The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 11, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 11, 1936
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ' ' ' ^* *" *"•'* ^" NUKIMKAfcsl ARKANSAS AND flOIlTHirAav vnaurMinT VOl,. .XX.X1II—NO. 99 _ BOUTHM8V U18800IU Blylhevlllt Courier , biyilicv'.llc I)«ll) Ncw« " ' Slyttjevllla ller«ld Mlmlmlppl Vulley Undtr HI; V'i'l IKVJI,I,K, ARKANSAS, SA'l'UllDA Y, JULY II ID'ltj U'! COI'USS KlVra CEN'fH RELIEF II SIGHT Break Up of Inlcnsc Meat Wilh Rains Prcdicte- By Sunday Nighl CHICAGO. July 11. <ljp)_ncr- Inlte indication of'a break-up in the intense iioai 1,1 America's Worst' drouth areas hy Sunday night vas reported today by Forecaster J. R. i.ioyd of lhc Chicago wealhrr bi—eau. Lloyd said showers will fall in the DakoliK, norlhweslern Min- ncsola, western Nebraska and extreme northwestern Kansas. They will Ije more than ™illfivd |-"'"'and undoubtedly will bring relief frcm Ihe heat and aid what crops tire not already destroyed." Uoyd said a fresh mass of cool air i:; moving over the mountains from Washington and Oregon. Idaho and Montana \vcro cooled tcduy by showers, he said. Ilo.vd added, "the cool air is moving eastward and should reach I he upper Mississippi valley bj Monday." But Iho blazing sun b^al down t'jaln today over America from Ihe Heckles oast, relieved only by a fciv scattered clouds over -Northern Michigan. It was "not i|l!if no warm" in the northeastern J'art cf Minnesota and upper t . Yi£an but tlie rest of Ihe vast teiiitt.rv tfusted ai;am in tetnnerj- tures near Ihe 100 degree marl.-. The clenlh toil attributed to tho heat Gild draw-nines reached a 1 hast -K J .I. Crop experls estimated mrlcuilitril damage at nearly S3M.CM.OOO. VVeddincr Revealed liv I lone ; noon uta Would Jefferson Ifjrsl lo Tu Issue; Proposals Woi Curb Judiciary The Constitution does mil the Supfcine C'ourt s|ie- ileclarc legislation °'llii Fire Destroys Hotel At Little Rock Today LITTI..E 'ROCk;".7rly Tl:' (UP) — Fire 'curly tcday destroyed the new Merchants Hotel, forcins 5f guests lo Hee to the streets "ami mming a loss estimated at S75.- COO. The fire started in the kilebbii cf a cafe on the first tluor of llie tlnee-story brick aiid frame structure uiul spread quickly throughout the building. Guests were awakened by a night clerk nnd two negro poik-rs who succeeded in yetting all to floe before the fire department arrived. Little Is Temporary V.F.W. Post Commander C. J. ljuic of Ulytlievilte was elected temporary commander of tlic two- county Veterans of Foreign \Vj\r.s post uo\v in process of organization, at a meeting at Stcrle, Mo. last nighl. , .Jack Dosvdy of SteeJe \vus clioson toiniKii'fliy ndjutnnt find Joe Ciumon of CnruthersvUlc was selected as tem|K>rury n^'^^'lcr- niaster, The clmptcr, which Ls to be composed of residents of Mississippi county, Ark., and Pemiscot cou n t y. Mo., lias i iot yet received iLs cbrtrlcr, A the meeting. fair crowd attended cilic pinvcr to cuiisfituliimal al. Nevertheless' iliTlarril mahy Ncv invalid. l[ii\v has il power? How lias it ilmiisli Ihi- years'. 1 s: decisions crcali'cl ial has i;iveii rise court has Drill ui-ls Rallied this exercised il \\'hy have a situation l<i agitation C.iiislilutimiiil chanscV In laijl (if his series on "X- iiiK tlic Constitution," John l-'lynn, ,VHA SiTviee-Coilrit-r r s autliui-eennutuist, re\'ieivs Ilktiny of till- l-ourl's doin- ioii over stale'" ami federal lalinn. H;inj;in;i criminals ij prirt of her duty, she (let-Lues, ro Mrs. Florence Thompson, above, Daviess county, Ky., sheriil',' will sprin;; llu 1 trap lor Kaincv Bctl.ea. 2:!. slayer of an a«o<l woman, lieihca is sonlencc-d lo die July 31 at Owensburo. Jilrs. Thompson, mother of four chil- clrf-n. was named sliorill \vh<;ii her husband died in April. State Universilv En'om- 1 ! • o 'i^ under clogisl bays Pcsl in. 15 olli P>-, FAYFTl-EVILLK, .,Vrk.. Jul (UP) — Dtt-ight' Isaac, University of Arkn lisas entomologist, toil^v retorted [bat ihe <>ra.ssi>nu])i>r "la»"r> in the northern section of the state nc«- covers 15 coiilllie.i and was sin-ending fast. liV JOHN- T. I-T.VNN Copyright. 