The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 7, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1939
Page 2
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i r orly Per Cent Of Farms Are Ojjerated By Tenants COLUMBIA, Mo. (UP)—Although Missouri Is regarded as one of Ilir most prosperous Agricultural states, almost 40 rter cent of its farms are operated by tenant farmers, John P. Timmons. assistant U. S. agricultural economist, reports. Timmons said that [arm tcmuic.v , in the, state hart- increased from 22,2 per.cent 'to 38.8 per cent during the past 50 years. Even , -'In northwest Missouri, where the land Is said lo be "more lerlilc thaii the valley ol the Nile" and where crop failure Is almost .unheard oJ, there are more tenant than owner farmers. Cotton Country 1'oorrst Timmons reported that the highest percentage ol farm lenniicy was )n New Madrid county. In the extreme southeast "bcot-hecl" cotton country, whore more than 00 per cent ot the [arms arc operated by renters. • Approximately one-half of the state's tenant farmers move at least, once In two- years, according to Timmons. • "Under these conditions it Is exceedingly difficult to develop farm' iJig practices and systems designed to conserve the soil and to maintain ;or increase Its productivity," Timmons said. "Renting land, however, is n iiormn! step by whieli many 61 our '] young fanners become, farm opcr- ntors and eventually land owners." Tour Finn's' for Kcnltiig There arc four commonly accented [ rope" ; s"wi.V"™iies',"°aiul ., „,„, methods of renling land in the j p | al , cs bring moro f,, ?Jt i vcr> fro HOLD EVERYTHING 1 By Clyde Lewie B, (ARK.) COURIER NKWfi state, Timmons reports. A farmer either may operate on a cash rental and share crop basis, ii straight, share crop plan, a straight, cash plan or a combination crop and livestock sharing: basis. Timmons recommended a system of "Wry should ) worry aboul it? It's your parachute!" It's Hollywood-ou-ihc-HiicUoji As Film Stars Fa'Jl On Gotham By GBonciE HOBS whole' European mess willi'llg... NEW VORK, Sept. 2.—Hollywood- heart and spirits. He posed ccmi- cn-thc-Hurtsuu: The townsfolk cally and was ebullient, as a Imud- hcicaboiils have been surlelted wllh some, romnntic Juvenile should gliuimr. Every ship brines Us cargo llc r on the screen or oil. ot cinematic refugees fleeing En- Wl >" such » concentration of Stonier In Manhattan, it is Impossible not to notice n new trend among the stars. Their old shy_ j ness lias vanished and they no long- .'(j I er fear to walk the streets as they | nrc. Sunglasses have been banished i their wardrobes. the celluloid-Hived const. Fcr Mniilinllan ground of the film jit summertime. Marlene Dietrich lo'.d us vehemently that she Is weary of Slaving l:ng'•' term leases for the mutual j camcrns trained on her legs. For benefit of both owners and tenants. wllcn sllc (locs of(cr h«f ^B.S for "Long; term 1 leases' enable the 'I'hotofiaphtc subjects, she Is an- lenanl and landlord lo enter into aise<1 ° r ostentation; when she long-time. cropping and livestock doesn't, slic is charger! with belli] systems which are msre conducive to soil improvement, and nt the • same time, yield higher returns," he said. haughty, And all she wonts, said j Marlene. is merely to resume her film career in all peace and serenity. Nor wculd she care if Ihe scribblers ceased referring lc her Keiser News Lee Hilda Seulrrs Weils Jrssic Glover Mr. ; and Mrs. B. Seniors an- j J .nouncc : the marriage ol their n, c . capitals on daughter, Lee Hilda, to ;( Jessie) hnvihi'bonHcd ° ' as that "Legs" Dietrich, She never liked Ihis impertinence, anyway. Local Golfers Arc To Play Al Memphis Sunday Young Ohio Clicmisl Claims Me Has