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The News Journal from Wilmington, Delaware • Page 11
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The News Journal from Wilmington, Delaware • Page 11

The News Journali
Wilmington, Delaware
Issue Date:

Eleven Journal-Kverv Evening, Wilmington. Delaware Monday. Seplnnher 22. 19 11 School Transportation Funds Slaff Arranging Soldiers' Dances al Fort DuPont "yji'jjWM fflirBg Criminal Trial II ries Ca lied ForCourtWork Fare Deficit of $1 1,000 or Year U. of D. Giving Degrees to 3 Military Heads matt Dr. Marry V. Ifnllouay, Stale Superintendent. Make Announcement After Study 10,000 Kmertfem Fund FxiM DOVER, Sept. 22- 'Special School transporlalion finds in D-ware face a' deficit of 8ttut $HKX) for the year. Dr. H. Headway, state superintendent of public instruction. di.r.lo-e1. After stud vir. 2 the report of J. bus-noss mar.aZT for i -est w- 1 i ''v)i 20 (ars, 2. Drfciiflant, (Jn uirtft Calendar; Policy Pica Scheduled Twenty cases involving 25 defendants were announced a ready for trial today on the criminal calendar in the Court nf General Sessions before JudR-cs Charle.s Richards and Frank Spenkman Juries wore called to begin hearing the cases. Motions filed by Francis A. Reyr-don, attorney, to quash info: mat ions in a scries of 16 on policy writing charges, will heard late tills afternoon. Mr. Reardon. in his motions, contends the information- "do not plainly and fully inform the defendant of the nature and rau-o of the accusation against him." and that they "do not. contain a plain statement of the elements of th ofTense so as to sufficiently and inform the defendant of the na'u'e and cause of the accusation aja.n.-it-him." Appeals Appeals wr dismissed and r-v-ords were remanded In the foiloAtns cases Helen Kerlin of the 6f)0 blot r- Sou tli Street; ore members fir Terf Cross group ir.h irh has brn making arrangements frr dances at Fort DvPnnt Tate, Lieut. Albert C. Moms, chaplain: Dudley Gray, Miss Jane pJummer, and Left to right are: Msa Betty Comegya. Miss hay Lord. Mrs, a etsnv u. Mai. ewman L. Mart el, Lieut. George A. O'Gnrman, c'saplam Airs. Miss Jeanette Wriptt. Dahlias From 11 oopes Garden Win Four Outstanding Prizes IslHearn, 400 block Fast Fleventh Delaware Knlries Sweep Ualtimore Show, (iatlierin; Top Honors: One of Few ime in Fxhihit ion Hi-forv That One Fxhihitr Has red So HeaviK The Glendon Dahlia Gardens on Brindley Road oppasi'r DuPnr.t Airport, owned bv Macmillan Hoopes. won four outstanding prizes in the seventeen' annua! fall flower show of the Baltimore Dahlia Socio which opened yesterday at the pfth Reaiment Armory Rnhimore. This marks one of the few times in the history of the sone'v's shows that such a record been made bv any one Kehold. Ifolrojiih. Mainly Boiii Honored at College Com oration Ore monies Hororary doer cos will bo ron-ferred upon three former Dcla-vinTans arc now among the hicho.o in iho states Army. Navy. and Marine Corps at the convocation exercise of the University of Delaware this afternoon. The exercise.5:, expected 'O be bv about 5.00 persons, will b-z-n 4:15 p. daylight time, an academic procrvion which proceed Those 'ipor M.tche: wnom i onorarv i its will be bestowed, with. Ur W. O. Sniierri orator, are: Mai- ('5 on. Euiietie I. S. Armv Reynold, chief of the Corps of Engineers: Kear Admiral W. H. P. Blandy. chief of the Bureau of Ordnance. S. Navy; and Ma.i.