Oshkosh Daily Northwestern from Oshkosh, Wisconsin on August 5, 1920 · Page 5
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August 5, 1920

Oshkosh Daily Northwestern from Oshkosh, Wisconsin · Page 5

Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 5, 1920
Page 5
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THE DAILY NORTHWESTERN, THURSDAY EVENING. AUGUST 5, 1920 WISH TQ ANNOUNCE THAT COMMENCING SATURDAY, AUGUST 7, WE WILL . Bake on Saturdays and Be Closed All Pay SUNDAYS · ·" · . · · · - - » Fresh Rolls and Fresh Bakery Goods of all kinds may be obtained after 3:30 o'clock Saturday afternoons. ' A cordial invitation is extended to the public to visit; our samr- tary bake^hop. It will be. a pleasure for.us-lo show you through. : " : · · . . · , - . 502 Main Street . Phone 3365 ALIENATION OF AFFECTIONS OF WIFE IS CHARGED IN NEW JERSEY SUIT. NATIONAL WOMAN'S PARTY SENDS 500 BANNERS TO MARION (By United Press.) \ Trenton, A'. J.--Suit for $100.000 for alletrcd alienation or affection of his wif*. filed here by Charles B. Chisholm of Newark, N. J.. acainst William C. | Parker of Morristown. N.'J.. totlay ro- j vealed a new angle- on the lovo tri! angle-. I ChisnoJm said when he teamed of his wife's alleged £ri«udsh!p with FUrk- er lie called the couple Into a. conference and made a clean cut proposition for settlement of the difficulty. "I told Parker he, would havn to take my wife and marry hs?r, or leave i her to me, or face a suit for aliona- i tion." a« affidavit filed by him said. ~ } TWO SONS TO EDUCATE. i Parker replied, according to Chis, holm's complaint, that ho could not take the ·woman, because ho was already married and had two sons to educate. ' After eivtnsr Parker ten days to think the proposition over, Chisholm's i complaint 'sold, his wife and her friend | agreed they would never me*t again. j Ho claimed the promise was broken. \ as were several later similar pledges. j He declared that, on July S.The couple planned to elope, but after sotting un- j tier way they changed their minds I and returned to their respective homes. j Parker then offered to put up a bond i that he would not see Mrs. Chlshohn j again, the affidavit states, but the hus- 1 band said he had decided .the affair had gone too far to stop in that manner and .filed the suiL SUMMER COTTAGE BEGINNING. The friendship between Mrs. Chisholm and 'Parker started when, the two families had. adjoining: summer cottages in 191S, the affidavit states. . The papers declared Chisholrn ftrst learned o£ the affair between his wife and Parker Ijrom his wife's maid. * · Chisholm and Jus 'wife are livins apart and Parker and his wife aro also separated. ,, · · Comfort and ·^^.·^^WaWJSwSArS^^SS urs Economical, Miss Julia Emory and Miss Bertha Graf with the 500 bancera. ·v-,. *,- LABOR WANTS A/CHANGL ., JTb* J : I«nd of One Infcrnfitionnl A*»o~ "~"^ dntlon 1iM;l«.re« for Krpul»- / . .licnn OindWntc. MHTfoii, O.- i --^Senator Harding: held a .conference -with" T. .V. O'Connor of ;.. Buffalo, president of the International · longshoremen's association-, at which /the la-bor situation was discussed pen/ crally and the candidate was assured ' of the support of the labor leader. Mr. I O'Connor later gave o^t the following / statement: . - . "·'·' .' '"I am for Senator Harding, because * a believe a change of administration absolutely necessary to restore confidence inithis country.