Produced Microscopic Cells RAVENNA, O. (UP)' - Robert Hulsh, 25-year-old chemist who icvi'r attended a college chemistry :lass, says he hiis produced jnlcro- coplc cells wliMi move and niul- Ijily- ami whlcli arc "alive." "I experimented for 10 years lo discover the combination of cliom- Iciils necessary la produce life," lie said, preparing a microscope slide with a drop ol clear solution. "Tills liquid consists of 52 chemicals which contained no Me bc- l:ie llicy were mixed. -In other words, they were sler- llc chemicals. But mixed, they cause u chemical reaction which produces life, but only after I have subjected the material lo a special ray." The young scientist said that the ray wna similar to the familiar ultra-vlolct—Jusl beyond Ihe visible spectrum. Guards Ills Secret lIHish refuse.'; to disclose Hie In- Ijredlents necessary to create what he culls synthetic unicellular •mailer. lie has demonstrated his experiment lo a number of local persons and lo several newspaper writers. - of trlnl and error to find the right combination. There could be no way to figure 11 out bokrchand, scientifically; so -it was Just a question o! running n great number of , experiments." j fnttlat (Success In J928 | Hnisl) .?ald he first produced cells In September, 1028. "lint these cells, while looking like little cne-ccllctl animals, did not appear-lo bo completely Hllve," he said, "l experimented with means of combining these cells in definite formations. "H then remained lo discover the means of the 'breath cf life' Into the cells—and this 1 did with my ray treatment." \V In the Chancery Court, Chlckasnwba District, Mississippi Comity, Arkansas. Ullzabeth Thomas, et al, Plaintiff. vs. No. 0985 R. G. Dozler, et nl, Defendant. The defendant, 11. C. Dozler. ii tunned to appeal- within thirty days in the court named In flic cnp&n hereof ami answer the complaint of the plaintiff Elizabeth Thomas, cl ol. Diitod this 24 day of Aug.. 1939. IIARVEV MORRIS, Clerk. Percy A. Wright, ntty. for I'll. Gtjiie E, Bradley, sitty ad Lilem. 8:24-31-9:1-11 MALARIA Cases icjioited lu the V. S. iu 10381 DON'T DELAY! CCC STAHT TODAY ivilli I? 00 REAL COFFEE — ALWAYS FRESH "When I wns 6 years old I got the idea that anything under the I coo checks Maiarft in seven .lays, sun could lie made—if n person • Just found the light formula or combination," lie said. "When f first saw the amoebae—one of the simplest forms of .single cell life, I determined that I -would experiment with chemistry until l had produced similar cells." Young Hulsh pointed out that scientists long have believed thul the first live cells sprang from the "IXBO" cl an oily jiond somewhere on the surface of Die earth under Just the proper conditions of heat, light and chemical combination. •To reproduce that phenomenon," Iluish said, "was just a mal- Mctnbcrs of Die Biylheville Country club golf team will ivlemijlils Sunday tournament with for n return I lie Firestone To one transient idol, n'European I Golf tciim iif that city, junket wus altogether disappoint- Play will begin at II o'clccl Glover, son of Mrs. W. 0. Glover. | , ) ing. George Haft went over to paint the continent, red, before lies left.' that The ceremony was performed Aug'. 27 nt the home of the Ttev. "T. J. Smith, pastor of the Garden •Point, church. Miss Senlers attended Ihe.lCcl- Eer High school last year. The couple will make their home here where Mr. Glover is employed at the J. J.. TergerEon saw mill. Hoiicra lltcenl Bride Mrs. Haggard Crews entertained .20 guests at a miscellaneous shower given r lor Mrs, Barney Smitli Thursday at her home. Mrs. Smith was before her recent marriage Miss Nona Crews, daughter of Mrs. W. B. Crews of Keiser. The hostess served ire cream and cake. Miss Alvah Workman and Mrs. Brown Crews received prizes for the games played during Hie ; afternoon. • • * ? * Jits. Taylor Entertains Mrs, W. M. Taylor entertained the "Bridge and Supper club" und three guests. Miss Helen Moore.' . Uov| - snntl ,, Bltavs (m . egm over the ck In Pino Hill . n Wl>r scl , ro • ,.