The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1938 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 7, 1938
Page 6
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PAGE SIX PIlOJSIFtlT IDS BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS A Lot Of Work For A Single Run Fight'Marks Olhcivvise Uneventful Game for Home Fans Lasl Night nv j. . The Carulhersville Pilots salvag ed tlie final game of the two (jauie scries from the Dlylhcville Oiimls, 8-5, last night, fealurcd by dashes and flarenps between opjmslng players. Brewing since the opening ilay and increasing with every hard fought, contest, the rivalry In'oke loose In the eighth Inning. Alter being the- subject of some duguiil jockeying, Bing iTJie Battler) Aragon, Giant catcher suddenly threw down his mask, tore olf Ills protector, nnd rustled to the visitor's bench. He was mot by Leon "lied" Kaster, Pilot pitcher who hurled Thursday night, .and the two went nt It hammer and long, science barred. Befori! much damnge could be done the players were separated, Aragon was banished but Tommy Gorman can-led on for his battery ma'*. After play was resumed and Carulhersville came lo bat In the lust half of Ihe ninth, Tolmny accused Bob Slaiilon, second baseman,-of deliberately brushing him as he \vns tickling his imp lly on Hie first base' Hue. He, rushed at the second baseman but Julian Hnrringlon and sc'vcral of the others got between them. Al Sacemnn, the next hitler, hnd to duck a fast high pitch from Gorman and stinted to the mound with his lint but wns persuaded by Umpire Connelly lo refrnin. .'. Ciooil Tunle. ' Tlie excitement served as an excellent Ionic for an oLIierwIse drab contest. The Olouls played llslless- .ly Throughout, committing five 'errors and literally handing five runs on a silver plalter. At bat their 'rallies mniaily came with two down and Fizzled out like a wet lire craclei fuse hardly before they were hardly started. On the other hand, the Pilots looked like a far different ball club behind the airtight pitching of Harold Koopman and Milton Lowery, a southpaw. Koopman hurled steadily most of his tenure but when the Giants threatened, wllh their usual eighth Inning rally Manager Bunny Simmons called in Lowery to pitch lo Steve Tramback, a left handed hitter, with two on and two away. He fanned the redhead ami <iuclchc<t the Final Ihreal. Giants To Play In Jonesboro Tomorrow Herschell Bobo takes his 'scrapping Giniils to- Jonesboro tomorrow for 1 a three game series wllh the Jonesboro Oinnls. A double-header is scheduled for Mother's Day with a single gnine under the lights Monday night. First game will start at 2 p. m. The Cnrutlieniville Pilots arc hosts to the Newport Cimlincils at Legion Park for n single game tomorrow and Monday. Marshall Hempnilt and Carl Lanek, former Giants, are vve.iiing the Cardinal livery. Clyde "Spot" Reed, who de- fealed Jonesboro here this week, will likely fnce the Giants In the first game, and William Von Alnien in Ihe nightcap. SATURDAY, MAY 7, 1933 ^JTrVA* ,.„ Washington Kumlor.v had n light >*'' i Elllll iDDtrll) iJ'ODIllTl, It'll, Of til anco in lii-fi-alui;.', Lin- Clevi'hmd Indians 1-fJ in a lH-iiiiiing cnnLest. on balls. Right, Xcki; iiomiru Is .shown .sliding lioiiic wllh ihr- winning; run. U-arint; in from third on \Vrlghf.s lly to Icfu Tin- catcher is Hollie Ili'inslcy, tin- umpire is Qnltui. while Mil Anuida Is the Washington player ' '' but the ball look n )>;ul Imp nfler hilling tin lo relax iiiirti'j- a cooling sliou-w nflcr Ivi'onaril nave Ihe Trite only six Jills, lil« sterling jjIMiIng