- I know Senator Harding- is a real man, from whom labor will always gee a square deal w i t h o u t any " b l a r e of trumpets or brass bands. , _"It seems very plain to m"« that 13-bor mu;st s u p p o r t the Kcpubli.m'n- party this year. 1'f thg Democrats should win, the government ^^"ou!d be turned over' to control of the soHtl south and the machine dominated J)emoeratic. states of the north. Tho .BoSfl* south will he the do'minant partner, and the south has been utterly reactionary t in its a t t i t u d e tov/ard labor. It is completely 'out of .step w i t h modern attitudes toward such questions as women In i n d u s t r y , child, labor, limited hours of labor, employers' l i a b i l i t y and the like." . BRITISH_FLAX. (By Associated Press.) . Ijondon--The British .government's operations in-Russian flax and seed up to March SI, resulted in a profit of $12.500,000. Lord Inverfortforth recently told .the rnernbors of the flax control board. The Story of Hallmark Kisrhth Installment. Tlicre has fcefTi an increased flcmanfl- in the .past few years Tor jewelry for personal adornment. Men anfl women wear more and he««r onumtcnUU "jewelry, sjnch as scarf pins, rinps.. eha-ins, -vjuiity cases. laVal- lieres. brooches, pins, buckles, etc. , · Jewelry novelties of this character must necessarily bear the impress oC style. Here again Hallmark ninJi- oils benefit Hallmark customers. Creating novelties, as our titsig-ncrs arc for nearly SOO members, they ·watch the trend of fasliion, insit.injr the jewelry centers abroad, and arc first in the market with original and attractive designs bearins: tlie Hallmark stamp. ·you may be certain that whenever a piece of jewel ry or a silver novelty i* offered in a Hallmark 'store the design Is correct and according to the lasest vogue. Another department of Hallmark which ·women par- licnlA-Iy enjoy is that dcyoted to "ShelTIcld 7 ' WTirc. The Hallmark jewelers hare created some wonderful valtiesr In Uiin old. reliable table service. They have even improved the character of the metal itself, so that Hallmark "ShcITieldf' is xoore durable and practicable thaii the antique. ·' . , Made in all table pieces, including tea and coffee sets_ meat platters, bread trays, cako baskets, etc.. it will give a. lifetime of dally -service without slioyrtng" wear, and the cost is astonishingly low. · To be continued -August 6) Krumrich Konrad ·Hi P Ihem lers · OP OSHKOSH « JcKrelry ^tore in tbc'city cmn become a member THREE STATES COVERED. But the Quest Resulted in a Recovery of a Stolen .Automobile. Mcii«sli3i Xcvvs. (Special to The Northwestern.) 5len;isl»!i--Alter a hunt over three states, a Biiick five: passenger tour- ins car owned by ^R. C..Homan. local garage man, which was stolen from a garage at JMuskegon, Mich., has been recovered and the thief has been loflged in jail. In view of the facts in the case, Mr. Homan considers the recovery of the machine most fortunate. Mr. Homan loft the BuicK factory at Flint, Mich., two weeks aso, with two Bnicks and engaged a strangrer tO)drive one of the cars to Muskegon where they were to be placed aboard a boat bound for Milwaukee. Upon arriving at th« dock it^was found that there was room for only one machine aboard the boat arid the second car was tivken.to. a.;_MuskcjBon. garagw Avith, instructions "to have it sbipn.cd'' on the following Wednesday. After Mr. Homaii left, -the stranger^, returned to the r-.arase with, the announcement that room had been f o u n d aboard boat for both machines and thi} ca.r was "delivered to him. Mr. H r . m n n ' k n c w n o t h i n g of the theft until the. car failed to reach Milwaukee a week later a n d an investigation was