Oshkosh Daily Northwestern from Oshkosh, Wisconsin on November 17, 1911 · Page 11
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November 17, 1911

Oshkosh Daily Northwestern from Oshkosh, Wisconsin · Page 11

Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, November 17, 1911
Page 11
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THE DAILY NORTHWESTERN, FRIDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER 17. 1911. It Moxley's Butterine Makes Griddle Cakes Melt In Your Month J US'P fcs It melts, itself, wholesome and delicious. If you are a particular housewife, you will want to use this butterine in your cooking and to serve it on your'table right away--because it is the finest butterine it is possible to produce, and because it costs no more than the ordinary kind. Wm. J. Moxley's Butterine has a delicious taste--not the result of flavoring but the genuine taste of wholesome ingredients. It has a real rich butter odor, a. butter delicacy and toothsomeness not in themselves premeditated in the making but the natural qualities of the materials carefully selected for this product. You certainly want the butterine advised by food experts, chemists and physicians, the butterine made under strict sanitary regulations, the butterine that passes every cooking and eating UJt with a mark of 100 per cent pure, h e a l t h f u l and delightful. Speak to your grocer today. Toll him to s u p p l y you a package of Wm. J. Moxley's "Special"brand--the superfine--or Wm. J. Moxley's "Daisy"--the standard value, intrinsically good. Don't say a word to your family. Just listen to the compliments--"What tine creamery butter," and the like. Y o u ' l l enjoy the praise and the but- terine. Sold in 1 and 2-lb cartons. Moxley's Butterine is for sale at your dealers. FATHER IMPLICATES SONS. Glre» Testimony Which May Send Them to tu« (By Associated Press.) Chicago, 111., Nov. 17.-- John Shib- lawskl took the witness stand yesterday and gave testimony which may send hi» two sons, Elwald and Frank, aged twenty-four and twenty-one yeara respectively to the gallows. With four other young men they were charged with having murdered Fred W. Guelzow, a truck farmer, October 20. The father testified that his older son brought home the garden truck which was stolen from Guelzow's wagon after the farmer had been stabbed and beaten to death. "Later my sona came home and Elwald traded me a silver watch for a gunmetal watch and Frank gave me a loaded revolver. Th« next I knew they were arrested," the father testified. The watch was Identified as having been taken from Guelzow's clothing. PANCAKE "EAT" AT WAUKAU. Xovcl Content Held to Help Defray Sidcn-iilk Exjeiine. (Special to The Northwestern.) TVaukau, WIs., Xov. 17.--The. sidewalk committee will give a pancake supper nt the hall Thursdny, Novemher 23. ("urn meal uncl b u c k w h e a t .cakes w i t h nuiple syrup will he served. A prise \\\ll l)p siven to tho one who can e.it the most pancakes. ^,- ICusene Steele. who has bc.e^n yj,- T^a Farcjc the jia-Jt two wpeks.Telurned home Thursilav. Mr^. A l l e n ol Umro ^.is the £iiest of Mis. -M.ioiloryall l.i.-t ·n '^ek. Ari'iiie frn\K anil MISK Kva Filz- j . a t r i c k weie marrl" 1 \Vcdne.sd.iy inorn- i r i K In Poygun. K c \ . \\". J. Luby otl'i- c i a t l n K . They will RO t n liousekeepins at ineo (n t h e ohl Sav,-\'i- farm. John Jimmies visited hl.i sister, llrs. Hj roll \Vashburn, this week. The next meeting of the \V. C. T. U. will be held with Mrs. Sarah Gay. Friday. November 21. Miss Stella Stone of lola is spending some time with relatives here. Mrs. William Merrill and children, who have been spending a few days In Wnu- kau, returned to her home Monday. She was accompanied bv Mrs. Jlae Alger. Mrs. Kllen Leach, Miss llattie Clark and Mrs. Lucia Atkins of Green Bay spent several. days in Waukau this week re- nev ln£f old acquaintances. They former- Iv lived here. ' Mrs. Libble Schofield rc- tuinc-d to Geneva. HI.. Thursday after a week's visit with friends and relatives. Mrs. K d w a t d Westover and daughter Gladys are spending some time at Fond clu Lac. Mr. and .Mrs. James Wheeler have returned to Milwaukee after a short visit here. Mrs. Nellie Clancey of Merrill visited relatives here the past week. FUNERAL NEAR WEYAUWEGA. Mrn. Henry . S m i t h l,:ild to Rent at Ontrnniler«' Milltt--~ote«. (Special to The Northwestern.) - We.vsi uvvf'g:i, Wi u ., Xov. 17.