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Arkansas Democrat from Little Rock, Arkansas · Page 8

Little Rock, Arkansas
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Saturday, January 10, 1920
Page 8
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8 ANNA EVA FAY, TELEPATIIIST, HEADS NEW MAJESTIC BILL If Al In. point of novelty ah4 all the other Xhixn comedy. music ake. up a well balnaoed bill, the show open- ing at the' Majestic Monday matinee bids fair to hold its head up among any of the good bills that have appeared here recently. Headline, honors fall to Anna Eva Fay, called the "High Priestess of Mysticism," and judging from her astounding mental feats, the title is justly conferred. Briefly, nhtjvworks as follows: Anyone in the audience may write a question on a slii of paper and put it in his or her pocket. The? question may be about anything that can be answered from the public stage. " Miss Fay then not only repeats and answers the question, but she calls out the name of the questioner, -and indicates what part of the house the person is sitting in. t'om-nion sense suggests that there must be ..fraud or trickery about it somewhere but if so. it is imitoswible to detect it. Lloyd and wells offer a blackface skit that is laughable In the extreme. They are known as VThe Hoys From Dixie," and as exponents of Ethiopian : A TEXAS WONDER for kidney and bladder troubles, jriTel, weak and lame backs, rheumatism and irregularities of the kidneys and bladr der. If not sold by your druggist, by mail $1.25. Small bottle is two months' treatment, and often cures. Send for sworn testimonials. Dr. B. W. Hall, 2926 Olive street. St. Louis.T-Adr. BE LIEVER NB IT Oklahoma Lady Tells How Her Husband Believes in Black-Draught . and Uses It For Many Ailments. - - Nowata, Okla. Mrs-Wr Br Dawson a resident of this place, says : "My hus-; oana is a great oenever in tfiacfc mountain girl whose family relations Draught and thinks it cures about cvHare unsatisfactory, . whose education is erything. "It is splendid for headache, constipation, (which usually causes headache), indigestion, or any kind of stomach trouble, and we just keep it for these troubles. I don't klow when we haven't used it, aud we always find it satisfactory. ' "I know it has done us both a lot of good and saved us many dollars. I use it in teaspoon doses at first and follow with small doses, and it sure does make person feel like new. . "It cleanses the liver better than any other liver tonic I have ever used, and after taking a thorough course nature asserts itself and you are hot left in a constipated condition that follows a lot of other active medicines. This is one thing I like especially about it For over 70 years Thedford's Black- Draught has been in use Tor many sim ple ailments and today is a recognized standard remedy in thousands of fam ily medicine chests. It will pay you to keep Black-Draught in the house for use when needed. Your druggist sells it. Adv. Mooev back without nnMtu. if HUNT'S 8.I.. WU i tb. treatment of ITCH, ECZEMA, RINGWORM, TETTER or ether Itching kfa dtit.m, TTJ 7 i ccat box at our risk. For sale by Snodgrass & Bracy Drug uompany. CAN TUBERCULOSIS BE CURED? Dr. Glass has positive proof he Is able to cure - xuoercuiosis jy -innait- tlon In any climate. For further information address SUITE 512 MASON BLDO. 1m Anceles. California, Adv. j PELLAGARA GO A wonderful remedy. Guaranteed - for one bottle to benefit any ease of Pellagra, Rheumatism, Blood, Liver or Kidney, disease. Many claim that one bottle baa en tirely relieved tnenx Hw . w iuvu.. GO la sold by and agents, a"" nrraaid- nrii druggists or sent. prepaid, price $1.00 per bottle or 6 for $5.00. Take Gross Liver Pills. - There is none better. Write for testimonials. l M- Graaa, Box 17. Little Rock, Ark. Adv. SATURDAY EVENING. humorous character, they rank among tne nest in vaudeville. Uthcr aefs are Uessve Clifford "Art Impression." and the Clinton Sif ters in au interpretive dancing novelty. Heim and Lockwood in a comedy offer ing, and the screen telegram, showing the latest happenings from all over the