The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 24, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 24, 1947
Page 2
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PAGE TWO _BLYTHEV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THUKSDAY, Al'UIL 2<i, I94Y McClellanAsks >Labor ActChange f ArkdRsan in Senate | Want* 'Free Speech' Clause Strengthened ^ -V/ASHJNGTON, Ayril 24. (UP) — ••Sen. Joltn I,. MeClellan, D., Ark.', Expressed dissatisfaction today with Die 'free speech" guarantee pro-\ ]XKCtl In the Senate labor bill imd suggested that it be strengthened. : -)Ie said he would ask the Senate to. amend the bill to specify that nothing in the Wagner Act was intended to abridge t)ic constitutional right of fice speech (or ei- ORT employers-or employes. ! ,. The bill approved by the Sena'.e Labor Committee would provide that the National Labor Relations •Board could not base any unfair lahor practice decision, on statements or arguments if they contained no threat or reprisal. Te provision was devised to answer complaints that NLRB decisions' had denied employers their constitntfonal right of free speech in discussing unions \vitli their employes. •MeClellan told a reporter, how-' e.ver. that he did not think t!ie [ iiKivision was cfear and that lie believed it should be strengthened to emphasize that congress was not seeking in abridge tlie right 01 free speech. He -expressed belief thnl the NJ-KB and the courts had "distorted" that right in their interpretations of NLR'B pov.'ers now in the Wagner Aft. He though his amendment would pnt an end to those "distortions" while the language ol the committee bill would still maSe employers subject to unfair pruc- —tice charges if they resorted to intimidation, Mt-Clellan said lie also believed the Wagner Act should specify that free speech for employes was not abridged. He said he wanted to protect the right of employes to sj:eak for or against union representation or lo express their views on union issxies. Rallies French MOSCOW Continued from J'aec 1. Malotuv countered the proposal to dtrccl the Mlii'd Control Council t(i study the <|u<';;iion will) :' sttii- gciitloii that ll»' iiiliilsler.i ilcoldi- here and :iou' "Jt Ihc -six.; oi l)>e forces. Molotov wauli'd the finvitts lo have 200,000. the United HUlrs oml Uritaln 100.UOO each, and France 50,000. 73evln .v>!<) !ie could imt agree lo reduclnis the Ui'ltish f»r<v:i in Clri- inany under Hfi.OUU. French Porelijii Minister Gi'orw.s liidalllt crjnltl ji::ihc no decision at till, so Ih? ministers in the rwt accepted Malsr.iih's <n)v,- ituil proposal, Molotov said the Sdviels needed twice ns ninny troops ns either America or Urltiiln because ihu Soviet Union was the only one oj Die three nations invaded by Germany. M ;lotov accused the tinned states ol "ooslnictins" )j>•agn.'.ss by refiis- iir.; lo consider th e Soviets' blanket iimemitiicnl.s to thi! American dridt ol :i lour-iw.ver GWJIIHII disuniuuurnt treaty. The (inly favorable sign In the de.'iillock was ufiriwmcin by the minister.s to set a date and place for their ncxl meeting. At that lime Miuy. will make n new effort to write Ihe two treaties.. 'IhU conlerejice end's \vilhout any irn]:urlanl ai-c-omjili-shmont. 