The Times-Democrat from New Orleans, Louisiana on November 25, 1905 · Page 13
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The Times-Democrat from New Orleans, Louisiana · Page 13

New Orleans, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 25, 1905
Page 13
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Ufa SJmjts-fnuraal: Saturtan, Stobanficr 25, 1905. 13 V ft' -J f 4 , 4 Y -' I f . si i win Tulane and Louisiana State Meet on Gridiron. Urge Crowds Are Looked for at Attletio Park, Hen on the Team Are in the Best of Condition. Ceaeh Tobl Is More Than Sstltfled Witk th Outlook. ICoit cf Playen Art Old F.ToriteB With tin People of BW Orleans Baton Eoag. Bop Arrirft. moBjkBLrB uxe vr or TEA1U. TmUme. Dreyfosis.. ...... Eight en tsrn ... Right tackle Conley ..... ......... Bight guard Magns ..... Center Bmlta .......Left guard Applswnro ..... .....Left tackle Cats.. ..... ......... ..Left end Chambers (captain) .......Quarter Wood ..... SM.. ..... Right half Berlin . ...... ..Full back Menefes .. ..... Left: half Substitute Pitcher, Menendea, Anstln, Calogne Westfeldt, Stone, Bogall, Lemon and Psrkerson. Griffith ..... ........ Right end Earrla .. ..... ......Bight tackle Noblett........ ...... Right guard Heard Center V Edwards .. .....Left guard Well .. ..... ........Left tackle s Hnnelcksr M . Left end Brandon .. ..... .........Quarter V Smith, r. E. ...... ....Right half ! i Met. Fuu back v Smith, a F . Left half Substitutes Garlg, Miller. Gsn- V dy. Brace, Scarooro, McNaspy. GalUon. Bird and Lf lea. 0 To-day la the data of the big Tulana and Laulaiana Btats University football gam at Athletic Park, and arrangements har been mads to accommodate the huge Towd that ths management la expecting. If ths weather proTes farorabls. Five thousand people ars counted on, but arrangements ars for twice that number, that all can be accommodated. The academic and law students will go out to ths park In special can, and will probably be accompanied by all of ths Newcomb students who can go. These cars will pass ths academy at 12:80, whers the band will be taken aboard, aod the Newcomb girls on ths way down, a little later. Ths last practice before ths big game was held on ths campus of the university jesterday afternoon, and the whole squad turned out for It under ths supervision of the head coach. The men show the effect of their long, hard pull In training, in every movement and are ons and all in the pick of condition. In the practice yesterday, which was Just a "bit of light work to edge off with," as Coach Tobln put It. ths men followed the ball, punted and drop-kicked with beautiful precision and the coach smiled ss he said: "Satisfied? Tea. I am more than satisfied with the way they bars come forward In the last week. Their team work Is ir---u stronger and I am confident, that ...n or lose, Tulane hss a team that will give L. 8. U. ths biggest kind of s tight. 1 know, for I have seen Baton Rouge plaj, that ws havs a hard team to beat. but " Manager Frith was aeke'd about ths rumor that has been going the rounds to the effect that some of his men have not signed up. and said that he had told two of the new members of the team to sign up more than ten days ago and supposed i bat they had. They are "tubs" and will not be played hi the game, so that 1be matter Is of small consequence any how. FTCPENTS HAVE LIVELT TIME. Last night ths Tulane students had a lively time on the college campus. They built a monster bonfire with all the avail able old lumber that they could lay their hands on and kept It going while they danced around In the circle of light. Col lege songs and yells echoed across the campus, while the individual players on i he team were cheered one after the other. Speeches were delivered by mem Iwrs of the alumni which expressed In few words the college spirit that exists at Tulane. Manager Frith snoke a few : --i -t .-sV Group tandU (r.-adinp from left ass- - e-w - t-r.v' - ' - , - t y t - - , ' v. V - ' N - V f --I : -i I -. ' " ' .: v..' ' : ' .svv.' . .. v - .' .. ;; - . . r -v."" : .. .. , .-- ... ' : " - V-? ' . . . ' 5 , - . xv. , - . x v , .v - - - - - - - i .t.... ... ,,!,,, ,1 " , -sir- ,.,M- - ? ...