The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1947 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 24, 1947
Page 4
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FOUR Hl.YTHKVlLLE (AUK.) COUUIKR -MOWS Emily Wixson, Society Editor f Tiionc -Kit Hostess Banquet Honors At C^aptet-D Luncheon ! Armbre | Seniors; Mrs^ C. W. A/flick lias hosless • . . . wllh a luncheon yeswiday at her JUHIOTS HOSTS 203 North 10th St to 19 members of chapter D P. E. O. Sisterhood. Tile' two-course Mnchcon w:u. served from the dining room la- ble centei'ed with -i blu 1 : bowl of pink, tulips. Pink tulips also *_ arranged thran^liout, f home.Mrs: M. O. Usrey Mrs. E. H. i Lancashire nnd Mrs. ]'.. H. lloucli- ' ins presented rciwrus on the Slate- P. K. O. conveniion hold in Little R<jck. Tlie annual Armore.l HiKh School senior baiKjuev (jivcn by members of the junior class in honor of graduating students was field last night al Armorcl UlRli worn School. ihe Presented by wnltus Uie pro-, gram opened willi a pvedletion of seniors' activities "12 years from new, according to the ciystsil ball" by Mickey Russell. Virginia Hay in expressing apprr- cirition lo teachers who taught graduating students read a humorous article oil llu- woes of teachers who "push a'.id pull" to get a student Ihroiixli .school. A parm dedicated to .-lass members •April 2-1. (UP)-- Miss was rend by Joan Taniu-rsley nml Lucy Morrison, piano teacher '» n song lor which words and mus- Oj;c-ola schools, will present her ic were written by Jo;ii>. was suni; trade' ieiicol |:upi!s In a recital Ijy Betty Dyer. Joan •u.-compar.icil Monday night, 8:15 o'clock, in tile her. Ei-ade s:hoo! auditorium. ; The class will was Kiven by Students wlu> will participate arc Bonnie Jean 1'ceples 'iiirt D •'• Barbara Sliancj'.'clt, patsy HoSbini, Mnyo- 6ciout .,. u . a chei-, SVOK , bvit .,-:. FJoy, May NL-lmls/ Virginia A:»i Iv . jj n()by V inson served as mas- Naillir.g, Patsy June Hum, Bonnie i( 01 . ()f ceremonies Bits of News \5 Students to Appear In Recital Monday Night Nell Henderson. Jerry Qlr.sccir, Mnv- i oilier K « t j;rie" Oarntr, Etlielyn Fletchor, •]- Meizger of honor were W. Jr., Alnvdn -Stovall, Lticv and Silvia Etas. Carolyn Edrhiglo,-,, , ; „ ltel M Joan-. Earls, cliirlcy Cone. Sara. Bcll|a] , u J Ann -Del and Judy Aslnnore. ! G|u:S [ ; j,,,,| n(k , d R w A clarinet solo will be presented NMlo , sl11|H , I . illleIKl ,.^ Klln<l , u|R - Mrs. 11. I. Haley is imdergoin_. treatment, lit liivthcvllle Ilospilul. j Mr. and Mrs. R. II. Kirby will speiui toniniit in P.ira^odld as guests of : ln-r mother, Mrs. J. K. : Wilbotirn. 1 Mr. mid Mrs. R. N. Ware of Tal- lulaii, L.I.. will spend a few diiy.s Iicre as f.uesEs of Dr. and .Mrs. Hunter Sims. Chester Culdwell is recuperating in a Memphis hospital alter undergoing a major operation this j week. Mrs. G'aldwcJI is with him. ] Mr. and Mrs. Hurry Hogan arc in Memphis tr.duy. where 'Mrs. Hogan will consult her physician. Mrs J. A. Miic-iy is ill and confined to her bed. Mr. and 'Mrs. A. Conwuy will visit lii.'i inolher, Mrs. J. T. Conway, in Marshall. Mo., a few da:,s. 'Mrs. Ij. G. Thompson and Mrs. L. G. Thojnu-son .fr., spent J'cstei'- day in Memphis. Mrs. JJeiiii J.