-Ocn Thorn. commandant of the TJ. S. Marino Corp. Yale's Fx -Head To Speak The decree of doctor cf science will be best owed on Admiral Bla 1'idy; while -Gen. Reybold will be honored with a degree in rig.iieeriiig, and General Holcomb a decree a.s doc: or of civil law. Dr. James Rowland Ancoll. -emeritus of Yale University, ill be ho principal convocation Dr. Ane'd and the honor H'lllire-s at the exercises were the: gue.t.s of Dr. Walter president of the home. The Knoll, pre- con vocation. Baoenulareato decrees will also be awarder a.s follows: Women's Col- Carniol.a Mary Cimmeilo and, Phvlli.s Jane Wood, hot of Wil- u-lu-Ior of ar's: Lillian Mr, Wilmington. Mabel Fll: Ho.irue. Delmir: Ada Firr Hlmbrock. Newark, and Vir- a .1 IV" Jones. Ciavton. in education. Iloqrees isted of arts riroes will be he follow ir.e students of Dana Bigelow us Dlawa re Christie. Rvt-er: nadc Mil'on Rt James Warren, and Thomas Worth, all of Wil- William War or Henmne. Wilham Howa-ri Mar-vl. Jr Miliorri. and Her.ry Gritting-r Siicrer, Newark. Mas; or of arts degrees will lie warded to Dallas Hrchcns. Dover, and John Andrew Munroe. Master of science rie- be a to Harold Avdet.T-e 1 Si rah Ma Kenton, and 'A''-'p: of a mas'er of science in ed'ica'ion decree wit; be Grace Cohee Mxre. a r- flvnrrie, (I a a I St ud Closinu Philadelphia Speaker Mnv Try day to neon rage 'ii n- Shutdown Program s' of many service low,'.-ne dealers ernorrow rugh." a new work out the shortage John b. evr.olds the New ca Count Dealers' Assoc: at the to ff-m Kent, and Su bie nresicien ot Pea 1 1 Gaso- has called dealer groups ivpx Counties 'lie meeting will Cub. a 10 King at '30 clock ri 1 I Js the rhiladrlrhia f--n. wt u-. C.vr i-J p. Dea pre c.cor.t rs' Associa-. posed a two-1 service sta-d. rse small tie lo-iS the the speaker. Jacoy may dealers the wha' will be err. a cal. many stations have ir.g the sup. -ubtect the e-n rts aitot f. s-atiors N-t Castle a r. dh. r. "tppl.f a a few and rural Tsere ves- 62nl ffa-t Artillery in- District Award CZnd Artillery has en com-7i: y.cs- out a nding unit of the Crf Artillery District wir.r. ftf "hr period ended July-Si i tiileiy outfit r- F'-r: DuPont. Hancock. tr n. and Th.e rz.vr-.' has passfd through t' i of )' i' at Fort C-c pc summer. im v. i esc rve corps beer as no 1 Aclull Classes Begin Tonight 4 4 i i i i i ti I ii in ti School Schedule xnnonm-ed Director I Tlie aii'umn schedule of Ameri- ion and adult education i courses Wilmington ill hoc in to-: mcht. ith classes at 7 o'clock, in West End Neighborhood and No. 19 School. Miss Marsiuente H.l Rurnett, (iirei 'oi (f adult educa- lion, nnnoimcofl. Classes Kncli-ii and pro para- tion for it izenshiji ill be held from 7 to o'clock, aci-ordint: to tiie fol- lowing Each Monday arid Tuesday evenin-; the Neighbor- hoo! House anl No. Hi School; I Wednosda in Bancroft Schools: and Tin and Mar via C. I. Williams John Palmer School, and Wednesdays Gray School, Other classes will meet from 7.3b to Od'O o'clock, according to the following schedule; Wilmington High School Tuesday and Thursday. Bin pi is for advanced fo'Cign-born. Palmer School physical education for men and bos. and Wednesday ph.vs-TI for women and girls: Lore Monrl.iv. health and physical educat ion for girl and womn: R.tyard S-chool, Thursday, general adult education courses including physical education, arts and era us. wood shop and metal shop. Classes in elementary education for Negroes will moo: Tucsda.s and Thursdays a' Howard School. Sovv-itic groups will Tuesday evening- at Howard Elbert and No. 21 Schools. The Elbert School will be open Tuesday evening for physical education for boys and men. and Thursdays for recreation frr adults. Morford Will Attend Meeting James R. Morford will a ten" no i annual of th0 Na'ional A.sf?iation of At tome vs General to he held in Indianapolis Sep'. 