Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on May 21, 1962 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, May 21, 1962
Page 6
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PAGE SIX ALTON Women Found Dead In Apartment . St. LOUIS (AP) - Hie bodies of an elderly St. Louis woman and her daughter were found Sunday night—one in the refrigef- «nd the other in the bathtub fit were no marks of vto- lettce. Police were a loss to explain the deaths. The nude body of the daughter, 56-year-old Miss Adele Diebal, was found in the refrigerator. All the trays had been removed and the door closed. The electric cord had been disconnected. , The mother, -82-year-old Mrs. Withelmtnia Diebal, was found face up and partially submerged in about 20 inches of water. She fully clothed. All (he doors and windows of the first-flow apaMKftflfH locked, detectives said. Officers said the daughter had been a mental patteirt for seven weeks at Retiard Hospital. She was released Jan. 15. The bodies were-tonnd by two other children of Mrs. Diebal, William Diebal and Mrs. Albert Lang. Diebal went to the apart ment first. 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Prove to yourself - by actual demonstration that triple-tested Skelgas "doesn't use up so fast!" EDWARDSVILLE EAST ST. LOUIS ALTON '656-0132 UPton4-ll97 HOward 2-2765 Hospital Notes WOOD IfflR TOWMIMff MfitttCAL Timothy ft. seeggms, 4tft= Valley View, East Alton. Virgil Jones, Cottage Hills. Victoria VisnowsW, Crestview Drive, East Altdn. nnetttt Arbuthnbt, Rtfe. i, Alton Jeffery ». Ballard, 119 N. Pence, East Alton. William Perry. Rte. i, Bast Alton. Mrs. Birdie Hill, 164 Jennings. SURGICAL . Robert Flannery, 318 Bast Dr., East Alton. Harold Klllebrew, 40S Oak Cast Alton. Mrs. Naomi Smith, ftoxtna. Prank MeEuen, 492 Plainvlew, East Alton. Mrs. Helen Lindsey, 1301 Miland Herman Andrews, Cottage Hills. MSMtSSALS Lisa Nolan, 1013 Madison. Daniel Harrison, Cottage Hills. Lester Beeler, WashvQle. David Warren, South Roxana. Herbert Elliott, 610 N. First, Paul Weese, 121 Grand. Edwin Stormer, 540 Central. Mrs. Frieda Tucker, Hartford. Marsha Tucker, Hartford. Mrs. Martha Eldson, Cottage Hills Barry Mullins, Roxana. Louie Troutwine, Dowey. Mrs. Paralee Judd, 517 Second. Mrs. Bertha Shehorn. Bunker Hill Roberta Holder, South Roxana. Anthony Wahl, East Alton. William Beanblossom, Bethalto. Mrs. Suda Copeland, Wood River Danny Eaker, Rte. 1, Moro. Willie Masterson, Cottage Hills. Mrs. Dorothy Lacey, East Alton. Mrs. Crystal Reese, 218 S. 14th. ALTON MEMORIAL MEDICAL James Stewart, 309 Atkinson. William Greene, 1613 Joesting. Seorge Dippel, Wood River. Lural Stevens, Grafton. Edward Lindsay, 2704 Judson. Mrs. Mary Mitchell, 2438 Hills. Miss Kate Fohne, 1139 Brown. Miss Cora Wedding, Bunker Hfll. Bernard Pelpert, 2410 Sherwood. Robert King. Cottage Hills. Jeffrey Frazier, 326 E. 12th. L,arry Tyree, 3404 Lincoln. Mrs. Ida Greenwood, 2957 Hill- Cl"€St Mrs. Irene Hedger, Godfrey. Hubert Devine, Brussels. Jed McClain, 2913 Gilbert. Mrs. Evelyn Johnson, East Alton. Mrs. Estelle Wolfbrandt, 3417 Gillham. Mrs. Minna Heeren, Bethalto. Kathleen Niemeier, 3417 Brown. SURGICAL James Beebee, East Alton. Mrs. Alice Hellrung, Granite City Mrs. June Treise, 3414 Robin. terry Parker, East Alton. Mrs. Juanita Hunt, Brighton. Mrs. Alice Schmidt, 3535 Omega Mrs. Jewel Boomershine, 2801 North. Mark Friedman, 2206.Edwards. Miss Sandra Weaver, Jerseyville. Mrs. Helen Hickerson, Godfrey. David Sullivan, Wood River. Miss Faye Brown, 942 Tremont. DISMISSALS Mrs. Margaret Bernhard, Bethalto, •"••'•'„. Mrs. Amelia Brown, East Alton. Mrs. JoAnn Carter, Bethalto. Mrs. Priscilla Clough, Cottage Hills. Mark Coffman, East Alton. Jamee Dunning, Roxana William Gibbs, East Alton. BIO SAVINGS OH ITEMS YOU'LL NEED ALL SUMMER! LADIIS' SPRING SKIRTS One Group of Straight Skirts REG. $5.95 Leader's Special SLEEVELESS BLOUSES VALUES TO $1.98 88c Leader'! Special BOYS' KNIT SHIRTS $1.98 BOYS' BERMUDAS Woven plaids and solid colors. 