perform- without Issuing tt ."ingle l>a?e looking nil. Hollers' throw to the ))lnte wns nei-HTt, Ki'oimrt, and soured lilgh Inlo the air, gelling to Ilemsli-y u .split second loo late lo nip' Domini lit Itie plate. l>lny at lhi> plate. Rliy piuu-lied a lilt Ijy Woods, scoi'ini: Cilldic '.xi'.t Leonharcll. Sliy went all tlie way to third on the play nt the plate, Hie. ball bouncing past Aragon. .Simmons lleiv out to Jackson nnd Sliy \vns caught tit Ihe plale on a. bul- let-llki! throw that .split the plate. The home 1 funs nnd some 200-odd buddies, who wevo the fiiimls of the club, goi. the flvsl of two real chances to do Krone cheering In the Oiant lialf of tiie first. After Woods had funned, IJobo singled lo left center. Trnmbnck tripled far over Shy's head In left .lied, Bobo I rotting home enslly. ,Jitekson Hew lo Saccmnu nud Tramunck counted. Sticcmnn race<l hack to .shag Avagon's well hit drive. "Lefty" went out In the .second when the Pilots scored another im- cnrncd run. miss Mondon rolled lo first. Ftlo singled (o cenler. Koopman hll lo right. Mcyrnu came In for (he Giants nnd Slnn- XR fl 5 ton greeted him a single to Manager Hcrschell Bobo's mound choices worked with reverse English. The home (own boy. Lofty Alexander, seeking his second vie-' lory of the season, started l>ut just. didn't have H. After allowing 4, -runs and five Lilts in I l-;i innings he gave way lo Lewis "Long John" Mcyran, tall right Imndcr, who got nloiig little better and in turn yielded to Tommy Gorman. 200- pound forkliander. in the 5th. Gorman wound up the job In fine fashion, only one run being scored, that due to two wild pilches. He fanned 7 hi the -I 1-3 nnd allowed but 3 hits. Manager Bobo. Tramback and Aragon were the big guns in the Ginnl attack. The skipper had a single, double and triple in four official trips. Trambnck snapped his hitless streak with a booming triple in the first, which scored Bobo. and beat out a perfect, bunt in the fifth. Aragon poled a long drive to left center in the seventh and circled the bases before the ball conlud be relayed lo the- plain for the first home run at Wnlker Park nnd liis seccond of t'ne season. The blow crime with Frank Jackson and Bobo on base and gave the fans renewed but .short-lived hopes 1-fftr Routed Before "Lefty" was hardly wormed up and accustomed lo the game, the Pilots Had him at sea and on the way out. But In due fairness, he was given some, spotty support and might have pulled through without It. Slauton bounced a single to right and Saceman forced him. Covering seccond more quickly would have resulted hi an easy double play. Glldig dropped a hump back hit Into., right field. Tram- back's powerful throwing arm kept Saceman at second, Leonhardt hit sharply to Harrington and with ai Ideal setup for another- double play, "Harry" threw past Dvorak Into tlie outfield, Snceman scoring and GildIg advancing to third With the infield <Hawn in lor center. Tllo scoring wlien Jncksou's fine throw got Ihrough Arngon. Snceman nil to Harrington who touched first and threw to Dvorak completing a double piny. Ijinjt .lolui In Trunlili!' "Long .mini" htul Ids troubles :lnc lo wlldnrss. He walked two nnd bilj Moiulon in the Ihlrd but' wns foilnnnlo not lo be scored on. Hut tlie Pilols denied tlie rubber in Ilie fourth, wliieli also was unearned. Kobumnn singled lo right. Stanlon, after attempting lo bunt twice, pupped to Aragon who made nice running catch. Saccmnu walked. Gllclig lined to Trnmbnck. Koopmnn scored when Dvorak fumbled U-onhnrdt's easy grounder. Meyran made his exit In the fifth during n