The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 9, 1930 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1930
Page 10
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PAGE EIGHT Bl.YTJIEVII.I.K, (AHK.) COI.'iMn: NTOU'S Promise Land News • There Is league at Promise Land church every Sunday evening at seven o'clock. Mr. and Mrs- Waller Stewart and Mr. and Mrs Isaac Asliby motor- fly DR. MORRIS • cd to Poriageville-, Mo., Sunday. u j m been said again nnd aijalij Mr. and Mrs. Har«y Lynch and j t | 1!U i] lfl s i,lii Is (lie mirror of tin- Miss Dolly Blake ol Gosnell were I body. Tliere are numerous disease. the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Henry j altecting ihc human being as a Nipper Sunday. j whole in which eruptions nppjar Miss Mildred Hall Cutler spout on tlie skin as one of the i-ljjiis of Sunday with Misses liorlhn aiidjn;,. disturbance. Dulvie Ball In typhoid fever. (here Is an erup- Mr. and Mrs. Wylh Ball'rf Clear ^jon which appears on Ihe abdomen. Lake were visitors in this coimnun- i chest and tack from the seventh Hy Sunday. ito ihe ninth day. In pneumonia the Mr. and Mrs. Houston Skclton: f orm ,,f blister lhal Is culled n are having their home iemo<!eled.' fever sore occurs around \'K man:!: ' Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Davis weie.| n 40 per cent of the cases. t*c guests of IMr daughter. Mrs. | Tuberculosis has all swis c! R. L. Blassingamc. Sunday. | manifestations upon the skin. ;i- Mlrses.Ora nnd Darn Mavis. Ktlu'l .does also the more serious of ihr- Mae and Irene Williams were the 'disorders-known us social disuses Sunday guests of MLss Gladys Sir- indeed, so (rcnui-nt and so variet" mlnghani. •• lare ihe skin manifestations of liu-se Skin Eruptions Arc Often The Signals of Disease tremltles. One of the signs of meases are bluish wllllc .sjiccks .siirroiir.ilvd by a red ring which can be M-Mi In sirens daylight on the mir.i! of the cheeks and lips. These •<• iinown :is kopllk hfials. Tlinro arc many Industrie. 1 ; In huli ilie usi> rjf chemicals will noiluco strniiHe swellings on Ihe mini-, and .splashing sometimes re- iiilis In .similar marks upon the ikm rt^owhere on the body. At iio:>i Invarlnbly any serious disease if the blood manifests Itself by wo diseases llml medical Geraldinc Ritch called on Lena Mae Culler Sunday. are Instructed again and again t Helen Williams spent Sunday; jnck (or other manifestations o' with Emma Dick and Martha | tuberculosis and of syphilis when- Mcore- ever a skin eruption not casllj Mr. and Mrs. R. L,. Ulassingamc jdiiignawcl is seen. announce the birlh of a son on September 2Bth. Mr. and Mrs. Rusr.?!! Gahios of Burdette were visitors in Promise Land Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Nipper and Mrs. Mallie Wilson attended Ihe Pair at Blyihevillc Saturday. Miss Rosie Lee Woodard has returned lo her home In Tennesscr after spending her vacation wilh her sisUT, Mrs. Lsss Frazlor. HEART DISEASE TOLL 111G WASHINGTON, (UPI — Disease.', of the heart caused nearly onv iwclfth of the deaths in Indiana last year it was shown today in complications published by ihe department of Commerce. Tin report snid there were 40,490 in 1028: 37,677 in 1957 and 40.010 In 102C. In scarlet fever, ihe eruption appears al tne end ol the first or llu beginning ot Hie second day o( tin dLsr-.ise. Il is first seen on tin 1 neck find dies', and rapidly spread- lo oilier parts oi the body. Tli> eruption of scarlet fever, as thi name ol the disease Indicates, is : (bright scarlet. In chlckcn-pox, Ihe eruption ;i|i pears within Hie first 24 hours an •iipidly develops inlo little blister Ike spots, mostly upon the trmir COTIIC out in crops ovt-r : lerloil of several days. In measles, the patient jreaks out on the third o:- ill fourth day wilh dark red velvet} spots on the face and thi-si- iau!dl< ipread over Ihe trunk and the tx Read Courier News want ads No Appetite — • — — — r m- ^f^. 1 A TIIUHSDAV. rirution. partner having bid ar.d ,'our hand crmtalns nn ace t:iu;: [:ick combination, the king sin;.:) 1 ! DC led l.'vluie p;irtner's suit. and one-half Irlcks. 