The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 24, 1947
Page 3
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THUHSDAY, APRIL 2-1, lfl-17 $800,000 Bid For Idle Railroad Purchase Proposal Made During Hearing To Abandon Short Line LITTLE ROCK. Ark,. April 24. tv ' J> Ih r hearins; on a petition jo abandon the idle Missouri and Hrknnsiis liailroad \ v .i s resumed lo<:<v with tho sta:e putih, s two !u *. ciitionn! witnesses on the stand. Late ycstcrlay in a .surprise move Inlerstalo Commerce Commission Examiner .). K. Lylp heard J Tom Gimimetl of Hiirrision oiler -nu to S800.000 for the strike-bomul short lino. M. P. Gross ot New York, one of tlin owners, who are scekine, permission to junk tho property.' would not comment on the purchase* offer. A sales afn cement introduced Tuesday indicated Hint lie and two as- •••"iciate-i mill Stnfi.ooa lo Ihe Kcll liplrs or Texas lor the properly last November. Oriminelt's offer came oyer objections of W. n Stanley. M. and A. attorney. Grimmotl said that he and Summer and Co.. of Ohio, liai! "made a deal" to buy the line for $550.000 in .lime of IMS but that the transaction fell thioujjh when "we found SIGO.OOO in unpaid bills." "Now." he asserted, -'we are ready 10 make n firm offer of Ihe n- nmiint paid by I be new owners up to SSOO.OOO if accepted in 00 Hays. "We are convinced thut we can obtain the $5,000,000 needed to rehabilitate thp railroad." Earlier in ihe hpa/ing Miles C. Kennedy, representative of the cn- ['IncKi'ini; tim> of Coveidalp rind Colpilts, testified that rehabilitation would cost S1.M7.037. pins $1.000.00(1 for 10 Diesel En°lncs. Ken- _pcdy \\-as employed by the state p5jfiid shipjiers fllon<: thp line to make a survey of its possibilities. Arkansan Honored LITTL EROCK. Ark.. April 25. lUP)—E. Charles Eichcnb;uun. Little Rock attorney, was in Wash- linjion. D. C. today to assume [hairnianshi]-, of the Excess Pro- rits Tax Committee of thp u. S. Bai Association. KJchrnjaum. chairman of the tax- iition Committee of the Arkansas Bar Association, accepted the chairmanship of the national group 'only recently. Initial sessions of the committee bDiiiiv in Washington tomorrow. BIA'THKVJI.LK (AUK.) OOUUIKR NK\VS 'Queen' Makes Goodwill Tour Although tliere are approximately 10:t.OW!.nc() Germans in file world, only aboil! M.ocO.Ooo live in C'.er- matiy normally, FIXING STOPS FRETTING! (lave A 1.1. necoss:ivy re- "> pairs flonn to your c;ir j NOW " < <, Pay for it in £asy Monthly Payments LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. Phone 578 C St»n£ Miss Mniy Jane Pidgeon. <iuecn of Osiris, one of Memphis' largest, secret societies ol the Memphis Cotton carnival. mis n Ulytm-vui, visitor this week as a (;roup of Mcmphians made a r.ondwili tour throu(.|i Northeastern Arkansas and Southeastern Missoiir, m tlie interest of the. carnival to be held May 12 to 17. NBC Lifts Gag Ban on Networks; Comedians Plan Revenge Jibes HOLLYWOOD, April 2-1 (l.'.H.) —The four-day skirmish between the National Bioadeustina Company and its radio t:oniV:.5 was over today with the comedians planning ;m nnopVK>sed lie'a day of jibes at the network. But the fun was over. NBC turned its other cheek and ir.