world. Attend our daily bargain matinees at z:su; nights at 7 :3U and v. ENTERTAINMENTS "SOMEBODY'S SWEETHEART." "Tuneful music, clever lines, a well-trained chorus and a splendidly balancVd cast combined to make Arthur Hammer-stein's "Somebody's Sweetheart," which played to "S. H. O." houses at the Kempner theatre Friday matinee and night, one of the best light musical comedies ever showing in Little Book. -The .score, written by Antonio Bafun- no, was especially good and was sung to advantage by all of the principals and the chorus. The cast was well balanced, with Charles O'Connor as Sam Benton, Burton Lenihan as Harry Edwards, Genevia Davis as Helen Wil liams. Berta Donit as Bessie Williams. Violet Beasey as Zaida, Ueorxe Dunstan as - BenHutKand Sly via Tell as theH uriental dancer. The best of the comedv fell to Mr O Connor and Miss Donn. Both were excellent in their parts and combined clever dancing with their lines and songs. Miss Ueasev as Zaida. the Gvnsv iicaripycaiser, also was excellent in. her role and with her clever violin Dlavine was one ot tne cruet features of the show. Miss Tell gave two splendid dance numbers, a Spanish castnet and Oriental Janeesr William Hovell as a Spanish prince1 and John Dewey as the American consul to Seville also uan.llml their parts Well. Mr. Dunstan as Ben Hud had an excellent voice and his number, "Sultana," wag especially pleasing. Miss Beasley's violin number, "It Gets Them All," was encored sever'. times, j -: .. . . All in all.- it was a snlendid show nnd the Kempner management is to' be congratulated on bringing such attractions to ijittie itoek. u. S. W. , AT THE ROYAL. Mary Pickford's latest picture. "Heart o' the Hills." adanted from the story-by- John-Fox- Jr -wilt be -shown- at mis tneatre au next week, in this story Miss Pickford takes the part of a limited and whose . sweetheart insists on making her bait her own hook with worms. As Mavis Hawn, she is in love with Jason Honeycutt, a mountain boy who chafes under the cruel treatment of bis father and who is unrelentingly jealous ot tne attentions wuicu Mavis pays to one of the city aristocrats who visits in the mountains. As time passes Mavis and Jason take separate trails in their searches for education. They finally wind up, however, back at their mountain home to find Jason's father and Mavis' mother leading a cat-and-dog wedded life. Just as Steve Honey cutt is about to murder the Widow Hawn, the most exciting moment of the story arrives. Miss Pickford is supported by a strong cast of players and this picture promises to be as good or even better than "Daddy Longlegs," "The Hoodlum" and others of Miss Pickford's production. AT THE GEM. First half of week Uem Funmakers are presenting a classy little farce-comedy entitled "After the Fight." All members-ofr -this popular comedy will be seen in suitable roles. Harry Pepper will be seen as the old man, Ed Lalor as the young fight fan, Ray Ewing as the deacon, Viola Pepper as an old maid, and Marion Greely will have a. very funny Swede part Nettie DeVoy, Nat' Wixon" and all members will be seen at their best Musical numbers consist of "Has Anybody Seen My Corinne," by Nettie Devoy, Nat Wixon, "Dear Heart, Good Night," Viola Pepper in a character number, "I Want to Be Loved by a Soldier" ; Ray Ewing will offer "You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet," and a specialty by Harry I'epper. -Picture program will consist of cur rent episode of "The Black Secret, and a Bull's Eye comedy entitled, "Vampire Ambrose." - AT THE KEMPNER. Beginning Monday Favorite Players will present for tne nrst time an extremely good farce-comedy entitled "Some Speed," featuring Miss Ruth Albrizht. Tom Bundy and the new fa vorite, Danny Duncan. Other members of this popular company will have suitable roles. Musical numbers during tne program will include 1 want to Go to the Ball Game," by Ruth Al bright, staged in the season's most appropriate manner. Miss Bernice Barlow will sinr "A Message of the Violets." Other' popular numbers include "Give Me the Sultan s. Harem," "Dad's Pal,' and others. - Picture prorram will indlude last episode of "The Midnight Man," Pathe News and a Pathe comedy entitled "A Barnyard Romance." XT THE CRYSTAL. