The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 23, 1944
Page 8
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t'AGEEIGHT " BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, DECEMBER 23, 19-14 three Welches On Arena Card Brother Trio Slated To Meet Von Ludwig, Canny and Roberts :.'.' . ; THE CARD -. -• 6-Man T*» Maleh Roy Welch (215) Joe Welch (198) Jack Welch (195) Versus. "Wild Bill" Canny (215) and "Rough Red" Roberta (210) Otto Von Ludwlff (198) Two Best Falls of Three • 90-Minute Time Limit j Their spirits raised to lofty heights over expectations of an exciting evening's entertainment, local wrestling fans a wait the opening gong Monday night which will send (he three Welch Brothers, Roy, Joe and Jack, against the meanic trio Bill Canny; Red'Roberts and Otto, y6ii lAigwig in a'gigantic six-man tag match, Promoter. Mikfi Mero- riey's Christinas present. '"Interest has been. Increasing with Jeans, and bounds ; slncc the Legion matchmaker announced his plans to lipnor BIythcyille mat faithfuls With the' first : sis-man tag match In ring'history;" ' ", • " V This announcement -took on added significance when .he revealed the cast for his prospective action packed program which,'promises' to |."toughcst guy"— the native who can exceed in Intensity 'any thing that lick every other man In his unit— twecn the Welch hoys, Roy nnd Joe, and the villainous pnlr, Red Roberts and'Dili Canny. They recall with fond memories the hls- :orlo battles and brawls which this quartet engaged to their entertainment and always pack Ihc small stadium to the rafters whenever .hey appear. Now that the Promoter has added another of the Welches to the well <hown and popular'noy and Joe, and piled on another meanlc, Otto Von Ludwtg, on the other side, the customers vision that much more fun and excitement and have made n rush on the advance ticket office, indicating a possible now attendance record for the year. Await Third Wclrli The Initial appearance of Jack Welch, who is younger than Roy and older Ihnn Joe, holds more Ihnu passing interest. Almost ns large ns his brothers, Jack Is reported to be .equally ns brilliant and clever. He has been wrestling practically nil his life as an amateur nnd has n whole trunk full of cups and medals to show for his prowess. Several years ngo he consented to the pleas of Roy nnd Joe to enter the professional ranks nnd has gone over with'the fnns in u great big way. 11*. DOPE BUCKET •i j. r. ntiiND Pasadena Foes Hard At Work Southern Col Squad Sharpens Up Passing For Tennessee Vols ANNUAL I am old fashioned. I still believe in Santa Claus, I start looking for him on Dec. 20 and nwalt his coming through the next 304 days with Ihe excitement of n youngster expecting his first air- gun, or bicycle. .. t * Also, I believe In lettlng'iht bc- whiskercd gent know nt'least a few of the outstanding things 1 I want nnd begnn a custom many years ago of writing n letter In which these desires were outlined. Since the Jolly ol 1 fellow Is Just about all set for Ills annual rilercy jaunt to spread good cheer I hnve implored my already tired and of these lx>ys and Just knowing them has added much to my life, Jay their trust In GoU nnd In mnklnd never be shaken. Instead, I ^ nay it be more strengthened, | inner In the knowledge and faith if Him wlio giveth and tnkcth .way nnd hns n nlnce prepared for )ls own. Finally, Mr. Santa Claus, I want o convey my thanks to all who inve contributed to this feeble effort during the year; to the boys n service who have been kind Not unlike the others, he not only I battered typewriter lo consent to Is highly skilled, but, aggressive, J»«t o'« mol ' c bcnllng before going daring and alert. Into the case for the holidays. In case you're