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Mrs. Sylvia Topping, Jerseyville. Mrs. Maryon wadsworth, 3327 Brown. . James Weeks Jr., Godfrey. Lisa Weidner. Bunker .Hffl. Mrs. Marie Whitten, 1432 Thorpe. Warren Wilson, Wood River. Hubert Wood, 2914 Wcrges. ST. ANTHONY'S MEDICAL Mrs. Bette Barton, 606 Brookwood, East Alton. • Mi*. Marietta Crane, Rte. 1, East Alton. Dewey Cletcher, Roxana. Joseph Wetstein, 325 Langdon. Mrs. Dorothy Greenwell, 2324 Sunset. Mrs. Edna Sharkey, Godfrey.. flrs. Theresa Perkins, 715 Central Mrs. Opal Hooper, Grafton. DISMISSALS Mrs. Kathleen Floyd, East Alton. Mrs. Sophie Franke, East Alton. Jane and Jan Burch, 1000 Brown. Charles McCollough, 1721 Maupln rred Zimmerman, 1401 Liberty. Mrs. Emma Link, Wood River. Paul Manees, 529 E. Eighth. Tarrant Springman, Godfrey. Minnie Rink*, Rte. 1, Bethalto. Mrs. Virginia Bailey, 3213 Hawthorne. Mrs: Irene Crandall, Downers Grove. Mrs. Lenora Mitchell, West Alton. Mrs. Edith Mourning, 869 Washington. Mrs. Ida Warner, Rte. I/Godfrey. ST. JOSEPH'S MEDICAL Craig Straub, Rte. 4, Edwardsville Mark Aellen, 708 Brown. Miss Lori Baecht, Grafton. Mrs. Ann Smith, 3 E. Tenth. Mrs. Theresa Metz, Edwardsville Mrs. Elizabeth Revell, Edwardsville. Henry Erase, Edwardsville. Mrs. Gloria Dabbs, 1109 State. Erwin Kuhlmann, Rte. 4, Godfrey Mrs. Geneva Burklow, 420 Br-own. Michael Greer, Brighton. " $ Adrian Aldridge, Brighton. Evans LeFalvre, Grafton. Gilbert Giese, Edwardsville. Charles Curran, Moro. Frederick Dettmer, 215 Gould ing, East Alton. Mrs. Cathlyn Beach, Rte. I, Brighton. SURGICAL Mrs. Patricia. Saale, West Alton. Mrs. Goldie Wolf, 3120 Hawthorne Mark Fisher, 610 Anderson. Mrs. Joyce Tingle, Roxana. Mrs, Ruth Bqllman, Edwardsville Joseph Wieduwllt, Edwardsville. Mrs. Geneva Peek, 3812 Oscar. William Koehler, Brighton. Mrs. Beatrice Burton, 1200 Hampton. GREENFIELD - Members « the high school senior class, junior and senior high faculty members and weir husbands or wives, and members of ih* beard of education and their husbands or wives, will be guests of the junior class at the annual banquet and prom Thursday night. Mothers of junior class members will serve the dftttef at 8:3t p.m. in the elementary school followed by the dance in the high school gymnasium at 9 o'clock. Coronation of the senior class king and queen will take place at 10 p.m. Lytt Symott and his band will play for dancing. Marda Yarbrough is president of the junior class; Dennis Gleason wit give the welcome to the senior class and Ronald Meyer will give the response from the seniors. Mildred Arnold wilt read the class will and Janet Hill will give the class prophecy. The invocation will be given by the Rev. S. W. Thornton. Awards Night will be Tuesday at 8 p.m. in the senior high auditorium. Awards go to outstanding Junior-Senior Prom at Greenfield Thursday Mrs. Mary McCoy, Rte. 1, Dow, Henry Boehl. 