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Arkansas Democrat from Little Rock, Arkansas • Page 8

Arkansas Democrat from Little Rock, Arkansas • Page 8

Arkansas Democrati
Little Rock, Arkansas
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IDA RESIDENTS DON'T WANT TO WORK STREETS LOSE TO LAUNCH STATE MOVEMENT FOR rnr 0 0 UK Mount 1U. town In Montsomsry County. Iiim Mid ordtnanutr passed by th Mount, Id tlly council compelllui all mils resl-dsntf bstwesn ths ul of IS nd 44 ear to woNc-rer-twv- Uy" on ths -ltji, streets. That wht lias id dlnlim smons the reslifrnts, fpr more than one Is opud An unionatmitnr Ills manual labor ahiutl'a on the strvcts, Ausust 2i lm Mount Ida city ou''ll I'll! SUFFRAGE Pay Your Bet j' -With a Diamond Novelty from "The House of Kempner." DIAMOND SCARF PINS $10 to 112.00. VEST CHAIN AND KNIFE With Diamond, 5.00 to 120.00.

ELGIN WATCHES, $10 towards A Dollar or Two a Week Will do! Several oJthe residents of Mount Id preeeated to the secretary of fcUste, Karle W. Hodfee. a petition, te refer the matter to s. referendum vote, to be voted upon at the next ulty The elettttou will not be held until next sprint, and In the meantime. If the petition 'were grunted, the ordinance would be held, up.

However, the. remonstranta against the ordinance An ordinance, of audi character can not be referred under the mulct pal referendum act. which provldee that no section of the' act shall conflict with the policing; or police powera of a city or ton or municipality. The opinion was made for Mr. Hodges by Attorney General Mootte.

paaaed the ordinance, and the Mrs. Minnie U. Rutherford of Magazine Elected Temporary Chairman at Meeting of Ar-kansas Suffragette Meeting. the Mount Many "oil the ulnar side" uava to set the ordlnout-o repealed; The stnt-utea sivp a city i-oum-tl the rlkht to aa such an ordinance. (Continued from Paso 1.) lins' legs, Whitted going to thirl.

Gowdy struck out. On an 'attempted double steal Schmidt was Pen-nock to Collins to rurs, two hits, no errors. Seventh Inning. First Half tMann went into left" in place of Connolley. Walsh walked.

On a wild pitch Walsh went to aeconxl. Barry fanned and Walsh waj picked off second, Gowdy to Evcrs. It was a snurt double play. Sehang struck out. No runs, no hits, no errors.

Second Half Collins threw out Maranville at liaker threw out Ileal at 6rst. Rudolph Mornn fouled out to Maker. No Tiinki.oo hits, no, Eighth. Inning. First Half Kvers' tossed out 'Pen-nock, Mann made-a brilliant catch of Murphy drive, cutting off a two-bagger.

Oldring filed out to Kvars. BULLET PUNCTUATES DEBATE? IUUCE LOSES INTEREST 1 Tomorrow morning in polico court before Judge Fred A. lsgrig, Frel L. Yonng, attorney, with offlees in the State National Bank building; wiH 'answer to the 'charge of assaulting H. E.

Farabee, also a member of the local bar, with intent to kiiL iar-bee, 'with his brother, Quinn C. Farabee, a clerk, will answer 4 to the charge of disturbing the peace. All three charges in police court are the result of an argument between the throe men at Main street Capitol avenue at yesterday afternoon, which endod in a 'pistol shot from a revolver held by Mr. 'oung, which punctured an awning over "Jimmie" Housey's news stand and dispersed an over-curious erowj to the four corners of the city. The is said to have originated over a legal obligation which Mr.

Farabee claims is due' him, but it is certain that the- argument ended with a pistol shot, which caused Awnber of onlookers suddenly to lose whatever interest they had in the debate and remember very pressing engagements in the outlying sections of the city. Patrolman Pitcock and -Rollins nr-rested the three principals 'in the near-tragedy, and all made ibond for appearance in police court this morning. Previous engagements of their attorneys caused the postponement of the ease until tomorrow morning. MAY ASK LEGISLATURE GIVE WOMEN THE BALLOT Little Rock Jobbers and Whole-salers to Meet Thursday to Discuss Means of Aiding $150,000,000 Holding Scheme. Wholesalers and jobber of tittle Ruck will confer at the Chamber of Commerce at i o'clock Thureday afternoon 4o discuss the raialnc of 3i0.00 to add to the cotton Invitations will be Issued late today or Wednesday to some forty-five lirnie.

