The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 30, 1931
Page 8
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'ACIv KIGHT BETM L Where Prince of Wales Will Be U. S. Guest Wickersham Reporl Cites Prohibition Benefits Do; spite Fts Shortcomings. EDITOR'S NOTK: This is UK- last cf a series or slorirs by Itncl- ' r.fy Dutchcr, Washington correspondent for The Courier News anil NEA Service, analy-iing tlic recent ,'r;i3rt ;of Ihr Wuker>:i.un eom- ml*sioa en prohibition. BY RODNEY nUTCHKR NEA Service Writer WASHliST»TON.—The Wickersham commission, tickling a point long subject lo much dispuio. fcund alter reviewing Ihe evidenc: (hat prohibition had' brought certain benefits to the, country whl:li! ought lo be conserved regardless ol what changes might be made in the 18th amendment. It'dlscRrdcd x soniD of Iho clatm-ii of. Ihe extreme drys ami accepted- ethers, with or \iilhont reserva-i lions. The. benefits wi-vc both cc-j ono:nic and social. Opposes Kclurn of S:iloon No conclusion fo:md more fjener- al concurrence among ilit> 11 commissioners than the l-?llef that th- saloon must never be allowed to return. With regard lo Itiat. the commission said: "The first desideratum In any constructive plan is lo keen clorcil the .saloon and its ^substantial equivalents. Public oiilnlon almost( If not quite everywheie \vould sus-[ .t'-l.iL ( ALL KI !' : Ii j^ -ll i ws Pull I'alnls l.a<i (longest TORONTO. ONTAniO lUPt — Dull paints last, loivjcr than glos.:y cues, (he Toronto Palm and Varn!:-!i Club was told rcccn'.'.y uy (>it-n:i H. l'lc>:aro, 01 Chicago, eon- •vjiii!'; chemist and paint expert. Pi'jkard explained that higher con- ccr.tiatlun of pigment voluii'.e I" ]:ainl cict'rcusc.i its oil cement, -.vj:ic!i determines its life. RITZ Sunday-Monday 0, l/i(nwnd •I ewu-fimL OK United States isn't Included In the Itinerary of Uiei uf Wale-.V Koou-wlll visit to the western hemisphere, IK will I an huiureit ijucit of this country while in another land. TMkerL • '.'s ':•! !efli. United States Ambassador to Argentina, will lie a liosl ' tulure British monarch, and pictured above Is the bountiful anbassy In IJuenoa Aties where the Prince will be cntciialncil. so muth to the attempt at fedcr- (* I ully en furred prohibition as to the | doMiu; or substantial closing of I ilu» <-!cllime saloon." i n n» LC1I to Hospital Ward piovcmenti in living standards nni'Mig those with whom'the wcrl:- i;n come in contact, "most o( wlii^h must be attributed to jiro- telh"kceplii B "llic : 'saloon"'closed'"^! lllbiuc "'" Tlltfro w( -' re other fac- • tors in the ueneral improvement, rcinniUflcn iidmits. *—• "•- Gat;; to View Latest i UELLEVILLE. ', BellcvlllD county British Battleship ; v ; lllch hns " ot I the legislature LONDON. (UP)—-"His Majesty's. Ship Quuen Anne's Mansions," or to lie precise. H. M. S. Nelson will but l!ic I'hMW American sailors Britain's evidence gives " n clear prcpaii- /latest lliliiB 1" battbships when tier-men li fjslub' n f;aln." Uhe cilicl.illy visits the American Divnree. Still Oolnp; Up | Heel in tl:c Bay cf Panama In a r,2rman;nt adilevemenl for R00d| order, gocd ' working conditions.! good morals and improved domes-! tic life." I The commission could not. Mud _., ""' nrOT . . , evidence thai prohibition had in-1 llc lhco '' y tlira P™!'i!)«lon has, February, creased savings, rcducrd industrial! I-'™'""" n Brfat iniprovcmeiil In I Nelson got her iacetlons n!ck- nccldents or ,';d to a decrrase in* j lBlllcillc ri'lalloiis Is niso scouted name trom her crew, who are rc- demands en social agencies. But- ; lictnii;.; Hie r.vailnble stalislics 011 minded of Hie great block ot flaw prohibition period' thcro had been "real and substantial improvement In the life- of • thoso with wlrhi social workers come In contact:" - Such benefits as clearly followed Ircm - the prohibition 'laws, it is pointed out,-bear directly en ..the enforcement problem. They must have resulted frorii such enforcement as Ihere has teen and not from prohibition In the atstrnct; hence Ihey should- be determined and appraised ns something to b; conserved In any future program. '."" S«s Cain In Intiuslry "Ttiere Is strong and convlnclnj evidence," the report continues, "fupportlng the view of the Greater number of large employers, that a notable increase in production, consequent upon increased efficiency • of- labor and elimination of the chronic absence of great nnni- lo slio-.v one tiling or another, says I The VCSSEl - wllich cost