626 E. 15th. Edward Snyders, University City. MM. Zeporia Hlckman, 3058 Paul Richard Hess, 921 Willow, Wood River. Mrs. Rose DeKrause, Argo, 111. Michael McGraw, 315 Dooley. Emery Mann, 27 W. Fourth, East Alton. Dr. Charles R. Hausmann, 4500 College. DISMISSALS Mrs. Kathryn Alford, 204 Hollywood. Miss Lisa Blouin, Godfrey. Harry Bruce Jr., 3512 Hoover. Sam Cerentano, 603 Liberty. Mrs. Patricia Coffey, Edwardsville. Mrs. Delia Cooper, 1718 Bozza. Priscilla Davis, Edwardsville. Mrs. Vanda Estes, Wood River. Mrs. Nancy Graham, 902 Bradley Miss Jessie Hamilton, 1936 Belle. Mrs. Eva Hajnkins, 215 N. Fifth, Mrs. Mayme Hosey, 1611 Lincoln. Oscar LaTempt, Roxana. Paul Lehnen, Bethalto. Mrs. Loretta Lindsey, 413 Monument. Mrs. Loulla McCarty, 804 Liberty. Mrs. Jessie Mitchell, Granite City Gary Myers. Wood River. Sharolyne Richard, 2606 Amelia. Mrs. Nina Sims, 1321 Taylor. Mrs. Eileen Tiona, Bunker Hill. Mrs. Marlene Webb, East Alton. Mrs. Betty Wyman, Rte. 1, Alton. Mrs. Minnie Balster, Bethalto. Mrs. Gloria Dabbs, 1109 State. Mrs. Barbara Drysdale, Floris, sant, Mo. Roscoe Hazel, Edwardsville. Harold Johnson, Jerseyville. Mrs. Roberta Kuebrich, Gottrey. Jeffrey Lplley, Wood River. Woodrow Lowe, East Alton. Mrs. Linda Luketich, Gillespie. Mrs. Wilma Middleton, E. Alton. Mrs. Mary Pinkowski, 1006 Douglas. Miss Pamela Tarrant, 1217 E. 7th. Mrs. Minnie Stmms, 1823 Piasa, Robert Waugh, Rte. 1, Edwardsville. Mrs. Thelma Weld, Grafton. Miss Marcia Perez, 3522 Oscar. Mrs. Alma Newton, 2004 Belle. JERSIY COMMUNITY MEDICAL Mrs. Claude Davis, Jerseyville. Mrs. Edward Gray, Jerseyville. William Kernper, Medora. Mrs. Fred Fitzgibbons, Jersey ville. DISMISSALS Warren Eddlenmn, Medora. Robert Beesaw, Grafton. Mrs. Richard Qoetten. Mrs. Everett Schultz, Kane. Mrs. Lora Guntermann, Fieldon. students in a wife rinp « act- demic and extra 6flfrh?ulaf . vtties ftre agahi spxiBjoreu by Iness firms and local Horn. . Michael Day OfHardinh Spelling Champ St. LOWS (AP) « A 14-yMr- old Hardin, HI, boy Sunday won the final round of the annual St. Louis spelling bee, and .will represent the area in the national championship bee at Washington, D. C., June 4-9. He is Michael Day, an eighth grader and son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Day Jr, He was the only boy in the final round and quipped before the competition he would be chivalrous and let the seven girls "go down first." Michael had won the district bee at Jerseyville, Hi. Runner up in the final round was 13-year-old Jean Camp of Farmington, Mo., and an eighth grader also. Michael won by correcting Jean's spelling of "electrolysis" and then correctly spelling "corporeal." Memorial Service at Fosterbiirg Sunday FOSTERBlhtG — Fosterburg Cemetery; memorial service is set for Sunday at 2 p.m. The Rev. Roy Carlson will speak and the Fosterburg Band will play. Ingeraoll Service FOSTERBURG — ; Ingersoll cemetery in the west side of Foster township will have a memorial service at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, with the Rev. Roy Carlson as speaker. There will be special music! Service at Short FOSTERBURG — The 13th annual memorial service at Shorl cemetery on Gulp Lane was held Sunday afternoon, with about 100 persons present. Fosterburg band gave a concert to begin the service with two numbers each from the Harmony Four quartet v — Ralph Porter, Marion Paul, Fred Hunt, and John Thompson — and from Betty and Darlene Copelahd of Hartford. The financial report was given by Mrs. Ivy Welling, secretary The Rev. Roy Carlson gave a short message and taps were sounded by Matt Horn, director of the band, Fosterburg Note* FOSTERBURG — Mr. and Mrs. J. Pittman of Fosterburg-Dorsey road have returned from a two- week vacation in the west. Mrs. Albert Cramer and small daughter, Mary Carol, left Sunday night for their home in Bristol, S. D., after a two-week visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Emil Voumard, and others. Gangland V • tot OK '^^^t^j i^Mta , Ueiuwj any sdteilalea jjrHfM JtHy ^r^™.