The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 7, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1939
Page 3
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 1939' food That Went In Less Critical Weeks Is Sought BY MILTON BRONNER NKA Service Staff Correspondent CONDON, Sept. 7.-\Veeks ago, t™n the Danzig question was in a less crucial stage, many thrifty Londoners began to lay i tl s torea of ndti-perlsliable canned foods after being Informed by the government agencies and newspapers thnt this personal precaution wuld not be unpatriotic. These rations, spec tally prepaid in lockup boxes and consisting of «inned hod, meats, milk, su-ar rice and cheese varied in price from' ten to forty dollars-yet they vent lagging. But will/'Prime Minister Chatn- berlam making his grave speech 10 Parliament and warnln* (hat, England would light if inland Is invaded by Germany, people In London and Ihrouglioiil En»latui have begun besieging tlte "ro-cry stores by telephone and in "person trying to obtain large orders. Many firms replied that they would nil the orders utilll their stocks became depleted. But the probability Is that as soon as wails declared the many staples which they carry will not be sold without a government, ratirn cart). These ration cards, n million of which are ready for distribution in the event of war, limits the amount of food sold to a person each week. CRISIS CAUSES HUN ON BLACK CLOTH As the government broadcast a warning that, people must prepare to have all lights in their houses and shops concealed at night tliere was a wild rush this morning u get any kind of black cloth which could be cut into curtains. I went to one of the biggest drygords shops in London today but the clerk said as a result of IHe rush he had only one bolt of 00 yards left. I was (old I could take it or leave It because the shop would not sell it in pieces 1 took It. Every painter In London is working overtime now with jobs boskeci for n week ahead to paint windows black. PREPARED TO LIVE BY CANDLELIGHT In tlie belief that electricity may be cut off to conserve power or that foreign bombers might dqstrcy London power plants, n™ple' J 'tliis mowing were lined up in queues in front of five-and-ten-cent st:res to buy candles and flashlights. The stocks were soon exhausted. Practically every town in England Is engaged In these last minute preparations, but Ihere is no panic or mass hysteria. Tliere is just a solemn anxiety as the people prepare for the grave eventualities of the coining dnys and -v.atch their young men torn from civilian life and thrust into military .service. PHILADELPHIA (UP)—A group of uoys turned n control rod en n broken fire plug. A five-foot geyser flooded the inlcrscclicn, marooned a gasoline station, cut water supply from nearby homes overnight and caused an ice cream plant employing 20 pcrsnis to suspend operations for nearly, a day. BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.y COURIER NEW9 -They Wait For War DID clepnrlinpm's apparatus. Miss ^llen Is a licensed pilot, ami sometimes lends Die bnttli- from the «lr. She once directed from lici nil 1 - pliino Hi? resent' or six men irnpurd in a forest (ire. "The nfrpJane comes lu imntly during forest id-PS," sliu snld. "I (auk 1-3 the nir bromiEe Hint's (lie only wny you can tell tlic nature ol the bin?..! mid tlii- direction in which U's sprt'iulliig. "A couple of sitiiiuiL'rs ngo our drjjHrdiiviil was en to uiil In ii Kent couiily bliwc. Alter llylilj? over the urpu, 1 noticed llnough tlio heavy smoke u house directly In the jijitli of the flumes. Those on (lie ground ecnkln't see the bullil- Ing, so 1 swooped down over It, in- Iractfin; tlio llrenghters' intention. They got to Hie homo mid