-w ... ' . -i i -w- . i. mar. NohlettZ Krone, tlallion. Jeffron, t.ruce . jvi.irr, 111111 111 r,..!,! ....... .... ttariir, NalM.rS. A. Bird, ritt-her. XLis i'i t iiure tLuws thirty-tvo words, in which be ucged the students to do their dutv In cheering the team on to victory.' Xle said: "The men on the football team have done their duty; they have trained faithfully and worked hard under Coach Tobin. and now we want all the students to help them by encouraging them with their cheers, not only when the game is going our way. but when It Is going agaiiist us. That Is The time that a team needs to be encouraged. We expect to win. but win or lose every Ttv laue man will be expected to stand by the Olive and Blue." If last night's demonstration may ne taken as a criterion Tulane will not lack for moral support if "rooting" counts for anrthlEg. After the celebration on the campus the students went down town and marched past the newspaper offices. At the hesd of the parade the boys carried a dummy dressed lu football clothes and decorated with the Baton Rouge colors of purple and orange. The parade stopped In front of the newspaper offices while they gave the college after which they proceeded on their way to Canal street. In sll of the preliminary arrangements the hsnd of Manager Frith is plainly to be discerned. Not ouly has he enabled Tulane to Dut Into the field the best equipped team that university has ever bad. but la all the small details which are so constantly cropping np during a football season, this young manager baa shown himself fullv competent to do the work well and promptly. 80ME OF THE TLATERS. It has been definitely decided that Lvons will not play end and Cats will take his place in the line-up this afternoon. Pitcher, who hss shown np very well, will be In the substitute division on the side Hues ready to relieve Cate In case the latter's weak knee should fall him during the game. This Is not expected, however, for Cate has not suffered sny this season, but has been voice atrona- In DrscUce. Though there are some new men on ths team this year, most of the players ars old favorites with the ueople or Aew urieans. Magna has been playing center for the University for three years, this being his fourth year on ths team. He has a reputation as being one of the best centers in ths wnoie ton to. Wood, who wss captain for two sea sons, has been playing football for nve years In almost every position on the team. eno. tacsie ana nauoaca. us also has a reputation to sustain to-day. for he Is known ss one of the best of the many good line plungers In the Sonthern Intercollegiate Athletic Association. Stern, who will play guard In to-day's ?auie, has been at the game for the last our years and is looked to -to increase bis reputation. Cste, whose weak knee haS been mentioned slresdy, will have to face Hon- slker. who Is more or less of an unknown quantity, though his work In the Ruston game last week was very good. ChaoRbera, the new captain, has assisted in causing ths downfall of L S. I', on the last three occasions In which that team has gone down to defeat, and he says mat ooing so once more won t hurt him. There sre several others of the team who have played the game before with Tulane and other colleges; Applewhite, Drey-fuss, Menefee snd Berlin have all of them shown thst they can be counted to outdo themselves when the time comes. Tulane hss a great team, heavy, fast and knowing, and the flgbat ought to be remarkable In Southern football annals. Ths game will be called at S o'clock sharp. There will be two thlrtv-mlnute halves, with a ten-mlnnte Interval. The referee and umpire will be "respectively Messrs. Halligan and Robothani. Only a limited number of persons will be allowed on the field during the game. BATOS HOIGE BOYS HERB. Players Make the Grnnewald Their Headquarters. Ths Baton Rouge team arrived In the city laat night on a regular 0 train, and want at once- la a body to the Grunewald Hotel. where they will take up their headquarters during their stay. The hotel haa been beau tifully decorated In the colors of the Louisiana 6tats rniverslty, s canopy of purple and old gold being draped over the main entrance In Baronns street. In the dining room of ths hotel a great football, some three feet la cir cumference, was draped with the L. 8. TJ. rib bons snd encircled with purple, and yellow electric lights. The letters "L. S. U." slss appeared en its side la the same colored lights. Over the entrance of the room and everywhere (hat there was an available Inch of Space big purple flags with "Loulalara" In yellow let- tars were hang with most srtlstlc effect. A lsrre crowd came down to New Orleans with the L. S. I". team, snd an excursion train wiil be run from Baton Rouge to-day In time for the game at S o'clock. Eight automobiles will leave the hotel, carrying the Baton Rouge team and "rooters" in time to