The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 30, 1931
Page 7
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FRIDAY.. JANUARY, 30, BLYOiEVILLR. (AKK.TCOUJUEU NEffg, PAGE,SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word for U*^ Insertion and one cent a word tor each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement taken for less than 50c. Count the words and scud the cash. I'hone 30C ===== FOR SALti ETHEL ':'©/i950.TpE60BBS-MERRILL- CO; I OUR BOARDING HOUSE By All em;.; FOR SALE-Baby Chicks. All var- iet!es Custom hatching solicited. Marilyn Hatchery, Blyf.ievllle. 20-CK-TF FREE FREE FREE 1931 LICENSE Prices liave been cut and 1931 License thrown in to better the • .Every car completely gone iiixjiN III:IIK TOUAJ... l.llr >rn« never dull -wjilt Cl\nun KI.I.A Tni.i.ivBu HI'DIIII<I. \VIiiTU-\rr \\ivtf tvna.a lbre.11 .01 il Cilnuer cm n ne>T : ld»n. Tliiu Clul> lo MIVC Ihe yoijtiicer «el pf Ilca limrn. from ull'r borritiini. ll «n» I" I't- i-Ifluvlvi; —nn linn-tun h.ilih-,1. Ai-i'.lrd- Incl) CtniUT. iilinM- riittii-r.uaii ll Ihr 'hi/mrr' Vtt\\<- VAN IKHI1IN. iiusi lioth wmllby nnj Iniiulurcl, purrluuod Itie .1|lll Hii'h farm; H lu-nrrr Irttcl IT)'?* nn iilrJ h«n«e un ll. utilfli nhp prorrrdM. nllk-lne n^Ntanrr of trr frlcndi. to pvrr- bnul rim] rurnlNB. '•. ' ' llfd TbrflHb' trlttS Ihr Idea. wl» rntliii!i[:i>.m. - f ;Tbp • ymiiiurr- «vl vimld imlnr lo«i* nlr-bl" » defn rmr rfil: O»e dijM «lille Hit t_r~r'r : <l>r i-tuli Nmi»r iiiin TlllllVr hllrhrn'usut lillVrnl 111 Uo <i iKirimlfW Clnscr '" •ncli««B' lnn-n .uirali' After lir hntl Rluirfa at'MM hrhrd. filmier "Father, which do I look ntuesl In —tlie wlille dress or Ihe red one?" "Which white one do vim im-;iiiV "The Ivory mi<; Iliai I'lnl liiunshl e from New Yorli — the one I wear •Ith the sapphires." rlut'jos-rclollies which li-iil done "1 don't teem lo II." IK- Liard seivlcc In New Yorh mid aid, trnwiiiiinly :ui.\1ius3 tn a--i.-i : |i al -|g 'I'hcy WLTO lyhin out iieaily vith Ills very li«l 'ml^iiit-iii : ,,|, uu n | s |, C ,|. v,uh i| tii wliti slitrls, 'Whai'a Ilio red ony like':" I ^-liti waistcoats. '"Oil, miticr. you must remember | „ „„,„ ]iail , el Am . u ha, red one-thai tral!'.; lust u w« •• n]|M otjmll w|| . u , hl , wdl . lit-tn Hie back," l.liessjd man was woarlni; wilh a ««> . oven and rccondiiioiicd. e/ r , Kunrantce that our paced are O n'in.r.o\vAY. " ' «•«« the lowest in the ctty^cori- j sidering, 01 course, llie'"con- j - dition of our cars. I \ Now ia the lima lo pick up that bargain you liave been waiting for. llnrd reiiinlii' TJiruAli. Slii> KOI niintli < Nor was Hard llollow.iy without his own private plans and worries It'y'.a Ml of sly nmncuvorlni;, un known lo (linger, lie had arr.m^pd for-(looby to pi ess out his rtlmuM ,'•71 can't seem lo nlace It." lie ail milled. ;-VYo'u «slil sk-Mily. "Vou «n'i KCt <nu dinner jacket. Since cllher was cor- . . , • ..- i I m-l ho could never no entirely sure c .r c .. r j!. ht "Jf'?.'"•.