started. The local man, h u r r i e d to Michigan, traced the stolen car hack to Flint and then to the honv:i of a relative of the thief la .QL'io. The ear was not damaged hut th« c h a u f f e u r was placed in jail at MusUegon where he is awaiting trial ai the present time. Miss Alma Grunske a.ml l^mil Schmidli, both of Menasha, .were married at the parsonage of Trinity Lutheran ' church Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Rev. John Helmes officiating. They were- attended by Miss Martha Schmidli, sister of the Rrdbm, a n d ' ChaclCH Grunske, brother of the bride. Both the bride and bridesmaids wore blue suits with .large hats and carried shower bouquets of roses. -\ reception -was; held at the home of the groora, 411 River street, last evening w i t h 100 guests in attendance. Mr. Schmidli is an ex-service man having served in France with Com- /it pays tabuy * J J ' 4 F EW People seem to rcaJize the seriousness of the fur shortage today. Many think, it mere "trade talk," but the short supply will make itsdf felt and serious. If You Are Moody FmdOatWhy! J Thousands of dealers are unab.Ie to meet ordinary demands. Fur-- ricrs in wholesale shops., have been on strike in .the past three months and the end is' not yet in sight. v With a resumption of'.work the shortage of skins'will bc'imme-"" diately apparent and will manifest itself in the form of higher prices. In general the shortage of skins is serious! Markets are quickly depleted. Alaskan and Canadian trappers are bringing few pelts, with discouraging reports of prospects for next season. · » Prices havq ceased to be a question. Shipments go to tfie highest bidder. Good pjriccs are paid for pelts that were'a drug on the,market a few years ago. ' ' : . . . · * It is not by mere chance that we have such an tmusual variety of ' F u r Garments to offer at this , i AUGUST FUR SALE · , · ' \ ''·.'' . XTo the buyer who appreciates economy--the Discounts offered; the · opportunity for both style and quality--this sale is doubly significant ^ Our trade is drscrinnnating and they will find much to please thein ' in our liberal assortment shown this month. To fed "blup." crosi; and n e r v o u s all the .time irs not n a t u r a l ior u n r on*.. Often it is li^ n i o r c i y to f a u l t y kidney action. Tf?»:.-.-«'ork. the many, f a m i l y ciires'^m! I '.'·':' "' 'Ht and, sleep, all wear (h(; n'.-rvcs a n d -:O weaken the kidneys. Then conies hat tire5. f r e t f u l , h a l f - s i c k st:te. f you have b a c k a c h e , henUaeh«, ixzinoss. and k i d n e y ' irreKUlarities, ry Doan's Kidney Pills. They hay« Brought health and happiness .. lo ihousands o{ women. Ask your An Oshkosh Woman's pany E of Menasha. They will reside at '110 Rive.r street. One of the 1 horses attached tn the hose wapron fell while r o u n d i n g the corner a.t Main and W i l l .streets yesterday in response to a fire, alarm from the plant of the Menasha Wooden Ware 'company. The bor.se was not Injured, b u t considerable delay was encountered because of the accident. A. small blaze in a bark pile in the Woodenware company's west yards was extinguished with little difficulty. The city's new public bathhouse- has been completed at a cost oC $1.028. The bill of the Pornhrook b r o t h p r g for the construction ot t h e b u i l d i n K w;is allowed at the regular m o n t h l y meeting o f . t h e council. A l d e r m a n Thorn charged that i n t e r u r b a n cars of the \V. T. Jj. H. it f . company are bclnjf operated on Main street at a rate fif SO miles Per l\oMr. The j n a t t e r was pla ( t ed in the hanrl.s of t h e police. .Property i owners in the v i c i n i t y of Depero n n d 7 r ourih sircttK have tiled' a formal protest w i t h - the council, obj',:'.:UnK to the erection of an oil storage p l a n t i n t h a t vicinity. T h e p e t i t i o n - er.i c l a i m the present:? of the oil w i l l inert-ape t.heir insurance rati-s :in) '·ndanKcr t h e i r p r o p e r l y v.