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Little Rock, Arkansas
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1 i MONDAY EVENING. JANUARY 26, 1920. THE ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT HAMBONE'S MEDITATIONS When You Select YOUR Piano or FOLKS GOES CRAZY EN KILU. -jev-se'f 0VEH JEY FAILURE, BUT KUN'l BOB 'Low A PITY SOME. 0b 'em don kill Fool se'f wn toey goes crazy oveh dey HIGH WATERS CAUSE BIG LOSS Dardnnelle, Jan.

26. i Tha Fort Smith, Subinco Eustorn Railroad lost a large amount of piling and timbers by the sudden high water at- Big Shoal creek in Logan county, and at Hays creek iu Yell county Friday morning. The water is rtill too high to estimate the damage done the new construction. The railrooll company" will begin the construction of a first-class telegraph liue as soon as the weather will permit the work to be done, starting at Paris, as fast as practicable, building to this, place. The pole lead will carry two circuits of No.

10 wire, and telephones will be installed at present. Telegraph circuits will nrobobly be duplexed on the same wires as needed. The material is on the ground for this work. i Player Piano 3C-CESSM MAGNOLIA BANKS ELECT OFFICERS Arkadelphln, Jan. 26, The three banks of Magnolia linve hold their annual meeting of stockholders and have elected officers and directors as follows lor the ensuing year The: 'Columbia Comity Hunk Directors J.

0. Hutcheson, C. It, Huteoe-aon, A. M. Crumiiler; C.

V. Martel, H. CarringUa, J. E. ltnss, J.

V. Mc- Neill, Stevens, C. M. Fomby, J. O.

Wepfer, J. L. Jeun, A. A. Rcid lind V.

W. Sorrels. Officers J. O. Hutchc-.

son, president; J. G. Wepfer, vice president; J. C. McNeill, cashier; J.

Harrington and C.U. Campbell, assist- ant cashiers, Tha Peoples Bank Directors: N.J. Gantt, J. h. Davis, T.

V. Gniitt, K. Gantt, C. Lyie, J. A.

Joiner, J. M. Kitchens, T. A. Monroe and J.

O. Hutcheson. Officers: N. J. Uantt, prpmdent; J.

L. Davis, vice president; T. A. Monroe, cashier; C. Lylo and A.

Boyd, assistant cashiers. The Farmers Bank and Trust CompanyDirectors; T. 8. Grayson, W. H.

Warnock, James G. Brown, J. G. hang-ton, W. B.

Robinson, John T. Soutcr, 8. D. Chaffin, A. A.

Heid, D. D. Goode, J. F. Kunyan, Dr.

C. D. Stevens, W. McKay, J. M.

Witt aud J. L. Davis. Officers: T. S.

Grnysou, president; W. H. Warttock, vice president; James Brown, vice president and tcashier. ft THRIFTY CITIZEN BUILDS $60,000 DRIVE TO GARAGE Fort Smith, Jan. 28.

Fort Smith may not be exactly in the millionaire class, but on residence: In this city has perhaps the most expensive and unique driveway in the United States. At the, John Witherspoon home on North Twsifth street the driveway to the garage is paved with a 'much more expensive product than flic good intentions that are proveroially supposed to point the way to the lower regions. This is gravel imported from Sumatra. In dollars and cents, the building of this driveway represents an expenditure of more than $110,000. Hut Mr.

Witherspoon did not make the investment all at once. Itatlver on the installment plan, since the gravel was originally bought as coffee by the Fort Smith Coffee Company, of which Mr. Witherspoon is head, and which is one of the largest importers of coffee in the United States. The gravel was left in the coffee by the Sumatra pickers and was removed by the sifters of the coffee before the coffee was roasted. It is estimated thnt at least ten tons of gravel were used 4a the construction.

