The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 28, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 28, 1934
Page 8
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BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS BELIEVES FITE IF OF AL SINGER nil B ROSS New NEA Sports Writer Ulyllicvillc Athletes Lead In All-Time District Record* Four of tlic records tlmt nlWcles.onls In 1030 mid they have not of District Four. Arkansas Ath- .since been ilccl. Hroudon's records lelic Association, will tie shooting Include 11 10.4 .seconds pel forniaurc ;it in Joncsboro today ni the nn- In tlic 120 hhjli hurdles and 11 M.4 lutii! dislrict Imck :iieci, lire hel<l seconds iXTfonnnnrc- in ihe 220 by 'Rlyiticvlltc high si-hool. [yard low hurdles. Ills ollwr rcronl All four records are held ex-, is a leap of II fir! 4 !>-& Irclies cluslvcly by former Hlytlicvlllc nlh- Weight Matchmaking I r /-i cnisivciy uy iormer Hiyincvuie Itical Ol UVCl'jleles, glvjim lhe Cliicks more in lhe [xife M>ult. liHllvldii;.! rr-n-rds BY HAKKV fiKAVSON NKA Service Siwrls KUIlor NEW Me holds more all Indivldiiiil rr-rcrds rtmti unj dls- 'lime marks in the 15 cvenls on trlri mhlele. The fourth Hlylhe- 'Ihc meet program than any oilier ville record. nlso .-et in IS'IQ. h in Uchool In Ihc dlniriit.. I'lggott, the BSO ynnl relay in which a learn |which has conic rapidly to the ft>ru representing lhe liK-iil .schcxil vns recent years, has four records limed ut I mln.. M.B .seconds. Lone Major Game -Friday Goes 1 I Innings Before Winning Punch Comes Cold wealher and rainy weather Local Golfers to Paragould Sunday For First Tourney Ulyllicville country club golfers will play llielr first Inter-club 'oiirnuineni of the season when '.hey journey to Para&tiuld Sun- (tiiy. The niythcvillc golfers will find ;i considerably different 'rom their local layout to lest ihelr skill at the Greene county i-aplial but expect to bring home •i triumph. The locals have been SATURDAY, APRIL 28, 19sl TIGERS TO MEET Smith's Sluggers To Try Swatting Skill Against Sandy Ridge Slab Artists John Smith's Blythevlile Timers will play the Bandy Hidge Inde- iwndcms at Sandy Ridge park on invincible In competition over their i Highway 61, south of Blytheville, „„„„ , , , ...v.^ ,v, ... . „..,... .,-.,. .„.„..„.,. 'kept all major league warns"wi'ih ''<"" e «» lr; * but have.not fared so ' Sunday afternoon. \O1!K, April J8 - lhere|but shares one of these wltli ihc- Only one record was broken'-lhe exception of ilu: Chicago Cub? ' lVL '" on fore| B" courses In tlie pnsl. The Tigers, now sponsored by th? cualil (o be a commis>ion lo pro-1 Joni'iboro Hurricane. Joncsboro year Alhf of lietlor set a new, and Cincinnnil Keds out of lie-i Aljc " a 25 B| VI«(»l)lc players will American legion here, boast B lect young fighters against bOiing||,:« ilnee, Including lhe one held high JIIIIPI murk by leaping '., leel lion yesterday. nnuke lhe Irip. The locals have strong line-up, according to Mr. commissions, makers and match-1 jo | nlly w , lh . ,,,„,,„, t . „,,„ ,,„,.„. ,, , llc|lt . s _ lx . at|H( , , >y „„ j||d , lhe " la jeoiilel has three. Itcctor holds n old record held Jointly by Harries Such a iKimi would lake Barney p.'iir o[ records and Tyron/a one. jof Hlylhcvllle mid Haa'l of Mark- Ross by the hand and lead him H. F. Brogdon, who was hlyhicd Tree, awr.y from that Inequitable nllnlr I iJOlnt man at the .stale meet in! And iliere (ire those who will with Jimmy McLamin May 28. The bout is unfair to every- i four body except Mcl,:iriiln. H is mi-'Ville. fair lo the s|«n because it pies up two divisions. It is unfair to Ben Van Klaveren, the. Hollander, I n challenger of McLainln'.s .size. It, j Is unfair to Tony Camnnvrl and KTankie Klick, wlio merited meet- i iJU's with the liBlitweiBhi leader, j Hut most of all it is .uiijtisl lo i Iloss, who runs the risk of h.ivini;' a brilliant career ruined. on! Iil30 while wearlnu fie colors of jlilytheville high, holds three of the records claimed by lilythe- Brogdon lell you llial when lhe Html race Is flnl>.lircl won't be a all Ihrce rec- during lhe day. aflernoon llicie lu-w record made By llarry Gray son In the lone game the Cubs who'" 11 ' • slm "i!"t team since ihc club have been going strong this season ! wiu> ol 'K a "'««l. and are well in front in the league j race so far, won over the Si j Louis Hcdbird.s. 3 lo a in. n ij m .'