--The fu- uoral of .Mrs. H e n r y Smith was hold ut Ostntnders' M i l l s last Monday. The deceased was seventy-one years of ago. Three il.'itigliocrs and two sons survive 1 j her. Her h u s b a n d died some ton j c a r s a«0, Mr. :rnd Mr-. Trod McCnll of M i l w a u k e e h a v e been spending several l d ( t \ s w i t h t h e i r cousins, t h e Missos yKatlipriii' 1 . Helen and Harriot MeCall. Miss .Mary O i l m a n of \Vaii|iaca spent I n o iI.'Os »l the home of her «i«t( - r, Mrs. K. Sill". .Mr. and .Mrs. F r a n k Lilli\ who v\crr married hist w e e k , h a v e gone to Hiiliugliiim. Wash., where Mr. Lillie lias a position. The sloeUhohlors of i l i c \Veyanwofrri Telephone company held t h e i r first fin- nnal incelini; recently. Tlio following are t h e offii'ors electod: President, l)r. KosanUe; socretiiry a n i l tfi-tisitrur, A. I.. Kosanke, ami O. A. Itiee. manager. The directors are K. F. linibh, Williain Kneip and Frod Wall. Carl Hohen- Rteiii attended the convention of teachers at Konosh.'i. Mr. and Mrs. It. K. i'olborn are i-iilortitiiiing a friend, Mi. Lena lildridt;e of Sae City, lit. The Sunday t-ehwl of the Methodist church wilt give the Lincoln toiu)t'rutiee program Sunday morning, it being the world's temperance Sunday. Sunday pveuiug nt the 1'resbyteriaii church, the paktor, Her. .1. Hoyd Sto|thens.on w i l l have us the subject. "Christ us n Ko- former. in Comparison W i t h Bruhnia, j accompanlf d sometimes with sour or CATARRH OF THE STOMACH A I'lcawuil, Simple, Hut Siifc- anil KfTcvluiU Cure For It. COSTS MHHI\«; TO TU\. Catarrh of the stomach has Ions been considered the next thin*: to incurable. Thi- usual s mptomx are a f u l l or bloatitiK sensation after eating, «hnm was not planning to uo go at tliIB tltnv and probably will not. PETITION IS DENIED. New York, Nov. 17.--The petition of th« so-culled Independent tobacco doal- ors for lea\i» to Intervene In th'e- gov- ernmom'e dissolution suit against tho tobacco truet, has been denied by tho United Stattv circuit court. This Indicates t h a t the case will probably go at once to tho L'nlted State** supremo court. Confu cious, Luther. Buddha, Molwmmed and UNDER MOTHER'S WILL 1'romliienl Vcciuili IV»|1 Involved In Action llrouxht. (Special to Tlio Northwestern.) Neena-h, Wis., Nov. 17.--A suit hits been started wliii.'li involves prominent Xeenah people. The plaintiff is Thomas \V. Kollett and t h e defendants tuv K. K. Jumirey. proprietor of the .laiulrey DrjKOods comi'iiin. and W. (!. Hrowu, teller of (lie National Manufacturers' bunk of. Xeenah. The case, which will come tip in the J a n u a r y term if circuit court n t O.shkosh, is brought by Mr. Kellett for the payment of #S.'U.IS. claimed to be duo him as n part of his interest under the will of Augusta Kel- Ic-tt. his mother. Mr. .lamlrey and Mr. Hrown are trustee's under the will of Mrs. Kellett. A t t o r n e y I', H. (iafl'iiey hits been rolnincd by Sir. Kellott. SCHUSTER REMAINS FIRM. American A « l v i n e r to I»or»l« SHIIC- tiuim .Seizure of Property. (By Associated Press.) St. Petersburg. Nov. IT.--A telegram from Teheran indicates that \V. Morgan Shuster, American financial adviser to the Persian government, has no intention of receding from this position in the dispute arising over the seizure by the government of tho property of "Shua-Es-Sultaneh because of the" hitter's support of his brother's attempt to regain the throne. Mr. Shuster holds that the order for tho confiscation of Shua-Es-Sultaneh property was signed by all the proper Pel - sian ministers and hp cannot with a counter order signed premier alone. comply by the HAIR HEALTH Take Advantage of Offer. This Generous watery risings, a f o r m a t i o n of gases, causing pressure on