—.. by BTodemi, i former pari-maturi at Sj**W8^'8 !***_ gaugjeuiu fljHfder wtt yew. HI lift there were IS *JftHngitHr!b MONDAY, MAY 21, ^.^.^^^^^^^^^^a^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ —••••••^•i^"'^^^^^™^^^^^^^^ tifttf.lS fti UiMirlflWML oR tint twodhflHs, a «f f*r*ed ffttfcf torn whew 6wfcfttfi atrto WM feat* CHICAGO (AP) - Detectives and scientists nought today ft. solution to Chicago's 10ft gangland slaying of the year- a gam bier ftwnd stuffed tt the ttttnk of his ear with a penny on,His chest. ' ' $ Police said the penny left on the body was a gangland symbol meaning the victim was, to the Cdde of the underworld, • ttflol pigeon. The body of Peter J. Bhideau, 50, a profesttoflal gambler in suburban Cicero was found Sunday in the auto, parked on the South* west Side of Chicago. The chief coroner's pathologist, Dr. Harold Wagner, said he could not determine immediately if Bludeau was strangled or stabbed to death and would be unable to do so until completion today of chemical tests. The body bore evidence of having been badly beaten and there were four deep chest wounds made by a sharp instrument, possibly an ice pick, police said. The body was discovered by Bludeau's widow, Irene, 48, who was called to the car when it was located by police. She opened the trunk for police and became hysterical on seeing her husband's tody. She had reported her husband missing Saturday. Mrs. Bludeau was placed under a doctor's care after she told police her husband had been summoned to testify before the grand jury. Bludeau had recently been Hned $100 in one gambling arrest and was under indictment on another. Roswell T. Spencer, chief inves- 25 YEARS IN SAHE LOCATION! EXCERPT FROM _____ 29 YEAR AGO COLUMN OF MAY IS, t»*2 new hwiie of Alto* « MS-S50 E. B«M«**)V Wttl «t» The firm's farmer loeftten WM «t KMTBN-4* w»y and EMton ttreet*.* t YOU ARE TWICE ASSURED OF THE BEST VALUES WHEN PURCHASING FRIUDAIRE ALTON REFRIGERATION NOTTINGHAM — Nottingham, England's only news cinema — opened in 1914 and closed in 1957 — being demolished to make wa for a five story department store EASY! AUTO TO sum "Easy dots it" when you refinane* your ear here. You can choos* tho repayment plan most convenient to you. PHONE HO 2-9214 or Soo KENNY KLOOS MIDSTATES FINANCE CO. Ill RUf* New Broadway MODEL FDA-1ST-61 AUTOMATIC DEFROSTING BIG "13" NOW 2 DOOR SUPPLY UNITED 25S *Trerde-In Plan NOW! ONE LOW PRICE FOR ALUMINUM STORM WINDOWS (WITH SCREENS) Sim 2l"x7f 1/2" to 44"x55Vi" •fiWPp'wp and an ALUMINUM PRE-HUNQ (WITH Eaiy T* ImfiNI COMPLETE 9 Tri«* and I TTM WWowi AMjWUe »t Wflpr Clwtl JUST SAY "CHARGE IF AT THRIFT! 'HRIFT FREE-FREE-FREE REGISTER FOR FRWIDAIRE W CONDmONER TO BE GIVEN AWAY FREE No PurchaM Necessary - Just Com* In and R«glsttr FRIGIDAIRE 6,000 •%* ROOM AIR CONDITIONER COOLS ANI PEHIMIIIFIES AP4LC ***** •MOST ANY BEDROOM «p to 16' x 17'—272 sq. It per NOW Stinted CNM9M YES, THIS NtlGIDAIRE AIR CONDITIONIR TOUGIVIN AWAY Absolutely FREE ALSO 2S—$10.00 FftieiDAIRE IONUS COUPONS ... TO APPLY TOWARQS PURCHASI OP A FRIGIOAIRE APPLIANCE TO II GIVEN AWAY. BEST BUYS AD^LD 6,000 BTU . , ACD-iOO.02 SOOO BTU AD-12D U.OOO BTU . , ACD-I9D 19,000 BTU . $16» ittf FRIGIDAIRE QUALITY Will Bt R«mtmbtr«4 N iong Afttr Prlct it ForgottM WIURVICI-.WIMUVIR FREE FOR WATCHING ™ ^^V*"^|PWPP'''EJ!?WT^w , t* A»y PRIGIPAHtE APPLIANCE HANDY PIP ICE CREAM SCOOP "Aciow From G^rfflooio Building" Open MOB. and Frt Nlt-MTWI ' SOO BELLE ST. ALTON'S MOST POPULAH HAHDVV'AJII' ^ STt'l'IV (O'MI'AN'V 0|Mi (kUy IA Jl. tt S P.M. PfW*y.M M 4«x I A.M. ft f P,M, PteM HO I-IIM UII. WOADW4Y

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