The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 30, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 30, 1934
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Served by the United /'rm VOL. XXXI—NO. 37 Olythevllle Dally News utythevllle Courier Mississippi Vuliey leader ulytlicvllle Herald TUB DOMINANT NEW6PA1TO 0V NORTHKA ar A ,, KA N3A3 AND BOUTUMBT NEWS I HOME EDITION^ AHKANSAS. .MONDAY, APRIL so, HUM S ',*' ' : _ ;_'_ -"-". "i mi, .)», i; SINGLE COPIES FIVK CKN-TS DUELER GANGSTERS CLASH WITH POLICE In the Money flET HEIO Arkansas Highway Debt Measure Is Declared Constitutional 1.1TTLK HOOK, Apr. 30 (UP) — Act 11 of the acts of the first, ex- ; traordinary session of 1934, Ihe highway bond refunding act, was! held constitutional loday by the I supreme court. I Justice Mcllaney wrote the opin- 1 ion and Justices Butler and Smith dissented from "so much of the opinion as holds the tax on gasoline fur industrial and agricultural [ opinions is not a property tax." j The opinion was written sifter tour cases attacking the constitutionality of the act, app&aled from Pulaski county chancery court, were consolidated. The attacks on the act were based on the contentions: 1.—That ii gives the governor the power within 30 days after Us approval to direct the refunding Loard not to Issue any bonds. 2.—That It attempts to suspend the statute of limitations with respect to action on road improvement district, bonds. 3.—That the hill for the act was not proiwrly passed • in both houses of the legislature. 4.—That the exchantje of direct, state obligations for road improvement district bonds is vinlarive ol section 1 of article 1C of the constitution. 5.—Ttiat the tax on ga-soline may not be used lo pay road district bonds. "We have carefully considered all of these questions and find i if you w!Ull to kl:ow llon - ,„ .. loo!l them without substantial merit," I ,*= a ml |llon", take a tip from the opinion read. '.I lovely Gleta Olass - and grow . To discjjss them In detail would -green" with envy. -She's wear. unduly exi?!.s-spinier .,--, , |., ng :j :- I1(ltt , usthir.g-suit of grcen- However, ,t may be said that backs that she'l sport as "Miss he governor has not suspended p, 0 5|x;iily" at a Cora, Gables IFla.i tie act. IhM 30 days time, for do- alshmtlon. And will SlfE have Horrors! Koland And Cable Go fn I 1< or (!i!Ul Jerking l'»r §10,000 Ransom j HOLLYWOOD. Cnl., Apr. 3u 'Ul'i-A liaht that might IUIM jbcun one of the best in Holly- I wood's hlslory ol fumt-d one LilM lor I jp'lllCIlt Ol UVCI" lc """ !t ' 1: ' * 1;is "verted when friends */nnAfiA r>l ' 1 Iseparaud Clark Cable and dllbm -pOUU.UUU lo UllCKa- Roland just »hen Ihey had leached a coat jrrxmg stage In a sawha District Fiirmers P"rov:>] of the stale lx>:ird of lew !r i< : iM'pii i?lveii contrac'S -rtmitltd bv farmers of Ihc Chick- wba di«lritl of .M!=slssi')pi 'oinity callinr for the rental lo the uiivrNiiirnl of 42.COO acres of Lind previously devoted (o cot•on. it vns announced todav Dy .). E. Critz, county agricultural vr-nt. The ai>i:roved contracts will be (orwardvd to Washington us nroiu- lly r».s nofsib'p. nrobably before li n end of this week. The contracts involve ' a base Trenyc of 110000 acres of cotton land, making tlie '12.000 acr" ren- •nl mial n reduction of ap'irnxi- nrtclv 40 ner cent In the cotton acreage. Average production ot the rented land, as set forth iti the approved contracts, is approxi- malc-lv 340 pounds ,>?r acre. Farmers renting cotton land to the fjoverntncnt will receive U 1-2 cents per pound on the 5-year in'erai:' 1 production of ihe rented land, half of which will l:e paid si soon us possible, and the other half as soon as Indirections to c?nfirrn Ihc acr-nee reduction are made. In addition farmers co- op^riitin^ in the program will re- |ceive ne" t f a ]i n one cent a pound [T'pnlv pnvir.ent on 40 per cent of rh'nr average production on their tcM acreage. Tli" 3 1-2 cent