-ithout n u / ' t u r n to t h e m . T h e city - j i t t o r n e y iv.'i; i n s t r u c t e d to r n u K ' e ;tn invesii- f r : i t i o n :md brirrj- in a w r i t t ' - n re- P^!R.-HULL STANDS PAT. He further commented that ho was opposed to ··inoonshliilmff" becoming a- leading industry in W!t- consln. Mr. Hull's In t l i e ' f i r H t reply made public as to the attitude of candidates for governor to the rtomandH of the Caniel.f. for He in ! : '.-iMr of 1'iithi- SHOCKED TO' DEATH. That Is Kate f a Marshfi'HcI Cornier Oshkosh Cf-.ntlemiiii Is r.-iinfully Hurt. . I'Specla.l to The Northwestern.) Murslifluld--ilar\ni] Peturaon, 20, wu« inKtantly kilk-rt hy coming in conbtcl with a live wire at thj t Miller Fruit .company's wholesale house, opposite the Soo piuiscnser depot, ifls broliier, working w i t h - h i m cj-.-apcd j"- jurj'- O.scar G- LlTulemann, u" ol-l Oshkosh Hld'jnt, mot with a painful aceidurit while motoring this way from SpC'jicur. The l;nui:lfl« on hi:* stefirinK wheel ve out. thup eaiminfr t l n driver U lose (jonii-ol ;ir.d tiio car t u r n e d turtle, p i n n i n g Mr. L i n d ^ r n a n n (n tlif Krouii'l livnoiitli. / 1 f;! w.ui relr.-ii.-i-r! ;is u n i . i k l y na possltil'i n n i j rushed to K : i i n t Joseph's hospital where it, wa.- found that, hcsl/l«s othnr bruises, two ribs wero brol;i-n. Tho ir.jtin/il man wri.s str-eompanicd i by a. R f n l l f - r n u n from Miiw;i.tik-'i. who. by almost ir. minicle. escaped fturiouK injuries-. Ole HffTisnn, · t h e . famnu.« Svitt!o mayor, u-ho *|uell'-'il Hit- prt-at. Hi "'ike In that rlty lesw than ; yt-ar aj?n. nrl- i\T«xt"-i\. a lar«rr and ,-iMcntlv.' a u t l i i ' r at. the Arrn»ry Tu-.'Siiay !i!^i,t.. Th afternoon, tTnired StatOK Squalor !. rx.-nrr«v. -;vili .sp'rak h*:re on t h ^ li i?-rnK:K of rhr- hour. OSHKOSH BUSINESS DIRECTORY YOU'LL FIND IT HERE ·· ""I --^--^--«».^^»,^ .. - ' ' · · · · · ! ·': ' TIic North-western, desirous of giving Its readers the lest of service In all lines, 1ms InatiKuraU-d tills Business Directory. To Oshkosb and out-of- town residents tills department \vlll prove equally valuable Use '« fredj B Ftl.VG Vonr TiV»rjifirt Tire* T» Vn. We Iloitllle-1'miil 'I'lrew. It rrmkos one ;?r»od tire out of two xvornout ones. VnJc*nnI*higr «si«I Jtc(rc«tlinp, ULIOM.MKIC nil.OS. \ B Pl.ok nin! Koknmo Aulo Tlrm nml TulurK- AKT«*nt for JS:xc«lMlor, ir«-ndpr**on nni! Clwvrlnnd Sotor»-.}-c!e»- Trihiin*-, Kxcelaior nncl Vlrtory Bicycle*. .JohtiMon Tivln Cylinder Motor Wheel. i:. is. jntt,';vn.\f;i5, o; o»i-i-oin st. On-^oljnc. Oil N t u t i o n I*b'i»ne ~*M2 C ASK. For (Tape Tractors. Threshing- .Machine.". Siir, Fillers. Hny Tlalcrg, Sulky Cultivators and Grand dc T u p r Plowa sco IX K. SANDI2KS Plionp 2£I!--::au,~ no Pc-arl St. Mrs. X. Slover. 403 Jefferson Avc., says: "My kidneys were in poor condition and my bladder pained a great defll. The action, of my kidneys wag irregular and I was troubled A-ith spells of dizziness and black specks before my eyes. I was very nervous and run down. Or.e box of Doan's- Kidney Pills from Schroeder's 0rus Store relieved, the trouble." DOAN'S H pffil 6Of at id! Drug Stores l i n Hull. c H n d l ' l a t " for I h c i:!