1636. NBA Service, Inc. A gentleman by the name of William Mnrbury, one clay in the year 1800. died a suit against James Madison. Secretary of Slulc, to compel him lo deliver a commission appointing him Justice of the Peace in Washington, O. C. Thomas Jefferson had just been elected President, sweeping liie old Federalist party into the dust-bin. Hut the Federalists had several months left before inauguration to provide sonic Jobs for "desfrviiiK" Federalists. . Amons others a law was rushed through selling iii) numerous judicial jobs. And on Match !!, just two days before he was to,go out of office, Mm Adams aupoinled William Mnrbury a Justice of lhc Peace under this Jaw. He made many appointments hi. this lust j But the hurry was too much | Adams wanted lo vacate the cap- lllilal before Jefferson' arrived. He wanted to snub Jefferson. And so in the haste of clearing out a terrible tragedy happened' lo poor Mr. William Marbury. His eleventh Hue Gubeniiilovial Candidates Swini> Inlo Last .Month of Race 1 I'lTI.K ItOOK. July I] ( Mil- stale's nine eandiilines •lie I'eiiHicnille iiominnilon inriiir lodnv tt;'ic pivpamt 'lilcr the lust [ ..... W1 ,,, ks 0[ 'udeis win m lo nilli II"' remained mulreiilrtl iir-y w, m |i[ ( snjiiori .'iiior J. M. ^.(ren. tt | |() llnee lieulenaiil.s ' conferred nily diirlnc; ihe past week I". i>n elfoi-t i,, decide which rin- Uidaie ihey would suiiport, was out of his nil Ire. Al Ms boiue servants re|)ortei1 li'fl early lo<lay and that hi mil reiuiii until Sunday. 0:1 ices of (luce major m>- i olllclais In the slat' noi i UIH desnteil and oinnlayw mil I tin uould not return ovci Ihe weekend. !'• «as said Ihal anolhrr j;o un ((nfuuie was ljcln» held I i i h >n i>! reemenl on an ad i mlnlslmilin eamlldule. While the udininlslialio;i lend " isht i\ candidate the .WV.M nlui uc said ( (1 be bl;..!l» I ulnlls support continue. lampaigns throiiahmit tin in n I fi •[heir plule Einalor Ji,c T. Robinson was uxpi'ctid In Ihe stule early In the ccmii j week to open hl.s cam- liaitn for rc-o!ccllim while his oi>- |:oni-nls. W. p. nemnan of IVcs- coil, Dosser Vcnablc and Cleveland Holland eonllnucd their EiJeakini; tours in widely fieparated sections of the state. T •- el! lo him. Many others failed to; i" Milton anil Carroll counties go mil. And when Jefferson came 1 in he ordered them Marbmy thereupon atone more than ?. son acres of corn, cr.tton'and alfalfa have bee'i affected by Ihe pests. Isaac, in leading |h e farmers !>• their light, asninst. the pests, s.iitl nelson would have lo bi spread resordlewi of the destruction already done or the grnssliappvrc would appear in great number; next year. nains, which feil in this area veSlerday and lasL nighl, aided some in the fls;hl. a-'aiust. Ihe tioupers l)i-t the section as a whole was not benefited b v the showers Ar.ncuHuriil ex]:erts were mi- able to sol a figure en the damage dene the crops by (be pests. New York Cotton Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK. July II. IUP>- Slocks continued to advance in nclive Iracltn^ in loday's siiorl session. The Dow-Jcncs composite average of 70 stocks reached a new high since the average has been compiled. On the basis of the NEW Get ton July .. Ci-i. .. Dec. .. Jan. .. Mar. .. May YORK. ,i»iv ii. closed steady. orren lilsh lo\ (UP) — 13S7 121B 1275 127H 1271 12C9 IM7 7275 127S 127-t 1571 1270 IMS 12CO 12CO 1253 close 1319 1M7 I2tir. 12C5 Epols closed steady at 1'JSO. of! Spol Average [ s 13.S I The average price of 7-8 middling cotlcn on the 10 markets today war, 13,84 Hie inch spot Uly- dates back lo 1931. Gains in .stocks ranged to 2 point. 