nnvmcnt will "mount to annroximntelv SSOO.OOO verbal exchange Involving Con stance Hermett, it was learned lu- day. The three weiu uUendiir; a party at. the home of Samuel Ciold- i early yesterday when tin "fight that might luivc been" oc ClIlTVll. Gable was chatting .with Miss Bennett and Roland, Miss Ben net's escort, was sealed nearby' S : playing bridge. Friends protest IK norancc as to the drift of Gable's conve/sation but he was liilerrupl ed by an angry Roland. "You quit picking on her and' pick on me," he challenged, ac eoidin» to witnesses, Cable accepted the challenge j and was ready to swing when Iricnds intervened, it was said.! Harmony soon was restored. funds! Ing so has elapsed, that limitations! o: action Is subject to control by the legislature, that the records ol bo'.h houses of which we take judicial notice show tJie act. \vafi proiwrly pnssed, and that the pav- ment of road district bonds with Mate bonds is not vlolative of the constitution." The gasoline sought to be tnxeo in the case or H. N. Rodgers and Sons vs. Earl Wiseman, commis ,. _ sioncr of revenues, was purcliaseii MeailS Kmnloymcnt for in Tennessee in large quantities ] and .shipped into Arkansas anrt | stored in uinki adjaceiu to the levees which the contractors were engaged in constructing. No part I was to be used in vehicles on state. | Work for nearly 100 men now highways. Jon relief rolls will start within a Prior to passage ot Ihe refund- f""x days, following approval at ing ^act gasoline used for agricul- Little Keck cf a number of rnalar- ' ia control projects for Blytheville ami Mississippi county. It was on- f cr Chic'™s'uvba district ol the ronntv. and the one cent ,>art" dltional S14D.OOO in th:> fall. will brin^ in an ad- or Hereabouts el'asp Trio Questioned in Carley Kelley Death Two women and 11 man., held by ffi"«r.c for nnostioniny o\'er the Roadster With Six Passengers Overturns Near New Liberty Three persons were injured when a small roadster with six occupant? overturned near Mew Liberty yesterday. The injured were Mrs. Lavi-rnu Dcurlns, 21. who sustained a fractured, nos:. several troten tcftii and cuts about file lace, Elberi "Bud" Williams. 2a. n laceiate'J car and fractured collar bone, arid Miss Rachael Ulchardson. the driver of the car whose-car wns :ilsn badly cut nn<l wSio rtCjuvd other cuts and The three were brought lo Hie Hsg'b Court Turns Down Lea Appeal WASHINGTON, Apr. :IO IUP>— Luke Leu, Nashville. Tcnn., publisher urn! politician, today lost in the supreme court his fUjhl to escape t'Xtnidlllon (o North Carolina, where lie faces Imprisonment on charges, growing out of Ihe collupM! uf the Central Bank rid Trusl company. The supreme court refused 10 reused lo review Leu's apj>cal from he Tennessee supiome court ruing which ended his habeas corpus ilea a-jiilnst extradition. Tlie ruling applies likewise to Lea's son, Luke Lea jr., who is aced wllh ihc allemiitive of pay- n J25.000 fine or uolng to Jail. vrn-K-ond in the flrvh of WlCT Q 1 ,""'" 1 ? .^P 1 ' 8 ' »'»«»e U:W vlinse mansle.1 body wa^l . * "™'e» ty I r. W. A. Or™,_.. .,_... , - .riinltu Mrs. Douglas remainrd in Nearly 100 Men, Supervisor Shonyo Announces Krllc-v. found on H-e Fi-isro i iehi of way c Thursday morning, have been released. It is understood thai stnries of 'he nio cave an explanation of Kv-llev's wlierealxMiUs b-Hween the limn lip left Lutr 1 -; store, five miles "ii'lh of niyllK-viHe. ; v Una! purposes- .in tractors, pumps, and oilier farm and Industrial machinery was not taxed. . iiounced today by O. Shonyo, sup"It is difficult lo follow the | rrvisor of malaria control work. Ihc hospital but Hie olliers were dismissed after recilrlns emergenev treatment. According (o one of the rnr's occupants Miss Richardson was driving at a normal rate of s;»ed ., •r.r"J Sen ^" *' M ^.ut u .s Thur^v mo'^ wlie'n h b ° S j ^uni: ^"* "" ^ " struck by a Frisco passenger train The m^n mid women are said to