The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 7, 1938
Page 5
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SATURDAY, MAY 1, 193& B '(ARK.)' COURIKU NEWS PAGE I'lVi ADVERTISING 1NFOIIMATION Daily rale per line for consecutive insertions; One tliii<>"pci; line 10c Two. times per lliie per day ...08c three limes per line per 'day ..pfiu 6ix times per Ihte per day ....OSc Month rate per line 60c Cards of Thanks so u & 75,. Minimum charge GOc Ads ordered for iiirte or n\x limes and slonjicd before expiration will be charged lor the number of limes the'add appeared and adjustment of bill niiidc. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outline of tli celty nmsl be accompanied by cash. Rates may tic easily computed from above (able. Advertising ordered far Irregular Insertioiis takes (lie one time rate. No responsibility win be tnkcu for more than one incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. Directory Harry Bailey's CWYE IN CAFE Good Fpn^ at Good 1'riccs KBESH RIVER CaJ_Fisb EXPERT AUTO UEl'AIHB Garage operated by Floyd Hargcit Cigarettes 2 for 25c HARRY BAILEY'S Holland, Mo. Phones 5-F-l . ".-• " J o-«-t (v D<0 7 Used Furniture VfV BUY & SELL USED l-'jURNlTUilE UUY NOW - - PAY NEXT PALL HUBBARD 2nd Hand ^'uruituio Neil's* Guff jiolcl Seed PEAS, CANK "SEED SEED CORN, SOYBEANS Wholesale fc Eetai! W: 0. REEVES 1{. St. BJytlieville, Ark. Plioaos 555 &' 569 So. Piano Tuning Pianos tuned, and repaired, dat ' George Ford at Wade 'Furniture Co. Phone 155. Hardware t'scd iaivii Mowers ',''.'!.' $2 50.' up Used Oil Cook Stoves ....52.50 up Vsed Bicycles'... $4.50 up All in Fair Condition' SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. Coal & Ice My Coal Is Black But I Trea^ You Wliito ICE LOCAL HAULING John Buchanan Uljthcville, Ark. "" rhunc 107 Repairing LAWN MOWERS Sharpened & Kt'iwired Ely. Machine Shop So - -"d. riionc 809 Hatchery Baby Chicks PUBLIC HATCH! NO. Marilyn Hatches. Blythevtlle, Art nw 6', North. PlioJic 742. SJioe Repairing Quality Shoe Shop NE1V SAiUPI.K SlIOKS Evcryllitng For Your Bliocs I'hone 120 Free Uejivery Real Estate UCE'N'SKJ) HKM, ESTATE BROKERS, We list farm niui city Property, if yon would be n buyer or Q seller,' see | T E U H Y I ABSTRACT & REALTY CO. 213 W. Walnut Phone 617 Weather Forecast Made ^.. ut lcast ^ slorl " 5 UU( i On Batif of Bright Stars Poultry WE BUY POUttRY Highest Market I'rlces Fild. J. AV."MOO'HK 3H K. Mulu St. Bloodtcslcil Ucds. Hoiks,'Ujhui-Ms, cto IOO-5B.OU. Heavy iiwortcd- !D.(KI. Prcpalri ilvc etclirery. Ccntr;il Halclici-y, Jclfcrson City ,Mo. oj) (|iiallty bloodlciitcd "purebred Reds. Bnricd Hocks, WliflcRocks. Leghorns. 100-SC.20. Heavy lui.xccl —$5.15. Prepaid live- delivery. Columbia Halclicry, Columbia, Tciui. OUANUE, Muss. IU[>) r- AHor co its u It ing the stars last full, \vil- Iliuit llud.sou iirecllctcil thivt there would te 24 or 2li .snowstorms here Ihis winter. There wore 25. . .iluliitiiB ho.w lie arrived ill his conclusion. Iho weather proi!