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Samuel Goldwyn presents Pauline Frederick in "Bonds of Love." Her spirited acting and that of Frankie Lee, who played .the crippled boy in "The Miracle Man." hold attention closely, am gov erness to the child of a widower still mournina an idealized first wife it is plain to be seen the star will become tne second wife ot her employer. The new wife's position is a trying one. It is revealed to her that the much ideal ixed first wife was false to her adoring husband. The ex-governera decides to get possession of all letters incrimina:- PAPER PRAISES "GLORIANNA" "Had it been Atlanta's privilege to choose from all the shows booked hero for the season, the best attraction for Christmas week, none more satisfactory could hare been picked than 'Gloriaii-na,' " says the Atlanta Journal. "Glorl-anna" will be a the Kempner Wednesday. . With FriUl Schcff. Al II. Wilson and a cast of unusual all-round excellence, "Olorianna" delighted a large audience at the Atlanta theatre. Monday night' with its tuneful music, its exceptionally goad dancing, 4ts sparkling comedy, its costumes so fresh and bright and the compelling personality of its auburn-baired star. . Fritzl Scheff charmed her audience Monday night by sheer merit.-, Famous thbugh ahe is, she ,Is not o familiar locally as to find her popularity ready-made. She had to win it, and win it she did with her silvery voice, , with her magnetic presence, with her thorough bred appearance from the coils of her radiant hair to her slender ankles and the tips of her tiny feet, with that assured bearing, almost soldierly at times, which is 'so distinctively Fritzi Scheff. She has but two songs in the score, only one of which. "Why Don't You Speak for Yourself, John?" demands great applause; but she interpolates in the second act the favorite "Kiss Me Again," which she sang beautifully. Her encore was a darkey lullaby. The best of "Ulorianna is that J1 ntzi Scheff is by no means the whole show. Our old friend. Al Wilson, was never better in his own productions than be is m the semi-comedy role, of tjalloway. the lawyer. In fact, many in the au dience will agree that he was never so good. He has several songs ot m? own. too. notnblv "Mv ClimbinK Rose." and they were genuine successes. His comedy was brilliant, and his song with the butler over a wee .flask in the last net was one of the most positive hits of the performance. It is a splendid dance music and the dancing is one of the best parts of "Gloriftnna." Miss Margery Lane nnd Miss Harriet Press do most of it. The blond of this pair is so graceful thai you could watch her for hours without vearying. The chorus merits some praise both for looks and for grace. The costnmes of everybody, especially Fritzi Seheff's snappy gowns, are fresh, clean and pretty. . ing the first wife and destroy them for the sake of the little boy. In doing this she seriously compromises herself until the husband discovers that he has1 not been deceived by her, but by the one be has been idealizing. GOLFERS HOLD ANNUAL MEET - New York, Jan. 10. The annual meeting of the United States -Golf Association, which was held here last night, was one. of the most harmonious gatherings of club representatives that has been recorded in the 26 years' history of that association. The election of officers for the ensuing year and the awarding of the three national tournaments were accomplished in short order by unanimous Vote. The new president, George H. Walker of the St. Louis Country Club, in accenting his election, said he hoped that uniform rules governing the game would soon be adopted. By acclamation President Walker was empowered to appoint a committee of four, representing the Northern, Southern, Eastern and Western divi-Bionsof the associationtoonfer-with a committee of the Royal and Ancient Golf Clubs of St. Andrew's, I Scotland, oh the question of uniformity in the rules. COLTRAKONSANTHULEY Jonesboro, Jan. 10. (Special.) Mrs. Effie Santhulcy and Steve Cou- trakon were married last night, Rev. Gordon Wimpy perfqrmittg , the ceremony. .'