we- piTmiili'd that Kellev was .south of near the flare was found, late reasoning of these appellants in this regard." the opinion said. i;s«i in cleaning mil and deepen- •Thc tax is levied on the use of „,„ t i,, Rl ,ddle erovi; ditch and I. in this state wherever it may Ditches 3C and 37, south of town, have been purchased. When' About 25 men will be used for brought here for use it loses its building sanitary toilets In sections ,i irh t>i°ni at a BU'theville and •viieT his bodv Wednrsdnv niqhr. Officers wre cdnvinci'd from the slories of the Upwards of fifty men will be '"i". however, thai there was no interstate character am taxable." bvcouu-s New York Cotton NEW YORK. Apr. 30 (UP) — Cotton closed easy. open hlnh low May July Oct Dec- Jan March • close 1101 1105 1074 1074 1111 1116 1090 1090 1125 1131 1105 1105 1130 1142 1114 1147 1147 1121 1157 1150 1114 1)21 Spots closed (Uriel at 1005. off 20. of Ihe cily that are without sewer lines and in. the immediate vicinity <;f Blylhivlllr. About 10 men will be used in the elimination of small mosquito breedin" places in Blytheville. Osceola. Wilson. Manila and Leachville. They will devote full lime to searching out and petting rid of small bodies of water. All of the men will be taken from the Blytheville relief rolls except those to be used In the mcfmiito breeding place elimination work, who will 62 taken from the relief rolls of Ihe communities in whiqh they will work. th? front scat rumble seal. persons were on and two in the Three Injured When Car Turns Over Near Manila MANILA. Ark.--Ray Castlctcrry of Jonesboro was seriouslv in- mi'lTstootl. Railroad officials had r <Rid thev were dissatisfied dntails of the Krtlev death, resulting in the investigation. foul nlav in KHlev's death. It, is | jured and two companions. Eddie Sharpi 1 , also of, Jonesboro. and Ralz Snnde. of Leachvillu. sustained minor bruises when their car overturned on Highway 18 list night. The accident occurred at what is known as Moore's corner, two miles east of Manila. The driver failed lo negotiate a curve in the road. CastleLerry was removed to a Joneshoro hospital. The extent of his injuries was not known here. Infantry Still to Be Important as War Unit New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Apr. 30 lUP)- Cotton prices gave way on the local exchange loday In the face of liquidation pressure stimulated by weakness in the stock market. Losses exceeded Sl.25 a bale- at a barely steady close. open hlfh low close May 1005 1005 1076 1071b July 1109 1115 1037 1087 Oet 1125 1131 1100 1100 Dec 1137 1140 1110 1111 Jan 1127 1127 1127 111Gb Spots closed quiet at 1097, oil Chicago Wheat o\xn high low close May 78 1-2 80 1-2 78 1-2 80 3-8 July 18 3-8 73 7-8 78 1-4 79 1-2 Chicago Corn WORTH. Texns (UPl — Contrary lo ropuhr oninlon. the I'.cxl nimor wnr will tint be fought 'n the air. b"Mcvcs Mai. Om. William R. Smith, wartime commander and no"- superintendent of Ihe Sewanee Military Academy at Se- wr»p~e. Tcnn. "The next war will be very! much like the World War." the 'ormnr simerirt"iid?nt of the United States Military Academy ot' jwest Point said. "Men must meet i"ilh her parents frantically seeking to make final contact with he: kidnapers and pay Ihe S10.0CO ransom demanded. June nobles, G, atove is held prisoner in u d2£crt hideout. Granddaughter of an Arlzon pioneer i anther and daughter of n prominent Tucson, Ariz., family •-he was ieized by a single kidnaper ns she returned home from schoo and taken uway in u small cur, sirugt'llnt; lo esca,)c Horn Ihe abduclor Confession by Chicago Gambler <incl Politician Is Announced CHICAGO. Anr. 30 (UP)—John J. <Bors) McLaimhlln. Chicago lamblln? lord and former state j calslntor. tixluy confessed handling S53.COO of Ihe ransom money paid for release of Edward G. Bremcr, 7'onllh.y St. Paul tanker, the dc- partmcnl of Justice announced. Melvln H. Purvis, chief of Ihe department of investigation here, lold