29 and 30. Running concurrently will be the annua, meeting he American oar Association, Mr. Mor- ford also will attend as state dele-) gate, William Poole. Wilmington attorney, wul participate in the latter session as delegate from the Delaware Bar Association. Ma jor Lack Is Assigned Year's Extended Dutv Mai. Normal M. Lack, Corps of Engineers. U. S. Army, resident of New Castle, has been ordered to a year's extended active duty on Nov. 1. Major Lack was called to active duty last fall and is stationed at Governors Island. N. Y. He was president of the Depart-i meat of Delaware, Reserve Officers' Association, at the time lie was called tot active rintv. first with the Delaware Selective Service System. and then with the army at Governors Island. I Dr o.y'A a 020. the appr Her Troth Announced 4 j' 1 4 'S ir ft W7 A rj r.rr: 'fr r.rrj 0 lit" 1 rrr -r- rr'1 7r i -'-'-7 er ri der S700 Damages In Truck Crash Loatl of Los: Rf.lU Off Bed Of Trailer in rrident On Governor Printz Road Da ma ima a le north-bound section nor Prtntz 3ouv.ard capea tnjurv. Leslie driving make a lf vird as Arlam art. ne Wi Ac (Ttv and Stat Police at Pistol hool sn t-'. uo lsV 3 fat" CS aC.C The state police George K. Schnettcr ar.d Wrllia William J. Ddwdieit In the Class ci ton second team shed Members of this team were Krauss. Palmer Springer and Paul Blanket-in The first Wilmington team score of 1,111: the state polict: and the second Wilmington na: 2x team VO. Sheen Doi; (irouj b.u sheep dog from the Round. Table Kennels cf Mr lames H. Mi, of Delaware City, carried on" honors in the working group dog show held at ir.g:. Prince was also entered show held Saturday at Hirri 'A and was second ir: ta Ic Gn a rds VI ii Out Enlist ment. Men F5elea-ed From Ac five Army Duty to Fe Held on KolI. of Mifitin Aim Or-lT Cj 'I t'rf v. (. of On (. Dinner Annual Forrman- Mertinc Of i To Hoar Talk nn l)pffne i. ir killed rker in Hawaii A 1 54. Co! la p-r- on Sire- Mr-' i -y re i Walter 1 10 phen street; Fcui th Street; i .1 J. Lincoln G.loer-. 1 Eaf. Six'centrv Stree Syny, B01 New Cattle I Ham A. Cu 734 51a, Street; Irving N. Bron. 4o6 Third Sre Walter W. 04 Lombard Street; Henry H. Jones, 424 Tatnall St reet Robert Terrell 221 Poplar Street, and Henry L. Waort, 322 East Tenth Street. State Department of Pu.i' In- transportation costs total a bote. $.114 is only $300,000. I.mcrjrnry I nml Fxit Use of a. $10,000 emergency fund provider! for the schools v.ould re duco the transportation dofirj' 'o about Dr. Holloway said The report does not, take rori'-ance of a special $10,000 fund appropriated to transport, pupils oe-sirine to obtain vocational trainir.z in Wilmington schools. Tit" report, haseri on an enrollment forecast ns of the ope-ninz of school and on a school year of 1 5 clays, states. "It, would appear at. the beginning of the year 4 at we face deficit of about $14,000. The cost 5.1 in Nev Counf is at, $77,652 'r. the rate nf per (buses in Kent County at $71,741 or per flay; and of Ji7 r- in S'i-'cx County $112,111.55. or i $517 07 per day. I 215 Vehicle In T'se The total bus eysr cs'imt is or $261,557 ft-1, with 245 vhic i us. The figures do no1 ir c'o cost of accident insurance. The cost of transport a 'ion 5a-' i vear was $.110,673.23. which induced eon'raoL pri-! vate. insurance, and S3 319 fa other costs. Also, some bus was lost during last, year due weather cnnditieins. Cotisirtering the commit men, of $261 ,557.83 fer contract, trarpfs -I tion. plus $4,655 for accident stirn nee pr'mi'im. and otl-ier ror-ts will apprrv)mate th" for this Veaf for ia-t vear. 45. there is a pro' poo cost Vt I 4 2R Toward the close of t-o 1D30-4O year, the fund was exha.usreol. A deficiency bill i meet 'ho deficit, which had to i pa id bus oon'ractot" or schctCjt triets whi' assumed fho ey co- 1 was passed bv the lasT S'ate la'ure. Man Fournl Drnd On Halhroom Floor J. Howard Mgeei f2 years old. of 702 North Van Buren S'tee. 1 found dead on the baihr.wm noer by his wife, Mrs. Lillian Mcgee, rnornir: abou-. 