Even at the old rate of coffee, in a conservaitve estimate of the cost of the material. MRS. T3RIZZOL AR A COUNTY LEADER Do not be content with making your purchase from a limited selection! Make direct comparisons of the various makes of instruments be satisfied that you have selected the Piano or Player Piano that best meets your requirements. AT POLLENBERG'S you may choose from the most carefully selected assemblage of Pianos and Player Pianos in Arkansas Kimball, Hinze" Whit- ney, Hallet Apollo, Mason Hamlin Brambach, Gulbransen-Dickinson and others. Don't lefanother day pass without providing YOUR home with the refining influence and pleasure provided by Music! Youmay purchase any instrument for cash or on easy payments.

M. D. 8 G. TRAIN IS DERAILED Arkadclphia, Jan. 26.

Traffic on the Memphis, Dallas and Gulf Railroad between this city and Dalark is tied up as a result of a wreck which occurred Saturday. The heavy rains recently put the track in a very -bad condition, ami Saturday when the train picked up a carload of bolts from a siding the heavily loaded car split the rails of the main track, letting several cars down in the mud. On account of the wet condition of the ground little can be donff at present toward clearing the wreck so as to permit the traffic to resume normally again. Copyright. l92o by McOura NtwtMptr Svntflcat Fort Smith, Jan.

26. Mrs. Stella Hiiraolara, state chairman, was made BETTER county chairman of the newly oreanimed League of Women Voters at the inftial meeting Friday afternoon, when the former Women's Equal Suffrage League of Sebastian county was merged into Visit our store or write for literature and information. There will be no obligation whatever. 415 MAIN STREET.

tne new organization. Mrs. A. Kay-mond was elected first vice chairman, Mrs. Ralnh Sneer second vice chairman.

MAN DROWNS IN PETIT JEAN Dardanelle, Jan. 26. A man by the name kf Prince, from, near Appleton, visiting his daughter, was drowned Friday night near Lacy's Ferry, ou the Petit Jean, in Yell county. Oowing to the high water it is supposed that he lost his way and fell into the river. The body has not been recovered at this time.

SWITCHMAN HURT. Joncsboro, Jan. 26. Clint Shell, a switchman on the Jonesboro, Lake City and Eastern Railway, was injured Saturday while making a coupling on a passenger train in, the yards. He was caught between the drnwheads, but it is not thought that his wounds are serious.

He was given attention at once by the surgeons, and afterward placed in St. Bernard's hospital. COLDSAi FLU New Elixir Called Aspironal, Medicated With Latest Scientific Remedies, Mrs. Harry Eshelman secretary, Miss Margaret Jioies treasurer, Mrs. J.

JS. Carstarphen recording secretary, Mrs. A. B. Deacon chairman of publicity, Mrs.

Kate Thibaut chairman finance committee aud Mrs. R. Scott Robertson chairman membershin committee. FEATURES OF SUMMER SCHOOL AT UNIVERSITY. Fayctteville, Jan.

26. Two features of the University of Arkansas Summer School, which begins here June 21, will be the rural life conference of the Southwest and the school of citizenship for women. The first will be held probably the first week in July, while the second will be held the week of July 12. During the citizenship school several hundred women of the State are expected to. come here to take courses in many' subjects to aid them in learning the duties of citizenship Dean J.

11. Jewell is" director of the summer school, whereas information concerning the citizenship week may be obtained from the General Extension Division of the CONGREGATION- ELECTS. Camden, Jan. 26. At a recent meet-ins of the congregation of the First Baptist Church of Camden the following officers were elected Church treasurer, John Reeves; financial secretary, Mrs.

A. S. Pippin; treasurer benevolence fund, M. P. Watts; organist, Mrs.

Mary Woods; assistant or Ti FDR IN TO Rev. Paul Preston, pastor of the First Christian church, opened the meeting Used and Endorsed by European and American Army Surgeons to Cut Short a Cold and Prevent The Loveliest Curly Hair So Easy to Have! BAD BREATH Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets Get at the Cause and Remove It wun an invocation. J. H.

larks. nresi- dent of the Fort Smith Business Men's lub, gave an address on aua judge Daniel Hon spotte on "The Effectiveness of Woman's Vote in Na tional and State Government." LOGAN COUNTY Complications. Every Druggist in U. S. Instructed to Refund Price While You Wait at Counter If Relief Does Not Come Within Two BUYS GROCERY.