| Ings. The game also marked lhe Ihird straight win for Lon War- 1 nekc who started the season with j two straight one-hit iwrformances, i Warneke held the Cardinals m' nine hits over the extra Innlny route und turned in a first, class Job of hurling. The Cubs found Carlton hard to get to but man' to deadlock the store at 2-2 There is nothing In ihe Cblcn- t'oan's record 10 indicate tlret ho betougs in Ihcre with McLarnin ac even weights, let alone In n Along about this time each spring there Is a vast stirring and moving about In the region of I/>s ish In which he Is conceding • ,""" T!'"^ °'";' °! ( \\ nsc '* mb - len or more p(jiiiid« '. lnrs ' L " K !t Illplel 5' ls Jlm Thor l x: "Only one thing'can Happen" ! aMcmWlll S '"» club for another I baseball season. . fays Billy Roche, the veteran re-. feree, shaking his head, sailly.! '''' 10 sturdy Sac and Fox, who "Poor llilie Ross will lie' knocked : 105W( ' ""''die marks lulo lhe dls- Halter than a flounder.' Since his bantam days, Lariiln usually has had ;idvanta(;es card wilh almost casual clforl a .'core of years ai;o. $1111 Is un ac- live pi-ofcssional ball player. The Glanls gave U]) on Thorpe, on the scales. The late Pancho Villa, nurtdy Taylor. Joe Click, who set records for carousing as Ray Miller, Sammy Mandril, AH well as in cumiKlltlun. when tlie Singer, Billy Pelrolle nnd Sammy ! late John McGrav was In his vlg- Fullcr each gave pull in poundage. plenty ol croiis prime, but Jubilee Jim con- llniics to hang on—for exhibition Shamus hasn't always fared 50 inirjioscs. anyway, nlih an Inilian well in marching fiom and center i array thai on even terms. Mandell cuffed hlsia bus. ears on the one occasion on which | they started from law. nn'tl Lou Hiouillard belted him to a farc- [hee-well. But roue of McLarnln's lients has .been asked to opjio- lours the country in •riinrpr Is much the *ame Individual as he was In his lic.vdiy. He but ruj;- tilled :;fd strength remains in thr shouT- many a lint for n the Temple tin- krrcr taught the ml-sklmird rov- frs «f tvirlisle. S]»t him I c| rrs that spilt oss and > ''op XVarrtr whr TRflVELEIS LOSE ,^ •*••***•!/* •* n • " h *- u * v utumuLK ULE; score at 2-"' '—' "*"' "" * Tfl DnDnkG 7 T" 1 " IC ninth - ^J' 1 "' »' h ° »'arm- 'T '"'"I I'""" III h(ln HI 1 / " II ed tne bcncl1 (i " rl "B the Cub-' ' M< Rolnn(1 ' locr IU UnilU!IU( / U seven game. winnliiB streak, wnei! sto " cr to Stay Out As Lonpf As Wrestling Draws A statement given Memphis papers by Johnny Green, erstwhile noter. has aroused. :al boxing commis- :ln to hit for s"in"in"bac'h"wh'o Grcen ' according to Atlanta Crackers Defeat Knoxvillc Smokies Only Other Game In Inclement weather prevented all Southern league games the Birmingham Uarons Jim's less rreciutntly complain aflcr all tlivsc years and his arm. fomctlmcs squeaks, "Hey, mister!"! much weight smash precedent to a pulp. A lightweight champion has yet to whip the boss of the nexl heavier brigade. McLarnin has only lo make 145 He weighed only R fraction of a | bill, like llir Babe anil all the rtsi iKiund inoi-c in acquiring the wel-jbls jmtert poki"ir power llmrtrs tffr wreath by twice droppin s nnd ... slopping the husby southpaw, Turn^ t.i HLs I' S|x,rt \oimg Corbett HI. in 2 minutes Ortrtly enough, Tliorijc In the end 1 Ulnlnd '" " vl< :«nd 37 seconds in Los Angeles on had to fa|l back on lhe sport iu! s i <1 !' t for the f: the Uvemy-nlmh day "of last May.! which he was least prollrlem At • mcmb «l' °< The Irish-born warrior cnme In ! that he h:=tl much natural abllltv """"""" "-' ' but two yesterday, Heating tlic