1 ;. Profil taking reduceil them modemlcly. A. T. and T 16!) l-l Anaconda Copper 36 3-4 Belli Steel SI 3-4 , Chrysler 114 1-2 | Cities Service 1-8 | Coca Cola — 108 Gen. Am. Tank 48 I Gen. Electric 39 5-8 Cien. Motors CO 7-3 Int. Harvester 80 McKesson-Robblns 91-8 Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central 381-2 Packard 11 ] .3 Phillips Pet 44 1.3 Radio H 5.8 St. L.-S. P 21-8 , fionrd of Trade reports. COtlOU NF.W ORLEANS. —Weekend profit July taking (UP) am hedges awainst. purchases of loan hour commission .was not clellvcr- II cancelled, brought a mandamus action against jn m cs Madison, Jefferson's Secretary of Slate, to force the delivery of the commission. Jefferson resisted the suit, asserting that the Supreme Court had no power in interfere with the executive deparlnmil. Thus the first great battle between President and Court was fought. And the case of Marbury vs. Mad -eon became historic. The loiigue.s wagged, because it was felt John ularshall and his court would decide against Jefferson and that, Jefferson would ignore Ihe decision. Cut Marshall '.limed out to be too astute. He inde one of the most cunning legal decisions in the history of Ihe Court. Jefferson claimed the Courl could not interfere with other departments of the government. But Marshall decided the case in favor of Jefferson and Madison. That is. he refused to order Marbury'.s commission delivered. But lie decided it on lhc 'jromwl thai the congressional act umlrr which Marbury was np- poinlcd was unconstitutional. Departure on a honeymoon cruise revealed the .marriage' of Flovd Odium . (he-low), -hcail of . the SlOD.OOU.llOl) Albs Corporation who emerged from the depression' one of the world's richest men and Jacqueline Cochran (lop) one of Ihe world's most daring . tiicrs Odium was divorced from | his lirst wii'o last year. National Relations Board Clinrgcs Complicity In AssaulI Cases WASHINGTON. Jul Tl.c National La\ JO ,. board today issued charging the Goodyear | (u ,,,.. He|. ( i ioni complaint Rubber company ivith complicity in three assaults at Gadsden. members and organizers separate Alfi.. on of Ihe United Rubber Workers'of America. The board charged that "Good- yoar foremen-, supervisor and -Jly- iiiK .scimidron' members were encouraged by lh,. company ii make attacks', one on S. II. Dai- rubber workers presi- Pmil Graham, 20, Fatally Hurt Near Fayetlevillc; Companion Injured FAYF1TEVIL1.E, Ark., July 11. (UP)—Paul Graham. 20, of Fay- clluvillc. dieiiiat 7:30 a.m. today following an automobile accident which occurred al 4:30 a.m. oh Mighwny 11. ctr;lil.miles north of ^icre. T. E. Mills of Bioomiujfleld. , Ind . wn.s injured. Mrs. Mills, also ill the car, was not hurl. The accident cccwred when Grnhnin, who was driving, presumably went lo sleep. The car lefl Ihe highway and Graham was thrown into n rocky field fracturing his skrll. Graham was returning from a trip to Kansas Cily. Mo. He was a former student at I lie University of Arkansas. Mills came lo rayctlcville to bind books at (he library of the university. Nebraska Wins Distinction As Botanist Slak LINCOLN, Neb. '.