*^i "hlcl, to choose. Mack wnl.tcoai or this li'y [|uIbb!iiiB-'.' I'll iry tlitni on '. wliltc. Kur himself he (avurcd lilack. '30 PorA Roadster ... '28 Chevrolet Coach ... '2D Essex Coach '28 ford Tudor Sedan '28 Chrysler Coach ... •V3 Whippet Coach ... '28 Ford Coupe Now $255 5115 Was $'3J5 $225 $24i 5265 nna nllh iiurk III in him ulnrln ill. ' (I $1155195 '28 Star 4-Loor Sedan .. 5115 52 ii 5!05 Ir Remember, all are reconditioned and guaranteed — Terms, Too! 1931 LICENSE FREE . Yes, your old car will more than likely make the down payment. i. Phone 811 TODAY PHILLIPS MOTOR ;•;• ' COMPANY ; -. .'Authorized Ford Dealers !.i:XO ' ,l:,,l Ihr •| liul Ilirni , l" »rroiii|ill«hr* ' «Ur . v l |n """'' "" J C[ " <in 'lUi- ilfrnr:ill.iiii«. l.l -J.'lf ill- tlvij" >:p"il niinir l"f Ihf :IH tiJot'li'i'. ^nfl '[11- \vinlld I'lC ^rlcirdliJ II i,«p'»rr M<-»I.<» <•»!.- rlllroBO. l- r Mri.ln iilil rook lnc null "truin iT.Biilliir. "' . mnkr a. plr>r-rr*qn«. nil'H- t.i It.- clulj. "!>" !»•' ""I "" i. IJilT I'" ' IL ^ ..... rillni; nt Ihf lTiK: dnnri- 1/irrr urriyril HI 1 iii:lvrr« nul •">«• t.alln ynlilh ntint Kpt'nird nn nnuy «if . l.llllc AXfSEI.O «"J n mll- .cnn. n.,,1 IMETUO r.iillil r,.,,k. Ami IIEXITO vnillil »lnB. * ""' l-n\v: Mciiln rnlllil not comr. ll »i-fi:ir<J. nnd Ihfy linil cnmr I" hl< pl^i-r. They IvnilUI isork lur Ihrlr h.innl. St. Iliry T.rru lu»lr\llpil nl thr rluti. -Sii'w c» <>.\ WITH THE STOIIY '•-. ' •'.''-, CHAPTER XV Hit. ie]l rnoi'wlrat ' ^ sliowliiK;• 'tlie sold nown. ihtl veil. Ilie Ivory whlK 1 . llo sunVieU i 'thiim all anxiously. frnwaiuB over the rlin of his jilasst's. ] "They're jn?t bcaulllal. every one of ISiein," lie riecldoi) cheerfully. j."\Vliai ilifference cloc-s It. make [.which yon wear whea they're all so iik',. 1 !" "Oil. father," she protesied, ''It inakc-s ever and ever so niiich dlf- j'fcrcnce. Now look especially at ihose two. Here. I'll put the red one on again." "It's very pretty." he smiled approval. "1 like red." . ' , •Is It prettier than the while?""Well. no. 1 cun't say iluu it.Is any preitler." "Well. Is Hie white prettier than the "red?"" "Well, inayhe in some ways It Is. I like the blue heads." "Oh, dear!" "Why don't you ask Ilaril? He's an arilst. Hu onghl lo bo a good ' judge ol clothes." "Oh, father. I can't nsk him. 1 vatil to show him." •TliM was cnlircly too deep for ler father. -Bui in the end, for her confidence hut afli'r nil. that fine while French imi! uf his s.imelliins yon iliiln't see very often. He was sure In lied Thrush—maybe In all ol IUV.M. His pulcnl leather shoes wcro old mi] moie ihaii a hit Ihe wnrse fin' wear, but lie had cnfiUBCil Ihe good offices of Ilinnlll lo restore lo Ihem inethhlt; of a 'polish. ll was unt without a sreal deal of Inii'i-csli-d .cnrldslty Hint accepted the unusual conin "Guc-ss Itieui slippers ain't Miss ilelliilileil mxclliiK Irom tho ols chnlr— He o|w.c:1 tils door snflly. ll was alrcnily lu inluulcs li.isl iliu lliuu she had ect fur their depiutiiro. Him was bni:i:,[ 10 lie waltinii- Al tliQ end nf i!:-,- h^li l:o was cnnfrniueil wilh n ti'.il length minor, unit alter Hie (list !i:.1'h.,-i wavi: ol ^atlaractloa with hi- KUMTal np;ieaiunce. ho stowl for a nmrd nilnntc Inspection-^ lit li:irr-fl fnicfnlly from sMc tn sUIo,, m!i::hin:; the' u(l ol lil^> i^'Slt In lljo K-ar, drawing lu htu w.i!