Intcrescd, I'll let you peek over my shoulder ns 1 hunt out the keys. The Dope's •'Irst of> the three falls, principals to be decide^ by the flip of the coin, gets going promptly at 8:15. Comfort for all kinds of weather Is promised by Legion officials. A hot time Is promised In (he ring. Musi Qualify Will Fisls WITH THE THIRD ENGINEER SPECIAL BRIGADE, Somewhere In the Southwest Pacific (UP) — Realism is tiic keynote In the Papuan "Infantry Battalion, where tlie has ever fore. been presented here . be' ' automatically becomes sergcant- . , major. Sergeant-majors, nt any ; Fans Recall Feud . time, may be challenged by asplr-I . ,-:. Ordinarily, all' that is needed to i nB corporals. Mire the local fans to -Joyous ; 'exuVi" . tatlon is to mention'the feud"be- Read Courier News Want Ads. cubbyhole, 23 December, 1944. Mr. John Q. Bantu Claus, Everywhere. Dear Santa: There Is a feeling of hcsitancs ns I write this annual petition, h view of the terrible ordeal that hai the entire world incased In It! clutches, but my requests nre un usually small'in number nnd ens; to fill. Eo, I trust you won't mini too, too much. First on my list, which has bee to the bone, Santa. I woul rat forget those hoys, friends, relatives nnd sweethearts of ours, wlio WRESTLING Legion Hut, Monday, Dec. 25, 8:75 p. m. Loweil Admission of any ; Wrestlln£ Arena In America. Adnlts, SSc, TK ?c—Tottt, 45c. Reserved Seats, 12c, Tax 3c—To- Ul, ISe. Children'*. 6«*t> 12c, Tn 3c, Total, 15c. ! Reserved Seats.On Sale;at"the Legion Arena . ••' : . Even? Monday, from-. 6 p. m. on SPECIAL CHRISTMAS 6-MAN TAG MATCH The Weffch Brothers I •(Roy;- Jack "'a ml Joe) __ TILL CANNY, RED ROBERTS & OTTO VON , . LUDWIG enough to write and express ap- ircciatlon, and others who have icon generous with your greetings nd extend to them all the season's warmest greetings and best wishes for Ihc coming year. May the true volrll o( Christinas be reflected throughout 1945. Most cordially. J. P. FRIEND. PASADKNA, Calif., Dec. 23, (UP) —lioth the University of Southern California nnd Tennessee football teams arc working hard In prcparn- for the Rose Howl football game. Coach Jeff Cravnth of Southern California has his toys practicing passing with the Idea that If thc> can't move ngninst the Volunteer: along the ground they can do so through the air. Captain Jim Hardy, one of the West Coast's best all-time passers and George Murphy arc the fellowt Bookies Seek To Recover $6400 Seized In Raids HOT SPRINGS, Dec. 23. (UP> — Six Hot Springs horse race book- innkcrs have filed suit against State Police Superintendent Gray Albright In an effort to recover $6,400 seized in raids on their handbooks by state police Inst summer. Plaintiffs In the suit arc Tony Karston. George Pakls, Louis Lon ginottl. Erb Whentley, M. D. Scott nnd Tim Cain. Garlnml Chancery Court Inst July sustained demurrers of nine Hot who arc doing the throwing. Cravath also has been giving his toys plenty of blackboard and skull practice and it's pretty evident that \K is cooking up some new plnys to use on January 1st. Coach John liarnhill of Tennessee Is putting his Volunteers through two practice sessions a day to sharpen them up for the clash with the Trojans. • 'Hie touted Tennessee running nt- lack is much in evidence with the plays based on quick'opening shoots of! tackle and guard. The Vots are pounding each other, the tackling dummy, and the sod. Buster Stephens, the club's best passer, has been doing plenty of heaving and punter Casey Stephenson is getting in his punting practice Read Courier News Wnm Artt Connie Mack Observes His 82nd Birthday LOS ANGELES, Dec. 23. (UP) — Connie Mack, the grand old man of baseball, is celebrating his 82nd birthday today. The well-loved dean of the nation's