It la the hone to have suh-acrlbed at leant tin much. a by the bankers' of the city. The irojet was discussed flint at an Informal conference at tho chamber of Commerce Monday afternoon. Henry Patterson, preeldont of the Arkanaaa Association of Wholesale Merchants, waa present and asserted that he expects aoon to call a convention of the wholesale and Jobbing Interests of State to oreate Interest or rale a fund to add. to the fast-srowlns; pool.

The method of assessment haa not bean formulated, but It la proposed to make a per cent assessment baaed upon the capital stock of the Little Rock concerns. In round numbers, the total capital stock Is 14.000,000. according to O. Q. Prloa, who has taken a leading- Interest In the move ment.

at la virtually the aame basis as that adopted by the bankers. The proposition of ralslna the pool, which originated with Festua J. Wade In St. Louis, waa explained -by Mr. Price at ths informal conference Monday.

Ha was at the first meeting; of St. Louis' Interests. I VVJ TATL BANK BUXi.l 1 awPwowe Kin, r'riinces Miss IMarj named temporary, secretary. Decide on Name, of name, for the association elioited a good deal of discussion before the decision was finally rescued. Numerous of the delegates wore anxious to have the word "Equality" but it was finally "voted down and the name Arkansas' Woman Suffrage Association" decided upon.

General officers and the chairmen of the several committees will constitute the executive body of the association 'Th Original ReUable Diamond and Watch Credit House in Arkansas. No runs, no hits, no errors. was adopted jimt before adjournment at the Juuch-bouiv: following the per fection of the tiigHiiiznliou by lie election of oflicors tliis afternoon, the various committees' were to be ch'osen'. The plan lutil not'- been discussed except in an informal way between the delegates, but it was intimated that the legislative committee will be given instructions to prepare a bill or have one prepared to be introduced in the legislature in January, looking to the passage of a State law that will give women of Arkansas the right of ballot. While the movement Btarted today is the- first State-wide movement to be set on foot, it is Hot the first; women of the State have done in, the cause of There are' numerous equality 'leagues in the! State.

It was through the Little Bock local organization that the meeting here today was made possible. if proposed articles' of the const'tutiou are adopted this afternoon. Other articles will provide for the payment-of for woman suffrage in Arkansas wag officially launched in a meeting of women delegates from various sections of the State at the Hotel Marion todays A permanent organization is being effected this afternoon and permanent State oflicors will' be named. The society will be known as the "Arkansas Woman Suffrage Association." Articles of the constitution were being discussed early this afternoon and the final action of the 'assembly will be the election. Fourteen accredited delegates were in Attendance but the joom was filled to capacity by women, interested In the of them from Little Bock.

Women' Want Ballot The object of "the organization is to establish the ri'ght of citizens of Arkansas to Vote, irrespective of sex. That srtiilknfjthe. constitution, the second. 10 cents by members of locals which become affiliated with' the State Annual State meetings will be but the time- is yet to decided second Half livers struck out. Collins threw out Mann Whitted 'walked.

Whitted stole second. Whitted to third on a passed ball. tSchinidt fanned. No runs, no no errors. Ms- Ninth Inning.

First -balf threw out Baker, Mclnnis lanoc to the bat. threw out Mciunij at first. No runs, no hits, no errors. Icalle Mm. Leslie Hall! the eleven-months-old son of Mr.

and Mrs. Murray 807 East Sixth street, died at 2:50 o'clock He stated that the aubscrlptlons would not upou finally. Luncheon was given in a private dining room of the Hotel Marion at be considered aa contributions since tne cotton pool syndicate will Issue receipts for air money raised, these to be prime paper at any bank, backed as they will be by the syndicate, subscribers sod the borrower and borrower's cotton. The movement Is to take on ever a broad Wanted To Rent One Furnished or Unfurnished Room with board must be near Fifth and Main. Phone 457.

Mrs. Ellington Presides. The meeting was opened with pray the noon hour, the visiting women being er extent In Little Rock In the next few guests of the Little Bock league. The effecting of a permanent organization wasexpecteit toocenpy-a great-part of the afternoon. yesterday-af lie home.

