The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 10, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 10, 1936
Page 6
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BLYtHteVlLLE, (ARK,)" "COURIER NEWS' , IOPSET, IVU League Leaders Meet Sec- end Straiglil Reverse; Grocers Beat' Ark-Mo Robinson Drug company ir.ct Its .second defeat in us many nights .when the Phillips Motor coini/my chib won a slugging matcii, 11 |to 10, in the second game' of a .doi'blehrndci 1 ait Haley ricld irisl night. The defeat of tlic Icrgup "Jeijrters furiHslied-.. pfiVinbly .< the greatest upset of ' the season. The hapless Arkansas-Missouri Power company llotiiolnts, 1!)3S champions, continued on the' siii'Jf by losing 17 'io ll, : 'in tin; llrsi p.ame of. the nltht,. with McMut- Jin's ".Grccei's oil the winnlnj; end' It was nbout the seventh st;v.i;lit defeat for the Electrics. . Jimmy "Sunrise" Smolhcrnur went (he full distance for Hie Motorists against the iccp Itiuk'i: T<hl:a RSntcr and Holler workec' on l!ie mound fcr the, Druf,iir,ts --Ilobimon looked like wlnnert: by rcorins! four luns in the sccji:d Inning when the Molorlsls mnrte Ihi'ir first inn. Jiut-(|i« ,\>oiov- l£ls came rijhl back to make fjx runs in the iliircl inning n:id o:ic in the fourth when Robinson added two. Phillips made Uvr, n ; ,';.':In Hie slxtii anil cue In Iho seventh when Koblnson's foff-rnn rally fell one uliort of a iio. Six Robinson errors conlrllxti- ed. to the "downfall of the lou;i lenders, lllackard nnd Tijilon hit for the circuit for the losers uliih Crowe, 1'ollcr, lirogdon nnd Kin- nlngham, the latler of I'lilili^s. "(?ot three-base hils. >• i', u -.--Rcbiuson earned all of U:i 10 runs while Phillips earned but seven of Us I! rims. , rUroolis had a 'perfect nh;h; n( bat fcr HoWuson, t'Oltlng four hjts. Urajdon had a busv ni[jhL In. the cutllcld-wUh five 'pHoi;(i liVcliiclihj"Eorifc 'rtice 'calclifs. "' :.:.BIslip]i Ird tlic,.ntl;\ck- for Phillips wllh three hits and iimnhnm and minis looked good in the field. Ark-Mo found the yoinj. toir-jli, an I'.siial. pariullnti Oai:ske. Chcatbam and Hums on the mound. : Illrl-s, oiitlirUler; was hardly settled in nu> ]iosltion all night, playing three outnold )io- iiitlons and lirst base dmini; Hie Batne. - : ^_ '-: I-hllli|is counted four runs In the flul, tluee in the scccnd. n\.: 'In the foi'-vtli •aiid'slx'lii (ho f:lth. Ark-Mo tot tht«e hi the tei, two In the second, one in'Vie thhd, four In the fourth, nnd two In the fifth, ' '.< ^farcus Gaines led hitlers ''In the first game with 11 w tpfc bknvs. Barker and Gray gol tln'l.v each. Cheatham. Mierow Mid Broudon furnislicd Ihe hilling power for the Electrics. Ci.Val- ham getting two homers. ' in Relieves Lilies'In Eiglith;- Pilots Lose ,'jo ..Balesville •_ $• Osccola's Indlnns continued ttyjll winning ways ill the ox]icns<k.l>l the I'jiriigoiild Rebels despite 1^1 In W resiling Fca|urc ',. Monday; ; firpo" Will ,i-i • i »y J. . ' Morris "Ike"' Blooniflfkl, t)io forBjcr jirofesslpnal, wrlnht lifter Wi6 • ;madc a (ieci'dod ' till three weeks ago. returns 'to 'the l,e;lon Hut Arena Monday night, clar- ence' Holder, -matchmaker and promoter, announced today In elvihgi. Hie lineup for/ nnollier .weekly wreslllnj card.. ' . ',.'i'ho; clever Jewish n/a^ aillst ' headed by Holder, went to Ca- futh'crsvllle last week to get a siiulni at him. They got an cyo- fill, and came back Just as loud In their .praise ot him as Meroney was. p'jt Mike Meroney will serve as referee, und will call the first iwo contestants together at 8:30 p.m., The ings Southern W. U Pet, Atlanta .............. ,57 28. .071 . from Osccola to Paruuoiild, wln- nliVg; V^teVdiiJ'.; by -, U 1 ,,{^6r6.V ftf^t 6 Blnghnm relieved Lulcs 'in tl\c ^l|!h(h-wlth the bases loaded and iliilted a Rebel. laliyMuid yalnij his llth victory of tlic sciL-sciil when Osceola scored the sylnniiit; MII In the ninth. I • At Carulhei'svllle the r\W drop)icd n •] lo 3 decision to tlje i Itotesville White Sox. The I'iloU | made three, runs in the third bill • were held .scoi'ciess'''ln all other innings. ' The Jonesboro Giants hit tlie ball hard lo win easily over Newport behind the shutout plichlniji | of Vandenbert', 8 lo 0. Newport used three pltchcr.s in Ihc gaini*:; Baseball Results faces , Lee Myerj, Dallaf.: : Texas. dfc)Xniii}lfled lasli^lftjulny Anight jjls '; inn ten wltli; Hex' Mobley. •-,' Firm Fli-jK). tile antagonistic <Ar- lionuiic, mid one of yie ring's leading bad actoi's, takes on a newcomer, and , a jvre.stler until ,to ] ' hfive proven a 'sensation Wherever he haii iipjieared. lie •'Is •, I'utc Beeker, the .."Georgia Coin Cracker.", iVltdth eveiils $111 be governed ii!(,ri(j i .jthe 4'wo best lulls mil of UiiTB. basis;, wlltl a ' nliiety-m'ht- iiy^'jiine limit. ; •' ,•.; . '•j'.tvjyete, nl olie time mlilellewelght 1 and Welter chiilnploiunf :t'hu) win Id, 'TO ^ndvanecd to 'tht'f'niials i>f .tlvif e)liiihii;llon tounia.Rien[" ;lo decide'- a light hi l lvywe.iKht. ; Utic,- j holder, in 1030. proved'','qijiuv (in op|itfy ; ht [or Mcblev hut was dia- rjWalihed for fouling after ip'iicli hnd,',gnlncd n fall. He Is 5 icoi. Inches.lull nncl Denies 190 Mashyllle Birmingham xcliattanpogci ' xLltlle Rock' n i New Orleh'n.'i '. ____ MemphLs -. . ;^. . , Kjioxville ....... >: — Night game. Southern T.fneii' 1 ^iishviilc 1, Memphis 1. Nifjht aaincs: Allanln 3, Knnxvllle 0. Chattanooga at i,Utle Hock. Hiiniinulinm 3, New 1 Orleans 0. ' • N:\tlnnal \ l.ivmlH . Plltsbm'gli'io; !>hlla(k'l]ilila 5.1 Clilcngo 4-5, llrooklyn^a-jl^xrjrsl Stl''Lollis"6. New 'York' :!,'"" Jinslon. -o,"l CiliciiiiiMr^ C; ! -']iilJh(, [nine. j.1 ^ fc fi llMlon 7. '-Chlrngo 2. Philadelphia 7, St. I.ouls fl. Clcvelaiid 11. New York 4. Detroit'''10. ; '-Wn!ililiie<dh 1. ! I , i, ._; .]('/ '.;\>.~: N'ortheasl Arkansas LeilBlie Orceola Ji, Pnrngauld fi. Jnnesboro 8. -Ncwpoit 5. DnteAvllIc 4,' Carullieisvllle 3. Courier News' cin'sslllcd Arts Money For VacHoiis" ' NO WAITING—NO RK1> TAI'IC— NO CO-SKiNKKS linii); yoiii- C;ir :inil Cerliliwile of lic^isfralion li> U/W. Stulbmy iiormls, ' Dloomllck! and ;MoW> ^,ldy slr.jed i their historic >bnUlc"iln which Hie Texnn "throjv. hiiiistlf," the cnsli customers li(iW, -.request cd that he be broiiglit''back a*nhi, piefernbly with Mobley. But Hex had ether nsslsiuneiits b'm"U Is <(iille i,likely that they Vill bs mnlclieit In (he near future, ttii pixijioit'i 1 said. .•Mli:'e Meronej', who dges this refeieuhn; for .»the,-matches, has raveiliso inrch' abo'iit Pete Ut-tk- o!';!)tli(j "Corn Cracker," that a deler/Atjon tof... .I.c61b,il:.. nfludMs. lL" i J -' = — " ' "' : ..49 :.39 ..'36 .t37 , ..35 .5C3 ^12 .47IJ .470 .458 .435 .401 National St. Louis ..' Chicago' ... i, Pittsburgh l.. t Cincinnati , New York . Boslon Philadelphia Brooklyn ... League W. L. Pet 47 28 ,027 45 27 .625 American ....38 ....39 ....35 ---- 27 ....24 League W. ....51 33 34 35 41 47 52 .SCO .520 .401 .305 .310 40 40 : .35 . ..25 ..23 New York .... Detroit, • :.....,. Daston '.'.'. j ' Washington ... Cleveland Chicago ,.'....». Philadelphia .. St. I.onls Northeast Arkansas I.c; W. O.scctola ' 3 ..3 2 2 1 1 L. Pti 24 33 34 36 37 39 48 48 By Harry Grayson NEW YORK, July 10. — Ills heavy nillllery having carved a commanding lead, Joe McCarthy now I'xpccls Ills New York Yankee |jltclu.'rj> lo hold oi- "We haven't been nist-class pitching Increase favored It. with consistently, but neither' lins any oilier American League club," says McOnr- lliy, shaking hU> second' place complex for the' flrst time In four summers. "No team has hud an tdee In pitching. bem a much better shortstop and 1 but the embedded steel point of a hitter this tflp than he M.s at! knife, deep m his hand. Then Huf- any stace o the 1SJ5 race. | ford remembered hrtl b Seeing leads whittled away and winding lip In the place position three falls In a row made McCarthy us conservative as- a Scotsman at a Dutch treat picnic, but his array's healthy advantage and the return of the winning spirit In the playing ranks again has ignited the spark of victory In the New York foreman's eyes. Tigers Club tg lltat