4.30 o'cloek. He a- dead bv Dr. lin and he coroner's -va. r.ot;-' fled. rKah was attnbuVd to a hear' 'he repored. The funral a ill take place fr'm the- Chandler Funeral Hrr.e, lh-ware and 3 roe. Thursday ttiornin; at 11 o'clock. In-: torment will be Odd Cemetery at Mil 'on. Survivms; Mr. Mc-get ar hL' wife; a son. Howard W. Meg of Vow York three bro'hers. H. Megee of Philadeiprua Megee of Nta'-hviile. and Lloyd Megee of Mich.gan, and a Mrs. W. W. Cor. well of Norfolk. Va. For many years. Mr. Mcgee was the marine business in Now Yors C-tv, ar.d had retired some ago. He a member of Lafayette No. 14. A. F. and A. M. 198th to Defend earb' District State Regiment Assigned To Philadelphia Area Oct. to lo Delaware 133th Coast Regiment nrocs "if- will visit Philadeiprua to participate in the air defense and earning maneuvers to be held 9 to 16. The 108th has been assigned to aid in defending Philadelphia during the maneuvers. Defenses of will bo tested vers ana the warning servu ne as-or scat curing th? ma lewly organized manned by American Legion and other ice bo is out. The Delaware National regiment, now at Fort Or.tar: 'A'lJ tase par ut tne wo-X ut the First Interceptor Command from Massachusetts to North Carolina. During the maneuvers. a.rci aft observers in Pennsylvania. Del i-ware and New Jersey will forward information to centers front it will be sent to the V. S. Army. 25th Anniversary For Morris Plan Bank The Wilmington Morris Plan Bank will hold a dinner meeting Friday pvening, Oct. 17, at 6:30 o'clock in the Georgian Room of the Hotel DuPont in celebration of its twenty- fifth anniversary Guests will include Arthur J. Morris, founder of the bank and several of the leading business men of Wimington. The dinner will follow a board meeting to be held at I fho hank at. 4 o'etrvok in the at'c-- noon of the same day. Roy den C. Bryan is president. W. C. T. To Meet The first fail meeting of the Centenary Woman's Christian Temperance Union will be held tomorrow evening at 8.30 o'clock at th? Walnut Street Christian Association. Mrs. Esther Porter, the president. will preside. There will be a special program in addition to election delegates to the state W. U. convention in Smyrna Oct. 8. 9. and 10. Hov Hurt at Plav David Tait, 6 years old. son of Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Tait of Linda- mere, suffered a possible fracture of the right, upper arm today when he Street, and Bertha Rhvno the 300 block Townsend Street, each charger! with policy writ ins: Odell Mitchell of New Castle Hundred. charged with improper xeiv trat ion and Daniel Cephas, charged witn selling liquor, and Bertha Burke, charged wi'h improper conduct- Medford H. Marshall of Holland. P. F. No. 2, pleaded guilty ant! applied for a parole on appeals of reckless diiving, leaving he scene of an accident and oper-ating ithout a license hat got: The foj'owire eases were con'in-ueci until the November term Ca-es on inued Boa trie Chandler of the- too bio' Eact Sixth Sttect, charged wi'h assault and battery; Poid Turner of the 20(1 block West Twelfth Street, charged wi'h driving while drunk; King S. Thomas of the 700 block St for cliai with lar- on Charles A. Duck or of warning ton. charged witii improper conduct. Charles Edward I lour, of Brandywine Hundred, charged with breaking and entering, Josopjj re. pobo. an appeal on a lirjuor -eliitig hat go; and George L. an appeal on a larceny charge, F. Brennan and Fratins Wesr of Wilmington, charged with attempted larceny of a motor valued at $100 and belonging-to Andre a- Von Rowinski. were sentenced to three months. each, by Judge Speakman after a jury returned