pastllme lias taken the occasion to suy that he'Wieves the major leagues are certain to enjoy one of their greatest booms after the war. However, the veteran Philadelphia!) emphasizes that there is IK/ place in the major leagues for Pacific coast baseball, Snys Connie: •"I don't believe the majof circuits will ever stretch to the Pacific coast. We have no more for additional tennis, and I ctin't sec any of tho present teams giving up their franchises," And lie adds: "Besides Hint, there is no point ,o the argument. The. Pacific Coast League- Is doing very well in its present structure, and it would only cause disturbances to relocate any of the blg-tlme teams geographi- last year. About the birthday, Muck said: "It doesn't seem that I'm having my 82nd birthday—life seems such a brief time when 1 look back. However I'll admit that each year slipi by faster. They fairly Hy after a man Is 50." But he concluded: "My health Is good now. mid I expect to be with my tciun all next season." The queen bee drops 50,000 eggs in her brood cells every three weeks. cally. On the subject of the government's new Selective Service "work or fight" order, Mack is optimistic insofar as baseball is concerned. He says: "There will always be baseball, (lie; War Department itself wants the game to continue. It has a real morale effect on the boys overseas, because they want to hear about it." He points out that despite the fiict baseball was without many ol Its big "name" stars tills season— attendance was notably better than ?.rc away from • home this year. Springs residents ngninst whom the Many nro , in the battle areas, state had sought Injunctions against .wealing ' , out their life's blood for a cause which we know Is right. Theirs -is a plight which Is anything but In keeping with the spirit of the enemy season as In bitter they battle the weather conditions. Still • others arc in various Army camps, . on .ships, In submarines getting rendy for wliat- uver they may bo called ujion that the world might be free from future tynmny. * , • KI:MKMIIKK FAMILIES We would like for you to convey to them, wherever (hey arc, our sincere best wishes for their welfare and- rcnssurc our faith In them. N& .doubt, they will be happy to know that BlylheviUc and Mls- slppi Couttty went far over the top In lhc ; (llh,' War Doiul Drive and shall do so, In any others that the Treasury Department' deems necessary for the prosecution of the war. Then; Santa, the Blyllievillc and Mississippi .C.owUl', broken homes: the. mothers and fathers who have given sous In this cause, should especially be remembered, We would like for them . to know that ve share (heir deep sorrow.' It was my happy privilege to know most ambling. Chancellor Sam Gnrrnlt neld thiil his court was without jur- .sdiction nnri that the Arkansas nl- torney general had no authority to bihiR such action. Attorney General Guy Williams appealed from this ruling to the Arkansas Supreme Court. 3rd War for Worker, 85 ROCHESTER, N. Y. (UP)—Frank Miller,' 85, who watched the boys march home from the Civil War and has been employed In the Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. plant through three dnys. Is that firm's candidate for the city's oldest war worker. A native of LeRoy, N. Y., Miller made wagon axles before he was employed by the optical firm in 1856. His -tB-ycar-old employment record shows no tardiness and few absences from his work ns polisher maker nnd lens Mocker. Carol Joy of Salinas, Calif., round an abnlone .with. a. shell 29 indies in circumference and containing enough meat to feed a family. about 3u(W of a battle- There are usually volumes In the library ship. All Around the Town-All Around "the World- — to the men andji-onicn oj our community who