the heart and lungs and difficult breathing, headaches, Jicklo appetite, nervousness and a general played out, languid, feeling. There is often a foul taste in the m o u t h , coated t o n g u e and If t h e interior of the stonuu'h cxiuld be seen it would show a slimy, Inllamed condition. The cure of this common and obstinate trouble is f o u n d In a treatment which causes the food to be readily, thoroughly digested before It has time to ferment and i r r i t a t e the delicate mucous surfaces of tho stomach. To secure a prompt and healthy digestion Is the one necessary t h i n g to do, and when normal djgestion is secured the cutarrhal condition will h a v e disappeared. According to Ur. l l a r l n n s o n . tho safest and best treatment is to use a f t e r each meal a tablet, composed of Dlnstase. Aseptic Pepsin, a l i t t l e N t t x , Golden Seal and f r u i t acids. Thc.se tablets can now be. f o u n d at all drug stores under the name of Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets und not being a patent medicine cilti be u.«ed w i t h perfect safety and assurance that h e a l t h y appetite a n d t h o r o u g h digestion w i l l follow their regular use after meals. The plan of dieting is simply another name for starvation, and the use of prepared foods and new f a n - gled breakfast foods simply makes matters worse as any d.vspeptic who has tried them knows. As Dr. Bennett says, the only reason 1 can imagine why Stuarts Dyspepsia Tablets are not universally used by everybody who i 1 * t r o u b l e d in any way with poor digestion, is because many people seem to t h i n k that because a medicine is a d v e r t i s e d or is sold in drug .stores or is protected by a trademark it must be a h u m b u g , whereas, as a matter of t r u t h , any druggist who is observant knows t h a t Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets have cured more people of catarrh of the stomach. Indigestion, h e a r t b u r n , heart trouble, nervous prostration and r u n down condition generally, t h a n a l l t h e patent medicines and doctors' prescriptions for htornach trouble combined. Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets Is the safest preparation as well as the simplest and most convenient remedy lor PRINT WEIGHTVAND COUNT. l i i i r n r a i KHtlounl I.nw K«vornl by MiiUrm of I'acklair Good*. (By Associated Press.) Now York, Nov. 17.--The American Specialty Manufacturers' association, whose members inako most of the package goods sold by grocers in this country, favors H uniform national law compelling manufacturers to print upon the outside of all packages the net weight or count. The report of the legislative committee to the members holding their annual convention here today advocated tho passage of the Stevens bill likely to be considered at the next session of congress which I rQposes amendments to t h e uiillonHl pure food and drugs act making such labeling of packages mandatory instead of optional. Thu k'Klslatlvo committee expressed regrets over its failure to have the Xew York legislature pass a net weight bill la.st year but pointed out that success hud been w»t in many other states Including. Nevada. North Dakota. ! South Dakota. Nebraska, Wyoming, Florida and Connecticut. Tour money back upon request ut any form of Indigestion, catarrh of our store if Kexall "9;;" Hair Tome, the stomach, biliousness, sour stom- doesn't do as We claim. That's our | ach, heartburn and bloafini? after guarantee. You obligate yourself to ~' " nothing whatever. Could you ask or could tve give you stronger prooof of our confidence in the hair restoring q u a l i t i e s of this preparation? We could not afford to so strongly endorse Kexall "»;!" H a i r Tonic and c o n t i n u e to M-'ll it as we do, if it did not do all we claim it w i l l . S h o u l d n u r e n t h u s i a s m have carried us u u a \ . ! arid Kexnll "a:i" Hair Tonic n o t K i \ e , entire .