newspapermen that Mc- Laughlln made a detailed confession, stating thtit he knew the money was "hot" and had come from the Bremer abduction. The confession was made, Purvis sold, in the presence of the t'olltlclan's . L7*uear-ftJd-trDnr J.. Jr., and Phlillp Delri hotel bartender. TIKE THREE DFFIGER5 Display of Sub-Machine Gnu Subdues Suburban Policemen CHICAGO, Apr. 30 IUP>— Four icsprnidoi'f,, Identified as mem- bus of the John Dllllnger outlaw disarmed n suburban |>olice loday and lied after slug- Policcman Hari-y Waylnnd. Tlie encounter look place in Bell- vniwl, western suburb, al»ut 3 a. The gangsters were taler identified as John Hamilton, Homer Van Meter, George I Baby Face) Nelson, and Joseph Fox. all known iissoclales of John Dllllngcr. The fugitive, killers carried two Mib-muchtnc guns. They fired two pistol shots to Intimidate 'the policemen. 'Wayland was • knocked iiDcomclous when he iille'iiiplcd to draw a pistol and the oilier two jxilice were forced to give up their guns and walk away from the bandits' car with their hands In the air. Meet at Gas Station The encounter occurred tn the gasoline flllln? station of Harry ' Nleman. In Bcllwood. The police ciulscr car had been narked near on Intersection of country roads. The guntncn'K automobile drove through it red light at-high speed and the police pursued them .with •" :irens sounding. ' , ' Tlie outlaws accelerated their automobile and opened a wide yap between the cars. At Nleman's . station the gunmen stopped lor gasoline. • Before Nieinan could finish his task the police automobile 'drove Into the station driveway with siren . Su'rll sounding Hamilton ' Pneumonia Fatal to "Mav- lyiiic Preacliev" of Local Courthouse France, Spain, Austria and Cuba Prepare for Trouble With Radicals S M. Watson, the 1 riy United Prws "marrying preacher". The liev. courthouse's died Friday. Funeral services were held Sunday moniiiij at nine o'clock with the Rev. W. J. I^Roy, pastor of the Lake Street Methodist church, crriciating. Interment was made at Sawyers c:me!cry. The Cobb Undertaking company was in charge of funeral arrangements. The Rev. Watson had been a familiar figure in the second tloor corridor of Ihe courlhour.e tine; .ale lasl summer, post had l,en near Hie door ol the county court clerk's ollice Hiols. police raids, and threats of strikes throughout the world heralded today the eve of May Day. Authorities awaited anxiously demonstrations of Ironists. Police, special seml- uiilltary unlls. and soldiers In many cities natroled the streets, heavily armed. France, Spain. Austria, and Cuba Ihreatened lo be Ihe chief trouble cenlers. Bloodshed was ex- Ills constant |,,,,,.,,,,, ,„ „„ f our col , ntr ] cs Kerioiis rioting occurred last niehl at Nantes. France. Spanish Lazarui, Raised From Death, Catches Cold BERKELEY. Cal., Apr. 30 (UP) -Ijiwinis IV., the fox terrier re- ilalmeri from death by Dr. Robert Cornish, had a cold today. A visitor left a door open in the University of California laboratory where the animal Is fighting Its way back to normal after asphyxiation on April 13. A draft over the seml-consclmis dog caused a slight, congestion. Cornish, seeking to establish a resu.scltallvc method applicable to human beings, felt that the Illness will not endanger his canine sub- Icct. The experimenter Is more concerned with reviving the mental faculties of Lazarus IV. men face [o face on th before one army can other." Undoubtedly the next war will 5^^ n iTcal increase in usage of NEW YORK. Apr. 30 (UP) Stocks closed weak today with 0 , __ losses ranging to four points in airplanes. General Smith said, but Ihe main list and as much as 23 that war will not be a "war of IMiiit.s in the high price shares, (ihc air" A. T. ana T Anaconda Copper 118 5-8 15 1-2 Bethlehem Steel 39 Mnv open •14 high low close •li 3-8 43 7-8 45 1-: July 47 1-8 48 3-8 413 7-8 48 1-4 Chrysler Cities Service .......... Coca Cola ............. General American Tank General Electric ........ General Motors ........ fnlcrnational Harvester Middlcwest Utilities .... Montgomery Ward ...... New York Centrla ...... Packard ................ Phillips Petroleum ...... Radio Corp ............. 13-4 Simmons lieds .......... 18 1-4 St. Louis-San Fraticlrco 3 3-4 Standard of N. J ...... 44 5-8 Texas Co ....... ' . . . . 26 40 1-8 3 119 38 7-8 21 1-2 36 1-2 39 1-4 28 1-4 30 1-4 4 3-4 18 1-4 S. Steel ... ......... S. Smelling ......... 4fl 5-8 115 "When men are confronled with 't was stated, loo powerful n force, they dig In."| lie conltnurd. "The only way to' rout them Is to send other men lo dig them out." Luxora Contractor Hurt In Saturday Accident A Mr. Williams, Lnxora contractor, sustained Injuries In an accident on Highway 61 north ol Blytheville Saturday night. Details of the accident were r.ot available b'.it it is understood that Williams car collided with a truck at an iron bridge about two m::os north of Blytheville. Williams was removed lo Luxora yesterday after receiving emergency treatment hire Bit An Kir Off KANSAS CITY. Mo. (UP) — Working on the theory that one ood foul deserves another Nnnjo Singh, a heavyweight wrestler, recently bit off the ear of Tex Mc- Rcnnitt during a match here. ShiRh told the commission, which suspended him, that McDcrmltt fouled him first. Decision on Shank's Appeal Is Due Monday LITTLE ROCK, Apr. 30 (UP 1 — The case of Mark H. Shank, convicted of the picnic poison murder of Alvin Colley. his wife. Ethel, and Ihclr two children, near F B _i;.L fV.I »•» Malvern last August, was stibnill- 1 tn | llsh toal "'* ted to Ihe supreme court today ~ where ho was ready and anxious !ert (vill(! e | CI ,, cn i. s threatened n o oiler his services to couples de- of his autornoblie and picked up a nachlnc gun. Nicrnan dropped he gasoline hose arid ducked .Into the station where he threw himself on the floor. Wayland descended from " .the ,, wlicc automobile and was closely '' followed by policemen Gus Nence and Joseph Hagmelstcr. As the policemen approached the bandits' automobile Hamilton ' thrust the machine gun at them and demanded that they raise their hands. Policemen Disarmed Under the menace o( the weapon all three policemen held their hands aloft. Hamilton was e.urslnj and the other gangsters moved forward lo surround the policemen. Suddenly Waylnnd reached for his pistol. Hamilton, who was within four feet of him, but whose gun was not pointed at the poll&e- men, lunged and swung the gun. The weapon struek Wayland on the side of the head and he fell. Tlie gangsters then disarmed all of the policemen and started a procession down the road, with two of the police walking with their hands in Ihe air. After several hundred feet the police were" forced to walk Into a field and were warned to keep walking. siring lo marry in luustc. Lately Hie Rev. Watson had b:en at I lib post Infrequently «nd for four. olncrs or five days preceding his death I celebrations 48-hour general strike to start tomorrow. In Austria and Cuba , police rounded up Socialists and in two countries i had been absent. His death was I svm be n f[|cinl-Riissla and Nazi •mnbutcd to pneumonia and under- .nermanv. Mav Day Is the great nourishiiiim. .^ rommunis! holiday and all' over The middlc-ascd preacher was &v , t R , „ ,„ ^ an ordained minister of the Ban-| c b'crvni;ccs list church. Hardshins of l^e d»-1 ~ '_ ftffslon years' coupled with an injury to one leg mat ivniilti-it in blood pol?cnl!i3 had handicapped him considerably in the past; two or three years. He is survived by four children. Labor Troubles for Theater Bombings Pemiscot Democrats Will Hear Zimmerman CARUTHERSVILLE. Mo. — The Younj [removals club of Pomlscot county has announced a meeting at Holland. Wednesday, May 2. at 7:30 P. M. Orville Zimmerman. Kennctt. mentioned as a candidate for congress from ihis district, will b2 the principal speaker. Arrangements' for HIP