-isnrrlt "f CirceiivHlr. Miss., is visilini; her niece, Mrs. II. C. Blankcnship. and family, nt We the Women lly fHJ'MI MII,I,I;TT MCA Slaft" Writer A housewife complained b?c;:use tin- cleanini; woman who canu: oucc" a week liad announced an increase in h e r hourly WUI{0, WJiat (hat housewife loi-yot i:; lliat the liui.; .folks who eain I their inerij;ey living by d((ic»( lu-.i:i- dry, elcimiii'', nn( | yard work have no lobby or union to get lliciu MII in- IlllCll cost of When milk and 1 pork choiw fn n|>. these litilc people have to nsk mare for their work ir tli.'y are to keep on 1'iitinK. And they 'have- to nsk il as individuals. Hul tliat's the catch. When they raise their prices (is individiud-; they find thai they arc rescnled STOP AM) THINK Tiie fuel Hint Miuiik' Li cii.ii'al-ii.- inorc per hour for .sciubbim; ilian she did a year ago isn't accepted liy the housewife as just part ,,f tlie hiKher-cosl-of-livinu picture 1 The- Jiouscivife remembers *vtlai she 1 used lo pay Minnie in ihi- o!d tl.iys And now .she thinks Minnie is netting blf; ideas. Jiexl time you find yourself feeliitf; resi-ntfiil because. Win'.u". charges more an hour foi- ...c'.'ubhijr- or Sadie charges more for l;nindt.-r- ine nirtsiins. slop and Uiln'i wlial Minnie and .Sadie THUKSDAY, APKII, 2-1, 1017 Recession Hits Liquor Trade, Survey RcvenSs (!!y Cllld'd I'll';,!,) 'liiYf.'jsicn !i:t ; luL Lin- liquor industry ^ hi-. ivy bio. 1 ., a :iuncy showed to(i:l.V, •Fm;:'.y 1; u:;to:j!:; I'.ml idle bar- UmcU I.-. HIV MUI'S Oi UK- tiltlOo in :t r<:t''.'.>i! which suddenly hus its ihiir-t. In Mum, ijUi t -i<H, !i<ui -r con.suriJi-'U'in Ji:i:i dropped ;!lino.;t 30 ]H'I' rent, IJH 1 :iUri'ry showed. Liquor (Ualro;, saloon keeper, and .s::ir<' l.:x autlicriUo.s all ciu-d the ximr C':nrH': bn: <'r ro.sisuinco, Rru-iuu- Com.'iii.wionc'r (j.'cim ti. Pllii:i|;, of C1.''.'i-'.;i:i mid the UnlltM l"ie.'::; :-.i Ail;ir.tu th:tl the jicoiik? arc- "di'inkmu mure l:i::i-s Hum they an- v, bi^rii'V." 'Jiu- j!f[i:cir industry itself was quirk lo Lidmit that it hu:; .siuk-l- ed b,- :LI;SI- jt.-; i cnmi'Mllt y j:; a )HX- lil';,' v.hlill -. l-clple t-l'.ll do Without wlieii must oi liu-jr money nlllsl [',<) lur r^-H-ji! i:ils. ImU^tr, 1 .siJ<,r:r.^ineu s:Jd jxirt ol . due to U'I:, ;iil' spciul - f.'u war-.s.'ar.v y>i'i> ale :ivail- li.'li a 1 , n'.icu:-, :uiEoiu;)!jUc:> slon was Uie nighldub .slump, r>^,,tt. T_JJ n i- «? which bc-Kai, .several months aB<i Uca " 1 • °» Reaches Four ll-i , N1L ' W Yorkl C|MC:1 8° a "<i dse- '" Creosote P/ant Bfast TAMPA, Flu., April 'H. <U1>) - Tlie (ImuJi toll in the cirosolu plant explosion rose to four today, with al least one olhcr fatality feared. Kisjlit other victims were burn-1 ed seriously. nn ( ( one was n>iior'.cil in a erilical condition. IX)Ni;i.SON, Teni).. April 2) (UP) '""' explosion in the boiler of Uie •"' Florida Tar and Creosote Corp.. set ablaze four lanks of creosote. Legion Clubhouse Loses Eight Slot Machines in Raid Ihe ];ny<T iv>;i>i;mn Hie h.Lt ;!u:V L-onsnn in^ tin 1 if :tiO]U' items '.vhirb miL •-The American legion liei-e is miiui.s eiylit slot machines loiiuy and one man is free tinder I)0nd on charges of oiJuiatinjj n B:l«lWll)(f house. Chief Raymond Cannon of the Inulewood-Madisun police riuded Uie clnl) last night. He said I is invcsll- wiled and found the cluti v:is not. limited to LeHion incinher- t,?t( i;:ur.