses. Organdies, chifrons. sliccrs. in melting pastels and Hauling print.s. styled in [he? iinixirlant windblown manner. Values up [o S7.98. $5.98 White Linen Shoes T-Straps - Oxfords - I'umps Tics - 1-Straps Wear Itirrn cilhrr v.-|ntc. <, r tmi (hcin lo match some Particular outfit. These are made from a fine quail t y linen, with leather aolcs. insuring tonycr ucar. $1.74 1 Smart Sininj/ Shoe* Shoes of Ihe better kind, in sports ox- foi'ds, tics, high-lioH pumps and other styles. Values lo ?!. Grabcr'x price Laced or Woven Leather Slippers Popular spoils moilpfc in white and ivhiir mlxtnrrs with one-piece soles $1.74 White Poro-Grain Leather Shoes Ijace-to-loe models with flap tongues. Also in tan and gray. $1.98 ' $2.98 Headquarters for Graduation Dresses

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