^ul'li- can nomination for governor. n"!th- V K:dc-.'itcpfc-d nor "j'H^, t *--foot' i d" in his reply to the d e m a n d of t h e "Order of the I'amels" t h a t !]" sialfc his pOMition u p o n tb^ I S t h i i n u - n d - ment and the V o l f J e a d a'-!... »The Camels are Maid to h". n u m e r o u s a n d are. pled Red to vof? a^ainfv, a I! f-'in- di^ates who 'uphold th'r a m e n c l m o n t a n d the -onforcoment act. A n s w e r i n g their first three qu'-stions. he said: , : "I am ir favor r-f t n e l ^ t b A m e n d m e n t . "I nm ir. favor of t.hn Volstcafl act and its enforcement. · "I am not ia favor of any interpretation of the 18th amendment -which would permit intoxicating liquor to be sold under the grwis 'of beins iion-ihtoxicatinff." " T o their fourth quest ion he answered : "Sly platform -will ho in accord ·with my record for years back, favoring prohibition, for the enforcement of the laws against the manufacture. and saie, of intoxicating liquors, and ascalnst the repeal of the amendment." , j N Tnkc Th«- Dnily .\ortbiveitfrn Tlin I"Til IMiJy Timer in Wl*con.iln G .OBB PRIXTfXC CO _ BIXWERY DEPART3IKST Manufacturers of U B t « .art Btaden Telephones' 250 and 10S ^. S -For an 3 r room In the house. Table Linens. Napkins, L ,^ ch glpths. Dollies, Sheets, v Crises. Bed Spreads and Handkerchiefs can be best Sought from us Largest stock, best variety and lowest prices in Oslihrosh. .Weddins Linens a si'ixilalty. Shop at' TJfK I2XCr.USIVE LrVEX 5TOHE ·VV. H. Roeee 2« TVoshtastcm 51. S UITS AVn OVERCOATS--· ' I have received my Fall and u i n t e r samples and can save yon some real money. Come'in and lot me measure you. I cuarantee satisfaction. CART, T1SHBR Ninth Street. Comer \A/AX/TF.R BROS.-- ·* Cement Contractors. We are in a position to make anything In the line of Cement--Cement SUlirwulks'. Cellar Floors. Driveways. GfiraRC Floors. We also -c-ill da work in the cpuntiy. Inquire at -I2S Seventh St. or Telephone 2986 RHEUMATISM! Leaves You Forever lrop SC«f**fI Trie ;V-fl JX-pnsilrt .\rc' lHs^lvc*i ami iho Klx-innnUr i I'oi.sijiJ Starts to f ,cr;iv«- *.}»'! Sys! f»-nr Within Tw:nty-I'f»nr I fours. '- Kv'i-ry *Jriii:^JPt in (.hi;-- r f i u n ' T is rtu- i lh"rix*-H to say lo CV.TV r h«:um.; r i:- j y'ifffrT'-r that if (wo l-.oMlo;; or .MI* - n - j r - ' i i l . t j i ' ? Kur'; r o f i ' i u v r * ; ! ' rl ,t i,mt, : - ; l i ^ n i . dot-K nnt xtfi l;i'i S l I f T h t o H t f/wln£ft Of r T , « - i i n i n M · p a J n . ho w i i l f:lafliy r e t u r n y o u r rr.fir]*-y . w i t h o u t comrri'-nt- A l l e t i r i u i h-t.« hcf.-n tric-rl ;\T-A 1iv--t"'l f o r y «-arw-, ; ri d r^.i I ! y m :t .f '-'· I « ' ·· " ? ( · - Ji,!i m.JT .. -^iJlV-r .^-^^-"V-^rsrtKa'IR,-'" ; £siliM^ C. H. Marquart PLUlVIBEs T G CONTRACTOK We wfll gladly quote prices on any work you plan to do. 612 Oregon St. Phene950 moat severe where t h e s u f f e r - 1 apony ,WAS i n t c n p c a n d r i t t oufi aBl whcre*thc patient vff^t^ Isolp- less. Mr. Jamca H. Allen, tho dipcov^r^r of A U e n r h u , Who for many years s«r- forod thf* torrTipnts of acute r h ^ u i n ^ - tism. rt^Kirns all Sufferers to know that, he 'jofrs not want a cent of a n y - otio'ft *m«*nfty tinlosff AH(»nrh*» dryiwive- ly conqijcrp- thl^ worst of .1-1 diP^-a^' 1 ?, and IT* hafi inatruotefl 7ntrl«*h'irt'^ Dnipr £tor« and M«**llcr-Pott^r Co. to guarantee U in every instance. Mrs. Wood's lea Room, 15 Algoma Street · : Subscribe for The Northwestern, 12c per Week, Delivered, SPAPLRl SPA PERI