'llic proper [of hearts as lie is ap'. to nnd his ispades, declarer following wU!i tli: to double jiartner with ihrce s:nsil hearU. queen. WEST S-A-K-OD-7 H-Q-f-3 D—d-8-7 C-AO NORTH S-l-C-5 K-7-2 0-A-K-M C-l.9-4-2 declaration Ls for West 10 nounie jiartner with ihrce s:nsil hearU.j queen lo show partnc-i- three ar.d one- JC3 would therefore set up tile ten I South returns ihe nine of hearls , half Irlgh card iricks. NortT would, of Iwarts in tnc duininy. His : . hoping to find li;s partner wilh ai proper return Ls the three of dia- (honor in which cose he could over- i pass, East would respond with one i no trump which is simply an out. monds, V/cn plays Hie seven and | rufl the dummy. The declarer i: wsr S—104-2 H-10-54- D—lO-'J- 6?. 0—10-8-5 SOUTH—DEALER • S-83 H-A-K-9-8-G D-5-3 o C-K-T-W The Bidding At contract, Houlh, the dealer, bid one heart. West, should H^L make tl:e mistake of overailllng wllli one spade ns ihis would simply show a .spade bid wllh -m- Roiilh would pass and West would Norlh finesses llic jack. The deuc: 'forced to Irump'wiih a high spade bid two spades which would clo:e!of hearls is led by Nuitli wliich | to shut oul Norlli, discarding'Hit the contiactiiiH. . ;Somh wins with l!ie act'. ; len of diamonds in dummy. If th< The Play i East, continue:; to false-card by . deelaier had made the mistake o: Norlh has the opening lead and | playing the <tucen. but Sc,:.ih iiaw ' discarding ihe queen of clubs o: his partner has r.!d hearts. In. knows that hLs iiarliicr is out be- j rutting small. North's Jack ol irumj; most eases, thr- seven of heart* i cause if he held the seven three ' would have made, would be the nsnpi-i 1 opening, bin I and deuce of hearts, ihe three Declarer now leads ihe two higl when holding im ace kinn jack, .spot would have followed Ihe spades, picking up the opponents the king should !;•• Oj»iu-d bi.-fe.rc seven, and nol Ihe dJiicc. i rcniiiinttiej Irunip, leads a smal partner's .suil. llieieforc Ncji't!; Therefore Sjuth leads Ihe six spade, overtaking in the dummy of hearts which Norlh trumps with ihe five ot spade;. North also knows that, his partner is out of diamond:, as he played the live and Ihen the three spol. His proper lead is the four ol diamonds- !'.»l Hie leads \i". o;x-n!-d Iherefore the king of diamonds. Rrrith playiiiE the live. West, ih; ei;;ht. Norlh would j.hifl lo his partner':, suit and lead ihe seven of ln'ans. dummy plays Iho four. ST.nil winning the irkk v.-tlh ll'.c king. We-,I liil.'-e-canlin]; wiili ihc Ju'-k Suutli musi not rcliirn 11 acr.— rlinnmy pluys the nine. a:i:l ICE: trumi>s \vi'h Uie ilireo of with the ten SIKH and Ihen fmess; 1 ihc club. But lie has made onh one spade, therefore his rnnlrac'. is set one Irick. If North had opened ih? heart before oiKnlng; tr.c diamond, undoubtedly South would have .shifted lo a club, in which case the de- clarer could ract. have made his con- Ends Piles Quick' Pile sufierers can only get quick, safe and lasting relief by removing tlie cause—tad clrculalion of the blocd In the lower bowel. Culling and external remjdles can't do ih!s—an Internal medicine must be used. HEM-liOlD. the prescription of Dr. J. S. I.roiihavdt, a specialist, succeeds, because it relieves this Moocl congestion nnd strengthens the affected parts. HEM-ROID is sold by druasisLs everywhere, and has such a wonderful record of success right in this city that Klrljy Drug Co.. says to every Fl!e suflcrcr, iry 1IEM-RO1D at my risk, It, must end all Pile agony or you get yuur money back.—Adv.—No 4. By WM. E. McKENNEY Srcrrliiry American Hrldgr l.i-ugue When ojioiiliiB agahibl. 11 suit, :lec- \ Way To Stop Attacks Of Fits Ilrporls are received, of im tsmn/- in^ U!M'.m:iit lhat eollepiics male has fruvnl .successful In slopping •lielr iitlMcks. I?. Lcpso. Apt,. 62, Island Ave.. Milwaukee, Wise., has :;«•:) .'iii'plylna sufferers with (hi. 1 ; >r<'u!:]K::t. He now wishes to reach ill (lion* who have not been helped .ml to do :,o !•; making the starlliiiK olfer of a generous treatment fiee '.u all siillerers. Anyone nil!!'::eel should write for this free IrealiiiMit ,il once. BU'inil ngc. —Adv. 