*t and '.tlrulglilcnlng his Bliuuhlers, clevAlli.^ his cklii'thc leuai bli. HJ (rled tins fl'uves Uv Ihe r'lxrit lininl. llioii-'iti tl:i! lid— lilted thu chin lilt.fuoib — I'.-Vhccn sl:nidli'K for this (irccaii- ! tloiiary final ONaiiiliiir.inn oiu'iiul wllli- eu-il biidileuiiuj-s ;niil tilnpcr wap 'iiShjril. lo 'null iii-iFL'H up slt'nr|i]y to avoid a genuine cn'lbion. -!ler Ufa parted'.slowly, her eyes VOh." she; brtulhc-J snflly. "you— loo?—nli-c." tje/nlinuk off Ihe slinht cnnliislon sr) * we,-\r?-" ".That jjoUVgowiri Bly.6 }j,1nsic : b*ve.' •Leconiins?" '•' Ginger. ••.cleniWert/ ilie.niost.^xpciv aUfi it tiie'mosl now7" ho said, \vlllr. an eye upon the low heels. "No," they are mine." . j .. "Yeh? ItediOH yuu don'l vvrar | 'ein In pulillc, rto you? Mjyh'-''| ihem's tlinsu mules 1 been beein'M about in the nai:crs." » • • ' H]y0. they are for dancing." said^ Mini.' somewhat ciuliaf r.isseil: "Ych?" flaiuill n.:ilcd slowly "Guess them Frenchmen wear clothes prelly much like women." he coinuienlcd shrewdly. , liard was glad lo ma'^e his cs jciinc without further discussion. ! .u;il the old man with one puzzled. I American etiako. oMiia sh:igKy head [set lo Ihe work of-polishliiE. "Gosh,"-?aid; Hard, as.-ho hof.' Minexpcclcd . a|ipi>:iiii:icc had CMKCJI. "0!i. ISI'iiBCr 1 ." he s:ilil. nuil i>n{9*iir,alii, "(Hi. (JliiKcr!" lie en Hfdv forpol |1:« giiiid riilranco , . , . ia-Phll was-very great. Ginger 20.1 s]cd cian rully.'"wUli.-hl3 tie. "life's ' lnlo j the Ivory wlillo that uiellcil | i ust ( . r(!at 'joie \fle ' vlrrc— from at. the throni Into a delicate lace.j UC n C {f u rHi yotifiQ liii middle nsiuc.' that.was like her own ekln In -Its | ( ;,.,;.<; s ,i,j i c) i|3 afeh't Imlillug any CORN FOR SALE—Shuck on or . oil, made 35 bushel acre, good gli lor seed. W. T. Riley, New Mo. ^»P- ii3 "No, if IsVt! And it Is entirely too formal for a dance like this. 1 would wear the Ivory chiffon with your sapphire chain and bracelets.' "Oh. b;il it is so-simple. It is jusl school-girlish. It doesn't 1 to live up to what It cost. The red ono Is much more striking." "It Is not so becoming." "Rut the other girls will be so much—brighler." "They jvlll not he.more attractive." ' 4 "•--'• 'i - '•' ' ' • '•' ' velvety softness. I grudges agnlnst me! Cues; 1 lilt She put the sapphire chain about \ it just about In tho jolly old 0. K. her throat, slipped tho bracelet -'-• •• upon her while anna, and put on her silken slippers wilh the high blue heels. And again and again ;hc changed Ihe arrangement of her I hair, puffed It here, palled it there —started all over again. * « • tiT~\0 I need more rouge, rhil!" •M "No IndEeil. (linger. You are'.Jiiit risht; -You have imvcfibesi) FOR RENT—Nice furnished apart- FOR RENT—One-of Shani Apart- monlli, and other properly. Thomas this time!" Hoylshiy he (mil planned his IK-arancc. Uinstr v.-oultl bo ready i::.