Little Hock Travelers In one and the Atlanta Crackers 'rouncitig ihc Kr.o.xvllle Smokies in another. The Damns walloped the Travelers 7 lo 3, scoring four runs in the eighth inning. The Barons counted on three bases on balls and another under the intentional l>ass rule, a xncri.'ke and a double. Struss, who was followed by two other hurlers, was the losing pitcher. White, who relieved Hughes, was lhe winner. The Aihinta Crackers won an 8 to 3 verdict over the Knoxvillc Smokies. Two homers by Parham and McKee added a score to each team's total. Schmidt was (he winning and Welhercll the losing pitcher. siis- • tained a slight, injury In the Utli : |lomi lins nilnoullt;<; d He came through ' a single lll!>t he wl " l lromolc press re- Memphis here e advanced on Grimm's sacrifice ami il[ " ! tlils sccllre(1 Roland's consent scored when Gabby Hartneti : ln slil " c wcckl >' shows whose bat had been silent -dellv'i Tll ° loai1 bo!<ln = and wrestling ' ' ered wit ha single, the 'scorliiK : cmn ' nl5sloner says he nas elvc ' n punch. ' The game was the only ore Green no encouragement and will plnyed In the major leagues rain and cold lialicB seven oihe contest's. Alihougli th e weather; was clear the lempernUire h "'°- lo l )rQmote around 40 degrees nnd the wind • „ chilled a lai-ee crowd at Chicago " men:lll >' Sudbury Team Defeats Junior High Team, 19-5 A "pick-up" baseball team ofj junior high school dropped a IU lo 5 game lo the Sudbury school 1 learn Thursday afternoon. - • The Sudbury school players per-1 formed well behind good pllciiurj. I The junior hiyli aggregation Held-' ed poorly. Wrestling promoters came here ihen busine.<_s was dull and divel- jcjird the game into a flourishing business here which In Smith, and will be the best team lhat lie has had nn the field In years. Beckluim or Wllkerson, star hurlers in Memphis semi-pro circles, will be on the mound for the Tigers, Smith states. Caudill Paces Missouri University Team In Win John Caudill of this city, student at Missouri University, Columbia, Mo. was medalist in a recent tourney In which the Missouri University golf team defeated Kemper Military School by u score of 15 to 3. Caudill turned In a low card of Ti. par for the Missouri course. CaudiU's team will meet Washington University today and St. Louis University Sunday lit St. Louis. payments had been lagging for a long time, according to Roland. He believes that allow wrestling Phone 797 and boxing shows both will result in the downfall of both and says . bleachers al the armory on which GOLF ^^^^ Rv Arf KrariT By Art Krenz TO BODY IS IRON HINT Tommy Armour attributes much of Ms success at iron play to a.Qsceoia To Be Scene ft simple fundamental; thai Is, keep- T ., rj . kJcellL ( | lilt: Davis and Easo,| To Hurl I The Osceola Engineers and 111 • Lepanto semi-pro ball club w| | clash In a game at Osceola Suii nay afternoon at three o'clock. The Engineers, according to ril ports, will present one of the bcl teams Osecola has put on the die] mond in many a year. All ail employes of the u. S. Bovcrnraeil river fleet, stationed near Osccoll Among ihe group are a nunitxjl ol former league, semi-pro mil college ball players. I The Engineers have played U1 games this season, losing to He'I ena, 11 to 8 and winning froi Keiser, 8 to 0. Davis will work on the moun I for Osceola and Guy Sullivan wi! catch his offerings. It Ls understood -here th; i Whavne Eason, star hurler wi toe the slab for Lepanto. the. right elbow close to the body. Practicing this should enable the player to lilt the ball from the inside. Should the elbow wander, the right hand immediately will take control of the club and cause it to (ravel from the outside in, cutting across the ball. As one nears the green and shot* become; shorter, the hands must move down the leather. If the hands are not lowered, a crisp shot may pass the green by several yards. Pcnn Card Complete Eighty-six events have been listed for competition in the 40lh an- Pcnnsylvania