The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 9, 1930 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 9, 1930
Page 8
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.. PAGE : SIX JJLVITICT.LLE.JA^K.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, OCTOBER 0,1030 Northeast ansas Grid Titlc^At Stake Friday The Vi dors—Macks Again World Cbamps 3ig Crowd Expecled lo Witness Struggle at Haley Field Here Tomorrow With ulial is exprclcd to lie the ' tggesl crowd of the season on Hie ideluws, Ihc Golden Hmrk'nne r.l ,'cncsboro higli, carefully uroomrcl ~ito top form, a:id the lioitlle i hickataws of Blylhevlllc liigh will • arh aU Holey Field at. 3 o'clock I riday aflernoan. The Iwo elevens representing t!u' •.•earn of Icoiball talent in lliU •._cl!on will 1)2 striving to break the <?r>dlccic led by two ties In tlie last vo games p!ay.?d here in 1928 nnd 1 ;2G. Bo'.h gnmcs lesiilled in C-0 •'.•aws. Last year the Huds-nnien '.ainpled the Hurricane into Die ' d of (heir own gridiron at, Jbnc.s: .ro beneath a 20 (o 0 score The teams nrc so evenly match•'1 on the meager basis of eompnri- n this year that neither nggrc- • ulon will miller the game a cle- • r -j«l favorite. Tlie Hurricane will ;.'<bably hold a slight edge due- (o :lendld showing ngainsi Little rock high two weeks ago and the : .ct that they wer.? idle lasC week, • 'eferritig to nU;s n game find •. Jim for the Blytheville fray. DHL 'ie Hudsonmen turned out such it • rnashlng "from behind" victory : vcr Memjiliis Centra! last Siilm 1 - •:.ty night thai the Jonesboro learn • eeivcil little consolation anil the i gridders believe tlw Memphis 1 1 nne gave them the needed cxp:ri- ' • ice against a hard opponent to: -jce Jonesboro. '• Reports from Jonciboro today "udicate that Coptnln Vernon Cov- i :.i6ton, the brilliant little biiccclster i the Hurricane may be oin of: : » game. According lo the Jones-; 'nro dispatches Covinglon has a' boil, a bad attack of flu nud ' badly smashed nose. The Hud- Macks jubilant Over Vic- : the winners' rtoui;!) for tlic Macks yesterday was featured by ihf retirement in tlirc-e innings cf big lefthander, mil Ilallalinn. who shut the Macks out in the firs: victory for the Hcd Birds. Hallahan mis wild and ineffective yesterday 1 while George Eamslmv tun H! l:i , hit third masterly pltclicd game . f'-r the Mad:;, although lie will re- ci'ive credit fir Inn two beini; ink-en out for n pinch hltl.?r in th-! c!c:iii|j innhijjs of cne ?&w a!t<_.- iKJldinij lite Cards .scoreless Earn, \v;i •! /•< ill ' lliw easily carntd hir; i)!at2 a>. the lory While Lards Happy 'pitching hero ct m? writs however Over Two Triumphs. !™'T £ lu ~*$ say "l£ I, The mcnncir.;j chalu-i 1 champion l'lii!:id:l:)hi.i, Bishop. Him. ilbiil. in luriv,ro:ii:d: Ill^ins, u. !'• rkms. Cnchr. : c;f tlioso fli-io Athletics ;:•-. ; Holey, V/alt..-n. Ca:Jn::;! 1 ; Ij'orn out .!•;.• ;;.j -ri I;;;- o: X mi;- r::i: :li:'.urij th'j ,:•,!;.. ,-f Mr. C .1111!? Mask nnd I :•. •( llr. I03C WcrUl Stric:, are, left ID right, .sic--line. McNair, liiiLiitn. F.irnshav.-. Mnliain-y, Qiiinn and Rcnmicll. Ma:-:<, aimnir::: < Miller, rozx, Collins nnd CJlcaso:i. I'll I LA DEI.I'll I A. -The 1930 world .scrie.s a mal'.er of nisiovy. the v/crld I ' (-hanipi'ii Alh'->lics and lllc dc| lealrrt Hu i nal lc;i7V! eundidaU'S i for llic greatest honur in ba.svba!! I I — :hc St. Lculs Cnrdinals '.vcr'.- dis- , banding tcdfiy lor tht- :,:;).M'S'.' ' | lidiiifs and winter ]i;i;tiiitb. Tlio Atlilclics an:! their VL':I ( : I .U| blp manager, C'nnic i.Iat-1:, were 1 still jubilant ov.-r llirii- secon:! straight world Ulle while the dis- iv:rl:l a l'l»intcd Cards of Gabuy Hlrcet ; n:tL-iveil trn:olati'r 1:1 Hi" best r exhibition by a NaUonal Icaeue ] i"g the Macks four Kam*'-: out brilliant than anyone had expected. Oiove lost a clcse game n Jess Unities but, wos credited wi'.ii two vleicrics and pitched effective ball all the way. 