-.t. watlini; lor him ilow'nstalrs.! [H'rl:a;is laii|iing an Imiiatient ico for hla tardiness, brifiht cyc-3 iiitcni upon ttie tirnad staircase v.'herc be must presenlli' appear. He would run lightly down—he ! E'en il done a hundred limes on. (lie sla^e!—gloves lu 0110 hand, list In the other—head high over the tlifl col'ar—and sho would lift ''' while hand in surprised and arc lust lovely. Oh. you arc gel! Oh. how blue!" f, sapphlre.v" she siannnereil. g a nervous hand unon Iho pe'n'daiit at her throat. "Your cyen," he said. Me moved closer in her. "CliiBCr. you—you make evcrythliiB Inside ol mo-uiy heart—my breath—my very snnl— lurn npslde down, I feel Hint 1 urn —almost—slnmllin; on my head, You me so beautiful." "You —you li>ul: nice." Klic te- ncMed feebly, nnil fell for Ihe llrsl lime the vasi fullllly of words. "You 'look so -nice lhat I'm ufratil-1'ni going to cry." •• They both IriuUheil n.llllic, Bell <ipnEclci! and she palled her eyes ~\mh a. wisp of n laco haiiilkciohlof "1 never lonkcd as nice as Ihl before-," he sold. "Didn't you?" "Guess not. 1 never made anybody cry with it before." Siie IniipliGil at lhat. "I'm not crying. Nol really crying! I'm Just excited—and surprised —anil so many things havo happened. 1 don't see people look as nice as that very often." "Ginger?" It was Phil's cool low voice from below. "V-yca." v.-as tho flulteriaf answer. "1'ui on my vay." (T? *Hc Continued) l EARLV . MEAMH secri UUCK., AS TAR A£ iii l-f cui A Bl<3 BLACK50ARD LAS SGME BLiiiP V ,. ^RocapiLE OIL H B-n a -to •RUB LUCK y BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By ITS HARD TO HELIKVK! TOR RENT—2 rooms furnished for _ light liousckeepin?. C25 Wainutj • SU'Phone 521, Mrs. S. P. ^"—"•-••" • dar. for rent, -February 1st. ingram Building, see ..or plwne. I. E. pttri?t ^« l ; K _ Tp rpR RENT—5 rcom house with j pouLTOY WANTED—Market pri- •bat'i garage, coal house, g.uden. | cos, any quantity. Marilyn Hat- 110 £o'. Lake. Phcne 1512-F4. 30|ik3 j chery, 210 S. Rjnrth St. OC-TF FOR RENT—Furnished apartment, | w AM TED — family Wswhines. n?wly decorated. 715 Chickasaw-1 Washed and ironed by compo- baV 'Phone 235. 30p-Ml TOR RENT—6 room ho;isc. 1717 Chickasawj:... also 4 room houst'. M'cdcrn. Rent reasonable. Phone 124. 28P-K4 .Kwl Jiall Itarher Shop 318 W. Main ' ; Williams & Damon, Prop. ' Felix Kyle, Krcd Boyelt. ' Guy Rogers, Virgil Williams, Earl Damon. 'Mrs. Brown, 17CK-TF tent white woman. 104 S. Lake St. POULTRY WANTED— Market prices paid at C. L. Benncti Co. Feed Stora, . 210 N. Railroad-St. west of courthouse. Not buying at Fisher's plac? on First St. anjmore. ' ' 'J.' E. FISHER. 16c-it! WANT TO BUY LAND—We have j buyers for tracts from'10'acres to 1 | 500 acres or more and parties have j raor.fy to buy. U you have land C£^«, Cio^fc:! yorernor, and' the catli of '"^ «ras administerei to him on Jan.31. Hcdicdthc following Feb. 3. Oocb^l had won a reputation as a tiial lawyer and n state senator. In 13S7 he secured the passage ol e«!w«&y,-i^i *,UJ..J :t-e "C.o=c:l law," iclieving the ;courl3 of all i»iver in the aupmt- SIIOOT1XG OF GOV. COr.DIM. : , r _£ n ; of election crfldaLs. and cr.'