- vited the comics to say anything they wanted to about the network. The controversy started sumlay nighl when NBC cut. ou-iccltan Fred Allen off the nir briefly (hiring a wisecrack about ;hi- mythical network vice-prcsi-.ieiH in charye of overtime, wlio ;;ets Ins vncat.jon by p.ccumnlatljiu secL-nds from the ends of overtime broadcasts. It ended when NBC last nii'M- .lifted its order to "fade" any jokes directed at the networ 1 : and appointed Allen nnci eoin«ii:'i:s Bob Hope and Red skclton. v.-ho also were cut off during Np.o jokes, as honorary vicc-prvtMcntx. Allen turned down his vic'j- presidency, pleading "pressure of regular work'' and poor health lhat "precluded strenuous outsiue activities." Allen was cut off for ;s sec- pnds, and Hope and Skelto-i finished wisecracks about, the network into dead air Tuesday nu:hl when the network clickea the switch for about 15 seconds on each program. Lifting of the NBC ban was regarded by the airlanes comics as a signal for open season on radio jokes. Dennis Day was the first to have his fun last night without lieint; shunted off the air. His radio girl friend. Mildred, comin,; into the room, asked: "What are you doing," "I'm listening to Ihc radio." Day replied. "But I don't, hear anylhinr;'' she said. "I know it." Day answered "I'm listening to the Prcd Alii n program." Burns and Allen anrt~jack Bcn- ny, who like Day had threatened lo go tlilirotigli with atui-i-eiwork nags despite the ban, troi out their jokes today and Sunday. Half :i dozen others sol j ; . (heir cracks last niaht. Ed "Archie" Oardener, of Duffy's Tavern, presented a ;,how based oil a political cam]>a>!;n by Atchie. "I think I'll «et Frctl AlU-n lo make my cainpain'1 .speeches for me during the limes he is (lit off the air," Archie said r.t one point. "And then -n-.i!,-- t don't think I v/ill. I niignr. want to be Czechs Avenge Razing of Lidice Six Nazis Sentenced To Hang; Nine Others Receive Prison Terms Uy (:i;oitc;i: I>IIMI, (Hiilti-d 1'iTss SlulT <'urrcs|iiinileiil) ' PHAC10K. April 24. (Ul'i Til- «>c.h people's court exactlHl re- ' 'line for Lidice today inui sentenced to death by^ six. Cestapo men who wiped oil! the famous 11(1 Ic town. Nine others were nlv«->n prison terms totalini; 11 years. i Tlie justice of tin* death sentences will be us swift as the Navls' uwn action In pllmhmliiH! [lie Cxcch ' town. They will bo lianned Ilil... uflornoon if their appeals in 1'iesl- 1 dent Hdnard Denes arc rcjucled. Tho court convicted Humid Wlei.- i iiianii. chief of the Kind.) Cicslnp.:,! "f dltvcl rosponstblllty lor the i.eut;..,' of 3M c/.echs and pmtl.ii rcspun-' •iibillty for oihers, besides I,is .share In the dest iiicl Ion of Lidice. Others who received death sentences were his deputy, Tliom.i.s K;<vl ' 'I'homsen und liudolf Vlivk, (Itlo >, Oskar relkl and Wniliv !•'.>!•- slcr. The eourl forwarded (he tippcals lo lienes without I'ecomiuei' Only one of the l(i on trul was let "IV without punishment, ulthou-.ui pronounced cnllly. He was Joseph Ochid-t, Sudeten German of Cwchi origin who the Clcrmnns. a-.sUmd ns n chautl'eiir to the I'uiiiuo CU's!;<- po dudinj Ihe uceiipation.' He was treated lenlenlly becnusi' hi- (,'avc food lo Czech pri.;oncr.s a-ui otherwise helped Gestapo victims. Udic.c was leveled and all II:: in.ile Inliiibll.'iiits killed In ,iun«, \sn. in iclaliation for the assnssinr.lloii ,,[ , German I'rnleclor and Gestapo ex- ecntii'o JJeinlifmlt <Tlic ll:iu;;iiiain Heydrlck, hy c/.ech patriot;. Two Nashville Students Held in Assault Ctrse NASHVILLE, Tenn., A])ril '21. (UP)—Two student; at Middle Tennessee slate College. Murfrec.s- boro. wer t , held in Nuslu'llle Jail today on charges in connei'tion with an alleged criminal assini: 1 . on a IG-ycar-old Nashville 1511-1 iestcrda-.. John .Kcrfee Alsuii. 