„ rn ,,i,i •pending,, money. Irdvc'hlm liome iiiucli of Unit largesse In tips. . SOCIETY KIIOM 1IOLLVH'OO1> Giving (he impression ol n night Eccnc in a Hollywood cale. Erroll Plynn, Ralph Morgan, Constance Ilcnnell, Bert Uilir, Jimmy Stew- nrt nnd Roland Ycunj assembled at a local cabaret the other evening, it was 3 o'clock in (lie morning us a matter of facl, bill Plynn nuil Lalir were going'somewhere. "To La Ccngn," Ihcy said, "then It) Hie '18' Club and we'll wind up al Reuben's." The 'Him folk must have their fun In .the ulg lo\\n, even It it cancels out their sleep. As fur Flynii. time has mellowed and humbled this providentially- bestowed gilt to wcmcn. Time was when he became coyly Itinerant und failed lo show up for work al an allotted hour. Once his employers Mrs. Maurice Little and Mrs." rrcrt'j cffcrcfl fl thousand dollar reward to Koblnson at u party at her hcme ; >"S'onu who wonld reveal his whcrc- WednfsUay night. High score prizes went- to Mrs. W, O. Chllds and,!,. L. Gates. * ^ * Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Moore, ot Memphis, were weekend guests oi Mr, and Mrs. V. R. Tergerson. Miss Juanlta Ixwe Jefl Kciscr Monday for Memphis where she will study at the Memphis Vocational school. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Ohlsin. of Marion, will be guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Penclergrast. for MID nest lv.-o wekea. Colman Crews nmi tons, Travis aijd VV, T. Crews, spent DSV- cral days last, week a!. Hardy. Miss Alvah Workman spent the atouls and turn him in lor a picture. Dut no more, nyiin was going to have a big, social dale en Long Island the other weekend. But his bosses asked him to return In « hurry. And with a rncck assent, he rubbed out Ills social plans and prepared lo fly back! NO FANFAKE POB COOPER When Gary Cooper Is In Mnu- hatlnn, as lus ir, now. he shuns the | usual liungouln for the haughtier • ones. Evening finds him nt such I s;i>i;l rraUuir.inls as the St. Kcgis. ' ig i:; below par. ami ne U> iclire al letitoiraMe liours. But the ballyum mou ci\n- nol reconcile themselves to .tuch a Hie morning tiolf course, instead of at o'clock us in -tournamcnks staged here. • The Memplils visitors took n •)'.!17 beating last Sunday when they found the sni\d greens of the Bly- Ihevilie course too much for them. Liinlor need, nc«- pro of (In; Blythcvlllc club. Is planning to take a large number of players to Memphis as arrangements hnve been made tor the use of the starting tee lor as long as Is needed but nil players must resistor by it o'clock, it was pointed out. TOO l.A'Uv T() Ci.ASSltT Fur Knit Coal mid woutl range. Perfect Condition, ncasonablc. Phone 33C, 7-ck-14 Fr< For Kent Wenl: Diiilrtinj; on Asli slreol formerly occupied by G res-hound IHis company. Siy.e fiOxHO, Thomas Co. 1-ck-ll Large comfortable bedroom. Double or single beds. Near two boarding houses. Phone 3 fpi:ll Joel ttlierc . past week n-jlh her sister, Mrs. 1 1110!lf : s t attitude. After all, Ijc must ' ' oc see » So they prof- Haggerd Crews. - Miss Dolly Rogers has sponl the past tlitee weeks with fricml:; and relatives in Little Itock, Mrs. Fred Lock, of Sctiath. is spending several weeks here ns (tic guest of Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Kniup. Mrs. B. U-. Kamp ond daughter, Katie, spent the weekend at Krn- atii with Mr«. Kamn's uiotlicr, Mrs, J. P. Rains. . Mrs. J. w. Amos visilert