Arkansas Democrat from Little Rock, Arkansas on April 26, 1916 · Page 7
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Arkansas Democrat from Little Rock, Arkansas · Page 7

Little Rock, Arkansas
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Wednesday, April 26, 1916
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY EVENING. HUE ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT. APRIL 28, 1916. SOCIETY AND CLUB NOTES Otflee, MU t2X Out of the Silence. And kt can you may when the day li done And you've gone to your bd of restt !Wae the shadows coma and the light hai gone O'ar the rim of the golden west, And a silvery beam of the moon creeps la ' - As If in an aimless quest! What do you sayl When, a kindly voice that you teem to know Out of the shadows speak soft and low, "Well, what did you do today!" Oh, what can you aay when you're all alone y With the Master of all the tasks 1 How much of a fin do you have to own When the voiee of the Master asks How many thing have you left undone Tfour itudied answer makes! What do you say When out of the shadowa of the silent night , The Master speaks with the Master's ight: , ' "Well, what did you do today!" Thrice blest Is he of the humble way Who sinks to his bed of rest. The rest he earned with a toiling day ' With love of hi labor blest Who hears the voice of his Master , ask and truthfully say "My best!" ' The man who can say "I've trod the way of my best intend, I've helped a friend and I've made a friend," To "What did you do today!" John O. Wells, in the Buffalo News. . Bridal Luncheon. Mrs. F, B. T. Hollenberg and Mis Jean Hollenberg entertained at luncheon today, honoring Miss Irma Cul-bert and eleven bridal attendants. For the occasion hothouse blooms graced the . attractive apartments. In the dining room the table was appointed in perfect detail. Pink roses and lilies of the , valley were the chosen flowers. An elaborate course luncheon was served. Compliment at Tea. Miss Clara Hotze and Frederick Hotze tendered a beautifully planned afternoon and evening Tea Tuesday, as a compliment to Misa Irma Culbert and Charles Knox Lincoln, whose marriage will be a society event of Thursday evening. The handsome Hotze residence, so well adapted for entertainment, was in gala attire on this occasion, when the host and hostess, both members of the Oulbert-Lincoln bridal party, welcomed the throng of guests at both afternoon and evening hours. The drawing room was enhanced in attractiveness by the artistic placing of Easter lilies and pink roses. The hall was the home of fra grant pink roses. Narcissi, peonies and snowballs graced the library. The dining room presented a veritable garden of blooms; stately Easter lilies, the season's favorite flower; orange blossoms, the bridal flower; orange bloa-nies in artistic gilt baskets graced each available point of vantage. The kuests were welcomed in the various apart- ments by Miss Hotze, Mrs. D'Orsay Wooldridge, Frederick Hotze, Miss Oul-bert and Mr. Lincoln. Assisting were Mesdames James Ancil Shipton, Charles A. Pratt, J. N. Heiskell, Fred Heis-kelt, George B. Bose, George B. Mann, DeJay Sogers, Conoway Scott, Lloyd England, J. E. England, Fred Hanger, Kenneth Hanger, Joe House, Charles M. Taylor, Clarence Bose, C. C. Rose, W. 8. Mitchell, H. Q. Mitchell, David Terry, Ben McGehee, John A. Dickinson, Robert M. Williams, C. T. Coleman, Calvin Ledbetter and members of the 'bridal party. ;"T " Dancing was indulged in until a late hour. Dine Briday Party. Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Butterfield tendered a pre-nuptial dinner Tuesday evening, honoring the PilloW-Eakin bridal party. Exquisite decorations prevailed throughout, the dining Toom being particularly attractive in a charm-, ing' arrangement of sweet feas and lilies of the valley, that graced the .table in silver baskets. The guests included, in addition to the bridal party, Mrs. Whitney iHar, .Mrs. Horaee Brown and Dr. Sterling Bond. Morning Bridge, Mrs. Elbert Brack complimented Misg Irma Culbert at Bridge Tuesday morning. Easter lilies, pink loses and tulip were used in proufsion. The bride's chair wa In effective arrangement with white tulle love knot. The bride-to-be was presented with a souvenir of the occasion. Miss Helen Gibson won the high score favor. An elaborate luncheon was served at high noon. With Bin. Splvey. The Woman's Olub, U. C. T., will Apartments For Rent REDUCED PRICES. We have several 2-, 5- and 4-room apartments' for rent la the Stanley and Central apartment bulldingB at Fourth and Center. These apartments are centrally located, being one block from Fifth street, one and one-half block from Main street and also the same distance from the postofflce. Each one is equipped with a modern bathroom, heat, water and Janitor service being Included in rental price. i In order to procure the proper tenants we have made price concessions and INSIST UPON REFERENCES BEING FURNISHED US. Two-, three- and. four-room apartments at the rate of 25c the day or $7.60 the month per room. These prices Include bathroom, for which there Is no extra charge. Apply to i CHAS. S. STIFFT, . 810813 MAIN ST. ' . " i Phone 7600 Main, . ' bmaiuon amoif RMliuet. Mala 680. PARIS FASHION HINT The suit is ' a novel flame colored creation of Georgette crepe trimmed with a wide white silk braid. The pearl buttons are unusually large and make the effect more striking. The hat is of leghorn straw and is taste, fully trimmed with Georgette crepe of the same color. meet with Mrs. H. S-Spivey on Thursday atfernoon at 3 o'clock. Mrs. E. Starr Thompson will be assistant hostess. . Wed This Evening. The marriage of Miss Blanche Pillow and John Connely Eakin will take place this evening at Trinity Cadiedml. Daughters of 1812. Tlie Daughters of 1812 will meet with Mrs. Edward Price -Saturday at 2:30 o'clock. , Missionary Society. The Missionary Society of the Second Baptist Church was entertained by Mrs. Kie Oldham on Monday afternoon-An interesting program was given, under the leadership of Mlrs. F. T. Watson, as follows: Medical Missions Mrs. W. S. Jones. Vocal Solo Miss Helen Watson. Talk, "Deep-Sea Missions" Mrs. J. S. Hutchison. Vocal Solo Miss Inez Nichols. Mrs, Fred Allsopp gave an instructive talk on the plans of the Ellen Wilson Memorial Association. Mrs. Allsopp is president of this association in Arkansas. After the program refreshments were served by Mesdames Cowley, Pettus and H. B. Orr and Misses Avis Reaves, Frances Van Frank and Elaine Tipton. Benefit Dance Monday. - A subscription dance will be given Monday evening at Al Amin Temple for the benefit of tho Boy' Advisary Club. Warren Doyle has the list. The committee will include: Mrs. Patrick W. Crawford, Misses Dorothy May Foster, Marcella Penzel, Louisa Gibson and Nell Cotnam. Personal Mention. . v Mrs. George Walbert, Mrs. R. E. Ehmann and Miss Adele Johnson of Hot Springs, are attending the music festival. - ' Mrs. J. M. Calloway, Mrs. H. Lee Roane and Ike Roane of Texas, are guests of Mre. J. M. Culbert and will be out of town guests at tho Culbert-Lineoln wedding Thursday evening. Mrs. Bert Hohn of Rochester, N. T., is the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Bott. Mrs. U. M. Rose and Mrs. Hay Wat-son Smith have gone to New York. Miss Leonard Pratt has returned from Bedfield. - Today is ladies' day at the Country Club. Mrs. Ben AShner of Memphis, will ' l-.-luj '' FALK PLEASES IW OPEIG CONCERT Violiaist Lives Uiy-ta Commendations MinnejWu Orches tra Arrives Wednesday for Engagement Wedneaday'a Mualc Festival Proaraaa. 3 P. m. Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra. Special' concert .for oliildren of the Little Rock publlo schools, with explanation of Instruments of the modern oroheatra, by Kmii Oberhoffer, conductor. 8:30 p. m. Minneapolis 8ym-, phony Orchestra. Concert featuring as soloists Miss Leonora Allen, . -. soprano; Louis Graveure, baritone, and Cornelius Van Vliet, celloist. as follows: . Symphonic Poem "Lee Preludes." Liszt. 