The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 5, 1949
Page 11
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THURSDAY, MAY 5, 19 10 BLYTHEVIU.E (AUK.) COUKIEK NEWS PAGE ELEVEN ! You Are Cordially \ Invited to Visit I The j&ccessonf.Shop! • Fiminine Apparel J Mabi) Hogan Jessie Srile J Hole) Noble Klrtg. i Blytheville. Ark. Theater Cashier Who <nows AH Kids Ages, To Retirt Alter 30 Years ARKADEWHIA. Ark,, May 5. Wj —Arkadelphla klrts may bcglJi fudging a bit on their ages agnln—Mrs. Julia Plckcti Is retiring. Mrs. Plrkelj lias been cashier for (lie Cecil cupp Theaters here for 30 years. Onf of her duties has been to keep posted oil IJlh birthdays— when youngsters have lo begin paying adult admission prices. Now there'll be a new cashier Rt the movie llcket window, wlio. without 3 " years experience, may not be so sharp at spotting 12-year- olds. MOTHBES DAY Choose The Gift She Wants At The Price You Can Afford Airlines Agree On Interchange of Carrier Service WASHINGTON. May 5. ia'i~- V. K. Wooliiun ol Atlanta, president unit genera! manager of Delta Airlines, said yesterday a Delta interchange of equipment with American A!r Lines would meet the needs of OUR- eaiTier service Irotn the south lo the west. Woolman testified before a Civil Aeronautics Board examiner on a proposed southern service to Hie svesl. Seven other Mrllnex h*v« applied (or Ihe routes which Involve tt cities. Examiner Earl Cox said the new routes are being considered to mod demands of passengers who seek single carrier service to the west from the south. Other applicants lor the routes nip Braniff. Continental. Eastern. National, American. Peninsular Air rransport and Pacific International Airways. DEPARTMENT STORE Across from the RHz Theatei Phone 3149 Attorney General Rules Fax Commission Can Summons Assessors Oklahoma House Okays Enrollment of Negroes In State University { OKLAHOMA CITY. .Uiiy S-td'l— Lifting ol Oklahoma's •12-j'oar-old bnn on Negro .students nl the Uiil- Vfislt.v ot OklBlioina, nl NonuAii, nuil A. t; M.. Collcno. Bl Stiilwatci. l.s up lo the stale Senate now. Tlir House ot HeiHCsrnliUkrs passed a bill yesterday, 19 lo 20. legalizing ot Nrsi'o s'.u- nents al the two schools wlien eqtinl educalionnl fiu-illlles urc not available elsewhere. The bill passed by the house pio- vtries lliat NORK> and white .'.tti- dwits sllenriillK tin 1 same rlDASPA sliall be kept on as nearly a .SCR-' reeatcd busts ns [lie Board nf Re- Bents deems feasible. Three Negroes now attend the University of Oklnhoma imoer leit- eial coiirl rnllnBs Under presenl ananjienient.s, tlie Negro .students sit apart trom the others In sinftil anterooms or In n chair Just outside tiie classroom door. Tlii.s Is umJei 1 fire, linivr\'fj, by one of' the Negroes. O. W. McLaurln. He Is asking the U.S. Supreme Convt tn outlaw Hits type of .segregation and permit him lo sll with oilier students. ty. The tmrieislitnrd that lie is L\ citizen o[ Arkansas, of Rood moi»l chHiiiclei, tint he liu never been convicted of a felony or other ciimc Involving montl lui|>IUlilf; ihAl no (o Mil beer by the. imdrMfRiico has been revoked within five yeftr.i U^l past; and tlint, the iindeisigned ha.t never kttea convicted ol violating Ihe. laws of this Mute, or any other Mule, relative to [lie .sale ol alcoholic liquors. Application Is lor liennll lo be. issued [or operation beginning on Ihe 'M d«y o( June 1!)4H, and lo expire on the 30 rUy of June, 1950. Welc FVvslei- Sulxscilbert «n<l sworn lo before me lhl.< 3rd day of Mny IMC. Cli»rle.% 8. BUlJier Notary Public My CommlMlon expire.?: 6-18-50. »-i-H on April 1, 1949. No. IS4L Estate of Mary Phillips Robinson, deceased, final settlement at fito. W. fiarliam, Administrator, filed April I, 1919. All pertons Interested In the sr-l- Ilenient ol any of the above estates tie warned to Ale exceptions there- lo. 1. any Htvt> lliey on or before the sixtieth day [ollonlne Ihe nilng of Ihe reaittcllve accounts failing which they will be barred forever from i>xceptlni| to Ihe accounts. Witness my hand and seal as such Cltrk and Ihe seal ol said Court this the 4th day of May. 1(119. ELIZABETH BLYTIIK County ft Probate Clerk »y SldU Cain Deputy Clerk. RENTACAR Drive Anywhere Yon I'lrane. Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 MODERNE BEAUTY formerly Ion*'* Bout; Kb** ,MIMr«d Vincent Marlr Hoder; Fayannt W>H*r LITTLE ROCK. May 5— iVP)— Attorney General IlcR Mnrry ypstor- dn.v lolrt the ArknnsAS Tnx Cnimnh- sloi) it lias anthorlLy to sununon county tnx assessors to a Lax c.-onfei- ence. The opinion w«nt to Kommlssirm- pr Ernie Wright, who wrote Murry (hat (lie commission Is planning school on property tax problems tor county assessors. Mnrry said assessors attending Ihc srhool would be nulhorlzed reini- bursment for expenses. I]i another opinion, the Attorney Cirncial advised Dave Peel, chair- mnn of the Workmen's Compensation Commission, that claims pending belore the state fiscal control board can be re-filrd with (he com- nrnsatlon fommisslon or the new rialnis commission if they involve persona) injury of state employes. ABA Urges Elimination Of All Credit Controls NEW YOIUC. May 5. (/Pi — The American Bunkers Association h.i-s urged the Federal Reserve. Board of Governors to eliminate all controls over Installment credit. The ABA yesterday released a letter to the board of Evans Woollen Jr.. ABA president, setting forth the A-^ocialion's views. AWOL Soldier Sought In Theft of Car, Money FORT SMITH. Ark., Mn.v 5 (Tl —Police and mllllnry aulhoiilles: Wednesday were looking tor an A WOIj soldier from Gump Chaffee lo riiiesllon In the thrfl ol tilinnt 5500 and the car of another soldier. The money IVAK taken fiom i\ camp service clurj money box Tnes- dnv nlulit. The public information office sold the AWOL soldier was recruit .lames F. Duffy, whose home Is at Philadelphia. Pa. The owner of the missing car is 1'FC Robert Slice. The PIO said the hunted snldlcr had bren working at the service club. He apparently led Ihr ramp about. 1:30 a.m., Wednesday, authorities said. The money and car \veie firs! discovered lo be missing abnnl 1:3n a.m. Wednesday. NOTICK Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned has filed with Ihe Commissioner ot Revenue* of the Stair of Arkansas tor permit to sell »nd brer al reliill on the premises described as Tuckertown. H\lr- dettc. Mississippi County. 'I'll* tmdwslRiiert states that tie |A a citizen ol Arkansas, of Rood moral charnvtrr. that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime Involving: moral lurpilurte: thnl no license lo sell beer by the undersigned has been ''evoked wltli- In five years lust past; and thut tin 1 nndei-slRned lias never been convicted of violating laws of this slate, or anv olhet stale relative In the .sale nf alcoholic Honors. Application Is tor permit lo i>* Issued for operation Vanning on the 1st day of July. 1049, and to expire on the 'JO day of June ,1950 Will McKlnney Applicant Subscribed and sworn lo betore me this < dny of May. 1949. Mrs Marshal) Blackard, cSRAI,) Notary Public My Commission expires: 3-»-83 Read Courier-News Want Arts. NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the. undersigned has filed with the Coui- mlfsionpr of Revenues of the Slnle. of Arkansas for ivrtnit. to sell and dispense beer at rp.tail on the pieml.-es rte.scrlhe.rt as 10B N. Broadway. Blythcvllle. Mississippi Couu- NOTICF. OF ACCOUNTS OF F.X- ECIJTOHS ANI> ADMINISTRATORS FII.KD.' Notice Is hereby siven that rinrlnx Ihe month of April. 