her parents, Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Wood- tuft at Bold Knob, and attejjcled a femily reunion. •The 2060 Rortholej; o( the Queen Mary, trans-Atlantic liner, contain 2500 square feet of glass. ••••B f««blHillui,l.. 1 f«ta Werl Optometrist "HE MAKES 'EM BEE" Orer Joe Isaacs' State Phoue 510 J. L. GUARD OpbmetrSst Only jUraduale Oplome- . tilit In JUjthCTiUe, Glasses Fitted Correctly ;evcct and Ccoijev ottered lo negotiate. He agreed to be the guest, of honor at a sinjlp cocktail ' ;arl - v - " A Emtl!1 ollc >" lle ttiptilalwl. " v -' 11 ' vcr >' littlc fanfnro." Nalurallf, the ftbu folk have much t: say about the Emopcan oonilagtation. Constant Bennett • v os intiigniinl. "Hail the Hilz Hotel in I'aris," she protested. "was mobilised the day before I left." Sonja Henic repftvted: "Paris this •> ear wds far woree than lust. Things v.ere at a stnndslill and iiublnzation was much mote apparent. But in my owii Norway, all was peacelul— no air raid precaution nor mobilization:" Jimmy Stewart, regarded Hie KXl'liKT ELECTRIC WIRING IJfAUin'UI, LINK OF ELECTRIC FIXTURES Electric Hnngr,; anil Water )lralr>3 WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 1)1) So. 2I«I I'doiio 318 SaveYourSoybeans Kec us about a Masscy Hants Clipper Combine Full G-toot cut. Full wldlh, straight tluough separation. Power lake-cff or motor driven. Busy terms arraivgad. BJyilieviile . Soybean Corp. So. St. Phone 555 —THE— Firestone HIGHSPEED TIRE A real lire. Gmti-dtpped Covtl, Non-Skid Tread, nud lOO^o Cotton Construction throvighoul. '('he cost to you . . . only $1.7fi pel- week when you buy on our BUDGET PLAN PHiLUPS Ellis Snipes, Budget M^r. Mil ,t Walnut- 1'lionc 810 l ( 'riod fuQils arc gloriously crisp when you lisc BUY A PKG. TODAY STOCK-UP I! Bxlra y, Sli. II). PORK SAUSAGE i'lllO 2 Lbs. 25 C OK BONES SNOOTS, EARS I'autttl Sufi's J'rcmium fl« j c Nolltiitg Keller. Ih. &&2" ZIP, It Kills Piul "1I^ C JJj. Ii (loud Straw lilaclt Yclloiv Lbs, Ciiiuivu or !\I. *|£c, II). TEA Gold Stur Vi LI). No 1 Red SI .95 Sack "3 Heads, lb. *2 l.loxcs Swiff's Jewel •1 Hi. Ciirlons <12c l(i lb. Pails SI.60 '18 lb. Cans S'1.75 ™" . r-r- .,, The I'LOUR C'amliric New ^\'lK•.•^t Sdicli iiji, Avoid SI ill Higher Pri. 21 Ibs. 7Sc Bbl. 55.95 Salad Dress ing i'Yi'.sb & l''ine P(- Mr; Qt. 2!c \\'c Deliver In liljlhcvWe .'ave Our lifplstcr Kecclpfs lor Tree Prizes Store No. 2 ?fl W. Alain I'll one -G7 \Vc Deliver THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER "7;'1939 LIBERTY CASK GROCERS I'rices For Friday .•uid Saturday l.on-csl Cash and Carry Store I'riccs For Friday and Saturday Kraft French Dressing d lie Sliced No, 'It/, Tin iOc Crushed 9 oz. tin 16!c PIMIENTOS 7 C 75c 4 oz. Can 4c RilTTFti Dull Clf Q (l ari. 17 YALORJELLO 5 EWiRG GUM 3 Pkgs. 10 WHITE HOUSE ""» 12' Pound I "J ill PEPPERS 2 For I'inl Quart Box 1! Black Hawk s Hi ..... . .2Sc Uind On II) ...... 25c End Cuts 20c MKSA8SACE „. 15 PICKLE Ptt FEET, Can STCKElY CATSUPS 12' SAU1( >N Rctl Alaska No. 1 Tall SPAM '"•" '" ""?.„ 27' DiME BRAHO MILK 10 TUNA FLAKES ,, if Bananas 12c Pound 5 GREEKS 'IT 6 SWDBED WHEAT 19 No. 2i/ 2 Can 10 Steaks Hi. 25c Shoulder Clod lb. 22c Thick Rib 11). 17/j Lamb Shoulder .....lh. 12V z c Chops lb. IGc Slew lUc FRYERS Full Dressed <IA( I'ountl M SPARE RIBS Lb. 15 GIL SAUSAGE lb. Ciin Pound Oft 1 *tf Matches 3c liracle Whip SALAD DRESSING 8 vi. Jar 13c;. QuarL PI. Jar Me; Jar 33c IsiS 03 PEAS No. 2 Ciin PICKLES 'I'i VI:. Jat 10 No. 2 Can OUST mm. °rs r io c SALT i'/l Hox 2 ?c "2 •£ •Smibnrn Lb . Large ," Box Cake CRYSTAL WHITE SttT 11 Qt, 21c Pint lie trackers J^BOX 820 •••WHBIMi 20c 18e Faoial Soap 3 For Puritan Halt or ^yhnl^ .lb,

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