The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 9, 1930 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1930
Page 9
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 9, 1936 BLYTHEVH-L13, (AUK.)' COU1MRU NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS 'inu ceiiifc a word tor DIM tn- KrUou and cce cent » word (or «ub iuUequtiil Inwr- Uon, No kdverlLKinenl t»k«a lor less tliau Me. count tb« words Hid lend tbe cvt>. Phone 30* FOK SALE FOH SALE—Cash or Trade—my equity in properly al 103 West Ash S'-.. priced at u great deal below value. Dr. C. A. Caldwcll, Luff, Ark. 23P—10.16 FOR SALE—Urown clotli coat, fur trimmed, size It!. $10.00. Call 87s>. liC-KlO toil SALE—lies', bargain in town on Model A, 1929 Ford roadster with ninihlc scat, driven about GOflO miles, In excellent, condition in c\cry way. Sec 1 Morse and Kns:i- iier. 7C-KH 1-XMl SALE OR TRADE-100 acres limber, piling and ash, on canal 111.11- bjyiiibuhe. 'iaxc.s $21.50 per ;ear. Will make fine farm. Sell cheap or trade, fcr Irjuse. Clear of debt, abstract, to date. Thomas .Land Co. I-ID ACRES ncif -Dogwood school house, all in cul. house and tarn, pretty pecan trees around iiouse. Sold i::. 1919 ior Su'750. Owner moved cut. West. Will let it. BO for 53000. Has $2000. loan against it. 40 ACRES just off Bar-Held Hd. One milo cf Dlythevlllc. Land, team, tools, c;c., $5250.00. Thwnas Land Co. 9C-K10 LAURA LOU BROOKMAN AUTHOI? OP "RASM 'ROMANCE" IQ5O by NE A FOR SALE—Bargains. Prc-tly cot- taea on Kentucky cast of Franklin, 4 rccms and; bath. Price S1800. 6 'ROOMS and bath, Dugan St. Rents at 520.C9. Price $1650. Thcmas Land Co. 9C-K10 FALL CHICKS—Rocks, $8.00; horns, S7.00; Assorted, our choice, 5C.OO. Other breeds. Catalogue Free, prompt and guaranteed delivery. Send le per chick, balance C.- O. D. Missouri Poultry Farm, Columbia, Mo. 9P-K10 FOR RENT FOH RENT—One of Shane apartments on West Maul street Telephone 197 and 571. loll. FOR RENT—6 room Dougan. Phone 334. house, 232 Ib'cUf FOR RENT—Furnished apartment. 108 Kentucky, phone 6B3. 4P-K11 FOR RENT—Front bed room, adjoining bath, private residence. Phone 479W. 8C-KU i-'OR RENT — Foiu 1 room stucco iiouse, mcdern 606 North Fifth Sf., Mrs. F. P. Carter. Pl-Kll FOR RENT—Steam iheated, th/ce room, -furnished apartment. G03 West Main, Phone 642. 8c4:tt FOR RENT—Rooms, one week free. 914 Hearn St. 8P-K14 FOR RENT—Modern stucco residence 512 North First St., also four and five room houses. Dr. J. A. Saliba, Phone 410. 7C-KH FOR RENT—On October 15th, modern rive room Iw.ise, garage and coal Iiouse at 305 North Bread- way, one block from Noble Hotel. Phone 1512-F-4. 7P-KIO iil-:u'.s 111:111; ' Advrnlilrr cnlvrj lUr ]lr« ol Ci:i,l.l JllT< lli:i.L. IT, Hlini •!„• Irnrnrt llji- failirr Kin- IIIIH KII;I. liii.L'il ih-nd IM iillvc ami tvrnliliv. Mil- li-:jti.» lirr uii|iri'tt-iilluu* l:mm. En Iliilllniiirc lur u Injun- lu .\r\l Viirk \\llji bi-r fnrtLrr, JOHN -lllTIMir.l.l., uud bir iirl.lucr.illc 7M itc.uti'rr n o o R H a, iiry llit-r. illvrin-i-d Mlfrlii-ll mil] rp- IIAI:M:I simxus. >-imii B ui-\U- p;i|ivr |ibi»T<-i:r:i|iliL'r, t» In luvc "lilt Hit- ulrl nnj Ijrd.rr IrnvliiK ll:illlniiir<- Olln prtiinlird lu lif l.i.Mil In III* hivf. sin- h Imirly In hrr nr\i Imme. Miu-hi'ii iikks i-:vi:i.v.