1 ; ojj Gi'i 1 man (iiiestions. The ministers re- fon-cd all issues lo their deputies or the nllieil control council In Berlin "for information mid study." | Cliit-r among the unsettled Gcr- miui issues are the level of German industry economic unity, rejnira- lioij.s. political .structure, peace treaty procedure, 'he Polish-German fromiei, llu- four-power treaty and the future ol Hie Kulii 1 , Hhinelaiid Orrt(|>:ili'>J' to ('onlij)uc j failure to complete the Aus- Irlun treaty means Hint OLTIIVJ.I-) tion troops 'of tlte four (lowers will remain in Austria for several more months. The Soviets also will kee;j "communication line" troops in Romania uncl Hungary. The basic obstacle to Austrian fifjrromeiil i.s the rjur.stion ol Oer-J man i-^-sc-ls in that country to be used as Ccrinnn reparations. Ma,'- I .sliall charges that the Soviet de;- initiojj of such assets would give Russia a stranglehold on the AU-J-I Irian economy and crate n pu;:iK>U slate. | 'American, British and French di'l- egales have made proposals lo meet the Soviet position as far as possible, i>ut accordin;; to Marshall the- Soviets have not change;! iheii' IHistllon on e iota since the deputies met in London last February. Marshall said last nigiit. "unless the Soviet delegation has some concrete proposal to make on this subject...we must accept the fa";t that furllu'i- progress in tile Aus 1 - tiian treaty is impossible at this conference." On this issue, «s n" most otln'r inuj.w disaf;reements, nnssiu stands alone against the three Western powers. I four-power German disarmament The conference has been a dls-'pact and acceptance of gcnei-.U appointment to the Western na- priir.ii;les for Germany. None ol i.on ministers, who must, return these has been accomplished. home without the absolute mini- i •— - •• — mum for which they had hoped. Marshall had hoj'cd for an An^- Iriaji treaty, fi^recment on the Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any gtM T. L MABRY 423 MISSOUUI fiT. PH. 3UJ1 Just Arrived! 1 New 12-ff. Double Duty Meat Case For Information, I'honc DELL SCOTT telephone 2250 Gen. Charles Do Gruillc is pictured in Pur is announcing, formation, under his leadership, of a new French political parly called "The People's Hally." He'll chaUcMifie present power ol France's BiK Throe—the Communists, Socialists and Popular KcpubHcatis. Bishop Calls _ *^ . For Crusade Against Liquor MACON, as., .April 24. (UP) — Bishop Arthur-J. Moore of the Georjia-FJorida Methodist Conference t<5day called for a crusade against organized liquor traffic which he said has been a "debasing influence in poHtics.' 1 Addressing the first state convention of the new Georgia'Tem- perance -league Moore snicl : thal the: whiskey'.trade is a "parasite on.iegiifmale >trttde."i. : r ., /. .'.'-•Something, "has yhppened to the iJeals of : 'tlie people." ?ioore said, "when they are willing to educate th'e'if .childrn, ;pay their state ex- i:2nsc s and build roads' Irom revenues, received from the 'vices of cur people." Child Falls Into Sewer; Body is Recovered Nine Miles From Open Manhole nCSTON. April :M. (UP)—After belnij s\vc?pt nearly nine miles •through suift-f lotting sewer, tlie body of a three-year-old Mnltapai) boy was recovered from the surf off Nut Island In Quiiicy Hay. Anthony Tnmniaro tell into mi open manhole near his home yesterday while playing with Ills foitr- yenr-old brother, John. ills body was found late last night near a wire mesh sea-screen at the Ilotisrir.s Neck pumping station. Meclicnl Kx- fttnlner George D .Dalioii attributed death fo nccldenln! drowning. Restaurants and Hotels Get Lqrc-er Sugar Quota WASHINGTON,'April 24. (OP)— Rpstaiirnnts, hotels, hos.pttnls and similar institutional types of sugar Users xoday were granted a S5 per cent Increase in rations for May and June to match recent increases Bivcn . to housewives and industrial users. . ' PLUMS from frre hills of .OREGON PLUS-POWEK at LOW COST New all llie way through, Iho ruggod 4-cy'indor ".'