.. . . .!!VV -. - VESPER SERVICES. T" The Yonng Ladies' Missionary So ciety of the First Methodist church will he hostesses at the.x. W. C. A. Sun day afternoon at the vesper service pro gram and open House. Mrs. Luln rJenl T-vii.. 11 i T i i it.- .I llurcil. cuuiruiuu, iih urmuKm me lui- lowing - program : Reading, . Miss Iris Armstrong ; vocal duet. Misses Clara Hllis and Dorothy Elbrus; speaker, Mrs. W. P. McDermott, subject, Things Worth While : vocal solo, Dor- othy Elkins. Miss Kathleen Kemp, MARY PICKFORD "HEART OF Mary Pickford in a. scene in her the-Hills, at the Royal all week, starting Monday.- 1MADGE KENNEDY ROLE IN NEW GOLDWYN FILM Madge Kennedy baa -delightful Wrong Door," at the Crystal, starting ' THE ARKANSAS ABE MARTIN It hain't only wonderful bow con- vincin a non-producer kin talk, but it s aittin t be a menace. Nobnddy knowed Mrs. Tilford Moot' uncle wuz a baker 'till she said he d soon be a millionaire. president, and the members of the Missionary Society will welcome the guests and serve during the hour following the service, which will be held in the Blue Triangle Club room. TRUST Resources in Excess of $50,- 000,000 for First Time in History $17,028,102 Gain. Arkansas Trust Company resources nt the close of business June 30. were for the first time in excess of fuO.000. 000, according to "Trust Companies of the United States," just published by the United States Mortgage -and-Trnst Company of .New xork. The total ng-nres for the state are $54,661,520. a gain of $17,028,402, or about 48 per cent over last year. The trust comDanv resources of the United States increased nearly 19 per cent and aggregate S11,100,44,U8T, which is considerably in excess or. tne total banking strength of the country less than 20 vears aao. John W. 1'latten, president or- tne United- States Mortgage and' Trust Company, in reviewing the past year's activities, says : "When this country actively entered upon hostilities the trust companies responded with prompt decision and patriotism to the needs of the hour. Contributing very largely on their own account to the success of the five great loans, they exerted a powerful influence upon their clients and friends to the further great assistance of the government Their support of other war measures was likewise of inestimable and immediate value, as was also their-cooperation in the distribution of war savings stamps and the encouragement of the policy of thrift. "The impressive total of $11,150,446,-000 trust company resources for 3919, a gain of $1,769,560,000, or 18.8 per cent over last year, is a most gratifying evidence of growth, affording as it does fresh proof of the spirit with which the -trust companies have met the increasing responsibilities placed upon them and assurance of continued healthy progress in strength and influence." - CHANCERY COURT NOTES. Callie McCollum vs. Mack McCol-linn ; suit for divorce filed oh ground of desertion. - ' Andrew S. Cox vs. Clyde. Wool-britrht: order entered, directing receiv er to deliver the safe df the- Specialty Manufacturing Company to the inter vener, Cnm Store Furniture company. Citizens' Investment and Security Company, agent, vs. Noah B. Rice; de cree entered, granting plaintiff judg- ment for $1,240. FEATURED IN THE HILLS" FILM latest First National feature, "Heart of IN DELIGHTFUL role in Goldwyn picture, 'Through the Thursday. . .. " DEMOCRAT Y. W. C. A. TO CELEfiRJITE ITS H1HTH BIRTHDAY Special Program Jan. 13 to Commemorate Organization . in Little Rock. On the eveninc of Tuesdar. Jn I1BPV 13, the Y. W. O. A. will celebrate the ninth year of iu existence in the city of Little Rock. Tiie program will be held in the '.recreation hall of the Y. W. C. A. building at Fourth and Scott streets aud will mark the first of many ttiiaire m iu year it4ua- y -; -. . The first. part ol, the Droram. fora.ft untrl-rJ :30- will-be given oyer to short business session wliicbvW to be held in connection with tke election of eleven directors and the close of the 1919 business. t All