two inn outburst. Simmons singled nnd Moiulon Kiicrl- ficcd. Filo walked. Koopmnn went iloivn swinging, 1ml Slnnloii doubled Simmons mid Pilo home. Tlmt. wns Gorman's cue to come in. He walked Sacemini but set down Oil- dig on strikes. All during Iliis lime—from Ihe firsHliP Giants hud thvenu-ned but were getting nowlterc fast. Hobo tripled with two out, In Ilie third but Tramback skied to left. They filled tlie bases in Ihe fourth but i deflected Meyrnn's sinnsli over to Slnnlon hi time lo the pitcher. Trnmbnck and Jackson singled tu order in the fifth but Arngon whiflcd. Two were down in the sixth when Dvorak singled and Gin-man walked. Woods fanned. The Ginul.s sol going in the seventh when noue was out and Ihcy got results. Hobo's double to his favorite suol was (he beginning. Tramback rolled to Koopmnn, Jackson walked. Aragon came through with his home run drive, icoring Ilirtv. Tlie extra excitement came during the Canuhersville half of tin; eighth after Ihey scored the lust rim of llic game. Oiklig's grounder look a bnd bounce, caromed on Woods Inlo cenleifleld and wcm for a double. He advanced to lliird and home on wild pitches. Aragon and Kastcr hncl their one round bout, and the game was resumed. Tlie Giants threatened in the eighth but Simmons wisely pulled Koopman and sent in Lowery to pitch to left hand hilling Tram- Dvorak, KS Meyiun. p Gorman, p Tiilnls ... Score by innings: Cimitliersvllle 3lo 120 010—H Illytheville 2(10 000 :i(H)—5 Summary: Rims batted in— Stun- lon 3, Sliy -2, Tramback, Jnck.snn, Arngon X Two base hits—Stanlon, Gllillg. Hobo; Three base hils — Trumback, Oolio: Home rims—Arn- gon. Hll by pllclier—Mondon by Meyrnn. Sacrifice hils — Moiulon. Stolen buses — Lconhnrdt. Wild pilch — Gorman 2, Double plays, Jackson lo Ariigon .Harrington to Dvorak. Gormtin lo Dvorak lo Harrington. Innings pitched — by Alexander I 1-2 innings with five lills, four runs; by Meyran, 3 1-2 innings with four hits, three runs; by Koopman. 1 2-:) innings wilh eight lilts, five runs; b.v Gorinini •1 l-;i Innings with three hils, one run; by Lowery 1 1-1 Innings with no hils ami no runs. Winning pitcher—Koopmnn. Losing pitcher —Alexander. Biases on balls — oil Meyran 4. off Gorman 2, oil Koopman 6'. Struck out—by Koopmun 6, Lowery :), Moyrnn 2, Gorman 1. Left, on base—lilylheville 10, Cnr- uthiTSvUle II). Umpires —Connelly mid Lyons. Time—::>I7. •hut they've been thinking. fii'iiiic mi-rely mentioned during Ihe course ol u recent spring grid ilrlll that. he didn't think he'd bo using any sophomores on In.s Hi,-a two lenin.s next fall. All of which precipitated cases ol nerves in Ann Aruur, town <jit*. , Evmiston, and other BJg way stations, not to mention South 'Bend, where Noire Dame, .iiipiJCiLs lo be situated. The reason for the excitement Is that Gopher sophomore Inh'nt usually is lero- •lous enough Lo force ilsclf Into Ilie lineup at some pointer another. The. toili'iit is just ns good this season, but the veteran material on hand just won't bo budged. The Gophers, who suffered a Iglil. relapse in U137 by losing to Nebraska and Notre Dame, have :lc-moiislrflleil in spring training Hint they'll have everything Hull's needed, wilh something lo spare. Kemrnilier Ihe Name A good cnse In point Is Orvlllo The PAYOFF back. Same old Mor), though, two were down wlion the threat cnmp. Dvorak filed to center. Gorman oiled to Koopman. Woods and !c*o walked. Tr.iniljnrk missed a :ist third strike. Gormrm fnnned Uo ol the three o luce lilm in tlie nitilh rvnd lor Loweiy. The box score: CanithcrsvilU- All H H PO A I- Stanton. 