a verdict of guilty wi'h recommendation mercy. Chief Deputy Clair J. Kiiloran prosecuted the case. Fdwarri K. Bo wen. ehargo'd w. robbing James Faulkner of $2 3.5. was found guilty by a jurv before Judge Richards. Deputy Thomas Herlihy, prosecuted Vile case. 2 Delawareans Accepted In Flying Cadet Service William Joseph McLoughry, 33 North Bradford Street. Dover, and Marion Clark Hudson, Fourth Street. Delmar. have been notified they have been accepted as aviation cadets. Capt. Charles F. Schell. assistant army recruiting officer for Delaware the two men had been notified to report to the armv recruiting office in the postoffice building. nungton. McLoughry will leae here for Parks Air College. East St. Louis. Til and Hudson for the Spartan Aircraft Company. Tulsa, Okla for primary training. Both report to the respective schools by Oct. 1. 12 Building Permits To Complete Addition Permits for the construction of the final 12 in a 42 house project being built by the Cantera Construction Company were issued today by Building Inspector M. J. Fidance. The houses, valued at $4,500 each, will be constructed on Beech Street between DuPont, and Scott. Thirty of the houses, in the same section. I have been completed. City Court docket today before Deputy being dismissed. criminal assault, were held without until Wednesday. They arc Frank 1 of the owner, was fined $20 and costs. A charge of operating without a license was retired. Autoist Fined 100 Charged with leaving the scene of an accident. William Jackson 200 block Poplar Street, was fined $100 and costs. Ulyses A. Gordon, 400 East Seventh Street, charged with allowing an unlicensed driver to operate his car, was fined $10 and costs. On. a charge of disorderly conduct, James Duncan, 600 block Washington Street, was fined $10 and costs. George R. Armstead 800 block North DuPont Street, was fined $1 and costs on a disorderly conduct charge. Mrs. Bertha E. Washell, 600 block West Street, charged with disorderly conduct, was fined $1 and casts. Charged with peddling contraceptives without a license, Isaac Dove-berg, Philadelphia, was fined $50 and costs. The prizes won b- the Glendon Dahlia Ciarden "American Home Medal." in the new classes and seedlings it ies follow Achievement variety dahlia open to in th.e 'House Hoautiful Award' fust in the haske or vase display of 12 dahlia blooms. Kivini: th.e winner the Gov. Herbert. R. O'Conor Trophy, and first Raltimoro dah.lia social ropii'. sweepstake class, for the bos' bloom exhibited in the show i so.ecfui carrymc America from the entire s'now with it. the' award of th' Dah.lia Society Medal Other Honors In addition to winning the ovu standing awards of the show. Mr. Hoopes also won a number of other firsts and seconds in minor classes In winninc the American Home Achievement Medal. Mr. Hoopes' entries won hree firsts and a second, including an entry of three blooms, three oars or older, that have never won in rla In taking the Governor Conor Trophy the Glendon Gardens entry won great praise from the jurices. with an exhioi of 12 dahlias of new variety flowers, two years old or over. The House Award, taken bv Mr. Hoopes. was ridged from the standpoint of the best s. blooms, of one or more than one. of the varieties, selected for House Beautiful' Dahlia Fuiunty" article bv J. W. Johnston, published in the December, 1940. issue of House Beautiful. The class wa.s open to all. Gives Credit To Manajfr interviewed on his return to this today from the show. Mr. Hoopes ex great pleasure wi-h the showing of his entries. Much credit for tne achievement. Mr. Hoopes said, belongs to Robert C. who manages the Glenden Dahlia Gardens for him. Mr. Hoopes aLo said ho will haip rntri-s in the National Dahlia