Jonesboro, Jan. 26. The A. B. Jones Company, wholesale grocers of this city, have closed a- deal whereby they purchase the Campbell Thorp Grocer Company at Mammoth Spring, a $150,000 corporation that has done extensive wholesale business in Arkansas and HAS NEW BANK Paris, Jan.

26. The First National Zemo, the Clean, Antiseptic Liquid, Just What You Need. Is Not Greasy Don't worry about ecisema or other skin troubles. You can have a clear, healthy akin by using Zemo. Obtained at any drug store for 35c, or extra large bottle for $1.00.

Zemo generally removes pimnjes, blackheads, blotches, eczema and ringworm and makes the skin clear and healthy. Zemo is a clean, penetrating, antiseptic neither sticky nor greasy and stains nothing. It is easily applied and costs a mere trifle for each application. It is always dependable. The E.

W. Rose Cleveland, O. Stanfling on Her Feet Torture to this Lady. Had ito Ride Everywhere She Went Until Cardui Brought Bank, of I'atm, a newly organized in ganist, Mrs. Winfrey- Smith.

Missouri. This makes five houses for Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, the substitute for calomel, act gently on the bowels and positively do the work. People afflicted with bad breath find quick relief through taking them. Dr.

Edwards' Olive Tablets are a vegetable compound mixed with ofive oil. They act gently but firmly on the bowels and liver, stimulating them, to natural action, clearing the blood, and purifying the entire system. They do that which calomel does, without any of the bad after effects. Take one or two every night for a week and note the -pleasing effect, 10c and 25c a box. the A.

B. Jones Company! located at Why make your hair dry, brittle and dead looking wtih the heated waving tongs when the simple silmerine. method will produce a curliuess far more natural in appearance, and at the same time preserve the lustre and beauty of your tresses? Liquid silmerine is so agreeable to use, being neither sticky nor greasy, and the over-night transformation is so pleasing, the first trial will make it your firm friend. The approved way to apply it is to pour a little into a saucer at bedtime, lip a clean toothbrush into this and draw the brush through the hair from erown to tip. one strand at a time.

A few ounces of this harmless liquid from your druggist lone time. You 11 like it not only because of the charming curly miu eitect, but because you will also find it an excellent dressing for the hair. Adv. Jonesboro, Marked Tree, Leaehville, Pocahontas and Mammoth spring. Sure Relief Delightful Taste, Immediate Relief, Quick Warm- Up.

Relief. McKiuney, Texas. Mrs. A. B.

Sto- The sensation of the year in the drug trade is Aspironal, the two-minute cold and cough reliever, authoritatively guaranteed Dy -roe laDoratories tested, approved and most enthusiastically en of this place, writes "Sometime ago I was in a critical condition. We only lived two squares from town, yet I wasn't able to walk the two squares. 6 BellAns stitution of Logan county, will begin, operation as soon as approval of its charter is received from the office of the comptroller of currency, United States treasury department. The new bank will be the largest in the county, with a capitalization of $80,000 and a surplus of $20,000. FAULKNER CLAIMS ARK ORDERED PAID Conway, Jan.

,26. An end "to the condition which has prevented Circuit Court attendants from securing their customary pay is promised by County Judge J. A. Lear who states that he has approved all claims for services in connection with the July and October, 1919, and the January court term, with the exception of pay and fees due county officers for their work. His approval of claims includes grand and petit jurors, grand jury witnesses and regular court witnesses summoned for service at the three terms.

Judge Lea has stated that the county clerk has been instructed to prepare the necessary vouchers for issuance upon request. I Judge Lea's action ends a contcnT tion which has been of much concern Hot water Sure Relief dorsed by the highest authorities, and proclaimed by the common people as ten times as quick and effective as whiskey, rock and rye, or any other cold and cough remedy they have ever tried. All drug stores are now supplied LL-ANS FOR INDIGESTION witn me wonaerrui new enir, so all you have to do to get rid of that cold is to step into the nearest drug: store. NEW LUMBER COMPANY. Jonesboro, Jan.