2I> .. Saceman. ct . OlWIg. SI) ... Leonhardt, II) Shy. If nnoNtmi;i.i> NI-IA Hcrvici! SIHII-IS Writer Thej' Kiiy ol' 'Ili^ia Nnvolari tlinl. he 1ms .\ conlnii'l. wllh the devil. Anlomohili- raccgoc-i-.s :it Mu- In- tllnnajjolis S|)pt'd\vny will Imve, an o|)|x>Miinl|.j- In accept or reject Unit belief, -May :il). wlion (he Mad- nwn of Modena^ltaly's siiei-Liculnr driver—gives the SOfl-nillc gflixl Its lon-iyn t-ompplilion in {-Jght years. Nnvolnri. who mnde liis llrst Ainei'ican niijieai-niice when lip relirr. won the MO-niile Vnudorliilt Clip nice in Ne«- York in 19'jfi. cabled his enti7 at llic last possible moment, lli.s presence should make llic cltussic. one of the most thrill- iiig in a long lime. Those who Imve seen Nnvohrl hunched behind u wlieel. ronring recklessly over fninons tracks in Kin-ope, elahn he drives with the Sreatesl unconcern lor danger of any man in Ilie business. T-:\-en Ihe fact (hat lie never hus competed on n trark similar to the Indianapolis Speedway won't, prevent him from keeping a leaden fool, on the accelerator, thev eon- tend. ' The small but wivy llulian lias survived more serious crashes t-m ny other daredevil abroad. ]i. ias won every major nice on the onlincnt. but this rejivcseiils his ivsl crack nt the number one ivent oji the American program. Nnvolnri's new one-man c;ir hat needs eight mechanics lo nirse it. will receive a lol ot at- enllon. But the greater share of merest will be shown in Nnvolari limself. Those Vikings Asain Citizens of Minneapolis ran hardly wait to see if Bernle Biermims latest announcement «'lll bear oat Simmons, c Mondon, ss Pilo. rf 4 Koopman, p .... 3 Lowery, i) i 0 1 1 B 2 4 1 4 0 5 1 0 2 1 0 i 3 0 :i 2 n 0 12 1 1 1 10 2 0 1 0 2 0 0 0 Few have heard, or this Ind, but he'll probably wind up as Minnesota's lirst-strin" (\iinrtfr- back. He's uecn around two years, but, was Ineligible Insl fall, ami played guard with (lie Bombers, scholastic oullnws svlio mncle things miserubU: for the varsity in practice. I'Vecninn «'.-ii- H mcinlicr of Bler- mnn's j winter class tor luexpei'l- enral players, and a.ssiinilalexl Ihe skull sessions so thoroughly tliat the Ciopher mentor sn\v In mm Uie makings of n brlllinnl qimrterbacit The. Gophers will be strong nt the emu,-, sun stronger ~ul the lackles, and positively dcvastnling in the middle of the line. Big and speedy veterans chiller uj> the jmictlcc field ivliilc Bienuiiii looks wise, and strokes his chin, Bad Mike" Will Meet Jim Parker The next foe to try grips with Bad Mike" Naiwrian will lie Big Jlcn Parker, who meets Ihe tough Armenian here Monday in the feature match of the American Le;ion'.s weekly wrestling show. Na- fcrlan turned in a somewhat rough but nevertheless effective job in disposing of "Bull" Curry here last week and should give Parker alt kinds of enlerliimmejil before Ihe show is over. In a preliminary it will lie n battle of jui jtou holds against powerful arms nnd legs Hint break holds wllh sheer .strength. Clung Lee. the Chinese performer, will disli out the oriental tricks while Gus Wisbnv, Hie (lying Dutchman, will seek to baffle him with superior strength. Pro Pays $1 Monthly On Golf Bill of $174 NEW BRITAIN. Conn. (UP) — Unless &hvin Polfer, professional golfer, improves his financial ron- dilion, it will take him until 1555 to pay Ills bill for golf balls. The bill amounted | 0 $17-1, for which lie was .sued. The court, finding him financially embarrassed. «rdei-cd him to p, !V $1 n inoiilli until (lie account wns satisfied. Court costs of $25 were added, also on a monthly basis. Civic Pride at Stake Over 75,000 Prunes SANTA CLARA. Cai. tUPl — Prunes hnve .strained the diplomatic relations between the Chambers of Commerce of this city and neighboring Snn Joss, When the San Jose .