.4," liVco olhor Mcssoy-Harris tractors, has a gioal capacity for woilc. For Iho tarrat-r v/ho prefers a lour^^linder tractor, horc's 3-plow power at il.i KO- nomical besl! Thoroughly tested on Iaim= liV-o youis with occuialo checks on ixjriormar.ce— th« "44" hcs proved itoll a chcimpion in all kinds ol field and belt worlc. For your heavy plowing, hirjh-speej discing, planting add cultivating the new "14" delivers ellortle^s power on ovary drawbar, P.T.O. or boll job ... dependable power with an extra rnargm in reserve ... a v.'ido ranga ol practical spo :li with the S^psed ttansmiasion. You'll Enjoy More Cor.,forf v/iJ/i the " VefveNRide" Seaf you've suffered altei long houia on a coiwtntianal tractor icai for lra«or riding "smooth as velvet," make it a Massey-Kams! '61' Implement Co. No. Highway 61 I'hnitc 2112 Re*W!**A&l, MftSSEY-HAR RI S tf'W S"&R"S H I f IS « MftRK OT GOdD FARM -HAIUGEM-f HT Assorted Flavors ROYAL DESSERTS Pkg.lOc 3 Tall or 6 PET MILK 37c Fireside -oz. Pkg. lOc Brand CONLENSED M!L Can 27c ALL GREEN TIPS No. 2 can 3 TENDER LEAH 4 KITCHEN CHARM 1 Ib, . 24< -1 !b. pkg. WISCONSIN HOOI' strand 16 oi. ROM AC JACKSON'S No. 2Vz Can SAUERKRAUT - No. 2 Cans HOMINY - - AEROPLANE PEAS - - - - - 10c 3 for 25c 2 for 23c Gcrbcr's or Heinz Strained 6 for 430 s • va g ^ff WK / ~ OXFORD No. 2V2 CAN TOMA10ES - - - canZOc SOUR GHERKIN PICKLES - - 16oz.iar10c MARCO — QUART JAR MOSTARD - - - lOc PURE CANE SUGAR - - - 5!b$.47c MEATS HOOl' Ih . • • i IU, 1U,UK HONNIvT OLEOMARGARINE Ib. 44c ItlVKRSlDK HKANI) SLICED BACON . lb.55c IHIKIC HKEF GROUND BEEF . lb.B4c TKNDKK & TASTY. CHUCK BEEFROASI . . !b,44c NICK TKNDHIt STEAK . . . Ib. 59c GftADK "A" BOLOGNA . . . lb.34c MAYKOSK IJNK SAUSAGE , . . ' Baked Corn With Cheese GLASS CHEESE each25c ©ijfe^rifefi T -4^^ -i^* 1 ^^^ CAMPBELL'S TOMATO m ra V/EST PACK, Whole Fancy I' JACK SPRAT — No. 2 Can American ctieeio 'I urn on oven; set nt moderately slo\f (350 F.). Cook green pepper slowly 5 minutes in shotremng. Add milk, corn liquid and cheese. Herat slowly umil cheese Jn^lts- Stir slowly into cKj^uly beaten egg yolks. Mix in brcatl cubrs, corn, sale and pepper. Fold in stilHy beaten, egg whites. Put into grensrci 1 '/2-quart baking dish. Sec in pan ' containing nbuiit an inch of hot water. Bake about '(5 mtrimcs, or until ftrn>. Serve hoc. Makes 4 scrvinj*s, Von Will ft ceil; PET MILK can Whole Kernel CORN, csn 18c American CHEESE 2Shr>83c EGGS Do* 49c HUNT'S SEEDLESS — 15-oi. • pkg. lit - pkg. 15c bch. lOc CRISPY STALKS CELERY - - - ea.15c GARDEN FRESH CARROTS . . bch.Sc TENDER FRESH BEETS . . . Louisiana Red Ripe Strawberries YELLOW SQUASH . TENDER GREEN SPINACH . . Ib.tOc CANOVA, MAXWELL HOUSK, OLD JUDGE, FOLGERS COFFEE ...... 1 ib. - • head TENDER SMALL HEADS CABBAGE . . lb,3k TENDER GREEN SHOOTS ASPARAGUS . !b.25c LARGE 300 SIZE LEMONS . . doz,28c MARSH SEEDLESS Grapefruit10lbbag33c U.S. No. 1 RED TRIUMPH POTATOES-10 lbs.45p U.S. No. 1 ' YAMS U.S. No. 1 WASHED Porto Kican 3 Lbs. GASH CROC!

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