tiie commission. I MO tn build, Is regarded as the The same goes for the nlleecd od<lcst a!!d " s " cst s) "P e " r bllllt - impiovemcnl in public hcallli due shc l5 ' llowcvi ' r . Ulc '«ar-;sl thing to prohibition • because Iwalth '? a " "nslnkable warship yet de- 'nvasurcs mid medical science have- K 'S 11C(1 - £|ICAVH such conthnial progress I Shc has nine 16-inch g"ns. So v.ithuut rejard to the IBth amend-1 large and compllc'nted is her interment. Ami except for the fact,-lor that a battery of 110 loucl- ihnt llvlnj slnnilards have hnprov-. speakers ruul a telephone inslaila- ccl, prtly clue to prohibilioii,. Hie ition Equal to that in many small ranmlF-sicn saj's 'the .social bcno-) toivns is nece.ssnry lo convey or- nts asserted are not so clear." jders lo her 1.3G1 officers arid men. The benefits of. prohibition, the The cost of keeping Nelson in corn- commission asserts, "rile due not. mission is over $2,500,000 a year. 111. (UP)— The jail's -death c;ll." been In use since substituted tlif electric chair. Is to be turned •.:.:. a hospital wnvd, according to Shc:-- Iff Jerome Muncle. The "death cell" had been me:l to quarler prisoners convicted of murder in Ihe first degree ivhi-ri 'hanging was Hie method cmploie:! by the stale to punish them. Sherlfl Muncle has had little is*; for the cell since 1927. Recently, however, several ]>rlso;iers bec3:ur ill at. tlic jail. The cell provr.1 such an ndmirnble hospital v.-.i:J that the sheriff has crclercci th: rox>m renovated r.nd used for t'r.u'. purpose. bers of workers after Sundays and I holidays,, to "directly attributable to| doing away wilh salnon?." l "On the 1 olher hand, leaders oil _ organized labor appeared before! the Commission and argued that labor's increased efficiency was ra-1 'ther'to be'aitributed to efforts of unions irr bringing atout V.?tt?r conditions, hours and wages. Mister the advance in efficiency. 'A was! . also contended, must' be credited] to 'improved methods in manage-; merit, engineering and production.: And some to the fact thai newer. | better "modes of recreation and ofj occupying leisure lime would have! "superseded general resort "to drink i in any event." "It may be admitted Ihit much' > of this Is well taken," says the! commission, "but \r!th nil dcduc- j ti'hs. we arc satisfied that n real; and • significant gain M!ov;ing na- c tlonal prohibition has been estab-| , lisbid. 1 ' ; Nothing Is .clearly csUlilislied " .the decrease In industrial; accidents, the commission says.' Nobody knows Iww much of a fac- ' tor" drinkin? was in the pre-prohi- i hiticn accident toll. All scrls of Imorovements making for more safety have mads imp-ssiblc ihc comparison of Etatistics in so far as anv tie-up wilh ' proliibltion Is. concerned. • Donbt Effect nn Savings ' About sarings, long a po'.nt ol' great argument betvesn wpts and' drys, it is said: j "There has been an increase in j Ea\1n^s. evidenced especially by; savings deposits. As to this, al- j lowance must b: mads for the re-! suits of the vigcrouo campaign 'or i thrift during' the war. for the cf-' fccte of increased activity of brinks in stimulating savings deprsits. fcr : increased wages in the ers nl industrial prosperity following the war, and for the growth of in? Idea of investment during tha'. | era. Nor may we overlook the change In bur standards of livin? whereby it has become the gen- oral-custom, that the wives and daughters of workers are employee! for the whole or a gr»?.t part o. r their time. Moreover, there r.-a-> a great and steady increase in sav- - Ings before prohibition. It casino; be said that anything is clearly established on this point." Statistics significant and worihv cf credit which relate to a decrease in demands on charities and ?o:ia'. a<v;ncles make the matter 'loo doubtful to be taken as the cf a conclusion." Concluding that there has bc,?:i beyonci question an Improvement: the efficiency of labor, the ccr.-.- mission "adds: "In an industrial are. thli established fact must b ' cf great weight." ; . Social workers generally agree, that there had been distinct im- CASH GROCERY EGGS Fresh Country. Guaranteed Dozen 19c Read Courier News Want Ads. OLEO Gold Dot MUSTARD 5 C SPINACH Lb. TURNIPS LETTUCE"? Size Head Lux Toilet or Lifebuoy 3 For 23c Swift's. Piece or Sliced Pound 19c .Milk Fed. Full Dressed Pound e PO!?K CHOPS MIX SAUSAGE Lb. ROAST 11° Lb. II CHIU P.otind 13c VEAL ROAST Cuts. I. 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