'Iriis was Mack's fifth world':: championship triumph in seven battles '.viih the forces of th? national league and the most .sensational of them all for the A's were f reed lo make ri bp?ctucular fight to overcome the Cardinals alter the Cardinals had tied the count ;i. twu all. It was alsc. the fonri!! consecutive vic'.cry fuj~ the Aiiie:':- ean league, due to the P^rfoim- ance of tv:o'sui»r teams, firs'. Hi- Yankees cl '27-28 and now the Al!i!etics. The fanum l\vc-::ian pilcliing. :taff <[ il-.e A's v.'ith ftrnshaw in the kkdiiig role -.::id Grove riahl' '•:hin[l, icmplsied the conquesi o'. :he n«i L'irds in the fashicn more TOWN 11AHS ISA(;l!i;i.O)!S JERUSALEM, (UP) -- Everyone ov.?r tile age of 15 in the Hcd.U:'. must many, according lo a bill introduced in the adviscry council. .-sim since 192G. Tlie game that copped s and monrnv. Clarence Gels, the former Arkansas s!ar, has Instilled -scniL 1 crafty knowledge Into his IjDysand Ihey boast one of Ihe best ii.i'.s:n;i and running attacks In the sirr.c .loneslioro had splendid mail-rial lust year, a big ran^y set of players and with a good tutor ih.- Ilin- ncane .should go far In st;ui i f.ri:! circles. The Jonesl:oro sc-lmrj] has ;\ Iwtler Junior high team by siveriil touclidomis than the aver.iKi' liixh I srhool team in the slate and with j nnolhei 1 year or two of the careful ! coaching Hie junior learn has b?:n j receiving It would not surprise I hi- ! writer to see the Hurricane n stale championship eleven. Kight nnw Ibrre wouldn't lir muiiy (tars shrd ami lilllc surprise In SE. Louis If Sunny Jim Huttomlcy, the blK strike nut kin? of the recently colichiuYi! u'ftrhl Kcrtc.s shniild be Iradi'il (till of 111? Carilinal .Irtiutie. llollnintcy proved Ihc liusl of the series and the Mark jiitcbcrs simply [nycil \vllh anmen are Inking (his re|»rt with ' ""' llls llrsl baseman when he '.everal large dorcs of salt however i !llr l 1 P" 1 ln ""• l' llllc - •nd expfict to see Covinglon in the i .ine-up as speedy as ever. The Hur- 1 .icaue also indicated that nothing, v.'ould be a surprise lo the Jones- I sll>lli colml y WC1T Pi'lhng s'.ront; ':oro Breezes as they expect to nnd ! r ° r lllc licct Blnls lo tnkc lllc Atlv '. T. Craig, mending collarbone !ctics '" low but Oal)b >' Street': nil in the cWck bnckfleld when SAD BUT TKUE Fans in Blylheville and Jflcsls- •:hcy arrive here. charges simply couldn't make Hie grade. Between 50 and 75 fans The Hurricane accompanied by a I™ ?*'" y ""'. 'urge d^legallon of fans and MII- Jenls will fii-rive here tomorrow morning and the .Jonesboro rooters Bill probably stage an Impromptu parade through t!ic business section .it noon tomorrow. Enthusiasm attended one or more of the games -1 at St. Louis and all report a swell i| time at Uie game or otherwise. Looking buck over the- p:T-s?rlos prediction -Die wrllcr heljrvr.s liiat William Braucher, NKA spor, editor. J sized the siliiallc>n right \vhosi l'",[ |:redicted thai Connie Mack's acf would '.'stnck the Cards." ri , ... - - B'J'tlievllI? slu- ,. lllll ^ l dents will reach a high pilch to- ' pitchers night when a big bonfire at Haley ; Field will be ignited nnd a Chick-! COMMODORKS GET ,11'Ml' ataw war dance held wilh speeches j Football schedules are rapidly by members of chq ^Tnroon and . swinging into Ihe realm of lough While squad and ihelr inenlors. A • games now and some of tlii> loams parade through the business r,:c- j even stepp«l onl in advance las'. ticn will follow and another parade will be staged at noon Friday. Martha Robinson, Wocdrow Fisher. Ted King nnd Peggy McKeei, cheer leaders, will head the parades. Officials for the game weivj announced today ' as follows: Bill Merriweather, Hendrix college, referee, Bob Mehrle, University of Missouri, umpire, Frank Whit-worth, headlin;sman. Coach Hudson released n tentative line-up for the opening whistle as follows: Mattlwws, C9nter, Luckett and Tipton, guards, Rnyder nnd Colston, tackles, Hall and Gordon or Bone and Wiggins at ends, McAfee at quarter, Short and Bums at halfback posts nnd Pete Craig at fullback. Saturday with some jarring upsets —but several wore exceeding; 1 ! agreeable ilowu here in the south— i particularly Vnndcrbill's roiislne 33 I lo 7.victory over Minnesota. Which ] should give the Commodores the In- ; r.ide track as favorite for l'-.e Soulli- '< ern Conference crown. Still, there : might be a Illllc competition cm • of Georgia, Tennessee. Georgia j Tech. Florida, Alabama and an- i Ciller dark horss. J All the soulliliiml will lie ]i'ill- inp for llifr Ocorgia lliilliln^s t:i hand the Yale llulhbjfs annllirr walloping like Ibc nnc aibuiiiist- cred last