^satisfaction to the users, t h » y j w o u l d lose f i i i t h ill us and our s t n t i - nii-nts, and in consequence our bu.si- ness prcHlinf would suffer. | We assure \ on that if your h a i r is j b e g i n n i n g to u n n a t u r a l l y f a l l o u t or if you have n n y xr-alp trouble, K e x a l l "!)!:" H i i i r Tonic w i l l p r o m p t l y eradicate d a n d r u f f , p t i m u l a t o hair g r o w t h , jind prevent premature baldness, or the above guarantee becomes operative. Two sizes, 50c. and SI.00. Sold only at our store--The Kexall Store.. K. A. Horn, 65 Main Street, Oshkosh, WlP. meals. For sale by all druggists at 50c a box, Send your name and address today for a free trial packago and see for yourself. Address T. A. Stuart Co., 130 Stuart Bldg., M a r s h a l l , Mich. GOVERNMENT NOT TO APPEAL U e r i K l o n A |l|iro vl \o to lie tf Tobfl«*M ProteMtrd. ! * l f l t l M j (By Assoclntpd Press.) I "WtiKhliurton. D I"'.. Nov. 17.--The ' g n v e r n m o n t will not appeal from the !decision of the I ' n i t e i l States circuit court at New York, w h i c h approved the I plan of dii s o l u t i o n proposed by thp. American Tobacco company. Willie tho government may ask the unpremo court to review the decision nt any t i m e w i t h i n a year. It has been l«-;irned t h a t A t t o r n e y General Wicker- NEWS NOTES OF ALLENVILLE. S i i « l c i i » i i u of Church iiervlcen Lmnt SuiitlMy Due to Wenther. (Special to The Northweblern.) Allenvillo. Wis., Nov. 17.--Church services were suspended Sunduy on account of the Inclement weather. Mrs. K. 15. Manuel of Wlnnebago was the guest of Mrs. George J_lndsey, Monday. Termon and Wallace G r i m m have enrolled as students ut the county agricultural school at Wlnnpcon.no. Miss Adelia Church is the delegate from tills S u n d a y school, to the state Sunday s hooi convention 'at Madison. .It-.Mse l J |bb, who has been visiting at the parental home the past few weeks returned to Montana yesterday. Tho Ladles' Aid society held their regular m o n t h l y mooting at the Grange hull yesterday. Tho Indies were very busy preparing for I heir a n n u a l sale to bo held at the Grange hall next Tuesday afternoon and evening. November 21. FOREIGNERSJO GET OUT. Torreon, Mrxlco, Mennvcd hy Thoit- auml* of Striker*. (By Associated I'resa.l id i'asti, Tex.. Nov. 17.--Fifty-four relugecH from Torreon, Mexico, who a r r h e d hero today, say all foreigners w i l l get out of Torreon today or tomorrow an they are u n d e r continual menace there despite the retention of the garrison. Eight thousand strikers are In Torreon and t h e i r number Is augmented h o u r l y from surrounding ramps. An I n c i d e n t a l advantage claimed for tin- now Soycr System of Cooking In Taper HIIKH IH t h a t It snvpa t i m e nrid a n x i e t y -- t h e housewife dopan't l i u v o to Itei'ii looking n t tho food from tlnm tn t i m e «» It IH cooking- to see If e v e r y t h i n g IH all right, but. Instead, Hho p u t s t h e food In the oven, s h u t H Hie door and loavcH It th-rP u n t i l It IH t i m e to remove I t , and there ar« d e f i n i t e rules fir t h n length of time rarh k i n d of dish should remain In t l i o oven. How to Cure Your Stomach Trouble There is the most intimate relation between the condition of the blood and the activity of the stomach. The blood depends upon the stomach for a large part of its nourishment; while every act of digestion, from the time the food enters the'stomach, until it is digested and assimilated by the blood, needs plenty of pure, well- oxidized blood. The muscles, glands and nerves of the stomach work only according to the quality of the blood. The most common cause of indigestion is anaemia, oc "lack of blood. Indeed there is not a single disturbance of the.'hcalth of the body nor any form of exhaustion or'lowercd vitality, that', may not lead to stomach trouble. Disordered blood is the one common cause of indigestion. Not only does the thin, impure blqbd weaken the muscles of the stomach but it lessens the product of the glands of the intestines and stomach, which furnish the digestive fluids. Nothing will more promptly cure indigestion than plenty of pure, well-oxidized blood. Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People are the safest, most certain blood-builder. They increase the red corpuscles, the oxygen-carriers of the blood, until the blood is rich and red. A thorough trial of these pills gives a hearty appetite, perfect digestion, strength ami health. Mrs. fiirtls Sidle, of No. 71 West Larwlll street, Woostcr, Ohio, says: "Dr. Williams' Fink Pills for I'ale People deserve the highest praise that can be given them. About eight years ago I was suffering greatly from indigestion and nervousness. 1 was nick for six years. My blood was in bad condition and nothing that I ate agreed with me. 1 would have, spells when my heart palpitated so that 1 would have to He down. The constant suffering made me nervous and weak. Our doctor said my trouble was indigestion but I could not see that he'helpod me although I doctored with him for over two years. I was naturally discouraged and later when a friend urged me to take Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People I bought a few boxes for a trial. In a few days I saw a great change. 1 found -that I could eat without so much distress and began to feel better in every way. I took ten boxes of the pills and was cured. About a year later 1 was taken with rheumatism which followed an attack of the grip.' My left arm and shoulder were so crippled that I could not dress myself alone and my left knee was swollen and gave me a great deal of pain. 1 went back to Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People and they cured me of the rheumatism also." j Start today to cure yourself with Dr. Williams" Pink Pills for Pale People. They are for sale by all. druggists, or will be sent, postpaid, upon receipt of price, 50 cents per box; six boxes for $2.50, by the Dr. Williams Medicine Co., Schenectady, N. Y. Send for free booklet, "What to Eat and How to Eat." NO MOVEMENT OF SOLDIERS. . ( Not I ' n t l l Orilern Are «lv«-n 1y Vre*- lilrnl Tuft--Situation. (By Associated PreHs.l Washington, D. C., Nov. 17.--Not a soldier will leave the Philippines for China except upon order from President Tnfl. Such orders have not yet boon given nrid It Is said that before acting the president would await the arrival In "Washington late today of Secretary of War Stlmson, and Maj. Oon. Leonard Wood, chief of staff, who ore returning from the west. In anticipation of the order tho war Manv a man la crooked from following the trail of a corkscrew. department has made every preparation for 1 H speedy moving of the- regiment from Manilla to Chirnvingtao on the railway running from Peking by way of Tientsin to Mukden. "There could be no better · medicine than Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. My children wpre all sick ivltu whooping oough. One of them was In bed, had a high fever and was coughing up blood. Our floe-tor (?ave them ; Chamberlain's CoUgh Remedy «nd the first dose eased them, and three bottlpR cured them." Hays Mrs. R. A. Donaldson, of Lexington. Miss. For «ale by all .dealers. pper To You WOLF SETS--Beautiful Natural and Blue Wolf Sets made of full-haired silky Canadian Wolf Skins--like Lynx--College Shawl and Semi-Barrel Shell Muffs, set $25.00 A Wholesale Price to consumers:--Reason for this, from trapper to wearer. Other Wolf sets from $16.50 to $45.00--blue, black or natural. If we run short place your name on waiting list or order one. FOX SETS--Black Fox, European Skins, per set $25.00 to $42.00 Black Fox, American and Alaskan skins, lustrous, silky, wonderful, according to size and beauty, a set $50.00 to $130.00 Pointed Foxes, and Red Foxes, a set $18.50 to $95.00 Sable Foxes, a set $9.50 to $46.00 SEAL SETS--Hudson Seal, chic and neat of contour, a set . . $40.00 to $96.00 MINK SETS--$70.00 to $185.00 buys a set of Mink. Mink sets to order up to -TTTT $350.00 /// Baby robes $1.50 to $8.50 Child's Sets $1.50 to $17.50 $3.00 reduction on Misses Fox Sets of Prices $9.50 to $15.00 $1.50 Kid Gloves on sale $1.20 Fur Lined Coats $25.00 to $115.00 NO MORE REPAIR WORK ACCEPTED FOR XMAS DELIVERY 185 MAIN STREET 'SPAPERf