1940. Ihe following accounts of Exer.utora and Ad- nunlstralors have teen filed for selUement and couflrmatlon In the Probnle. Court for the Chlckasawh* District of Mississippi County, Ar- and that such Recounts with Ihcir respective filinn dales are as follows: No. 18S3. Estate, of Tom Alexander, deceased. First and final report of K. C. Alexander, rxecntdV, filed These prices feature Extras" that arerit! --TJWI DELIVERED AT YOUR DOOR INCLUDING RAOIO. UHDIKltAT M1ATIM, mtfttOtTtlt, WINOfHIllD WAIHIKS. tfCK-Uf LiaH1l~AHO BYHAILOW e»IVI ON «0«DMASIIII MOBKJ. SPECIAL SIRlIt I F you're price-conscious these days as you shop for new cars, you've probably made 8 big discovery. It's important to find out what the price includes — particularly in the normal "spread" between list and delivered prices. Take these Buick prices given here. All of l lie in, as the panel tells you, cover cuch universally u'anted accessories as radio and antenrm, heater and defroster, windshield washers and built-in back-up lights. These are individually itemized on your hill of sale. Not itemized, but still included in your Buick when you get it, are many things that classify as extra-cost items on ninny other cars. For instance, Foamlex seat cushions are an extra value on Buick Sui'KKS and ROADM ASTURS that cost you nothingextra. MOKf CtCARLY THAN CYfK You get direction signals, rear wheel shields, a flexible steering wheel, an air cleaner, an oil filler, » clock—all included in the basic list price. On nil ROAD- MASTERS, these prices even cover Dyn»flow Drive as standard equipment, not an extra-cost item. Included also, of course, sre such Buick extra values as Fireball power, which you gel nowhere else—all-coil springing, almost an exclusive—the widest rims in the industry—and that very special and desirable solid Buick feel. So — check the "extras" when you price today's cars. Check the "deal" too, and make sure it's as fair and abuveboard as the Buick sales policy. We're pretty sure what your conclusion will be when you see what stepped-up production is doing to deliveries. You'll decide "Buick's the buy!"—and get your order in. Ntw SPECIALS art few • and pric«x wi/l b« anMUf (ion of thii «»n'»i it rMum*d SUPER SERIII 56S 2-Deor Stdantl . (tlluit'flif) 51 4-Door Still* . 56C Conv«rlibl« ... > 59 Eifqf* Wagon . ROADMASTIR (IRIIS Including Dynoflow Drlv« 765 2-Door Stdantl . 71 4-Door Sedan • 76 C Converfib/t , • 79 Ettalu Wagon . Jir J»v»l»pm»Hl fj wfi«l pr*Wvc- $2342.10 2441.10 2170.80 3470.80 $2914.10 3033.tO 3451.80 4040.80 Sfol* rind lota/ ta(«i, H my, *xf'9. D/n«r>cw ttii-rm optional nf txtra coif an SL/'fl moltli. Wfcfft lifrwftl liiti optional at extrn coil o> aH mad*Fr. All prr'c«t itsh- |«cl lo <hnnge wilhfiut nolit«. ftiiur m*y »«ry jlijrit'^ I'M ed|oi"nin£ commvnif'ti i>«coui< of ttofitpoifatten cK«rt«f. W Ar>r» brftrr tttttontoMl** nr* kntlt iffffX frill hull* th*m* LANGSTON-WROTEN.CO. Walnut and Broadway Telephone 555 ^ KENTUCKY'S 'KEY TO HOSPITALITY ,M»llicr Nature f<iii«pirra with Father Time in our (,irnily-t>wiir<l ilmtillery In (rivfl you a limn Imn of niaK'liUna Hnvnr anil lUAliiiclive. lioiiqn(!l. Naturally ilii- lilled auct p«lirnlly »f,til on our genuine aoiir nimli rn i|ic aiiu:« 1H70, 01.0 KI'I7.CKRAI.I> in (irrfmnl islirr« rver Kentucky iuwis «rrv« never til* iiioul hut alwayi tin- bent, OLD rASK10NEC...X.r-^^/,>n^ OLD FITZGERALD DIMrlhulfrt ht IMuoti Itlsfrlhutlni Co. l.llllr Knck Ark.lllMi KINTUCKY «T«AICHT lOUIION WHISKIY i 100 HOOF • IOIT11D IK iONO \ MAN! Here's Real Value in Select Used Cars! Chevrolet Aero«*flHn. driven only fi.OOO nclual miles, and e(|itippcd with nil the important acccssni ics. Plynioiilh -1-door Sedan in top npcrnling cuitdilion, blnck color, ef|tiipped with radio »nd healer. N«sh "lillO" 'l-dnor Scdiin. exceptionally K<Mid condition. h«s I he accessories you want. Nash Ambassador fi-f'asseiiger Coupe, a smooth-running, smooth-looking tar, equipped wilh radio SL heater Chevrolet 2-tloor Sedan, a well-kept, niochanicully-sound automobile . . .' at a price you can afford. I'lymmilti 2-donr Sedan, the motor is in truly excellent sbape . . . now a I a harnain price. You owe il lo yourself In choose a Select used car when you buy. Every rar on our lol carries a positive guarantee ... it will do whal we say il will do. So be confident of making a wise choice—make your next car a Select Used Or from Shelton Motor Co. Shelton Motor Company 215 South 2nd Phone 4438

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