year, when thr two mighty flevens clasb at Ncvc Haven Saturday. Al Allicm, ilnwn in Dixie, last year. Ilir Ornrrfa team gave the Yale invaders a 15 lo fl drubbing. Here are a few (jiiessrs for Brunts Friday and Saturday. Ues'.ilts not guaranteed: _ Blytheville lo beat Jour-'boro. NOT SO CONFIDENT Chatlanocga lo b^at centre. Donald Murray, sports editor of I Junior Vols to b?.it Jmiob.'ro Ar;the Jonesboro Tribune, fails tois' es . On The Outside - Looking lu By "DUKE" share the enthusiasm of other Jonesboro fans over the prospects of a Hurricane victory here tomorrow. Murray expounds as follows| Chicks Ready Tlie Blytheville Chickasciws are ready and waiting for the invasion of the Jonesboro High school Hurricane which will be made Friday when Coach Clarence Geis will send his eleven against the charges el Coach-Henry Hudson. This column falls to recall a single instance in which the Hurricane has de- ] lealed the Blytheville eleven at! Blytheville and knows for a ccr-1 fainty that the locals have no'.' carvecl out a victory since 1922. We have been unable to learn the outcome of the game that year, but in 1924 the Blytheville eleven defcM- cd Jonesboro 13 to 7 and in 1920 and 1928 the games ended in 6-6 ties. - ! SHANGHAI. illP) —Aivvica liar. The Hurricane has always, orljiow succeeded to (;:cai llntain's nearly always been able to win I former rnsition as the i>:fi:um ; .ii- from the Blylhevllle crew on the alhvg foreign Hade :II('.;U:-.CP DarliuoiUh (o beal nr.ito:; TJ. Duke lo beat Da\~id. c :oii. Florida to Ixat Auburn. Colgate to brat I.nF.iyi-.U'. Harvard lo boat Spriv.giMd. TllinoLs to tell- Bu:lpr. Texas Christinn lo bi\il Avknns^s. Alabama lo bra! Eo«.-,ure. Army to brat Swarl'.-.inoriv Vanderbilt lo Vr, rrf.v. Chicago to teat \V:;oo;i-.iii. Georgia to bra: Va 1 .. 1 . Texas Aggies lo boat Tul.'ii.v Tennessee lo Mivisr-ijipi. Princeton to be;.t Brown. Missouri to ijr.'.t St I.o'.i:.- Notre Dame to Iwat N.iw. China Turns Toward America, Article Savs home lot until last year when the Hudsonmen carved out a 25 to 0 victory 6vcr the Jonesboro team China. J. B. Powe'.l rteclar-< in his China Weekly RcMciv art:. Ic. "China now locks to \V.i,|-i :1 a:nn There will be that added incentive | for lips on the iiucr: to spur the Hurricane on Friday. situation, raihrr than to London." the arllclc says. Jonesboro a Comer ' China looks to \Vr.!l But aside from Murray It appears i future financing and lo Ann r:i that Jonesboro fans and the. Gold-i technical advice. Larjc n en Hurricane are confident of a vie- public utilities in Chiua. !.v tory for the Craighead county toys when the final whistle blows lo- ncne-too-bright future, look :o United States for imichascrs. SEE Northeast Arkansas' Annual Football Classic Blytheville vs Jonesboro "Chickasaws" "Golden Hurricane" ey Field Fri. 3 PM TWO FINE TEAMS Thr Chirk-- have a gtval record. They have won 13 straight games since Sept. 19f ' lasi Sa!unlay proved their fighting qualities by defeating (Central I n Memphis. Led by llie brilliant Pete Craig, the Chicks are belter tl 1 :-r this year. The Jonesboro Hurricane has always been a powerful riva' IT football sin)reiiiacy in Northeast Arkansas. They recently staged a great t'igli! against the Little Hock High School Tigers, losing only al'ter i:: \viii3 HC-A to Is Merely Kiiowi \V!ii::c lo Bii; r Where VALUE ISN'T Merely a Word a hard and bitterly fought »'ame. This Ad Paid for hv ihr-c High School Boosiers:-- Rustic Inn W. M. Burns Ins. Agcy. Main Service Station Re-Nil Cleaners Insurance Dep't Fanners Bank Kirby-Bell Drug Co. Ritz and Home Theatres To men and .VOUMJ; men wlio sire scekiuo: liner viilncs al a nioilcrnte lince, thers isn't <mv doubt of ilie success of oui' S29.50 FALL SUITS. To attain such value we bought the best fabrics and workmanship that could be obtained in the moderate-priced lield—and th;se suits are Hie finest example of workmanship and fabric quality that have IK en produced at this price in years. Yes, they are tailored by Keller, Honman & Thompson. 29 50 KXTRA *- rvr TROUSKRS §6.00 Others At 337.50 Also showing <i miRhty fine, al woo! suit nt 22 DOBBS HATS NEW STYLES AND COLORS $8 $10 Olhor Good Hats $5 aml $6 R.D.Hughes&Co Cjmp/e/e Outfitters JOT

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