Y. W. C. A; members are urced to attend as the general membership elects one-third of the members of the board each year for a term of three years. In addition to the nine mem bers whose terms expire this year there are two vacancies on the board to be tilled. - The committee on nomination of directors is composed of Misses Helen WTl J U! : - U I . il . v lug .auu aiiuuiv uuo irum uw X-. W. C. A. Business and Professional Women's Club and Mesdames Cv H. Brough, R. C. Hall and Miss Rosa Miller from the board. Other business features - will be the treasurer's and auditor's reports, read by Mrs. W. S. Kawlings,' and the report of the general secretary. Miss Mav Conway. The 1019 reports from all departments will not be read, but will be puoiisned in the 1. w. c A. JNews. Mrs. W. A. . Cook, Mrs. Gordbn H. -Campbell and Miss Fannie May How-land, committee on resolutions . and thanks, will submit the resolution!. From 8:30 to 9 a musical program and address will be given to which the general public is invited. . An informal reception will follow the program. The Blue Triangle- Club room will be a special feature of the evening entertainment, for the Girls' Club . of the industrial department will have a January winter' party with "snow storm" decorations. Music from the Girls' Club and attractive refreshment tables will feature the clubroom part of the social hour. The evenlng'r program-follower Invocation, the l ev: Calvin B. Waller, Second Baptist . church ; America, accompanist, Miss Julia Turner; minutes of 1919 annual meeting, Miss Rosa Miller, recording secretary jtreasiirer's and auditor's reports, Mrs. W. S. Rawlings, treasurer ; report of committee on nomination of directors, Mrs. O. H. Brough, chairman; election of eleven directors; report of committee on resolutions of thanks, Mrs. William Ayrea Cook, chairman ; vocal solo, Miss Dorothy Elkins: 1919 report. Miss May F. Con way, general secretary ; violin solo, Miss Genevieve . oares, accompanist, miss Helen Jackson; vocal solo, Mr. Lacy Tilghman, accompanist, Mrs. Lacy Tilghman; address, Kev. w. Jo. Jrlogg, Winfield Memorial church; piano solo, Miss Lillian Hughes ; benediction. Rev. Calvin B. Waller : informal social hour and reception. CRANE BOOSTS . PARK SYSTEM Ross Crane, of the Extension Department of the Chicago Art Institute, who rave his final lecture here Friday igJt, closing the week's Better Home Institute, said that Little Rock hastaken ,the first step toward building a beauti ful citv in nlanninr the splendid nam system laid out by John Noland. How ever, he warned that a city nunt witn-out such a plan grows wastefully, and recommended that a copy of the survey be 'placed in the hands of every organization in the city to see that it is nut through. - The subjectbf Ms address was "Dollars and Sense, for Your City."'Mr. Crane emphasized the needs of the children. He said that the citizens should take immediate steps toward converting the city park into a playground for the children, by putting in an athletic field, tennis courts and a baseball diamond. This would give Little Rock children first opportunity for wholesome athletics aud normal, well-rounded life. The lecture last night closed the institute. F. M. Blaisdell, president of the Civic Improvement Association, whici was instrumental in bringing the institute to Little Rock, presided at the meeting. Mayor Brickhouse spoke, urging -the citizen b--o take stepa-to-ward beautifying the city. FEDERAL COURT NOTES. The hearinn of the United States against the United Shoe Machinery Companies will begin Monday morning in the United State District Court before Judge Jacob Trieber. The cause is pending in the federal court for the Eastern District of Missouri, but Judge Dyer, who was judge of the court at the time the suit was instituted, was disqualified, and Judge Trieber was specially appointed to hear the case. The Union Seed and Fertilizer Company was fined $50 and costs far violation of the pure foods and drug act Friday. There were two counts against i - .; - r' j .