Show Wednesday at the American Museum of National History Build -inc. New York City: and on Sep. 27. at Harding Hall. Washington. C. Walnut Street Group Anniversary Those persons birth to the Walnut Stree Association realised th? oas gave Christian oat er.ts r- children often need r.eio for because we live a world wnere almost all things ate measured in terms, of monev. George S. Schuyler of New York. manager of said yesterday afternoon before a meeting of trie association. Mr. Scnuvicr spoke to more than 400 members and friends of the association at services marking tne first anniversary cf its founding. He was intrccuced bv Mrs. Gomatcr T. Gilbert, who presided. The services onened with the n- vocation by the Rev. E.rl H. Crampton. The men's chorus under i the d'lreenon of Jefferson White i sang A. several selections. I ne l-tcv. i Gregory ga vc the benediction. H. B. Robertson Is Winner Henry B. Robertson of near Cen-treviile was among 66 prize winners in the 'Image of Freedom'' photographic contest held recently in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. prize winning prints, for which purchase prices of $25 each will be paid, whi QC placed on exhibition in the museum i from Oe. 29 t-o Jan. 11. i neighboring county closed in from west. The police found the fugitive car. which had run out of gasoline and been abandoned by Brackett and Thomas who had fled into the swamp. After going some distance through '-he swamps they changed their rninds and returned to surrender to police. Police said the youths admitted they stole the automobile in Wil mington. Brackett is on parole from a Virginia institution for automo- bile theft there, police said. Neither Wilmington nor state police have received word from Florida identifying owner of the stolen auto. i I i Car Mils Span. Two Bovs Hurl Drier in Hospital After Anto Is I )eiiiol i-liel In Hreck's Lane Two youths were Su'ured when the automobile which they were riding, operated by Leon Jamies.m. IS. of Augustine Mills, struck 'no iron sii Lane at of a bridge on ITcnrv last in Hie- i ie on ture of the ho scalp hold tin and a tend a a skull and tnd face. Delaware roa said his possiole a cor a i He Ho-p. it. con ton good. Charles Warner. 17 gust me Mills, a a car. suifereri lace; at tne face an.d A. monger is and rt He r. A -t -cs re iea.eo itorn same nospitai a treatment. Albert Warner. a of Ciiarles. ri.1:ng 1:1 tne bark scat of the tar. wis Privates August Umbrecht and John D. Jo.sepiis of the st.i'o no ire said he car failed to make sharp turn the road and struck the iron side on the nzht of the bridge. Both wheels on the right of the car were torn off and the La; was demolished. Jamieson will be oh.argvj vith driving withou an V. license and reckless dri'-ihg hen a se from he hospital, roVe? said Naval Motion Pictures Available to He Shown Chief Quartermaster Charles Crue. a vy recruiter. poctcfflec building. has received a talking motion picture machine with which he will present navy motion pictures to clubs, civic organizations, and other groups interested in navy life. Ho now has eight reels on various I phases of navy activity including the i fleet maneuvers, naval aviation, ath- leies in the navy, and other sub- jocts. Organizations interested in seeing any of the pictures should communicate with Chief Crue in me posiomce Duiiain Three Larceny Keport- Pendinir Before Pnlier No arrests had been made by po- nee todav in tne three cases of larceny reported over the week-end. James M. Jamison. Dillwyn. reported an overnight bag and wallet, containing SI 3, were stolen from his automobile near Front and French Streets early yesterday. William H. Macey, 209 Tatnall Street, reported his room at that I address broken