see something of the city before the game. Ths head coach of the L. S. V. waa ap proached last nieht and asked for an oninion of the outcome of the game, but he refused to commit himself, though he expressed confi dence In the strength and efficiency of bis men. As be put It: "May the best team win. i snow .'acb Tohln ly reimtation aud am sore that if any man could puil.n team through a game with my men. he Is the man." The betting on the game has not been very heavy so far. As a prominent racinc man said: "A football team Is too uncertain to do mure than offer even money on." in reaard t the Well controversy Coach Klllian said that there waa no donbt of the man s eligibility, as Rnston. with whom he played, is s preparatory school. and as he (Weill bad matrlcnlated at roalslana there waa nothing to bar him fom Dlavlna with the team In the game to-day. Y A I.E-II A R VA RD GAHK. latereat In To-Day'n Gridiron Bat tle ft Fever Heat. Boston, Nov. 84. Boston and Cambridge to night are tossing with Impatience on the ev of the annual football battle between Harvard and Yale. It haa been many years since Interest In a game between the two universities has reached the pitch manifested to-night, and those who have followed Harvard and Yale tliicturh thirty years of football relations feel that conditions have aeldom been better for a great exhibition. The agitation over football as played at present led by President Roosevelt snd President F.liot of Harvard, as well aa the possibility that the game may be prohibited at Harvard, Yale'a unbroken record of victories this year. the forced withdrawal of Capt. Hurley of the Harvard feani a few daya before thj game and the consequent determination of the team to fight all the harder out of regard for their leader, ssontrlbuted to produce s altuatlon not previously known In connec- of Football Players to rieht)-liandv, McXaspy, Kelly, -; . rMtel. I.yi now n in ammn. of Hie ol.rible nieiuiers oi ir.e x. V y " - A 1 5? . ' ' r. - .- . .:. ., ,rt . w .fcvdr . v. .... w - .. ' ...t.T v.- .j -r . , ., ,.,-r, ? . ; c . j tlon with games here. The sentiment seemed to be general among followers of the sport that much depended on the character of tomorrow's play, and among the student body at Harvard almost a much anxiety was shows as on the final result. The night before the game finds Harvard hopeful and the Tals men confident, while Tate la a strong favorite among the mnltitnde which expected to witness to-morrow's play. The match to-morrow afternoon will be played In the Stadium. By the construction of tem porary standa seating accommodations have been provided for 43,000 spectators, a crowd which It la believed has never been equaled at an athletic contest in this conn try. Both teams spend the time at some little distance from the straggle, ths Harvard players remaining at Marblebead. on the north ahors. Tale players, after aa eventful day, which Included a little signal practice snd a long sntomoblle trip, kept near their quarters st Auburndale. Game Called Off. The crowd that went ont to Athletic Park yesterday afternoon with the expectation of see ing a game of football between the Boys High School and Franklin were disappointed, as no fame waa piayea. me rrannun team insisted . n playing bradoe. a man who was not eligible I under the rules, and the High School then re- I fused to play unless be waa taken out of the ranie. No agreement was reached, and the Franklin team left the grounds. Those who had paid admissions had their money refunded and ticket holders were reimbursed. Game Called Off. Lexington. Ky., Nov. 84. On account of charges and rounter-chatgea that ths Ken tucky university ana ptste louege or I Lis city have "ringers" on their teams, the Thanksgiving game wss called off to-day. EVENTS AT THE TRACKS FAVORITES HAD A GOOD DAY AT BKXXIXO YESTERDAY, Pmbllc Choices Toole All Bat One of the Races Lechinvar and Scotch Plane Both Finished Ahead of Platoon, the Favorite In the Sixth. Bennlng, I. C, Nov. 4. Public choices took all but one of the races at Bennlng today, the exception being in ths sixth race-In this both Lochinvar and Scotch Plume finished ahead cf Platoon. Flrat Race Highwehtht handicap; six furlongs. Marjoram 123 (Miller;, IS to . woo: Monterey 118 (O'Neill. to 5, second: Freebooter 111 J. JoneiK S to 1, third. Time 1:1415. Bluecost, ThlsUedo, T. 9. Uaxtla and Uentlas also ran. - Second Race Ons mile. Floralla 107 (J. Jones;, I to 4, won; Old Guard 80 (Milter), I to 1, second; Tribes Hill 116 (J. Johnson), U to 1. third. Time 1:45 8 6. Caronal. John F. A Learn, Congress, Thistle Heather and Bvle Green alao ran. Third Race Six and a half furlongs. Nutcracker 107 (O'Neill, 6 to 6, won: Arietta 107 (Miller), to 1, second; Salt snd Pepper 107 (Springer), 60 to 1, third. Time l:2is. Zeuay, Shun Picker, Yatchtlug Cilrl, Benlala, Ricordo and Kolaneka also ran. Fourth Race One mile and seventy yards Zeala 10( (J. Jones I. 11 to SO, won; Tommy Waddell 118 IO Nelli, SV to 1, second; D'Arkle 104 (Miller), 4 to I, third. Time 1:46. Yeoman and aSilor Boy also ran. Fifth Rsce Hix furlongs. Prince Frederick 106 (Miller, even, won; Rlckte 105 (O'Neill. 