2a, wns chiirycd with climinal a.ssanU. and Jnhnathan Lee Rogers. Jr.. 22, was held as an accessory, rjolh live Nashville. Officer;; said the men were po.;- it.ivcly identified by the i'.irl. She told officers the sludeuts forccfl i . ! a vicc-presidenl." i The American Civil Ijibertie; I Union took a serious view of ihe [matter. It rirnlcst'.xl that Allen';constitutional rights wer-j placed in jeopardy. j Neither comics nor ni'iwnrk suffered from want of jm!j]icil> (luring the squabble. It even the. fiout pages of I'.n'eign i jiapers. Chinese Commies Free i Two American Officers NANi'lXtJ. A. ill 21. a'l'l The! I 1 >' l'..r.b; sumouneeil today! H"!l M:(J. K'.ili.'rl Hi;.i; i,| Chl.'.i; '. I ' "'•<' I'.^i 1 '. John fi>:i!ii'i. ul Cl.ille >n, i A '- ..... isian 1 ;mlit:ir, ;ai[,u'hc; iiduji. T.-ir rcl.'ji.;,. «a s made li\' i:!'i(.r arr.ii.i'ciiieiii a! llimi'.-r'raii",- i'' 1 , 1C miles North of Ihc edne til il'e Naiidn.ihsi Ijildvrhciul <n',-v s'le ."i;n;."<ri liiver. !>:i-. li:i':cr: -Sanle. Ihe Auicrlrr.'l ii'ilii.nv .iU:u-l!c. ; iaid buh liii": You CCEL. GOODEAR 9 Ibs. THE WASHERETTE Automatic Self Service Laundry wiil open 8 a.m. — close 9 p.m. Washed Itinscd Dried 35c THREE SIMPLE OPERATIONS: 1. Place clothes in Bendix 2. Add soap— wait or shop 3. Take your laundry home in 35 minutes. Crosstown —at Main and Division Get a on the hb on EASY TERMS IOW DOWN PAYNUNT — SMALL WEEKLY PAYMENTS Co.->o in end got one, Iwo or a sel of these famous long ."earing Goodyears on our Easy Pay Plan. Pay ™ for thorn as you ride. Most everything in the store is availc.Lle on the same convenient terms. Slop in today. GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE 410 W. Main Phone 2.192 • Almost every hour in the day you wilt fine! a troo<! use for the Jeep" iis a (ruck, light tractor, runahout or mobile power unit. With its mighty WilJys-Ovcrl.m,! Jeep hngine and powerful 4-wlicel-ilrhe, yon can PO most any-.vhcre in a "Jeep," on or off the road .. .'in fair weather or in r oul. Get a -'Jeep" on the job. It will pull plows, harrows, seeders, mowers; tow 5,500-lh. trailed payloads; haul 800 Ibs. The "lecp". will carry men and tools Kcross town of to hard-to-get-at places in a jiffy. . Wherever it goes, its power take-off is ready to run your machinery right on the job. Come and see what the amazingly vcrsalije 4-jpurposc =Jeep"- can do lor you. ME THE MIGHTY '/fFP' AT POOLE MOTOR COMPANY Formerly HOLLY MOTOR CO. ELLIS POOLE, Owner and Operator Phone 49 steelc, Mo. BBEteKkisnt&s; f?cflyK-s i Want new Pe?3aiadl f «^'? PAGE THREE in :V'HunoTy World enrich ,l,o Attic Fans (o he iiistnltfil licforo Iinl \vi':,lli(-r. C:,l| us for oslhniili'S MISS. COUNTY LUMBER CO. I'li'ine •It.'! Panamci Hats Cleaned & Reblockccl The Johns Shop CUHT1SS CAND.V 'COMIMNY . * To Buy a Kw&m&Mi fs^SfH Own lh;it I'ini-r, l:irjr(«r iliiimond you've tihviiys our Ircmcniious slock ol' tlirillin^ s ofl't-i's KrcaUir savings Cor you now-— sc now, jiny Tor it on coiivcnionl U'niiM. No intcrc'.sl—No carry)UK cli:,i't;i's. IF US " v^US C*" 1 " '"^•IS?giis UUL^LUJil'll J J.' '.y. 1 !! 1 . 1 ' • Ui{1 "'""'^ STORIS lt46^^\fm^Mfm!\SM!^^luSwf^^

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