He weeks. preliminary plans nre tmder-way er by Dr. J. H. O.

Smith, pastor of the First Christian Church. Mrs. O. FEllingtoaTTpresiderit 6f the Little Bock Political Equality recited briefly the object of the meet for the raising of a pool through the retail is survived by his parents, two broth TROOPS TO BOEDER ers and two sisters. Funeral services dealers of the city.

Other organisations are taking a lively Interest. will be held from the residence at i Delegates in attendance included the following: Payetteville, Mrs. N. F. o'clock this afternoon.

Burial will tie ing. She said that Arkansas and North Carolina were the only States in BUY A TON Drake. Pine Bluff, Mrs. E. D.

Russell, In Oakland Cemetery. Mrs. Mike Schnable, Miss Willie Hock- the Union in which organization of the rear of 109 Main street, police say. State-wide suffrage clubs have not er. Miss Kuth schnable ami Mrs.

u. MISS JJAYME -ALLEN, ARJLAN. been "perfected. sas' gifted pianist, is now permanently Fhoenlx, Arts Oct. IS.

The Arisona Xattatmi Gmnrd was ordered by Gorer- slant tnday te be In lenJInsss -to -atvnin sit a moment's notice for Nnco, where bullets and sheila fired by Mex- Iran force In battle across the border have been falling; In American territory for many day. Tho governor alyao telegraphed to Secretary Bryan for advice. T. T. Cotnam, first "vice presi K.

Hiantf. Hot Springs, Mrs. P. Ii. Henry, 'Miss Ella Wright and Miss.

Adele Johnson. Magazine, Mrs. Minnie Butherford. Little Rock, Mrs. T.

T. Cotnam, 'Mrs. George Cuningham, Mm. Darnell and Mrs. O.

F. Ellington. located in Little Rock. Engagements for dinner parties, clubs and dances. Phone 24SG.

Advertisement. The revival at Scott Street Metho dent of the Little Bock league, delivered the formal address of welcome. In National Painless Dentists her comments, she made the interesting dist church, and Scott statement that nine States in the West AROUND THE CITY Have Declared War on Bad Teeth and High Prices. Victor P. Victor Fletcher Waddle, eleven months old son of Mr.

and Mrs. Victor Waddle," died at 11- o'clock 'yesterday morning at the family' residence, 1515 East Third street. Funeral services will be held at o'clock this after DACKETT CITY COAL No Soot; No Clinkers. The best Coal on the market. We sell the Genuine Hackett City Coal.

R. D. LEAS have given women the- right of the ballot. Mrs. L.

K. Land, of Pine Bluff, struck a responsive chord when she declared that a great many women in Arkansas, as well as in other States, are eagerly awaiting the time when they will be given the right of the ballot, that instead of furthering the movement by lending helping hands, they declined to "come out into the streets, is progressing well. Two services daily, 2:30 and 3:30 p. m. The Rev.

J. B. Kendall of Wilmore, is in charge. THURSDAY, 8:30 P. i IN ST.

Paul's Chapel" parish, bouse, Capitol avenue and V-ictory street, thirty-minute skit, "Bachelor's Dream." Seventeen young ladies in, cast, -followed by dancing. Mesdames Hinton and Webster, hostesses. Advertisement. noon from-the residence, conducted by Rev. I B.

N. Hundley. Burial will be in Oakland Cemetery; 01 Earl Wllkeraon, the six-year-old oa CO Mr of Jesse Wllkerson, a barber, living open." She urged that the women of the proposed Arkansas society do" all In their power to get the following of at S12 1-2 Main street, was painfully injured about the -head and body at 2 CRYSTAL LITHO WATER FROM Hot Springs, 10c per gallon delivered. Phone 177. Advertisement-Negroes interested in tfce moyeanent to a co-operative assoeiation to better conditions anion g.

the negroes of Little Rook, and to support the recently organized negro infirmary, held a meeting at the Arkansas Baptist College 8ixteentb-anil -High -strtscts, last night. Addresses were made by Rabbi Louis Witt, II. Moore, secretary of the State Federation of Labon Police Judge Fred lsgrig and K. W. Perrin.

OZARK A EUREKA SPRINGS WA-ter, 75c per five-gallon bottle, delivered. Phone 94, Errett Advertisement. clock this afternoon when eh was knocked down at Third and Main streets In Argenta by an automobile driven by a Mr. Gibson of Little women that such an organization should have in view of the widespread interest. In the formation of a temporary or The regular monthly business meeting of the boarfl of directors of the h.eld at-tlie institution's building at 5 o'clock this afternoon.