(UP)—Botanists regard Nebraska as important American-Soviet Trade Agreement Is lixltmtlsil WASHINGTON, 'July II mi') — The! stale ilouaftnu-nt today uu- tiounceil a cue-year exl.nslon a[ Us : |l)(Eenl trniM: ps;rei'iiieiit with thp jSiuvliil BPvMi{'ienl fnr ' piirchare loff'iiiiollier ICO In Aiiinlfan pouds ; ,oar iH'clnnh.j Ji ly 1:1! which has been in rffi'd lor the past year the di'|:inliin>m r.iti'l 'hi> Soviet has c.vccrdi'il Us allol- uiFnl and lias pun b:i-;nl an miiiinl Ihnl Mill tiuul nut [L'.S, 'linn $:iY,ClO,f;0(). The iiiiri'cmcnt 'iioviiies that Ihe soviet will eu- ioy siib-ilantlal I rude eonvesslons similar lo those jjr:inlC{| other ua- ilons. TfllL JOE' portiitK the very principle which; ihe walls for M,,, r ,n^hJ', r c, !'" Jeffeuon so bitterly assailed. He I Hen plant and nthTr on Hn' averted the rtghl of the Court i™ m«,nl»«lrap^ I ™' n Gad": declare an act of Congress unconstitutional. That famous case — 136 years I mid beat ' den office building by a which smashed down " Ihe I cctton brought losses of 7 lo M i points at (lie close of the niar- [ket here loday. Cables ucro racier and earlier i ha »eo—.settled (hat point and ... ti'miined the whole course of our history, it is fair to assume that had Marshall held the the mob door The 'complaint "Ocodycar ^staled ' that officers found Justification for this violence in Ihe Courl ™,,V",',"Y"r"i i'"'" '"" , lhnl si »iilar treatment, had i-atirt. could not declare laws mi- teen given members of tin- Oonrt ™«titulioiial, this would have vear induslrial a^mblV' 1« ?^,~ *on the end. as Senator Borah ion workers at Akron put ft. of the inviolability of 'There, however" 'the board . S cr opening ' The Commociily | ^l^ ^T^' ! the" a,^t "T^lS^ Credit corporation Ihe !) and 10 cent loans on the 1S35 crop col- ton woi'ld not he renewed when they matured July 31. The amount involved was reportedly 90.221 been in the Sn- ' ^ ?"? i bales. The price now Is cnoiiKh lo enable borrowers qnidate and have a good margin | i he ' c jf,™' Simmons Beds Standard of N. J Texas Co U. S. Smelting U. S. Steel Warner Brothers Stonltc 31 5-3 02 3--I 37 5-8 80 G2 1-8 103-4 Chicago Corn July 6ep open 83 1-2 85 high law E8 1-2 81 7-8 86 79 close 85 81 1-8 high to li- Ihe Pnmo Court, lhat all the constitutional battles of the IM years have teen touch!. ! ivas As already poinlcd out. Ihesff the l>:>ttle.s have revolved around two iercat tendencies. One has been! charges of tncittni? riot. on . assault . „ while at Gadsdcn only company arlton taken to discharge the victim.? of acts of violence." Accuses Scualor of Trying lo Ride Roosevelt Popularity Wave lieferrini; to Senator Joe T. ItobliMon as "Coat Tall Joe." Cleveland Holland of Fort Smith, "iinilldale along with fioblnson mil two others for Ihe Ucmocratlc KJiiilnnllon for senator from Ark- insiis. addressed u small yalher- on the comlhonsc lawn hero lust night. Mr. Holland, who Is .said lo have the unqualified endorsement of Townsend clubs In Arkansas, expressed himself In favor of federal aid for education, federal aid for indebted farm owners, federal Hood control work, the Townscnd plan of old age wnslnns and against cxlraviigauce in federal expenditures nnd u federal {jus lax, Holland was Introduced by Ben Griffin of Ullle Rock, former newspaper, publisher, one lime candidate for governor' and now i stale lecturer for the Townsend 'iiovemcnl. A public address sys- Icm used by lhc speakers was not the best of condition, lending lo distort their voices lo some extent. The Townsenditc candidate made his appeal lo voters who might not tie In favor of such a •iiowmenl by asking for Iho support of all who believed in the "general Ideas" he expressed if not In strict accord with such n Serving Tifu Ma.slci^ ' Attacking Robinson Holland Insisted that Ihe present senator has "been there loo long and la in with the wrong crowd." Ilo charged that Robinson was attempting to serve two musters, the "power trust" and "the people" and recalled the biblical admonition that no one