26. The organization of another big corporation has.been perfected in this city to be known as the Arkansas Brick and Lumber Company, and will operate a lumber mill and a brick manufacturing plant. The capital stock of the company is $100,000. The stockholders met and elected the following officers: President, G. W.

Culberhouse; vice president, W. C. Haynes secretary-treasurer, Zeb Bal-lew. The manager of the lumber department will be Ed Burton and the manager of the brick plant C. Haynes.

NEW BOX COMPANY. Fort Smith, Jan. 26. The Standard Box and Veneer Company has been organized with a capital of $75,000. The officers are: J.

S. Parks, president; George D. Carney, vice president; Clifford German, secretary; A. N. Hicnrd, treasurer.

Mr. German will act as manager and Joe Patrick will be in active charge. COURT TEBJmTtO END. Greenwood, 'Jan. 26.

Judge John Brizzolara has 'practically closed the January term otcircnit court at Greenwood. All til: members of the panel except 12 have been discharged. These will be dismissed after the Saturday session, when a damage suit comes to trial. Announcement On and after February 1, 1920, we will discontinue our delivery. We will reduce the price of every article in our line, and to accomplish this we have decided on the above reduction in overhead expenses.

We thank you for your business in the past and hope to be favored with your patronage in the future. Very respectfully, VOWELL'S ,207 West Fifth band the clerk half a dollar for a bottle of Aspironal and tell him to serve you two teaspoonfulE with four teaspoon-fuls of water in a glass. With your watch in your hand, take the drink at pne swallow and call for your money ick in two minutes if you cannot feel "Every Hour or So" PLEXION BEGINS TO Ml AGE You Can Preserve That Clear, Smooth Tint of Youth By the Occasional Use of the BLACK and WHITE Beauty Treatment. "I had to ride everywhere I went and suffered at that, but not so much as when I tried to walk. Standing on my feet was torture.

"My greatest suffering was in my right side. It was so sore and I felt if I stepped down or jarred myself the least bit I could not stand it so just walked mostly tiptoe. This kept up until I was just about discouraged and decided I had best try something else. "Someone told me of Cardui, and where it bad bencfitcityeases simjilar to mine. I felt at least It wonld.not hurt to give it a trial.

"After my first bottle I felt better-there was less pain and soreness In my side. "After my third bottle of Cardui I was well and have been ever since." He Had to Night Because of Kidney and Blad- der Ailments. to citizens of the county. Claims of citizens who were summoned at the July term were held up for some reason until. October, when the deadlock between Judee Lea and the Quorum JWM fading away like a dream withia the time limit.

Don't be bashful, tor all druggists invite you and ex-feet you to try it. Everybody's doing t. When your cold or cough is relieved, take the remainder of the bottle home to your wife and babies, for Aspironal is by far the safest and most effective, the easiest to take and the most agreeable cold and cough remedy for infants and children. Adv. Tells of the Good Balmwort Tablets Worked.

Court tied up all funds. They were not included in the report of expen ditures which Judce Lea made to the Quorum Court for the year ending Sep Mr. W. E. Goff, connected with the tember SO, 11)19.

when county luncis 1). 1j. W. it. 11..

Syracuse, N. Y. 1 writes "For two years I had suffer were tied up these claims and those arising from the October special term "Out of. this nettle, danger, we pluck the flower safety." Shakespeare (Henry IV) ed from disorders of the kfdneys and bladder. Distressing pain in the back Cardui may be just what you need.

I were combined ana witnnciu. xne special session of Quorum Court on December 15 broke the deadlock by pass Try it. Adv. As the years go by, women lose that baby-like softness and the rosy tint which they possessed in their girlhood days. Face powders, rouge and toilet creams, all help and serve as a mask for their faded, sallow complexion but such results serve only for a few hours.