plnyrd plenty cf wnler on Ii." As foj 1 lier lint— :\cl\, It's white, mid It lintijBi bchliul the truck driver's scat, ami Miss Allen would not trade II (or n slilpjixiil of the UiU'sl I'nrls orations. Hospital patients !lre being moved from London ? ,a,n to take care or wounded if air ru, ll >locl: up wmnov,, with maU,,,,e s , , nko wlwl to protect selves, Eskimo Youfh Are Converted To Jitterbugs CHURCHILL, Man. (UP) _ Up under the northern lights of the eastern Arctic, In the vicinity of Churchill, medicine men of the Eskimo tribes nr c In n mge, find walling for a return to old traditions. The undent ceremonial dances are giving way to the unties of the modern jitterbug, Vn gotla be nble to truck lo get anywhere now, say the young blades of the north. The annual excursion dance nt the Hudson Bay port, saw scores ot swarthy fci;ltrios e.tjerly learning tl"' latest lerpslchore:m products of civilization, while the oldsters Blowri'd in i),,> buckRromtd Very "iM'tmly, u, t ,j. ,,,1,1. No ( FCHI PA'GE THRE1 -..••••I,..- of tlio social sea- NnilH of fa, tliu Onnci; wus lii'lil in the railway ft'dehl sh«ls. I'l-nni all directions citinc nil kinds of ppoplf. Crce mid Chlppcwnynn Indians, Ksklmta, tiainim, Ilml- soiis Hay mm anil tlii'ir wives, railroad workers, inwmllr.s, :ind salloi's fi-(ii) Hi,. S |,i, )s wiillliii' to l«ki' out H,,. (.mi,!, nil tiinii'. lifll was tlio jini'i! that, (!><> local oix'hcsira wa.s forced to work In two shifts. IMwi'on dunces lni-1- tlonlu) music was fumi.slird by llio " I'lBli ilojis oiilslde Dip building Altrmlliii; u-ore 00 Aineilcnn tour- its, sonic from us far south as ''•MIS anil Southern California. BUY M; K»(tr tin, UKK ll OK rtiuta uuuwd pohtoa \t '[ HflK% ll FREE « Bllt * irsM t Woman Directors Fire Forces On Ground Or From Plane GOWESET1X R. I. (UP)-aren nay laugh at the fashionably gro- csque hats womcnfclk wear but lliey don't laugh at Anne Crawford Allen when' she dons her odd headgear—a fire chiefs helmet. For socialite Anne Allen Is the nation's only "flying" woman nrc chief. Miss Allen began chasing fires a dczen years ago. It all began when Incendiaries set fires on the 2,500- ncre Allen estate, 12 miles Irom Providence. When these blazes increased in -size and number, Miss Allen organized the "Cedar Hill Fire Department." The community elected her department chief, nnd'ls men were plit on Hie active list. The.creation of the new department, headed,' by a woman, roused sr muoK interest that an honorary .division was formed. This section numbered WO members led by the then governor, of Rhode Island, Sen. Theodore Frauds Green. But it hasn't all been smooth MISS KATHRYN GREAR Announces (he ojicning of her Piano • SIlidio. ftlondny, September IHIi Telephone • declined to build Pire (rttck mnniifncturers truck to her . . ......... • "in,^ iu iiei speclncnlions. So, she bought n truck chassis and supervised construction from her own drawings. Chief Allen's spccitU lire truck has n device for allowing more speed around curves, and n 400 - gallon water tnnk for ' in localities lacklns hydrants. There also arc portable flreflshting pumps, boostci hose for ro=fs nnd three 200-wntl floodlights, in addition to regular equipment iui wL-iiK Knuieys—v n Jiionopluiie Is n part of Haarlem in Holland. BACKACHE? Try Flushing Poisons And Adds Thru Kidneys And Slop Getting Up Nl'slils 35 CENTS PROVES IT When your kidneys nrc overtaxed nnd your bladder is Irritated and passage scanty nnd often smarts and burns, you need Gold Medal Haarlem Oil Capsules, n fine harmless stimulant, nnd diuretic that slarls to work nt once nnd costs but 35 cenLi nt any modern drugstore. It's one good sale way to put more licnlthy activity Into kidneys and bladder —you should .sleep more soundly the whole night through. But be sure lo 'get, GOLD MEDAL— It's (i genuine medicine for weak kidneys-rig lit from Fri.