--rJ FRITZI SCHEFF AND . COMPANY rv ' OF 5Q AT REIPNER WEDNESDAY ' i 4 .v ' r i" , -i it 1 v A V 4 ?? -i.'' V WQi WW ft. - ' Fritzl Fritzi Scheff. John Kort's musical Kempner theatre, Wednesday, matinee a Bimwi vivunua. the company, the fine being $25 ' on each count . STUDENTS BACK FROM MEETING The 52 delegates from various colleges of Arkansas returned Thursday evening from the International Student Volunteer Conference, held at Des Moines last week. Two special cars that had been chartered from the Missouri Pacific railroad carried them to. Des Moines and returned them to their various destinations Thursday evening. More than 8,000 students attended the conference, representing over 1.000 of the educational, institutions of the United States and Canada. : The leading speakers during - the conference were : John R. Mott, Robert Spear, Sherwood Eddy,- Bishop McConnell, Bishop Oldham, Bishop McDowell and a large number of men of . national prominence. . . The Arkansas institutions that were represented at the conference were : Hendrix, Ouachita College, State Nor mal, university of Arkansas, uallaway and Henderson-Brown College. The trip was made under the direction of the Student Department of the State Y. M. O. A. '- Save $650 Here's an opportunity for yon to make a profit ; of $830,00 by merely saving-$650.00, paying on Building stock. Save $5.00 pel , month for 130 months and then.jou will have $1,000.00. Our January series of $5.00, $10.00 and $20.00 per month now:.openet in the series today ! We'll pay you 10 per cent interest and. you will be- ; come associated with leading business and professional men of the city, . Call today !' ' - Citizens Building & Loan Assn. R. W. PORTER, Secretary . 817 Gazette Bldg. ' - ' Phone M. 4973 .-. Oaa aaaawwaa -aataaja,. icuuem-y ur x uuervuiuBis, may use n auu nurt:a u . . - ADDILINB 69 Arcade Building, rrrxDKBAi. BXSDrV" MaaSrSTWtaaaal. Attention The year 1920 should be your banner year; with merchandise and other commodities at prices never before known, it is absolutely necessary to your welfare that you save to combat these high prices. - ; ' '- We have made special arrangements- to aid you in this fight, and have obtained a big supply of Home Savings Banks and Pocket. Savings Banks which we intend to place with you. We would be glad to talk to If you will come in to see us at your first bppor-: tunity. y :- . :- "' V ' VT !-"" WE PAY 4 ON SAVINGS . ACCOUNTS : Bankers Trust Gr MAIN AT JANUARY 10, 1920. V " r - ' a. .It V Scheff.. comedy delight, in "Glorianna." at the andnight, assisted by. a-casj of 50 -and ... .. . - - - - CANNOT APPOINT STATE DELEGATES Possibilities for holding a special nri- mary for tbe election of delegates to the Democratic National Convention will be taken up with Governor Brough on his return from Washington. This decision was reached when information was received from the national committee rul ing that the Democratic State Central Committee has: no authority to appoint tnese delegates. ' The question was. brought up befdre the convention by Governor Brough, who , was a guest at the Jackson Day d inner. Inasmuch as the State 'primaries are not held until the second Tuesday in August and inasmuch as the national convention will be held in Jane, some relief must be secured, according to leading Democrats in the State. It previously had been suggested that the regular primaries be moved up but the latest plan is to hold the special primary. Governor Brough left Washington Friday night and upon his arrival the matter will be. discussed with J. W. House Jr.. chairman of the State committee. READ THE WANT ADS arid We'll 1000 Tuberculosis It was when physicians said' it was impossible for J. M. Miller, Ohio drug-giHt, to survive the ravages oi moercuiosis, ne Began experimenting on himself. and discovered the Home Treatment, known a a ADDILINB. Anvone with unuer piain nireccions. sendl your name Columbus, Ohio. Adv. Savers ! you about these banks SECOND i rvT NOTICE TO ROAD CONTRACTORS. fla.ia)d btda will Im received fay th com mlMlonrf of tb Darduall Road lm provement Dlatrlot, Yell County. Arktvn saa, at th of flea of th StaU Highway CommlMlon, UttU Bock, Arkanaaa, until eleven