- Ijlliig was oi>en -in viola'./ :. of tlic law. The man a'.TesU-d was Vai;l Sln-1- tun. who said he owned tlir- place | l)iil h:ul leased it to tli; Lesion. Shclton said each slot imicr.hip is I market! will: n Legion IdenU-'icauon SlRll. A larue American Lcgloii .sij;n stands in front of the chilj. Make Toor Padcnls Where operations arc concerned doctors, nurses, actors, clergymen, and persons with arlisUc. temperaments usually arc )>oor patients. re:i' Secc-li Hooks ! Our word "hook" conies from "the old AUKln-Saxnn word for the ' beech tree, communications were I written upon inljleLs of beecli wood d iu aneicili times. Boxer Short Sets for Boys Sizes 2-7 The TOT SHOP by (Marianne Bradshaw,. accompanied by June Rose Roberts. Club Is Entertained By Mrs. C. Moclingcr Mrs. Cornelius Modinue.-.' wn.s hostess yesterday afternoon at her home, 1<KS West Wnlnut St., lo members of Town an<i Country -Bridge club ami another guest' Mrs. Rodney L. Binlitcr. The home was decorated witli I flowers in varied shades , When bridge 'v:as p'.i.-.cti, Mrs. J. Cj Ellis won h«li sc'crc prize and .second high wl't'ii io Mrs. Banister. Refreshments were served. Mrs. Norman Is Guest At Bridge Club Party Mrs. Elmer Norman played biiu- 111-Ho Mrfl Nichols, Miss Ellzibe'th CaMlc- bci-ry, James BrciH.5 iiud Airs. Hoberl Thompson, teachers, ;uul Mr. Thompson. ' Tables were (lecoralecl w'lli bouquets of tulips and hyacinths. innh' 0 M! " i ''f'' w '' is suivcd by. make their oiganiiciilion bellcr al Mjpiiumoic.,. sue cassidy. Virginia a meeting called by the president, Moore. l,, ra U-slc-y, Eva Mae Oernld!,, t , Pierce. Momh.y at lhe scool. Hobby Pnnkv discussed the FIIA emblem. "T" Shirts, slipover sweiil- crs iiiKl tuckets with the FHA Virsliiin Pierce tt-iis sclerli-d SOUK lender and Mavjorl.-' Windliam and Jackie Joue.-i distributed newsletters. Mrs Max Usrey is s[ionsor of the (jroiip. --,- - «'fre ])ayi their home. 309 Kast Kentucky Ave. i " I' 01 "'" for pork chops or n quart ' of milk in tlios "KOIH! old ,-U-ys •• Meetings Hubbard and Loretla Cawldy. A dance followed the banquet. Burdettc FHA. Group Has Meet at School Chlckasawba Lode,t Jean Sawyer told fellow members "if: in regular c»i])inimicai;,:;i at of Ihe Future -Homes of American the hall. -1 p.m. this nftcrnoo'.i for | thapier at Burdcllc School ho'.v lo work in master clenrc-" refresh- ''" "'"' --"' •-" ' ments .served at «;:» -j'cljck by order of Worshipful Maslcr. Max Parks. Ground school meeting will be held toniuhl. 7:^0 o'clock, Ifiinjjer No. '-'.. Municipal Airport. GERIS! Wmmi THY THIS IF YOU'RE s On 'CERTAIN DAYS' of The IWonth! Dn frmitlc functional monthly disturbance* make you feel nervous, .T.a.ur-iy, ciajiKy, si> lirerl and 'drjiK- S--.1 out'---at Mich timo.