-jinte College football team went to Hawaii lo play, the Chamber of Commerce sent, along 75,000 primes, each one nicely wrapixxl In a litlle panel? bearing the inscription, "sun j 0 se Products." The Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce charges that all of the 75.000 primes were grown in the Santa Clara valley. John's and Palace Win Bowling Matches John's Confectionery defeated Dr. -pepper nud Palace cafe won over Arkansas-Missouri Power corporation in City League bowling matches nt, Sudbiiry's Playhorae Inst night, II. Cl. Parlloy was high scorer for a single game with a si'ore of S5fi. Complaints Al>out Allen Recall Various Tricks of Baseball Trickslers pitcher iiiimcd Slm«', ivlio could oul-Danfoilli Danforth, for example. Btil In mosl cases, where Ihe ball was tampered wllli, Ihe otlier pltclicr didn't know how to make 11 shoot like a Roman candle. Pitching tricksters guarded their ix-crete carefully. Hveribotty knew Unit ICddic Cicotte did soinethina t« tlie ball. A ])ltcher once oll'ered him {50(10 for his recipe. l*itcln'r i i Ai'l in Scif-Dfffjjse Bill most of the tricksters could pitch plenty well enough \vlien Ihey tossed their ba^s of tricks aside. Aller the cut seam Incident In Cleveland, for Instance, Sothoron won a jo-Inning pitching duel from tlie Indians without resorting to BY HARRY ORAYSON doctomi dealing. Siiorls Killlm-, !\!K,Y Service j The spit-ball has been used by ivnl.s having charged .lotiimy iiitdieis not exempt from Ihe oper- Allen with live violations of the.iillon uf the rule against, it. H is pit'.-hing code, Will llanklse. picsi-1 still being used. George Kamshuw dent of the American Ij-a'^ue, has " • • called Die atu-ntloji of umpires ami managers lo tin; rule having to do wllh applying a foreign substance lo tlio ball, or cthc-rwise Intentionally discoloring or roughing It. Pitchers who doctor the jielhu arc threatened with eviction, and tho automatic 10-day suspension that with It. aller a .slngli' warning to the manager. According to members of tlie Detroit 'tigers, Allen, when in trouble, is oven snioollii-r Hum his follmv- th rough. They say that, among other things, the great right-hander of the Cleveland Indians moistens Itl.s fingers, expectorates in his glove mill works Ihe bull therein, rubs the pill In'powdered rosin on Ills pants' leg, and takes a running windup. Moreover, they argue that Allen Is teaching some of his Iricks to young Deb Feller, parliciilnrlv Die running windup. Too (imxl to lit Legal I wouldn't know about tlmt, but. cheating or no, tlie pah- have n very firm grip on the pitching situation. Offhand. I would .say that each has sufficient stuff to more than get by without having lo resort to anything illegal. As a matter of fact, tliere are stretches when 1 don't blame the boys for suspecting that Allen and Feller arc too good to be legal. Many American League veterans sny tlmt Allen's preliminary mannerisms In the box. simply is affectation. His most effective pitch is slider thrown either overhand or sldearm that slips out and down to RECORD RUNNER); IN RECORD ROOMil convince crej-yboily Him it wasn't a spilter, he rubbed his hand briskly on his panu,' Icy. Hut big George kept, Ms middle linger raised, and went inio liis wlmliip well doused. I'itchins today scarcely can lie Warned fur trying to put something over on hitters. Tin-owing Hie lively ball, which Is kept new and .slippery, Isn't