DRY WOOD LEA3 FUEL COM-pany. The entertainment at the Pulaski Heights Presbyterian Church will be held Thursday evening, October 15, Instead of Friday, as was reported Monday. FUEL CO. PHONE 2276. Rock.

The lad was crossing the street ganization, Mrs. Minnie U. Butherford when he was struck. Mr. Gibson stop ped the auto as soon as possible.

The of Magazine was' named temporary chairman. She was escorted to the chair bv Mrs. Julia Warner and Miss inlured bov was rushed ohis home atid given medical aid and is reported resting well this afternoon. No ar rest was made. RALEIGH SPRINGS WATER 13 Caught last night in a- raid on an alleged gambling room at 126 12 We8t Building; Permits leaned.

tho best and cheapest. Five gallons, 35c, delivered. Phone 6958. Markham street, J. A.

Wilson and C. A. Advertisement. Howard were fined $15 each by-Police 22-k Jold and Porcelain Crowns. $3 to $5 22-k Gold and Porcelain Bridgework.

.7 .33 to Full Plates, "That Chew" up Painless Extraction 50c We Deliver the Goods. Give Us a Trial and You i Will Be Pleased. Over Littte Roclraf er Jack Walker, collector of Internal revenue. Is at Harrison attending a Judge jPred A;, police, court The following building permits were Issued: To Arkanaaw Water Company, to erect pumping station, including intake tunnels. foot of Lincoln also to remodel present pumping; station; to P.

B. Hill, to erect a garage and servants' house at session of the Federal court Timely Grocery Suggestions for Tomdrrdw Q19 llioruiutg. oiucuvc daiiiob wvcu ether young men caught in the room as not sufficient for conviction and they were released. The raid was made The- Dnrdanelh Bank and Trot Company filed suit In circuit court to secure judgment on a note for $1,600 tiatHrHximarv tSr-tSltr-afid- sinedT)yTt'0TDeniBon street. $126; to by Sergeant MeDan'iet-aud Detective I Apple, to repair residence at 1801 R.

D. Duncan and W. H. Garanflo, Phone 7131. 7 who.

are named The in Gaines to J. C. Geyer, to erect a residence at 421 East Twenty-first street. strument was for four months, but no part of it has been 'paid. It is alleged fiS53 HACKETT CITY COAL rPHONE 2276.

(Advt.) Jones at 8:30 last night. A large number of dice and some playing cards were found in the room, according to the police. DON FORGET CRAZY OR GIB-son Crystals nature 's own remedy -for malaria, liver trouble, etc. Price now '65c box. Agents, Scodgrass Bracy.

John Gentry and Miles Lockett, ne Mrs. J. N. Stegall has returned from St. Louis, Kansas City and Sedalia, where she visited friends and relatives.

PIA Yl SOME GOOD, OU-fashioDed country ipork sausage would IF You Live in Little Rock USE NATURAL GAS groes charged with stealing a case -of eggs from one ot the -Pulaski tomnns We've a lot of newy good things that -will be of immense help to the thrifty housewife in producing tempting meals economically. Take in VEGETABLES AND FRUITS you '11 find most everything at our store, all home-grown and strictly fresh. SPECIALS FOB TOMORROW. Bulk Queen Olives; -50c New Mine Meat, 2 lbs. for 2)d Boned Cod Fish, per lb 20c New P.

Flour G-rits and Cereals, SPRING CHICKENS, HENS, dressed to. thus ensuring absolute freshness. PROMPT DELIVERIES MADE EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME. JAEIRETT'S Fancy groceries, Poultry jmd Finn. Corner Fifteenth and" Main Streets.

Phones 304a and .3042. sion Company's wagons yesterday were arraigued before Judge isgrig in police eourt this morning; but the Case was continued because of the failure of witnesses to appear. The negroes wen' go hne this cool weather. Ask your butcher or grocer for the Rose Brand Country Sold in sealed one-pound boxes. (Advt.) Physicians at the County Hospital today report that Mrs.