-i? Then do iry Lydia 1C. Pinkham's Vcyciahlo Deed Presented For Lotto Build Yarbro Clubhouse Tlie deed for a lot on which a new clubhouse for Yurbro Home Demonstration club will be built prc*nted to lh e club by Mrs. was Lee Stile nftri'iico Robert Thcmpson. at a meeting Tuesday al the home of Mrs. with members of the Bunco club when Mrs. C. E. plans for a' progrnm to n-ise ad MoiUgomcry entertained the group ditional funds for the clubhouse yesterday afternoon at her home. I were discussed during the business Pri7,es during ,-;ame-j were riepUng. vvlicn final plans also awarded to Mrs.'" Helen Watson, ~" - • - higlf; Mi's. II. B. Richardson, low. and-* Mrs. Montgomery, bunco. Receives Masonic Honor I. T. M.'Cue of Carnttlers\ r i]]e. Mo., has received a 50-year pin lor his mcmbershii) in the Masonic Lotlijc. Mills has received a Master M:i*on rlej-'rcc. Livestock Spring flowers deccr&ted licnie for the cccas: ri. The UEs : .served a salad plit.:. i\1i^. Stickmon Hostess • TolTuesday Bridge Club Tuli;>s .ana 'ilacs in impressive were made for a quilting bee lo be held ncxl Tuesday al tlie ho-ne (of Mrs. Herbert Mulling. -Mrs. Ill" ; Gcoryc Bunch discussed the Sum-i Ii0i--." lrr rest camp. Sirs. Dave Abbott.! nrrsirlemt. concluded th c business I session. When a program was presented Mrs. Ernest French gave the (levu- liciial. taken from the 75th Psal:n. "You, nre Not Old" was a poem given by Mrs. Thompson. a Coming Events TiiORSDAY 2C/th Cenlurv CU:b Thc Hut. FRIDAY ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCK-1 VARDS. Ap-il 21. IUPI--Livcsto:-k- lioss 8.CCO. all salab'e; weiflur: 170 Ibs and up extremely uneven, -5; to 50r lower than Wednesday's average. Ssinc sales si lower, b'-it some rarl.v loss i-eaaihed. LiBhtcr '.veiglits fully steady to stron-.-.' sows si.Sa lower. Bull; good aoti choice ma to -J50 its 21.75 10 •>•>:>}•' laiiicly ,'22. with some late sales 21 SO to 2i!53. mostly for ?23 }~n-, down. Bulk IcO lo 15!l Ibs 1953 •• -> 21.50; ICO lo 120 lo s pi?s 1651) to 19. j Cattle 3.700. salable 2.500; calves 1 250. all sak'b'.c; modest rei-cipis . finding very slow injury, with p'ri- ' cc s on a few steers, heifers and Compound lo relieve such symptoms. It's/umoHs f'ir Ibis purpose! Taken regularly—Pinkham ' Compound helps build up re:;i: iinee against, such distress. A th.-it'.s tlic kind of product, yu should buy. Thousands have reported benefit! Worth tryinij. VEGETABLE COMPOUND Davis Brothers Service StcHon & Garage !'i;.\.VK!,IX KOBUIXS, iMcchanic Lion I'l-tultu-ts Manihi, Arkansas General Tires Auto I'ai l.s & Accessories I cows about steady at Wcdnosdav'.; Mrs. A ,viu H ard7 | ^^^ ^jJ crS ^ : ad ^ on cl'.oii'r- kinds. A few incdiTm iii;ii' weiglit steers 2o to 21; med- iurn lo low good heifers and nnx- CBC Club. Alpha Delta Chapter of Beta Si«ma phi Sorority meeting at '.he cHibroom with Mrs. J. C. Ellis Jr., hostess. .... .,.,., ,,, , v liMlllt; illltl 'Alls. f~ -^ Thompson gave a demonstration on On Breed, Official Says rocker she hull covered. Mrs. Stiles' la)k was on raising ferns. : 'Mrs. Dave Abbott and Mvs. I Clyde Gaincs were winners in af- iioon panics. In addition to the 20 members present was a ylstor, Mrs. Charles Hillburn. St., -Tuesday afternoon when M:s. SticKmou enttrLaiueci 1 u e s d a y Bridge Club ineniSers and otlu-r guests. •' '• •• Guests other than club members \\erc~ Mrs. W. M. McDaniels and! Mrs., A. R. Weteu'iin p. In- afternoon games .high score priza y.z5 awarded to Mrs. Jesse Taylor and second to Mrs. J T. Westbrcck. . The hostess served a dessert course. 