- . :ator says: "U (Icpciuls upon Ilic iiuinto- of krlelit slurs (here ire iiroimrt the lirsl qimrU>r ol the moon lu'October, "Last October (Here were 2-1 'iglit stars and (wo willed were mediocre, indicaliiiB there would WB-AUK NOW SHOWING OUR N.10W I«:i8 AUTO SEAT COVERS For Sale Nice, snioolli. liglit, hogs. fl(M t; Clicny SI., cull 283. 7-ck-12 Laredo Soybeans K. I,. Hale Aniiorcl, Ai'k, •1-lik-T PLUMBING Fixtures, pipe, nitings, all bathroom accessories, valves, electric water systems tor limners, wider softeners, or any otlier Hem connected with plumbing or heating. "Pete" The Plumber Dance liull :nul beer parlor on Hlgliway Si. Doing good business. E. B. ciilUvood. n-pk-s-12 For Rent Ncu-ly decorated {iiniislicd opart- nieiit. Utilities niniislicd. llf Eoutli Division Street. 'B-pk-lf Fnniislicd nparlinent. 108 V\'. 'Kentucky, • phone 683. G-pk-t3 Furnished, nvallnblc June 1. Fiigidaire, electric hot wrttcr. Apply 1121 Hearn. Phone 35B, if no answer call 37!l. U-ck-13 Cpi!)[orlable bcilroni, 1017 Walnut, Call 102. 2-ck-lf Comtprtoblc' front bcdropiii. 515 W. Walnut,' call'351. M.-c .3 room untarnished-apartment. 700 W. Walnut. Miss Elise Moore. 21-ck-tf. Nicely furnished bcdromn. Innerspring iiiaUrpss. i!|5s JIall, phone =80. 18-ck-U Persqnaj Kirby's Tasteless Contains More Qulnlnrr-More Iron n> St;cpauptv4ei Tmtmtnt for " SfAI.AR^M, CHItLS an.4 FEVEB FEVER —AGUE FEVJEB 6U KLi1>y Dine 8lom Wantea Espeiienced fatui Macksmilb. for liennaiient employment, w. A. \YliUUe, Roseland. G-pk-13 Room and Board Room and board. Ml West. Ash' plione 15t. i2-ck Scientists eamiot explain where corn originated. ]|. cannot, distribute its seeds natuially and lias never been found in a wild stale. Judge Roberts, 63, Greeted by Plione Auto Pails USED AUTO PARTS Fcr Ford-ChcvroJcl-I'lymoiith City Auto Parts Co, N'cxt (n Bub Station Call 8tl Wanted To Buy SZiCO Wdrlli of USKi) FURNITURE All Make] Radios Kcpiirc'I WADE FURNITURK co. 11? W. Main Phone 155 Wallpaper ROOJyi LOTS $1.75 and Up E, C. Robinson CO. F(?r Hire One tractor. Any kind of farm work.' Phone' 6(55. ' - 2-ck-9 • Ne\v Styles & I'ullciiis Low $19$ up » L'/xpcd InslHllation ill Nu Kx(ra Cost A cojH'j.CTi'; 'STOCK FOU AJ,J, MAKK CARS WE URGE YOU COME TO Headquarters For Auto Spat Covers Kei'ore Yon Buy. TOM LITTLE WASH & 01113 ASK ?1.«U Wiisli, Gicasi', I'olHIi and H. K. SCH MUCK "Ksso" Station Main uiid Division Bulgarian Buttermilk Phone 74 Craig's Dairy FOWLER CO YOUIl PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST Main A I'buiio Ml Drs. Wert & Weri OI'TOMETKIBTB Over Joe Isaacs' Blorn "WE MARK 'EM BSE" Phone S4fl OAK LUMBER Tor Salt—lUO.OflO II. i>r R«uil hill 0,1 li lunilicr dcliveitd at very !oiv prices. Sec J. W. llarron BlythcvUle, Ark. Wionc 3U8 lieri' uro 'i& iwrsons for every sniuue milt <>r luiul on cai'll). tirv^mu • AVMIUHk WELDING AT BEST PK10E3 BaiksdaleMf S '.Co, niDT 5iic um I YAW Sand & Gravel Plume 700. SCREEN WORK AT A SAVING MAUK 1'Olt'AU, I'UllI'pSlM Barksdale Mfg. Co. Plionc l)t ELECTRICAL Fixtures & Wo IIKVO »jt Jinurt foe talp of IriKU 1 , foi olliuv product 'Ik-uus — l^ucilp, Dolst(), Maiuinotli Urowii, wtlspu a»a Virginia > IOIIII, i>cns-Wliips and New " Kia. t-ciDedczii-Korciii," pot ton Bcprt-t). p. t,. U-A nn ,| Hloncvlllo 4-A. Will sell 'lor eush or' tuidc \vllli j'-ou' for o(licr i) ol bcniw or coUoji 'seed, I, R. Gin Co. U-F-LI. National Sport 1 ,- ,n«'s" j\r\d tho b»H«r Is out, 13 Always, 14 Wered ,.,. 