ChuM Klein brought $500 ll 1W7 when Ewmsville. Ind., sol| mm to Fort Wavne. Last fall Cubs paid $125.000 for him' Don't Forget CaudiU's Agency! Insurance General Head Courier News Want Ads. Gaines Hurls Win In First Start at Tallulah 145 three years ago for one <>:' his sorties with ports will tell you Petrolic, that he Ex- pick up at least three pounds between weighing-in and ring time. Ross' recenl performances in California made It plain thai he is far from being sharp when scal- ir.g more than 130. McLarnin will have been off the firing line for one day less than a year when he nnfimbcrs his heavy artillery against Ross. That is the only argument offered by lhe few professing to believe the Ixillapaloosa of the Loop can prevail. But those pointing lo the fact that ring rust frequently sets in with idleness might interview Pelrollc, who speaks from experience. "Tlic most remarkable thing about McLarnin is that his Urn- ing is perfect after long layoffs," old Uncle Will would assert. De- ppite eleven years of warfare, lifc- Larnin is- only 21. and his comparatively few battles have been carefully- Spaced. If he was slipping In the Cor- l>ett contest, a lol of the boys would like to be on the same toboggan. The joust between Jack 'BritJ ton and Benny Leonard—the one In which Benny took a poke at Jack while the 147-pound foreman was on one knee—may well be thrown out. Roche goes 'way back—to March 10. 1899—in recalling an engagement similar to the one that is to bring out Nfcljirnln and Ross. It was on that night in San Francisco that brave George Lavigne assayed io lifi Mysterious Billy Smith's crown. A one-sided duel ended in the fourteenth round, when the wide- shouldered wallopr of Maine turned to the Saginaw Kid's brother and second, and shouted, "Do vou vant me to kill him?" Roche doesn't mention a much more recent case. Billys eyes haven't functioned so well in late years.' But those who saw littic , Singer laying In the resin pounding the sides of his neck after bc- mg struck back of the ear by Mc- larnin never will forget the sight. And Smith and McLarnin did 142 pounds for the tragedies thai left Lavigne and Singer definitely through. Commissions and avaricious managers and matchmakers never .'ecm to leam why fighting men have been weighed since Gentleman Jackson taught Lord Byron how (o hold up his hands. as a fly chaser, u was his imibil- tly lo re.sfst. fishing for cams balk that drove him Into the minors n:d finally out of the organized ;ame. nut he always murdered fast ball pitching nnd most of Ihe churncrs In the slicks haven't too much on their hooks. All the' folks who plunk down their pesetas lo see Thorpe renliy set is a two-minute ex|»sure ol lhe great man at bat and a llnsl: -f him in the oulfleld. And lhat ought to be enough, reasons the renowned Redman. "We perform nearly every day or night." he explans. "They can't expect me lo travel and play u lull game In each town. I'd wear myself out." • * * ' Thorpe Ls m>t tlir type (o moon iboul what has gone nn With an intrnsrly practical mind, lie says: "Sujirnsr I ilM win a few tnrk mil liilti cb impior?.liip* years'ago? I'vr gol to make a living now ami have lo urap myself up in sonir- :hinir lliat pves mr a chance to do II. I brllrvr I have found it baseb.'ill. I'm the playing manager of tins tr.un aril, when I qui Marcus Gaines, youthful Blytheville rlgluhanded pitching prospect, | turned In a victory in his first asl Tallnlali. T,a. a Mississippi and semi-pro league. Guine.s was greeted with a four J.ise swiil on his first pitched ball down thereafter C to 3 win. to jut settled finish with The local hurler, wiio has pcr- crmed for several teams In this section, was farmed out to Tallu- ah by the Memphis Chicks after x tryont with the Southern league club. In WARNING ORDER lhe Chancery Court, Chlcka- fawba District. Mississippi County, Arkansas. Bertha Leslie. Plaintiff, vs. No. 5699 Walter Leslie, Defendant. The defendant. Walter Leslie Is warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the comnlalnt of tlie plaintiff. Bertha Leslie. Ualed this 13 day of April, 1931 R. L. Claliies, plerki i ByElliolt.SartoJn, D. C.' & stiles. Ally. 21-28-5-12 Shelly IN TliR OFfA^nT'cOURT OF MISSISSIPPI . COUNTY AHK- CHIC1 <ASAWBA DI3- oulfil." I'll run it or some oilier Saturday Only MAT. and Nile—lOc - 25c ^MAYNARD THE WHEELS OF DESTINY SERIAL - - CARTOON ill For a Longer JJoneymoon Sunday - Monday MATINEE & NITE— lOc-.'iac rubilec Jim Slill Mijhly Thcrpe doesn't envy any of his Hit rivals who went on lo become sank presidents or corporation counsels. "Look." he beams, opening his 'bin. "(hat's a healthy body, isn't it?" He nrxes the muscle of his mighty right arm. "Feel." he of- 'r-rs. "litre's nothing wrong there." He grabs your hand. "Let me show ,-ou my grip." he volunteers, and before you know it Hie most- pun- shing Fort'of pressure is forcing •on lo beg oil. "Sure. sure. I bc- Icvc yon. Jim.' There are no chapters In the ithbtic past of Thorpe that bum :articularly brightly In his mcm- ry. None ot his glories had the ilnmoroiis effect on the big f cl- ow that they did en the world. His bewildering foolball feats, Ills amazing conquest in the 1912 Olympic Games, the presentation 3( prizes by lhe King of Swcdcr md the subsequent dramatic Interlude when all Ills awards were recalled because of n summer of rmi-prolessioiial baseball— all long 'ince have been put away b> . Mrs. Mattie Noble and C M Noble. Plaintiffs. vs. No. 5705 Sybil Noble. Fred Shauver n D TiiRamelK. Rellly j. Baker Peter Kehres. Tiertha Witter W F Holdenrlod, Anton Bolm. C toii- ise Sorter. Adolph A. Graf. Jos. Malecek, Charles Kramp. EHza- to-lli Wlntcrbauer nnd Albert Nolle, Defendants. WARNING ORDER The defendants. D. D. Ingamels cilly J. naker. Peter Kehres, Berha Witter, W. E. Holdcnricd Anon Bolm, c. Louise Soeker. Adolph ». Graf. Jos. Maleeek. Charles Kramp, Elizabeth Whuerbaner and •Jhlegmalic Jim. Alborl Nolle P«ir hi the are warned to ap- Chanccry Court ol Mississippi County. Arkaims. -hlckasawba District, within thirty days and answer the complain! of the plaintiffs. Mrs. Mattie Noble and c. M. Noble. WITNESS my hand and seal a; clerk of said Court, on this 14 da of April. 1934. R. L. OAINES. Clerk Elliott Sartaln, D.c. 4 14-21-28-5 Plenty of Touch Luck Although he has taken part in nine Indianapolis 500-mile races Phil "Red" Shafer has never won tho classic. His best finish was third, in I92i. . He has traveled iOCl miles in his nine starts. Tlx>r|>e-s barnstormers put on lar.CD in war dress before cacl ame anri whoop it up with In iian calls duiing the contest. And the best screechers with the Sroupe. Jim Insists, arc a pair ->! non-Injuns, one from Brooklyn and the other from Chicago's ' Sonlh Side. Read Courier Ne\\s Want. Ads. WRESTLING DAVID DOOLEY RAI,I»I?SMITH Myers vs. Vontine Welch vs. ElHott ARMORY, MONDAY NITE r ; / / ^ CAROIE LOMBARD ;.-. o to i o E o t A c 11 ' : j BURNS & ALLEN U ETHEl MERMAN 0 LEON ERROL i';ir;imnimt News Charley Chasr Cornedv NO ONE expects honeymoon days to go on forever. For you—or him—to get all-of-a-twitter every time you see each other would be i asking just a little too much. , But—beware the stodginess of growing too matter-of-fact—of always wearing "practical" clothes, of always doing"the practical thing. • •- A new and deliciously feminine negligee, a new dress bought just for the. joy of it, can set your own heart singing and get a word of appreciation from that serious fellow who pays thei bills. So here's an end to Humdrum! Turn now to the advertisements and let them take you on an adventure of shopping, and revived romance. Advertising is one of the reasons why so many women today are so charming. They .teach the secrets of the great beauty specialists. They give hints on health of inestimable .value. They take you into the confidence of the famous dress authorities of New York and Paris.

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