\ r.iKsiiNs. l,riiinlliil uitli.w. in lnln:ilm-r I lie CM In >IIIIIIK |ifi>]ilc. Slri. Par. Mill imlilri. Cvllii n iui-iin» li> imrrri.. Slip Invlfr-i lln- B lrl' lo licr I.OIIK Klutiil riimu- fur n wcrk- i-inh •ion .idiini.v. r:i«-i,nictnK HIM ullli n ilulilitirn rriHIIrillnu, it :](- H-nllvi- In (>ll:i. :ind .Mrs. IMr- »""» vi III-IIKM I!"' ninli-li. IVIu-n tin- iirln-r uni-xli lr:ive Celln con- Iliiliiv. Inr iMl. M»l l"l VCAX. icrlnllj priltiil., Illlllrft lirr III mil-nil ti >-\<liiimlm: urirly. Olln nnrniuly VM-.I[,I.« ilrimiiliic mil! i-i n-M-iu-il h> l,.r(lriu. HIT flHTicp Lrnr« .if III? nnrtttr nml luslKTn IFi« cirl mint rc-cilrn [HIIIII-. The m:iuit ririilnn .fnrilnn mils. Kin\ co ox WITH Tin: STOUV ClIAPTI-:i( XXIV •yon JOIII1AN Blood Einlling at -*• Cclla fi-oui tlio open Frci'.ch windows, [le looked handsome In bis dinner clothes. "Com] evening." he salil. "Tlinnght I'll nnd yon here. Mini] If I come out?" "Ot course not. There's a fine brrc7e. Here — won't you bit down?" Slie made room for him on the n-ickcr soat. Jordan leaned back \ comfortably. "1 just dropped around to sec how you felt after your—damp adventure. Evelyn says you're recovered." "1'cifcclly. Did she tell you the rest?" "1 ifon't know. She fays you're driving into town In the morning. Is that what you mcau?" "Yes." Celia siuiok her head mournfully. "I-'iithor saya 1 have to mine. That's wby I'm out h:'re —ss'.ylng gooilby lo tbe garden and the stars and tho sky. I hate leaving It all behind!" "Von do? Can't say that 1 blame you. It's u beautiful place." He paused, then continued lu a lower voice, "I'll never forget it." The way ho spoke made the girl turn instinctively. Light from the living room cast a broad, golden ribbon across the norcli floor, but the divan on which they sat was in shadow. Jordan could not see the delicate coloring that bad risen In Cclia's checks. "You like,.It, too?" she asked In k. qlilet voice. ' " Jordan shrugged. "I.Ike It? I —oh, I'm a fool, 1 guess! Cclla, you know tlic other evening when we were dancing here I- -well. I don't Iiuow-I just can't forget about It, that's all. U must have been my mistake, but you seo I thought you were beginning to care fur mo a little. Neil day you secniod different and 1 decided I was wrong. It doesn't clause tho memory, though." Ills hand closed over Cella's. 'Was I—nllogellier mistaken?" Ho brcailjcd tho words slowly. Cello had no answer. Gently ho drew her nearer. "You'ro uot answering." Jordan protested. "Tell mo, Cclia! U'B terribly Important!" Slio edged from him. "You know that 1 like you," she said. "I'd bo awfully ungrateful If 1 didn't after this afternoon." "But I don't wont you to be grateful! 1 want to know II you feel llio way 1 do about—tlio other fclghl. It's tho only tlnio since we've met that I've had you alono. Cclia. do you care?" • • • TTIS arm had goue around her. '•-'• Jordan's faco was close 10 the ghl'a. Ills dark eyes sought hers compelling!