10 Parnjraph, 17 Prophet/ 1 idT- --'• . .5t sp^ctao- ujar p(ay"ln (his gam>,' 27 Heavy blow. 28 Fiber linots. 29 Ajgc.' " 31 Branch. 32 To dibble. «Food HE'^'W' conl«ln.w. VERTICAL 1 To exist. 37 Gon'us ol lropica| shrilly CRESCENT Night Club The Home ijiirl «» >; •- - -,, —,— MIIUUS K« 10 nth <?« w«. 3a SW rd *« «4 «>*•• ash 1 -,' "8£2ft» •'*«* ESS*. :« Slvflglsli. pSTocjistpff silkworm. 43 Egg- 5 hapcd .15 To exchange, leathers. 5Jn Hie middle ^femirow ' MKimUl MP9WW-. of. "'45To plump, barley. 55 I rps(ed. 0 Opposite lu 46 Nnrrii'lvr> 37 To meddk, V this «>!ne is ' enin 9 poem wn 1 '* 1 " 1 !.!- $»*«<» oi. t » 7 Circular wall. ^Ccit..'m. 30 Preposition, dlnmond or B Pcrcol^tct) 43 Against WChups ^_. fl.To'scrp^fi, fOIountl.' •I I Locust pod 58 The phiyer \OTrcc. ri2 Golt device llec ' vvlw tlirows jifo fcttiln. 63 Musical no^ the ball. 12 I'ypc ^liimlard. !>$ Dpctof. From his broad smile, it seems tliat Supreme Court Jnstiee P,y e " J n- ^rls' is hearing , lla ppy Birthday to You" over the telephone in (ho photo above, j5wiV, n i..j office on his'recent W ^"'May. He made no holiday of the occasion, but appeared OH tlie bencli as usual to hear -•.-.. Eases argued. WALPOLE'S CIIICKICN Music Hy George ford's '•"I'h« < ciiiiplctc KletlrkMl Stiirc't 110 tio. 2nci 1'lionc Now Located ul 101 Notth APPING MACHINE £ TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU I)ON EDWAHlis, Propilct Calcnlalors—Ilcpalrlng—V mn^t, ol KfbulU Typewriters, AJUln Machlnn »ij'< For Reservations Maud 17 \\. \\. Ill llolU.UO, *lu. CHEVROLET CO. Ml W. Wnlnul Kl. I'll. (J33 (,'tiy (,'itn (,'haiiKe His Mind THIS IS A I WEVL,'^EBBE OL' NICEPLACE\RX)1VLL COME DlDJUH ms-,; eUT> )M WITH A WE DIDN'T I MESS OF fl SOUR' PU55 DIDN'T FIND MUCH PISH SEEM TcARE Muc n ABOUT THIS IT SEEM jO ME HP'S , GOTHIMS^LP INTO'/ BOOTS AND-HER" BUDDIES MARTIN ft* W\u.\t-,VJVtMT'-: WASH TUMJS YOU KWOW, SIR, THAT IZMT SO? W ," JDOW PROTECTORS ) THEfJ HOW COME A>M OR6AU1ZATIOW /ALL W W1NPOW BEYOWD REPteOACH. BY ROY CRANE FKTf, COINCIDENCE, PPOVIWG'THAT if PAYS TO C^RY VIIMOOW PROTECTlOM. YOU WEVEP KNOW WHEW ITS LIABLE TO HAPPEN A6AIM, SEE.' SOBRV, OLD TOP. DUE TO THE RECENT'T?QUBLE; I AiSO CEPEESEMT T£ EAGLE OSDER'TOR THE OF NEUJLy APPLIED MUSE PAINT. BV JOINING BOTH SOCIETIES, WE'LL. JAAKE YOU A 6PEC|At CLUS RATE OF ONLY AAVEEK, & OT BUSTED « RIGHT AFTER I REFUSED TO JOIN f-'pP:CKI,ES AND HIS FKIKNJ)S . VVANSLE (S GOIN' AROUND SPOUTIMG OFF,' HE SAYS A FL9f> ON ACCOUNT THE CHAIRMAN Or THE COMMITTEE i HE TC50K MY GIRL. AWAY FROW ME , AND WOW He'S TRYIW6 TO BELITRE ME ' I'LL SHOW HIM f 'AS 6OSSIP COLUMNIST OF THE. SHADY5IOE I KNEW YOU'D SEE IT MY WAY/ . ALREADY GOME To PRESS, AMD I'M FRECK WOUL6,VIT- LET READERS-CALL.

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