1 ;. 2. Cello Solo Fantasy "0 Car. Memorla" (Servals), Cornelius Van , Vliet. 3. Symphony No. 1 In F minor. Op. 36. Tsohalkovsy.. I. Andante maestoso: Moderate maestoso. II. And&ntlno; In modo dl can- ,. zona. III. Scherao: jlsilcato oatlnato. IV. Finale: allegro con fuoco. . Intermission. - 4. Soprano Solo Aria, "Ah mon coeur" from "Mlrellle" (Gounod), Leonora Allen. 6. (a) Clair de Lune (Starlight). ' Massenet; (b) Shepherd s Hey, -Grainger. t. Baritone Solo Aria, "Erl Tu" from "Masked Ball" (Verdi), Louis Graveure. 7. Prelude to Lohengrin, Wagner. , t. Entranoe of the Clods into Valhalla,' from "Dawn of the Gods," Wagner. Little Rock's fifth annual music festival promises to eclipse the four which have preceded It, both from an artlstio and a financial standpoint, Judging from Tuesday night's program and the enthusiasm of the large audience whloh heard the festival chorus In Its Initial offering at the Municipal Audltorlnm. Jules Falk, violinist, who gave . eight delightful numbers, found a warm audience liberal In its appreciation of his-work and Insistent on encores, two of which were given. The chorus of 160 voices won for Its director, Miss Sarah Yancey Cllne. an ovation, its work evidencing long and careful training and a thorough technical understanding of, the compositions rendered. Falk Wine Fralae. Jules Falk was heightened by his se lection of a program lull ol simple, natural beauty. Krelsler's "Rondtno" on a theme from Beethoven,- an exquisite number, perfectly played, brought the most Insistent applause nt th. iv.nlnv enil th. artlMt fi-ra.cl0UB- ly repeated It. Schubert's "Ave Maria." the "Indian Lament" Dy Dvorak, and Saint-Saens' "Introduction and Rnniin Pnnricionso" were amonir. other very popular numbers. Falk se cures his effects without atleotation or pronounced mannerisms and one forgets the artist In his music. Longfellow's "The Black Knight." the basis of EHger'a dramatic cantata by the same title, was read effectively Utr Uifl. MAlhn Ttradshaw before Its presentation by the chorus. The read ing added much to the enjoyaDuuy or the cantata, unfamiliar to Little Rock Thrmiehniit the Varied movements of the productions the large chorus showed itself entirely ooeuieni to the director's baton, striking ar-. latin attantm tininv nccured. Beautiful bouquets were presented to those re sponsible for the success or me evening, at the close of this number. Kmnna- IhnSA hnnONul Writ MrS. H. H. Foster, president of the Little Rock Music Festival Association; mrs. nune min TTnties. nresident of the festival chorus; Miss Sarah Yancey Cline, direc. tor, and Mrs. G. H. Mathis and Miss Martha Cline, accompanists. Mrs. Mathis was accompanist for tne cnorai numbers and Miss Cllne for solo numbers. As Its closing number the chorus gave Elgar's "The Challenge of Thor," the vigorous chorus from "King Olaf," which was used as the closing number of the first concert of last year's festival, and Is always popular with local audiences. Children' Matinee. Announcement of the special children's concert arranged for Wednesday afternoon by the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra was made by Mrs. Fones. About half the seats in the Municipal Auditorium were reserved by pupils In the Little Rock public schools. The remainder were to be sold to children or adults. The program was arranged to demonstrate the usee of the various instruments in the modern orchestra, which were to be explained by Emll Oberboffer, conductor. The Minneapolis organization made Its first appearance in Little Rock Wednesday. Its work has won hearty commendation of critics throughout the larger cities -of the country, and no doubt It will win a place here. p. r. a. be the guests of Mrs. Irving Laudauer nezi we. Mrs. W. W. McPyke is hostess to the Home Culture Club today. .. Mrs. M. L. Stephenson of Helena, is the guest of Judee and Mrs- Jacob Trieber. j Mrs. Edward Price is hostess to the p O. E. Society