'Arkansas College Pcess Group to Hear Two Editors CGNWAY, Art:., April 21, (UP) —The Arkansas College Press Association "will open a two-day meeting here . tomorrow w::h the. three colleges in Conway us host to ;the delegations from at loasi 10 Ischools. Two Arkansas editors are scheduled to speak. They are J. L. Verhoeff, editor of the Elylheville, «»•.-,. ; .i Courier News, and John K. Newell, j Steele. Mo telegraph editor of thc Arkansas Gary Brewer. Manila Democrat in Little Rock. Mrs. Stephen Fountain and babv Mr. Newell will spt-al: ot tr,?i C.TiuhorsviUc, Mo. banquet tomorrow uisht, and Mr ! "Irs. A. W. Sucncer Armorcl Verhoeff win be on the prai'nirn I Mrs - Car ' Allison. .Stcelc. .Mo' Saturday morning. His subject will', • '• : be "Tnistees of press Frc^tloius. 1 ! ' • He will lead a discussion ou "Opportunities in Journalism" following' his talk. Paul Nolan, editor of the "Echo'' al Arkansas Stnta I'cach- ers College, is president of Uie college group, c-fficsrs will bc elected at the Saturday rrbrning session. Rubber manufacturers used 37 per cent nature; rubber and G3 per' cent synthetic in 1040, compared to 12 per cent, and S8 per cent the year before. Prize Baby Show May 2-3 (IN'I 1.1 IH.Vi; IJK'I'TIiU UAIUKS CONTEST .V HKAJITY KliVHi:) E;n !i b.'iby uiKl.jr six ycurs of at;e is eJiijibic for rcsistralioii v.iih- out Liiili'^iilioii on the pan 01 paivm.-, :ind is inviled to parlicipato m I he .-b','.',-. Thei'i- ure no enlry fees. Tr,i!ihii\i will lie aw:irc!f(l lo llu HEALTHIEST baby, (ho HANDSOMEST baby boy. Ihe PiJKTI'I !-:,ST t.-aby i;irl and thc GRAND CHAMIMOM HABY, I-'llfST FIFTY ISO)." ' Babies to be rc::i>.lercrt and participaio in the show (oue lo a family cxc./pt twins' will receive souvenirs. lUM,istratimis May Be Slartn at J. C. P E N N E Y C O. (Shut- Department) ->20 \V. Main Slrtcl t'lilil Saturday. April 'Jfilh. ;il f, p.m. ArSl'ICKS: AMKR1CAN I.UO1ON F: Shipment 1 of Bassinettes Just in $5.95 THE TOT SHOP j 100 S. 2nd. Phone 230S Want to Keep Healthy? Take lml)i»[ Tlicse l,.-.t!is Uiciwn Ih,- M-iirM ovvr for llu-ir l'...ltl,f,d ,,ualhi,.s „„. ,,„„• ,, v:ll | aWc . l'i >'"![ nulit UiTt- iti Illrlhi-villi-. 1'iirliii.U llnllis lal,. llniil-.rlllos innil i-i'iir ^ysff-ni. n-lit-vc ^rlhrilis, inii^ni- l:»r ;i<-h.^ ;in,l | (: iiiis anil mnkn i-on liko ti«-,\v ;ii.Miii. Dim'l ili-lny mil us '""• " ir)1jii.-iit n.nv. Vnu'll l, c f ( .,.]in-_- ln-ln-r in sliorl orili-r nt very ,-lil;li] rx/,rlKi> (oul Artie's Beauty Shop Llll! Norli] Siccunil KCrn-l riuine 3^0^ Saturday April 26 Fitzpatrsck Jewelry Store Osceola, Ark. Opposite Sterling Store •;m At The Hospitals lil.YTHEVILU; IIO.SI'ITAL Admitted: Mrs. I. R. Haley, city. •Mrs. Harry Harris, Manila. Bella <Lynn .Biirncs. Stcelc. Mo. Joe Lawrciicj, Hcimondalc Mo L. T. Ellis, city. R. W. T'atton. city. Mrs. Norris Inple.' Huyti. Mo Born to Mv. and Mrs. Curtis 'M Do»a!ri of Huffman, n daughter this morning. ^'rs. Jcc Pierre ami baby. ci!y 'Mrs. Ruth Gunn. Sloelc Mo Harold Pipkin j r ., Osceola Jac'c Dyers. <-ily. C. J. Spec!:, city. WALLS HOSriTAI, Mrs. M.irjorie B.-rdinc Wrii;ht Continuing effori.s to resist in-; nation and to 'educe food prices' wherever possible was pledged today by Joseph H. Hall president of the Kroger c-imf,..ny, following jui- ncunceiiiriit tliat the food co.