6 to 1, second: Ben Uodder 106 (Uickson), 8l to 1, third. Time 1:15. Midas, Curly Jim, Jupiter, t'ary, tirerilla and Listless also ran. Klith Race Seven furlongs. Lochinvar P9 cTrlramlnst, 10 to 1. won; Scotch Plnme 107 (Romanelli). It to 1. second; Plateon 94 IB. (Smith), to 6, third. Time 1:S6. Collector Jessup, Jetsam, Asoltna, Subtle, Miss Jones and Meringo also ran. ENTRIES FOR SATURDAY. First Race Seven furlongs. Gladwin 10S, Casolne. The Cure, (iold lleur, 104 eacn; Tada 106, Guess. hV hod ale. 10S each; Samuel H. Harris 101. Sly Bride, Flammula, Arsenal, 89 each; Suntsy. Clover Hampton, 98 eacn; Oavln C, Bowling Bridge, Monte Carlo, Foxy Kane, Cannon Ball. 87 each; Derusay 83, Robroy, King Pepper, widow's Mite. 84 esctt; Flat St. Also eligible: Mamie Worth 110, 614-nev C. Ixjtc loi, Solm Shingle 106, Plan-taganet, Tom Cod, Hyperion, lug each; LitUa Buttercup 89. Second hace Five and a half furlongs. Warning. Klnkora, Euripides, Meddler, Jr., Akbar, 110 each: Oak Leaf, erbosltr, Nel.le Burns. Water WSJ, Azure. Fighting Girl, Humpty Liuinpty, Nutwood, Hill Lassie. Babe, Jr., Settv Bouncer Hocus Poena, Splnstrssa, Samuel K.. Fish Hook. Royal China, Fancy Bird, Changeable, Majority 107 each; IM eligible, tilvannl, Uaterlo, no earn. Third Race Steeplechase; about three miles. Pure Pepper 166. Gvpele 18S, Irish Girl 168, Knight of Elway 152, Palm Boom, Tellfare, 147 each. Fourth Race One mile and a half. Perer Paul. Jocund 118 each: Louis H. 112. Hempstead. Palette, Banker, James F., Ben Crockett, Bath Owen, 108 each; Sailor Boy 105. Mltttlaa, Brilliant, lug each; Fattier 11. 100. Fifth Race One mile and seyenty yarda, Ormonde's Right 115. Navato 110, Bad News, Clolen. 107 each; Mirthless 108, Lebar 100, The Clown 87. Sixth Race One mile and a sixteenth. Fleur de Marie 107. Jane Holly. Arrnh Gowan. Sly Bride. Blue Ruck, St. Roma. Singing Master, 108 each; Gold Flenr 102. Brilliant 99, Ao-trallua, Howard Lewis. Lord Melbourne, 98 each; Mirthless 97. orthvlUe. Cabin. Scare crow, Si eacn; yuiei up, society, tamber. Or. swartx. vu eacn. AT Cl'MDERLAKD PARK. Flrst Choices Had Beat of Card at aahvll!e. . Nashville. Tenn., Nov. 84. First choices snd well-backed ones, were In the van at Cumber land Park to-day. George Perry, at 4 to 1, and Chief Hayes, St 8, were the longest- priced winners. Nichol and C. Morris rode two winners each. To-morrow la the closing day of the meeting. Weather clear; track good. First Race Five furkvngs. Spendthrift Helen 97 C. Morrlsl. t to 6. won; Roseboro 97 (Obert). 4 to 1, second; D. W. Flynn 100 (Wllsoni. SO to 1. third. Time 1:03. Mr. Wadlelgu. Sonata. Casjierdlne. Miss Shot, Sweet Artey, Kite tail. Mazzletoy alao ran. Second Race Seven furlongs. Geore perry 108 (Mchoii, 4 to 1. won; mstinp weed BJ iFreemani. 7 to 1. second: Magnolia 1US lian derbouO. 8 to 1. third. Time 1:29. Trapoist Bluish, Our Joe. Sam Hoffbeifer, Tuxedo and AUronqutn also ran. Third Race Six and a half furlongs. Chi Hayes 68 (Koernerl. S to 1. won; Rusk 112 iSlcoli, 7 to B. second: Ken lieval 88 (O Morris! 8 to 1 third. Time 1:80 4 6. Bra den also ran. Fourth Race Seven furlongs. Verandah 108 (Andersom. 6 to 6. won; I.Hlior 98 (Morrill. to 8. second; Little Boy 109 (Nlcoll, 7 to 1 third. Time 1:29 1-5. Metster Karl. Coraors Ilenrv Ach. Ikmble. and Autollcht also rsn Fifth Race Six furlongs. Beacon Ligh 107 .4S !-"- 4 - of Louisiana State University, I.yles, Evans Candy, T. B. Hird, T. J. Heard, Kdtvars (captain). Mesa. Thiel- V. E. Smith. C. I. prcfti t b asuii, it-ii s. t-. iri.m The Whiskey A"ST The Aristocrat jlmmt Vernon Is a Whiskey of the Old School, Made of the Rich Home-Grown Rye from the Fertile Fields of Maryland. It Is a Straight Whiskey, . Old, Rich, Mellow, and Ripe With Age. !! mini gpiS no. I ' I 9"et I""" sr Sw ' IN SQUARE SCHMIDT & ZIEGLER, Limited, 428-436 So. Peters St Southerft Distributors. . S--1 , r rSieol. 11 to 10. won; inspector uin (Obert,. 