&Sat FIUED'FOUNTAIN uu.IAIN Japan <;ct s nnniriitlc (Viirts OSAKA. .Japan (UP) _ r op (in. equivalent of H American cenln n tniimed eouple In .lupan enn Jmvo » eoveimnenl ju,)|je arbitrate 11 domestic dispute. 'I'he domestic dls- IJiilc.s nrWlmtloii section of the kii district ccurt hns been or- i!i\ni?.ed in compliance with n luw passed at the, remit Did session. Similar courl.s nre belni; eslnbllshed throughout Jupnii. ^ Vfeiul Ccuriev News uunt mis. New Under-arm Cream Deodorant Stops Perspiration 1. Does »oi ro( dresses — tl not iniracc skin. 2. No nailing to ili)'. Can be used »fi« slaving. . 3. limamly snips peisjiimicn for 1 , from 1 10 3 y snips peisjiimicn for cl.iys, Kcinovcs oilor , cnputHlon. 4. A putt while, (jrcasclcss, siaui- Jcss vanishing cttatu. 5. Arrid hus been nwanlctl the Approval Sraloriht- American Instimic of biuulfring, for being Iwinirss ro fabrics 15 MILLION |ats ol Anld have boon sold. T.y .1 |a. lodayl 39!*. THE PERFECT PEN FOR THt STUDENT— AND EVERVOKE r"t"i" '? °"« of our Ccnuinc InJcslrucliblc $5.00 HO-SAC VACUUM- ink Supply. You sec the ink. Universal size tar ladict, men, boys and girlj. - ""- With „ I.ijc-Time, " °" "" r ""^ " cj °"' 1 AND ,rs Vo11 cnn Wrllc f ° r Mm "» «» ' '"nlwJ '•' l"> t.cnh-l'roof Mill t.iV«tilc tor Also $1.50 Pencils to Match Above Pons.laSc 75cWEEK Carrying Cho; ao Imagine I A 6-tube World Range set a( less than you'd pay for an ordinary S-tube set! And you get Automatic Tuning! Tone Control! Built-in hop aerial! Super- dynamic speaker I Tuning Eye! Underwriters App'd! -MONTIS i •10G ^y. Main Not a "pec-wee," but a big "AUTOMATIC TUNING" radio! Super-dynamic speaker. Built-in loop aerial. Improved Super Heterodyne circuit! Automatic Volume Control! Approved by Underwriters! free Home Demonstrations WARD ^ Down Payment, Carrying Charge Come in and hear this BEAUTIFUL new console demonstrated! Prove to yourself that it OUT- TUNES, OUT-POWERS, and OUT-PERFORMS other models almost twice the price! Automatic Tuning! Super-heterodyne circuit 1 "Television sound." Phono-playing connection! ''^^' K » »* T»B KKOOMt CRW.-KRV 4 BAKING COMPANY"' ROAST CHOPS Ib. Sliced Bacon ^ 28c ^ 22c I Pork Liver or Brains IQc BEEF ROAST — -« " 19c Round or Loin Steak - 29c Hew Kraut ""' Port Sausage 7,c 171c Oranges Calif. Seedless Each 1c Seedless Grapes Lb. 5c Bananas Kroner Rinonud- Doz. 15c PEACHES Cucumbers Fresh, Firm Lb. Sc Michigan Elbertas v lb. Potatoes iPSCKLES 1 Of-1 IM.Jiir, Jar PJN55APPIJ5, Hnvjiiiino, No. 2 Sli. 12'/ 2 c PliUCnn, Crushed .lie C'iin in Syrup 10 I A STRING BEANS ' 15 Rutabagas ^ 3c ASPARAGUS HOMINY .„ & g* i For 15= CORN Standard No. 2 Cnn, ,'i For PEAS Sailnrmnn 2 For Peanut Butter COFFEE Frendi I Ib. 20o; C. Clii!) Cnn, Hi. 2.i C ; Country Club Quart l!)c; Pint Spotlight 1 H). Iflc, .-{ 1|> Hag 17 lOc 43c Crackers Phone G7G Cherries Milk C. Club ^e. or G Small 19c STEAMBOAT Syrup Gn). 49 MOTOR OIL Guaranteed 2 Gal. Can Kroger Guaranteed Mnst Sizcs UGHTGLOBESr/Sr 10' Juice Tomnlo, C. Chib iiniba Cnn 15c, 3 Tnll 25c Butter C. Club Sticks ]k . 28c Ea(more Oleo Ib. 12'/ 2 c Juice Grapefruit, C. Club Jumbo Can 12'/,c; 3 Tall 17c PAQIT ' VHlV , Sw. Cans 5e, 3 Tall Cans OATS C. Chib Large Kox, Only DAIRY FEED Wcsco $|.30 100 Ibs. I EGG MASH 52 C Bread Clock Lgc. Loaves 2 For 15c APPLE BUTTER C. Club Quart Jar Only 15c P&G AliirD, 2 Bars " 9c; 7 Bars SALT MATCHES Spaghetti Tomato Paste 2 For 5c M Days' TrW Majestic Waterless Cookware Satisfaction Guaranteed. Use for 30 Days and If Not Satisfied, Return for Refund. Frv Pan With Card $1.09

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