- On Jan. 3D. 1000, Governor V.'il- i ath'.s n sta:c elcclbn cDmrnissbn liam-Cioshel of Kentucky w.-is -5!w:[of tiireo members, chossn ty the by an assassin'in tront of the state j I?3i?!atiire, v'liicli sr.ould have the capitol. j ro^'er to appoint local boards on Tlio preceding June, Goebcl wa-^ttc same principle, nominated for governor by th:' Demccratic narty. Seceding D?m-1 -KOUDINr 1 JAILED AGAIN ccrats noniinated John Y. As a result, the Republica ncp.ndi-i F[ "^ n ,, 37 Tvas called "Mid,!- Mar date, W. S. Taylor, was electee! by ' about 23GQ votc-s. Goebel. h&wevei, contested the elcclion, and n legislative ccir.iriittce \vas about to re New York Cotton - NEW YORK., Jan. 30 (UP)—Co tan closed firm. Open Hi?h Ln\v Close liar 1031 101-1 1031 1010 May 1C57 1«0 1C51 IOCS Jill 1032 1001 10B2 Oft .. 1103 1121 1103 11SO Dec 1121 IIW Il2q . 1138 Spots steady at 1050, up 10. port iii l;is favor whqn ho was sh:t. FAYO.DAVIS I'honcs 231 or 121 Cash Paid For Late Model Used Cars . W. T. BARNETT 117-11D East Main St. Plranc 888 or 881 / for sale, sec us at oiice'. Thomas Land Company. 24C-K31 WILL TRADE for your equity in Improved farm. E. G. Hankir.s, 123 Missouri Avc., Blytl-.cville. 23P-K30 Local and long distance hauling. Special rates oh f-Arload lots. Team for .local liaulintr. ' ; -' - .-./' '• Vi K. WASHAM TRANSFER 14QO Cliickas:>wb.\ ; Thonc 831 . . , -. '•'...:*, We c;tn Save you moncj- 1 on Aulo Glcis^ JACKSON AUTO .PARTS 2020 Main . iPhajne GR One ta!e or 'a .'.tralji load. E/.R CORN, fhucfe on, 38c bu. Sl«rck ofT, BCc, pe?" uii-> v in —;lots. ' • ' '•*••••- ' Cotton -Stilts Sares Co.,'Inc. ..--. Blythcvlfle; Avk.-••••"•• " Phone 174 or LD 1803. ft COMVAON Mf\N WOUVO O V<NltW ABOOT New Orleans Cotton ORLEANS. Jan. 30 (UP)— closed steady. Open Higli Liw Close 2 1031 1041 . .. IK3 10G7 1059 1065 . 1C85 1M2 1C82 IC'JO 1108 1117 1101 111G ... 1130 1135 1128 1134 an'.s Houtliiil" by officers recent- ; May ly when they returned him to the - Jnl Jackson. Midi.. Stfltc Prison for Oct following his cs- Dec ' ~ The fourth lire.? he was ro- captured at his home in Partage. : The Democratic "members of the K*ad Csuricr News Want Anv declared near here. RILKY! T TSLL V< DO...ILL (SETA ser op SHAFTS SEE. e "to cu THM, -^^-^-^.\ MIUY, I JOST U E 1" Id UITCH H'.IATD IT.... TVIAT ISKil SO GOOO'. 1 . , EO UP TO S-'IELL GLEO YOU .b-Jj'; wciglit' x 61-a. lily-. • 30p-k3- COT WOv-1 W TO 6E1 <T Olit $150,000,OOO 1 . O3ov, HE uET 25% -WS $37, 500,000'. MV HMF OF ATS Gulf Service Station "Tliat Good G-alf Gasoline" TOR TKADK or UFCC! Autoaiobilcs rroiK-rty. WANTED—Urcss-making. Plain or fancy tewing. Mrs. Sisk. 12-1 Doagan, Phone GT2. 2.5C-K2 WANTED — Middle ased housekeeper. Mrs. Abncr Driver. Osceola Inn, Osceola, Ark. 2SP-K3 TAKEN UP-t-OjiJ 1^5 n"iuul5j *^- "3 theville. »' v ' •*'"" CLI-.VEI.ANO. o.. <ui>i - A>- j though Gcorf.e A. Wnllace. 82, is to go en full pens-'cn f or 60 years service wilh tr,= five dcpartincnt March l.hc recently fcusht-a firo f'-r four hours in a blinding 6n-,w storm with the temperature l:clow freezing. JBS^

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