4 to 1, second: Adesso M tKoe rner. . to g. third. Time Marvin Neal and iune 'y ci.tK (i.e. one mile and an eightu. Sanc tion 68 (C. Morrlsl. 11 to 80. won; RejeiU 105 Fremanl. a to i. " (Troxl-rV 9 to 8. third. Time 1:67 8 6. Con-juregal and Water Tower alao ran. ENTRIES FOR SATURDAY. First Race Six furlonas: selling. Frank Kinney, Magistrate, Father Talent 112 each; Planet. George Ferry, Laura Hunter 109 each; Major Carpenter, Presentation, Mammon. Peggy 104 each; Trappist, John H. K;rby 99 each. Second Race Five and a half rurionirs. ber. Hallowmas, tfulnn Brady 100 each; Polly Prim, Grove Center. Principle. Miss Wstkina, Deux Temps Beauty Bess 97 each. Third Race one mile ana seyeniy yaras; lling: for gentlemen riders. Gold Bell, Mai. lorv. Clsusus, Hand Alice, Postman, King bro ker 160 each; Signal Light, Gallant Cassia. Lionel 145 each. Fourth Race Fteerleebasej ehort course. Charawind 160. Lord Radnor. Potash 188 each; 9cop 127, Lights Out 141. Lois Home .125. Red Lands. Laura K. 130 each. Fifth Race One mile and three-quarters; selling. ITtravlres 100. The Boby, Ll-tle F.l-kln. Royal Arms 96 each; Steel Trap 86, Paul 68. Double 88. Sixth Hace One mile and a sixteenth: selling. Jim Crsig Little Boy 104 each: Town-moor 97. Amberita 98. Nine 95. Jungle Imp 88, Katie Powers 99. Verandah 99, Sincerity Belle 88. AT OAKLAND. Albert Fir W'mm Winner of H amove r Handicap. Ban Francisco, Kov. 24. The Hanover Han dicap was a falsely run race, as Kigrette and ! Rightful, the best horses In the race, finished third and fourth, respectively. The start was poor, as Princess Tltanla was away on her toes, and she snd Judge raced like a team until the stretch was reached, when the former blew up. Skillfully ridden by Radtke, Altiert Fir came on with a rush and .crossed the line a winner by the best part of a length from Judge. Weather clear and track good. First Race Six furlongs. Nealon 105 Sfbade, 8 to 1. won; Succeed 111 iR Mur-phvi. 8 to 1, second; Key Del Mundo 114 iLoaguei. 8 to 1. third. Time 1:15V. Prince Nap. Sea Lad. tjueen Reg. Iron Watson. Running Miss. Mellor. Watchful, Alma Boy, La ene and Claususlo also ran. Second Race Five and a half furlones. Avonslis 103 (Knappi. to 1. won; Torn Mc-Orath 98 ISrhadei, 7 to 2, second: Charlatan 108 L. Williams), 6 to 1. third. Time Smith, CrifTith, Muller, Scarborough, !; of Aristocrats of Whiskeys BOTTLES OXI.Y 1:081. Roeinlnl, Jlllette. filr Francis, Ramus. Abe Meyer and Fulbert also ran. . Third Race Mile and a sixteenth nienrtc- 109 (League), 80 to 1, won: Dtxelle 104 (Knsppi, 9 to 2, second; San Primo 89 Radtkei. 18 to 10, third. Time 1:60. Rost-nff, Hilee. Ora McKinney, Glenarron. Isa-bellita. Iundreary, Montana Peeress, Na-bonasser and Royal Red also ran. Fourth Race Hanover Handicap; seven fur-l-nps. Albert Fir 95 iRadtke;, 10 to 1 won Judge 101 iLoairuel. 12 to 1. sex-ond; Mgetts 102 (Knappi, 11 to g. third. Time 1:27'. Rightful. Princess Tltanla, tiregor K., Salable and Oood Cheer also ran. Fifth Race Six furlongs. Roval Rogue 101 (McBride) 9 to 5, won; Northwest 103 (Fountain), 20 to 1, second; Sad Hsra 106 (Loague), 4 to 1, third. Time 1:14H- Black Art, Pod Anderson. Bannockhelle, tiicamado. Judge Denton, Speaker Fontana and Liilttua also ran. 8ixth Race Mile and fifty yards. Deutsch-Isnd 110 (Clark i. 7 to 1, won; Reservation 111 fDavls), 11 to 10 second; Gorgiletta 107 (McBrldet. 9 to I, third. Time 1:44',. Hav-lland, Beau Ormonde, Brlarthorpe and Scotch Thistle also ran. TIIE WINTER MEETINGS HORSES STILL, ARRIVING AT THE) TWO TRACKS. Clinton Dewltt Loses His Rare Horse, King Rose Good Workouts sit Both Tracks Yesterday P. A. Kenaad Isaacs Short Announcement of Interest. There was next to nothing' worthy of note outside of the busy routine of preparation at either of the race tracks yes terday. There were some arrivals, but arrivals of horses that can not be sc- commdated proves neither welcome nor Interesting to the overworked secretaries and track superintendents. Clinton Dewltt has had the misfortune to lose the useful race horse King Rose The horse was taken sick at the Fair Grounds abont the same time that M. L. Tlayman's Mad Mullah and two yearl ings developed the attack of lung fever which carried them off Thursday, and Mr. Dewltt sent him te the Teterlnary hospital, but he died late Thursday night. Both tracks were fast yesterday morn ing, several worklDg five furlongs in 1:04 at the Fair Grounds, while half-miles were being reeled off In fifty seconds at City Park. Ed. Cook worked Telepathy three