} 1 . Slie could not look away. Colla felt tho warm rush of color to her checks. Tod Jordan's handsome eyes eo near—Tod Jordan's lips— It happened quickly. A kiss sweeping astdo everything else In tlio world. Tingling, delicious, terrifying: Urcalhlcss. the man ami girl stared at each other. "Oh, Cclin!" Ilo Irled to lake her In his arms agatu, but Cclia protested. "What Is It? What's the matter—dear?" She shook her head without speaking. "Hut, Cella, 1 couldn't help it. I'm mad about you! Oh, won't you understand—!" Tho girl nrosc nud walked to tho railing of tho porcu. Jordan followed. "You mean," ho said huskily, "you don't caro about moV" "It Isn't that," Cella hesitated. "Then what Is it? What elso In tho world can make any difference? Whv, Celia—you'ro trembling!" Jordan took both of tho girl's hands In his. Slio looked up nt him with frightened eyes. Their Eazo met. Then Jordan dropped licr hands and stepped hack. "Someone else?" bo asked In tho same throaty tone. "1 --don't know." "What do you mean by that? Don't you know It If there's someone else you care more for? Tell me, Cclia. Why do you want to keep me waiting?" Jordan was a romantic figuro as someono clso." Now 1 don't knowl" "Does that mean I havo a chance!" Sho u'oddcd her head. "You darliugl" Agalu slio was crushed In Jor- uan'u oriu3. This tlino when she pushed him n\vtiy sho was bright- eyed, laughing. 'You don't know how happy you'ro made me," lio told her. Cclla reminded him Eho had only said ho tiad a "chance," and that future decisions would rest uiioii good behavior. "Then I'm Euro lo IORP," Jordan lold her gloomily. "I'm not accountable when I'm with you, dear. 1 only know how much I want you." , Kach romantic siicecli thrilled Cello. Sho tried to protend they did not. Jordan's experienced eye look In her subterfuge. Tor nn hour they talked, sitting In the ilnrkiiess. with Jordan's arm thrown about llio girl's shoulder. Cella forgot licr ecruples and her liromlso to Barney. Al last B!IO said slio must go. It was growlns very lute. The tiny hands on her wrist watch poliilcil (o 20 minutes after 11 o'clock Jordan laughed at Iho Idea o( Ihnt being a lato hour. Still. If she wauled him to leave— ;iIE didn't want hint to go, Celln ^ said. Sho only felt It was time hat a call should cud. Jordau In- Islcd on ouo more kiss, and then another and another ono beforo Le finally eald good night. "I'll dream about you, Cclia," he whispered. "Llttlo augel!" She watched him get Into hln car. Einlling a last farewell froi :ho door. Then eho went to tho ibrary to find Mrs. Parsons and bid her good night. Passing a mlr ror In the hallway sho caught a limpse ot her face. Cclia stopped short. Sho hardly knew herself It would never, never do lo le' Evelyn Partous sea her with sucl flushed cheeks. Tho bright eyes wero tell-tale, too! Quietly sho hurrtctl upstairs dusted powder over her face am ciiiiio down agalu. She found Mrs Parsons reading. "Is Toil gone?" Evelyn asked. "Yes. I really didn't know i was Eeltini; so late. I think I'.'l g. upstairs to bcrl." "Run along." tho widow told her "I'll bo coming soon." Cella undressed and crept Int bed. Ilor heart was pounding s that It seemed hours before at last bhe fell asleep. Then sho dreamed ho stood there. teemed tragic. dark posa am Ills His everything nbout him wna melo dramatic. Ills perfect-filling din ner clothes must have cost three times what Hrirnoy Shields hat ever paid for one of his r«ady rnailo suits. The girl was repentant. "I don't know, Tod," KHO salt slowly. "1— I thought there was PAGE SEVEN OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Alien* sho was dnnciug with Tod Jordan on a moonlit plalform. That ^young man was dancing, not in dreams, but ia a night club. It was a resort in a rfensantly remote portion ot Long Island presided over by a hostess whose affairs often made "page one" of the newspapers. Jordan had gone there directly after leaving Cclia. Tho blender youus womau. In lita arms was Eve Brooks. WANTED FOR RENT—.Modern 4 room house,' 307 North Broadway. Phone 1512-F4. 