the salesi. occupation in the world. I'lltlicrs simply have lo do something ill self-defense. Buildinp a foil Is against, the rules. Little Rock Chattanooga Atlanta .. . New Orleans Memphis .. Nashville .. Birmingham Knoxville .. New York Chicago Pittsburgh •incinuiili Boston St. Louis Brooklyn Philadelphia Rampant Rebels Win Over Newport Again PARAGOULD. Ark.. May 7. _ Donald TJioinas held tlie Newport Cardinals lo Ihree hils and the Para go n Id Rebels look a 5 lo :t I'lcloiy here yesterday. Score by innings: R. H. K Newport. UUI 00(1 000 1 ;i a Parasould ... Oil 000 03x 5 10 :! Axselmeiw jnul Iliin.wn; Thomas nnd Martin. Yesterday's Results Nortlioasl Arkansas League Pnrngoukl 5, Newimrt. 1. Caruthersville 8, Blytlievillp 3. •Balesville Si. Jcnesboro -1. a right-handed batter and in and down to a left-handed batter. George 'fjlaeholdcr had the same thing, but Allen has more stuff, so gets more out of it. Anyway, the Detroit complaint and Harridge's notice got Mickey Cochrane and some of Ihe older heads lo talking about .spit-balls and such. Elimke Throws Gum Kill Although he went through his entire career without it becoming generally known, Howard Elimke was a corker at making the ball do remarkable tilings. You've heard about the splUer's cousins . . . the shine, emery, mud, coffee, licorice ball, etc. Now Cochrane comes up with the gum ball. "lu (he opening world series game of ISM in Chicago, in which Connie Muck so surprisingly pitched Elimke, and in which Howard struck out 13 Cubs." relates Cochrane. "I dove for a ball that broke almost, out of my reach. When I got my throwing hand on it, I also got hold of n bin wad of chewing gum I looked at Ehmke, and we had a good silent, .belly laugh together." Pitchers have got unusual hops on their fast ones since Elmer Stricfclelt perfected the spit-ball in 1002. ft was tin- stuff it encouraged tlmt prompted the ban on all trick pitching with the start of the campaign of 1921. The shine ball was obtained by nibbing emery on Ihe liorsehide. This was the sailer—a takeoff on Ihe floater. A few feet, from the plate the ball took nil sorUs o dipsy-dew twisters. Inficldcrs ptiim Spotted Fever Toll High RENO. iVev. (UP)—One death In every six rc|x>rted cases has been Nevada's average fatality rate for Rocky Mountain spotted fever communicated by licks, according to Dr. A. P. Gardner, collaborating epidemiologist of the U. S. public health service. Southern l.<\igne New Orleans 3. Atlanta I). LHIlc liock- 12. Nashville 0, Memphis :i. Knoxville 2. Birmingham at Chattanooga. National Ix-aga* St. Ix>»is 4. Phihulelphla .1. New York 11. -Pittsburgh 7. Cincinnati 1ft. Brooklyn 3. Chicago 13. Boston !). American League Washington ' 4, Chicago 3 innings). Boston 7. St. Louis 3. Cleveland 4. Philadelphia 1. Detroit at New York. rain. (13 Mary, Queen of Scots, became a queen at the age of one week. Southern n 10 1 10 10 a 11 , a 12 7 12 . 7 13 L. Pel, 5 .773 7 .58B ,550 .500 .450 .400 .358 .350 A'utiouat League W. L. Pet. .824 .GOT .588 .500 .462 .375 .:(53 .188 ;s ti 7 9 ti 1 (i 10 B 11 :i 13 Cleveland Washington Neiv York .. Boston .. Deli-oil .. . Chicago .. . Philadelphia St. Ix>uis ... American l.