furlongs In 37 12 at City Park, and she was not all out at that. Cook called It only breezing, and as a matter of fact, the filly was not fully extended during the greater part of the Journey From the manner In which she did this work. It would pem that she must be pretty nearly on edge. Isaac Cohan and Walter Gunnison, book makers, and Hugh E. Keough of Chlcasro and Janien Mcl'ouald of New York, both well-known turf writers, were among the arrivals of yesterday. Fourteen horses In-longing to Fbll Chlnn, the well known Kentucky turfman. reached the Fair Grounds yesterday. With reference to the resolution passed Tty the New Orleans Jockey Club at the meeting of stockholders held In the St ( hsrles Hotel ihursday r.leht. Genera! Manager I A. Renaud of the Crescent City Jockey Club has made the followln anno'incewont: I only ri-:est tliat my friends and th. public will si'j.rid Jn.1gm.-rit npr,n the motiyes am! conduct of the Cresent Ciiy Jockey ri.ib until I aa prpsre f r p-illtatin a full. fra:.k sta?em"Dt of the tho'.e matter. p. a. liENArn." r.!!!v Cir:h le-idr'd to jinrt rimt-any irb j-k'-y 1'riinmlns. Tliere was no riiiar ci.iitract b-.iu The imncr and jiw-lrey. oiit -In nuiiS ii.i'i d'-n mot of fianh's ri!insr at ami tvhlngren. lint, sfier the 's-y't exhibition on I'a'er yesterday, l.arth -,..i-j;t It time to lk for another ri'ler. fi.i.m.ina tins retrograiled worse than any rider that hi s been bef ire the public in a number of years. Tre M-irning Teb-ir-snh of ThiirMlay says: J.K-tey Jubiiriie l'.e;(T. one of the American Jnckeys who liss niet with great succ-ess oo tbe foreign tnrf. was busy greeting old racing acq'u.ii,j:,!ices at the Hi.Tman House all day yet r:r. iisTi' re:iirnel from r.iirone hi -h- Kii-r W iihclm der tinwue Tne'lar lie v. as accompanied Ly Alex Cutoiatk. the AUCTION SALES BY TV. R. MKTZLER. EW GAR TO-DAY, PE s 2 Garondelet St. 81 NO LIMIT. BT SAM II. TO-DAY, AT II A. M. Fine Let of Furniture and ALSO. PLANTS AND FLOWERS, INCLCPINO Panel an ua snd s general collection ox uecorauvs n2 it BT E. S. SPECIAL CATALOGUE SALE OF HIGH-CLASS SADDLE, HARNESS AND SPEED HORSES, Hardy & Ajer's Stable, 925 6ravier St. Tuesday, Novemter 28, at 1 1 A. M. TWIS roN-Sir.XMEST tVA9 BOCGHT AXD PUT TOGETHER BY OXK OF THS best high elaas horsemen at Mexico, Mo. They harness norses, rour trotters ana pacers, sum a.- ' noun. nu un i ., other very fast ones. Also the high class cob mars HOKETTAj can show a 3 40 c.ip; hlfriiiy bred; a great hitching mare. This consignment will positively bo soid for tus hi-h dohar. without limit or reserve, tiorses on eiiuuiui'u TERMS CASH. Writs for catalogue. n..aa 6t boy brought out by Hscry O. Schuls, the horseman who died recently, and who owned Shrine, Honolulu and several ovner rair piaier. Johnnie Keirr naa grown u vw .h.n taller snd heatler than ths nrst season or two that he and his brother, Lester, were creating a sensation on tne aajgiisn iuri wnu their victories in the ssddle. Before Johnnie went abroad the last time he wore knicker bockers. .... . ... Johnnie now noes si no ponnus. or uieiw bouts. He has been naing in vance since the season of 1904. and this year rode (j?r B. Guyot. He was BTth in tne iw or winning lockeya this year, ana won some mi lire ui"v important Biases mr v. . " horse M. Ouvot has, he says, la MacDonald. Johnnie will not do any riding during his stay In this country. Hs will start for San Francisco to-morrow, and from thsrs will go to hia home in nan jose. ns wm ruui w Franca next March. . . . This was Cor mack s first year abroad, he being undor engagement to Baron da Rothschild He did well, and his work was so satisfactory to tne oaron tnsi n for another year. Cormack probably will do some riding st ths winter tracks to keep In training. SUBURBAN ENTRIES FIVK-DAT MEET WILL. Mfc - Al'CnUTED TO-DAT. Algiers Hallway Handicap Will Bo tho Feataro of a Oood Card Offered for This Afternoon Other Make Will Bo Decided Xext Week. To-day has been set for ths Inauguration of ths live-day meeting at the Suburban Park, tha half-mile race course located across the river. Introductory to ths opening of ths regular racing season In New Orleans, which la to begin, as usual, on Thanksgiving Day. Five ...t. h. been arransed tor each day, ln- cludlns Sunday, snd there sre to be four handleans among the races to bs run. Th. .ism at Suburban, which began on Sunday. Oct. 1. and has commueu u... Sandav since, has so lar Been a suc cess, so much so that tne manaeiuw been encouraged to undertake the move mai til t.A.