9P-K13 WANTED — Family Washings. . .Vashed and Ironed by compe- j tent white woman. Mrs. Urown, 701 S Lake St. FOR RENT—Two room house on East Cherry. Phone 8S8 o r -I5TJ. 9-CK-TF FOE RENT—5 room Stucco Bungalow near Blytlierillc Hospital. with bath. S22.50 per month. 18 S. Franklin St.. L. A. Waters. Phone Office, 5'J-I, Phone Residence 472W 9P-K13 FOR RENT—Front bed room. Garage. 719 Chickasawba. Phone 295. 9P-KH " V. R. WASHAM—Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will pick tip and deliver freight and lackagcs anywhere. Special •ntes on carload lots. Local Phono 851 Memphis Phone 3-03: STRAYED—From my place at Promise T.and, uvo light grey mare mules. Weight about 1,000 pounds cadi. -Mrs. JLuthe r Gaines. 9C-K13 WERT He Makes 'Em See! PLATE LUNCH 20c Sandwiches and Fountain Service WRIGHTS HVE-AND-TEX CENT STORK Auto Parts — i Why Pay More? JACKSON AUTO Haiti at 21st PARTS Call GG KoyalC. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Phone 52 tngraoi Bldg. Blytheville, Ark 17ck-!f AT ONCI^SOUTH AMERICA OR UNITED STATES. Permanent |io- ations; clerical, ineclianical. salesmanship; ex|>fri£!!cc i:!;ntceEsary Salaries S25-S100. weekly, iranspor- tation furnuihcd. BOX 1175 CHI CAGO. ILL. PEuSONAL I-URNiTURE antt PTAN'O ,-epairing and refinisliiiii;. Work guaranteed. 114 Hailrcad Street. Phone 005. 9P-K13 LOST AND FOUND TAKEN mare UP— On Oct. mule, wriglit 1st., 1 about bay 800 pounds. J. C. Ellis, New Liberty. New York Cotton A biiilo farewell to Kvi'lyn L ' nest n:oriilng wllh genuine ro- Sho considered Mrs. Parona_ her closest friend. 'You'll como lo BCD tin, won't ou7" flic bcggeil, lie Thompson lied her UigKago Into tho car. "Wby. ot course," Evelyn assured ho girl. She wombred on tlio ilrlvo b.-u-k vhotlicr she would seo anything noro of Jimiuio Webster or r.iuus. ng Lttl Duncan or nuy of llio 'there. Cclia hoped EH. She hud .llllOSt bCBUll 10 (iY'1 tllllt Slio Wil3 mo of ilicm. Hut of coinso Tod lordnn would como to teo hcrl Sho missed most ot tlio agreeable fionery nlong llio rrmd thliik- ny ii'oout Tod Jordan. Alter ail, n spile of lln (errors, tho swli-i- nlng ailvcntiiro had been voinniillc. Tooling ferry and tiifikuat wills- les cauiilii her cyo us they crossed -ho great Hast lllvcr bridge. Tho color mill motion of Ilfo on [li« •Ivcr aroused her Inlcrcst. After hoy reai'heil Mauhuttan It was u Eliort line bilorc (ho llmouslno imlled bcf» r o tho Mitchell home. Cclla gut out and ran up tlio "Conil mornlngl" eho Bald to Edward ;:a ho opened tho door. "Where's grandmother?" "Upstairs, Miss Cella. You'ro to :o up to tier sitting room." Quietly lUo girl climbed tho stairs ami knocked at tlio door ol Mrs. Milcbcll's sulle. "Como In!" n shrill voice called, and Cella opened llio door. "Good morning, graniliuother!" sho Bald brightly. "Well, good morning. YouiiB woman, can't you even pay u wcek-cuil visit wltluiut getting your name Into headlines? Ughr What business havo you got. I'd Itko to linow, going swimming, anyhow? It's outrageous. Nothing of tlio sort when 1 wag n