have served democracy so well in as- ^SMming their wa> time responsibilities to tbe'p'oint'oj 'sacrifice! This'Christmas brings as * its most treasured gift the imminencejijjbc retunioj our men and u-omen in'service — ^ and each day of the Ncw^'carjvillftndjTTcloser tot}je~returril>j ail peacetime'pleasures. " ; "•ittiiiniiiflaiDjijjn- ~'' '"" ' ...,...,.,,; To each oj our friends here at bome^'weexteiid tbe~vefy be7i~u<isbe7of the Yulelide~season ^ —plus the hope that 1945 will bring yoiirjotidest wishes into being jo~r~yourselj and your' ' loved oaes, R. D. Hughes &Co. Why not call us for protection against and H costs you very little to protect your valuables against residence burglary. We specialize in writing open stock burglary for mercantile and mercantile safe burglary insurance. If its Insurance, we hnve it. Dial 3361. REAL ESTATE & INSURANCE CO. CHRISTMAS is" nigh," and the :•»-.,¥- •-•w.-^,, -n. ..^jjj^-. -V.-^ world is filled with hope and ex- peclalions for Peace^ Security, and Good Will for* II." Old Sr Nick is' 'about/ spreading his warm good cheer, and scallering his gifts to *" " 'B«^S»«ia?»-"<v*%K..»**»- -''• *i>i lighlen' your heart and brighten your "spirits." Here's hoping that you'gel "your full quota of his choicest tokens, to keep you nappy r ta7 .t^* ; SBft)i^*sf riVri v?.a'- -x"^' : "' throughout the New Year,; v n GUARD'S AT FIRST SIGMOF.A; RITZl THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK DAY NIGHTS Box Office Opens 7:15— Show BUrUl at 7:3». SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS Box Office Opens 1 Show SUrU 1:15 U5EOOO Cold Preparations as directed Open 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 Last Time Today 'False Colors' Midi Ilopalong Casslcly Serial: "Adventures of the Flying Cadets" Short Saturday Midnight Show Weird Woman with Lou Chancy i- Anne Gwj-nne Selected Shorls Saturday "LUMBERJACK" > with William Itoyd as Hopalong Cassidy lltli Chapter of "1UON CLAW" I'OPEYE COMKDY Saturday OWL SHOW "1 WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE" iVIth James Kllison, Frances Der,| Tom C'oms'iiy ALSO COMEDY Sunday and Monday A CHILD WITHOUT LOVE .. .AND A RUNAWAY DOG' Sunday ONE DAY "ONLY fyrl, GENE flERNEY DON AMECHE CHARLES COBURN Paramount News Short Monday ONE DAY ONLY Tuesday PAL NITE 'Rosie the Riveter 1 Jane Frazcc Selected Short •"" SHARYN MOFFETT ' Jill. ESMOND • UNA O'CONNOR GEORGE CLEVEUND • CHARLES ARNT • CIAI8E CARtElOH Ptod'jced br Ad'ian Scott > Oiitclcd br AJIrrd ffrrter KKO News and FeuliTelLu T Technicolor . SONJA SKATES ...AS WOODY SERENADES! iACK OAKIfi? ROMERO 1 " CAROLE LANDIS Tuesday & Wednesday Tuesday Night Is Opportunity Night • "ALDRICH FOR PRESIDENT" Slurring Jimmy Lydon KKO NEWS anil COMEDY - CHICKASAW West Main Near 21sl St. Sal. starts 12:45; Sun. starts 1:45 .Night shows 5:45 "-• V... : Kxcept Monday, opens G:45 Continuous shows Sat. and. Sun. Last Time Today Double Feature CHEYENNE ROUNDUP'! .•.•..••'• : .-.,V-:;':V.willi-''':-..•.';.•;'•: ohnny Slack Brown & Tex Kilter and 'NOT A LADY'S MAN" with Paul Kelly & Faye Wray Serial: "The. Batman" Short , Sunday and Monday • SO PROUDLY WE HAIL' with Clauclellc Colbert, I'aulelle Goddard & Veronica Lake Universal News Comcily New Theater Manila's Finest What h;ivc you ilone today that some mother's son should die for you tomorrow? —BUY BONDS— in our lobby. No waiting. We are issuing agents. Saturday 'SUNDOWN VALLEY" Serial and Short Saturday OWL SHOW; BABES ON SWING ST." I'cgs.v K.van ami Ann Blythc Selected Shorts with & Frank Albcrlson Sunday and Monday "VERY THOUGHT OF YOU" I Dennis Morgan ana Faye Kmerson| Fox News ft Short Tuesday "MOONL1TE AND CACTUS" Andrews Sislcrs Serial A Short

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