-r tartna- out to Suburban li nrsv Saturday afternoon crowd. A good card naa been arranged, and the matinee wlU undoubt edly attract s big ttcnaauce Algiers Railway handicap the third .'.nt w the programme. It Is to be s mile, and there have beVn six entries, ss follows: Mon Amour. Little Gi.nt. Prince Richard Colin Oeorge. Rolling Boer and Brushton. Except the lat-.... -ii . ,k. .niriM h won eventa on the course this season. Brushton has neyer before been entered in any or the races a... i Tk. mkM are furnished by tha projectors of the new electric tret,.rmliw' system which Is to be built serves the river soon. . . in v. On Monday tn union revry mu--ii .v.. ....a htne seven furlouss, and tha nurse 8150. The Gretna handicap wui oe run on Tuesdsy aftarnoon. Thia event is to bs for three-year-oias ana up. ,7- i .i. md th nurse $150. Wednss- !T:-r 7,; ... .m k- the Suburban UIT S IrSt.lM sfc-v.'u . hsndira. s six-furlong svent. for s purse of 8150. Entries to these events will close at 1 ciocE on tne aar iinn w Th. Martins hour for ths nveuis each day ...... .... 1'ftS A Clock. UM vwzim ' - 1 AH complimentary naages are w "-" n at the gate to-uay, ",""'J1,V t ttaches and others entitled therto will be urnlauea wun auuuaBiuu i"- CourtUi. The entries Tor io-aaT iai"- First Race Flve-eUtthe of s mile: purse. A Convict 104, Dsn H"rne Oer'ce Algetha. Malt, 99 each; Frank Carr 109. The Laiirel 104. Second Race Half-mile; purse. Inoulry 1U4, Stella Allsn 118, Medina. Bel Mae. 109 each; Wood Kdse 89, Dalla A. 129, Oatego 109. Waseon 104. Third Race Algiers Kauwsy mnui,, mile; purse. Mon Amour liu, utim uiani 118. Frlnee Richard 9 Colin George 90. Rolling Boar. Brushton. 105 each. Fourth Race Seven-eighths of a mils; selling. Ernest Parham 97, Cay 95, Miss layman 85 Legation, Urperancs, a eaca, 98, Tsra 88. . . Fifth Race Trotters ana pacers; now mu daah. Tommy 8., Cheootan ueiie, jaa maeue, Texas Bells, Merry Messenger. MAGNATES GATHERING SOCTHERN LEAOl'H JIEEuju WILL B3 HELD TO-DAY. Harmonlsni Session Looked For Opinion That Leagae Circuit Will Htmala Same as Laat Season Is Inanlmom Kavanaagh Has Salary Limit Plan. Special to The Times-Democrat. MeniDhla. Tenn.. Nov. K4. Boutcsrn Leagns managers, club presidents and other officials will meet at Hotel Gayoso to-morrow In annual conference. President Karanaugh and Secretary Miller of the league arrived to-night and mingled with Charlea Frank, manager of the New Orleane Baseball Club, who will be formally presented with the 1905 pennant at to-morrow's session; Capt. W. T. Crawford, president of the ghreveport Baseball Association; Robert fiilka. Phreyeport's manager; W. A. Smith, Atlanta's new mscag-r; Aaron Frank, the retiring president, and W. B. Miller, the president-elect of the Little Rock club; Robert II. Baugh, president of tha Birmingham club, and Harry Vaughan, manager; President A. P. Ainerine of the Montgomery club, and Jamea E. Coan and Tbomaa McCul-longh of the Memiih-a organliatlon. M. J. Finn, manager of ths Nashville club, and Newt Flstier, tbe looked-on owner of the club, together with Fred Morrill, president of the New Orleans club, and Iks Durrett of Montgomery, aie expected to-nwro morning In time for the opeclng of the meeting. Expressions made by visiting magnates, which were Indorsed by President Kavanaugh to-nlsht. Indicate that nothing bat s harmonious nieelil'.g 14 looked lor. it in uie luaoimuus j opinion that the league circuit wta remain intact, whii h moans that Ehreveport and Little Rtirk will be Included In the 1906 chain of clubs. La;e to-night President Crawford of ths Shreveport club said that he was practically sure that former Manager Gllks would again be placed In charge of the club, and Memphis ofS'-iala who have beta dickering with O.Iks to take charge of the local club, admitted that negotiations havs been suspended. In fact, papers are ready fir signature of both parties concerned whereby Charley Babb. who played with the Memphis team of 1301 and later with New York and Brooklyn, will as- sums charge of Memphis Interests. Tbe most Important business that will con front the league fathers to-morrow is tb ii.iiir'nn .f ,Ht,rT limit t'-. 1 . 1 enf tiaa uaufcb cue iniaied a a;eu,ci.t n! i..U Kill AUCTION SALES T CENTERS, AT Ws havs s Special con-stinaicot of ttesatliu Carpets Centers with Instructions to do' out st once Come see. Yea csn make biz bars gains. MKTZLER, Auctioneer. W. R. STERJ. At 5tern's Auction Exchange. 