girl-" The girl, surpnscu. walled wbllo tho Indignant torrent raged. It developed Unit thcro hail been no "headlines." Ouo newspaper bad carried a small paragraph of llio accident, ami there hail been r.vo calls tor photographs. That was all. It was sufiiuk-nt to convince Iho autocratic Mrs. Mitchell Unit her,, dignity had been outraged. For -bale uu hour Eho lectured Cis- lia on the sanctity uf the Mitchell name. Celia heard it all demurely. At last the ivaa excused ami went to her own room. No, It was not r.o- Ing to be much Inn to lo homu again! ijuuchemi was dismal. Mrs. Mitchell continued to Imllcatc disapproval . nl her granddaughter. Cella retired to the libmy us Boon r.s slio could excuse herself. Martha found her there half HU hour Inlor. "There's a gcullemaii calling for you, Miss Cclia," Hie malil said. With one bound the gh V readied for the Instrument, (To l^ c Continued) New Orleans Cotton M 7 J>BAR VOL! KW IDEA T&R A pe^i, THAT De>E5 AWAV BcrTrleR OF A BunTeR •? \ve-k is -rHis OF "Trie TOUUYAIM PE^i -[TlAf SUPPLIES -THe E A ^MALL CQIL. OF THE: p HEAT-can. SIMPL.V DRIES Trie IMK A WORD trust' WRrrTejj, AS ~ff(E PEM is Mav/.''-P -TO WRrre - CLEAAi UP LE-AWE5 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Martin OH! NEW YORK, Oct. 9 (UPJ—Cot- ton Hospital Notes closed barely steady. 7P-K14 Open High Low Ort. (old) 1012 (new) 1018 1022 (old) 1040 (new) 1040 (old) 1052 Howard McConnick. city, were dis- j jan ( "ew> 1002 missed from the Biytlicvillc hos- l llar 1072 pital today. i Ma 5' IOM IJuly . ...|. 1100 JQct • Dec :Dee Mrs. L. Giles, Manila, and| Jan Jan Read Courier New:. Want Ads. 1043 1014 1053 1054 1074 1095 1111 Spots clorcd steady and unchanged at 1020. 1005 1025 1020 1032 1030 1051 1070 1087 Close ICO" 1011 1032 I02D 1033 1038 1CGO 1078 1005 NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 0 (UP)-Cotton closed sleady. Opim High Low Close 1016 1040 1050 1071 1000 nrw 1015 1053 1072 1092 1110 1017 lo;n 10CG 1088 Snots ciorcd steady at 1002. off Read Courier News Want Afh. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS HIGH AND DHY! Read Conner News want nds. T-BONE STEAKS TUi: BKST IN TOWN Mr. Good Gol'l'ee TOi\J;S CAFE 105 .\. Second SI. Phone 17 J TMose TVJO FELWS on H°tise BACH AQE HE/^DIKi' OP TU;S \WAY-...IT'S FACBAR AH' TKAT BiMttLey FEU.A T00....1 STILL HAM6 OWE BULLET ' r IN KVV sufj...\wowoec2 IF XJ6MTA TAue A SWOT AT A?....SJO...t7a6SS NOTICE With our recent partnership with Mr. Gets Carney, we now have the urst equipped inde- pNidcnt shop in tomi. CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGE 1'ickwkk Binding "We know we know how" I!I,ACK CAT COFFBE SHOPPK Oflt I'RCMIUM is j;ouds tu suit vour taste and the best wnrkinan.ship. \Vn ilrlivrr prnmplly. Ynn pay Im what yon KC! and j^rt what you p;ly for. 1!htlir\ill<> ViihnLslrry S- Kcpair Shop J. U. Jenkins, Slur .riionc.4G!) 11T S. 1st. St. V TllATS S7C, A LOOK... B6' LOST; Tbo.Tb B£ IU THE OF VAWISU6O ITS TVAT BlUULty F£LLA VJAE TELLW W-E ABoOT AND FAR8AR...- TUEV'PE LOORIM' FOK WIE....I JUST •*o v._ VJ? OM TJS SIDE TJAT / M1ELL...LETS ( &? OP SGE T. / «w / t^ •\%W .j MOM'N POP THK WKITK JOH By Cowai D'VA nEf\M7 XOXJ CMAT CiCT A JOB.DOCS'iCO TOO LOM& ,7~ f-t SCHOQl- I O'JGl ^V' . - "7 "V"~- '''S SJ-V r if,:'Kill. i. PAT.WT.J

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