could serve two masters well. He .said that an advertisement of Robinson's Little Hock law firm in a law directory showed that Robinson represented the great utility companies (it the south and a prominent Wall Street firm at the same time he "pielcmled" to represent "the people" and the president as the president's right i hand man in pushing holding I company and utility legislation in Washington. He said lliat Kob- inson hud been known for years \ as "Wall Sirect Joe" in Washington, quoting from a Washington newspaper, and that his 33 years Tammany Chief j Is Active at 77 Agrees That Nazism A colorful I'iiiwr ranrjiur; from mine physician in Arl/otia In Wild West days lo New York City health commissioner ha:; been ()i;it of Dr. Thomas Dar- liiiclon, Tammany's cram! sachem, shown rpcaUini! nl n re- I'i'iil celehratlon al Hie Hall. Al Tl lie still Is active as a physician, ami civic worker, and In veconl,years hns delivered bun- • Urekls of lectures in ciislcni col- : lc(jes O--A over the radio. Is Internal Problem Austria of bolamrally bemuse the Male- lies | in Washington had been devoted at, the crossroads of mlii-conti- primarily' lo advancement of the nenal plant mijralion. Interests of the "rich and'mighty Pins fact was revealed in a Uni- and not the people" vcrsity of Nebraska doctorate . „., .. ,.,', . thesis recently completed by Dr. „ cll!lll < ! y Greatness- !i0hi " w " llas r<xle tllc coat John Mack Wilder of Peru (Neb.) . State Teachers College and pub- i lishcd by the university botanical Intls of every president, Democrat, and Republican alike," Holland J resident Roosevelt Speaks at Dedication of fn- Itacffifigli Sinn Vile f NEW YOHK, July n. (tjl>)-I I'ri-slilent Uocsevelt paili"l|iallni in (he dedicationi .-lodiv of Ni i York's jicw 5liO.JCb.OOil (U borough brld-jo. declared ||mt federal' and loenl TOvnnmcnls to survivo mus 1 provide "reasonable and consiant help" to meet the problems "arising from lhc Increasing complexity of life." . , .'..' , •;;•.'•'• Immediately after the oxmilses, al which a dozen federal, stale mill city oltlclals spoke to Ihon- sunds gulhered i nder a blistering sun. the IIUKC bridge waf thrown open to truffle, 'one of the flrsl projci'ls aided by Ihe I'ublic Works Administration set up by the Rooseu-ll aduiinlstra- llon. which advanced SII.'JCO.OOO In loans nnd grants, the brii!'je llnke Itie borc.iiKhs of Manhattan. Queens and lhc Bronx. II spans across Ihe Knsl. and Harlem rivers with viadnds and up. proaclns and "feeder" highways, (claltny 17 1-2 miles in leitslli. Mr. Roosevelt's pause here tc participate In llur decllcalinn was the first slon on a niDiilli's lri]» which will lake him on a cruise nlcng Hie main coast with his sens anil later to Quebec by tniin to visit Itie ijovrriuir general of C'aiKida. Noting the lirenl increase in ihe past generation of uovcrmucnt activity especially for civic improvements anil human welfare, Mr. Roosevelt in his brief address said this was due not only to needs civalid by new conditions but. "also because growth in human knimlidu 1 labels new us necils many Ihin^s which in olden ([ays we (till not lliink of us needs." V1UNNA, Jul 11 (UP)—Austria ami Germany, after years of strife over Mauls attempts to master this country, . tonight uureeil lo lake steps to form au Auslro-German , entente. An official communique said Austria "recoynl/cs herself as n Germanic slate In return for which Germany will recognize, Austria's complete .sovereignly' Kneli nation agrees not, 16 mix illreclly or Indlrecllv In the fn- lerniil affairs of tho othei, Iho communique snld,- adding , tint "Austria reserves 'Hie right to tieat National Socialism (Nanism) i nn Internal question. The two Kovernnvyils by a