344-46-48 Baronne Street Household Effects, PALMS, FF.RNS, CHRYSANTHEMUMS. nanis. SAM H. 6 TERN, Auctioneer. COBB. consist of several nice a. Idlers, some nice uj a. a. tuBO, Auctioneer. . presented to the body, which will show prod despite the disadvantages of quarantine durtrf the latter part of the season. An adilress. however, has been prepared by Kavanaugb, la which he points out that a salary limit muat be adopted In order to assure the life of the league. "I will suggest that but thirteen play-era be embodied In the pay roll of each club. said Judge Kavanangh. "t if course, it w:;l remain for t;9 clubs' representatives to name the limit of salary f r the thirteen players, but I favor a monthly limit cf IkSOQ to le enforced to the letter, the line for violation to be forfeiture of franchise and transfer of the club to some other city. This may seem drastic, bnt I hare studied the situation pretty thoroughly, and find that soicettung must be done to preserve baseball In the uth against fabulous salaries stimulated by the spirit of keva competition." Judice Kavanuugh will bs supported In his views un tne salary limit by ths representstlves of the Mctuyhls. Little Rock, Ehreveport, "aehTllle, New Orleans and Monutomery clubs. Manager Smith, wbo la hers, said that he was in iaror of s mlxlmuu limit of xauu. wit a all t&4 players oo ths ay roll within that limit a club eared to ars. Eddys vs. Parker-Blakes. New Orleans will have Its Sunday baseball game. The Kdujs and tbe I'arker-blakea. pennant winners of tha Commercial League, will bo the contestants. At the last meeting of these two semi-professional combinations. tus y araer-H lakes were defeated In s close game, and the battle scheduled for Sunday afternoon la a return game, at which the Commercial champions will be given an opportunity1 to recover their lost laurels. The game will bs called promptly at o'clock on the diamond at l erran's i'ari. Date of Flstat Set. Ban Francisco. Noy. 94. Ths Fltsslmnxms O'Brien contest will be held at Mechanics Pavilion on Wednesday evening, Dec. SO. This announcement of the date is authorised tv a telegram from Promoter Coffroth, who Is still In New York. Match for J lot my Kelly. Jfew York, Nov. 94. Announcement wss made to-day that James Ooffrorh, mati-hmsker of the Ooliua Athletic Olub of San Francia-o. will match Jimmy Kelly to meet tbe wiuaer of the Jimmy Gardner-Mike ("Twin") Sullivan fight, which occurs in 5an Francisco to-nlaht. Ths bout vD take rdace late In December, the men to weigh 133 pounds. PAV YOLK FOLL, TAX .OW. The citizen who does not pay his l&o poll tax on or before Dec. 31, 19jC, csa not Tote In any election In 190rt or 1!7. The poll tar helps to educate the child. Pay it while you yet have time. PROF. LOE1TS KiFEIlIMEXTs. Another Step In Maklnig Clear ta Life Problem. Berkeley, Cal., Nov. 2L-Blt by bit Prof. Jacques Loeb, the scientist, la completing the net of experiments lnt th secret of the origin of Ufa that It Is hoped will eventually make clear tbe Ufs problem. To-day he a lded another to ths many steps already tiken In this direction when be Issued an announcement regarding chemical methods he has en, ployed In maturing eggs of a mollusk, ths lottla gleantle. The result of Prof. Loeb's experiments with these eggs of the mollusk have caused fclm to revise theories previously held. The exper. ments Include the tes:In? of the effects of hypertonic sea water upon mollusk eggs, with a view to determining how fertilization might be Rcconipliiiht'd, and also to determine whether the action of the sea water snd Its effect upon ths eggs sre of a physical or a chemical nature. Prof. Loeb formerly belitved the action was of a physical character bug now revises this opinion. TRIDtl'M IN IIO.OIl OF MAHTYH A solemn triduum In honor of Jesuit martyrs beatified by l'ius X opened last evening at tbe Holy Name church. Sr.. Charles avenue and Audubon Park. Ths sermon was given by Eev. H. JIacread4 S. J., and was followed by benediction of ths blessed sacrament. Tho triduum will close Sunday evening. Th!.i evening at 7:30 there will ! a sermon bv Ker. W. Malentln. S. J., sfter which there will be benedlctiou. Sunday there will be a solemn high, uisss ;'.r 11, o'clock, with sermon by H-v. L. T" bite. S. J. The closing ceremonies S"mliy evening at 7:.' will be conducted h Hev. A. l'.lever, S. J., wh will deliver the sermon, this to be followed by benediction. The Newrst in Nobby Effect. The Stag j Nam? SEW) FOR CATALOG. POKORNY'S 2 STORES 124 ST. CHARLES ST. 1C POYAL STREET ' be j v. ' !J A. I. . to t. 01 . ll 1 A X

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