into and furniture! CSO vt.uxge iiougn. iug west Front Street, told police clothing valued at $11 was stolen from nis back vard. Rescued From River, Woman Leaves Hospital Mrs. Hilde Paris, of the 100 block East Fifteenth Street, who was rescued, from drowning in the Bran- rivu inr St-ji i irrl -i n.or. 3 ii.v.. uaj iS.rt.St..U tocay at noon from the Delaware Hospital. Mrs. Paris was rescued by Rov Keith, of 310 Market Street, after she had plunged 50 feet from the bridge at Eeighteenth and Market Streets. At the Delaware Hospital where she was taken by police, she wa.s treated for shock, and bruises. Tinted Nails May Cure Thumb-Sucking Habit -BOSTON U.F) Paint baby daugra tor's fingernails bright red to cure her thumb-sucking habits is the aice offered' despairing parents by Dr. Richard H. Norton. Feminin vanity, even at three or four years, he told the Massachusetts Dental Society, is aroused by colorful nails. Dr. Norton says the experiment was tried on his granddaughter and that "the child was delighted and has not put her fingers in her mouth since." Before that, he said, the family had tried a number of evil-tastinr solutions without success. I 1 i 14 Tipsy Cases Are Among 87 To Get Hearing in City Court 12 Drunkenness Defendants Fined Total of $53 And Tmo Dismissed; Four Criminal Assault Suspects Held Without Bond for Trial on Wednesday Fighiy-seven cases marked the Judge P. Warren Green. Fourteen defendants were arraigned on charges of being drunk 12 into Stolen in Wilmington Found in Florida Ever glades Tiro of 16 Called by Draft Here Come From July's Registration being fined a total of $53 and two Four defendants, charged with bail and their cases were continued W. Danish of the 1100 block Lan- caster Avenue, Richard J. Reimer and Charles s. Dobek of the 1100 block Beech Street, and Anthony J. Falkowski, the 900 block Anchorage Street. They are alleged to have assaulted Marie Hutchms of the 1000 block Trenton Place at the loot of Commerce Street and were arrested early yesterday morning. Fined S100 and Costs John Gould of Bellevue pleaded guilty to a charge of operating an automobile under the influence of liquor and was fined $100 and costs. Thomas J. Brainard of the 600 block West Sixth Street was fined $10 and costs on a charge of operating an unregistered car. Delia R. Steltz of the 1100 block North Grant Avenue was held in $300 bail for the Court of General Sessions on a charge of larceny of tw-o rings valued at $80 and belonging to Jeanette Shrieves, 600 block South Clayton Street. Clarence Turner of Kennett Square, charged with operating an automobile without the consent 1 wo Flor.da were iterolay wim Wi.min-r'rm '-r. a i itomob.le r'hase he police er.nals of Florida They re Rob- o-t A 21, and John L. Thomas. 20. They were r.iifs'ed after an 80- on Florida's Tamiami 1 Trp.l. Patrolmen T. I. Aditms and I Strong r-aid the youths fled! f.s federal agents to cues-1 li on them in Miami. A dispatcher or Miami au cars and Adkins and E'ronz set out on the highway legdir.c acro'-s ne desolate Florida ergladrs to Tampa. Paticlmen and the sheriff of a Two cf the- men who hive called up bv Wilmington I va1 Bod No 4 f'or induction "ex a -tiin a tions Oct. the se I registration list compiled July I And among the 16 are two bro; fliers, Max Simon, 21. one of th-? new registrants, and his brother, Louis. 2b. of 1300 Walnut Street, 1 Donald H. Reilly. 21. of 433 South I Keald Street, is the other new re 5- fell during recess at Mt. Pleasant tram. School. The child's mother took The other men. who will be esim-him to The. Memorial Hospital for i ined in Camden. NT. are: Kthel-treatment. ben W. Bartley, 401 Walnut Street;

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