-n- pany v.ould continue to hold Its present prize of L>5 cents for iwo M ounce toave.s of bread despite rising flour prices winch in recci-.t weeks lias reached the hi.sheat lev- ei in 27 years. When Mr- Hall announced the company's policy on );read. he added that ji:st this week Kroiier hid cul tilt- jrrice of apple .s.-ture from 20 to 11 1-2 cents for a 20-ouiK'e can and b'.ciulcd vegetable juices from 32 to 27 cent.s for a -IC-ouiice can. Previously th c price r,f canned tciiiiilocs was reduced from 21 to 15 cents. As to meals, he said that the rou'p.iny was selling them tn<i \y and has be-on cvi-r sii:c.' OP.\ ended las! fa?], .-.f. thr- lov. e-( ceius i;er p >und profit in tins !, ls tor;,'. i Siiii; for a lirido i Natives r>l ea.sicrn Nrpa;. Asia, have thc unirmc ciutom of .VIII^IIIK lor a wife. Tile prospective bride ir. le ( i before lhe chief -.'nil the yoiiim Liinuii ti-ilie.sinaii buryt.s in-! to som:. If hi.., ic-pertoire plca-c-s, ' the m.iiden is Isis. IfflM^ilt NOW SHE SHOPS "CASH AND CARRY -.Without Painful Backache Many sufferers relieve neERing bacVach« riutcklx, once they discover that the real "S* ?t , thcir trouMe may be lircd kidnci-s. The jQdncrs»jc Nature's chief way of tat- H* V"^ 101 ? . ncids "" d wutt out of the Wood- The 7 kelp wort Morle lass stout 3 tinw a any. . When diwrierof kidney f imction rrnnits '" l c«!.r>eum.i isa. low ot KD and cncrBy.s- nrcllmz. p-j|5ne.« ur.citr und diziincts. V-rc^nt-rt ini; up e cs-es l.r^ r ?««rf«t for Bonn 1 * mffli ?? tw>t*iirrt!r, used toccwsfully T millton. tor over 50 re.r.. Do« n -, e | v , WP rto 15 Kilo of You want the money you pay for her engagement and wedding rings to buy you brilliant quality and lifetime beauty. Assure the wisdom of your investment, by placing your faith in Tru- Art diamond rings. «$> Pat O'Bryant Jeweler Main at Scroncl sis. Give a man a j»ifi \\c\\ ^i\c himself. ihc all-season, all-purpor,c, .-ill-perfect »!!>• for his hours of relaxation... a pair of Wiruhrop In-'n-Ouicrs. Whether he prefers pastimes en thc outside or tlcwinf; hy the fireside, thc I n-'n - Outer's comfort and srnartiicss will rnccc his leisure moot!. ^WlNTHROP SilOES * WE BUY * WE SELL USED FURNITURE JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE CO. 313 E. Main Phone 2487 Everyone Invited! rncc niftiifT! rrerr MKHrV 1 I\LL 8 «\sI-.LJ, FREE GIFTS! Bring the CHILDREN In Person: Stars of and Doc Dears Master of Ceremonies Continuous Shows Every Way Box Office Opens 1 :<t5 Show Starls 2:00 LISTEN TO KLCN 8:00 a.m. J2;45 p.m. 4:30 p.n Thursday and Friday IlLLlHf CLOUDS ROLL BY An M-G-M PICTURE IN TECKKICOtORt \ VAH JOHHSOH • JUDY GARLAND I FR*MK SIMAIRA . JUNE AUYSON \ ROBERT WALKER - DIHAH SHORE ' KAIH8YK GRAVSOH . VAN HEFLIN , »illi lUCIllt SllUlK • UN* HOUNE »HQ[l» UNStoUT • lOIIT MMttIM . VUGINIA O'SltlEH Also Slinrls Conliiiuous ShoMitiB Everyday and His 312.W. Main Phone 2342 Box Office Opens at 6:30 Opens Snnrtay '"![-,; starts 1:15 Continuous Si .»--, Sat -.nrt Sun Bargain Night f»— N| 5 ht Except n. ^ 1*9 honored en ounday ai thc Roxy. Thursday Krid.iv /*Rvfev«ff From 1 p.m. on jBroadcost Oven] KLCN BJytheviHc KWEM Wcsi Memphis KDR.S From 2:30 p.m. ro 4 p.m. ^ Fitzpatrsck JEWELRY- STORE Osceola, Ark.

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