William Barlow, who was assaulted at her home in Argenta-last Thursday night and painful injuries, is recovering and will bcuable to leave the hospital in a few days. Gccrge McLean, president of the Merchants'. Transfer Company, has recovered from a serious illness, and is able to -bp at his office today. -He was confined to bis home for some arrested veaterrtav atternoon. while tit 1 Some Suggestions I the act of hiding the eggs, to the The ease-ot eggs had been consigned to Commissioner Row land of the Arkansas Com 'and was taken from the de livery wajon while it was standing ir Relative to the of Natural TSi 01 MS ARCADE SIXTF CENTER STREET.

Just Out of the High Rent District. time. MISS ANNE CURTIS HAS OPEN-cil her Auction Studio in the State Bank Building, Room 204 i Miss Minnie McDonald, formerly stenographer' at "the office of Governor W. Hays, has resigned her position and has established an office at rooms Nos. 401 and 402, Bankers' Trust Building.

Miss IMIcDonald and Mrs. Effio Scott, formerly of the T. H. Bunch Elevator have formed a partnership as public stenographers and multigraphers. WITS CLEIANBD AND PRESSED, $1.00.

Cockmion Ptfoa 2433. (Advt.) August Probst, assistant secretary of the, Little Rock Board of Trade, received a postcard today from George R. who is in Richmond, saying that he is enjoying the trip with bankers immensely. Stop -Those Early Bronchial Oooghs They hang On all winter if not and pave the wayrifor serious throat- and lung diseases. Get a bottle of Foley's Honey and Tar Compound, and take it freely.

Stops In preparing for the maximum winter this fr-mpany. ever ready to do that which will be for the best interests of all concerned, assures the general publie that its mains and services are in perfect condition. a SUITS TRIMMED HATS Velvet Shapes in black and colors. Trimmed with the popular gold or silver braids and ornaments. Regular $7.50 Values.

Many different styles. All with long coats and pleated skirts. materials are serges and diagonal cords. Colors, Negre brown, Russian inn "is i green and navy. Many $4.85 coughs and eolds, heals raw Inflamed of the coats are trimmed with braid.

These suits are easily worth $18.00. A fortunate purchase allows us to sell them at the very low price of tnroat, loosens the phlegm and is mildly laxative. Best for children and grown persons. No opiates. For sale by Read's Drug Co.

Advertisement. A meeting of the School Improve ment Association of the BV H. Par- Realizing that a better understading of conditions will make for better satisfaction generally, there vill appear in the daily newspapers of Little Rock regularly a series of suggestions that if followed, will mean not only conservation, but better service, something we are all striving for. The very cheapness and convenience of natural gas, however, causes an enormous increase -in consumption, when the temperature drops suddenly in winter, as it may do, any morning now. This increase is sometimes as great as 1,500 per cetn, and the demand comes instantaneously.

ili Help us meet it. Help your neighbor and yourself by gas as sparingly as you can when these cold mornings come, and. by being prepared for them. ham school will be held at 3T oVloc.k tomorrow afternoon in the rest room 12.95 of the school at Fifteenth and Vance streets. The meeting is an important one and all members are urged to be present, ohn Grice, a negro, was tried on a charge of Tobbery, the theft of $6 tfroin Elzie Wood, on August 14.

in the For both women and misses in crepe de chine, silk poplin. All the wanted shades, in a variety styles. Included in the lot are also serges in several colors, with black silk sleeves, underskirt and sash. These dresses sell regular at $18.00 $6 $20.00. While they last, you may have four choice at Arst division of the court this morning.

The jury retired ten minutes before noon, but failed to reach a verdict and Judge Lea excused them until 2 o'clock this afternoon, when they again retired to consider WAISTS vv In Lingerie or Pique, trimmed with lace or embroidery. Some have the ves-tee effect. AH sizes up to 46. They are regular $1.50 values. Specially priced for a few days at JUb SKIRTS In all the new materials and colors.

Some are pleated, o'thers in the tunic effect These" Skirts sell' for $8.00 in stores. Our rent' saves you $2.05 as our price is op nc only PUi3J the evidence. Clarence Toomey filed a suit for divorce from Maggie Toomer in chan cery court today. He charged -Jbe de serted him in 19JU. a 00.

LITTLE BWB.Bflg. Claims against the T. H. Bunch Commission Company, which, went into the hands- of a receiver recently, were filed in chancery court this morning i by the following: George W. Johnston.

Charles Smith, $18 E. Blackburn, $13.50. 13L.

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