The Black and White Beauty Treatment will restore that bloom of youth so much desired make mothers and daughters appear to be sisters and its use both safe and delightful; Before retiring, you bathe your face with Black and White Soan. then annlv the creaniv and hips, depression aud extreme nervousness, Also a freauent desire to uri- GIRLS! A MASS OF WAVY, GLEAMY BEAUTIFUL HAIR ing all needed appropriations nnte, many nights every hour or so, I would have to arise, as the pressure in bladder region was unbearable. My M'ALISTER HEADS BI1IHMI.S11 Run Down Men Vinol, our Cod Liver and Iroi Tonic, will restore your Vital-. ity and Working Strength. Tho powerful.

bMllofr warmth Ointment and wash off the next morn i nunc ijjffnmmir un (tivm relief from Let ing, lou'll be so well pleased with this home beauty treatment that a tiackaee "Danderine" save and glorify your hair LEUHIN I'UST Conway, Jan. 26. Lieut. Col. II.

I. McAlister, second officer of the new Fifth Arkansas regiment, and head of the correspondence department of the State Normal School, is the new head of the Theodore Campbell post of the American Legion. Colonel McAlister succeeds John E. Lyon, who has been head of the post since its formation last spring. He is one of the most popular of the State Guard ofheers, and hMdAcue, etc 860 and 79c bottle.

ankles swelled and my skin became dry and harsh. After using Balwort Tablets I noticed relief and continued taking until now I feel wholly relieved -of pain aud suffering. I am glad to recommend Balmwort Tablets as a most reliable beneficial medicine." The Blackburn Products Dayton, Ohio, guarantee every package satisfactory, or money back, so why not stop, your pain and distress with Balmwort Tablets. Sold by leading druggists. Price, $1.00.

Adv. of both Black and White Ointment and Danger Lies in Not Looking for It It has been remarked that on such occasions as the visit of a circus to the or other occasions when there is unusual congestion- of traffic, there are fewer accidents than orl ordinary occasions instead of there being more. The reason is not far to seefe. The very fact of the congestion makes every driver of a vehicle exercise greater caution. There is no attempt at speeding and slow driving is rendered absolutely necessary.

But if, accidents can be avoided when the streets are more congested than usual it is very plain that with the same care they could be avoided at all times. ETERNAL VIGILANCE IS THE PRICE OF SAFETY. Soap will always have a place on your dressing table. Your druggist sells both Black and White Ointment and Black and White Soap at 25c each or the manufacturers blGHTUICSG Oil For sale by Snodgrass Bracy; will send both on receipt of fiOc. A sample, literature and Black and White Birthday and Dream Book will EI A I For Skins Affected By Winds and Weather be 'sent-you free if you clip and mail this advertisement to BIACK and WHITE, Box 013, Memphis, Tenu.

Adv. I I BLACIR7HITE little Rock Railway Electric Co.J This is the season when she who would have a spotless, lily-white, satiny complexion should turn her thought to mercolized wax, the firm friend of the winter iirL Nothing so effectually the despoiling effects of piercing winds and biting cold temperatures. The wax literally absorbs the chapped, reddened or coarsened cuticle, bringing forth a brand new skin, clear, goffc and girlishly beautiful. An ouuee of mercolized wax, obtainable at any drug store, applied nightly like cold cream, and washed off mornings, will gradually improve the worst complexion. It is perfectly harmless, of course.

Adv. Eases Quickly When YouH; Apply a Little And Musterole won't blister liko the old-fashioned mustard plaster. Just spread it on with your fingers. It penetrates to the sore spot with gentle tingle, loosens the congestion, and draws out the soreness and Musterole. is a clean, white oint ment made with oil of mustard.

It is fine for quick relief from sore throat, bronchitis, tonsilitis, croup, stiff neck, asthma, neuralgia, headache, congestion, pleurisy, rheumatism, lumbago, pains and aches of the back of sea, chilblains, frosted feet, colds on the like Musterole for croupy children. Keep it handy for instant 30c and 60c jars; hospital size $2.50. his leadership of the post is counted i upon by its members to place it on a par with the strongest posts of the Legion in the state. Other officers elected by the Campbell post include G. i S.