ser- eroitc Hie conditions rcmilred for ii desired Auslro-German entente, i'. was announced offlclallj '1'hn coiiunnnlqiie. uctiinliif three bruml questions on which Gcr nuiny and Anslrln dually have •-•oini! lo terms, said: , "Gei'iniiny rerognlxln'! Ihe full i sovereignty of the federal state of ' Austria, conforming with the declaration by Chnnccllor Adolf 'IllliT on May 21, 1035. "tiolli governments consider the Inlcflor regime now existing-in "m-h other country, including the question of Austria national so- Hallsni fNn/tsm) as ,1111 Internal qucsllon In the other country and hi which the respective govern- •nenls will not mix either directly or indirectly." ••!...-•.' Manila Men Questioned In Cattle 'I Heft 1 , — MAMM AI k — Hi'uell ' rice- man who Ihcs heie hav been taki n Into custody by officers foi quLitiontiij In connccllon with 'lettvllles of an alleged cattle thief rliiR operating In this territory! Flechian Is siilil lo have been Implicated in a 'purported confes- licii . ! by -Delannn Wiseman, held by ' olficcirs. •' -->,.yi j •Floyd rieeman, nis'cp'of this ecmmiinlly, | s sn id lo'liavc been bealcn by farmers of' -.'the Walnut l?idse comiminity wtiri: believed ha luid some connection Wllh cittle thieving in lliat secllon; It 15 reported that he may suffer the loss of srjhl in one eve. declared. In answer to the claim fornd that plants °/ . Hollil ™''s frlfnds that Ihe .. ..... (state could not afford to lose a man so high in the councils of Ihe parly n! this lime, Holland charged that Robinson survey. Dr. Winter from nearly every region in (he United States are grown In Nebraska. Plants peculiar lo lhc northern forests, mountain varie- ,..,-. lies and species typical of bothl 1 "". for .''?. *'«!":,. saying that the easl and south have t root here. New plant.'; that have pained a Fcdcral Appeals Court s]g|]cci ,. ; Upholds Turn-Over Order :'«'• i'ie finally w Railroad Bids Asked 12 Times Without Buyer MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. (UP) — No one cot-Id deny that U. S Commissioner Howard s. Abbott is a persistent, nnd patient man. On 12 occasions, since Sept. 5 IMS, Abbott has gone to llv Cedar Lake olflce of the Minneapolis & St. Louis Knilroad company. and droned through a thick, legal document. To read through the voluminous documents requires n mile more thnn two hoi-rs. Burden of Ihe ronteiiUi of the thick file is tho oiler of sale of the M. & St. L. railway on foreclosure. One each occasion, Abbott's Iwo hours of reading have been wasted. Only an occasional clerk \Vill stop to listen. Albolt goes through the entire sales procedure on each occasion, including instructions to the bidders. AbbotUs next performance i.i | scheduled for Aug. 21. | "Maybe," the commls s I o n e r sighed, "sale No. 13 will he lucky company and some bldi 111 be received." bolh | '"' 1JI ° .mini.. Buying lliat- lakcni s<: " atot ' s "' cthcr stntcs ll!1 il wovk- |C<t for and received many times! July ^ct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May open hiyh low 125G 125S 1200 1259 12S8 1270 1270 1268 12CD I2C-I 1270 1270 12C8 1269 12I>4 close 1333b 12G2 1200 12GO 12C1 mo Spots closed steady at 1332, olf 12. . of the central government, |o increase its )x>\ver. The oilier has been the effort of the propertied groups to prevent (he •'talcs and nation from exercising control over their affairs. , First let us look at the struggle of the central government lo cx- ei'cisc wider power over national concerns, particularly in the cco- Chicafjo Wheat open high low clr-Fp 109 1M 101 1-2 101 1-2 't IDS 1-4 ins 3-1 Ifll 1-2 101 1-2 iio.mic Held. It's not a new It diiin't begin with the New Ihe federal government to increase il-s field through , Va., Postoffice Gels Hindenburg Mail ZFPP, Va. (UP)—iirsiness at the local posloffice is nicking up as a result of the visits of the Hmdcnlairg to the Uniied States The Zei-.p. after whom Ihe town was named years ago. was n rcl.i yam. star Ilovvor. Indian pipe, wild .,., white oak, wild asters and shrubs, | evenins primrose mac. wild dahlia, quaking asp and paper birch. more federal funds for disburse: in their stales than Robin- wild indigo i 5011 lw<i bc< -'" " blc to secure for black cherry!' Arkansas. He said Senator Ku.well and shrubs | cf Georgia got. four dollars for western su-j Gcor B |a fOT every "four bit.s" Hob- laking aspen ills on has seeurnd for Arkansas. the power lo regulate ci>mmerec the jmwe rto regulate romincice (Continued On Pace .11 . ,. right. | ti yc of the famou/omeh, tm. Deal. n v of Germany T, a result larcc has batches of letters are airlvin- from souvenir collectors, wlio *sk Hint Ihey he po.stmarkcd in Xci>p for mailing lo German cities aboard the Hlndcnburg. Negro Fined For Theft The presence of numerous, relatives of Hobinson on the government payrolls also was charged by Holland. He said that Robin- 1 Dl L' P- [son's aged mother-in-law at one Ot I lummng Fixtures time was listed as a federal cm] ployc though she never worked Tlie Uiiilrd Klates circuit court of apcals for tho eighth judicial district has in effect affirmed the orders o .Inline John K.' Martln- eini o the eastern Arkansas federal district court directiiHi turnover of S38.500 by IX M. and N. M. Mrmre, former Osccola wholesale grocers, and 55,000 by Moses Klinian. their former employe, in a decision handed down at St. Paul. Minn, this week. Tax on Cosmetics Urged For Japanese Hospitals Frank Atkins, negro, was fined SM in municipal court this morning on a charge of petit larceny. He was convicted of the theft of some plumbing fixlurcs. Ci-Mrn to Aid TOLEDO lUI'i 1'ollce School _ .-.. . — The Fvderal Bureai' of Inveslijation will aid instruction in the public he Inaugurated In connection with the University of Toledo. at all and was dropped when her employment mis made public and a wife of Hoblnson's favorite nephew, who also held a federal job. was appointed in her stead. As evidence of the "coat tail riding" of Robinson. Holland pointed to Ihe naming of John K, Marlin- eau, relative by marriage of Kob- inson, to the ]>ost of federal dis- judge while , a Republican TOKYO (UP)-The pretty Japanese girls who buy (rowdcr and rouge to augment Iheir charms may help In establishing free hos- iplhil service for the poor of Japan. I Shtgeru Haznma, director of the Tho circuit court held that the! K ''!" nli °>' bureau . of the home Moores' apneal from the district \° lKf ' is seeking impos ton of a court's order wa.s not taken In"™ fil!i , °- n K>ltct nr teles, the Ihe proper manner, dismissing the I ™<™' c lo cm " treatment for appe',1 and affirmed the district! poor t " bcrcl " ar VM™<*. court's oilier as to Sliman. ' The proceedings eroiv out of WEATHf R tlic bankruptcy of the wholesalo * v trict , president was in office. firm operated by tlic Moore brothers nL O.scoola, Creditors of the film pnshwl inve.stlgntion of the bniikruptcy cbtirying concealment of assets, resulting iu tho turnover ordor by the district court. Reid and Kvrnul, local attorneys, M'piv.sent creditors ol the Moores nnd Unict' hy of O.sceoln and ;i Little Hock law firm represent:! the defendants. Arkansas—Pair and continued warm tonight and Sunday. Memphis and vicinity—Fair and continued warn) tonight and Sunday. According to the official weather observer, Samuel p. Morris, the maximum temperature here yesterday was 97 degrees and the minimum, 75 degrees.

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