H) a. in., January Jl, 1SD, at which time they will be opened and publicly read, for the construction of approx -Imately SI. (9 ml lee of ehphaUlo macadam' road, penetration method. Following are the approximate quantle -tlee: , . , , . II. T aerei clearing and grubblngj. . B4T0 rods fence moving. - f 114,760 cublo yarda earth embankmeA 7.S60 eubio yarda loose rock excavat'.eC 1,810 cublo yarda aolid rock exoavai; 1.818 lln. feet 18-incri pipe. 1.760 lln. feet S4-lnoh pipe. 381 lln. feet 80-inch pipe. 8 lln. feet 3 -Inch pipe. 1 874, oublo yarda concrete In pipe head . walta. wbvO yarda eateaete ln. cuivarm. .j v iivttblfl yard novat In brldgt abutments. - " L.' bt.HO pounds reinforcing metal, 160 lln. feet I -Beam spans. 4 0 Un. feet truss spans. 222,430 square yards asphalt to surface (pentraHon method). BROKEN BTONB3 BASE COURSE. Native Stone. 1.310 cu. yds. stone, hauled 0 to 1 mile 1.920 cu. yds. stone, hauled 1 to 2 miles. 1,(60 cu. yds, atone, hauled to 8- miles. - 9.260 cu. yds. stone, hauled 3 to 4 miles. - M70 cu. yds. atone, hauled 4 to I miles,-. 4,120 cu. -yds, stone, hauled S to 6 miles. ' 2.260 cu. yds. stone, hauled 4 to 7 miles, District to furnish rock In quarries. Bids are requested on vltlrlfled clay, reinforced concrete and corrugated metal pipe. Bid price will lnolude unloading,, hauling and placing only. Each bid must be accompanied by ft certified check made payable to George Rorex, secretary of the board. Dardanelle, Ark., in .an amount equal to 3 per cent of ihe bid price aa a guarantee that the successful bidder will enter Into a contract promptly. Plans and specifications may be secured, from the engineers for the district for ft deposit of $25, half of which will be refunded when the plans are returned la good condition, or the plans may be examined at the office of the board, Dardanelles Arkansas, or at -the office of the State Highway Commission, or at th office of the engineers, Little Rock, Arkan sas. Commissioners reserve the right to accept or reject any. part of any bid. or to accept or -reject any or all bids and to , waive Informalities. - - DR. S. D. MILLER, " Dardanelle, Ark, . GEORGE ROHEX, Secretary, Dardanelle, Ark. G. A. HARMON, Dardanelle, Arlc CARTER ft KNOCH, 803-7 A. O. U. W. Bldg. Little Rock, Ark. NOTICEMTaROAD CONTRACTORS. Sealed bids will be received by the com mlsslonere of Road Improvement District No. 2, Howard County, at the office ot the State Highway Commission, Little Rock. Arkansas. Until eleven o'clock a., m nn January 20, at which time they will be opened (and publicly read) for the eon truction of approximately 64. 4 miles of one of the following types of road: uravei roan. . 2) Macadam., road. FoUowinc are the annroximate nunntu ties: Section No. 1 Length, 13.73 rniies. 2 acres clearing and grubbing. 6,304 rods fence moving. 76,840 cu. yds. embankment 206 inv -ft. 18-inch pipe. S20 llo. ,-4-inch pipe; - 38 llnfft. 80-inch pipe. 28 Un. ft. 86-inch pipe. f iu ?da- concrte in pipe headwallfc 1,001 cu. yds. concrete In culverts. 204 cu. yds. concrete in bridata ahut. ments. 63,320 lbs. reinforcing metal. 120 Un. ft. truss spans. OKA VEIL ROAD. 9,i70 cu. yds. gravel, hauled 0 to 1 milev 9,206 cu. yds. gravel, hauled 1 to 2 miles. 2,786 cu. yds. gravel, hauled 2 to 3 mlies. 1,044 cu. yds. gravel, hauled 3 to 4 miles. Section No. 2 Length, 18.66 miles. 41 acres clearing and grubbing. 6,212 rods fence moving. 82,160 cu. yds. embankment. -- - 396; lln. ft 18-inch pipe. 893 lln. ft. 24-inch pipe. 220 lln. ft. 30-lnch pipe. 289 lln. ft. 86-inch pipe. 84 cu. yds.'. concrete in pipe headwalls. - 405 cu. yds. concrete In culverts. 896 CU. yds. Concrete in hrMtrn ahntaa ments. 24,660 lbs. reinforcing steel. 64 Un. ft. I-8eam spans. .., ...860 lln. ft. truss spans. GRAVEL ROAD. - 16,081 eu. yds. gravel, hauled, 0 to 1 mile. -,9ov u. -ras;-gravei; nauiea i to 2 miles. .3,837 cu. yds. gravel, hauled 2 to 3 mlies. 8.422 cu. yds. gravel, hauled 3 to 4 miles. 60 cu. yds. gravel, hauled 4 to 6 miles. Section No. 3 Length, 23.88 miles. 79 acres clearing and grubbing. 2,623 rods fence moving. 198,600 cu. yds. embankment. 