this afternoon. Mrs. L h. Whitney is assistant hostess. Miss Daisy Deloney spoke on the "Ideal in Art." w t Ttonahnrf has cone to St. (Loui. where she will act as delegate to tho Little Kck center of tho Drama league of America. Miss VSgie Water of Harrison is visiting Mrs. E. D. Enstrom. Mrs. J. E. Hogue and son Earlo of Hot Springs are guests of Mrs. J. B. Walden'berger and -will attend .the Cul-beTt-Linoom wedding Thursday evening. ' Mrs. George B Gill has returned from Searcy. " Miss Florence Gates of. Memphis will arrive Friday to visit Mr. and Mrs. Mayer Gates, 2301 Broadway. Mrs. Herbert Nourse and Miss Elizabeth O'Leary of Fort Smith, are guest of Miss Dorothy Schaer. Mrs. H. F. Boestoce will return shortly to Pittsburgh, Pa., after a visit with Mrs. W. Qt. Hutton. - Mr. and Mrs. George Bell of Nashville, Ark., are guests of Mr. and Mrs. I. O. Runyan. Mr. an4 Mrs. Joseph Miller and little dangliter of Orange. Tex., will arrive Saturday to visit Mrs. C. Offner. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Healey of To- The Children's Corner 12 CAN YOU FINISH Complete the picture by drawing a line ! take them THEIR MARRIED LIFE KepyrisbU HI. t International Kews BtrrlcO ' "Where are you' colnf?" called Warren1 from the living room. '."I was going around to the store, dear," said Union, pausing. 'Can't you telephone?" "It's too lata (or thn boy to dallvtr, and we noad thla tor dlnnar." "Weil, aead Mary." "But Vary la busy getting dinner, dear; she can't take the time." Warren a--"-- with a grumbled remark about letting things go. "It'a always tha way," he said, as be heard the door slam. '.'Something always needed at tha last moment. No system about things, that's the trouble." Tha trouble with Warren at tha present moment waa a perusal of the monthly bills. Thla month they were larger than uauaL Several things had beenneeded for the house and Helen had bought two hats and a new suit which were charged on tha Croft St way bill. Warren continued fngering tha papers for some minutes and then the key In the latch -M him that Helen waa coming back. "Come In here and go over theae things, will you?" he called. "I'll be right In, dear, Just as soon as I give these things to Mary," and Helen went Into the kitchen, to return a few minutes later, her hat and coat off and looking remarkably pretty. An Open Question. "Do you want to go over the bllla?" ahe aald aweetly. "I do hope that you won't think I have been extravagant, dear." "That remains to be seen ; they look pretty large to me." "But they were thlnga we needed. I haven't bought a thing that Wasn't absolutely necessary." "Here's one amounting to thirty-four ninety-four. What are all these china Items V "Don't you remember that you told me to complete tl)at set Of dishes?" "Oh, yea; so that's what It la I have been trying to remember." "Well, I suppose that one Is all right," said Warren, folding It up and putting It in his pocket. "Croft ft Ordway's bill Is next. This Is a ronto, Canada, is the guest of Mrs. L. P. Krampf, Barber avenue. Mr, and MrS. Lewis Rhoton and .Miss Frances Bhoton have gone to St. Louia, ... Mis. Walter Stangiell of Memphis arid- Mrs. John S. Manier of . Hot Springs are guests of Mrs. X. O. Pin-dull. Miss Helen Baker of Ashland, Wis., is the guest of Mrs. Samuel Adams Cochran. Mr. J. F, Headlee and Miss Genevieve Headlee of Searcy are attending the music festival. Mr. and Mrs. Mace Elliott are visiting in Jonesboro. ' Miss Oda Cromwell of Fort Smith is the guesjt of Miss Sue Cromwell. Mr. Ada Payne of 'Searcy is the guest of Mrs. A. C. Graham. Mrs. Arthur M. Westmoreland of Prescott is attending the music festival, Mrs. M. Sachs is visiting Mrs. L. Sachs in Jonesgoro. Mrs. C. H. Stewart ' is visiting in Conway. "Miss Fannie Bowen Williams is visiting in Bentonville. Mr. and Mrs, Jacob Grant Hollen-beck of St. Louis are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Haley M. Bennett. Mrs. J.E. Hikes and Miss Mabel Woodcock of Hot Springs aro