Despite Loss of Stars in,, ,I K k t] \( s na i,,, in ° p l lio been carry- and WAHNI.VG Oltl>l-:il Tiie iion-K'sldenl dcfcmtan 1 ., Cankers Moilunjje Company, is warned to appear in the chancery Court fui the Chickiur.vln Dlsli Id; of Mississippi Conity. Arkansas, ulthin thrc«. J months, to answer the complaint then.' filed against il and others by (he Ameilcan Central Ufc Insuitinc? Ccmpany. WITNESS my hand "I believe that my pitchers will due to come to hand, come through with tighter exhi- "We can make score a lot of ru Carthy. "Strange In baseball, but I do not believe! llial our hitlers will fall Into' n I . Dv A F Smith general slump. Our pitchers arelshane &" Fciutlcr; j Solicitors for Plaintiff. Song hits ;;' . assm js "<•- of said court and the seal there- things happen of lhjs mh (i . , of Jul , , 9aj ir M cRAIO f-lcrk ' ™ bilious from now on. The control of Lefty Gomez and Monte I'car- EOII should Improve, and 1 wouldn't be surprised if' Gome/. i>ut on a winning spurt: Charley Ruffing 1s coming through in fine style, and I liave no reason - to suspect Hint lie will bog down." Young Joe DIMnggio may have been the goat of the all-sUir name, but McCarthy realizes that tilt west coast Italian Is the Inspirational force behind • the Rup- JH'L't RiUCS. "We are better carry on than we equipped were, at "We now have a good chance to win. We were ahead at lliisj lime lust year, but our margin wasn't comforlable. Now we have a big lead, and it Is going to be difficult for any club to overtake us. Just the same, I'd like lo see • my club it games out In front! with only 10 to go." While McCarthy doesn't mention it. he uncmestionably is Just as well satisfied that llicrc Isn't a Circenbcrg and Cocluane-londcd pack if Detroit .Tigers on the Yankee*' shirt-tails. Without Hum- to;meriiiK Hank and • Miracle-Mike, UiLs time last season,'! explains Buffalo Joe. "We didn't < hnve Dl- Mngglu n year'' ;agp. His presence hns made a ^wliale-'of-(^difference In our' batting order:' Call- him the .880[greatest first-year /'pliiyer in the .500 majors and you won't be wrong." -.558 .521; .515 .473 Newport . ,,.... I3ate.-iville • Cijnitheisville .Jone,sboro - '.i-.-, Paragould ',t'he'. skiii. of U'H-'iqoiliiiaiii lizard, a native of western tralia, nUsoibs water, \!ke blottin 'paper) '.'..*.-.'•.-..•• . • • ' -- • I.uixt-ri and Crossettl. ' v , Key Men of Yankees'"'- 1 ' While the Yankees are' well flx- •34J ed in outfield reserve • strength •324 ivith Myril Hoa_g and Roy Johnson, the lack of a suitable replacement for cither s|de of. their Pet. splendid ilnd lill-^San I^ancisco •150 second basins combination riiakes .751) Tony Lazzorl and Frankle Croset- .500 t; the key men of- the outfit. Lnz- .501) I zl >ri now lias a lough time sur- .250 vivlng heat waves. . .250 'Hie Bronx band faded rapidly i hen Crosctti's knee went, on thu ink about this time last year, id kept him out for the reinalti- cr of the camprtlgn. Cros'etti has the Tigers' may' still be; the combination lo beat, which gives you a rough idea of how formidable they were when those two enrncsi athletes were on the job. ORDERS TAKEN FOR "BERNAT" YARN INSTRUCTIONS FHBE Mrs. Leslie Hooper M'S, A. C. Haley 1109 Chfckasiiwba Phone 792 Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOSIETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' Store "WE MAKE 'KM SEE" 1'honc 540 Next time ask for Phillips 66 ?J*. | Motor Oil. It is the modern j high-mileage lubricant for mod- \' I, 'cm high-speed motors. Rich ' .' ' body, less carbon, touglier film, 1 and longer life. The finest motor , oil your 30(5 ever bought, in a quart can. In bulk, 26p a quart. Metal In Arm 30 Years FREMONT, o. (UP) — James Hulford, sugar refinery employe, was tossing sacks inlo place Mien one fell, frac-lured 'nis arm. HOS- pilalii'.ed, ]>hyslclai« X-rayed the arm, noticed not only a fracture devil, Aus- ICE COLD LIQUORS IXMTK CI.UI5 UUY C.ltf, S5 1'ronf ' Firths ............ SI. 10 hlllK ................ — ? .U!) 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