8,960 cu. yds. solid rock excavation.' 17,660 cu. yds. loose rock excavation. 1,762 lln. ft. 18-inch pipe. 1,094 lin. ft. 24-lncb pipe. 230 lin. ft. 30-lnch pipe. 808 lin. ft. 36-lnch pipe. 264 cu. yds. concrete- in pipe headwalls I, 637 cu. yds. concrete In culverts. 799 cu. yds. concrete In bridge rnbut ments. 333 cu. yds. concrete In. retaining walls, 2.126 sq. yds. rip rap. 107,230 lbs. reinforcing metal. 161 lln. ft. I-Beam spans. K" 840 lin. ft. truss spans. Macadam Road Length, 15. miles. 12,160 cu. yds. stone, hauled 0 to 1 mile,'' II, 810 cu. yds. stone, hauled, 1 to J miles. 7,610 cu. yds. stone, hauled 2 to S miles. 2,450 cu. yds. stone, hauled 8 to 4 miles. Gravel Road Length, 4.0 miles, : 2,28.7 cu. yds. gravel, hauled, 6 to I mile. 1,711 cu. yds. gravel, hauled 1 to 2 miles. 1,711 cu. yds. gravel, hauled 2 to 8 miles. 1.127 cu. yds. gravel, hauled 8 to 4 miles. Section No. 4 Length. 8.13 miles. 44 ar clearing- and grubbinsv, 976 rods fence moving, 42,980 cu. yds. embankment. . .. 1,806 cu. yds. loose rock. . 860 Hn. ft. 18-inch pipe. 376 Un. ft. 24-Inch pipe. 80 Un. ft. 30-inch pipe. 836 lin. ft. 36-lnch pipe. 114 cu. yds. concrete In pipe headwalls. 428 cu. yds. concrete in culverts. 140 cu. yds. concrete. In bridge abutments. ' . 30,190 lbs; reinforcing steel. 180 lln. ft truss spans. Macadam- Road. 8.423 cu. yds. atone, hauled 9 to 1 mile. -. 3,422 cu...yds. stone, hauled 1 to 2 miles. 8,422 cu. yds. stone, hauled 2 to 3 miles. 3,616 cu. yds. stone, hauled 2 to 4 miles. 22 cu, yds. stone, hauled 4 to 6 -miles. Each bid must be accompanied by certified check made payable to Mr. L. Masey, secretary of the board, Dierks, Arkansas, In an amount equal to 8 per cent of the bid price as. a guarantee that the successful btdderwUl enter Into a con- tract promptly. District to furnish stone and gravel in . quarries and pits. Plans and specifications may be secured from the engineers for the district for a. deposit of f30, half of which will be refunded; when the plans are returned in good condition, or plans may be seen at the office of the Board of Commissioners Nashville, Arkansas, or at the State Highway Department, Little Rock, Arkansas. - Commissioners reserve the right to accept or reject any part of any bid or to accept or reject any or all bids, and to waive informalities. B. P. M'CAULBT, Baker Springs, Arkansas. - V. L. MASBT, Secretary. ' Dierks, Arkansas. A. J. POROT, , - c" Dierks, Arkansas. J. G. SAIN, Nashville, Arkansas. SID DICKINSON, Mineral Springs. Arkansas. CARTER KNOCH, - " Engineers. ; 803-7 A. O. U. TV. Bldg., Little Rock. Arkansas. - . STOCKHOLDERS' MEETING The annua! meeting of the stockholders of the Midland Valley Railroad Company ' will be held at the office of the company, -being the office of Thomas B. Pryor, In th -city ot Port Smith, Arkansas, on Monday. February 2, 1920, at 1:80 o'clock p. bu. for tbe purpose of electing directors to serve for tbe ensuing year, and for the transaction of such other business as may properly come before the meeting. The annual meeting ot the directors of said company will be held Immediately following the adjournment of the stockholders' meeting, on said note, at the same office. C Ev INGERSOLL. President. T" J- R. K. DELANT, Secretary. January 1, 2S20. - ... , - STREET IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT NO. 261.' . The tax books for the collection of at, elal assessment upon the real property it -Street Improvement District No. 241 (Bast -Srxth street from Rock to the city limits; ' east Seventh and Bast Eighth street fram Rock to Sherman streets: Sbenne; street from East Ninth to East Capitol avenue, and Commerce street from Eights! to- Ninth streets) has been placed In. my hands for collection. All owners of rej4; t.ruperty In this district are rrjatd tg pay their assessment to me within Mt -from this date. If such payment is not made action will be commenced- at the ead of that time for the collection of all assessments and for legal penalties and Given under my hand this 8th da at v January. 192. JAMES LAWSON. City Collector

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