meetlnj nre largely In cnre of Ally. Roy W. Ilarpor cf Stc:le. PITTSBURGH. Pa . Apr. 30 lUPi— Time bomb explosions attributed to labor disputes today wrecked tlie fronts of four moving picture houses. Damage was estimated at $25,000. WilJ TT11I Bar?e Line Loses Suit To Hold Sugar Rates Up WASHINGTON. Aor. 30 (UP)-The Mississippi Valley Barge line lodav lost ILS suit to set aside orders of the interstate commerce commission which permltled railroads opernling in ihe valley to rcriiice rates on sugar. The case Involved nn important challenge of the railroads to Increased motor and water transportation which, it was alleged, j CALCUTTA. India, Apr. 30 (UP) cruised (hern to lose most of the I —The problem of classifying a Calcutta Sea Monster New Task for Savants traffic tran.>por[ini from New Orleans to ;he St. Louis and Chicago markets. Famous California House May Be Preserved PFDWOOD CITY. Cal. (UP)— new sort of sea monster, washed up on the banks of the Ganges, laced scientists today. The new specimen weighs two tons, has long elephant like ears, a mouth big enough to swallow two men. a whale like uile, and lusks. . a. — _ _. . __ — Mnden Towers, famous Mcnlo! Dyrd l)l« New Tunnel Park mansion of James L. Flood. . i> . i . „ California bonanza king, mav be nrrs'rvcd as nn earlv California historical monument, despite earlier decision of K.s owners to raze to Provide for Escape • LITTLE AMERICA, Apr. 30 (UP)—Rear Admiral Richard E. Bvrd. Isolated 123 miles out on the Missour! Bond Issue Ihe 48-reom structure. .__ __, _ _ From a representative of Mrs. Ross ice barrier, is digging a tiin" j Maud Lee Flood and her son it'nel 25 feet Ion? from his snow was learned so many exnresstons j buried hut In order to insure hlm- C/RUTIf ERSVILLE. Mo. — nwljht flrown, srrretary of Appeals Tnrreasinij P.ipiilly TUCSON, Ariz. lUP) — Plma on appeal from Sallm co'.mtv. Shank was convicted last No- Ivcnilx-r of first decree murder a'i.1 was sentenced lo die in the elrc- Irio thair. A decision on the appeal Is ex- coinily relief appeals are lncr:as- jprclcd Monday. May 7. Ing sharply, it reiwrtrd here. 1 Shank's home is in Akron. O. 'all cscipd •tate. will make an address here Tuerday evenin?. Mav 1, In favor of the proposed S10.000.000 bond issii" uliU-h is to be voted on within tl'.e stale May 15. Bro - ,:i is comlne here through !nrr;]n«r:iient of Mayor Albert B. | Lumber;, of St. Louis, chairman Citizens' Bond Corn- of regret were received following self a means of escape If two announcement the house would be'other tunnels are made Impassa- dismantled that the two now arelblc. he wirelessed today, undecided whether to proceed with Byrd has completed 15 feet of the wrecking Ihe tunnel. He has to dig out Sale of some furnishings and art the snow, take each shovelful back objects was begun In San Fran- to the hut, and put It on the sur- r.lsco recently and the house was'face by means of a Irap door In lo be opemd May I for a week be-1 ihe roof of his hut. fore heavier household articles are| auctioned. Old Hoows Btln" Razed WEATHER tosts^of Five Men^J£ ,.£^^ ^o^S^^- ^ A ^X K ^ to •Five men were killed today by sure nn East Main stresl rrecled In n i~t, t i explov.on at Bickershaw coal I.ocnl n:-.d state leaders feel the 1836 Is being razed. The apart- t No. ,1 caused by ignition of a n,Ms:n-e :> of two-fold imrjortanc?. merit.* u-crp ornr,f<iH hi- wuiinm Thp >iiavimi]m tr>mn*,r«tnrf> HPPO pit No. ,1 caused by ignition of a mens-jro :* of two-fold importance, gas pocket. Three hundred men It will <:> improve penal Inslitn- were in ihe mine but. the othersitlons. if lurried, and sill' (2) create ments were erected by William The maximum, temperature hers H for about 16,000 men. Creek. Ihmson with stor.e laken fromjycslcrday was 74, minimum 38. nearby Scolt's 's Hollow on Pigeon I clear, according lo Samuel P. Nor- 'rls. official weather observer,

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