guests of Mrs. John M. Bose. CixfyYcsra CREAM r,Ic2 fro Crcum cl Tart O 6 .7 s 20 THIS DRAWING-? through the dots. Begin at No. 1 and numerically. whopper. didn't know you paid so muQh for a suit Which one la It?" "Why, dear, my blue suit that you selected yourself. Don't you remember 1 wanted a cheaper one and yeu wouldn't have It ?" "No, 1 don't seem to remember." "Why Two Hatsf" i. "Two hate. Why two?"' "One was the little black straw hat and the ether u that leather hat I bought for skating." "That's extravagantl" he snorted, looking up." "Well, I needed It, Warren; It looked out of place somehow to skate in a sweater and a tailored bat." . Warren grumbled something. "What's this, one cocktail mixer?" "That wedding present I bought for your salesman. You told me to buy something." "Where Is It? I haven't seen it." "It uejt came home yesterday, and you were out last night." ' "Well, get It out and let me look It over. The Idea of getting a present like that for a salesman. They'll never use It." "But this Is an extraordinary one." explained Helen. "It's really stunning. Look, dear, It's In the form of a shrapnel; the top Is the mixer, and the bottom Is filled with little glasses." Warren was examining the thing care fully. "By George I" be said, after he had taken It apart, "that's quite an Invention." "Tea, you see, It looks like an ornament, and it really la the latest thing, dear, and they were having a sale when I bought It. Mollified. "We'll have to have one of these our selves," aald Warren eagerly. "Fred will never use this In a month of Sundays; I think I'll Just keep this and yon get them something elee." "Well, la that all?" "Oh, Just about all, I guess.. I suppose you have been as ceraful as you eould. 1 11 send checks for them. Be a little careful thla month." Another Instalment in this series about everyday life will appear shortly on this page....... -The unveilina of the pictures of Jefferson Davis and Stonewall Jackson will take place Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock at the IT. M. Bose School. Mrs. J. B. Vinson is visiting Mrs. Frank Merrifield in Helena. Mrs. Coolidge and Miss Coolidge of Helena are guests of Mrs. Walter, Polk. Household Hints Rarebits. WELSH RABBIT Fill lower part of chafing dish with boiling water, cover TP first with a plate, then with the cover. Fry two thin slices of bread light brown In one-half teaspoon butter; place, on the hot plate and keep covered. Wipe out the blaser with soft paper and put In four ounces fine-cut cheese, one-half teaspoon butter, two teaspoons cream (water may be used), one-eighth teaspoon English -mustard; stir until It forms a creamy mixture; pour over the fried bread and serve at once. The bread may be toasted, of course, Instead of fried. WELSH RABBIT One pound creamery cheese, one and one-half cups milk, two eggs, one tablespoon butter, two teaspoons cornstarch, one-half teaspoon table salt, one-half teaspoon mustard, one-half teaspoon white pepper, one-eighth teaspoon cayenne pepper, two teaspoons Worcestershire sauce. Put cheese, butter and milk into blaaser of chafing dish, stir while it Is melting, being careful mixture does not boll, add salt pepper, mustard, and moisten 'with a little milk. When, cheese ts entirely melted, stir In cornstarch mixture, add Worcestershire and finally stir In tho Cizndard the bkauii cgg. rttir until entirely blenild. . ' ' WJllTfC RAKE BIT One pint milk, one-fount pound (rated ehaM, one tablespoon flour, one salt; add flour and seasoning, then beaten egg. Serve on toast, hard, boiled eggs or croquettes. TSIaaer Cake a ad Cook Ira. ' SOFT OilCOAMJT UINGKRBnK.VP Cream togther one cup sugar and half cup shortening, add two well-beaten eggs, one rup molasses, three' cup flour, one rup sour milk (stir In half of tha milk; In the other half dissolve one and one-half teaspoons baking soda), add one cup shredded cocoa -nut, one. tempoon earh of powdered nutmeg and a few drop of lemon essence. Mix well, turn Into