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A sturdy, well-raide work shoe, ol double-tinned, firtt quility luther, rubber sole and bed ..» fad for only S1.79 "Oxhide" Overalls Favored by Men for Hard Wear World's Best diameter Comerli.iii: GRUMPY CYRIL MAUDE Bringing you world o J laughs! As "Grumpy," the role he rilayec MOO times to thunderous ap~ plause. Comedy and News. Adm. Matinee—10 and 30c Adm. Night—10 and 35c. Coming — Gary "THE TEXAN". Cooper i 79' "Pay Day" Overalls Uannentt Ttet Make G«»4 on tte Hardest Job for Overate or Jomyors Work clothes with cfaracitr . . . l:ue tky lit I As well u meeting iquirelr I He rigid I C Penney standards for durability, these UNION MADE "Pay Days" also quality as to f;L They are carefully «nd 1"% cut and <!e- .igncd throughout witbi thought to a u well M titilitr. Stoesssc J. C. Penney Co DEPARTMENT 220-222 \V Main SI. Inc. STORE Blythcvillc, Ark. Remember That no nialter what you want li) buy you can tome- here knowing that you can only sue tlie very newest .styles us our entire .stock of line merchandise wa.s purchased in August and September. This is the only store in tins seciion wilh an entirely new, stock of gouds al Ihe new low prices. It will pay you to trade here. Larger selections, lower prices. $300 Gold Free The d'rand l.iMiler in co-operation with tht 1 Hnbltard Kurnilurc Co. and the Huhbanl Hardware C.'i). is giving away SoOl) in (iolil P'ree. This is a part nf our Anniversary fik'hralion, hut Ihe most important part of this Anniversary Sale is the new low prices and (he entirely new stock of CRAND Q L_V>T HE Xfl L_LE , A R K. PHONE 22O Anniversary Sale Now On ffe Beat The Mail Order Prices firing in your catalogues and compare their prices with our u:-w low prices. Before mailing lliat order tome in here and sec for your-elf that you can liny here for less and get, the advantage of choosing from large selections and seeing the merchandise. I'A-ery item guaranteed to give satisfaction. Silk Crepe, Jersey, Travel Print and Knitted Dresses at Veiry Low Prices Never liH'ore have you had an opportunity to Kit such nicely lailnrud Dresses at MI little money. Flat crepes, travel prints and jersey in many ;attraciiv:- .-tyles. Sixes from !•! to f>l). ['"very garuifciit v.'ell tailoved of good materials. Solid Color Prints Knit artdSUk Suits Combinations This group of dresses will particularly appeal lo ladies- who are in the habit of paying around S10 for frocks. For really .should sell al u much higher price but as you know these were bought, at the new low prices, you'll Iind the styles most appealing, unusually attractive fnbi'ies and ev?ry wanted color and' si/ce. Silk and knit suits included. Dresses You Would Be Glad to Pay $8.90 for Featuring Ladies Coats at $1 £50 Every coat In tills Inrjje Broup is an exceptional vnlne. All liave rich fur trimmings . . . llic material is a mighty ecod quality bro.icl- clclh . . . the liniujs arc only attractive but scmroali'.f. loo. We ask your comparison \\Lth higher priced coats. Celebrating Our 22nd Anniversary With Outstanding Suit Values Two-button coals, notch or peak lapels,. 21- ir.cii bottom trousers, all wool Ijlue serges, fjrcy and brown worsteds are features in- ctu.i.d in this group of young men's suits. Mrautifnlly patterned in the season's new- e j t. Included are styles for the more conservative man. '22 50 Extra =? Pants $5 Our new low prices ninks possible these fine all wool hard finis!i worsted suits for men nnd young men. Every garment strictly 19:10'Fall style.*. Suits lhat were made to sell at $22.50, lint diirinj; our Anniversary Sale only $1/175 14 Serviceable Top] Coats Smart models, all wool materials in grsy and brown tweeds, brown herringbones and blue mixtures. The new half belted hacks. A mighty line Top Coat at very little money. $1/1" 14 Childrens DRESSES C h i Idr en's wash frocks, a beautiful ran go new patterns 9Sc Yard Wide PERCALE Guaranteed fast < colors, pretly patterns, per yard Boys and Girls SHOES Shoes, or oxfords,' for boys and girls, offered at only 98c Ladies House DRESSES Long sleeva models, new Fa\l prints, fast coloic. 98c Childrens COATS $195 A nice selection, with sixes 1 '/i to G. S5.00 value. 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Complete range of sizes. 49c Men's Overalls Knockout Overall? and .lumpers, 220 weight denim, a regular §1.25 value 89c Men's Union Suits Heavy M pound gariiient, will irive excellent *iTvii V and a real valne nt 70c MEN'S SCOUT SHOES .. $1.49 Mens Fall Oxfords $495 Rlack a n d brown in a wide vaiijro of stylos l .-, n il lasts. \\\- can jit you properly O95 Men's 16 Inch Lace Boots Black or Brown Extra Special $4.95 Heavy Duty WORK SHOES Plain toe, moccasin last work .-hoes. 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