Mclleniy, vice commander; R. H. AVecms, adjutant; W. H. Newbern, treasurer; Rev.

C. M. Reeves, chaplain Sam Frank, historian, aud John E. Lyon, sergeant at arms. William R.

James, temporary chairman for. the county, was continued as war risk officer. CAMPAIGN FOR SCHOOLS. Conway. Jan.

26. The final touches to the campaign plans for the drive for relief of the Conway public schools will be given tonight at a "get together" meeting and luncheon at the public school building. Ward captains and teams have been appointed by the general committee managing the drive under direction of the Commercial Club, and the full organisation wilfbe perfected tonight artd start its task Tuesday morning. As proposed by the Commercial Club committee, the district will receive from the campaign $6,000 annually for three years. With this fund and the revenue from taxation the district proposes issuance of bonds totaling $100,000.

including its present bond issue of With the net revenue gained thereby four rooms will be added, to the school building and, the teaching force made large enough to more adequately care for the ever-increasing attendance- BUYS OFFICE BUILDING, 7-Van Buren. Jan. 26. R. E.

Covey of the Citizens Bank, and Trust Company Here is Proof: Manor Hill, Pa. "I was run down weak, tired out and had no appetite. im a farmer and could hardly keep go hg. Vinol built me up after everythinf llse had failed. It gave me new blooc ind strength.

It simply worked won-iers for me just as a friend told me would." Blouche Wehu That is because Vinol contains Bee Bid Cod Liver Peptones, Wild Cherry Iron and Hypophosphiies, the veiy mcnls needed to restore the appetite tnrich the blood and create strength NOTE: Toor leadta? druggist hu foi Eftny years specially recommended Vinci cause be knows there is nothing better than this famous Cod Liver and Iron Tonii to create strength and build one up. Thi formula of Vinol is on every label. Your money back if it fails. TARE A NEW LEASE ON LIFE Cleanse Yotir Blood of Those Poisons Which are Daily Undermining Your Health 'FLU" LEFT Irl Iu a ffw moments you can transform vour plain, dull, flat hair, xou can have it abundant, soft, alossv nnd full jfillli Snodgrass Bracy Drug Holnian of life. a any drug or toilet counter a small bottle of "Danderine" for a few cents; Then moisten a soft cloth with the Danderine aud draw this through your -hair, taking one small strand at a time.

Instantly, yes, immediately; you have' doubled the beauty of our hair. It will be a mass, so soft, ustrous. fluffy and ao easy to do un. Mrs. Smith Had Severe Cough and Was Almost a Nervous Wreck.

Drug, Armistead-Britton Drug Co, Little Bock; Hall Drug Company. North Little Bock, and druggists where. Adv. All dust, dirt and excessive oil is re CHECK THAT COLD, "Last winter I bad influenza and it left me in a serious I had a bad'eouab and was verv weak, almost NATIVE HERB TABLETS BLISS There are a great many people who are lick, yet manage to do their work and drag along day after day, feeling miserable, discouraged and tired all the time. They do not know what is the matter and their physicians cannot name the disease.

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It relieves certain con- gested and irritable conditions of the mucous membrane and has marked influence oa the i intestinal organs in removing; impure and waste producta from tha body, Prescription is really an un usual of certain valuable medicinal agants and can be depended on to gtre results where all other treatments have failed, be- cause it is the private formula of a prominent and successful physician, now long since re--, This Prescription haa given relief to aw many thousands who suffered from diseasea caused by poisoned blood, that the manufac-: turers authorise druggists to give back the $3.00 paid for two $1.60 bottles, if the treat- jnent, when takes according to directions, does not give satisfying relief. If your druggist cannot supply you with $1.60 bottles write Dept. 2223 Laboratory, Memphis, for literature, 1920 Almanaa and samples of 222S Liver Pills. solidation with the Citizens Bank in Pr. King's New Discovery Has Relieved Colds and Coughs for Fifty Years.

case ot astnma 1 nad Had for about 12 years," says Mrs. Marv Smith, -411 "W.hile in this condition I started taking Lung-Vita, which is now called L-V, and now I feel like a different person. I eough very little now nd my general health has improved wonderfully. I cannot say enough for Lung-Vita and wish every one suffering from asthma or a stubborn cough would -try T7n1 Jtitll. nan.A Ai 1914.