well-greaaed and floured shallow pan; 'bake one hoeir. OINOKR CAKK-Two enps brown sugar, one-half cup butter, three eggs, one rup molasses, one cup sour milk, one teaspoon baking soda, one-half teaspoon nutmeg, one-half teaspoon cinnamon, two nips flour. GINGER COOKIKB Mix together one pint New Orleans molasses, three tablespoons lard, two well-beaten eggs, one scant tablespoon ginger, one tablespoon soda; dissolve soda In one-fourth pint warm water. Mix dough stiff enough to roll nicely. Lettnee makes. Something green Is appreciated at this time of year. Lettuce la cheap and has great possibilities. LETTUCE GREENS has few superiors in the "greens" family. Wash a pound of lettuce and tha leaves and root of a bunch of celery. . Boll In salted water. 20 minutes. . Drain, cut fine and serve with lemon and hard-boiled egg. . PLAIN LRTTUCB 8ALAD with French dressing Is always good. Use the outside leaves and stalks In vegetable soup or to make cream of lettuce soup. LETTUCE SOUP One-half pound lettuce, one pint ohopped celery (leaves and roots will do); boll till tender. Rub through sieve, add one pint milk, bring to a boll. Rub one tablespoon butter and two of flour smooth and beat.. Into soup. Salt" and paprika to taste.. Sprinkle each plate with chopped nuts. Berve with salt wafers or eroutons. Popcorn Goodies. POPCORN CAKES Put Yilcely popped corn through a clean coffee or meat grinder, then stir it into molasses candy, using as 'much aa will make the syrup very stiff. Spread on a greased slab and rol an Inch thick with a buttered rolling pin. Cut Into cakes and let become eold. The mo- Children Cry FOR FLETCHER'S CASTORI A ( Every Woman Wants '.KMt.n;ti. ;iiiviin:' FOR PERSONAL HYGIENE Dissolved 1st water lor douches stops pelvis catarrh, ulceration and inflammation. Recommended by Lydia E. Plnkham Med. Co, for tea years, A healing wonder for nasal catarrh, sore throat and see eyes. Economical. HsseslrsoidsMiyeUanaa PeBatCctapany, rSotloariiis. Mid-Summer Hats - . We have just received several large shipments of Midsummer Hats for ' LADIES, MISSES, CHILDREN in Milan, Leghorn, Panama, Lace and All-White Straw. Priced reasonably. Our Line of 98c Shapes Comprises Real Bargains! FALICS M 622 MAIN. luaaes syrup only wanta tu be boiled until it forma a atilf ball In cold water. Kaay to make and good. SURVEYING rOR ROAD ACROSS JOHNSON OOXmTT. Clarksvillf, April 2fl. (Special.) The work of making purvey across Johnson Count.T for the Johnson. Coun ty turnpike is in prngrr by two engineer of the State highway department. The snrvev now being undertaken gooa to the Pope Connty line. Later that part of thn road running to the Franklin County line will be surveyed The pise will parallel the Iron .Mountain Itnilroml trucks in order to gel tha benefit of the tsi that will be assessed against that property by reason of its presence within the improvement district boundary. Citi.ens made up a subscription to pay for the eost of the survey. . When You Need Glasses bear In mind that tne Glasses we furnish are the best, most becoming 'and most satisfactory that the highest optical skill and science can provide. . OUR PRICES are never more than you expect to pay. EYES JESTED FREE. AlkrtPfrifer&Bra 0lfc. De 4MMsm3h. Bed Cross Story Red Cross Ball Blue and what it will do seems like an old story, but it's true. Bed Cross Ball Blue is all blue. No adulteration. Makes clothes whiter than snow. Use it next washday. All good grocers sell it. TAKE PO DO-LAX DT SPRING. In winter, our blood gets thick, our pores close, we feel tired and dull when hot days come. What we need is a spring liver tonle, something to rid our system of winter's accumulated waste, Po-Do-Lax will do it. It stimulates the bile, empties the bowels. The organs become more active, and in a Uttle'while you feel like new. Don't . . a. i i v neglect eleaning out your system, xaas Po-Do-Lax and you will feel fine. SOo at your druggist, ,

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