«apiie W. L. Pet 5 n o u s a 8 7 .700 .Gil .579 .529 .500 .438 .313 Northeast Arkansas League Paragould ... CanUIiersville Blytlievllle ... Bntesvllle ... Jonesboro Newport W. L. Pet. .815 ,625 .571 .500 .280 .125 Today's Games Southern League Knoxville nt Memphis. New Orleans at Chattanooga, Oulj- games scheduled. National League Boston at Chicago. Brooklyn at Cincinnati. New York nt. Pitl-sblirgli Pliiladelplua at St. Louts. American f.eagiie Chicago at Washington. St. Louis at Boston. Detroit at New York. Cleveland nl Philadelphia. Northeast Open date. Arkansas League Bill de Correvonl, who set all soils of scoring records- for Austin High School of Chicago lust autumn lo become a national figure in football, is doing more Ihan marking time before his enrollment at North-: weslem University in the fall.! The spectacular young touchdown maker is shown nt work • in Ihe record warehouse of an' -insurance company in Chicago.' He attends classes at the Y. M,' C. A. and works out twice a week in a gymnasium./^, \ Four Car Will Need New Parts For Spring Don't neglect those small rattles and minor, defects that detract from the beauty and serviceability of your car.'We are equipped lo re? place worn parts and lo fif j up your car to look like tie*. I All Work Done By Trained Mechanics for Oil, Grease Gas, , ...... and Real Service PHILLIPS MOTOR 00. Stti « Walnut Phone 810 cd pieces of sandpaper inside their gloves . . . rubbed n soft sjx>t on the ball as it was tossed around Cut Seam Makes Ball Cut Up l>.ive Danforth introduced Hie licorice ball. He .scralclicd Ihe cover of the toll wilh his thumbnail, ami cut Ihe senin the same way. , Detroit players allege thai- in Ihe' tighter spots. Johnny Allen decorates the ball wilh n mixture of licorice and tobncco juice. Al Sothoron developed Ihe mud ball. He spread dirt in cut seams and applied saliva, creating n raise to HID ball. Once, when he wns pitching lor tin- Browns in Cleveland, it was discovered that every ball In the box Imd been carefully sliced between the stitches. Clubs used to match cheaters with cheaters. Washington had a Totals 39 8 12 27 It 1 Blythevllle AB R H PO A E Woods, 2b Bobo, 3b Tramback, rf .. Jackson, cf Aragon, c Harrington, ll> Fcldman, If ,,, 0 0 1 0 3 0 2 2 8 1 2 0 C I 0 0 WRESTLING MONDAY NIGHT, 8 O'CLOCK MIKE NAZERIANvs BIG JIM PARKER CHING LEE vs. GUS WISBAR American I.pRinn Arena, North Second St. NATI().VAI, NKTtVORH BATTLE OF MUSIC 2 ORCHESTRAS GEORGE HAMILTON • CLYDE LUCAS MUSIC BOX MUSIC BKC.VJ11.1.NG—INTKIGWNU MAY 13-9 to 1 o'clock Tlckeii $1 per pfnon through mMnljtht May Id, $1,60 per prison thereafter. No Int«rm1i»ton. KINO AND ()UF.KN COTTON and court will Attend. Ercnlnr wf-ar or tlttcl vs-e&t— sccortHne to mooO. XfttfoimUy acclaimed Sonlh'i urcatcit ball. DKtrllnfc. SptctAcoUr March. Attendance UtnUcii (o 6,000. Sen\l caih or Bn.ll order tot ticket* aow (o MEMPHIS COTTON CARNIVAL HEADQUARTERS n MADISON, MEMPHIS LOOK - LOOK Prices Reduced SEE 'EM - DRIVE 'EM COMPARE THESE PRICES PRICES MARKED ON WINDSHIELD No. '199—,'i2 Chev. Coupe, ne\v sport color paint Job. Special § 87.00 No. '10-1— 'M Ford V-S I'ordor. A dandy good car priced too cheap -...§139.00 No. 657—'2!) For<1 Fordor. Just the car yo uarc look- insr for .' 5 2-1.75 No. 638—'2.0 Chev. Fordnr. This car will surprise you. Tires & Motor good .? 20.1)0 No. -IS2—'35 Ford V-S Coupe. NPW Aiilumn Brown color. Ready to go No. 3.06—'3-1 Ford Tmlor. New seal covers. Motor reconditioned $153.01) No. 56.1— '3-1 Chey. Coach. This is it Master model in A-l condition §144.00 No. 460—'34 Dodrrc y t Ion Pick-up. Completely re . conditioned'. New paint §133.1)0 No. 369—'3G Ford >/, Ion rick-up. Color red. A dandy farm truck S26G.DO No. 580—'31 1 Yi ion (tuck. Dual wheels. Closed cab A s'Ml S 39.110 FOR HETTBR USED CARS PRICED RIHHT SRE PHH.UPS. PRICES C.OOD UNTIL MAY M PHILLIPS USED CAR LOT 6th & Walnut Phone 8IQ ROY CALVIN, Mgr. Used Car Dept,

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