The lower floor is occupied by the cotton offices of the Lesser-Gold man Cotton Company and the express office of the American Railway Express Company. There are several suites of offices on the second floor. A RUNDOWN SYSTEM. I like a rundown clock. Unless tuned up tt 1s of Ituie tiser- ir you iu-e down -from overwork, don't negr lect your condition.

Get a box of Bliss Native Herb Tablets, take one or two at bedtime, and you will note an immediate- improvement. For over; thirty years they have proved, a wonderful aid to men, women arid children in maintaining health" 'and vigor. George GTlndstaff, Doeville, writes: t'l 'Waa-all run-down In and It seemed nothing would help mo. waa. -B)ifis Herb Tahletn.

I am thankful for the wonderful remedy, because am enjoying good health." Don't delay taking fines Native Herb Tablets. There is nothing to equal them for removing the cause of constipation, liver and kidney trouble, sick 'tieadache, rheumatism or disordered stomach. They stimulate the Jiver, purify tha fuse PWvcnptiOfi i PERSONAL INJI RY SUIT. 0, L-Vtthe medicine is the: game. Your! druggibt can furnish you, but if he won't, wnte Nashville Medicine fort Smith.

Jam 20. Mrs; Myrtle impurities, which have clogged and poisoned your blood, marked by aching bones, swollea joints and pain, you should at once begin the use of a treatment that will cleanse youi blood and restore the 'vital organs of your body to a natural and healthy state. ROBUST CHILDREN A child should not look pale, thin or worn. Such condition denotes malnutrition. To keep up growth and robust ness a child needs a "plenitude" of food rich in vitamins.

SCOTT'S EMULSION abundant in growth-promoting properties, is an ideal supplemental food that could well be Blvthe hag filed suit in the circuit RHEUMATISM court Against Walter G. Hines, director IT was an unusually high quality cold, cough, grippe and croup remedy when introduced half a century ago. Not once in all the years since then the quality bnn allowed in tie' 'teriorale. Itt effectiveness in combating colds and coughs has been proved thousands of times in thousands of families. Taken by grownups and given to the little ones for the safe, sure treatment -A -colds and grippe, counha and croup, it leaves absolutely no disagreeable after-effects- iet a bottle at your druggist's today.

60c and $1.20. Nashville, for free booklet. Adv. ft general of railways, and Kansas t.ity Southern Railway Company for $3,000 damages. She alleges she was a passen ger on ar Kansas UrtySoittbern train from Stilwell.

to Howe. Okla, oil Aurust 2. 1919 Tthar the coach in For COUGHSana COLDS which she was ridinf was derailed at Diooa ana tone up the system; also improve the-anDe- Bowels Act Human tite. Get the genuine. Look Buch, and that she received serious injuries.

Hhe further alleges that while suffering great pam and not realizing what she was doinx she signed fe function gently but firmly without the violence of purgatives when you treat them with Dr. King's New life ior rne trade mark and money-bark guarantee on every box. Two sixes. 60c and (l.d&.- Sold by leading druggist and local agents everywhere. Made by Alonzo O.

Bliss Washington. D. Oi-Adv. 4 a statement relinquishing her claim for a part of the diet of every growing child. Children alway do vrtiU on Scotf a Emulsion.

IwnK iH ill. M. J. U-ll urt it from -v SN0DORAS8 BRACT, 120 Mala rit. Piils.

A smooth-acting laxative that gets right down to business and gratifying results. All druggists 25c a bot The following day her husband made settlement with the company oa this basis. She wants this eettletneut tle. Adv. 1 set aside.

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